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    Hotfix 14th March. PvP kills now grant combat medals for kills and assists (base on damage dealt). Fixed the bug that was counting kills in tutorials for hunt missions Clan delivery missions now deliver to your ship hold if you have no outpost in the city, even if you do not have enough hold space (this way you won't ever lose them if you exit the port by mistake). We also plan to add trading ship to basic NPC ship sales so you can buy it and add to fleet if to split resources between you fleet ships.
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    Ahoy. I was bored so I messed around with excel. Introduction: There is a lot of information out there regarding this game. Much of it is outdated since we are in a constant process of tweaking and testing. I have been playing for a couple weeks, and have just finished grinding myself up to 50 craft. I wanted to see if I did it efficiently (I didn't), or if there were better ways. What I intend to demonstrate with this study is a data-backed guide to grinding a new player to max crafting level as quickly, and as cheaply, as possible. Methods: Data compiled for this study was: Ship resource requirements (fir/crew space - reason below) Ship Xp gained from crafting Labor Hours for crafting the ship Total Labor Hour Wallet size of the ship crafter Total number of ships crafter can craft with a full wallet (Ships/Day) Real cost of producing resources necessary to max Ships/Day Labor cost of producing resources necessary to max Ships/Day Data was compiled in excel. Results: These figures are based on ship crafter having perks: Light Ship Shipmaster, Royal Shipbuilder, and Overseer Ship Requirements and XP Ship Oak Fir Hemp Iron Lig Stone Coal Prov Hours XP TCutter 14 35 9 3 1 2 3 20 43 202 TLynx 14 35 9 3 1 2 3 20 29 362 Pickle 16 41 11 4 1 2 3 55 48 598 Priv 42 8 10 3 1 2 3 60 39 480 Tsnow 26 65 13 6 2 3 4 65 125 944 Brig 33 84 22 7 2 4 6 110 66 826 Tbrig 33 84 25 7 2 4 6 60 66 826 Resource Real and Labor Cost Resource: Real/1 unit Oak 10 Fir 4 Hemp 58 Iron 62 Lig 36 Stone 14 Coal 4 Prov 15 Labor for all resource production is approx 0.8 hours if producing at least 10. Under 10 and the unit:labor appears to be 1:1 Fir/Crew used because Fir costs much less than oak. Then we find the total number of ships one can produce/day based on their wallet size and the hours required for the construction. This number is not constant, so I'm not including the figures. For this example, assume a wallet size of 1240 hours. From this, we figure the amount of each resource needed to make n number of ships/day and sum the cost of all the resources, the labor hours/day required to produce the resources, and the amount of xp/day. We can then figure the Real/Xp, or the real cost for 1 xp. Ships/Day = crafterWalletSize/shipLaborCost Real/Day = sum(nResource/ship*costResource*Ships/Day) Labor/Day = sum(nResource/Ship*0.8*Ships/Day) Xp/Day = xp/Ship*Ships/Day Real/Xp = (Real/Day)/(Xp/Day) * this figure is = (costResouces/ship)/(xp/ship) -> A constant, regardless of wallet size Ship Ships/Day Real/Day Labor/Day Xp/Day Real/Xp 1/Log(Real/Xp) Cutter 29 39334 2007 5825 6.75 1.21 Lynx 43 58323 2976 15479 3.77 1.74 Pickle 26 54534 2749 15448 3.53 1.83 Priv 32 69758 3281 15262 4.57 1.52 Tsnow 10 27290 1460 9364 2.91 2.15 Brig 19 78496 4028 15519 5.06 1.42 Tbrig 19 67674 3322 15519 4.36 1.56 LGV ? 31470 1753 5399 5.83 1.31 * Note the Labor/Day refers to labour needed to produce the resources, not the labor required to craft the ship. These are all based off the labor hours wallet of 1240. LGV was included to see how crafting a ship outside of the 6-7 rank worked. I removed some of the data when I realized it was not efficient in grinding XP. Then I realized that some people might want to see. I included the inverse log because I think it makes it slightly easier to visualize the relationship: X-axis refers only to the name of the ship, and not to a quantitative value. The Trader Snow has the best Real/XP with the Pickle as a close second. *Greater inverse log = less real cost per 1 xp* For a visualization of XP vs Cost, an additional chart. Again, the xp/day and cost/day is assuming you craft the maximum amount of ships you can afford with your ship crafter's labor wallet size. For example, with a wallet of 1240 one can make ~43 Trader Lynx or ~26 Pickles. Conclusion: From the data provided, it would appear that grinding Trader Snows a day is the most cost-efficient way to grind crafting to the max. At the lower craft levels you are capped by the surprisingly high labor hour cost for the ship construction. I'm not sure