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    Atmosphere in the orlop deck, from my berh.
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    What would really be nice is 2 things. 1. Trade goods Sell price goes up by 20-40% 2. Delivery Good missions have their Real reward lowered, but to have their Doubloon reward increase. EDIT: the Delivery missions can be ways to get Reals when you're poor, but they should really be used as the main source for Doubloon income.
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    Well, when regular trading became obsolete, with much easier (and much safer) delivery missions, upkeep of the port came quite high. There is no more tax income, as almost noone does trading. Maybe a taxation of delivery rewards would be cool? So there is some more income from the port?
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    in many games we have statistics i miss those in Naval action would it not be nice to have some overview of your performance in some sort of simular way
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    Players have brought this up before, but I will too. If want AI to remain somewhat challenging give them repairs instead of the super aim/angling etc. It just looks redicolous and unrealistic. AI ship giving me a perfect broadside when I almost positioned on his stern is just wrong.
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    All members of WO and VCO should be banned for cheating! Continuing to use the ports of Saint Marys and San Augustin Mateo is cheating. That is self-evident. Admin's attempt to change the definition of cheating is lame and completely inappropriate. I would ask if he wants his game to be the poster-child of the coming regulation attempts on the game industry. Pay to win is bad but condoning cheating and favoring cheaters is a whole order of magnitude worse.
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    I generally do not post battle reports on the forum because I dislike the bragging nature sometimes found here... but I will make an exception in order to stop all of these French players trying to brag about sinking US players... The fruit of 2 hours' work today:
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    Also dass sich bei den Preussen keiner meldet liegt wohl daran dass wir ne winzige Nation sind und wir oft wenig bis gar nicht über nation-chat kommunizieren. Bei uns ist der Zusammenhalt doch höher, und es helfen sich idR alle gegenseitig. Wir sind immer offen für neue Leute, einfach mal im Discord reinschneien und freundlich fragen, sind ja alle nur Menschen
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    'Soleil Royal' by DeAgostini started assembling. A long story with an unpredictable end though.
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    I forgot to add date. That report was from 4 May 2019. Today before maintenance I wonder what level of bonuses remained in San Agustin after the change of the port owner.
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    pics are not working
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    I have never checked if the repair countdown pause or if it keeps counting down while in brace. If brace do not stop the count down for next repair, but will slow down/pause the ongoing repair this should be changed immediately. Or the brace feature should just be removed. Because this can and will be exploited by those that are aware. Scenario: I'm sailing towards a brawl, all my cannons are fully loaded and I'm sailing straight towards them but the sail over will take 5-6 minutes, I start my hull repair and then brace. Knowing I will take damage to hull when I get there. That way I have much less time to wait for next repair and I can basically get two repairs right after each other. If this really is the case, that is imo an unintended use of the brace mechanic and obviously an exploit. If anyone has used this exploit systematically they are imho cheaters.. ☹️
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    A rare footage of the WO and the R4ID in place de la f.... Bastille on their way to hack NA servers again. SHAME ON U
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    NA map is the Caribbean at the start of the 19th century. There should only be the historical nations, those that actually showed they were able to be there. Adding any other nations, especially future 20-21st century world powers, is a lie.
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    Today we had some pretty nice battles against the Pirates. Was nice Pirates and GG!
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    Hear him! I, The Most Dread Pirate William Death, VCO Officer, Captain of the BLACK Flag, Admiral of the Fleet, Piratical Tactician, Master Duelist, Feared Hunter, Flipper of Ports at Very Late Times, loser of Surprises to LGVs, etc., also being accused of cheating without evidence outside of the Tribunal for the 2nd time (at least), do hereby request and require an apology from the accuser. I would also like to request they be warned about continuing to make accusations that ruin the reputation of good captains. Truly though, get over it. We used legitimate mechanics to take the port. We recognized that maybe those mechanics shouldn't be available to use in the future. Especially post-release. We reported those mechanics and put it in hands of developers. Developers again confirmed it is a legitimate mechanic and they even patched it right away. You don't like this. You're entitled to an opinion. Your opinion that it is cheating is wrong, devs have said it is wrong, and you refuse to accept it. Seems like a "you" problem, not my problem .
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    Footage secretly captured from the WO "training" center.
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    Based on the combat log we can read in game above the chats, it should be great is a file could be created on our computers, by copy paste of the battle logs (for example): "You participated in the battle and earnt 7 PvP marks, 7 combat marks and 125732 gold. Details here: killed this one (42% damages), in a Frigate kill assisted this other one (15% damages) in a Wasa ..." This being added to a txt or csv file, that we could rework to making a log. Either a file per day or a continued file, the simplier the better. For making this simplier, may be we could first just have the possibility of copy/paste the daily log in text format, in charge to "those who like it" to keep updated their own captain log, in the format they prefer. Later, maybe, a more customized log...
