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    lol, limited-content-dlc 😄 Buy a cheaper alt? 😛
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    I feel that the doubloon cost for 4th rates when you compare it to the Wasa is hilarious and this should change. why should anyone sail an Agamemnon, when they could save 100 more doubloons and sail a Wasa instead ( heck even 50 crew undercrewed)? There is no economic or strategic incentive to sail a 4th rate when we have the Wasa which does everything better with only a marginally increased cost in crafting materials (no more than 5%). The following quick change should happen. Wasa - Increase Doubloon cost slightly to 3,000 4th Rates - lower all 4th rate Doubloon costs by 50%.
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    Sure, all current owners of the game will get access to the game on Steam once This Land Is My Land is ready to be played through Steam (it is just not ready yet)
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    Maybe this should unlock the special flag in every nation, so he could use de PL special flag after switching nation.
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    @LIONOFWALES @Hewlettasha caribbean IS far big enough for our playerbase of only 1k. adding pacific/atlantic would mean 10k+ considering those waters are WAY larger than the caribbean. Also imagine how much storage they would need for their servers to operate that, i would much rather fix the caribbean version and optimizing that potential before moving on other continents
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    Твинк с индийцем, груженым ништяками и болтающимся в заданном квадрате, поможет тебе. А вообще все уже придумано до нас - гуглить "дойные коровы"
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    Paints are welcome... always welcome... the ability to customize how ones ship looks is very cool.. I would also like to suggest allowing us to eventually change our sail colors. Just a few basic tint changes to admire my sails with... suggestions as follows... 1) Weathered (Shading looks used) 2) Torn ( ragged texturing with tears and darkening of the cloth) 3)Darkened ( like weathered but darker... a little more black) 4)Rouge ( a red tinting to the sails) 5) New (makes sail cloth look pristine and in new condition) The paints are awesome! Good work Developers! Three cheers for the frigates and their gallant Captains.
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    so... normal ships get port bonuses, DLC ships get port bonuses... Chests drop ship notes... Like Deadman Chest drops LGV Refit, Santa Cecilia, Gunboat etc. but... they all come without any port bonuses. Now these ships seem to be useless compared to the other ships.
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    Captains Patch has been deployed over last two days Contents Massive Paint Update Almost 190 paints were added to Paint DLC and Paint Chest Total number of paints provided is 200 with 10 reserved for testing for future usage for refits and ship variants. To keep the Paint Chest drop rate sane the Paint Chest now drops 2 paints. Bug reporter fixes Fixed trading bugs with paints Multiple Localization fixes were applied More information might follow but i am travelling in Kazakhstan and have bad connection more often than not. Please post bugs and issues with paints in this topic or in the support section with individual paints problems. Propose new paints in the Paint proposals topic. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/30918-paints-paints-paints-paints-proposals/
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    I'm relatively new to this forum and may be somewhat behind on the latest development surrounding Naval Action. However, I could not find much in the way of Naval Action and ''The future'' - I've been a fan of Naval Action and player since 2016-2017 and have continuously followed the active development of the game. I appreciate how the developers have taken their time in regards to ship research and visuals. It definitely is the best game in its field. However, what is the future of Naval Action going to look like? For instance: - Expanded naval regions (Atlantic, Pacific, etc) - Newer Ships These are the only two I can really think of and understandably in the games current state it makes sense for the developers to keep (at least the first) until last. Of course, also counting the size of the player base. Which, has improved to a regular 1000 players each day. I understand the developers have their hands full, one game I look particularly forward to is ''Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail'' - I definitely will be buying this to test the moment I have the money. However, I am concerned as to the future of Naval Action the most, it's a lovely game with brilliant naval mechanics. I hope people can clarify as to what the situation is and sorta provide a 'roadmap' if possible. Thank you for your time. - Hewlettasha
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    I have big territory, over 40% with 40 camps and 400 warriors. Sometimes I play hours on map view. Sending warrior to collect, to hunt, sending warrior to other camp to rebalancing the population and so on. This part of game is very cool. Must refine this part to be easy to use and smooth. Scrolling, zooming, accurate mouse pointer, short cuts, and so on. The renewed Attack command is great to clean up the defaeted white camps. Brilliant! The new Search box is very, very useful. Without this feature the resource management was a nightmare. Would be good a spectator camera to see and follow a working group in real time 3D. It would be be great fun. Obviously if I get attacked the camera jump back to my character.
