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    My suggestion: Add Rättvisan, L'Hermione and Le Requin ship-notes to Tutorial rewards, alongside the Hercules and Rattlesnake Ship-notes. My reasons: The first, simple reason is advertisement. Allowing players to try the DLC-ships, will encourage people to purchase them. You get a Hercules note, you like sailing the ship - when you loose it you will likely want to buy the DLC to get to sail it more. I once sank a Swede who was hunting in a Le Requin. He was still sailing the redeemable Le Requin that we got for testing when the ship was first added to the game. And when he sank he said that he would now buy the DLC. The second reason needs some preface. I am not going to relitigate the decision to Rättvisan as a DLC-ship to the game. I have grown to accept it and believe that if crafting is made simpler as you seem to intend, it will all work out fine. My remaining concern is the timing of adding 2 more DLCs to the game before release. Because it could look a bit «intimidating» to potential buyers with a game that already has so many DLCs upon release. There are gamers like me, who when buying a new game typically buys all the available DLC at the same time, and considers this into the cost of the game (most typically for strategy-games, because I don’t want to start playing a game with a «limited» experience only to then progressively expand it with DLC later on). But other gamers will be buying just the game alone at first, to play it and then postpone the decision of buying DLCs till they have decided how they feel about the game. For these players, all ships being available in-game without DLCs, although limited to one-time use when you don’t have the DLC might help make the decision to buy a little easier. Then there is the issue of what the game will look like immediately after release. After release, veteran players will quickly be sailing DLC-ships. First Hercules and Requin, then L’Hermione and within 3 days the first players will have reached a rank where they can sail the Rättvisan. At this point, the division between veteran players, who already have the DLCs, and new players who are just trying out the game, is going to manifest very clearly. But if all new players have to do, to be able to progress through the ranks and ships, the same way as veteran players, is complete the final exam to get these ship-notes, then that will constitute an achievable path for them to follow to get the same progress as veteran players have. Of course, to get unlimited access to these DLC-ships they will have to buy the DLCs like others have before them, but by this time when they need to make this decision, they have already been able to enjoy the game for tens, if not hundreds, of hours. This could make all the difference. And importantly, the game will also be at a point where people are getting their crafting up, and the choice will no longer be whether to have DLC-ships or fall behind, but whether to rely entirely on crafted ships, or to supplement with DLC-ships for time-saving purposes.
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    Hello captains In terms of this post by @EliteDelta Here is the thing. I think public relations is not the source of problems, as there is too many definitions and goals of this term. The problem is in the conversation itself - on this forum. (Community management) Compare this forum with Steam forums. At steam forums you are talking with PR people (who are cold and neutral + trained steam mods who help with reports). Perfect for venting, perfect for PR. On this forum you are talking to a designer and project creator. This is not rare, but not common as well. Japanese creators for example do not talk to users openly at all (only through interviews and patch notes) due to cultural differences. Venting is detrimental to finding solutions, to development. We always talked to users openly on the daily bases since 2015 and it has been working well since 2013, as the development relied on active feedback and support, built on mutual respect; on constant experimentation and wide swings in changes to find the nuclear reaction and perfect features. We were right here with you all the time. Many did not like the experimentation and wide swings causing misunderstanding with the goals (to test everything for this game and future games). That's how yards appeared in game, or historical leeway that we declined to add for at least 1 year, but then added due to community requests. But when community was small everyone was happy about yards, leeway faced a lot of backlash as many wanted us to do something else. Every one knows his own reason for communication failures; for one it is the lack of acknowledgment due to lack of time or forum moderation, different views on the priorities and of course bans for posts that incite flame or rage or derail conversations. There are multiple reasons for this communication style not working, but there is probably only one solution. Creators seem to be unable to remove cultural differences and communication style; readers do not want to understand those cultural differences and goals of the early access development. Removing the open communication will remove the sources for frustration.
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    thx to all the people that go boom everytime theres a dev post. by now we all know the game will never be good enough for those people. i just wish they would finally go away. they are a source of frustration and spoil the gaming fun here in the forum and in global chat/ingame. i am glad that finally a stricter moderation is a thing. but why stop with the forum? ingame moderation needs to change as well.