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    A nice leather bound book with ink spots, etc
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    We have great battles, we have great small battles, but we don't have great ganks. Until now. Submit your silliest and most unnecessary ganks!
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    You're forgetting the hours people put into the delivery. It isn't "free money" - time is consumed in exchange. The actual problem with "risk vs reward" is that the delivery mission payouts only scale with distance, not with risk. I can do the highest value delivery missions ( ca. 160k reals plus 1k doubloons) all night long and never leave my nation's own waters. Payouts should only be high for deliveries to/from high risk destinations. However I do believe every successfully completed mission should pay a percentage cut to the clan owner of the port where the mission originated.
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    So when can we have the LGVR back? It's an ideal fast trader/raider..
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    Forts cannot be permanently destroyed in battle instances... but even if you had destroyed them in port battle, they would still not have been destroyed It's bugged
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    Uhh please don’t show how I control so many alts aster. That was top secret.
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    I bet you miss all the noise when you sleep the first night at home after a trip..
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    Na da sind wir einer Meinung, HRE wäre mir auch als letztes eingefallen. Auch ein Prima Bild wenn man sieht wie hier Sätze so zusammen geschustert werden wie man es gerade braucht. Bravo. Kein Ding, die ganzen Posts sind mittlerweile hinfällig, bis die mal aktiv geschaltet wurden ist ja nen ganzer Tag vergangen. War gestern bei Euch im Discord und hatte ein echt nettes Gespräch. Daumen Hoch! Ich denke aber ich warte bis zum Release und den damit Einhergehenden Wipe. Vor allem bin ich gespannt was jetzt aus diesem Allianz Poll wird, ich hoffe die setzen das um und wenn sie das tun, wird es vernünftig gemacht. Kann mir vorstellen das es dem Spiel bei der geringen Spielerzahl hilft. Noch mal danke an all die Antworten. Denke wir sehen uns dann eher zum Release. Hoffe das dauert nicht mehr all zu lange MfG und stets ruhige See. MKev
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    The countdown still goes down in brace. So he repaired, braced, then continued initial repair. That made it look like 2. Then he did another repair. Not hacks. Also, stop ganking.
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    Dann habe ich dich wohl missverstanden, sorry.
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    Hallo MKev. Schön das ein alter Veteran zurück kehrt. Die Nationen können jeden gebrauchen (ausser die Russen, die schon Zerg^^). Ja, auch ich erinnere mich an den Schweden Dänen Krieg. Leider haben meist die Schweden aufs Auge bekommen, hehe. 2 mal bis zur Hauptstadt zurück geschrumpft und trotzdem weiter gekämpft. Bei dem heutigen System ist das aber sicherlich nicht mehr so einfach zu verkraften. Aber ich schweife ab. Schweden nimmt natürlich auch gerne einen deutsch sprachigen Spieler, wobei hier die meisten der Nation im TS und nicht im Discord sind. Was Live Streamen beim PvP angeht bin ich allerdings skeptisch, das dürfte die Russen anziehen wie die Fliegen das Klo 🙂
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    Looks like some fun battles. When did you leave Havoc?
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    the positioning of these ports is bad btw
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    100% agree With “elite” AI coming to the game the normal AI should be dialed back to something that is doable in an average vet’s sleep, which is still incredibly challenging to your average new player. Right now the AI are so unfailingly stupid in their sailing, and ridiculous in their firing and boarding mods that new players must be be just rolling in the aisles.
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    Example. Lets use 10% mod and 100cm armour for making things easy 100cm ship has 141cm of armour at 45degree angle. That 41cm more With 10% armour the ship gets 110cm armour. 10% Problem is at a 45 degree angle the ship gets 155cm or armour. That is 14cm more than 141 of the base ship. People often think its "only" a 10cm advantage but it is not. Maths makes angling far to op with mods. It also applies to carthagena and navy planking. Thickness mods make cannon balance impossible imo. The wood type of the ship should be the ONLY thing that effects its armour and not mods. You can never get it right if we have fir-live oak, angles and mods ontop of that. Another example is 10% pen mod does NOT counter 10% armour because angles. Also correct me if I am wrong because 60% of the time my calculations are correct everytime.
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    This is more related with BR increase. Only Russia can fill 20k-25k BR with ease. For the rest is huge effort or impossible. Forum is full with people who can't spend much time playing since their opinions are needed here. They need less enemy for their peace of mind to better serve the game.
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    Apart from the mechanic and timer issues I´d very much like to see some content for the unrated vessels. They also merit some place in the game!
