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    Hey, I was just curious to see how many of us would like NPC traders to engage and try to fight us in battle... the La Gross Venture for instance just runs away instead of fighting if it has a crew advantage... my suggestion is as follows... Lets have the NPC traders be aggressive until we "break" the moral of the crew by killing off say... 50% of their crew... then the trader tucks tail and runs... But until then the trader will fight … not unlike a warship... and will vie for position to get good shots off at their attackers. After all their guns are there to shoot with... Assuredly, these traders would fight to defend their freight. Please post any ideas you all may have I am interested to see what our forum thoughts are regarding this. P.S. I do understand that something like this was probably talked about before release.. but would it be too much content to add this? Three cheers for the frigates and their gallant Captains!
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    I disagree, mainly because limits on the market are a bad idea. However, rum should be bountiful at all admiralty shops. Repairs too.
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    The topic will be updated once investigation is complete
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    Si tan poco crédito tiene no se por que le haceis tanto caso... Y Lobogris, no se por que te molesta tanto que se hayan ido a los Rusos como para andar opinando y si no has jugado en esa facción no deberías hacerlo...cada uno que haga lo que quiera. España Chernovil? Para uno que justo compra el juego si, para ti o cualquiera que haya jugado un poco no debería... Y aunque reconozco que en España hay algunos indeseables (como en todas partes), creo que tb hay buena gente. Que os fuerais ne parece genial, cada uno es libre y os deseo lo mejor, pero a veces sois muy pesimistas y críticos con el futuro de la facción de la que ya no formais parte... En fin, que otra vez se ha ido el Topic...resolved vuestras diferencias a cañonazos como debe ser 😋
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    Don't argue with a Frenchman about language, because he will beat you elegantly, blind-folded and with hands tied on his back.
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    Delivery missions and trade trips become very tedious after a while. Why not make them more interesting? The occasional floating barrels/chests/wreckage, containing worthwhile, varied booty would be one suggestion. The sighting of these could be announced by a shout from the ship's lookout. Also, port-to-port trading should be made more profitable, in my opinion, so that once again, it becomes a worthwhile pursuit.
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    Las cañoneras de Barcelo montaban cañones de 24 libras.
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    Bueno precisamente al que deja el juego por frustración no le veo comprando un DLC para cambiar de Faccion... Facil los Rusos? Yo solo veo un monton de sus banderas pero eso a mi no me dice nada, no he jugado con ellos asi que sin saber no opino... Y no os empecéis a calentar que se pierde el topic! 😂
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    Los insultos sobran... Y en un servidor pvp es absurdo que le pidas a un enemigo combatir en ciertas condiciones... A mi entender la patroll la hicieron para promover y agrupar el pvp, no para sacar medallas por hacer dmg...dentro o fuera del circulo que mas da? Pero lo principal es el respeto...y ponerse asi por ser Tageado...hay algunos que se olvidan de que esto es un JUEGO. Si no sabes jugar con otros niños no juegues 😉
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    Yet another map which uses the in-game map and live data: na-map. I hope this map is useful and I am happy to receive any feedback (bugs, feature requests). Changelog
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    I have noticed some changes with missions and their rewards. Can we please get some information about these stealth changes? Thank you
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    Waiting for server to come up again after maintenance i was thinking how nation population could become more balanced, more equally spread among the nations. Then i put my self in a position of someone who is playing in a populated nation and want to choose to a more challenging experience by trying out a not very populated nation. I checked the map and realized that 55 port point ports are simply not enough. If someone for example wants to change from Russia to Spain lets say not many options are available in order to build up an economy since no 55 port is available close enough to capital . So my suggestion is this. Bring more 55 port points ports close or fairly close to capitals. This would probably make people switching nation less of a punishment and challenging.
