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    Actually we have a lot of fun in Bastards. Some might dream of a server with 100 players - all super heroes of course - cannibalizing each other. Others prefer the whole 9 yards of the game. So do I. Thumbs up for Macjimms service-clan! Thumbs up for the plenty clans in Gb nation and in general! Thumbs up for our bastards clan! A game for youngsters and oldies. So, thumbs up 😁
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    I find it amusing that a BASTD member is complaining about players bragging and using offensive language in the same thread where a BASTD member is bragging and using offensive language 🤔
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    This image has at least 6 months, but I'm happy that Greg still thinks to us after leaving GB. So in the game we can have gankers (us) and players who run away from their nation because they run out of balls! 😂
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    I'm not really a fan of the smoke dynamic. They need to image search real DD's laying real smoke screens- in general, they don't lay them for themselves, but to screen others, and it doesn't form a fart cloud surrounding the ship like its a Romulan cloaking device, but would stream out the funnels or smoke generators at the stern to form a 'wall' of smoke (local wind notwithstanding) behind the DD.
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    Please @admin@Ink, reduce the port battle BR by half, many clans try to create some content for players to keep them play the game , we want to make more port battles and keep our players, please help us ! We really expect you to listen your comunity and tomorrow have the Port battle BR reduced .
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    so this is my hand full off questions after spending 12 hours in the alpha, its great fun even if there are many features currently Wip and tool tips missing 1. will there be a skirmish mode? set up and pick a battle to take part in 2.will there be any way to make custom cross nation ships? say, grab a kongo hull and slap some warspite turrets on it? (love the pancake style british secondaries) 3.Quad turrets? king george and french styles? yes no or wip 4. is there likely to be a single player god mode/sandbox mode to mess around in? unlimited budget and everything available from every class would be fun to make that russian destroyer that had the 18 inch single gun on the back or line a 40 knot battleship hull front to back with 5 inch cleavland guns
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    Well actually its my real Eye, my girlfriend toke the Photo under a Red Lamp! Its from 2003 i think 😜 since then i use it often as Avatar, because its mine and only i have it 😜
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    I thought teasing us the Temerie class (Redoutable) was the teaser? 🤔
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    Theoretically you can manually do this (The AI never prefers that kind of design at the moment) but, yes, it is very restrictive. It needs more "love" from our side on this matter, that we will give when possible. Weight update appearing while on hover (not after placement) will be checked out to fix, if needed. The easiest think to do from our side would be just to unlock everything for every ship, then player would be puzzled in a maze of contradictory assets that do not even fit on the ship. Imagine for example a Yamato size tower on a smaller hull. We provide ship assets in a wide range, but not infinitely, for you, the players, and also the AI, to be able to pick proper looking assets, that would make a beautiful looking ship. Yes, each nation will have some special advantages in shipyards, and technology upgrades will affect ship building efficiency (less errors in building, overweights, delays etc.) You can find it on the right side (Scroll down to the bottom). The UI is WIP, we are sorry for the non-finalized state that can be not very clear, or not include every needed statistic. It is a bit hard to make this more automated. We can try later to improve. We will see to make overriding of mount points for towers an option for player. It is pending, when possible, to do this. In mission that you can design several hulls, you choose only one (a nbr shows how many ships can be built, depending on their cost). Already the following work (notice the respective stats on the right). When we elongate the ship, the loss of speed due to turning and turning rate/steering is affected accordigly. Stability penalties are different due to different center of mass. Hull Form acts as a center point but further stats change as you alter the ship's length, too many to mention in this answer. We will allow more flexibility in certain hulls to replicate the Nelson type of design. It is pending to do so, as also more hulls arrive in next patches. In battle, sections considered to receive engine damage are always those under funnels, based on their average centered position. This is something already considered, to do as soon as possible, when other urgent priorities are fulfilled. Generally, the towers are more effective according to their size but they can differ in spotting range, and allowed gun positions. This difference can be examined in late battleships/dreadnoughts. Generally, the more uniform a gun battery, the more effective and faster the aim progress. This is already simulated. You can try to have a mixed caliber battleship and you will see that accuracy is not going to increase that fast per gun type. It is pending to add an extra accuracy penalty when multiple guns are fired on the same target (From the same or other friendly ships) Pending to be improved further. Answered already by "akd". Pending to be improved. Diesel engines should use only oil fuel. Rotation can be done manually per gun now, for less complexities. Low priority to improve further. As above, low priority to improve further. Low priority. You can delete and add again, or move independently with very fast manner. Yes Yes (AI already can build such DD in some late missions, we will make late mission with advanced DD asap) Widening the hull can be automatic as we increase displacement in a small margin, up to 5%. We have it under consideration, but is low priority. As we will be adding more hulls, possible variations will increase exponentially. You will be able to experiment more freely on all those hulls, in campaign per Nation. Hardpoint restrictions can already be overriden by pressing the CTRL key. We can expand for structures. As said above, we will allow more flexibility to build "all forward gun" ships, in selective hulls, as soon as possible. Any minor issues in Ship Designer creating gaps, will be fixed. Reporting within the game, will help us to find those issues you notice.
