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    Online player count info should not be available on release. we have seen spiraling effects as a result of that number in the past. simple remove it. needs to happen.
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    They are undead crews - didn't you see the skull?
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    I personally like the player count. I can guage where to expect players based on player count. Usually is successful. Now I would love player count by nation - would be nice to know actual numbers.
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    I want small battles back too!
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    You can close your eyes and tell yourself that you find thousands of boats on the whole map but at the end of the day you know the truth.
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    thank you for the kind words - the team needed it!))) new loot for ELITES will be added next week and will include new gun types Obtusiers - French short range guns Blomfield Pattern Guns Congreve Pattern short guns Navy Guns Doubloons and real reward for kills will also be improved for All kills (pvp and pve) as promised before (but got delayed)
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    I used to participate when there was a flag system and clans did not rule the game. No interest though in the current configuration, it's a discouragement now though for solo players.
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    Russian Cargo Ship from book :Russian Warships in the Age of Sail 1696 - 1860: Design, Construction
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    Ignorance is bliss for some I suppose. I'd prefer the devs to focus on ways to increase player count, not spend time hiding it. Preferably through suggestions here on the forums, there's been quite a few good ones...If only they were to look. Hiding player numbers is a bandaid...and not a very good one.
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    Captains, the sever is live. Sorry for inconvenience s caused.
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    I am surprised you haven't ignored him yet :P.
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    hi guys and developers At the moment i experience in the trade section of this game the limitations of doing trade by contracts i sell guns, but i only can sell the long guns and not even the carronades or mortar gun i am limited by the number of contract slots therefore i also produce raw goods i want to sell in my hometown but by the limitation of the contract slots i can not even sell those. i would suggest at least that when you own a port outpost you have as an owner of an outpost unlimited contract slots for selling and buying in your own outpost or perhaps an unlimited contract DLC what do you all think?
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    You mean something like a balanced fight? With relatively even ships? Maybe with a lobby, where you set what ship you want to fight in and will be brought to the fight from whereever you are? Where you dont have to sail around for hours hoping to find someone, only to get killed by an overwealming force in the end? Now that is something new, maybe we can give that a try. Maybe we should call that "Sea Trials". Maybe also the code for something like that already exists and it would be the easyest thing in the world to implement. We could have such nice things...
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    If AI are so strong you have to resort to pretty much sinking the ship than there is something wrong with the boarding. Sounding like they have all the "PLUS" and none of the negatives. Than again as Willis was once told, "Silly noob AI don't cheat, learn the game..."
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    Stop removing our knowledge books when a ship is moved to fleet Show clan list when clicking on battle information Ability to place forts with more strategic position Place the towers back in the waters, or at least one of them and make them capturable again Allow us to see our list of Outposts while at sea Allow us to upgrade certain upgrades to elite upgrade, e.g. British Rig Refit should allow us to upgrade it to the Elite British Rig Refit by adding parts to it without starting the upgrade all over
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    Hello! My own videos don't come close to the fine productions you gents make, but I was having fun, and recorded a battle between myself and an Elite AI Bellona. It was a fun fight, though I didn't realize until later that Bandicam hadn't recorded my narration. Without a dedicated video editing program - yet - I used M$ Photos; it worked well enough. Hope you enjoy it:
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    Given the game's emphasis on manouvering like a jetboat, that seems unlikely. Probably the only thing that would make people use battle sails is elminating Rig Repairs and/or having the lower sails catch fire a lot.
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    Good point, because for now, I'm not even sure if sailling at 55-60% sails is worse than using the battle sails regarding speed and maneuvrability.
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    49m 1300 Tons burthen super-frigate (almost super frigate) vs 35m (some sources 38m) 400 tons burthen light corvette
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    I've been waiting for small battles to come back
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    Those elite ship notes have another huge flaw ! Took me 1hr w my 3/5 Rättvisan halfunlocked to sink a elite USS only to find out that the note it contains weighs 1000, so I will need another hr to crawl at 1kn to nearest port... ROFLMAO...
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    I wish we had flags again with the current RvR. It would be beautiful.