if this is deliberate, as all ships had labor hour costs reduced recently, and it seems odd that a Trader Snow takes more hours to craft than a Trader Brig. If cost is slightly less of an issue and gaining XP quicker is more of a concern then it would appear that the Pickle or Trader Lynx is the way to go (unless the resale value is higher on the lynx I would probably grind pickles because clicking all the prompts 43 times would be annoying.) I have done some ballpark figures with higher ranked ships, but the trend of Real/XP increase occurs. Additionally, even with large labor wallets, the number of ships decreases significantly - so even with the higher XP/ship you end up making less XP/day. This makes sense, as the higher ranked ships are more useable. Personally, grinding Trader Snows has been somewhat useful. You have an increased chance of crafting high end TSnows with speed perks, which make a useful addition to your fleet. I would grind TSnows until you have a good amount of fast trader vessels and then switch to something more XP/Day efficient. An additional note, crafting trading vessels is usually cheaper because they use less provisions than the non-trader version. All data on ships that have a trader version (tCutter, tSnow, tLynx, tBrig) are the data from the trader version. How can you use this data? I think this information can be useful for clans wanting to train new people or also for solo players that want to sponsor or shadow a newcomer. If you are using alts, this is helpful information as well, although limiting factors will be access to all resources necessary. As the crafter's wallet increases these costs will change, but the rates will not. The Real/XP is a constant, as these divide down to a per ship basis. Same with the inverse log, as this is just another way to assess the Real/XP figure. Next: The next obvious step is to craft one of each and sell them (with the perk that give +15% profit) and then figure which offsets the cost best. I have a feeling that making 43 Trader Lynxes would generate more income than 26 Pickles, but I haven't tested that yet. I do know that selling Trader Brigs nets ~1700/ship, for a total of ~31K if crafting the max number of TBrigs. That nearly cuts the cost of resources in half. I assume the same will go for all of the ships in this study - but I haven't tested it yet. To the team: Game-labs, are the labor hours for Trader Snows how they should be or did they get missed in the patch? Thanks everyone. Edit: If you want to know how many resources/reals/hours are needed to go from 0-50 crafting nothing but Pickles (208 of them) 0-50 Amount Reals Labor Oak 3328 33280 2662 Fir 8528 34112 6822 Hemp 5588 324104 4470 Iron 832 51584 665 Lig 208 7488 166 Stone 1016 14224 812 Coal 624 2496 499 Prov 11440 171600 9152 Totals 638888 25248 Or you could craft 505 Trader Snows over two weeks and pay~363,000 reals instead.
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    thanks for the thoughtful post. indeed the level thresholds for crafting and xp for ships should be adjusted to motivate the player to build useful ships. we will do it soon.
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    A simple suggestion, but probably not so simple to do. I think the ability for a clan to hoard the resources entirely, as much as it benefits my clan, is not the direction we should go, and it has been brought up multiple times that solo players, small clans, and clans that aren't "in the group" are shunned out of it. I suggest the clan delivery mission gets split up. What we have now for wood: 1 million logs - clan basically controls who gains access. What we should have: 1 million logs X amount is owned by the controlling clan that owns the port and subsequently anyone in their friendly clan list. Y amount is publicly available for the Nation as a whole The clan that owns the port should have SOME control over how much is available. with the smallest Public amount being 200k, and largest public amount being 800k. Clan should be able to manage it in the clan window of port management. Once the clan has decided on the split, it cannot be changed. This 100% insures that a clan controlling a port will ALWAYS have a secured resource supply of wood, but is also insures that a Nation will always have the ability to also gain in the spoils. If the clan wants to keep the majority for themselves, they are able to. Alts be damned, I don't care. I think this is the best solution for the arguments on both sides. So 2 missions would be in the ports. a Public mission and a Clan mission. Same can be done for rare resources like copper ingots, and cartaghena tar.
