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    me: *attacks mercury* constitution: *jumps in to save it* me: I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move some more battles:
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    This is dedicated to all European Night-time-setters. Cheers Don
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    the little Herc that could:
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    As Lucky is Chinese and will have difficulty responding I would like to point out that you tagged him in order to prevent his entry into the port battle. After the 3rd time of you tagging him he may have just got a bit tired of your bullshit tagging. Practice what you preach.
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    Hello. My first impression: 1-Great look, awesome indeed. 2-Great options at building but as TBRSIM says, i think the weight is a little up limits. Few hull options, imagine this would be better in future. 3-IMHO very confussed and caothic fleet orders. No real sensation to my ships accomplish orders. A few minutes after going into combat with multiple ships (a battleship two division with five ships total) my ships get into total disorder. Order follow, order simply continue ahead, no order solution the problem. Unable to get ships to form a single line to cut T of the enemy. Imagine i lost something, i dont know. 4-IMHO excessive speed in game, everything happens very fast. (of course i mean without use the compress time) 5-Would be great name the ships. 6-Would be great a map to see the fleets and correct course in fleets accordingly. In battle i think this is a must. Great work.
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    no, u are wrong. its a bug, teak and the other special wood buildings ( teak/WO/etc.) produces only 800 units and NOT 1200 units per 24h. https://na-map.netlify.com/ read direct the api of the game, and it says 800 units per 24h. And in this case I trust Felix Victor much more than the developers.
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    PB for Walker's Cay: VP Commander: Gregory Rainsborough (part time Ghello Card), advised by yours truly. RU Commander: Anolytic (I assume) Summary: After having quite some trouble with overall cohesion in the PBs the day before, we kinda got our act together this time. Niquesse did a splendid job of demasting Zarskaya in the first few minutes, killing him before reinforcements arrived, keeping B in our control for the time being. After Lenin (God of Multiboxing ) got both his accounts into B Niquesse had to retreat to the tower and eventually left, being in no position to fight anymore. Saved us the points we would have lost if he sank. I tried to harass Slaughterer and Imperator Aleksandr in C but with our own Square Fort demasting me (nice positioning, Slaughterer) I chose not to engage and instead bide my time for the next wind shift. Main fleets met at A after an initial waiting period, VP had the wind by a hair's width and a slight numbers advantage. The brawl went less than ideal but much better than last time. Greg had to step out and Ghello Card kindly took over command for a few minutes until his return. After not seeing an opportunity to sucessfully conest C I went to join the main battle, the Russians from C coming in behind me. The additional two ships vs my one were not enough to tip the balance however and with a few minutes to go we sank all remaining enemy ships. Thanks for the nice fight to everyone involved. Farseer PS: Repair stack STRONK (you know who you are )
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    Mate I’m pissed to what happened. A returning player who can only play causally due to work commitments. Peoples egos ruin it for people who just want to play. As a long time officer of bl4ck I asked 7grams numerous questions and he ignored them. I left bl4ck for my personal reasons and stated I would join any pirate clan who is willing to play the game minus the politics. You can choose to assume I’m involved or take my word for who I am.
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    Nothing personal just hating on what BL4CK/R4VEN did to this great nation. GLHF in other games tho o7
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    I will explain briefly what happened. 7grams and approx a dozen players decided to quit Naval Action. Koltes who formed BL4CK while most of us stopped playing till release who then passed leadership back to 7grams when he came back to the game asked 7grams of you guys are quitting can someone else have leadership be it Koltes or Duncan. 7grams in usual form flipped out thinking people trying to steal his clan and decided to hello kitty with the ports. I left Bl4ck as well due to the fact 7grams told players not to defend Cuba. I refuse to be lead by a coward.
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    It would be a good start, if we could talk to all players on OW, not only of the own nation. Show player names again and let us chat.
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    NAB-94300 that guy here is griefing he is not comming to fight has no intentions of killing or at least fighting me but is keeping me in battle for fun. https://ibb.co/SKyszZm BTw this is his control https://ibb.co/d2FRJnG he stoped shooting https://ibb.co/d2FRJnG and enjoying his controle perk.... https://ibb.co/yWJCjmp Talking about war needs time but not even Shooting lol https://ibb.co/0qVNYX7 so last comment from him https://ibb.co/nkQgBbY I think thats the definition of Griefing. Feedback would be nice.
