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    so 40% of the player base gone since the beginning of August. Only took 2 months. If only there were people on the forums who could have predicted this..
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    here I go with a dank meme......
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    @EliteDelta I think the "Marked with the Black Spot" section will be a good addition to your project.
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    Captain 2Strong would like to show you a story!
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    If anyone is familiar with RDR2 they will know that company just dropped a new patch and it's great in its design. Red Dead Online - Bounty Hunter, Collector, and Trader. Let's see how we could implement similar ideas in Naval Action. We have 3 types of players: -Traders -Player Hunters (pvp) -NPC Hunters (pve) Now all we have to do is set up 3 Organizations: 1- East India Company for Traders 2- Mercenary Society 3- Naval Society First Trading Co. is free to join, next 2 are premium(fast access) or paid with Marks for a long , but free access (500 for 2 and 1000 for 3.) Let's say we joined East India Company. Progression bar will show us levels and rewards as we get xp from daily trading/mission activities/ production... etc Same concept applies for 2 other premium Organizations. We have a progress bar with levels and rewards. Naval Society will reward those who sink and do NPC missions and Mercenary will reward PvP players. As players run daily activities they automatically contribute to their selected organizations. All happy, endless content. Problem is we do not have premium currency? or do we? pay $20 and get a pass for 2- Mercenary Society pass, Pay $10 - to get a Naval Pass. @admin I study these things closely and this one can make you money
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    [UPDATED] - 9/15/2019: Streamlined the chart display system. Now instead of updating every 5 minutes, the charts should update instantly. They should also be more friendly to mobile users. Basic Idea: The idea behind this is simple. You submit your buy/sell order using the google form. That info is then automatically processed in g-sheets and loaded to a website where anyone can view the items/ships up for sale, or crafters can see who is requesting which ships/item. When you use the google form, you are required to enter a 4 digit pin. Once the order is filled, you can go to the g-sheet, enter their pin, and the order is hidden and removed from the website. Want to see whats been posted, or want to submit something yourself? Take a look at the website (link below). Everything is easily accessed from there. Website Link - https://sites.google.com/view/namarketplace/home Link to the google spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O1M6aMs-mlMLpOG2nhZBXQycJOQYDTLNKX-BhMIHchM/edit?usp=sharing Give it a try! Everything is ready to go. I currently cannot get in-game to advertise, so if you like this project, feel free to help spread the word. I would suggest directing people to this post, or to the website itself.
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    We had a good giggle over this but I think that maybe this should be looked into as it's clearly an error. My clanmate when he clicked on me saw with elite AI skull. I had a Surp in fleet which was crafted by myself.
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    Me checking out the site now... 😮
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    you must be playing a Diff game if you still consider Brits a Zerg!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha but it's OK. you play your game.
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    Here’s the good news. This game is dying and within a month or so will be dead. The Zerg Nations will Zerg....Russians and Dutch camp the newbies and pat themselves on the back for sinking newbs...newbs will either quit or go to the Zerg nation. Older players don’t care. Heres where the game will fail: even if a clan WANTS to change nations from a ZERG to a nation that can use some help..... They won’t. Folks have way too much invested in their shipbuilding ports and won’t just abandon them. And that is this games main conundrum that will be its death.
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    Update: I hit a wall with this idea, as I didn't have a good place to display all these photos in a manner that was user friendly. However, while working on my NA Marketplace Idea, I realized I can include all the paint photos submitted much more easily. Anyway, check out the gallery on the side here - https://sites.google.com/view/namarketplace/paint-collection It is still a work in progress, as I need to collect a lot more ships, but its still fun to look at Also, if you have more painted ships that you want me to add to the website, post them here or send them to me in PM. Thanks!
