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    Advertising messages selling items/gold/ships for real world currency is strictly forbidden. Players posting such messages in public spaces will receive permanent ban from chat without warning. Please report such messages by an in game report function and by posting in tribunal. Multiple reports on the same steam id (mass advertising) could also cause permanent game access bans. Keep in mind that we only accept in-game chat reports as proof, as reddit, discord and other platforms posts can be fabricated to badmouth users. Always remember that a good portion of of gold sellers are not there to sell you gold but to steal your credit card. Do not engage in transactions with shady brokers as you might lose all your money.
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    fix port battles BR, i.e. lower them. RVR Is dead I would say entirely because of BR. need anything else be said?
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    Let me introduce the new MythBusters series. Today, Adam Savage and Jamie Hineman will test your theory.
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    yea I remember, you boarded RKY with your boarding modded ships and we lost. The fact that you have to pull a screenshot from before release out of your ass is pretty hilarious though tbh. Maybe we should make a collection of HAVOC vs REDS battles
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    He shoud get a Warning, the Devs have stated its not allowed to join a Battle without the intension to fight. Ban him for a Week
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    Ans from HAN clan joined my side of a battle against 2 swedes. I originally thought this was to help me, but he had no intention of fighting the swedes and only joined to lock the BR, so my group members could not join my side of the battle and actually help. He originally pretends to 'help' but misses every shot, eventually he just puts his sails down and sits, providing zero assistance. He didn't shoot an enemy's hull even once, although they gave him clear shots. It is clear they knew he was working with them. Jump to these times just to see the intentional misses. 5:19 6:21 7:37 9:38 (links in video description) I would say this is as bad as sinking my boat in green on green, as I would not have lost the battle if he did not lock the BR. Also, I would have played the battle differently and run from the start, if I had known he would be of no help.
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    You will find quite a few interesting Danish plans that's already been posted in the Shipyard section. Such a list without plan is quite useless in this section. 🙂
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    DEEP WATER 20,000 for 55 Point Ports 15,000 for 45 Point ports 10,000 for 35 point ports 7,500 for 15 and 25 point ports. (I'd even go further and say 4th rate limit) SHALLOW WATER Nassau - 2,500 Shallow Capital - 2,000 Regional port - 1,500 The BR limit Issue becomes "better" if you change them to this. The next problem then becomes the BR of lineships is still too low. Then the problem after that is mortar brigs are useless - they need to be useful again and be able to destroy forts/towers in a reasonable time. So 1. Raise BR of lineships. 2. Lower BR of ports. 3. Make the Mortar Brig useful again.
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    Like saying a shooter did nothing wrong, blame the guns *confused*
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    no more - "again and again……" ;-)
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    Of course Yes, all the ships flying that particular flag will fly your edited version - so I often edit the least-used flags. DLC Flag Location As @Charles Edward Stuart says, the basegame flags are located in the file titled ' sharedassests0.assets ' . The DLC flags, however, are accessed through the file titled ' resources.assets ' . Following the same path that Charles offered before, choose this file instead. Finding a Particular DLC Flag Once you have opened ' resources.assets ' , I recommend beginning a search for your flag. I have found success searching by using the name of the flag given in game (omitting the word 'flag') Here are two example searches: As in the basegame tutorial, be warned: You are looking for the ' .tex ' file with a size of approximately 174,000. It may be necessary to click ' Find Next ' once or twice to locate the proper file. Prinse Geus: Find Next Not this one: Click Find Next: This one: And if you were to click Find Next again: Not this one: Other Interests in resources.assets Using this folder, I have begun editing my map... Location: Hopefully this helps! The paint files can be found in resources.assets... I am not experienced enough to edit them myself
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    had a series of battles at Nassau Patrol Zone yesterday, kudos to everyone involved and thanks for bringing the ships - seems this time I didn't sink every time either.
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    Don't blame me! I follow orders! beside i was winning boarding until grapes came in.
