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    Why screw up the PvE server? It's greatest appeal is the lack of competitive toxic culture. It's a Peace server. Recommend those PvP changes to the War server. Leave the Peace server alone.
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    We need a modified alliance system back: something that will only benefit those nations with low populations... this is the only way they will remain relevant. and NO alliances for those nations with large populations....perhaps have the 3 largest populations not being allowed into alliances.
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    I am very happy to announce that after a long absence, Bluetooth is back online and will be sailing again. We have a good group of pvpers going and the clan leader board shows it all. We are always on the look out for a new member or two even though we do not spam Global and nation with ads... If you happen to be sailing with us or in a fight with one of us, express your interest in joining and we will talk it over as a group and let you know. BLACK (not BL4CK) will continue to be a scourge for other nations on the seas for a long time to come!!!
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    Consensual duels are a halfway house between Compulsory PVP (war server), and none at all (peace server). I'm quite staggered it hasn't been introduced on the Peace server, as it fills a large gap in the whole game's combat mechanics.
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    Little Cayman Screen Because the fireboat lost 2 ocean , final Return to 1 Ocean ,Actual loss 1
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    All good questions, for me the core of my gameplay is going to be in skirmish and editor... like in my old times in Fighting Steel.
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    hahahaaha this was the tease and false hope i was looking for to keep my beliefs afloat arrrrr
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    I'll second this piece of feedback right here. I was really hoping to being able to put together the hull myself, including superstructure and all that.
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    You may be right. We may find out. We may also see either a mass exodus from Pirate nation or from the game completely. I don’t blame [BF] and the Russians. They’re just aggressively playing the game. But the whole port bonus thing as currently implemented is a mistake for the game’s health. [WTF] is strong so hopefully they can prevail. North American timezone players like myself can only hope.
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    Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajjajaja, me refiero a una batalla con mismo br, no al gankeo
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    Hehe that's where Oak&Iron comes in 17th century galore.
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    Cuando un jugador que por si solo en pvp no es bueno y utiliza la mayoría numérica para ganar una batalla. Básicamente eso es a lo que llamo yo, "Gankear". Por ejemplo, ir en grupo de caza y atacar a un barco de manera desproporcionada en número de jugadores, a eso es a lo que yo llamo Gankeo. Pero no todo son tonos blancos y negros también hay tonos grises. A los que nos llaman Gankeadores cuando les atacamos en aguas de la facción española yo lo llamo limpiar nuestro perímetro de enemigos, matar el tiempo o más bien, hundir el tiempo. Da igual que vengan rusos, prusianos o el Papa que está en Roma. Que un intruso sea de la facción que sea se pasee desde Baja hasta Remedios y viceversa y que además del susodicho intruso, ataque a todo lo que se le cruza por su camino ya sea traders, barcos mayores en desventaja dañados en misión o en ella, con pocos o ningún repairs, barcos de poco giro, novatos haciendo sus movidas y que además del/los elementos en cuestión se extrañen de que cuando lo pillamos salgamos cuatro o cuatrocientos detrás de él y que encima esgrima un código ético..., yo digo que porqué? Porqué tendría que tener un código ético con los que manifiestamente han estado jodiendo calentamientos solo para humillar a su antigua facción?. Desde el momento en que ese código se rompe..., todo vale y la palabra Gankear desaparece entre los dedos como la fina arena.
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    No es tan sencillo: un jugador que juega mejor que otro podemos decir que abusa, pero en ese combate el novato aprende por lo que podemos decir que todos ganan. Un gankeo es un monton de jugadores con un BR desproporcionado que impide al otro bando cualquier probabilidad de ganar.
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    You realize you are part of the problem? Your name and the cynicism of your post double prove it. It's people like you who ruin the PvP part of this game. And it's people like you why the creation of PvE server was necessary at all. And if ever PvP is coming to PvE, I pray it will be with a switch like my suggestion was all about, because to your likes I will never allow to duel me.
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    yep.. known issue we will try to provide the alternative.
