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    Why do we only get xp for crafting ships? We should get xp for making cannons, repairs and mods too. I'm not saying it should give you a lot, but what if a crafter isn't a ship builder? Than shouldn't he get xp through other means? The other thing is travel xp should go towards Ship knowledge of the ship your in. It's very little but when your using trade ships you don't really fight in them so they should gain a little xp. Why can't we get xp for crafted ships like we did a long time ago. This would allow dedicated crafters to gain a little level from people using ships they crafted.
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    Random Fire Mode strikes again! It happens to all of us, you line up a good broadside, click....and its random fire mode. Mostly it happens to me when I'm trying to quickly click between rolling front and rolling back fire and fat finger the second keypress. I'm sure there are some players who like random fire, and thats fine. But almost everyone I sail with finds it annoying and useless; so if we could have an option in settings to remove it, that'd be great.
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    b-but the memes also why not to try decreasing broadside firing speed by 30% for RFM?
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    @admin Last year, Game Labs announced that crafting ships away from home capital ports improved chance of crafting an above average quality ship. Blue 4/5 - purple 4/5 - purple 5/5 - gold Question - Does this improved chance still exist, and on the PVE server, does it include Neutral ports like La Navasse?
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    He de rectificar, una disculpa: había dicho que estabais a salvo con @lobogris . Un tipo que intenta huir por la costa, para hacer desembarco y correr como marikilla de playa entre las sombrillas... lo dicho: "el pito de Nelson strikes back"
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    Due to the rise of possible conflicts in the carribbean denmark decided to get shipyards ready to build the much needed lineships.
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    The third day after release we reach 1124 player on WAR server and 367 on PEACE server At 20:30 UTC the distribution of players across the nations. Accuracy 86.38% Previous data
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    I really like this one:) Small and simple but the little details make a smoother experience for every type of captain:)
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    El 501. LH hervía de actividad. Se terminaron agotando los cañones medios de 6 y 9. Y este es un retazo del "peaso" ambiente que se respiraba por Cuba, mientras los traidores VLTRAS volvian con las manos vacias y abrumados por numero en La Bahía. Se trataba de llegar a Nueva Orleans y bajar por Remedios hasta Islamorada...... tal y como se había hablado. A que hubiera estado bien?. Edito: Magallanes, españoles somos los que se han quedado y los que se han ido, se que lo haces sin mala intención pero aunque sea mas largo evita confusiones y pon facción española.
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    so you are one of those dudes eh? nasty
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    Невеликий український клан запрошує гравців. В нас немає обязаловки, гра в своє задовалення. Допомога в крафті, ПВЕ-ПВП контенті, рейди, можливо РВР. Нація - Голандія Русский язык разрешен) Приєднуйтесь! Наш форум http://sea-clan.info дискорд https://discord.gg/VWnJ5U5
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    Le clan Normandie Niemen , clan présent dans la nation russe ouvre sont recrutement au joueurs Francophone. Tout les niveaux de joueurs sont accepté au recrutement , nouveaux comme ancien joueurs. Cependant ne seront accepté au recrutement que les joueurs intéresse par le PVP/RvR sur le jeux. Une période de test pour tout nouvelle recrue sera mis en place. Sont demande: Beaucoup d'humour/2nd degré et un minimum d' investissement pour le clan , aucun temps de jeux n'est imposé (Irl first). Pour plus de renseignement contacter Lt Sekiro. Cordialement , Lt Sekiro
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    Hello, id just like to point out that in my opinion rewards for these missions are way too high, you can get lots of money without any risk. Also these missions make actual trading dead. And what more, these missions favour using alts for doing afk these missions and farming lots of money, breaking the economy. So my solution is either to reduce reward for these missions or make profit of selling normal trading goods bigger for like 30%.
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    What you say is irrelevant ! In world of tanks you do not lose your tank, which you worked hard or crafted, you do not lose your coated optics or other upgrades. So do not compare apples to oranges.
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    Remember ships can capsize if you hit them properly at proper angles.
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    имхо. ДЛС корабли стали очень токсичными после вайпа. Ты можешь пвпшить 10 часов, утопить 15 врагов и столько же захватить, но все твои старания идут в 0 ибо ты не можешь обеспечить себя кораблями через пвп. Проблема решается очень легко. Все владельцы длс пандора могут захватывать пандору. Владельцы геркулеса могут захватить себе герк и т.д. Если у меня нет длс на ретвизан, то я не смогу его захватить. Банальный пример: Вчера воевал на пандоре против гермионы, меркурия и пандоры. В итоге захватил вражескую пандору и пересел на нее в процессе боя ( уже молчу про то, то маринесы не пересаживаются, но штраф по экипажу и 30 "базовой" препарки сохраняются). В итоге утопил всех и вышел проигравшим из этого боя.. .Сижу на краю карты без ремок и без корабля... А мог бы сидеть на захваченной пандоре и с ремками.
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    Hello The game has been launched ....And we still have a maintenance everyday !!!! It's ok for a beta or an Alpha but not for a released game..... Another fail.....