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    For some time now I have been watching clan KLIN with Cano Macareo. In recent days, I have often seen battles between a Swede and a Russian. Oddly enough, they always took place right in the harbor and the starting point of the weaker party was always on the land. Mostly a 1st rate was involved which I could see from the BR. Today I was able to enter the battle on the Russian side before it closes and see who was in the battle. As you can see on the screenshots, the players [HAN] Ans and [KLIN] u117 were in the battle. These players i have been watching for days working together across the borders of nations, even abusively by reopen closed battles, allow the opponent (Ganker) to enter and disappear immediately. Anyway, today's battle showed that they did not even think about fighting, but did not fire a shot at each other. Instead, even [HAN] Ans fired at me, which was clear green on green. I suggest a painful demotion, because here we have players who have shown up several times in the game and also tribunal with unfair and abusive behavior. They gain unfair advantage ("power leveling") and when caught, they show even more clearly that they shit on the rules (green on green). By the way: please change the RoE because it is extremely frustrating when a player with Alt in another nation can open closed battles and the normal player stand in front of a locked door ... The incident was around 3pm GMT and I made an F11 error message. I also have more screenshots. o7 Gilles
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    I started a battle against a Traders Brig in my gunboat during the battle both myself and the TBrig became beached. Another pirate who joined the battle after me in a Privateer stayed at range from the TBrig while firing at it's rigging eventually demasting it. After which he moved in closer to me and proceeded to fire into my broadside sinking me.
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    El señor lobogris me tarjeteo el otro dia y al decir hola se fue corriendo, gran personaje jajajaja
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    Como bien ha citado Intrépido Te paso un enlace muy interesante sobre dichas cañoneras: https://www.todoababor.es/historia/lanchas-canoneras-barcelo/
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    Voilà pour toi, ignorant, deux fameux alexandrins : "Ah! Je te casserai la tête assurément. Si tu ne veux, maraud, t'expliquer autrement."
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    A ver, tambien entiendo que no aparezca ya que el hundimiento de un Trader Brig te da 27 puntos, y tendría que hundir 15 para hacer 405 puntos...debe ser un coñazo 😂
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    Dime donde me esperas y haré un paréntesis en mis vacaciones solo para entrar a que me hundas.
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    listen dude, if you want to tribunal, then tribunal, don't break tribunal rules by commenting on one that has nothing to do with you. just because your a little salty that you failed ganking. ofc looking at how many tribunals are open I don't think devs even do look.
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    No, we do not need more mods to be put on ships, we need equal ships for challenging battles. These mods will give you an advantage, for sure, and increases your fun while it decreases the fun of your opponent. If there must be mods in this game, they should only be slightly changing the ships stats to keep the fun in battles for both sides. So in my opinion, everything bigger than 0.5% is too much.
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    La verdad que el juego es mucho más sencillo y divertido cuando te rodeas de gente competente, a la par la gente aquí usa sus mejores barcos ya que si lo pierdes ya vendrá otro buen barco... Mucho más fácil que jugar con gente que sólo usa dlc y que le falta Caribe para huir.
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    You are right it is very expensive for a 1.25% increase but I would say 2 things 1. it used to be 4% but applied to OW only. Now applies to battle instance too, hence the nerf 2. 1.25% is not much but when stacked it can give a player the edge when chasing and gives it a niche use (full on speed). Ship fitting is better when there are decisions to be made and balances to be weighed up, increasing this book to 3%+ would make it a 'must have' book on nearly every ship. Perhaps the price could be dropped a bit but maybe it is good that you must invest a lot for that slight edge in speed?
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    Personally, I am strongly against the idea of aggressive NPCs - but that is the subject of another thread.
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    Also should consider.. that you can choose to sell your rum at what ever price you want to... just post like 10,000 units for say... 50 reals a piece... you will sell it all very fast... then do it again... and again and again... until everyone gets mad. It will be kind of like a trade war, could be fun and annoying.
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    Have you already tried to click on Class or Ship Name to sort the ships in your docks? Then welcome to the club of the sensible people. Currently ships are always sorted by Location (2.). Once you start having 20+ ships stored in one location sorting them becomes a chore. We need to be able to sort ships by Class or by Ship Name (1.) within the same location (2.) It makes so much sence On top of that we need an ability to [Right Click/Add Note] to the ship's name that is only visible in the list of ships in docks (3.) Right now we have to open every single ship if you are looking for the specific one.
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    That would be like the old reinforcement zone. The two minute timer for both sides is the best solution. If an attacker manages to start a battle far away, so that no one can help, it is his skill and he deserves to have the chance to kill his opponent without being disturbed by anyone. The 20 min only helps the players, that want to jump in battles and have easy kills.
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    why not post full screenshots so we see your answers aswell?