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    Theoretically you can manually do this (The AI never prefers that kind of design at the moment) but, yes, it is very restrictive. It needs more "love" from our side on this matter, that we will give when possible. Weight update appearing while on hover (not after placement) will be checked out to fix, if needed. The easiest think to do from our side would be just to unlock everything for every ship, then player would be puzzled in a maze of contradictory assets that do not even fit on the ship. Imagine for example a Yamato size tower on a smaller hull. We provide ship assets in a wide range, but not infinitely, for you, the players, and also the AI, to be able to pick proper looking assets, that would make a beautiful looking ship. Yes, each nation will have some special advantages in shipyards, and technology upgrades will affect ship building efficiency (less errors in building, overweights, delays etc.) You can find it on the right side (Scroll down to the bottom). The UI is WIP, we are sorry for the non-finalized state that can be not very clear, or not include every needed statistic. It is a bit hard to make this more automated. We can try later to improve. We will see to make overriding of mount points for towers an option for player. It is pending, when possible, to do this. In mission that you can design several hulls, you choose only one (a nbr shows how many ships can be built, depending on their cost). Already the following work (notice the respective stats on the right). When we elongate the ship, the loss of speed due to turning and turning rate/steering is affected accordigly. Stability penalties are different due to different center of mass. Hull Form acts as a center point but further stats change as you alter the ship's length, too many to mention in this answer. We will allow more flexibility in certain hulls to replicate the Nelson type of design. It is pending to do so, as also more hulls arrive in next patches. In battle, sections considered to receive engine damage are always those under funnels, based on their average centered position. This is something already considered, to do as soon as possible, when other urgent priorities are fulfilled. Generally, the towers are more effective according to their size but they can differ in spotting range, and allowed gun positions. This difference can be examined in late battleships/dreadnoughts. Generally, the more uniform a gun battery, the more effective and faster the aim progress. This is already simulated. You can try to have a mixed caliber battleship and you will see that accuracy is not going to increase that fast per gun type. It is pending to add an extra accuracy penalty when multiple guns are fired on the same target (From the same or other friendly ships) Pending to be improved further. Answered already by "akd". Pending to be improved. Diesel engines should use only oil fuel. Rotation can be done manually per gun now, for less complexities. Low priority to improve further. As above, low priority to improve further. Low priority. You can delete and add again, or move independently with very fast manner. Yes Yes (AI already can build such DD in some late missions, we will make late mission with advanced DD asap) Widening the hull can be automatic as we increase displacement in a small margin, up to 5%. We have it under consideration, but is low priority. As we will be adding more hulls, possible variations will increase exponentially. You will be able to experiment more freely on all those hulls, in campaign per Nation. Hardpoint restrictions can already be overriden by pressing the CTRL key. We can expand for structures. As said above, we will allow more flexibility to build "all forward gun" ships, in selective hulls, as soon as possible. Any minor issues in Ship Designer creating gaps, will be fixed. Reporting within the game, will help us to find those issues you notice.
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    Hello, new member here. Im having a blast designing ships for the naval academy. I think what i wanted, some of it, is already said by members above. Idk if this is already asked but i kinda wanna add one more thing: -Remove hardpoint restrictions for main guns and structures. Just let us put what we want, where we want, including structures. Im kinda sad that i cant recreate Rodneys turret arrangement when i bought the game lol I seem to notice that by hardpoints, we leave some ugly empty spaces that we cant really do anything with. It really ruins the complexity of the ships :P
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    Ok, a small comment here without even seeing the campaign stuff (as we do not know of course), but just judging from the great designer you made I would like to suggest to make the game a bit more complex for the campaign later by adding production/engineering bonuses to your shipyards. The idea behind this would be to let your shipyards build up experience when they produce each vessel, this experience could maybe enhance tech research (if it is in line with their familiarity) and/or slightly lower time to develop/build a very similar configured ship that uses familiar parts/modules. That way a nation can become specialized in game without the need of for example outright predetermined nation wide bonuses and penalties. With your game you have gold here! I think that the designer is already great and if we can get this cross integrated into the campaign very well (having feedback loops, so that the new build programs effect the designer and not only the other way around), this game has the potential become even much better! Perhaps you are already contemplating this, I just want to give my 2 cents into game design (before it is fully set in stone and done) which I think would benefit the game. Again, thank you for making such a great game!
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    Portbattle of Spanish Town (+2 dead 1sts on swedish side after screenshot) Fottage taken by this camera
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    I think that it would be great to have a sandbox mode. The naval academy is very guided and a sandbox mode with no limits would be great.
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    You designed an amazing game, congratulations! 😊 1. I would like to see a feature to save a ship design. 2. The rearmost main gun hardpoint is impossible, because there is not enough depth for turret base and magazines. 3. It would be nice to have the ability to lock features before autodesign. E.g. I want a ship with a speed of 21 knots, so I lock the speed slider at 21 knots, before clicking on the light bulb.
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    A couple of remarks. 1-Would be great a final battle screen, give you information about sink and damaged ships, and whatever other information useful. 2-This is not possible had ships of different classes in your fleet? BTW, in the future would it be possible a battle planner when you pick your fleet ship by ship and the enemy fleet? Some kind of editor of battles?
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    Admin: me, me , me again ... also me, definitely me ...
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    @admin do you intend to keep this arcade game repair mechanics or will we change from winning by repair mods to winning by skill. It is quite annoying when your opponent decides in the middle of a battle to run for 5 min to repair and then turns back to fight again. I understand if some want to be able to counteract mistakes, but that should be limited to one repair (sail and hull and crew) per battle. Since chain and double shot is limited during battle, the repairs should be, too.
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    More migrant boats wash up on russian shores hoping for citizenship
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    Go into the PVP 1v1 zone in an AI capped ship, call out in global with exact coordinates for a nice fight of skill.... one hour later....
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    Someone has been trained in the Italian art of war.
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    naval action player trying to connect during maintenance
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    At least the Apple Stand is well made!
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    Devs, PleAsE iMpleMenT tHis FeATuRe!!11!
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    Obviously the boys are ganking the fella in a tank, looks like a 8vs1. I wonder why they won't stern rake the tank and instead they are trying to penetrate the side with big thickness.
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    Naval Action development cycle
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    If a Player goes online after a wipe/ or all redeemables are gone!
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    Can't sink em if they're out of the water 🤔
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    C'mon dude, why you running?
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