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    Patchnotes updated Hotfix 14th March. PvP kills now grant combat medals for kills and assists (base on damage dealt). Fixed the bug that was counting kills in tutorials for hunt missions Clan delivery missions now deliver to your ship hold if you have no outpost int he city, even if you do not have enough hold space (this way you won't ever lose them if you exit the port by mistake). We also plan to add trading ship to basic NPC ship sales so you can buy it and add to fleet if to split resources between you fleet ships.
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    Also i would love if a player could affect the rng for the quality of ships. Lets say i craft 100 Surprise's, i get the title Experienced light frigate crafter which gives 50% increase of making 4 upgrade slot ships and 20% increase of making 5 upgrade slots ships. I craft 200 more Surps and gain the title Exceptional Light Frigate crafter which almost guarantees 4 upgrade slots on every ligth frigate you're crafting and give 50% chance of crafting a 5 upgrade slot one.
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    Ultimate prize if you sink a ship you get medals.... if you board an enemy ship an take it to homeport the admiralty let you get verdict onboarding and hang you for it ... stink for thanks... that's what i call it . a completely wrong message to the captains of the fleet it seems i live in a different world sometimes The raid was a shocking, staggering success. Fifteen English ships were destroyed, three of eight big ships were burned, but most symbolically agonizing of all, the English flagship, HMS Royal Charles, was abandoned by its crew and captured by the Dutch without a single shot fired. They just took it, towing the entire ship with its royal crest-emblazoned stern back home with them, the ultimate war prize. http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/15785 i understand this is a game of dumb pief paf poef bang bang bang and thats it or is it more ..? if you give the ship to the shop admiralty you should be rewarded abundantly
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    I think people better get used to oak/oak ships.... My personal opinion (hope) is that they slightly decrease the deltas between "average" and "AWESOME!!!!!"......
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    Level 50 shipwright (among other roles) on PvE Peace Server here. The bottleneck is rarity of permits now. I am still trying to sell off ships I built in preparation of the wipe, which filled my ship roster up to the limit, and sale slots as well. While I have not found uncraftable woods now except teak, the preparation of my shipyard for new activities is very slow and reduced to anything in oak or fir. With many doubloon sources at hands, at least I know I could buy expensive rare woods at Admiralty. I am trying to feed a couple of ports with "local goods" / food sorts in hope it will trigger a rare wood spawning for some time. However I don't know how much, what variety of local goods is required and if this just affects the random percentage or is a sure ticket. No idea. Wonder how many players will do this, with uncertain outcome as it is. However, I am always arguing in favor of unpredictability in game, so I don't mind randomness here - it would just be nice to learn how the mechanics are in this field. But the major problem is scarceness of permits. Maybe hunt/destroy mission chests should have more of them, down to silver chests (for frigates and rattlesnakes). The many boarding upgrades introduced last autumn they contain are seldom used, I am certain. Famous last words: I also liked the old detailed ship crafting better, it was better for immersion and you had something to anticipate - not the one-click-casual-thing it is now. But this is a question if you are more into role-playing or less. Practical people will prefer the one-click-solution.
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    the crafting makes no sense what so ever, IMO it should give xp for certain ship up to a certain level in crafting so you would have craft bigger ships to reach a higher skill, and ships like sols shouldnt be available to craft until 30+
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    The issue isn't black and white. Agreed to both sides: @victor points out correctly that this feature will mainly leave non-experienced players with problems. On the other hand has it been this way even with RZs: those who understood the mechanics used them and did not lose much/anything. @Rabman compared to the times you describe, many factors have been added: stronk clans will have the best materials and ships, coming out of newb mode is a longer way. PvP is not everywhere like in the days, it's limited and in many cases a pro vs. noob game. With 2.5k players, no big differences in woods and mods, cheap ships pvp was everywhere as the time/effort to reenter it, was fairly lower than now. Meaning players who start now will have a much harder time to get ships and therefore competibility in combat. For a long time I was so annoyed of all the RAs sitting in their cosy warmth until I realized, if there is just more players, statistic tells me, there will be more of those ready to leave. I wouldn't care if we went all hardcore, but neither me nor you are casuals. I entirely lack the understanding for this way to play, but for numbers' sake make the zones entirely safe but the "real" ow more rewarding. I fear as others said already that there won't be more PvP as players with a desire for peaceful gaming and partial excitement will choose the peace server now rather than become targets. One server for all game styles.