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    just tested. you can even turn while doing it, this is ridiculous edit: ONLY YOU CAN SEE YOU EXITING other players see you drop sails and another timer starts so they can just kill you
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    I don't have PB screenshot 😕 only this one, from a battle following PB: I think we're net plus on ships
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    This is a bit much. As Henry is such an excellent fellow, I'm sure he would be happy if you donated your well wishes to an appropriate charity.
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    Passage du Raz de Sain (France), May 2019.
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    Hi @Ink and @admin A member of my clan Niquesse [SNOW] (Dutch) was out raiding today when KotRed from [PURG3] (Sweden) joined a battle on his side (who was defending a Swede) and proceeded to try and kill him because the other player was an alt of his friend. He almost succeeded in killing Niquesse and he only surived by quickly dispatching the unfortunate Captain Weasle [DKEM] (GB) allowing the battle to be closed and him to escape unmolested. KotRed shows a blantant and wanton disregard for the rules which surely warrants harsh punishment. There is simply no excuse for such rulebreaking. Joining a battle and aiding the enemy and firing on friends while also insulting our members. hello kittying shame on PURG3 for accepting such dishonest players. I will upload video tomorrow so all can see this disgrace.
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    Will be great to add the possibility to name your ships when you crafted it, like we do whith the woods How we know that it will open a dangerous way to find unreal(or worse) ship's names. Why not do something like the ship's paints. Add a list with historical real names of the national navy's ships, and in a future will be added more names(passed a Inquisition exam). I know that this idea was post it many times the last 2 years but...will be a good add to the game.
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    A list of ships from the Danish Navy from 1700 to 1807 Tre Kroner 74 guns Oldenborg 47 guns?/48 guns Slesvig 52 guns - Renamed Kurprinds Prins Jørgen 52 guns Delmenhorst 46 guns - Scuttled as part of Provesteen battery, 1713 Gyldenløve 36 guns - Rearmed to 56 guns, captured by Britain but released, 1694 Prinds Georg 80 guns - Scuttled as part of Trekroner battery, 1713 Charlotta Amalia 54 guns - Scuttled as part of Trekroner battery, 1713 Christianus V 86 guns Anna Sofia 60 guns Churprinds 76 guns Nelleblad? 56 guns Christiania 54 guns Fredericus III 60 guns Enighed 62 guns - Scuttled 1679 Neptunus 42 guns Norske Løve 84 guns - Sank 1679 Flyvende Hjort 44 guns Elephanten 84 guns Prinds Frederik 84 guns Tre Kroner 84 (c. 1664) - Scuttled as part of Trekroner battery, 1713 Christianus IV 50-64 (c. 1672) - Scuttled as part of Provesteen battery, 1719 Tomler 52 (c. 1682) - Scuttled as part of Provesteen battery, 1723 Sværdfisk 52 (c. 1682) - Scuttled as part of Provesteen battery, 1723 Slesvig 50/52 (c. 1684) - Storm 1711 Dannebroge 94 (c. 1692) - Blew up 1710 Tre Løver 78 guns Prinds Christian 76 guns Sophia Hedevig 76 guns Dronning Louisa 70 guns Prinds Carl 54 guns Prinds Wilhelm 54 guns Oldenborg 52 guns Fredericus IV 110 guns Justitia 90 guns Haffru 70 guns Beskjermer 64 guns Ebenetzer 64 guns Ditmarsken 50 guns Laaland 50 guns Dronning Anna Sophia 90 guns Tre Løver 60 (c. 1730) Prinsesse Charlotte Amalia 60 (c. 1731) Prinsesse Louise 60 (c. 1731) - Discarded 1771? Markgrevinde Sophia Christina 60 (c. 1732) - Discarded 1753?