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    L'Océan - Marseille
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    "Jeanette(superstar pvp qu a jamais coulé de trader) " Espèce de grosse menteuse ! la seul fois ou tu t'es coupé la barbe , c'était pour aguicher ces pauvres traders qui passaient au large de FR. Tu leurs faisais un petit geste de va-et-vient avec ton mouchoir blanc , pour attirer leur attention et les couler après . Sans compter que je ne parle pas ici de la stratégie du maillot de bain rayé bleu et blanc .⛔
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    I didn't understand a word, but enjoyed the video. : ) The land combat is obviously modeled after Ultimate General: Civil War, a game I love. Thanks for making and sharing.
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    einfache Antwort.....nein, eher wird Salz aus dem Spiel entfernt oder erhält eine Funktion
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    this happened to me recently, i was online 4 am on sunday and redeemed a paint so i "missed" my redeemable paint night to monday because i couldnt login untill 5pm on monday evening, which ment i missed the sunday to monday redeemable. That it resets every maintenance would be best for all
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    regardless if u tell them not to loot ur kills or stay in ur battle u are still not allowed to green on green in any circumstances
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    To my knowledge the 50k doubloon flag is connected to a certain nation. You cannot buy one nation's flag and sail it for another nation after switching.
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    a bug here would explain much. I also wonder where my doublons always go.
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    On you tube you can find articles on previews from before they were implemented however... the paints look so much better on the ships, maybe someone will do a you tube series on the different paint schemes with their opinions some day... Good luck out their Captain... sail safe.
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    Típica batalla shallow, muy divertida y emocionante. Creo que los piratas la pierden ellos solos. La troleada del Gunboat pocas veces más la veremos XD. Buena victoria.
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    Hey! So a big carrot for me in the patrol was that I needed currency it rewarded by damage. And all I needed to do was some damage, so I could do that even if I lost the battle. But right now the combat medals rewarded for doing the patrol is extremely low imo. If you combine patrol with the PvP hunt missions, then yes maybe it you can get a decent pay out, but it is much easier to do PvE to get them right now.. And this is bad on a PvP server imo.. Any one else think we should turn up the combat medals rewards for damage in patrol?
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    The amount of people not wanting war and battles on this warserver is still disgusting
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    Clan leader board by all nations Information was collected 28.07.2019 20:30 UTC Maximum By PVP Kill Maximum By PVE Kill Maximum By PVP K/D PVP K/D have bug. Clans that have kills and no death have KIll K / D = 1 Raw data
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    Thanks.. They were taken with a Canon EOS 80D; mostly were shot at ISO 100.. I let the camera do most of the 'work' rather than manually adjust the settings, as my wife and I only had a limted amount of time for each battlefield as we headed south. I had a tripod.. but elected to leave it in the Jeep. Next time around I have some settings I want to try out with the camera. The Napoleon and crow at Monocacy was out of eight separate photos with different settings.. the crow obliged, so I kept shooting photos. Forgot to include the Burnside Bridge at Antietam, from the Confederate position.. The Confederates held the high ground.. Once you actually stand on the spot, you understand why the Union took such high casualties here.
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    Gettysburg, Monocacy, Antietam, New Market - selected views: Gettysburg, First day position of Stone's Brigade at McPherson's Farm This would have been the view the advancing Confederates had of the barn (the barn stone work is mostly original, remainder has been repaired or reconstructed over the years; the rest of the McPherson builds only exist as remnants of their foundations). Right flank of the battery, immediately across from the stone side of the barn. Left flank of Hall's 2nd Maine battery; one of the last to leave its position on July 1st with what was left of the 143rd, 149th, and 150th PA Inf. Regiments. Note that the Confederate brigades had to advance up hill toward McPherson's Farm. Position of the 143rd PA Inf. Regiment, facing toward the railroad cut (line of trees and bushes in the middle of the photograph; the bushes and trees were not present in 1863). John Burns, citizen of Gettysburg. Soldiers of the 150th PA Reg. that fought along side him; noted that he had the shooting skills of their own sharpshooters. Color Sergeant Ben Crippen.. killed July 1st, 1863 while defiantly withdrawing with the 143rd ( 143rd was the last to leave their position on the McPherson Farm. after Union brigades on their left and right flanks has withdrawn leaving the 143d almost surrounded). Crippen's gesture is the Civil War equivalent of giving someone the finger. Monocacy Battlefied (least know battle of the war.. precedes Fort Stevens in the game). Greatly out numbered Union troops held positions just beyond the tree line, and the ridge on the other side of Monocacy Creek.. this battle delayed the Confederate advance on Washington and allowed Grant to shift troops from Cold Harbor north to Fort Stevens. Antietam - Dunker Church (reconstructed) with 6pdr, 10pdr Howitzer, 3 Inch Ord. and 10pdr Parrott in the foreground. Sunken Road/Bloody Lane - Antietam the Union advanced from the high ground toward the Sunken