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    lol i actually had to giggle thank you for that but yea option to disable it woul be nice
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    y después de 500 mensajes de lo que debemos (para ganar) y no debemos hacer (para peder), lo que falta es que nos pongamos (los españoles) manos a lo obra para hacer lo que sea, no creo que los rusos lo hagan por nosotros, esperemos no encontrar rusos metiéndose en los calentamientos... XD
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    Add to the difficulty of this is the sheer mammoth amount of money now required to build any production building. I am not sure what the devs were thinking for for someone to even craft guns now requires an initial investment of 500,000 real and 10,000 gold. This kind of restrictions only promotes the DLC ships and hinders the production of any other kind of ships. Not really supporting the idea of helping new players to the degree that was the excuse for wiping out all xp from the veteran players. The concern that vets would "steamroll" the new players and now new players have to spend a massive amount of time just to even get a glimpse of a ship that is marginally better than the basic cutter. Hopefully the prices will be brought down to a more reasonable amount but not really expecting it. Until then you can expect the new players to have to fight and claw their way around for at least a couple of months to just get close to being able to survive. There may be a good influx of players upon release but how long until the struggle gets too much?
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    Hello, I was thinking that instead of the GPS-esque sextant perk it would be more interesting to implement a small script that would mark your current position on the map if you stop the ship in the OW for 30ish seconds; maybe add a small countdown on the map screen or a loading bar somewhere in the corner, and if the ship is stopped and you open the map, that counter will count 30 seconds after which your current position will be marked on the map. And personally I would make this available to everyone without using up a perk slot Cheers
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    They efficiently test your ability to angle, strategize, demast/board/focus on weak sides. If they test anything else, it's not bad. People who passed exams are worthy to join a clan. It's a well designed test.
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    This is exactly what was already foreseen: It's now up to the nations and to the experienced players among them to defend their rookies from being cannon fodder to the gankers. But we don't have nations no more. We have clans who think in clans dimensions, not nations dimensions. A fact I would never ever be capable to understand.
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    @admin‌‌‌ very sad to see you silent about the subject, hope you have great success with Pocahantas game. Please do something, we want a game with healthy population. As port bonuses and rare wood farming, the real pvp will be outside capitals. Capitals are only for new players now, please increase area of capital zone. Let more new players enjoy and stay in the game. Up to 50 hous is important, as they will tend to stay when they start to understand real NA. Otherwise excessive hunting will make them flee.
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    I have watched these discussions repeat themselves time and time again. There are several facts about NA that people need to understand. 1. The game has always catered to the PVP player. Mentioning that there are other aspects of the game (PVE and trading) are lures at best and have never been developed to the same degree as PVP action. 2. Proof of 1 can be seen in how trade was altered, forcing trade ships to remain at sea for over an HOUR in most cases just to earn a small margin of profit. Most profitable routes are still over 3 hours in duration. This places a target in the OW for a long enough period for a PVP hunter to engage multiple targets. 3. Favor was shifted to the PVP player by enabling the hunter to attack a trader and completely wipe out all trade ships as the flee to port option was removed. This forces the trader to be subject to continuous engagements until his entire fleet is destroyed. 4. Uneven boost in rank - The exam, while it is (to some MINOR degree) a tutorial to aid new players in getting the hang of things, for the most part it is a accelerator for the PVP players to gain enough rank to jump into a DLC ship and go hunting new players after spending about an hour. Keep in mind this is how the game is advertised: Naval Action is a hardcore, realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat sandbox immersing players into the experience of the most beautiful period of naval history - when sailing ships ruled the seas. Do not expect there to be equality in the 3 aspects of playing the game (PVP, PVE, Trading). The later 2 will be sacrificed in order to preserve the primary focus of the game (PVP). The seal clubbing is acceptable by the devs whether or not they clearly stated as such. It is an action that is rewarded and all defensive measures to prevent it have been removed except one. And that one measure is a joke at best. (Capital area). Expecting the nation to rally and protect the new players I think we all already know is NOT going to happen and to suggest or believe that it will is insanity at it's finest. Even before the release nations were incapable of working as a unit in the best of times. In the 4000 hours I have put into this game I have NEVER seen any nation (been part of 3 of them so far) actually operate as a collective. Too many ego's get in the way, too many dictators who want to control everything and then blame others when the plan fails. To prevent the seal clubbing, groups will have to form into patrols and protect the area. You hardcore PVP players want some action, how about keeping an eye on the combat news and when the capital region is showing evidence of players being attacked, head there and engage the enemy instead of running away. The influx of "New" players I am guessing is the old crowd coming back to see if the "devs got their shit together" more than actual new players trying the game out. With the ganking (which the devs stated that the wipe was to try to prevent that, and I think we already know that didn't go as planned) and seal clubbing I suspect that over the next 30 days you will see the population decline once again the the dismal numbers they were before the wipe and may even drop further as veterans get frustrated and leave the game to the hardcore pvp players who will then whine that there is no one to attack because then it will become a game of who has the largest group to go hunting with. Solo hunters will get upset and eventually leave, small clans will then follow as they get ripped apart by whatever large clans remain. The game has ALWAYS stayed true to it's intended target, the players are the ones who have attempted to change that, and they failed.