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    WO Ganking some noobs XD
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    exactly that will happen, because devs dont want to implement a good designed alliance system for player made balance for the nations (weak nations should be able have much allys and the most strongest nations no allys). And I fear also the map reset after win conditions have no chance because too much work. Sadly, i cant see a big future for this game after release without any mechanic for balancing nations.
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    I hope this makes it into the game.. map resets of some description ( = winning the war) are necessary. Whats even more important when this happens is to reward the losing side more than the winners, and in the same vein regular breakup of alliances is at least as important as establishing them. Hegemony for any side would be death for RvR.. even if you win you have lost if nobody keeps playing.
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    I'd probably recommend this video as a starting point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIaVOV8diIo&list=PLt-JAMmvyAGmL-xr7HgLu5QaLn5YbzTjb&index=1 Something Compass would be my top recommendation for union campaigns. He has full playthroughs of BG, MG, and Legendary up at this point. For the CSA I'd recommend Fiasco Games' MG series. Something to be aware of, a lot of new information has been discovered in the last year so some older videos may have some outdated or conflicting information. The History Guy's series is a fun watch, though if you're struggling with a battle you might want to check out how others are playing it as sometimes there are much better solutions available.
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    Once those port upgrade opportunities are implemented on PvE Peace Server (if ever), could it be possible to refit existing ships with port upgrades? Think of someone having a golden ship, he would like to use the new port boni also on this one, as he cannot expect to build a golden one so soon again, given the rarity, just for also adding port boni. Could be very expensive in doubloons to refit an existing ship, or need a week of time until it is finished - doesn't matter. People would love that.
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    I'd like to be able to chose in shop if I want to offer a ship for reals, doubloons or even combat medals. When you have plentiful of reals, you don't feel like selling ships for them. As you require the other currencies for crafting ships (and getting permits) you naturally end up with orientating yourself towards earning doubloons and cm.
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    How about baselining things for starters by removing the NPC overbuffs and giving them the same actual equipment as players? You know, longs and carros where appropriate (instead of magical medium cannons that shoot like longs and hit like carros), actual chasers that don't vanish when the ship is capped, actual permanent upgrades, actual skills, and the same limited ammo as we have? It won't matter on PvP since only lower-rate NPC ships are capturable, and would give us on PvE something to do - as in, if you are a broke but skillful captain, you could go out and try to catch yourself a better ship or catch yourself some actually useful equipment instead of yet another Fir/Fir/Crew Space barge loaded with mediums (which, despite being Fir/Fir and sailing like Fir/Fir, tanks the incoming fire like LO/WO or maybe IDK, LO/Iron). Then you could broach the subject of teaching the NPCs to use repairs, because why not? Repairs aren't all that technically complex. Sure, when players use it, there's some light strategery involved, but at the end of the day "IF ARMOR < 50, USE HULL_REPAIR; ELSE IF SAILS < 75 USE SAIL_REPAIR; ELSE IF (RUDDER_BROKEN OR PUMP_BROKEN) USE EMERGENCY_REPAIR" or somesuch. Saying "our AI is dumb therefore we'll give it ungodly bonuses to compensate" is easy but also lazy. Y'all are better than this. (Also, I get why you did it early on - it was a justifiable shortcut to get things going, but now it's the spit'n'polish time). It also breaks immersion like nobody's business, and makes PvE piracy boring, because 99 times out of a hundred you'll always capture a crappy scow that is only good for either looting and sinking, or taking back to port and selling to Admiralty. And that's after the crappy scow puts up a fight worthy of a 5/5 gold ship with permanently loaded doubleshotted double charge in some kind of long-ranged carronades.