Road. This monument is in direct line with the Sunken Road (left of the monument in the photograph); the Irish Brigade advanced to within 30 paces of the Sunken Road (about the edge of the cornfield)stood and fired round after round of 'buck and ball' into the Confederates. When the Irish Brigade ran out of ammunition; they marched back to the Union rear lines. New Market Battlefield Approximate left flank starting position of the VMI Cadets.. they will pass on both sides of the Bushong house as they advance toward the Union lines. Just past the Bushong House.. VMI Cadets along with the other Confederate brigades are under constant Union artillery fire till well past the fence line in this photograph. They essentially never fire a shot until midway across the far field show here. Union Major General Franz Sigel despite having superior numbers, and a superior position.. lost this battle; Grant relieved him of command and he was put in charge of the reserve corps for the remainder of the war.. choose files... Click to choose files
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    Paints are epic, I am a little too obsessed with them. They add so much color to the game. Thanks and well done! 10/10 😀
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    Fantastic selection of paints added, far beyond the number and variety I was expecting, looking forward to the next batch
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    Privateer & lynx variants proposal: Kind of the default in game Prince de neufchatel paint. And also: Also proposal for privateer & lynx variants : the recouvrance paint scheme.
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    But thats half the point The ship lines don't change, so people will need to get better at looking for identifying features. Paint was a classic strategy for hunters to disguise them self, and now we can use it here. I can't count how many times people have seen an unpainted indiaman and told me its a bellona haha
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    The quantity and great quality of the paints worth the price of the DLC.
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    its for paint chest only sorry ((( as you cannot pick the paint.
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    Love the new paints. Please though make the preview function work even when the painter is on cooldown, thank you!
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    Amazing job on the paints @admin. Cant wait to see this along with flags expanded upon in the distant future.
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    All 3/5. I agree with the rest.
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    I still buy and sell the shop Goods. I hope the Devs do not remove them. Just because Econ Delivery Missions are risk free and more profitable doesn't mean players can't trade shop Goods. Its a choice. Please don't eliminate it.
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    So after removal of gold chest missions, where are the patch notes ? I do not see this going well... As a customer I demand patch notes, I do more job writing these notes than writing few sentences of patch notes. This is disrespect to customer ! Apologise if I made a mistake about gold chest missions. EDIT: I may be wrong about removal of gold chests, may be they have been reset changed to another port, but still patch notes thing is bothering me.
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    Not all Players are in a Group, or got the Rank for a second npc Ship. im sure that many Players atack the solo One.
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    Most veteran players don't hang out in the starting zone. They'll post up and down the coasts where the front lines are, where there is plenty of enemy shipping to hit. The only thing going on at our capital is trade and some new players doing light ships missions. It's not a place many high ranked players care to be or to take care of the new players who constantly un-dock and sail around the area that's already surrounded by nothing but friendly AI.
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    You honestly think hundreds of people want to sit around capital 24/7 defending noobs? Aggressive AI is content through and through, and filling a job players generally do not do or have reasonable time to do.
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    Interesting... so the players need to be defended and / or entertained by AI. How glorious that will be... Let's think about the reasons why the devs included AI on the PVP server. The main reason is very simple. Players need something to do. And if players can hide in ports and if it is better for them to hide in port than to go out and fight the enemy, they will do the latter, leaving everyone bored. So that's why the AI exists. ... Basically because the OW's mechanics are bad at bringing people together to fight it out. Now aggressive AI will be brought back, which will lead to even more fights vs AI. That will keep many people entertained, if that is the sort of entertainment you are looking for and satisfied with. But it will certainly not bring real people together to do real fights. It will do exactly the opposite. It will catch more people in fights vs AI and pull them away from the ow. One arguement for the removal of the duel room was, that it pulls people from the ow. And now they introduce aggressive AI, which will do exactly that... I just cant understand the principles behind the game design decisions. What is the reason? Are fights vs AI hosted on the client side, so you dont have to pay a server for them? Why do you want more AI fights? If the aggressive AI will be there to protect noobs in homeland waters... then we certainly have a serious gamedesign issue at hand. Shouldnt there be hundreds of players willing to defend a poor noob who is being attacked around the capital?
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    Santo Domingo PB: Russia won due to points GREAT FIGHT! GG!
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