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    @admin Please let Players place contracts in Ports to buy Ships like we already can do with Ressoruces and other Goods. I craft Ships whenever i can. And Currently i have to announce the Ship in Global Chat or hope taht anyine stumbles over it i the Freeport Shop. If the Players can Place a Contract with the Ship they want, including Woods, Upgrades, Guns and the Prize they are willing to pay in Reals or even Doubloons (Or even PVP and Victory Marks) it woud allow crafters to build exactly taht Ship. Right now i might build a Ship nobody cares about. And since some Ships need Permits, it a hughe waste of time to build a Indefatigable with the Wrong type of Woods. Wich is alway a matter of Opinion. This woud skyrocket PvP and Crafting, because Players woud be able to Pay , for example, in PvP Marks and Reals, allow Crafter to get PvP Marks without spending too much with PvP (If they dont want to)
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    This is exactly the problem. People insisting on clinging to a particular complaint and not letting go. The issue happened.. there was an answer from Devs… let it go. The point of the forum is for development of the game, not whining about a broken promise. This is a tool for the developers where we can contribute ideas. Devs, may consider these ideas and implement them or not. If we make it so poisonous that they don't want to look at it, we will lose it. Posting consistently negative complaints instead of reasonable feedback does nothing for the game and annoys the hell out of everyone who has to skim through the drivel.
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    It’s just a shame some people never learned the difference between: “Hey Admin, I don’t like “X” mechanic. Here’s why.....” and: ”This game is trash. I can code better than these clowns. They don’t listen to me because of typical Russian bias!” Kinda like when everyone thought it was funny to switch their names to “Trash....” Agreed. Shut it down and continue to take out the trash.
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    Summarizing: - you have been keeping testers in this Alpha phase for almost three years telling them that they would have kept xp, craft xp, ship knowledge and books - you are ending the testing phase by shaping out the final game main features for an imminent launch (so you do not need a lot of feeback anymore) so you - suddenly change your ideas about wipe - mass perma-ban a lot of (critic, toxic and whatnot) testers from forum - close any public communication with testers on this forum. My humble guess is that even a lot of the testers that were not angy before, may become quite angry (or at least deluded) now. So if PR are not a concern for you, that's fine of course. Otherwise, think it over a bit more. The last thing this game needs at launch is a shit bomb on steam. Anyway: your game, your forum, your choice, your consequences. Have a nice day folks and good luck!
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    It should be a full wipe. The time spent in the game is headstart enough, your own XP bar is plenty of advantage over newcomers.
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    you can criticize. but there is a difference in the way people do it. you are right some act like smartasses or assholes and that really shouldn't be tolerated.
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    Slow clap forum You finally did it. The (be respectful - the moderation team ) that weedle out of the woodwork to criticize every minutae of every admin announcement have finally scuppered the enthusiasm for discourse. It's always the same folks too ... you know who you are
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    If DLCs were just re-skins of other ships which are accessible by playing and with the exact same hard stats, then yes. Otherwise no - hercs and requins in PBs back when they were the Kings of shallow should have shown us well enough that pay only content isnt healthy for the competetive aspect of the game.
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    The (currently) 10 ranks for combat XP are named after historical ranks. Now that we are down to only 7 ranks for crafting, why don’t we add names for crafting ranks too? Instead of having only numbers 1-7. They could be (just a quickly assembled suggestion) something like: Carpenter Master Carpenter Assistant Shipwright Master Shipwright Assistant Builder Master Builder (Danish Rank: Konstruktør) Naval Architect (Danish rank: Fabrikmester) Ranks don’t have to be unique for each nation like combat ranks are. It’s just that Denmark had a notedly somewhat unique job title for their main naval architect compared to other nations’ navies.
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    So this idea is mainly a thought experiment. But there is a real underlying issue. That of players starting with 0 reals, and that of players going broke. My first impulse about this is this: Wouldn’t the admiralty of any navy ensure that newly commissioned captains (i.e fresh players/characters) would have at least some starting capital (through loans or a starting salary) to hire crew and provisions? So my idea is that instead of all new characters created (also existing characters after a wipe/release) starting with 0 reals, they would all start with, say, 10 000 reals. That is not a lot of money, but it is something to buy guns, repairs and hire crew, maybe even buy a sloop other than the basic cutter. Expanding on this, there could be simple insurance against going completely broke (I know about cargo delivery missions, but even they require that you have access to a ship with cargo capacity). Every server maintenance, captains with less than 10k reals in their money chest would be credited with up to 10 000 reals. These sums are small and far from economy breaking, yet enough for a startup captain or someone who mistakenly burned through all their cash on a failed venture. However, for the purposes of slightly curbing economic inflation, and also preventing speculation in emptying out the money chest of someone’s alts in order to «earn» 10k reals per account per day, I would suggest that conversely a «wealth tax» was applied. This would, for all accounts that upon server maintenance possessed more than 2,5 million reals in their money chest, they would be taxed 50 000 reals. This is not a lot for an active trader, but would slightly limit hoarding of reals. Add a rule that after 10 days of inactivity (not logging in), the wealth tax stops applying, to avoid players going on vacation for 1 month finding their fortune halved upon their return.