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    I wish combat medals would go - I don't know why doubloons weren't good enough. More specifically I wish combat medals wouldn't bar players from getting certain ships/mods. PVP rewards should be cosmetics.
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    I think we are going to see a loss of players initially, but they may come back. Still the reinforcement zone was never given a proper chance. It was always a "fake" safety feature. true, but I do hope those players still decide to stay... We need to encourage PvE minded players to play in the pool with us, not to be ravaged and left in the dirt alone.
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    Boarding and capturing a ship should reward you more than simply sinking it. in EXP, Reals and other types of rewards.
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    Watch change and rolling!
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    that's what I'm hoping to convey, I DON'T want us to HAVE to do long trade runs to "get by" :P. I'm not asking for same profit in half the distance, I'm asking for routes that are 1-2 hours long that aren't "trash." I wouldn't attempt this trade route again for a while. it was long, boring, and the only reason I kept going was because "once i do this I'll have money to do X, Y, and Z." The thing is, if I could do X, Y, Z, without having to spend so much time trading, I could do more and get back into other activities... This does affect my crafting. because of current Costs to extract certain resources (hemp, iron as the big ones) I felt I had to take this trade run to just have a decent supply of resources. I haven't spent my cash on extraction yet - but I'm thinking "holy crap, one i spend this money on resources, what am I going to do after?" I could attempt to sell them or make cannons and repairs which ARE profitable, but then I am hoping that OTHER players have money to spend. But based on what I have done and my other clan mates - they don't have the cash to spend on buying things, so my expected profit making isn't happening anytime too. Coupled with no one making much and others just not interested because of expected wipes it makes it difficult for me to create a said market. So I did the trade run to make stuff....to which now i can't really sell them and will just use them for myself. Which means I'd have to make a long trade run to get money back again. Here is my assessment of Crafting, Economy, and trade routes. Pros: 1. I like Profits based on distance BUT Currently it's skew to not be in favor of most players with limited time. Which is why I again make a suggestion to increase sell price of a good by 20-40% more for all distances. This should allow those who DO long distances to make boatloads of cash and they don't have to do it often. Shorter distances should then become more reasonable. Goods like beans, coconuts, tools, are fine as is - I think they are good short term trade goods for new players and players who want to make quick cash to use. It's like a stepping stone to the big stuff. 2. Crafting - I love the lower Labor hour costs and I like that ships don't take too many resources each. Cons: 1. Due to a large group of players just not interested in trying trading or crafting because of an eventual wipe - the market is literally stagnant. No one has money to spend on goods and those who do are not wanting to spend because they see how much time they have to invest in order to get that money back. This is not good and I believe it shows that many people just don't have the time to commit that is apparently expected now. 2. There seems to be a disproportionately high amount of ships behind a wall of Permits, both admiralty and then random chest drops. I think it's really limiting everyone's enjoyment. I personally thought the system we had for only line ships having permits was solid and I don't agree with the change that has been made. Most players believe we are now left with the "crap" ships and those ships just can NEVER compete with ships that are behind the permits. This is not a way to balance these ships, we need to bring the ships people think are bad up in line with good ships, not force players by making it hard to get good ships. 3. Time investment is too large for some folks. 4. Resource extraction on some resources just seems too high, mainly hemp and iron - I see the reasoning based on Crafting costs for ships and cannons. I really do think though that it is barring entry into crafting. I completely think that the new foundation we have for crafting, trading, and economy is good. BUT it's out of whack right now and is causing a lot of stagnation (along with other factors). 