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    Let me introduce the new MythBusters series. Today, Adam Savage and Jamie Hineman will test your theory.
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    yea I remember, you boarded RKY with your boarding modded ships and we lost. The fact that you have to pull a screenshot from before release out of your ass is pretty hilarious though tbh. Maybe we should make a collection of HAVOC vs REDS battles
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    He shoud get a Warning, the Devs have stated its not allowed to join a Battle without the intension to fight. Ban him for a Week
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    Ans from HAN clan joined my side of a battle against 2 swedes. I originally thought this was to help me, but he had no intention of fighting the swedes and only joined to lock the BR, so my group members could not join my side of the battle and actually help. He originally pretends to 'help' but misses every shot, eventually he just puts his sails down and sits, providing zero assistance. He didn't shoot an enemy's hull even once, although they gave him clear shots. It is clear they knew he was working with them. Jump to these times just to see the intentional misses. 5:19 6:21 7:37 9:38 (links in video description) I would say this is as bad as sinking my boat in green on green, as I would not have lost the battle if he did not lock the BR. Also, I would have played the battle differently and run from the start, if I had known he would be of no help.
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    You will find quite a few interesting Danish plans that's already been posted in the Shipyard section. Such a list without plan is quite useless in this section. ๐Ÿ™‚
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    False unsubstantiated claims about cheats and exploits are not allowed. - H. Darby
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    Of course Yes, all the ships flying that particular flag will fly your edited version - so I often edit the least-used flags. DLC Flag Location As @Charles Edward Stuart says, the basegame flags are located in the file titled ' sharedassests0.assets ' . The DLC flags, however, are accessed through the file titled ' resources.assets ' . Following the same path that Charles offered before, choose this file instead. Finding a Particular DLC Flag Once you have opened ' resources.assets ' , I recommend beginning a search for your flag. I have found success searching by using the name of the flag given in game (omitting the word 'flag') Here are two example searches: As in the basegame tutorial, be warned: You are looking for the ' .tex ' file with a size of approximately 174,000. It may be necessary to click ' Find Next ' once or twice to locate the proper file. Prinse Geus: Find Next Not this one: Click Find Next: This one: And if you were to click Find Next again: Not this one: Other Interests in resources.assets Using this folder, I have begun editing my map... Location: Hopefully this helps! The paint files can be found in resources.assets... I am not experienced enough to edit them myself
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    appreciate the message showing up on the login screen aswell, makes the message reach out to all the players
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    had a series of battles at Nassau Patrol Zone yesterday, kudos to everyone involved and thanks for bringing the ships - seems this time I didn't sink every time either.
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    Don't blame me! I follow orders! beside i was winning boarding until grapes came in.
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    I don't have PB screenshot ๐Ÿ˜• only this one, from a battle following PB: I think we're net plus on ships
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    This is a bit much. As Henry is such an excellent fellow, I'm sure he would be happy if you donated your well wishes to an appropriate charity.
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    Passage du Raz de Sain (France), May 2019.
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    I started a battle against a Traders Brig in my gunboat during the battle both myself and the TBrig became beached. Another pirate who joined the battle after me in a Privateer stayed at range from the TBrig while firing at it's rigging eventually demasting it. After which he moved in closer to me and proceeded to fire into my broadside sinking me.
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    Will be great to add the possibility to name your ships when you crafted it, like we do whith the woods How we know that it will open a dangerous way to find unreal(or worse) ship's names. Why not do something like the ship's paints. Add a list with historical real names of the national navy's ships, and in a future will be added more names(passed a Inquisition exam). I know that this idea was post it many times the last 2 years but...will be a good add to the game.
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    It is the backbone because if you dont have them, you cant protect your counties as all capitals are made for PB with 22-25 first rates. Look at the example of the christian permit. The usual suspects will always find the way to have it. Today I saw a stream with reverse and a bunch of his mates sailing, most of them, on christians. Its rarity doesnt prevent them to spam it. Reduce the first rate usefulness in PB and OPEN WORLD and people wont be forced to craft them. Many guys would be happier this way. @admin has always said that he doesnt want to dumbing down the game, but monofleets of first rates are pretty dumb.
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    All he showed was that it does NOT work, the ship was still in open world after the client closed
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    Speak for yourself.
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    I don't know what your criteria are for having more Danish ships in the game, there should be almost none, notice that we were promised more Spanish ships in the game and we are still waiting, when we should be the nation with the most ships in the Caribbean.