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    Cheap ships to encourage RVR and PVP is a great idea... only if they are crafted. Back in the fine woods days we had multiple 1st rate battles sometimes daily with 100 folks involved. Ships were lost over and over. But because they were easy to replace...everyone focused on the fighting rather than the time and expense needed to organize crafting. This should be the case in the current version of the game and it sadly is not. Capturable AI ships is a low effort solution that will ultimately end up failing because what ACTUALLY needed to be done to improve RVR and PVP wasn’t. As is tradition. Sometimes I wonder what the point of Early Access was... we keep getting untested or failed mechanics forced down our throat that no one seems to have requested. Heth you’ve been around long enough to know bad ideas. This one is a first class stinker. As part of the “1st rates should matter” and the “my immersion” crowd you got exactly what was desired with the dubs and permit madness. 1st rates and such a pain in the ass to churn out that it seems half the games population within the first 2 months said..meh, screw it and left. Making first rates more rare isn’t a terrible thing....but making them more rare and difficult to produce AND making almost all ports need at least 10 of them to fill BR is a mind boggling stupid design decision. So stupid that as was predicted we’ve been steadily losing population since week 1... so much in fact that now we have this captured ship travesty at our hands like it will somehow fix everything. It won’t. Sorry for the rant boys and girls...but watching poor game design over and over just gets exasperating.
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    hethwill this SoL thing is simply bullshit! By now we have left the EA, NA has been released and (should be) a finished game! instead we continue to turn around! The devs don't have a plan, they just make us believe that they want to improve the game, instead their only purpose is to make money by telling us stories! There are so many things that the players asked, but no they do things that nobody asked for! Result we had a wipe and after two months the economy, crafting and RvR are of no use, there is still a bit of OW pvp fum for me, that s all! Too bad this game could be a masterpiece and instead it is an incomplete work by an artist without a precise idea (perhaps the idea is only to make money without investing time and resources). You've been in my clan and I liked playing in your company, but frankly your attitude on the forum I can't understand! too often you look like the champion of the devs even when it would seem impossible! Forgive my bluntness, but you know I am like that. Fair wind
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    This is a low effort attempt by the dev team to increase PVP and RVR participation. All it will do is create more lopsided battles between crafted ships and junk ones that were capped. I guess it'll look good on Reverse's stream....so there is that. MEANWHILE a smarter solution would be to lower the costs of permits (or remove their absurdness completely) so more lineships are crafted and lost without concern.
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    RvR, in my opinion, needs a change. Again, these are my opinions based on the last month or so of experience (or lack of "any RvR" depending on how you see it) Or at least a hard look and maybe a hope for change within the next 2 months. What I suggest in a future patch. 1. Port Battle BR limits - either get randomized more, lowered overall, or based on a system of investments (no investments, low BR, more investments increases BR). 2. RvR frontline "needs" to change or be dropped for either A. Flag system comes back - the cost of the flag would be a Doubloon fee that is half of the BR limit on the port (so a 10k BR port would cost 5,000 Doubloons for a clan/nation to create). Price could be further debated. B. RvR must attack Regional ports and gain 51% of county control before being able to attack the county capital. If any enemy gains control of a port within the county, the county capital owner must evict them before being able to launch attacks to other counties. Multiple enemies can control regional ports within a county - creating scenarios where multiple nations could be vying for control of a county (and all trying to achieve 51% control). Effectively this can create a "hotzone" for content. 3. Port Timer maintenance costs should be reduced (I'd say must). I don't know why 50k port cost wasn't good enough, in fact in most cases nations were paying more overall for a county than the 250k we have now. The main difference was that the cost was spread more evenly to different clans in the nation.
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    https://prnt.sc/p6una0 already made an F11 report with another screenshot showing how much crew they killed when i was boarding the victory, they just sat there and fired on me because apparently they wanted. In the end both I and the victory exploded. https://prnt.sc/p6upwg here you see on the nation chat Red Partizan saying not to mess with them because they have a hot head and above you can see me complaining about them shooting at me
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    I hope so. Listen if i can create an army/navy filled to the brim with scots and their kilts. you damn well better believe i will. the revolutionary war is about to look like braveheart. Edit: It would be nice to also see the addition of Hessian troops on the british side. and French/Spanish troops on the American.
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    Pop may be "low", but I and many others find plenty of pvp every time we log in. And every PB seems full. So, I, personally, am not concerned.
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    don´t tell me where to put my effort in you clownish comedian
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    According to the population charts that have been posted a few times, the population is ACTUALLY relatively well spread out between several nations.....for the first time in what seems like forever. Recalling from memory here, but I think Pirates, Dutch, GB and Russia all have somewhere between 14-16% of the population. We used to have GB at 25ish%, pirates in the 15-20% range and everyone else filling in afterwards. The balance is pretty damn good all things considering. Of course that is not RVR numbers and nations like GB probably need to have a bigger slice of the pie to be effective. It's shame that the current RVR system is such utter shit and the game seemingly discourages even doing RVR. If we had cheaper ships, less intensive grinds and a common sense front line system this game could have had a very competitive end game content system. BUUUUUTTTTT despite being in early access for 3 years the game was finished before it was ready and half assed changes were forced down our throats just to get the game out before the steam summer sale. Sigh.