3 things need to happen for "everyone" to feel happy (or at least happier) 1. Trade goods and routes need to have better profit margins. increase the profit margin by 20-40%, I'd go with a solid 30% increase but I really think this needs to happen. This would make 1-2 hour round trips (buy and sell both ways) more useful for players with limited time and the EXPECTATION of "I have enough money now." 2. If we MUST have permits and some ships MUST be hard to get then we have to change this slightly for both crafting sake and our sanity checks. There should be NO permits for 6th and 7th rate classes. These ships just can't compete with the shallow 5th rates that are able to roam the bahamas and shallow PBs. They NEED to be seen as an easy to replace alternative. For 5th rates: - 1-2 ship(s) should be behind a Permit that costs doubloons - 1-2 ship(s) should be behind a permit that costs combat medals - Special ships I.E. Santa Cecillia should keep their rarity based on epic chest loot. for 4th rates: - Ingermanland and Wapen should NOT have a permit cost - Aggie to be Permit based on doubloon cost (i believe it already is) - United States/Connie Permit based on Combat Medals for Lineships: 3rd rates - the standard 3rd rate SHOULD be the only lineship with no permit cost. All other Lineships to have a permit cost based on Victory Marks scaled accordingly EX: Bellona (and future 3rds) - 5 victory marks 2nds 10-15 Victory marks 1st - 20-30 Victory marks 3. Combat medals should be redeemed for paints, flags (instead of 50k doubloons), and other future cosmetics. All other mods/books in admiralty store to be based on doubloons cost. These 3 changes would be the next step for a good 2nd iteration on what we have gotten. I have other thoughts on the matter, but these mainly pertain to trading and crafting.
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    Cant craft without trade. My biggest complaint is harvesting resources which need huge amounts of Reals.
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    I agree with all that you said but I would like to highlight this part. Don't get me wrong I appreciate that it's easier to craft ships now but it reminds me too much of so often cited by @adminclicker heroes. You click and bam, there's the ship. There was something epic in old ship crafting. @admincan't we meet somewhere in the middle of new and old ship crafting?
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    An idea of content for the PvE server : being able to send several of one's own ships in different directions of the OW at the same time and being able to teleport the captain aboard these ships (ie being able to take control of any of these ship, give her a new direction, enter the nearest port...) and being able teleport the captain from a sailing ship to an outpost (to manage production, buying, selling, crafting) and vice versa, while several of one's ships are sailing in OW. It would allow ppl to do several things at the same time. Less AFK. The number of ships sailing at the same time could be limited. + Aggressive AI forcing the player to keep an eye on every of one's own ships in the OW. When a player is aboard a ship or in an outpost, his other ships sailing in the OW are considered as bots and can ba attacked by human players.
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    Don't fret, I'm on it! Working on finding a solution. I guess I'm a lot around here, too much I suppose some would say. But I am a PvP Paladin, remember? A frikkin knight in shining armor...
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    Prussian noobs also use ports out of the way to do their farming (no one goes to the top of haiti), as does the Russian noobs up in their location oriented safe zone. Poland is a better example and how they were farmed out of the game a couple of times. In fact as I write this I remember back during the prussia/pirate war we made an effort to go to those ports at the top of haiti and sink HANSA traders. They were tired of it immediately and it was one of the reasons why we made a peace deal. Fact of the matter is that safe zones either need to exist and be 100% safe (no pvp) or need to be removed completed. Admin has chose to remove them, but I think his reasoning is incorrect. We have not tested 100% safe reinforcement zones and he is using a flawed system to form his opinions. Personally I'd like to test the idea of an expanded capital zone that allows for no PVP battles and see what the results would be. Players left the game for the PVE server because of several factors - Lineships are expensive to make and easy to lose Unsafe Reinforcement zones Little incentive to PVP outside capital areas RVR mega zergs that steam roll territory PVE server won't be wiped. To say that safe zones didn't work and people moved over to the peace server because of that reason alone is a fallacy.