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    Desde hace un par de semanas entro al juego y solo consigo gankeos y pocas batallas decentes. Aparte de esto no veo ningun contenido para los jugadores que nos haga sonreir un poquito, esto es un juego y hay que divertirse y crear un poquito de salseo y historia entre nosotros, por ello propongo nombrar los jugadores con los que te gustaria tener una batalla en igualdad de condiciones, ya sea por que te gusta como juega, por probarte a ti mismo o porque le tengas mucha mania 😆😆. Aqui se puede especificar que tipo de barcos llevar mejoras etc... Sed valientes y pensad que esto es un juego!! A mi me gustaria pelear con: Alucard Sin perdon Barba Negra Un saludo gente!
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    That was one of my biggest complaints about the base game, and one I was very sad to see never got addressed. There should be a large amount of different possible combinations of randomized traits that commanders had. (Faster marcher, cautious attacker, defensive expert, etc to come up with some examples). I think it would have given much more character and flavor to the campaign where you created your own army. You might lose a division commander and be absolutely horrified because he was your best general. The other half of it, is that historical commanders purchased by reputation would have had historically accurate traits assigned. Now, there's a good reason to spend reputation points on generals like Jackson or Sherman, because they're going to be better than the officers you typically get. I suggested this in feedback, but sadly it was never implemented.
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    Bueno amigo si no quieres participar en esto no lo hagas pero deja de mandar memes de borregos haciando el tonto porfa
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    Yo no he visto eso nunca jajajajajajaja
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    it seems like the hulls are all too big in general and it makes it hard ro develop. For example, you try to build a battleship and the limit is 22K and the hull is 19K. How does towers, turrets, funnels, and then armor make an efficient battleship with 3K left only Overall, the game is nice though
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    Increasing displacement only lengthens hulls when it should make it a bit wider too. It also doesn't move hardpoints so on some ships the tower will be placed too far in the front. More hard points in general would be nice, but this is amazing so far.
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    I'll second this piece of feedback right here. I was really hoping to being able to put together the hull myself, including superstructure and all that.
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    I think the hostility part of the map may be broke...but maybe just me?
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    Aw, that's sad. Alexa, play "That's What You Get" By Paramore.
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    I'm very excited for this game so I'll be glad to share feedback on it. Currently my main feedback is for the designer part of the game, so that's what I'll put here along with a question or two, starting with the latter and then moving to the former. First, the teaser video kind of gave the impression we would put the hull together section by section when designing ships (which would give immense and practically endless customization combinations), which is quite different than adjusting preset hulls with a displacement slider to make them longer or shorter. Was this a misconception or is this coming in the future possibly? Second, though possibly partly in connection with the first, will we see options to determine ship freeboard and the gun/turret visual styles different nations had, or will those styles be strictly tied to tech? Also what about further determining barbette thickness to an actual specified number and/or further specifying how much armor goes where? Or is this too much for the game? Moving to feedback, I've come into encounters where it's impossible to build a ship with specific part combinations due to the limited hardpoint/mount system. In particular for funnels and superstrcture/towers, as well as trying to put 'secondary' guns (not the casemate guns) on anything but the 'modern battleship' scenario. In addition it doesn't currently seem possible to mount secondary gun turrets on a barbette, such as trying to model something after Yamato's forward and aft triple 155mm gun turrets above the main battery. In addition and as mentioned by someone else somewhere, I've found it's impossible to recreate certain historical ships like the Brandenburg class for example. Though I also remember a response to that was a limitation with the different techs available in the Naval Academy scenarios or something of those lines. That's all I've got right this moment, I'll be sure to give more feedback as I spend more time with the game and watch it's development.
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    no greifing is defined on multiple tags in a row with no intention of doing battle by the same player against the same player. u can look at the tribunal that was put against me awhile ago do doing just that in this same situation against another player. see this type of action could be used to keep u in battle till allies are in position to retag u and take u out in the OW. dont cry about a tactic every nation uses in general pvp not just outside pb's
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    @Reverse ну че кэп, обзор на Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts когда?)
