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    Patchnotes updated Hotfix 14th March. PvP kills now grant combat medals for kills and assists (base on damage dealt). Fixed the bug that was counting kills in tutorials for hunt missions Clan delivery missions now deliver to your ship hold if you have no outpost int he city, even if you do not have enough hold space (this way you won't ever lose them if you exit the port by mistake). We also plan to add trading ship to basic NPC ship sales so you can buy it and add to fleet if to split resources between you fleet ships.
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    Level 50 shipwright (among other roles) on PvE Peace Server here. The bottleneck is rarity of permits now. I am still trying to sell off ships I built in preparation of the wipe, which filled my ship roster up to the limit, and sale slots as well. While I have not found uncraftable woods now except teak, the preparation of my shipyard for new activities is very slow and reduced to anything in oak or fir. With many doubloon sources at hands, at least I know I could buy expensive rare woods at Admiralty. I am trying to feed a couple of ports with "local goods" / food sorts in hope it will trigger a rare wood spawning for some time. However I don't know how much, what variety of local goods is required and if this just affects the random percentage or is a sure ticket. No idea. Wonder how many players will do this, with uncertain outcome as it is. However, I am always arguing in favor of unpredictability in game, so I don't mind randomness here - it would just be nice to learn how the mechanics are in this field. But the major problem is scarceness of permits. Maybe hunt/destroy mission chests should have more of them, down to silver chests (for frigates and rattlesnakes). The many boarding upgrades introduced last autumn they contain are seldom used, I am certain. Famous last words: I also liked the old detailed ship crafting better, it was better for immersion and you had something to anticipate - not the one-click-casual-thing it is now. But this is a question if you are more into role-playing or less. Practical people will prefer the one-click-solution.
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    Boarding and capturing a ship should reward you more than simply sinking it. in EXP, Reals and other types of rewards.
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    that's what I'm hoping to convey, I DON'T want us to HAVE to do long trade runs to "get by" :P. I'm not asking for same profit in half the distance, I'm asking for routes that are 1-2 hours long that aren't "trash." I wouldn't attempt this trade route again for a while. it was long, boring, and the only reason I kept going was because "once i do this I'll have money to do X, Y, and Z." The thing is, if I could do X, Y, Z, without having to spend so much time trading, I could do more and get back into other activities... This does affect my crafting. because of current Costs to extract certain resources (hemp, iron as the big ones) I felt I had to take this trade run to just have a decent supply of resources. I haven't spent my cash on extraction yet - but I'm thinking "holy crap, one i spend this money on resources, what am I going to do after?" I could attempt to sell them or make cannons and repairs which ARE profitable, but then I am hoping that OTHER players have money to spend. But based on what I have done and my other clan mates - they don't have the cash to spend on buying things, so my expected profit making isn't happening anytime too. Coupled with no one making much and others just not interested because of expected wipes it makes it difficult for me to create a said market. So I did the trade run to make stuff....to which now i can't really sell them and will just use them for myself. Which means I'd have to make a long trade run to get money back again. Here is my assessment of Crafting, Economy, and trade routes. Pros: 1. I like Profits based on distance BUT Currently it's skew to not be in favor of most players with limited time. Which is why I again make a suggestion to increase sell price of a good by 20-40% more for all distances. This should allow those who DO long distances to make boatloads of cash and they don't have to do it often. Shorter distances should then become more reasonable. Goods like beans, coconuts, tools, are fine as is - I think they are good short term trade goods for new players and players who want to make quick cash to use. It's like a stepping stone to the big stuff. 