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    I like this and agree that everything is lost except rank. The problem is; when does the game decide you are are to become a pirate. We've all hit our friends a few times by accident.
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    Guns currently fire per caliber battery. They do not target per gun independently, but we will see what we can do with secondary guns. We will consider it. Pending to be improved in next patches: AI distance keeping + Ship auto-evasion mechanics. Pending to be improved in forthcoming patches. Reverse engine movement is considered but currently postponed to make other more urgent features. Torpedo damage is getting a rebalance in next hotfix. Multi-targeting of guns is considered for further improvement, as mentioned above. The ships already engage at very long distances depending on their weapon technology and visibility. No other game, as I know personally, simulates the realistic engage distances so dynamically and easily manageable, without any fake scales of speed and ship sizes. The tendency of some players to come very near and play constantly in x5 speed is something we cannot prevent, but only "harass" with AI improvement and some improvements in gun penetration according to range. As said in other threads, torpedo rebalance on the way! Ramming damage is pending to be added. Torpedo boats already melt (arguably) if they stay near to heavily armed BB, BC, CA. The accuracy estimation is per gun (not per turret). The turret salvo accuracy estimation can be seen in detailed targeting info, and is much larger. Well said, this is going to be emphasized more in the coming hotfix. Multi-targeting guns is considered as said above. But is something very risky to touch now. When we implement crew, it is going to be implemented the realistic incapacitation of a ship.
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    Sure you need them, all that gives you + to speed will help traders, or do those bonuses not count in OW?
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    Prob cause even though he was taken on water and full, you don't officially sink while in boarding until the boarding is over. Which allowed him to shoot the rest of his structures away. When your in boarding and your ship is sunk, but you won the boarding it does force you upon the other ship. If it's sinking too than well that prob just bad luck so he dies too. I really wish they go back to the old rules of how to become pirates, if you green on green you become a pirate. Only way to switch back is you have to use forge papers. So either you get the warnings and it switches you or if you caught like in this thread than your forced to be come a pirate no matter if you got forge papers or not.
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    at least we will be able to fill PB itself rather than be like "we dun have 25 people for pb"
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    1.- Novato pide socorro por chat y salen 15 tíos a ayudar... "En la facción española solo sabéis gankear". 2.- Novato pide socorro por chat y no sale ni dios... "En la facción española no ayudáis a los novatos". 3.- Novato pide socorro por chat y para no incurrir en el caso 1 ni en el caso 2 se forma un comité para decidir la fuerza equivalente para tener una batalla igualada... "En la facción española no ayudáis a los novatos y si acaso salen unos cuantos de (pon aquí tu clan/jugador más odiado) 8 horas después cuando ya no hace falta".
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    Personally I think this mindset is exactly why we're in our current situation. Too many nations ONLY want to fight Russia. Very little content is being made in the game that does not involve Russia. Everyone else gets bored. So instead of smaller nations fighting a similarly sized opponent, let's use Prussia and Spain for example.....you either ignore or quasi-ally with those who would actually make a good opponent to create content with and then sit around and wait, eventually quit, waiting for some big massive Russian offensive. Want to fight Russia? Go leave your current nation and go join one of the 2 left that still have the balls to flip our ports. I'm sure they'd welcome the help. Meanwhile these are all the same dummies who voted against @admin's alliance mechanics proposal of several months ago, which would have been a breath of fresh air into an already stale RVR system. Instead of forced alliances we just developed fake ones in the game. Does this game have significant problems that bleed away the population? Yes. But I think some of the blame needs to go to the user base and their unwillingness to fight. Some of that can be attributed to super expensive ships and crafting regions you can't lose.....but not all of it. For the past year now it's basically been fight Russia or quit.
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    in Russian language ships are male gender @admin Diana back into the game WHEN???????????????????????????????????????