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    thx russians, as always an intense fight! sadly someone else stole my kill on berni ๐Ÿ˜˜
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    that's true, RVR sucks because there is no diversity and noone is doing that becase "ooogabooga my rank is too low/I don't have 1st rate" and it's not even a surprise considering how grindy the game is it's ok to keep the 20K br for a few very good ports, but in most of the ports it should be a lot lower to make the game actually playable and to make the game more fun sure, 1st rate only battles might be fun, but we should have some alternatives....
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    Can someone explane me this. Not in Game for some time today
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    threedecks is your friend just choose a nation and click 'search' to get ship names per nation certainly quite a few spelling mistakes and typos though
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    Well, since in their infinite wisdom devs removed names from OW, I need to enter battle to see whom I'm fighting against. If its friend of mine of course i'm not going to shot him. So yes blame devs, roe, game and not players
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    Where putch note for today update?
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    but what can the nations that survived do? Is the world doomed now? Will the russian oppression spread everywhere? Is the last hope to save the world lost?
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    This thread has run its course.
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    Alliances can happen only for port battles. Many nations would benefit of alliances as some lack leadership-pb commander and others, the players to fill the slots.
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    Anything that limits open world combat is a terrible idea and you should be ashamed!
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    Complains about NA... yet plays Star Citizen. ๐Ÿ™„
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    Discord accounts can be forged or faked to ban other people (by pretenders). Thus only in game chat or forums can act as proof of attempts to do a deal. We must issue an updated ruling on RMT trading after launch and will do so tomorrow 6th of August
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    Tired of ships raiding your players? Get a coast guard together and sink 'em. If they know they will lose their ships, they are less likely to roll out in Lineships. From the sounds of it, you have a large amount of content that is coming to you but I guess you don't want to fight? Start taking ports and start sinking raiders.
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    Not so, even if locking the BR is not wrong, the Devs have stated that joining a battle with no intent of fighting is against the rules, so at least that part should be punishable. Although I'd recon the whole thing should be punished. Especially if this is a thing that they have done repeatedly, as RepairyMcRepairous said.
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    Passage du Raz de Sain (France), April 2019. I'm on board.
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    Passage du Raz de Sain (France), July 2019.
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    Passage du Raz de Sain (France), June 2019.
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    we have some art resources available for a week. Lets revive this topic on new flags. Is there are any awesome flags we missed and could add to current in game nations (or flags of their allies)?
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    Awesome, more lineship pics pls.
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    Dear all, Here could be posted any relevant advices to give to new players, in order to help them progessing faster or avoiding loosing interest. Cheers
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    Not very kind to them !! they're not closer cousins of Neanderthal
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    At first: stay cool. Do the turorials, once, twice, maybe more often, just to gain practice. Collect reward for endurance exam. Never take more repairs with you than needed for 1-2 repair cycles. I mostly sail out without repairs when fighting AI. Collect money by doing trade missions (passengers & cargo) passengers are more easy because you can sail out in traders lynx which can easily escape any enemy warship by sailing upwind. Cargo missions give slighty more rewards, but you have a much slower trader brig. Don't waste money for forge because you can get very far with the standard medium cannons availiable in every port. Buy workshop first so you can make repairs. Sail to free ports nearby the PVP hotspots (maybe aves, la tortue, la mona, shroud cay) and sell your repairs there for good profit. Gain XP, attack AI in OW. If you have Hercules DLC try to stern rake a single Essex until the masts break (you must shoot his stern armour down to appr. 15%). Keep firing ball shots at stern. Once the first mast breaks it's easy to finish him. Takes a bit to master (turn masts parallel to wind & depower to slow down without lowering sails), but you get good rewards. Battles are very difficult when AI ship is just one or two ranks higher in hierarchy, so don't fight Essex in a Belle Poule, for example. If you are out for plenty of XP try to fight Ocean in a Belle Poule (but then equip carronades and choose carronade perk). Try to fire arhythmic at the enemy ship; point your ship bow ahead at enemy when he fires then turn to hit him fully with your broadside, then point bow to enemy again. It helps to have turning upgrade (like navy sails for a few doubloons). Don't worry. Eberybody else is struggling with the new difficult level the same as yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    In regards to this, to aid in locating a specific port, hit M to bring up the map, on the left side you will see "More". Clicking on this will bring up some useful tools. Among these you will find a port locator. This will help you understand where some ports are to help you decide if a particular delivery mission is too far. Another very useful tool can be found at https://na-map.netlify.com/ look over all the options at this site as it contains information on not only the ports but all the different ships in the game as well.