2. Crafting - I love the lower Labor hour costs and I like that ships don't take too many resources each. Cons: 1. Due to a large group of players just not interested in trying trading or crafting because of an eventual wipe - the market is literally stagnant. No one has money to spend on goods and those who do are not wanting to spend because they see how much time they have to invest in order to get that money back. This is not good and I believe it shows that many people just don't have the time to commit that is apparently expected now. 2. There seems to be a disproportionately high amount of ships behind a wall of Permits, both admiralty and then random chest drops. I think it's really limiting everyone's enjoyment. I personally thought the system we had for only line ships having permits was solid and I don't agree with the change that has been made. Most players believe we are now left with the "crap" ships and those ships just can NEVER compete with ships that are behind the permits. This is not a way to balance these ships, we need to bring the ships people think are bad up in line with good ships, not force players by making it hard to get good ships. 3. Time investment is too large for some folks. 4. Resource extraction on some resources just seems too high, mainly hemp and iron - I see the reasoning based on Crafting costs for ships and cannons. I really do think though that it is barring entry into crafting. I completely think that the new foundation we have for crafting, trading, and economy is good. BUT it's out of whack right now and is causing a lot of stagnation (along with other factors). 3 things need to happen for "everyone" to feel happy (or at least happier) 1. Trade goods and routes need to have better profit margins. increase the profit margin by 20-40%, I'd go with a solid 30% increase but I really think this needs to happen. This would make 1-2 hour round trips (buy and sell both ways) more useful for players with limited time and the EXPECTATION of "I have enough money now." 2. If we MUST have permits and some ships MUST be hard to get then we have to change this slightly for both crafting sake and our sanity checks. There should be NO permits for 6th and 7th rate classes. These ships just can't compete with the shallow 5th rates that are able to roam the bahamas and shallow PBs. They NEED to be seen as an easy to replace alternative. For 5th rates: - 1-2 ship(s) should be behind a Permit that costs doubloons - 1-2 ship(s) should be behind a permit that costs combat medals - Special ships I.E. Santa Cecillia should keep their rarity based on epic chest loot. for 4th rates: - Ingermanland and Wapen should NOT have a permit cost - Aggie to be Permit based on doubloon cost (i believe it already is) - United States/Connie Permit based on Combat Medals for Lineships: 3rd rates - the standard 3rd rate SHOULD be the only lineship with no permit cost. All other Lineships to have a permit cost based on Victory Marks scaled accordingly EX: Bellona (and future 3rds) - 5 victory marks 2nds 10-15 Victory marks 1st - 20-30 Victory marks 3. Combat medals should be redeemed for paints, flags (instead of 50k doubloons), and other future cosmetics. All other mods/books in admiralty store to be based on doubloons cost. These 3 changes would be the next step for a good 2nd iteration on what we have gotten. I have other thoughts on the matter, but these mainly pertain to trading and crafting.
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    Cant craft without trade. My biggest complaint is harvesting resources which need huge amounts of Reals.
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    Don't fret, I'm on it! Working on finding a solution. I guess I'm a lot around here, too much I suppose some would say. But I am a PvP Paladin, remember? A frikkin knight in shining armor...
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    Totally agree. It would also make more ships available in the market probably when people want to level up crafting. Compared to now where everyone crafts the most efficient ship x times (tlynx?) @admin
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    Why does it matter to you what others do? Your not being forced to play with them so why do they have to be forced to play with you. Some folks don't ahve all day to PvP and want to log in do some missions and level up some without being dragged into a fight they aren't ready for or have time for. Now your just going to run off more players than keep and your going to see a server even more dead than we have right now. Wouldn't you get better PvP when folks come out when they want to PvP? How if we don't want any PvE than lets remove all AI and have a PvP only server, cause that is what you will get and we all know how NA:L failed.....only a few folks want that and it's not enough to sustand a server. Those PvE guys are the ones that craft ships, pay tax's, fuels the econ. They are the ones that you hunt cause your to much a coward to fight other PvPers. When they all go and I'm sure it won't be to the PvE serve than what will you do?