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    re: Eternal wip Captain who we quoted is trying to mislead you Naval action is not delayed and is still in development as we never promised any dates. If you are in doubt visit steam page and read the warning that is shown right at the top of the store. Why Early Access? “Sea Trials is a long age of sail tradition. Captains of that time had a chance to test their vessel and provide feedback to the Admiralty on what needs to be changed to make the ship perform better. Extensive sea trials are required by the Admiralty to fully test if the ships in the game are seaworthy and ready for fighting.” Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access? “We plan to stay in Early Access until core features of the game are finished and polished.” NA is the only game in EA for us right now. Its a complex product and will be tuned for as long as it is needed to make it better. We have not delayed a single game. We have already released 3 games that sold 400,000 copies (2 were released from early access). Studio has 4 more games in development in addition to NA.
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    So this is a pretty simple solution which i think would aid smaller nations become more viable and would also allow bigger “coalitions” to exist. allow the adding of clans from other nation to clan “X” friends list - this would allow them to join defensive PBs of ports owned by clan “X” -Allow them to help clan X offensive hosti missions and PBs - Change name of ships on friendly clan in enemy nation maybe show “Ally Player” on OW or smth similar - To stop some loopholing put a cooldown on removing friends maybe 1 or 2 weeks - Have the friend request need to be approved on both clans list will add more to this later as writing up in work, feel free to disagree with the idea all i ask for is a basic level of respect and no insults
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    Can we get back to over the top ganks please?
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    El tema aqui se nos fue de las manos, dejaros de discutir y quien quiera practicar sus habilidades en duelos que hable o caye para siempre😀😀
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    @Jon Snow lets go and @Angus MacDuff nice! A Fanclub, lets make a Flag and Nation for me! Cheers @all Thx for the Big feedback! I like it, i am not sure what or if any suggestions that was made by me or Comm would be healthy or not. But i do feel my self driven away because of one thing! Time time time and how to spend it! ;-7 see you soon in my first Victory!
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    so don't wonder why so many ppl left the game - this is one reason too.
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    Don´t we all gank? I don´t mind losing a fir/crew space shabby one-slot ocean like in the short fight shown below. It doesn´t seem correct that full broadsides on 3rd rates don´t happen to do a lot of damage, but that´s part of the far too high gear value we have now. What I do mind instead is the offensive language from always the same - and many - players. will there ever be done something aganist this? for sekiro and zulu it is not enough to just win quick and dirty. no, they need to brag how great they would´ve fought it at our place. sure. these people are just toxic - forgive the words - scumbags. they can all nicely hide behind the anonymity of the internet. in real life some hefty blows would come over them. here it hast to be public shaming only. shame on you! be superior players and have some dignity!
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    it was worth it. Back when skill was more important than setup.
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    I remember back in alpha when we exited a battle we'd get a list of the loot to pick from. Now, we need to loot every kill and 99% this involves tacking and fighting the wind, etc. I realize the old way was perhaps too easy, but I would very much like that once the battle is over, we get some kind of speed bonus (4x speed?), and/or possibly ability to sail upwind (like in OW, slowly) so we can loot easier and stop wasting our time fighting the wind for loot. Seems like a uselessly slow and uninteresting mechanic, it's pure frustration.
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    Los científicos dicen que eso, o las cucarachas..... el griego de los pelos de ancient aliens lo repite mucho...
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    If you're still excited keep going. If you're like me you've achieved whatever it was you wanted to achieve in NA. For me, there's no content worth grinding out the hundreds of hours, I've had all the battles, I've seen the war and in the end no one wins. When people get to the point where money is not an issue, and their ships outmatch the average by 20+ percent in all aspects, they continue to take joy from it. That wasn't me, hitting the top is boring. The rise was the fun part, but once you hit the top you may realize what's up there is unsustainable.
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    Muy probablemente... ayer, sin ir mas lejos, nos pilló una tormenta asesina del clima-climático por Cartagena.... ya sabes echa un discursito en LH y se desata una crisis del clima-climático en Cartagena... el efecto mariposa. Sin faltar, Despe.