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    Granted numbers now are higher than they've been in a long time, but this kind of drop off was predicted but only anticipated by the players. These devs, man. Aces, all of them.
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    Є такі баги, але вони поки що не в пріоритеті, будуть поправлені трохи пізніше.
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    And this is precisely the issue I have with most peoples attitudes towards the mortar brig. NO OTHER SHIP requires or needs another ship to perform or gain knowledge in. It is complete bullshit and I dont know why there are so many (including admins) that feel that the mortar brig is such a massive threat that it should be unique and handled like it is some kind of nuclear weapon. No other ship needs someone to act like a shield against the towers since the MB would get blasted to bits while it is attempting to fire at a tower. How many shots would it take for a tower to sink a MB compared to how many shots would it take for a MB to take out the tower. If you want to whine that the towers are much more expensive than the MB, fine bitch at the devs to reduce the cost of building the tower as it is already past stupid level already. Hell, it already takes 2 WEEKS for a MAX level stone mine to produce the amount of stone needed to build a tower. As far as grinding knowledge slots, I have not heard of any other ship that needs some 1st rate to putter around and demast a target so they can sail up and bounce their balls off of it. Maybe we should just rename the mortar brig Baby Cub since it is incapable of going anywhere without a parent.
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    How exactly is what i said bullshit? How would you grind the knowledge slots on the ship if it can't even match the other ships of its own rank? Considering this conversation was in reference to the mortar brig, what does playing other ships have to do with it? If you can not stay on topic, you might want to stay OUT of the conversation.
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    The only thing aggressive about Prussia is how aggressively it bent over for Russia. Flipped Pinar del Rio to allow attacks on northern GB, then got it back. So brave. So aggressive. You seem so content with the player balance in this game. Not a thing you wrote or suggested will fix the tendency of a nation to snowball once it's big, and for players to join it. Bad game design is killing this game and telling players they have to fix it is nuts. Nobody's going to grind 200+ hours to get the doubloons for their crafting structures, REPEATEDLY, as they lose port after port - or as they switch from one frontline anti-Russia nation to the next.
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    I'm pretty sure he found the submission form, because thats the only place you have to select a ship. Anyway, you have a good point, i'll update the description.
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    First rates must be very rare and the real final goal in a sandbox game, they must have the whow effect when they go in battle and they must be very expensive and you must pay maintenance for that (so that economy will have a purpose in the game again). But to do that we need PBs with lower BR, so we can decide if we want to join in big ships or we want to use numbers of players. I suggested to fix the PB BR with the money and number of players who has a port in that city. So most important ports will have bigger br and smaller ports are open to small br battle. But I think that now is too late, most players have tons of crap first rates in their docks atm
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    And when I send a ship to fleet, just disable my knowledge slots, but back in the docks, activate the knowlodge slots again
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    What they need to do is keep the Mortar brig for shallow waters and such and bring out a 3rd rate that can handle the deep water ones better. They nerfed them to death so they are useless now and as OP meantions the slowest ship in game.
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    No, the problem is not they are too lazy, they have no ally system to realize a stable opposite faction against russia.
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    In reality mortar vessels were built much heavier with very strong timbers to withstand mortar recoil. So there should be much more HP and thickness for the mortar one
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    Or lower the thickness of the larger ones. To much thickness always causes problems. I want a new second rate in the game. A British ones . I don't know why I'm telling you that but it needs to be said.
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    Lol even the chinese clan play for russia lol, the game is so dead ^^ Celtiberofrog sorry but your post looks like:
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    Be careful with this, my friend. It's a great vision but it can be taken too far. Your example of an 8 knot ship being driven to 15 knots is very unrealistic. A good captain could squeeze a knot or two out of his ship. If you make the skill requirements too high, you could scare players away. If I can go 15 knots to my opponent's 8, he'll give up.
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    You are right but still best solution so far, because sometimes you have even battles when there is no zerg around or zerg is ganking others, and they miss 2 minutes join timer for ganking. I can find solutions for Shallow Patrol as ship BR are close to each other but deep waters make it complicated.