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    These are some suggestions that I think the PVE server should have in contrast to the PVP server, otherwise it will stay exactly like a copy & paste version of the PVP server "gamemode". 1. The possibility to see other players name and rank: With that being stated, we should be able to trade and/or message and add to friend list other players from different nations aswell. There is absolutely no need to make their information private and impossible to make contact or trade. 2. Colonization, Port Battles & Temporary admiralties: Each core nation should be able to colonize neutral/free ports/towns for a month. Only free town/neutral ports. Instead of fighting NPC from other core nations, we would participate in port battles against neutral NPCs, which doesn't belong to any core nation at all. With that being stated aswell, there could potentially be more factions to hold these free towns and defend it; Barbary Pirates, Pirates and Merchants. Hardcore nations should be able to conquer free ports aswell, but instead of holding it national for only a month, they should be able to hold it as a national port for a longer period, since they lack capitals and admiralty. Players (or clans) could and should be able to make that free town/port a temporary admiralty for themselves with limited resources. They potentially would be able to buy upgrades, books, permits and small amounts of rare woods/pve exchanges, also labour hours could be cheaper but smaller amounts available. Everything would be limited and resupplied every maintenance till the timeframe ends. Each conquered port would give the nation benefits in crafting, trading. To keep that port to your nation, when the timeframe ends, that port can only be conquered again within the next 24 hours. 3. Pirates should be able to add their own custom flags into the game: There should be a system where a player could request the developers to add their flag into the game. An area on the forum that the player would post his request, the developers would analyze it and approve it. If approved, the flag would then be added into the server as an item for the player to right-click > use and it would instantly be added to his flag page to be applied on his character/ship. 4. Treasure fleet: There should be treasure fleets spawned randomly on the server, announced globally for all players to see, not really a rare fleet, it could be announced within 3 to 4 hours each day. Once announced, players could gather forces and go to the place marked on the map. Once there, the group joins the instance and they need to sink the escorts + the galleon/merchant ship carrying the treasure (doubloons, combat medals, reals, expensive goods, rare woods, A BUNCH OF THEM). Escorts could be SOLs and frigates, nothing too hard to deal with but nothing too easy to deal with it either. 5. Consensual duels amongst the players: Be able to challenge someone to a duel, no consequence whatsoever. You wouldn't lose your ship nor reals/loot, just a friendly duel so people can teach, play with or even test out upgrades & metas against each other. Kinda similar to what the "practice" gamemode was all about, but instead, on the go. You're on the Open World, sailing around and you could potentially duel a friendly player or a player from a different nation for a duel/challenge, you both would go to an instance, nobody could join, and you battle till the player "sinks", after that, the instance would be close and you both would be back to the open world, in your ships, back to normal. 6. The possibility to enter other nations capitals/ports without being marked as an enemy. I still don't know why this is a thing in the PVE server, but knowing that the server was almost a copy & paste version of the war server, I get it. You should be able to join other nation capitals and ports without being marked as an enemy, since in the PVE server, you're not an enemy and you can't attack players. Other hardcore nations could potentially make use of the other nations admiralty, since Russia, Danemark, Swede, Prussia and Poland don't even have capitals (if I'm not mistaken). If that's too over the top, then my suggestion of adding a "temporary admiralty" option would even out the odds for those hardcore nations. If they can't use other nations admiralty, they could potentially conquer a free town port and simply establish a temporary admiralty for them, making that port a temporary capital. 7. Getting the rank of Post Captain at the tutorial instead of the Master & Commander. I get it, it would give too much advantage for new players at the beginning, or wouldn't it? No. It wouldn't. Starting off as a Master & Commander gives you a huge advantage as a starting point, but still too limited for people that are already experienced with the game and wants to jump into the action, start doing econ runs and craft. The rank of Post Captain gives you total controle over frigates and the possibility to even undercrew heavier frigates in the 4th rate category, which is good as a starting point in my opinion. 8. Fly your own flag: If the trade & message suggestion would get approved, it would be possible to group up with different players from other nations to do fleet battles, with that being said, if you belong to a different nation, you should fly your nation's flag instead of being forced to fly their flags in the instance battle. Right now, if you join another nation's battle, you will fly their flag as if you were part of that nation and it's not how things work, is it? Anyway, that's just some suggestions that I've been keeping to myself but seeing that a lot of changes are coming to Naval Action with the latest patch and the future ones to come, PVE server really needs tons of content to be a active server. Right now we vary between 150~200 players 24/7, with the difference being between the hours of midnight till after maintenance, which dangles to 50~60. We, from the PVE server need to be more active on the forums and request more content from the developers, because it's really necessary.