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    hard to talk about it since it's against forum rules to talk about it.
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    i also feel that alot of great suggestions and feedbacks has just been passed through where alot of players have been positive to the suggestion without a comment from you @admin , just a "noted" would maybe be enough so people get seen that whatever we type is getting noticed. Just my personal thoughts on some of the frustrations
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    If you want to shut down communications and just listen to an echo chamber, by all means, go right ahead. These forums are rather mild as far as online development ones go. Rather than address the issues, some valid.. some not, your solution is to just shut things down. Which in essence is the exact wrong reaction and why you have these issues in the first place. None of this is new and you have had negative review bombs and forum angst before. Remember the wipe and kicking of US players off PVP 1? What is new now is players are reporting you to stream and you have some heat from youtubers. Why not address the elephant in the room? Why are people angry? - Going back on guarantees and promises. XP and no lineships DLC drama. - Radical design changes that seemingly no one asked for while not addressing real game components that have been broken for years. Permit wall. No RVR changes etc - Recent forum user bans, some deserved...some not. Inconsistent moderation. Some players can insult who they like on these forums. Others can’t even post in the meme thread. - DLC crazy. Soon there will be 8 or 9 DLCs out or planned for a game that has yet to be released and that was not F2P. People are tired of them and view dev focus is just pumping us for cash rather than release. - Release angst. I think the base is tired of waiting overall. So this will prolly get deleted, but I think there are some valid issues here. Address some of these and acknowledge that maybe... just maybe some folks might have a legit bone to pick and work on correcting it. Or just shut it down...
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    Public relations is all your problems as is said many times the game is in early access and we are testers ... if you dont want feedback either positive and especially negative you shouldnt have testers and therefore shouldnt have had early access The forum has a system for warning people where they are repeating a point over and over again ... if they go off topic or are toxic .. however recently you have started banning people without a warning ... it isnt good PR .. as much as you want to be respected and valued .. so do your customers there is nothing worse than a customer who feels they are been ignored or not wanted ... the most valuable customer you have is those that have a complaint ... because someone who takes takes the time to complain will also take the time to leave positive feedback if they feel valued there are many people on this forum who seem to be serial complainers .. start trying to resolve their complaints ( and that doesnt mean implement what they want ) but acknowledge their complaint, make them feel them feel they have been heard , either explain why an action is been taken so they understand that you understand theirr complaint ... if they continue warn and if the persist then feel free to ban someone who complains about something they have bought ...will get over it pretty quick once they feel they have been listened to and acknowledged even if you dont do anything about it banning someone for complaining .. makes them think , you dont care ( do you???) you dont understand what they are complaining about , or you are trying to hide their complaint i run a very successful business and we spend a lot of time looking after those that complain ,, its funny that our biggest complainers become our biggest customers and biggest referers of our company game labs i presume wil continue to make more games in the future ... why piss off the future buyers of those games because you cant deal with the negative comments they make about naval action cultral differences work both ways but its the seller not the buyer who has to overcome these problems .. unless you only want to sell your product to people with the same cultral ideal look at any major international company you cam see how they bend to their customer not how the customer has to bend to the supplier best example from pulp fiction .mc donalds . quarter pounder with cheese ... in france a royale with cheese perfect example of a supplier bending to accomadate their customer they havent changed their product just changed the cultral identity removal of all communications wrong move .. see above customer feels you dont care
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    I have been thinking quite a lot about the atmosphere on the forum and in the game. I remember that I made a forum post once upon the time, december 2014 or january 2015 and wrote that the atmosphere here was the perhaps most friendly I had experienced so far in games and in EA or alpha/beta testing. And it really was so. The forum was superfriendly, the ingame chat was cordial and players acted like gentlemen. That has changed. But it is nothing unique. I participated a while in Star Citizen, and believe me, the climate here is heaven compared to that game. I gave away my ships and shut down that account. Disgusting. At the moment i only participate actively in the development of another game, Dual Universe. (There are some interesting similarities between Dual universe and this game, for example the unforgiving environment. That is beginning to change in both games. The discussions about PVE and PVP and protection zones, and trade and everything is the same here and there. ) Let me quote the top post at the moment on the Dual Universe forum. It is a clan that is ragequitting: "Since we lost all interest in it, FrogSwarm is leaving Dual Universe. From our point of view, the direction of the game design is unfortunately going the wrong way. Ships that you have made for days will not re-spawn after a being destroyed and you'll loose everything. PvP in the game is unfair, we were looking for a 100% safe universe to be able to peacefully mine ORE or explore, but not to be griefed in a non consensual PvP turn. Griefing should never be allowed in a game like this, this is harassment to players and these people should never have the right to annoy anyone, because players behind the screen are real people and they are suffering actions like destroying their ships.... Enough is enough, we are going back on our old roots : Eve Online and World of Tank Classic." Well. That post and many similar could have been taken from the NA forum and NA debate, right?! 