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    You basically have 9.9999999999999999999999 kills
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    I was really hyped by the concept of having 5 factions and the devs would have the option to change what nations might be part of what factions if needed for balance. It would also allow to add in new nations if they want (for flags). I still wish we go a head and do it. One nation gets to powerful than make them in a faction by them selves, but honestly do we want the devs trying to balance that? Hell we haven't seen a peep or patch from them in how long now? Last major patch was in July with a little hotfix right afterwards. Nothing since and pretty much silence on the forums? @admin when this next big patch going to drop? I don 't like going to small on the BR's, but important ports should have a high BR, maybe give option of the port owner to have a BR depending what they want and the port tax's. Some smaller none important ports can have a lower BR and pay less tax's for the timer or it might have a wider timer window but lower BR. Cause clans need a reason to own ports, other wise you do all the hard work for nothing. Lets look at in the past where you had one clan in a nation do all the hard work but the rest of the nation use all it's ports it captured and holds. I honestly think sub region ports should pay taxes to the main capital port (Governor) and than that port pays to the KIng. This means there is a reason to own and hold regions and capitals, to make money. There should be two clan list. PORT BATTLE LIST that is made for only port battles. and the Crafting friendly clan list which isn't the same and normally doesn't change. Some clans don't do any crafting but show up to protect ports and they take up slots for crafting clans, same back. I honestly don't think port bonuses are an issue, it's more just the population inbalance and the fact that most nations don't fight each other. People get a happy spot and other than some hard core players that want to push the RvR the rest just do there own thing.
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    I tend to agree with your last statement. Smaller BR would just mean high pop nations would show up to screen in smaller ships (if the battle was in shallows). Those just seeking content must be screeners rather than help the attackers because there’s little way to participate and screen out defenders. It’s beyond me why the Devs answered the calls for making ports more in control of clans with the whole port bonus mechanic rather than going with all the suggestions of limiting contracts, taxing (and giving to the clan) more port operations, giving winners nice chests like we used to, etc. [shrug] If port bonus is to stay, make friendly clan list apply only to port battles, make port bonuses something that any crafter in nation can individually upgrade to, charge taxes payable to owning clan to the crafters. But I’m afraid the this suggestion would be too complicated for their database to handle. The other way to deal with it would be make ports have economic requirements that can not be met by magic wallet transfers so that economic warfare — guerrilla warfare — could be a thing.
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    mmmm, gankear no es entrar en la batalla de un novato a ayudarlo si necesita ayuda. El limite de BR reduce mucho las posibilidades de batalla desequilibrada. Gankear es ir 5 a por un jugador, algo inutil si al novato ya le han hundido porque nadie a entrado a ayudarlo.
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    Y poor que nadie entra a ayudar, Sento, a la puerta de la habana? Te lo digo yo, porque estan todos ocupados gankeando.
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    Flip Nassau and West End 22 Russian players in Nassau 22 Russian players in West End 30 Russian players screening at West End Dutch had 22. 72 v 22. Why hello kittying bother lol?
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    I noticed during the weekend prime time we had 600+ players now, and keeps dropping. Balancing nations is good and all, however we need to address the whole server population issue first. The current game punishes players too much from all directions. The new player, or average player, and event veterans alike are discouraged by harsh game settings. Who either quit for another game, or become disgruntled from the current state and quit for another game later. Only the small vocal minority of elitist players are still active, however they will suffer from attrition as well. I sincerely want Naval Action to strive and succeed. However the current course is not working to maintain a healthy player base. There is far too much grind, and less chance for action. And the action is mostly getting ganked, or chasing someone to gank for hours. The game use to thrive years ago, there was much action compared to the grind. I would recommend more rewards for combat, more pvp events everyone has easy access to, and more in-game quality of life tools. And maybe a safe zone for new players. I also believe we have far to many nations and ports for our current server population. That being said, grinding and sailing doesn't need to be so mundane, something more than staring at the water for hours, or a high chance of being sunk just doing AI fleets outside your own port. I see far too many people getting sunk right outside friendly ports all the time, then quit the game in the coming weeks. I have stated my opinion, those of you may agree or disagree. But facts are clear, we need to attract and maintain more players for the game to remain healthy and for us to enjoy.
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    Had it coming after raiding KPR
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    I'll second this piece of feedback right here. I was really hoping to being able to put together the hull myself, including superstructure and all that.
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    I sure hope we will be able to mod the game and edit save files. For me that is a huge part of RTW/RTW2 longevity, like editing in a massive budget raise for your AI opponents to keep the game challenging or doing some silly things with tech progress..
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    Ich wünsche euch LAMAs viel Erfolg. Hut ab das ihr was Neues aufbauen möchtet. Den Elan hat im Moment kaum noch einer. Schade das die RvR Mechaniken so verkorkst sind, sonst hätten wir noch deutlich mehr motivierte Spieler. Ihr habt jedenfalls eine Hand voll erstklassige Stammspieler mit Kampfgeist, darauf könnt ihr aufbauen.
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