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    sometimes I hate being right. BL4CK gone after a handful of months. Koltes will be soon. Pirates in worse shape overall. #thankskoltes
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    If only there was Green on Green you (R4VEN) guys would have smashed BL4CK, right? Time to call in Spanish Inquisition to flip Nuevitas. Don't forget to join Hostility Mission to feed them kills for faster and safe flip. PS Pathetic low skill losers I despise you, but hope Koltes will keeping posting "Pirates are so happy" and "We did so much more in last 2-3 months than you did in last eternity" in Global Discord that thing is funny
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    Continue to fight new battles and bravo, great game. However....😁 In my last battle was fighting a huge enemy fleet (several ships, half battleships with 9 16" i think). I was with six "simple" battleships, does mean ships with only main guns, not secondary, to save weight. The game give me warning that the enemy was aproaching from south and order my ships go south. After that, the enemy start to puncture my ships with heavy fire. In this moment i cannot see nor select, any of the enemy ships. This was strange but imagine the cause was the enemy guns are heavy than mine and for that reason had more range. But wait...the enemy can SEE my ships and me NOT??? Lost something?
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    actually admin somewhere somewhen stated that the one that initiates the battle (aka tags the other player) has to actually fight in it and not just kite so nope, no valid tactic or strategy
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    First of all: I really like how the game looks/plays even in this early stage of development. Combat seems reasonably paced to me. 1.The UI clearly needs some work but you guys already know that and i assume that neither the inbattle nor the ship designer Ui are final. 2.I hope that we will have more hulls within the same tech (maybe techgroups or at the same time) that pose differences but are all viable. Just a gradual supply of new hulls can become stale pretty quickly. 3.How do you plan to make nations ships stand out from eachother ? Or will all nations use the same Hulls and Techs ?
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    Unlikely. Never had that problem on any other steam MMO game I ever played. It seems to be a communcation error between the game client/server and steam. But I'm willing to bet it's not on steams side^^
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    3 - Yes, that is part of what I meant with "AI". In RTW every ship in your fleet "knows" what to do. The full fleet formation "works" and there are tech tree aspects that evolve it over time. The player is not concerned with what specifically a destroýer/TB divisionj among more than a hundred ships in the fleet does, it starts the scenario in formation with a correct role (screen/support for a BB/CA/CL diviion usually) and positions itself and actsa accordingly, including charging the enemy fleet when the flagship orders a torpedo attack. The beauty of this system is that you can really play as you like, with full micro of every ship or just by commanding speed/course for the flagship and assgning/reassigning roles and positioning of divisions in the fleet (e.g. switching a BC division from scouting to tag along at the end of the battleline). 4 - Yes, speed as in "base time" in combat currently "feels" too fast. It is not as bad as it was initially with Victory in the Pacific but it still "feels" like the interrelationships between ship speed, combat range and every thing else "timed" is off. Sorry I cannot speifiy more but at the moment combat "feels" rushed. This might appeal to more casual gamers but us grognards would most likely all prefer the more relaxed pace (of course that means more time accel options are needed).
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    Greetings Captain. The game will run on the lowest settings but battles more than 1vs1 may not be available to you due to perfomance limitation caused by HD 6000. You can try the game within 2 hours in Steam and refund it if it is not playble for you
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    Diese fruchtlose Diskussion zeigt zumindest eines: Neid muss man sich erarbeiten. Mitleid bekommt man umsonst.