🙂 The only alpha or beta or EA I have participated in without a hostile atmosphere was a game called Spirit Animal Survival. Last time i checked it had about 5-8 players a day in alpha, hardly a success yet. 🙂 All became a loving family. I already have a family so i do not need another one, and lost interest in it. Lets say that I am used to a harsh forum atmosphere. I have been tester in so many games the last 12 years or so, I am getting used to it. I think the main problem we have has to do with time. Highly anticipated games, with new content, often run into that problem. 2014 to 2019 is 4 and a half years. That is not a long time for a game in development but a long time if you have many testers. It was released sometime 2016, if i remember correctly. 3 years. 3 years is not a long time for an EA game either, but it is a LONG time for a game that looks so polished as this one, that is so highly anticipated, that has been released on EA and is still being subject to wipes. Games where you are expected to loose a lot of stuff, or to die a lot, can be wiped quite frequently and the playerbase wont care. games where servers has to be reset every 1,2,3 months - the same! A wipe in a game where you would have to start from scratch and develop your character like NA, affects players more and creates bad feelings and rage and hostility. Elite dangerous is a game similar to this one. I own it but have hardly played it. But I have followed it,a nd know players in the game that has been around since early Alpha. In december 2013 ED was basicly where NA was in december 2013. It was released a year after. And there has not been any wipes since the release. The atmosphere on forums are still a sometimes hostile, of course, but different than in NA, I would say. The atmosphere in NA is affected by the long time we have tested it. The threat of wipes affect the game, whether we like it or not. Especially in games where you build up your character like here. With frequent wipes and a long period of testing the ED would be were we are today. I dont know if the Devs could have acted differently. This is a new kind of game and it takes time to develop it and make experiments. That time has been necessary and I can see the result. We are awarded with a game that in many aspects are unique. I still believe in the game and the developers. It will show its worth when it is released. The release will change everything. *** What can be done until the release and afterwards? I dont have a clear answer. Here are some ideas and reflections. * PR. Sometimes small things means a lot. How do you look like? Photos? How does your office look like? yes it is public relation stuff, but sometimes it helps a lot. * Participate ingame. Yes it takes time but is often awarding. Speak in the chat while participating playing or while administrating special events. (Of a kind that still does not exist here, but could be someting for the future.) * I would be very sad if the communication is shut down. Some developers of some games are less active on their forums. But even they have a group of players around them that they are in touch with daily and ask for advice and have a dialogue with. I hope the devs dont choose that model, and continues with the current model. * Community members that become some kind of "advisors" and "helpers". Some games have tested this with good result. Not only are they moderators, but they also act as in betweens between devs/the company and the playerbase. They could help new players in game and on the forum and on steam. And they could act as inbetweens and could help creating a better atmosphere here. Such a solution is much needed if the devs are less active, but could be good even when Devs are active more. * IF you plan to be less active on the forum I would STRONGLY advise you to recruit a handful of "in betweens", and to make sure that you have a group of players, including the in betweens, on another forum that you are in touch with daily. TIME is in my opinion the reason why the environment has become hostile and without your particiopation it would have been much worse. * It is about time to release the game. That will have consequences, because that limits the possibility to change the game and gameplay in the future. Things can be adjusted, but not totally changed. It is however important to release it. With promises of future development and changes, I would consider giving some more rewards to old players at release, to make them happy (and make them return). * Continue to be transparent and open, you will gain much in the long run. * And unpolite people that act like assholes need to be politely advised to calm down. In betweens can help you much. But we, forum members and players, can make a difference too. My 5 cents. /Torbjörn (Ligatorswe)
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    No open communication will result in another source of frustration: experience of not getting heard, getting ignored. Imagine people saying "devs don't care what we want/say/feel/eat as breakfast..." I think open communication is an asset. It needs to be defended. Meanwhile, we see here negativity has its destructive effect on everyone. - On players who ventilate their demands opposite devs and expect always to get what they want, and with becoming familiar with devs over time increase their disrespectful tone as they feel entitled as "recognized member of the community" or even "celebrity" within the NA scene. When overstepping red lines and getting rebuked by ban, they turn to other media, youtube, and do revenge campaigns against devs and the game in hope to "punish" them by another heap of negativity which is believed to cut down sales. In my opinion that only confirms admin's handling of their toxic character, by banning them for bad behavior. More toxicity isn't the way to prove you are not toxic. Obviously. - On developers because they are artists with sensitive characters. All creative persons, artists, need