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    So i'm one of the Famous 2h-Man (Kids, Family, Job - leaves me with 2h after everyone is in Bed-special Gamenights not included) I do not run Alt currently, so this is from a one-Account-view i own the Herucles DLC, wich i think is a must as a 2h Man to minimize Frustration. Wich is fine by me its not expensive. I wanna give a litlle feedback about the current ways to make ingame (From my view). Long, profitable Traderuns are not an option with 2h per Day, Risk is to high and it takes way to much time. If i have a Full gamenight it can be very well worth it, if you buy Tradegoods and fill up, with Delivery and Letter Missions for Dubloons. Luckly there are niches for 2h-Man's. Since (as far as i know) Repairs, Cannorrades and Long Gun only spawn in Capital Port and not in freeports, there is a constant need for those things in freeports like LT or LM. Player redeem or tow there ships there for PvP or PvE away from their Homewaters. All these ships need to be gunned and filled with Repairs. With 5 Outposts, ive been able to create a Cannon and Repair productionline within close range to a certain Freeport. It takes me around 40min (If the Wind sucks) to collect all the Ressources, Ship them to the Freeport craft the Repais and Cannons (wahtever is needed more, currently nobody else is doint it, so i got a monopol) and place the Contracts. After taht, i switch to my Frigate and join the Clan for PvP and PvE. So far, 24h later everything has been sold, i collect the money maybe upgrade the Ressourcefacilites or buy a new Ship. And do it all over again. I still upgrade my stuff, so i have not reached the maximum production yet (Still LH left after i crafted). But is already enough to cover my expenses and keep investing in more Facilities. Espacially since i dont have to buy Cannon or Repairs. taht been said, i mostly use the Hercules for regualr PvP/PvE and only pull my bigger ships if i roam with the Clan. Since Port do not produce Ressources anymore and its all Playerbased, i sell all my leftovers of Iron, Coal, Sugar and Woods in the Port i produce them. Crafters wich do not have a certain Ressource buy them. My selling are increasing since Players now know that someone selling Ressource A in Port C on a regular base, so they tend to come back. And this short after the Patch. I believe this will work great after release when we got a bigger Playerbase again and more demand for these products. i believe the playerbased Production is not an disadvantage for a 2h Man, but a chance to get Real in short time, wihle providing Ressources and needs to player with more Time. So in Short: Playerbased Production for the Win! There need to be some Ports wich spawn Ressouces just in case, but it shoud come from the Player. It "employees" Players and gives them an good income and adds Tactical options in Warfare! More of it!
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    How the last patch feels with its ammount of time needed to grind Combat Medals + doublons for rare woods:
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    Devs new year resolution.
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    PvP kills now grant combat medals for kills and assists (base on damage dealt). Does damage done to crew count aswell?, just curious if boarding will reward me with less then a regular brawl.
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    When you didn't get the dresscode invite
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    I spent ... a few... decades with naval miniature wargaming. I know game players like to be armchair ship designers. What owners of the books shown in above posts know is that putting a ship together is 'way more complicated that choosing hull modules in SOTS. Every choice affects everything else to be chosen. I spent a lot of time with my set of books creating empirical formulae for the different warship categories, based on actual ships built and operated by the world's navies. (much better than working directly with naval architecture principles, as in "Modern Ship Design" by M.I.T. professor Gilmer). This was aimed at letting me make plausible design decisions, based on the technologies available at the time, for never-designed warships. Y'know - I gave it up. There's a free tool by some guys who have done all the work! It's illuminating to discover that your imagined ship is not sufficiently stable, or lacks adequate hull volume to carry out needed functions! The interface is not the friendliest, but I trust the output. Visit http://www.springsharp.com/ My advice: hire those guys for working on your game's shipyard. Your 3D model maker will be wonderful, I'm sure. And with good scientific integrity behind the design work, your game can not only be a game and a history lesson, but a revelation to those people who have yet to clamber below decks on an old warship and wonder, "Huh! I wonder why they did THAT!"