/56? Christianus VI 90 (c. 1733) - Discarded 1769? (Nye) Delmenhorst 50 (c. 1735) - Discarded 1777? Jylland 70 (c. 1739) - Discarded 1761? (not to be confused with the frigate "Jylland", c. 1801, present day museum) Wenden 70/72 (c. 1742) Kjøbenhavn 70 (c. 1744) Fyen 50/52 (c. 1746) Island 50/60 (c. 1751) Stormar 60 (c. 1751) Dronning Juliane Marie 70 (c. 1752) - Discarded 1788? Fredericus V 90 (c. 1753) - Discarded 1775? Sejer 60 (c. 1754) Grønland 50 (c. 1756) Kronprintz 70 (c. 1756) Dannemark 70 (c. 1757) Ebenetzer 50 (c. 1758) St Croix 50 (c. 1758) Mars 50 (c. 1760) Jylland 70 (1762) Norske Løve 70 (c. 1765) Slesvig 50 (c. 1767) Christian VII 90 (1767) Øresund 60 (1768) Prindsesse Vilhelmine Caroline 60 (1769) Elefanten 70 (1774)- discarded 1802 Holsteen 60 (c. 1775)- captured by Royal Navy, Battle of Copenhagen 1801. Recommissioned as HMS Holstein 1802, renamed HMS Nassau 1805. Dannebroge 60 (1773)- sunk, Battle of Copenhagen 1801 Wagrien 64 (1774)- sunk, Battle of Copenhagen 1801 Prindsesse Sophia Frederica 74 (1779) - captured by the British 1807 Justitia 74 (1780) - captured by the British 1807 Oldenburg 60-64 (c. 1779) - Discarded 1799? Ditmarsken 64 (c. 1780) - Captured and destroyed by the British, 1807 Arveprinds Frederich 74 (1788) - captured by the British, 1807 Princess Louisa Augusta 64 (c. 1783) - Discarded 1829? Kronprins Frederich 74 (1786) - captured by the British, 1807 Mars 64 (c. 1789) - captured and destroyed by the British, 1807 Nordstiernen 74 (c. 1788) - discarded 1805 Indfødsretten 64 (1787) - sunk, Battle of Copenhagen, 1801 Fyen 74 (1787) - captured by the British, 1807 Sjælland 74 (1791) - sunk, Battle of Copenhagen, 1801 Odin 74 (1791) - captured by the British, 1807 Neptunus 80 (1791) - Captured by Britain, aground and burnt 1807 Tre Kroner 74 (1789) - Captured by Britain 1807 Kronprindsesse Maria 70-74 (1791) - Captured by Britain 1807 Skjold 70 (1796) - Captured by Britain 1807 Dannemark 74 (1799) - Captured by Britain 1807 Sejeren 64 (1800) - Captured by Britain 1807 Waldemar 84 (1800) - Captured by Britain 1807 Norge 72 (1801) - Captured by Britain 1807 Christian VII 90 (1805) - Captured by Britain 1807 Prinds Christian Frederik 74 (1806) - destroyed and burned, Battle of Sjællands Odde 1808 Prindsesse Caroline 74 (1805) - Captured by Britain 1807 (3 battleships) 74 guns - Not launched; captured and destroyed by the British, 1807
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    All he showed was that it does NOT work, the ship was still in open world after the client closed
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    Post #212 to lower PB BR since the release. This one will be ignored like all the others
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    I deleted server, nothing was happening. we must all admit defeat and roll over to our Russian overlords. I will begin by erecting a monument dedicated to the fallen Russian hero's at Vieques, may our all powerful overlords forgive my transgressions.
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    Can someone explane me this. Not in Game for some time today
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    this player has been breaking the ToS for NA for over a year by selling game assets for real life currencies, this player should face the full force of authority and face a perma ban and any account linked or logged in on that IP before for player Black Market from EBAY clan
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    Investigation is complete, appropriate actions were taken
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    там кнопка есть башкой крутить БЕЗ сведения, по дефолту альт. то ли запала она, то ли еще что. понажимать контролы/альты/шифта со всех сторон, вырубить клавиатурные макросы если есть. имхо
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    Well, since in their infinite wisdom devs removed names from OW, I need to enter battle to see whom I'm fighting against. If its friend of mine of course i'm not going to shot him. So yes blame devs, roe, game and not players
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    Nice posts guys, thanks for the video reference points!
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    I think there shouldn‘t be a timer for paints at all...they‘re just cosmetics so give them to ne.
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    This thread has run its course.
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    Anything that limits open world combat is a terrible idea and you should be ashamed!