appreciation for their work and can suffer from constant nagging on it. For example take the composer Rachmaninov. He was heavily criticized for his first compositions and in response to that, stopped to write music for years and focused on a career as concert pianist instead. He was shocked by criticism and discouraged. Much later he overcame his frustration with critics and returned to composing, with very impressive pieces of music we know today. Game developers are taking to heart what you tell them here on the forum in a familiar, hurting, aggressive style. They are not made of wood. That is being forgotten too often. This game, like all war-themed games which involve fighting and shooting, attract partly a clientele which isn't the nicest on the planet. You see them become ganking heroes and seal clubbers, they enjoy defeating others and 'killing' them in game. You can even see them sport a gif as avatar on this forum with a real seal clubber doing his disgusting work. Empathic level is low among them. They boast about their victories and salt is their nourishment. You cannot avoid them, they are part of the gamer community. Unfortunately, they are the ones with bad manners and abuse.They enjoy their ego by being salty and toxic. So they populate your forums and do behave not much different than they do in game, regulating their testosterone level thereby. You can't ban all of them. You got to live with them in a game like this. Asking them to honor devs more as the artist personalities they are will not work, bullies will just laugh at that and continue. No, you need to control them by a social behavior rule set. -- So, the solution could be to introduce a public warning system which isn't hidden to users but visible to everyone. Else it won't work. For bad behavior give warnings, first - second - third warning in increasing orange - reddish color. And the warning level will be visible under the avatar. After third warning, if another aggression/lie/flaming is done by this person, he gets banned. Second and third warnings can be accompanied already by short term bans, like one week and one month respectively. By being public, you deny them their revenge campaigns outside the forum while they spread their different version of what happened and why. You counter lies by transparency. Anyone reading their rants can receive a link to forum where it is written how and why the toxic person got banned. The End. Open communication with all others will continue to work fine, bring the valuable ideas and hints, ease the feedback and testing results. Don't close that source down by reducing the communication exchange. At the end, it will not be good for the game or any other projects coming.
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    This is what happens when you make it complicated. The whole concept of leaving battles open so that you can rescue other players is flawed. In RL if a battle started and there was no one around to join in...that battle was fought to conclusion without interference. No radio comms to ask for help...no sailing from across the map to rescue...and no magically popping out of one battle and joining another. If you cant see the swords when the battle begins, you shouldn't be able to join it. Its an open world in the age of sail.
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    I remember when Admin posted about 'little things you'd like to see'. None were ever implemented I don't think , but there were some good ideas on there. I wrote some of them as I saw them, I have no idea which were other people's and which were mine (if any), and some of them are not so 'little'. no particular order: In Port compass and Wind Indicator Ability to draw on map that other members of a battle group can see Kill marks on ships Nameable ships (even if its only you that sees it) Run with lights off at night (incurs slight OW speed penalty perhaps?) Flares (for night time and storms to spot enemy shipping and mission/battle x's) but makes you more visible. Mirror (light flash) signalling Lights in Forts and Towers and to mark port entrances in bad weather/night. Fog banks in battle instance (when suitable OW weather applies) Clan Logos/Colours on sails Currents - shipping gets from A2B faster by following currents (creates concentration of targets on routes) Curvature of the earth (animation of sails seen on horizon before hull, instead of freeze and disappear or suddenly appear). Player AI ships: ability to transport player owned goods and ships from Port to port but not teleport/tow. Operated instead by AI fleets that conducts the journey on the players behalf even when player is offline and behaves in exactly the same way as an AI ie (enemy player AI). AI shipping instead of port drops, so goods are actually transported to and from ports by AI trading ships instead of just appearing. (unless the port actually produces it). Those sticking out elephant ear sails out on the sides. Have those optional for OW to give some extra OW straight line speed but have a heavy penalty like turning and a long cool down to put up and down in battle instance? (110% sail) Openworld flag signalling (simple): Different colour on top mast perhaps? I wish an honourable duel I am peaceful No quarter given etc. Naming the Crafting Ranks (new one)
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    There will be No RVR if there are no servers. This will be very unbalanced. DLC pay for the servers. All Massively multiplayer games (that do not have billions of users allowing to rely purely on cosmetics) have gated content behind paywalls. TESO is one example. There will be DLC ships (promised as early as 2013) and there could be even 3rd rates (stated here in 2015 https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/4668-open-world-prototype-rules-of-engagement-ship-loss-and-spawning/page/11/?tab=comments#comment-91605 Most DLC ships will also be available for combat medals in the admiralty as teasers or in events like Hercules for exams (this will happen once prices for combat medals stabilize). Remember that there is always a better crafted ship or better player. We understand the position of people who do not like ships for money, but there is nothing that can be done to find compromise. As a result there is no point to discuss this over and over again as we are interested in feedback on trading and crafting and combat.