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    Not going to be AFK sailing during 2 days to be able to craft a lineship. Im here, playing a game, to have fun. If in order to have fun one day I have to spend such amount of time in that boring activity I will look for another game. And Im not going to be the only one thinking this way.
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    Aún, después de 13 días no habéis tenido episodio de la radio ( en iVoox si) pero os he preparado otro episodio para compensar, junto a Depredador de ROT. Saldrán conforme sea posible.
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    In my view a good broadside from SOL should render a 5th rate a floating wreck. A frigate attacking a SOL should be extremly dangreous and winning said battle should be great achivement not mondane thing.
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    The only difference is that we have a dock full of ships atm which insulates the playerbase against the "rare" woods. After wipe - the problem will be painfully clear, both the imbalance of woods and mods, and the problem of one fleet sitting on the best woods and the other fleets being lambs to the slaughter in RvR as well as PvP.
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    And there are other choices. The same 5 hours could be spent boarding and capping AI (or player) traders. Not sure you would end up with 40k Doubloons, but it would be a large amount and you would get a pocketful of reals as well. It's all about preference.
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    If its like the old pvp marks system, then you have to sink the ship after boarding to get the full amount of pvp medals.
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    I laughed hard , a very good question. Let's think ...
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    I'm late to the party, but I really despise any wipe of xp. It's true, I grinded completely up in 1 month, but I also did that with the promise in mind that xp were here to stay. It makes no sense for a PvE server to force people to grind again. But what should I say? Let me quote these old, wise words, and live on.
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    +1 or better : Small ships (4pdrs and 6pdrs) 9-pdr ships : Niagara, LRQ, Hercule, Cerberus, La Renommée, Pandora and Surprise. Bigger frigates Sols
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    So why on the first place did you remove the pvp mark? @admin
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    Nooooooo! Why? We already have too few mission slots
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    About new ROE rule of reinforcing weakside for 20 minutes, it is such an abusable feature. Of course being abused by guys who are mostly into pvp ! I give you a nice example. Hey let's do 3 vs 3 battle ? Okay let's do it and battle starts your team with 3x1st rate and enemy joins with 2x1st rate plus a 2nd rate. When you beat them, they will say you were superior, you had 3x1st rate !, but why didn't they join with 3x1st rate as they could easly ??? REASON: cause if they fart up, they can call another mate during 20 minutes, so it becomes 3x1st against 3x1st and one 2nd, and do it when 20 minutes is about to end I can also exploit it, how? Just call a friend from another nation to join their side, bumm who is clever now ? (of course after 20 minutes timer is done, friend will say "oh enjoy your battle, I don't wanna distrupt your duel, I exit, bye") The new boading game is only difficult for guys who have little experience in boarding. It is the same game for veterans except the boarding has changed much with latest genious upgrades to boarding. (redoubtable muskets/sea muskets) @admin introducing the musket mods already made it difficult to engage boarding with a boarding equipped good pvper. I got boarded by a Santi in my L'Ocean, I had five rings and shooting, he had more than 500 muskets on his ships against my 250 muskets. I brace to his musket, lost 50 plus, second or third round I lost the boarding game ! I had like 900 crew + 100 prep against his 1000 crew and + 65 prep. So I could not follow what happened really but game over in few rounds. So everyhing like gunnery ency. + book of five + master carpenter + elite french is useless against redoubtable muskets+some additonal musket mods. This is for Line Ship combat. What kind of technology is redoubtable muskets ? How can it be so decisive in boading? Why did admin nerf normal muskets ? Would be nice instead of nerfing normal muskets adding more musket crew, they should prevent stacking Shooting with other musket mods, but they nerf the Shooting Book which is available to all players. For me these little things are frustrating as hell, because these little things add up and spoils all the gameplay. Seeing these poor decisions I try to convience myself, it is time to move on as I have spent lots hours full of fun, and game starts to become more frustrating with every great addition. We mostly play games to have fun. These little additions should be experimental in a BETA, but somehow it takes 1 million posts, lots of time to change developers ideas and implemented super features. I see them rolling back %50 percent of "their great ideas which broke" what was perfectly working, but takes a long time and some battle. The problem is, there is nobody actively testing the game from them, or they are testing intensively but they are equal level to most elite players so their understanding of the game is much different from remaining %90 percent of players. On the other hand good see some real content (port upgrades/shipyard upgrades) is about to come or some hopefuly rebalanced (group kill missions). Let's see what this game is going to be on the vision of @admin. I am looking forward to release of NA.