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    PvE server version: The fact devs intertwined the necessity of a port to be 'neutral' before any player nation can lay their hands on it, instead of direct attack on, say, a Spanish port, sounds to me like devs agree with my argument that international cooperation is necessary on PvE server for fighting NPC port battles - and we all can combine efforts against a neutral port, no nation (like Spanish in my example) thereby is excluded. Great. Still, would suggest formal battle groups of international cooperation could be formed - just for PB - somehow in the game coding. All participants take over flag of the clan who opened hostilities against that port and therefore acts as the leader of that conquest attempt. Same for defense.
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    I think these 2 comments need to go hand in hand. If the raid takes investments directly away from the port owners and downgrades the port a little bit a warning message REALLY needs to go out to the defending nation and given a chance to muster a defense or interdiction fleet. Having to just sit around during the timer and wait while people do PVE isn't exactly exciting. I would re-think this.
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    The actual PB mechanics themselves actually seem cool with escorting "landing" ships and stuff. Imagine if they were available for PVP port battles.....We've only been asking for them for years. Will nations receive chests or other "rewards" for the added annoyance of fighting AI? Otherwise this seems like another straw on the back of players that are already on the fence of a game that's lost 40-50% of it's population in 2 months. This is not the content we've been looking for.
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    Do I need to be in game for the PB, or can I just do it all on the forums?... asking for a friend... ( credit to Free Tribes for giving us a laugh when we didn't need more. it kind of hurt laughing so much after a while... )
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    This is why stacking mods is bad. 15.5 knots Wasa, weak, can only attack weaker ships, and always runs away from competition. Sometimes shit happens Ed do not worry. @RepairyMcRepairous of course he will hunt there, where new players are born and noob hunters love them. I bet he started in british nation. KPR is in the middle of the map, good place to hunt players who do not have any idea of the game. Also it has a tiny capital zone which is blocked my massive land and islands.
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    He was in so many one sided battles killing new players with that ship, the tables turned on him and he got a taste of bitter justice. He no longer has the ship, he was seconds away from tag and lost connection either intentional or not (I really don't care). Puppy stompers are a cancer in this game, I have no sympathy for them, he earned the consequences.
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    I think the largest factions with the most powerful fleets and ships get hit by the AI RAIDS hardest to prevent them taking the whole map. This would provide an incentive for factions not to go too bananas with expanding. Not sure if my interpretation of the mechanic is correct though. I am sure the AI will lay off after a faction has too few ports left.
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    - Official political alliances, voted on secretly every three weeks by all the players. - When GB owned Bermuda.
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    PvE Peace Server: For encouraging participation in an internationally organized PB, called to arms by either player as defender or conqueror of a port, let's switch that PB to a sort of 'patrol-zone-like' event where the same rules apply concerning combat medals earned by doing damage to NPC fleet involved. That spurns volunteers following our call and does not leave to us the task to "pay" them for their engagement, what I think would be expected otherwise.
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    Communication in various forms is an asset in any online multiplayer game. I already proposed more means of communication in form of grouping (chats) for various tasks beyond clan, nation and trade chats which all have their limitations. Now this proposal here is about building a 'message board' in every port where everyone can leave a notice, which will expire after number of days. He may even chose how long it stays alive and have to pay a fee to the port owner (clan) for messaging. Like 1 day: 10.000 gold, 2 days: 20.000 gold... 9 days: 90.000 gold. Option to determine the price if you are that port owner. Message purposes are for advertising ships they may have on sale in that port (or warnings not to buy them, as they are meant to be "parked"...), arrangements to meet there with certain other players, offering merchandise before actually putting them into the shop (market studies...), asking for a shipwright to buy certain ship type, ... and many other topics, some of which you would find now in the local trade chat, but would need a longer time of visibility. Even enemy captains visiting on a smuggler trip could write stuff here. Imagine this to be the message board in the local sailor-frequented tavern, if message entry is public. If the author can chose to whom his message will be visible, imagine you gave a tip to the barkeeper for handing a paper to someone you expected in this place soon. Pros: - More useful communication, lasting longer - More income for port owners by paid fees - Deals of all kinds and annotations to offers made easier - you learn who has been in port when and what for, if he leaves a note to those to whom it may concern for whatever reason... Cons: - Possible abuse by pointless communication? - Who moderates this? Maybe port owning clan - (also a pro argument, depending on which side you are on:) coded espionage messages enabled
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