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    Admin has stated that frontlines will return in conquest. It will likely take the form that hostility missions can only be taken for adjacent regions or some variation thereof. Having long been a vocal proponent for the return of frontlines - remembering fondly the tug-of-war from the days when we still had flags - I was nevertheless hesitant, even sceptical towards bringing frontlines back, into our current hostility-based system. Having discussed with fellow RvR-players however, my anticipation is again growing and I am largely positive towards the idea of shifting to frontlines conquest. In this topic however, I want to plant some flags (pun intended) on some issues that should be addressed if we are to bring back Frontlines to our Naval Action map. This is not an exhaustive list of improvements or issues to watch out for, but some of the ones that I have come across. Feel free to add your perspectives in this topic too. Bahamas - Free-for-All First of all I would suggest that the Bahamas be exempt from Frontlines conquest. In Shroud Cay all nations should be able to pick hostility missions for every port in the shallows of Bahamas (that is, including the counties of Abaco, Grand Bahama, Andros, New Providence and Exuma, but exempted the counties of Crooked and Turks and Caicos). This serves several purposes: Mobility on the map, access for all nations to the shallow areas, and possibility for small clans to to carve out their own small area in the Bahamas. This will allow for instance French clans to move into the Bahamas, without having to push their frontline all the way past Sweden, Danmark and Pirates to the North-West, or past Dutch, Brits and Pirates going the south-west route. Local Wars A benefit of frontlines is that we will again have local wars and local frontlines, but nations that have enemies close on either side, like Sweden and France should not be completely locked down to their very small corner of the Antilles. Hence the above suggestion. Another benefit is that the most successful RvR-clans/nations cannot simply jump around the map and strike at the areas next to the capital areas of the less successful nations. I.e. like some nation based on the opposite end of the map suddenly capturing Kingstown next to French waters, Little Cayman next to British waters, or Philipsburg in Swedish waters, without first pushing their frontline all the way back. With frontlines it is a long campaign to make such a move. «Impossible Nations» If hostility missions can only be taken from adjacent ports already owned by your nation, then devs have to remember that there needs to be a way for the nations without capital to start their conquest somewhere. Some place to take their first hostility mission from. If Bahamas is free-for-all as suggested above, this would solve the issue. Once they possess a port in the Bahamas they can work their way out of there step-by-step, port-by-port. Otherwise those nations have to be able to take missions from any freeport in the instance that they do not possess any port already, either because it is just after wipe/release or because they lost/abandoned all ports. Jump-points We have to have carefully considered «jump-points» between far-away islands and over wide straights or oceans separating Islands. There should be at least a couple of ports on South Hispaniola for instance, from where you can take hostility missions to Cabo de la Vela and Rio de la Hacha, and vice versa. Also there needs to be a way to jump past capital areas. Say that France wants to move West without dismantling the Dutch on their way. They should be able to move directly from La Blanquilla to Coquibacoa without taking every port between them that is not uncaptureable. Likewise there should be a «jump-point» from, say, Guadeloupe to Puerto Rico, possibly between Basse-Terre and Ponce. "Night-timers" This is going to be a real issue. Some nations will be able to set up night-timers to try and protect their front-lines. Like we saw before when we had flags. Rare woods and Upgrade Resources - i.e clan-missions This is a real sticking point for me. Clan-missions and other forms of «rvr-importance»-features simply do not work with frontlines-based conquest. Say that the clan-mission for Cartagena Tar spawns in the Mexico Gulf. With the current hostility system I guess every nation at least has the chance to set up in a nearby freeport and go attack that port. But with frontlines, a nation like France would have to conquer a hundred ports and fight their way past 2-4 enemy capitals only to get near enough to be able to contest the port that holds the clan-mission for one of the most important RvR-resources in the game. It is simply not a viable mechanic. I was not a fan of clan-missions to begin with, and with frontlines they would go from bad to game-breaking. Frontlines are a RvR-importance-feature in their own right, and all RvR-resources have to be either locally available - or equally available through hauling.
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    There is nothing worse to surround yourself with applauders when taking critical desicions. If you want to "fix" something, angry people are great asset. None of them are natural angry born abominations. Besides it will be injustice to call people criticizing "angry people". I can say people can't tolerate them seem more angry to me. If they are not your target audience anymore, simply inform them.