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    You're right and the only issue I see is revenge ganking. That's the problem with time compression. The higher the open sea speed gets the easier it is. Its the instant messaging that is more of an issue because a ship could arguably leave port at full sail and catch up to a battle. Battles took hours to days so with good wind a revenge gank could work irl. It's the coms more of an issue. I could live with higher speed and longer invisibility timers to make up for that. That been said I hate the current roe more than anything we have had so far. If I attack 2 noobs with higher br I want to be left alone. I already hate that players from other nations can join my side uninvited and really wish I would be allowed to green on green them. I'm not even 100% sure how the roe works but since br is completely broken it doesn't work anyway.
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    We are reviewing this. On paper it looks ok (it just depends on what you mean by profit) There are 15 min runs that can generate up to 60k reals per hour. But of course they are boring for some.
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    Hay una frase que HAY que poner en la traducion del Juego en Latin "TU REGERE IMPERIO FLUCTUS HISPANE MEMENTO" en Español "RECUERDA ESPAÑA. QUE TÚ REGISTE EL IMPERIO DE LOS MARES "
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    Same, again I don't see the benefit to splitting up the currencies every chance you get, I don't know of any other MMO that tries to do that, probably because it end up being extra convoluted when you can just have 1 monetary currency and say a reputation type currency that works for pvp rewards. Oddly enough the devs are quick too add another currency type but have never explained the benefit of doing it which leads me to believe it's one of those "trust us, we don't know what we're doing" type deals
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    Fine with the capital zone but the reinforcement zones just do not seem to have really any purpose. They are too large to be beneficial. Just having the capital zone will work seeing the NPC traffic that currently goes into those ports being majority no bigger than a 6th rate. Easy ships to fight for a solo new player or someone with more experience to help a new player become more comfortable with the game. While much larger NPC fleets of higher class of ships tend to be already outside these zones. Places like Puerto De Espana or Portobelo have large amount of 5th rates and above coming in and out of those areas. When the final wipe happens players will need to move out farther from the capital areas to actually rank up efficiently and unlock slots if they prefer to grind via PvE and grind missions.
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    While I can appreciate that and have amassed similar amounts of doubloons with that same intent but then I thought. It has been a week now and I have no combat medals. It is all a hoax there are no combat medals. No combat medals no combat medals it is a shame. everyone says you need them to craft things so having wood with no combat medals is the same as no collusion.