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    Discord accounts can be forged or faked to ban other people (by pretenders). Thus only in game chat or forums can act as proof of attempts to do a deal. We must issue an updated ruling on RMT trading after launch and will do so tomorrow 6th of August
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    The Conni is what the old Conni was meant to be once properly balanced. The current "USS United States" is still in the game because it has nostalgic value for the devs and the early players. And Rightly so
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    Просьба всем заинтересованным людям проголосовать и рассказать о голосовании своим друзьям в игре. Мне кажется вопрос добавления слотов для аванпоста интересует большое количество людей и лишь привлекая внимания к этому вопросу и показывая что заинтересованных людей много, мы можем привлечь внимания администрации. Зеркальную тему создам и в англоговорящей ветке форума.
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    Not so, even if locking the BR is not wrong, the Devs have stated that joining a battle with no intent of fighting is against the rules, so at least that part should be punishable. Although I'd recon the whole thing should be punished. Especially if this is a thing that they have done repeatedly, as RepairyMcRepairous said.
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    not found modules: light planking +2,2% Ship speed, -10% Armour strength.
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    Passage du Raz de Sain (France), July 2019.
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    Passage du Raz de Sain (France), June 2019.
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    Once again, I am amazed by the realism of P. Ozanne's representations! He was a photographer before his time! Okay, it's a corvette that rigged a sail on the flag mast, but whatever, it's just remarkable!
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    Those are mostly just by-cargo, loot capped from traders or from bottle wrecks Real trade is indicted by large quantities of most profiteable items. If you find 5 madagascar jewels, it was a bottle, if it's 25 it was by-cargo ( someone ferrying loot and filling the rest of his convoy) if its 50+, than it's real trade And that hardly happens these days.
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    At first: stay cool. Do the turorials, once, twice, maybe more often, just to gain practice. Collect reward for endurance exam. Never take more repairs with you than needed for 1-2 repair cycles. I mostly sail out without repairs when fighting AI. Collect money by doing trade missions (passengers & cargo) passengers are more easy because you can sail out in traders lynx which can easily escape any enemy warship by sailing upwind. Cargo missions give slighty more rewards, but you have a much slower trader brig. Don't waste money for forge because you can get very far with the standard medium cannons availiable in every port. Buy workshop first so you can make repairs. Sail to free ports nearby the PVP hotspots (maybe aves, la tortue, la mona, shroud cay) and sell your repairs there for good profit. Gain XP, attack AI in OW. If you have Hercules DLC try to stern rake a single Essex until the masts break (you must shoot his stern armour down to appr. 15%). Keep firing ball shots at stern. Once the first mast breaks it's easy to finish him. Takes a bit to master (turn masts parallel to wind & depower to slow down without lowering sails), but you get good rewards. Battles are very difficult when AI ship is just one or two ranks higher in hierarchy, so don't fight Essex in a Belle Poule, for example. If you are out for plenty of XP try to fight Ocean in a Belle Poule (but then equip carronades and choose carronade perk). Try to fire arhythmic at the enemy ship; point your ship bow ahead at enemy when he fires then turn to hit him fully with your broadside, then point bow to enemy again. It helps to have turning upgrade (like navy sails for a few doubloons). Don't worry. Eberybody else is struggling with the new difficult level the same as yourself. 😉
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    If you do not want to buy DLC ships: If you do not want to join a clan first but learn on your own: if the TUTORIAL is too hard to finish: ==> You may focus on "deliveries" first, you must start with passengers deliveries which can be done with the simplest ship. check in each visited ports the "mission list" and chose some passenger missions depending on the intinary sailing you may prefer. These deliveries will allow you to raise some Reals & Dublons quite easy, then with some cash you may be able to buy a good ship in regional capitals "ships auction list". The only restriction will be to sail on ships with your maximum allowed crew. But with a better new ship you may be able to hunt AI's ships and get XP's for upper ranking. Once you have cash and can capture a small trader, like Trader Brig, you may carry on with deliveries but with "Cargo" this time, which will grow your cash faster. In any cases you may be able very soon to complete the first Tutorial levels, you may get a free "Rattlesnake" with "repairs" (very important repair stock) which will help you a lot to start hunting AI's. Once you own a trader ship. If you are patient, you better study the map area where you are, investigate every nearby ports to know their ressources and check different cost of goods. You will find that some expensive goods can be bought in one port and sold in another port with substential benefits. Bear in mind that when you sail a trader (only trader) you can visit any enemy port as well.