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    We don't deserve a thing but I think it would be nice of the devs to let us keep our books atleast. Rank is no issue for me either. I have an issue with someone wiping my books because its a HUGE timesink and does nothing meaningful for the game overall.
  26. 5 points
    According to an old saying there usually is a silent majority, mostly more conservative. To both ends of the spectrum there usually is also a more radical and more noisy crowd. Open communication means to deal especially with these tips of the range. There is three basic points to consider for @admin imo: 1) do you believe to have created a better product thanks to communities feedback or not? 2) do you believe the consequences of open communication are a reason to sell more or less copies of your product? 3) are the ressources you put into open communication (nerves, time,...- as non-PR person it's not primary your job) worth it?
  27. 5 points
    The most fun this game has ever been to me was when there were 2000+ players involved in the initial arms race to build the first SOL's in the OW.... Everyone was pooling resources in the nation to try and get the mats and crafters to a level where they could build a 1st rate.... It was a sense of national pride. I believe it was the Brits who showed off the first one in the OW and everyone was in awe... Hope to see something like that again... So much fun.
  28. 5 points
    One 'word'. - once "you" go outside of the game discussion and attack the devs and other users, that means you are ACTIVELY trying to hurt the game. See the difference "my dude" ? As Jodgi said, absolutely no one has ever been disciplined for game discussion.
  29. 5 points
    If you remove upgrades and cannons from the equation, just setting up a buy contract for a certain ship model with specified wood types for frame and planking would imo a massive improvement to ship crafting. If the day ever comes when our dear developer team finds the time, please consider implementing buy contracts for ships.
  30. 5 points
    sounds fine. I still have a large issue that you cannot craft DLC ships. the DLCs should be for players to get ships easy, not to give them exclusive rights to more powerful ships....but that's not what this thread is about. I am still concerned that with the amount of DLCs were are getting, it'll just turn into DLC Action as you seem to suggest. It's all well and good to have people get notes to "try them out" though.
  31. 5 points
    leave the capital area and live free from the shackles that bind you.
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    I remember reading a great idea about circle of engagement. Don't remember whose idea it was though. Problem: Circle of engagement do not represent simulation perfectly and leaves options for different types of abuses. Cause: Time spend and distance traveled in battle is different/not synchronized than in open world. Solution: With each passing second you can add distance to join position depending on OW scale/speed vs Battle instance scale/speed. You can keep battles open for 10 minutes as they are now, since the joining distance will increase drastically, the time you join will matter a lot Give immunity and speed boost (edited: invisibility is bad) timer to players based on time spend in battle to replicate OW map scale/speed
  34. 4 points
    With something like a +10 or +20 % chance to catching
  35. 4 points
    Buy DLC ships ? After Hercules experience? No thanks.
  36. 4 points
    Honestly I see several 'mishaps' in communication. And I'm sorry to say it, but the fault to a large extent lies with the developer. You started the game development with being very open to development suggestions and ideas, we all remember the 'fine woods' debacle that actually came about from a player suggestion in order to make ships valuable ingame. I hated the fine woods (as I think everyone did), but I applauded the bravery to follow up on a suggestion - even if I were one of those that criticed the mechanic.. The fault stems from on one side - accepting player suggestions to an extend where it can sometimes seem that devs has no idea of what game they want to create, and on the other side refusing to respond to criticism of mechanics that simply doesn't function as intended or not at all. One reason for this is that the mechanic is either not described like the "pray" button, I loved it btw but for the god in me I couldn't figure out why on earth it had been introduced, (in terms of why is it there, what is it supposed to do) or simply doesn't work in gameplay terms like locking specific woods behind clan or nation walls i.e. creating a situation where the 'haves' will always have and the 'have-not' will always be 2nd class. This could ofc be because of an inherent imbalance of the woods but that's another discussion. IF devs wanted to see other ships in the sea (like oak/oak) then there were better ways to accomplish this, either by extraction costs, LH costs or making delays on how long the different ships takes to be buildt - so if you want a quickly build SoL for some screening action asap? - go oak/oak. A LO/WO in this way could take 3-4 weeks to construct and as such be inherently valuable simply in terms of the duration it takes to replace. Whenever this criticism is brought to bear, rather than engaging in discussions with the community the devs has banned the 'nay-sayers' (which I think is a wrong term since they aren't saying nay to the game but rather to specific mechanics of that game and often has suggested alternative paths to proceed). The banhammer has been lifted at will, arbitrarily and at random without much justification other than @admins inability or unwillingness to actually engage the community in feedback. The question shouldn't be wether admin should listen to the yes-men or nay-sayers but wether admin wants to listen to feedback at all. This is one reason, and I think if you read the latest reviews the most cited reason, why the game is failing in steam-reviews. We shouldn't blind ourselves from the facts tho. The game has been failing for a long time and the reasons for this is: the grind, the econ (or lack there off), the inability to play the game in other ways than a combat-centered way and the locking of woods behind either clans or specific nations. These feedbacks has been responded with the banhammer indiscriminately and I have to ask - if @admin doesn't want an economy, a living world that engulfs other careers and professions than purely combat - why then implement the OW in the first place? And if that was what the players wanted why then did NA: Legends fail so hard?