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    Just go full out clan vs clan. Clan you don't like owns the port? Take it from them. Solo players can hunt whoever. Port bonuses and the other magic just needs to be gone totally. Go back to cookie cutter ships with a small pool of reasonable-percentage mods that allow for customization of performance. Let skill triumph over pretty pixels once again. Agreed on "pass port ownership" option. Should already be in the game. Agreed that we need larger friends list so more clans can be added. Why limit it to 15? Somewhat agreed on having the shielding effect of capital ports removed. I'd go with Hammy's suggestion in his thread about reversing the roles of capital and surrounding ports: first take the surrounding ports, then take the capital. Or implement a sliding BR effect. So if you want to take the capital without first conquering the surround ports, you'll only have room for half the BR that the defenders can bring. Take more of the surrounding ports, and you can fit more BR into the battle. Take all the surrounding ports and you can fit full BR into it on both sides. Disagree on what the clan ownership should entail. It SHOULD allow a clan to put pressure on other clans, by refusing the use of resources. It'll drive clan wars within a "nation." See above for my suggestion to go all-out clan based gameplay. Have the nations (and cut nations back to 4-6 nations max, no need for so many) be like a loose affiliation of players under the same flag, but clans fly their own flags and wage their own wars. Sometimes those are civil wars against other clans within their nation. If the friendly clan list can extend beyond nation boundaries, then we can have true diplomacy in the game. And one does have to wonder...if the friendly clan list was working well for you, would you be complaining about the terrible mechanics? When my friends who remained in pirates after some of us left the nation got removed from the friendly clan lists, it was all well and good in the world: because they weren't deemed "true pirates." Perhaps another pirate king has risen to power and deemed you unfit to be a "true pirate" and removed you from the friendly list. Perhaps power blinded some to the injustices they wrought.
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    Well I wouldn't look at it as a regression, rather a different scale. It is a different period in history with smaller battles and as you note landing marines. Look at Bunker Hill - about 3000 troops per side so you represent smaller formations as units. Using the scale in UG:CW you would only have a couple of units for each side. They do have the opportunity to represent individual companies on the battlefield in this game which IMO is a good thing if done right.
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    so fairly normal PvP2 pirate behavior.
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    I'm told it was an ego fest between Koltes and 7grams. Koltes left BL4CK to make RAVEN or whatever it is, 7grams opened all pirate ports they owned and quit the game. Saviors of the pirate nation.
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    these are not bad ideas per say, I really like the idea of diverse weather and making sailing a bit more hazardous but the game needs less solid "open pvp" direction. We have an expensive game that's hard as shit, a total grind-fest and where new players get ganked the second they step out of port. This game is run top-down by hardcore PvP'ers to the point where we have an active user base less than most "dead" mmo's. In the years that I have dipped in and out of this game these problems have never been solved and the development team seem either incapable or unwilling to do anything to fix these issues, acting as if this game will simply spike in popularity magically. Open world PvP no longer brings the crowds it used to and there are better, easier and more satisfying games the crowds who are still into it can go to. These suggestions are ok by the by but what this game needs is more features, or an update/redesign to existing features that help bring in more funds for development and keep player retention for longer to create a larger user base. Ganking players the second they get out the dock is ok if you want to farm pvp marks but if that player who got ganked calmly closes the game and never plays it again then maybe you can start to understand why at peak time a buggy, single player, non-pvp game from 2010 has 16 times our active playerbase. You think about how much potential DLC money that adds up to for the development team. Your ideas are ok, but they are the pepper for the steak, we don't have a steak, we have some decent cut wedges but the only reason we have them is because everyone else is selling fries. This is my opinion of course, others may differ.
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    Less MMO and more Simulator... at all careers levels, and more Simulation at those same levels - true dedication to your chosen activity - crafter, frigate commander, fleet admiral, etc ( is sandbox so a career is simply the choice of what activities you dedicate more time on ). Thank you.
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    Sealclubbing will become WAAAAY harder indeed. I am very glad you appreciated this minor detail.
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    you going to refund the DLC costs them? We paid for the ability to change nations, not the ability pay in game to change nations. To solve the Russia problem you were on the right path with the built in alliances. Unfortunately the some of the community cannot see the forest for the trees and we are now in the same problem we were before.