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    If you do not want to buy DLC ships: If you do not want to join a clan first but learn on your own: if the TUTORIAL is too hard to finish: ==> You may focus on "deliveries" first, you must start with passengers deliveries which can be done with the simplest ship. check in each visited ports the "mission list" and chose some passenger missions depending on the intinary sailing you may prefer. These deliveries will allow you to raise some Reals & Dublons quite easy, then with some cash you may be able to buy a good ship in regional capitals "ships auction list". The only restriction will be to sail on ships with your maximum allowed crew. But with a better new ship you may be able to hunt AI's ships and get XP's for upper ranking. Once you have cash and can capture a small trader, like Trader Brig, you may carry on with deliveries but with "Cargo" this time, which will grow your cash faster. In any cases you may be able very soon to complete the first Tutorial levels, you may get a free "Rattlesnake" with "repairs" (very important repair stock) which will help you a lot to start hunting AI's. Once you own a trader ship. If you are patient, you better study the map area where you are, investigate every nearby ports to know their ressources and check different cost of goods. You will find that some expensive goods can be bought in one port and sold in another port with substential benefits. Bear in mind that when you sail a trader (only trader) you can visit any enemy port as well.
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    I realy didnยดt like havoc, since they switched nation and and attacked their previous nation twice in pre wipe game. But in big battle outside of Salamanca yesterday you got my respect: Your fleet did not fired at a player, who clearly had a disconnect altough you could have sink him by focus fire easily. Cheers!
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    edit... This is replacing a DLC flag
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    Thanks to Wicked Mouse for thus lovely keyboard layout Thanks to Ghroznak for this handy category break down of keys. Shooting Right Click on the side you want to fire from to enter firing mode Space bar for single ranging shot Left click for full salvo Shooting Controls 2 Hold ALT while in aim mode to be able to look around you without moving your aim. Remember to stop moving mouse before you let go of ALT. [ and ] are for full left and right broadsides, respectively. More specifically they fire the full broadside straight out of the side of the ship with no elevation. (assume this means outside of shooting mode?) Spacebar (hold and release, not in aiming mode) shoot at 0 degree angle (for low distances) - EDIT This seems a little strange, don't see how this could work) Gun Deck Control F1 F2 F3 F4 to lock a deck for firing (decks 1 to 4 that is, a red cross will be shown on the deck that will not be firing). Press the key again to unlock the deck (red crosses indicate lock) Rudder Double tap A or D for permanent left of right rudder setting, Tap once the opposite way from locked left or right and it will centre again. Hold Rudder key A or D down to turn rudder temporarily. Let go and it will centre again. Mast and Yard Controls Tap W until you have the sail speed settings and right amount of sail canvas set Tap S until you have ordered less canvas set to setting you want Battle sails are activated by pressing "B" - same effect can be had by tapping W or S until you get to the same setting of course. Manual Yard Controls Q and E to adjust forward mast Z and C to adjust rear mast F to return to auto skipper Telescope Hold Left shift is telescope Scroll mouse to adjust it to the zoom you want while holding shift down Boarding Ships G Board ship at lower speeds (this option will pop up when you are close and slow enough to enemy ship) X Capture ship after successful boarding (your crew will transfer to the other ship) or neutral ship with no crew Chat Press Enter to enter chat mode and speak had to press ESC to get out of chat TAB to toggle team chat on and off after pressing enter Special Statistics L = show shot damage K = show sounds Fire Mortar M to enter aim mode for mortar on mortar brig Free Camera (could now be locked out for sea trials to avoid cheating?) Home key disconnects camera to go looking for the enemy Home key is spectator after dead Z X up and down Scroll for camera speed Right or left click changes ship in dead free camera mode Screenshots P screenshot F8 makes a huge 4K (3840 x 2160) screenshot, it may freeze your game client for a while. TAB Holding tab down shows team status and side make up. Misc Ctrl H to hid interface F11 bug report How to reset Gun Batteries to default: thx Gman I would add to this that to reset any gun battery to it's default position (such as broadsides to 90 degrees port and starboard, chasers straight forward and aft), aim your camera at said battery and, without entering aiming mode, hold down left mouse button. You will see the water highlighted with your current aim point. Continue holding down the left mouse button will swing your guns to default positions. Also useful to tap the left mouse button to see what direction your guns are currently trained in.
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