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    I realy didn´t like havoc, since they switched nation and and attacked their previous nation twice in pre wipe game. But in big battle outside of Salamanca yesterday you got my respect: Your fleet did not fired at a player, who clearly had a disconnect altough you could have sink him by focus fire easily. Cheers!
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    edit... This is replacing a DLC flag
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    Thanks to Wicked Mouse for thus lovely keyboard layout Thanks to Ghroznak for this handy category break down of keys. Shooting Right Click on the side you want to fire from to enter firing mode Space bar for single ranging shot Left click for full salvo Shooting Controls 2 Hold ALT while in aim mode to be able to look around you without moving your aim. Remember to stop moving mouse before you let go of ALT. [ and ] are for full left and right broadsides, respectively. More specifically they fire the full broadside straight out of the side of the ship with no elevation. (assume this means outside of shooting mode?) Spacebar (hold and release, not in aiming mode) shoot at 0 degree angle (for low distances) - EDIT This seems a little strange, don't see how this could work) Gun Deck Control F1 F2 F3 F4 to lock a deck for firing (decks 1 to 4 that is, a red cross will be shown on the deck that will not be firing). Press the key again to unlock the deck (red crosses indicate lock) Rudder Double tap A or D for permanent left of right rudder setting, Tap once the opposite way from locked left or right and it will centre again. Hold Rudder key A or D down to turn rudder temporarily. Let go and it will centre again. Mast and Yard Controls Tap W until you have the sail speed settings and right amount of sail canvas set Tap S until you have ordered less canvas set to setting you want Battle sails are activated by pressing "B" - same effect can be had by tapping W or S until you get to the same setting of course. Manual Yard Controls Q and E to adjust forward mast Z and C to adjust rear mast F to return to auto skipper Telescope Hold Left shift is telescope Scroll mouse to adjust it to the zoom you want while holding shift down Boarding Ships G Board ship at lower speeds (this option will pop up when you are close and slow enough to enemy ship) X Capture ship after successful boarding (your crew will transfer to the other ship) or neutral ship with no crew Chat Press Enter to enter chat mode and speak had to press ESC to get out of chat TAB to toggle team chat on and off after pressing enter Special Statistics L = show shot damage K = show sounds Fire Mortar M to enter aim mode for mortar on mortar brig Free Camera (could now be locked out for sea trials to avoid cheating?) Home key disconnects camera to go looking for the enemy Home key is spectator after dead Z X up and down Scroll for camera speed Right or left click changes ship in dead free camera mode Screenshots P screenshot F8 makes a huge 4K (3840 x 2160) screenshot, it may freeze your game client for a while. TAB Holding tab down shows team status and side make up. Misc Ctrl H to hid interface F11 bug report How to reset Gun Batteries to default: thx Gman I would add to this that to reset any gun battery to it's default position (such as broadsides to 90 degrees port and starboard, chasers straight forward and aft), aim your camera at said battery and, without entering aiming mode, hold down left mouse button. You will see the water highlighted with your current aim point. Continue holding down the left mouse button will swing your guns to default positions. Also useful to tap the left mouse button to see what direction your guns are currently trained in.
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    Plans (from the Danish National Archives/ Orlogsbasen) Sheer Head and Stern Sailplan Inboard Profile Cross section Dimensions Length 128' (danish) Breadth 33' 10'' Depth in Hold 13' Draught Foreward 13' 3'' Draught Aft 14' 6'' Height of middle gunport above the water 5' 9'' L/B ratio 3,79 Armament 24* danish 12-pounders Designed by M. Krabbe, launched 1758, broken up 1786. Krabbe submitted this plan after returning from the obligatory european study trip (1752 - 1756, visiting british, french, italian and dutch shipyards) and a certain french influence is clearly visible.
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