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    Definitely. Sinking enemy is good for the war effort. But capturing and using it by your own navy is far more useful.
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    Although I agree in principle with the split clan resources idea in terms of making the resources more readily accessible to small clans and solo players, the plan as proposed would defeat part of the idea of having clan resources in the first place. Clan resources are a way for a nation to control the accessibility of rare resources. With the old system the ports dropped the goods and anyone could bid for them in the auction including alts from other nations, so really there was no limiting the accessibility of the resources to other nations. If you now allow part of the clan resources to be available to all the nation the alts and alt clans will have access again thus negating the need to RvR for access. The problem I see with the clan resources at the moment is that solo players and small clans cannot get access unless they are on the friend list of the port owning clan and the list has a limited number of slots. So I think the solution is to increase the number of friend slots and allow individual players to be added to the access list. This way the clan can vet the people who have access and thus exclude alts and alt clans and other persons and clans that do not assist in capturing and defending ports.
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    It might help if also the clan gets some doubloons every time another friendly clan extract the woods. However my main concerns with that mission are: I have to grind 50.000-100.000 doubloons the first time I want a wood combination. Do you know how hard is to farm those quaantities? More options please! The great amount of doubloons required. 25.000 for sabicu and caguairan! Dont understand how those prices are going to encourage to take risks in pvp and rvr.
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    what about you can specialize within one type of ship? so one guy that knows how to craft and exceptional victory, doesent have the knowledge to craft an exceptional trincomalee this would even it out and people would specialize in certain ships
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    remove pvp hunt mission we get medals now for kills and assists we dont need pvp hunt mission anymore.
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    Type of ship: Lineship, frigates and shallows.
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    This. A lot of players have a real problem with this and many solutions have been proposed. Mine is always "If you can't see the swords when the battle starts, you can't join". This seems fundamental to me in an OW that uses instances and time compression. I hate the 20 min timer, of course.
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    Hey Sir! What do you see?
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    This is an attractive idea, but we all know what would happen. The ultra-gamers would run with this and within a few weeks (or less) they would be pumping out gold ships and flooding the market with them. But only at ridiculously high prices that the poorer folks cant handle. there would be untouchable players all gold all the time. No, I think ship quality must remain low percentage and random.
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    Relaxation in the gun-room.
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    Installation of the main topgallant-mast (summer 2018). The gays on the mainetop, it's me
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    converge on water and change graphicsettings so your firezone isn't bend by water
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    Totally agree. It would also make more ships available in the market probably when people want to level up crafting. Compared to now where everyone crafts the most efficient ship x times (tlynx?) @admin
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    sad to see that yall waited to till everyone quit before you removed the things that killed the game. HOWEVER this is a great move moving into the launch of the game. don't let the crybabys talk you into walking it back again.
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    Ohh it does matter. I may be wanna farm Rear Admirals who has very limited pvp experience, it is fun sinking them, reminds me how big pvp I am ! May be I wanna farm every trader, crafter, npc farmer, so they can quit the game, and it is game over NA cause I can not farm remaining 100 pvpers. I can move to another game and show random people how skilled I am ? We kept saying, we kept trying, with basic concept and basic words even the trees would understand, this games needs a healthy eco-system where many fish live. Most of them will be eating moss/vegetation, some bigger fish eating the smaller ones and sometimes each other, but eco-system dies when no small fish is left.