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    This would been true if the old reinforcement zones where actually just a big capital zone to let players do that, but people bitched instead of fighting other PvP/Vets they just want to farm casuals and new players or easy targets. The whole zone should of been made a PvE only zone.
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    So if we take the proposed alliance system. Proposed coalitions Northern Coalition 25.3% (based on historical agreements during napoleonic wars) 17% Dutch 4.88% Sweden 8.76% Denmark 2.87% Poland 0.97% British Empire 17.4% 27% Western Coalition 18.3% (based on historical agreements during napoleonic wars) 28% USA 9.15% Spain 8.83% France 10.21% Holy Alliance 26.3% (based on the historical holy alliance against france) 13% Prussia 3.61% Russia 9.33% Pirates 12.6% 14% Original numbers from May 3 post in red. So pretty much we have two nations that historically should not be in the game with the most population in the game. Even with the Coalitions alliance system they end up with the most players. I'm sorry DEVS you should never allowed fake nations that had nothing to do with this time period and these parts of of the world in. Ya'll keep saying DUTCH zerg all I see is bias zerg for nations that either should never be in game are extremely hard core mode. Thought this game was based in the Caribbean not the Baltic Sea?
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    The second day after release we reach 1105 player on WAR server and 305 on PEACE server At 20:30 UTC the distribution of players across the nations. Accuracy 87.14%
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    @Moscalb, one of the best pvp'ers the game. Pay attention to the first battle. He's in a Hercules and attacks british enemy player (basic cutter) who also seem to be afk after recent battle. Why do you think a veteran like moscalb is doing this?. Because of the thrill of the battle?. Because he gets rewarded for it. The reward system is promoting this behavior: Sink anything you can by any means necessary P.s Nothing against you @Moscalb, I enjoy your vids. Just making a point of where the "problem" is.
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    I think everyone has trouble with thinking they have to do it as fast as possible. The endurance and final exam are 1.5 hours length. You can absolutely take your time, give yourself space, repair when you can. I took 45 minutes and finished it through taking half that time to sail away while repairing to go back in. Of course people will do it in record time, but there is nothig wrong with taking the full time you are given.
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    Devs, there seems to be a problem with the forum. I can only like this once, when I want to like it 100x. I have never used random fire intentionally...
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    If you spendall day running delivery's you can earn enough for one level one bulding (shipyard, workshop, forge). Most folks don't got all day doing that. The rewords for AI kills is so low right now it's a struggle to get any money for econ stuff. I honestly think they went way in the direction for these DLC. Even when you do get to craft a ship you limited on permits that drop from RNG box's.
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    Hum, un vrai marin ne peut aimer cette bête là ! A mort les pollops !!!!
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    These exams test your understanding of the fatal weaknesses of the lazy AI design
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    Because the exams were difficult, I had a genuine sense of accomplishment when I completed the Endurance exam, and one of these days I’ll feel the same way about the Final exam.
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    This is the obvious and easy solution, as Capital Waters do not give port bonus, do not give place to farm rare woods. They just need to enlarge capital zone to may be total of 3 cities, capital and each city on boundary, let newbies farm 5th and 6th rates there, as they will drop only shit loot and give very little experience when players have bigger ships with latest changes to xp earning. If it is gonna stay same, I do agree easy nations should be called the Hardcore Nations !
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    I have decided not to play on the PVP server don't want to do the grind so have 3 of my friends . And the game is not fun any more
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    Exactly what Captain Van Veed said, and I have talked about this before. from previous patch notes: - "Assists now counts for PVP Hunt missions" A perfect example of how ganking/sealclubbing is rewarded. It's like saying "- hey, don't attack that ship alone, bring ten ships we get same reward and we can't loose."
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    Mucha suerte a los que quedáis en España y al toro.
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    Yo llevo poco en el juego pero lo que un pasado con los ultras me da mucha pena. creo que las dos partes han sido tenido parte de la culpa .. los ultras tienen razón en decir que muchos clanes no salen al ataque como deberia de ser en PVP, sin embargo otros clanes tienen razones en criticar a algunos sujetos del clan ultra que se Dedican a insultar al resto .. en definitiva lo que sucede siempre por unos pocos imbeciles nos enfrentamos la gente de bien. una lastima y deseo lo mejor a la mayoria de ultras que son la leche de tios
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    [TO] Teutonic Order / International / English speaking / PVP and RVR Oriented but also PVE and Trading to fund our PVP / Applicants must use discord, be aged 18+ and respectful - contact Carl von Lichtenfels ingame or Carl von Lichtenfels#6984 in Discord
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    Players have brought this up before, but I will too. If want AI to remain somewhat challenging give them repairs instead of the super aim/angling etc. It just looks redicolous and unrealistic. AI ship giving me a perfect broadside when I almost positioned on his stern is just wrong.
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    100% agree With “elite” AI coming to the game the normal AI should be dialed back to something that is doable in an average vet’s sleep, which is still incredibly challenging to your average new player. Right now the AI are so unfailingly stupid in their sailing, and ridiculous in their firing and boarding mods that new players must be be just rolling in the aisles.
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    Not sure where to post it, but new paints are invading Caribbean today soon...
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