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    Hello everyone ..... to answer the legends and other things that I see ....the nation France in this game is in the middle of 3 other nations and 2 freetown ..... since the beginning of the whippe, the French of the clan NN, (Russian) that we had hoped to see again in France .... n ' have not stopped coming to disturb the French waters, result it was impossible for many players to be able to climb their ranks, to make the PVE to release knowledges on their ships. Even our Swedish neighbors came to pinch us point by point while we were in defense of Bridgtown against the VP ....To date ... the nation France, does not count more than 10/15 first ranks and not 25 ..... (lol) an effort is made to solve this problem ..... and we are in a period of holidays here ...Yesterday we only had 7 first ranks available ... so THANK YOU, THANKS BF .... it's easy to crash with one clan that has, on its own, more qualified players than a whole nation THANK YOU, to the fabulous "NN" who spend their time breaking their cradle ..... you are ALL great friends ...Once again just open the map to understand .... this game loses players every day .... this will be the case of the nation France again, thanks to you ...... some will leave elsewhere others will stop this game .... when everyone will go on the side of the strongest, that the whole card will be Russian ..... you will have won a nice server PVE .... Привет всем ..... ответить на легенды и другие вещи, которые я вижу ....нация Франция в этой игре находится в середине 3 других наций и 2 вольных городов ..... с начала кнута, французов из клана NN, (русских), которых мы надеялись увидеть во Франции .... n ' не прекратили приходить, чтобы потревожить французские воды, в результате многие игроки не могли подняться в свои ряды, чтобы сделать PVE выпустить знания на своих кораблях. Даже наши шведские соседи приходили, чтобы ущипнуть нас, пока мы защищали Бриджтаун от вице-президента.На сегодняшний день ... нация Франция, не насчитывает более 10/15 первых рангов, а не 25 ..... (смеется), предпринимаются усилия для решения этой проблемы ..... и мы находимся в период каникулы здесь ...Вчера у нас было только 7 первых рангов ... так что СПАСИБО, СПАСИБО BF .... легко разбиться с одним кланом, который имеет более квалифицированных игроков, чем целая нация СПАСИБО, сказочным «NN», которые проводят время, разбивая свою колыбель ..... вы ВСЕ большие друзья ...Еще раз просто откройте карту, чтобы понять .... эта игра теряет игроков каждый день .... это будет случай нации Франции снова, благодаря вам ...... одни уйдут в другие, другие остановят эту игру .... когда все перейдут на сторону сильнейших, то вся карта будет русская ..... вы выиграете хороший сервер PVE .... Bonjour a tous.....pour répondre aux légendes et autres choses que je vois.... la nation France dans ce jeu est au milieu de 3 autres nations et de 2 freetown..... depuis le début du whippe, les Français du clan NN , (Russe) que nous avions espéré revoir en France....n'ont pas arreté de venir perturber les eaux Françaises, résultat il a été impossible a beaucoup de joueurs de pourvoir monter leur rangs, faire du PVE pour libérer les knowledges sur leurs navires. Même nos voisins Suédois sont venus nous flipper point a pitre alors que nous étions en en défense de Bridgtown contre les VP.... A ce jour...la nation France, ne compte pas plus de 10/15 premiers rangs et pas 25 .....(lol) un effort est fait pour régler ce probléme.....et nous sommes en période de vacances ici... Hier nous n'avions que 7 premiers rangs disponibles....alors MERCI, MERCI les BF....c'est facile d'écraser avec un seul clan qui a, à lui seul plus de joueurs qualifiés qu'une nation entiére....MERCI , aux fabuleux "NN" qui passent leur temps a casser leur berceau .....vous êtes TOUS de grands joueurs les amis.... Une fois de plus il suffit d'ouvrir la carte pour comprendre....ce jeu perds des joueurs tous les jours....ce sera le cas de la nation France encore une fois, grâce a vous ......certains partiront ailleurs d'autres arreteront ce jeu....quand tout le monde ira du coté du plus fort, que toute la carte sera Russe.....vous aurez gagné un beau serveur PVE....
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    @Captain Reverse I can't speak to the rest of the server but myself and those I talk to find it difficult to want to do any RvR if we're just going to get jumped by you and your 50 first rate friends. You wanna keep the game alive? How about switching countries to something not exclusivey Russia? How about limiting yourselves to MAX 20 ships when your going out to interrupt other people's RvR? How about showing up in just 3rd rates (the ship, not the rank)? The problem we face is that you guys Zerg everything until it's not fun. Don't complain that we don't show up with fleets of first rates to fight you off. Half our guys are at 700 crew. Many of us work for a living and play a game to relax.
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    Pretty much right on the nose. Sweden went out to try to defend both nations that were targeted today. Both nations we tried to help are smaller compared to us but we see as good neighbors bring friendly PvP. After today and what we expect to be a flood of Russians doing PvP in our already crowded part of the map, France will go silent. Not to mention, unlike Russia, we are not able to quickly replace lost 1st rates. Reverse says a lot of things. Does not make it true.
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