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    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts is a completely separate project. We are sorry for no news but that does not mean we are not progressing. We will offer the game in early form within 2019, and we are going to give more information about it ASAP.
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    Ban for that?, might aswell ban whole server... that was nothing😉 Don't get me wrong, the guy is obviously an idiot, but.. this community's standards are far lower.
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    AFK fishing is not against the rules. Find them and sink them like a real captain would do with slowly moving sleeping captains in that era. Not everyone should report, salute you or wake up just because you got to your keyboard.. Locked
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    I can't help but to notice at night that you can hardly pass by a port without full Indiamen crashed into the shore under the protective guns of their respective forts, happily fishing away in the bay. This seems troublesome for a few reasons: 1. This is a risk-free, reward-plenty setup. In the past, you could run a mortar brig up and destroy a fort, however, due to the buffs, this is no longer a practical option. 2. This takes people who could be on the open world effectively out of the calculus of targets. 3. Logically, one cannot help but to wonder where all these fish, in highly traveled waters right outside of port, are coming from. How are they all getting caught? The solution here is a simple one - there is already a mechanism in place to prevent fishing around Capital Zones. This should be duplicated to a 10km exclusion zone around all ports, to force people who want to fish the night away to either: A. Pay attention, or B. Find an out of the way place to do so. This provides the opportunity for individuals to explore out of the way places in the hope of finding a fisherman toiling away. In a nutshell, instead of giving people things for no effort with zero risk, I propose instead giving people things for minimal effort and minimal risk.
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    Ech, now timers will change to night, and WO will take it instead
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    Great, another thread creating some "problem" out of thin air. If you don't like others fishing then sink them. But thanks for the nice idea, I know what I want to do all day now while surfing the net.
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    Do you know which is another rewarding risk-free activity? Ganking helpless traders far from capital zones counterganks squads. Nuff I said.
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    I do not get how the alliances feature would help the OP issue (he needs safe zone or aggressive AI), but anyway: I would like to have the alliance feature reintroduced to the game, in a modified and limited way. So nations can only ally to one other nation. And we avoid the big chain/blob alliances we had (server basically had 2 nations because of the previous alliance system). Anti Zerg measures is also needed. So the nations with the most ports and the nation with the most players should be excluded form entering into alliances with other nations. If a nation that is in an alliance become the biggest port owner or gets the most players, that nations should be forced to leave it's alliance.
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    I am shaken, he is a good clan friend. Since he has always come across as a good person for me. I can hardly believe it. I apologize in the name of [PURG3] for this behavior!
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    If RoE is meant to help out traders and people being ganked...I don't understand why they don't just make it unlimited join time for the person being tagged and a 2 min timer for the tagger once tagger's side has higher BR.
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    AI needs to be turned down about 30%. No joke. It's utterly retarded how buffed you've made them.
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    @admin Last year, Game Labs announced that crafting ships away from home capital ports improved chance of crafting an above average quality ship. Blue 4/5 - purple 4/5 - purple 5/5 - gold Question - Does this improved chance still exist, and on the PVE server, does it include Neutral ports like La Navasse?
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    all ports that can be captured on the pvp server have better production quality chance on the pve server too
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    Does this apply to PvE as well, or is it only PvP?
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    привет товарищи я согласен с тобой, возникает проблема, что игра становится больше, но DLC остается с емкостью. нам нужно не только больше форпостов, но, разумеется, когда вы строите здания, вам нужно больше часов, чтобы эффективно использовать игру в сочетании с текущим DLC. В прошлом я уже предлагал связать рабочее время со зданием. чтобы вы не столкнулись с нехваткой рабочей силы по сравнению с DLC и обычным пользователем игры. у кого такие же часы необходим новый взгляд на эффективность DLC по сравнению с текущим новым добавленным контентом. но следует также учитывать, когда текущие значения LH (часы) остаются неизменными в соответствии с потреблением часов здания DLC не имеет добавленной стоимости, пока ограничение LH (часы) остается тем же. и количество аванпостов остается прежним. хотя этот DLC лучший в игре
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    Apparently I have to go back to sea trials to relearn how to sail a Lynx. The AI Cerebus I was fighting yesterday could turn on a dime and keep me from raking it. But then again... Sea Trials would probably not help being an older version?
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