  37. 4 points
    When I joined this forum I thought it was great that you were soliciting players to give you input. I hope you continue. If a contributor gets rude, give him a warning then ban him. There is a level of entitlement on here from some long-time players that is poisoning the process. There are only a few, but you don't need them. Flog one "pour encourager les autres".
  38. 4 points
    @admin Finish the Liste you made and release the Game. The Fear of wipes woud be gone and we reeeallly need that fresh Blood. 🙂
  39. 4 points
    If paint dlcs were made in another way, there would be no need to lock good ships behind a paywall and upset players E.g. have several DLCs, maybe one for each paint style ("brest Harbor" DLC) and make it so only you can change the paint on it - and once traded or captured, the ship would lose its paint status, unless the new owner also got the DLC But i suppose its too late for that
  40. 4 points
    Some new pictures of the model from my visit at the Hellenic Maritime Museum. They aren't of great quality because of the poor lighting and my camera but it's something
  41. 4 points
    We have no resources for new features: there are 2 programmers who are working on this list: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/27651-development-plans-update-1-half-of-2019/ It maybe done after release if game sells well and if reviews start going up after the release wipe (or earlier)
  42. 4 points
    no part of this discussion but I can't fathom why a DLC ship cannot be crafted! If I remember correctly, the DLCs were supposed to be for players who didn't have time to craft or play for hours on hand. Instead DLCs became P2W exclusive ships and a non-DLC owner can't even craft them. The disparity is appalling.
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    I said it many times in the past they need to do in game surveys cause most of the players never get on the forums. You want the best feed back than ask in game. Just have a pop up when they log in and ask a few questions and be done with it. There is a little saying I been hearing a lot in debates between certain political groups which goes something like this. "I don't care about what hurts your feelings. What I care about are the facts and your feelings are no fact." We need to remember this when debating on here about game mechanics and also remember not all of us are native speakers so there is a very big chance of lost in translations when talking with one another. I'm just a stubborn former Navy and Oilfield hand so I tend to be very blunt and to the point. It's gotten me in trouble a few times with the devs when I don't think I deserved it, but even other times I had to keep myself in check so not to get any one butt hurt. Keep the discussions to facts and not your feelings and things will go a lot more smoothly.
  45. 3 points
    Dear @admin, Please don't stop the open communication. It's a side of the development of this game that makes it special and interesting. True, the experiment isn't for everybody. Your word is read by some as law and by others as suggestion/ideas. In a game in this development state things can change. So is the xp we gathered testing this game not holy. We got to play this game for 3+ years and enjoy it (at least most of the time). I think one of the main strengths is the open communication you have had with the community. Some can handle that, some don't. Some good improvements came from it, some didn't work out. In the end it is your game, not ours. It is logical that you make the decisions and that will always piss somebody off, no matter how open your communication lines are with the community. So again, please keep the lines open, and enrich the forum with your views and feedback, don't lock the door of the development bunker. I don't have the time to really play at this point, but when I do I will add many more hours to the 2500+ hours of fun I've already had in this game. And your involvement in the community in my eyes has always been gold in my opinion.
  46. 3 points
    You have received lots of good feedback from testers over the years and you have made decisions. It's up to you to take the feedback you need to create the game you want. I enjoyed testing and giving feedback. It seems you have made up your mind how the final game should look like. That's good and I am looking forward to the final wipe and release. Maybe it's time to change this forum. It seems the necessary things are said and the only thing that might increase will not be the quality of the feedback you get but the toxicity of feedback of those who have the feeling that their ideas where not considered.
  47. 3 points
    Surveys are a good thing. The Devs used to do surveys, like "pick a ship we will develop". Time to do that again perhaps?
  48. 3 points
    The problem in my opinion is that mad players are louder than happy ones. With a bigger community you of course get more mad players who get loud when the way of the game isnt in the direction they want. When that gets out of hand and offensive they should get warnings and at last a forum ban. I always like the direct communication but topics need to get argued in a polite way with respect and reasoning. A yeah and players should just calm down and chill out. Only time proves if something was wrong or not in the end. Leeway is a good example. After proper tuning no ones complains about it anymore.
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    Looool Rublibot hit another dimension
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