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    So i'm one of the Famous 2h-Man (Kids, Family, Job - leaves me with 2h after everyone is in Bed-special Gamenights not included) I do not run Alt currently, so this is from a one-Account-view i own the Herucles DLC, wich i think is a must as a 2h Man to minimize Frustration. Wich is fine by me its not expensive. I wanna give a litlle feedback about the current ways to make ingame (From my view). Long, profitable Traderuns are not an option with 2h per Day, Risk is to high and it takes way to much time. If i have a Full gamenight it can be very well worth it, if you buy Tradegoods and fill up, with Delivery and Letter Missions for Dubloons. Luckly there are niches for 2h-Man's. Since (as far as i know) Repairs, Cannorrades and Long Gun only spawn in Capital Port and not in freeports, there is a constant need for those things in freeports like LT or LM. Player redeem or tow there ships there for PvP or PvE away from their Homewaters. All these ships need to be gunned and filled with Repairs. With 5 Outposts, ive been able to create a Cannon and Repair productionline within close range to a certain Freeport. It takes me around 40min (If the Wind sucks) to collect all the Ressources, Ship them to the Freeport craft the Repais and Cannons (wahtever is needed more, currently nobody else is doint it, so i got a monopol) and place the Contracts. After taht, i switch to my Frigate and join the Clan for PvP and PvE. So far, 24h later everything has been sold, i collect the money maybe upgrade the Ressourcefacilites or buy a new Ship. And do it all over again. I still upgrade my stuff, so i have not reached the maximum production yet (Still LH left after i crafted). But is already enough to cover my expenses and keep investing in more Facilities. Espacially since i dont have to buy Cannon or Repairs. taht been said, i mostly use the Hercules for regualr PvP/PvE and only pull my bigger ships if i roam with the Clan. Since Port do not produce Ressources anymore and its all Playerbased, i sell all my leftovers of Iron, Coal, Sugar and Woods in the Port i produce them. Crafters wich do not have a certain Ressource buy them. My selling are increasing since Players now know that someone selling Ressource A in Port C on a regular base, so they tend to come back. And this short after the Patch. I believe this will work great after release when we got a bigger Playerbase again and more demand for these products. i believe the playerbased Production is not an disadvantage for a 2h Man, but a change to get Real in short time, wihle providing Ressources and needs to player with more Time. So in Short: Playerbased Production for the Win! There need to be some Ports wich spawn Ressouces just in case, but it shoud come from the Player. It "employees" Players and gives them an good income and adds Tactical options in Warfare! More of it!
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    Let me speculate about what it could happen at launch. Experienced traders and pro carebears (and their clans) will go immediately finding them some remote long-haul-but-in-the-middle-of-nothing-routes or hidden and far away places to kill NPCs. Newbies - instead - will roam around capitals doing missions and some short range haul. The usual gankers will also roam there ... you know Since PVP players of a faction will be busy in roaming around near other factions' capital, newbies will struggle in finding suitable defense My honest impression is that you basically think that reverting to the no-reinfocement model at launch could bring the same results that it had when, a couple of years ago, there were no safezones at all. The problem is that the game has changed a lot: now we have no easy captured ships, we have no plenty of NPCs around capitals to farm xp and silver, in general now gaining silver is much less easy than once, now we have one life ships (instead of multiple life ships), now a decent ship is much more expensive than before, now access to good woods is restrained for the average players. So I think that things are likely to turn in a different way. PS: I bet a silver piece that when you will take away reinforcement zones the gank posse will get back camping outside capitals ... basically proving that reinforcement were far from useless.
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    There's almost 130 players on right now on the PVE server. It dangles around 150 to 200 everyday.
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    I like that but the thing about roe is that it doesn't feel right. Back when you had the 2 minutes timer for 100% of the battles it made sense. You said it yourself that 2min was view distance of battle. You added patrol and people complained. They did not like the way you could be ganked by a clan 25 minutes into battle. I don't understand why you changed to whole roe of the open sea because of that. You must take time compression into account even if people are ganked because of it. If you continue down this road you might as well keep the open sea for eco and have a combat lobby. I know it is hard to design a sandbox with instances but at least the 2min timer was a logical compromise and should have been part of patrol since day one. If you want fair pvp then enable small battles. I personally want a lobby game more than a sandbox but if the game is intended to be a sandbox then it should be one. Nothing worse than a game that doesn't know what it is.
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    Hot fix 13th March Solo patrol fix. Solo patrol damage was also counted in the general patrol, some captains abused this mechanic in the solo patrol area. As a result solo patrol damage is now applied only if you managed to kill the opponent. Repairs changes. We have found that many players were spending quite some time returning to ports to refill repairs. Time should be spent on combat - as a result repairs now repair 300hp instead of 100hp, reducing the pressure to constantly come back to port to pick them up. Cost of repairs remained the same for now.
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    Devs new year resolution.
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