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    Its become clear there is a bit of kickback surrounding Rättvisan and its status as and announced DLC ship. While I'm not interested in going into the debate over whether its going to be positive or negative as a game design choice to include a large ship as part of the DLC roster its probably worth clearing a few things up and help people understand what the ship is, her role and where she stands in the general sense of herself historically. Here is a piece i wrote about 8 months ago as part of a general comparison taken from a picture in the book Das Erbe Der Serenissima by Dr Karl Klaus Korner during my general research for the Fama thread I have built up over my years playing NA. It offers some fairly basic information about the ship and a good starting point for people to understand her. Lets start talking about her role and rating. Sweden has a long and impressive naval history when it comes to ship design and general projective ability for their sea power, they relied on quality design work so as to be able to defend from their main military threat, Russia. What Sweden wasn't however was a first rate naval power, which arguably Russia was, they are clearly a second rate nation when it comes to their navy, and as such had to behave in a way that was fitting, clearly not having such significant resources as the largest European navies. They did however make up for this with some pretty impressive innovations, such as the original 24lb frigate. The designs of Swedish ships were well regarded by other nations upon capture and Chapman, the designer of Rättvisan, is one of the period's most celebrated naval architects. Rättvisan is within the Swedish Navy rated as a 3rd rate, and as such she was part of the main battleship role, even as a 62 as Sweden had less resources to build and maintain the typical 74s of the Period, we also need to remember that the naval rating system of the period was simply a tool of rough role definition and funding administration, which defined how many men the ships were to be crewed by, what support and what jobs the ship was best suited for, which varied significantly from nation to nation. NA takes their rough guide of the rating system from a fairly late rendition of the British Royal navy, which from 1760 onwards classes 64s as 3rd rates, and 1817 onwards 70+ as 3rds, which on paper at least leaves Rättvisan as a solid 4th rate. There is however the classic issue with gamelabs design choices is that when modelling ships for the game they tend to up-gun them fairly significantly and skew things up a little, classic examples of this include Rättvisan's half sister Wasa, who bizarrely appears as a 64 rather than a 60 and Bucentaure who has squeezed in 88 guns. I'm also fairly sure I saw it mentioned that Rättvisan would be a 70 gunner which would push her into the 3rd rates, despite her typical service being as a 62 and 64 gun ship. Her general performance was well known as a good sailor which can be easily cross referenced as it was agreed by each of the nations who commissioned her. her hull is very similar to Agamemnon and the Ardent class built by Britain but she was also more lightly constructed so as to be significantly faster and a little more than the similar Ardent class 64s, it also meant she could carry a significantly heavier armament including a main deck of Swedish and even Russian 36s which gave her a broadside of 352kg under Swedish wartime service and a staggering 400kg during her time with the Russians, which was far greater than the typical British 64 firing around 270kg, again arguably pushing her into NA 3rd rate territory especially as she should really be able to load 36s, which don't really have any distinction against loading 42s in the current game state. However she also took a much lighter peacetime load out to make the most of her sailing qualities, a point that brings some impressive versatility to her design as realistically its incredibly difficult to build a ship to behave how you want it with two very different set ups. As a ship if balanced to her historical build she should be a light-medium hull strength and thickness with a nasty broadside behind her. She should sail well but with obvious significant drawbacks in agility when armed with her heaviest 36lb armaments and realistically she should behave depending on that armament she is given, which is what she was designed and built to do. Part of what makes this discussion so blurry is the fact as a ship she was specifically supposed to bridge the gap between Line ship and Heavy Cruiser. Armed with her wartime armament she is most realistically a 3rd rate Ship of the Line but during peacetime she sits solidly in the Cruising heavy 4th rate. She's an impressive design and a real credit to the ability of Chapman I hope this helps shed a bit more light on the ship and hopefully smooth over discussions a little in what seems like a fairly heated environment right now. As ever thank you for reading .
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    Note that for legal and boat classification reasons, the replica is shorter than the original cutter
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    HMS Diamond Rock - known also as a 5 gun sloop-of-war or "stone frigate". Picture of 16 French ships fighting a rock island for over half a month. The British side had two men killed and one wounded, and the French 20 dead and 40 wounded (English account), or 50 dead and wounded (French account), and three gunboats sank. Sources: https://ageofsail.wordpress.com/2009/01/13/hms-fort-diamond/#more-178 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_Rock
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    Hello, my fellow tar jackets, I followed the discussions lately about the new ships addition. Especially the Navy Brig and the discussions about the Brigs in general with their square riggin made me think. While everybody seems to enjoy the schooner style ships like the privateer, commanders and captains complain about the Brig and the Navy Brig. They find it hard to change from the schooner style riggin to square riggin, which for sure is needed to be learned if you want to steer the bigger ships, no doubt about that! But there are hybrids like the schoonerbrig or brigantine that could help here to lower the learning curve with their hybrid style riggin. Therefore I suggest that the Brig will be converted to a Brigantine followed by the Navy Brig. In my opinion the Navy Brig is "just another Brig" with two more guns, so I would love to have a Brigantine between the privateer and the Navy Brig to have more choice and make the transition to square riggin easier for those who complain. What do you think about it? Just let me know and maybe game-labs change it if there are enough commanders and captains that wants that change. Master and Commander Humorvollerdenker
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    I would not change the current brig because people don't like it. If we go that way, there is no end to the buff this, nerve that discussion. The brig as it is is a viable option, even more so when the open world will be around. Yet, I do think there should be a brigantine in the game. In fact, I've been lobbying for a Brigantine since December 2013. Initially, admin said it will be included. Later he mentioned that it has been postponed till some unknown time in the future. Anyhow, my guess is that all development time for the foreseeable future is taken up by the open world. Cheers, Brigand
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