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    Admin Definitely B, Mechanics similar to RDR2, works well and I personally tested it. It will create 3 groups of players. Defenders, Attackers and scavengers (privs). Scavengers will hunt the attackers. Time to add new privateer Branch? maybe... Limit raid on the same port to once every 7 days. Mark that port on the map with Fire icon and add smoke animation when entering port. Homes are on fire, fire bells are ringing - chaos. I would mark the attacker who picked up the documents and loot on the world map and they should be visible to every one. Not players , but package location. This will bring pvp to Raid locations big time. Reputation patch would be great and would even more help with pvp. -Friendly and Hostile Reputation meter. -Successful Raid repel would add Friendly rep. to all who participated in PB. -Successful Raid attack would add Hostile rep. to all who participated in PB. Friendly/Hostile rep levels open new Missions: 100rep - Mission 1(reward x), 1000rep - Mission - 2(reward x), 10000rep - Mission - 3(reward x +Hostile/Friendly Logo Free Flag ) etc.. Keep things open to public, so they know where action takes place. Good luck.
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    A few comments: Raids should be limited to 3rd rates max with a max br. Should allow up to 10 players to participate subject to br. If raiding party wins, they get to use crafting facilities (ie. virtual shipyard with all port bonuses) or harvest from farms for 24hrs and defenders (if they lose) denied use of same. Farms would be set to full. Port would be like enemy port if defenders loose but without use of fort. Raids should be same day with 1 hour notice of location. Flag system is great. Raids should be during port timer. Fortifications can help defenders but like in pvp not affected. If raiding party successful, they get VM of that port for the week and defenders lose VM for that port for the week. Raiding party gets gold chest and doubloons as reward. Flag should cost doubloons with price high enough to discourage fake flags. RNG port investment (ie. 4 port inv points) gets destroyed partially destroyed (ie. for farm - requires another 100 - 200 tools etc.)
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    anything that makes RVR spontaneous is good imo.
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    It was not stolen because back in those days that territory was Spain. The same Spain as Madrid (our capital) because ,just for your information, territories in America or wherever were treated as part of the Spanish Kingdom, and that goes also for all the people living there. They were spanish citizens by all rights. Read above. That's one of the most annoying posts I've read for a long time. You just have no idea of what you are talking about. 1- First mistake: you look back to 1492 with XXI century eyes. If you want to build an empire, you don't always build it by talks, do you? Sometimes you can talk and reach agreements and sometimes you simply don't, so the power of war speaks instead. The vikings, the romans, all civilizations did it in the past, ALL. Not only Spain, no, ALL. 2- "Greatest mass violations of fundamental human rights in history". ------> I can only LOL at this sentence. What violations? Do you know that the majority of indigenous people in America were actually colonised without firing a single shot? With what army could Spain have commited those violations that you talk of? Do you really know how many soldiers had Spain at that time in America? No, you clearly don't know because it's easier to say that they commited a genocide without a single evidence. First, for your information, there were tribes in America at that time that were slaughtering others even with cannibalism, religious sacrifices and that kind of civilized behaviour. Isabel of Castile wanted that all the people in those territories were considered spaniards the same way a man from Madrid is, she granted them rights of ownership for their lands and ordered that they MUST be treated well, paid for their work (YES, paid for their work, you've read it right: paid for their work) and that they were free people, not slaves. All this was created in Las Leyes de Burgos in 1512 -----> google it In 1532 Carlos I banned slavery in any circumstance. In 1542 the "encomiendas" were banned. Felipe II ordered this: from now on you will punish with greater rigor the Spaniards who injure, offend or mistreat the Indians, than if the same crimes were committed against the Spaniards. NOW, TELL ME WHERE AND WHEN ANOTHER COUNTRY DID THIS IN FAVOUR OF COLONISED PEOPLE, DO IT PLEASE. In 1542 Spain created the "protector de indios (indegenous protector), which was a legal figure to protect and ensure well-being for the native people. I can carry on explaining more things that Spain did but I don't feel like doing it. You'd better read more books. The real problem Spain had was that the indigenous people were not prepared to dealing with european diseases and in fact, those diseases killed a lot of people and NOT THE SPANISH, YOU IGNORANT. "Spain enslaved and murdered millions of natives while stealing their land, in the name of religion and profit" ------> You should read above . Spain didn't kill and enslaved millions of natives. Diseases did, and slavery was banned in 1532 so your point is wrong. Every empire commits, commited and will commit excesses. Nothing new here, but in the case of Spain all the british propaganda is absolutelly bullshit. In fact, you should know that 80% of wealth remained in America. It's know as the "quinto del rey" (1/5 for the king). So, that land was rich in gold and other materials but those materials were not being exploited, because they didn't know they had any value. Spain went there, knew the value, and as part of the Spanish Kingdom did use those materials to create wealth and well-being for the people. Only 20% of wealth actually came to Spain. Spain created universities, hospitals, roads, cities, everything....Man, some of those cities were richer than the capital... Now, tell me what empire did this like Spain? You should read above too. Encomiendas were banned in 1542.
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