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    Maybe not? Maybe not because of ganking itself but because of the way it happens? I've been in a large map and persistent world flightsim MMO where there are no instances and 750 players sharing the same time and space, so to speak. There was tons of ganking there in the form of base capture raids and any size of player groups flying together. Because of the shared time and space anyone would almost always be able to choose if they want to engage or disengage based on what they see around them. You certainly could find yourself in a gank but then you have made a conscious decision not to avoid it, again based on what your can see around you. We can't share time and space in NA. One thing is the potential million billion cannonballs the server has to be able to crunch, another thing is the distances of our map combined with the speed of our ships. Technology may allow us to deal with everyone with their cannonballs sharing the same "room" eventually but then there's the time factor. Even if we shrunk our world dramatically the map would be enormous if we shared one instance. It would take some time to plan and execute port captures if this was our shared time and space world, eh? How would we deal with production, hauling and crafting in a 1:1 world with possibly only character teleports? So we have the tactically and strategically ideal 1:1 world that would make all unfair war tactics make sense. Then we have our current situation with OW vs. instance that is absolutely necessary to make a big map work. Many of us accept ganks as natural in a wargame, but very few enjoy being tagged by a small and fast craft which can have friends hours, if not days, away but they're still able to teleport on top of us due to lenient RoE. Nevermind playing it smart or roleplaying, you may be tackled by a ship that was there and minutes later killed by a big ship that was just outside visual range and thus 4 hours away. That is purely frustrating and I'd bet substantial money we've lost players to such frustration. Almost nobody wants to eliminate ganking, it's not about that. Please don't strawman us. It's about an OW that still tries to find the optimal and most sensible wargame and asymmetric warfare concessions to the OW vs instance conflict. We did it in 2016 and now we have to do it again. It's weird for me, an outspoken arena/Legends fan, to fight for true OW when OW fans want to make OW into a shitty lobby all the while touting that they wouldn't want to play a sucky arena game. I'm quite sure the contradiction in terms is lost on many posters. Oh, dear! All of this clearly wasn't directed at you, Hachi. @rediii , you're no fool, maybe we can move on forward from "ganks are part of a wargame, jodgi, git gud!"? Pretty , please!
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    Some missions could be turn into daily, weekly and monthly missions that reset on a certain time and if you fill them you get the reward.
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    say again? Edit: I know that is the most slanted example that could be found short of speed stacking the Vic and making the Indef as slow as possible with mods. But still the fact that this is possible tells me something is quite wrong with ship speeds overall
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    except that naval action is still alive after 3 years steam beta. Many games are not. Ganking is not a reason players quit. If you're all so against ganking why did noone play legends? Why was it me vs bots? Not you personally
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    I am max level craft on my alt. I used to craft heavy frigates and ships of the line and sell for profit in my capital city. So basically I am an independent shipbuilder in war server. I stopped crafting "seriously" since the wipe, but - looking at the price of the ships and having anyway set up the whole product chain once more just to check the cost of materials - I think the problems is basically the scarcity of silver to self sustain the basic level of productive chain, so that - basically - you have to be very careful in harvesting the percise quantity of resources in order not to spend too much silver even if you craft fir/fir or oak/oak. This thing is caused by a lot of concurring factors 1) the surplus of basic materials is not easily sold to other players because not many players are engaged in ship crafting (and the server population, at least in my faction, is very low so the demand is not soild enough to start planning huge investments in example for build a SOL) 2) trade (which is now the way to make silver) - being now distance based - takes too much time to let you engage in crafting seriously; 3) before last patches, missions and NPC grinding was a way to make some quick silver (well it was gold, but it's the same). Now NPCs are very rare to be found and missions are less effective in getting money. 4) doubloons are easier to get with letter/passenger, but - in contracts - they have low prices in reals in comparison with the time spent to get them. 5) low population on the server, low demand of ships Basically ... my feeling is that "pure ship crafting" gameplay is now affected by the deflation on silver pieces, by the in game walls put on rare woods and marks and by the low demand of goods due to low server population (so it's more a stagflation than a deflation). My solution: since doubloons are quite easy to get, just let players (or maybe just the ones that have a level 3 shipyard and/or that have gained a certain crafting level) change doubloons for silver and for VM or PVP marks in the admiralty shop (even with a very huge ratio, but remember that most of crafters are basically carebears, so they are much more likely to engage in ginding low risk doubloons for days than putting their nose once in PVP zones)
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    If PvE adds port battles, consensual PvP (which already exists I believe), wouldn't those high % move over to the PvE server? I think they would, it's a more enjoyable experience and I was mainly a PvP player.
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    Ahh, i'm not liking this. When anything becomes rare it ends up only being available to the elite. A two-tier system and massive unhappiness. One of the reasons I stepped away from clan play was that the best items were distributed to the "top" players. Going it alone allowed me to build my own and sail what I built. The biggest chests are far more difficult to get for solos. Everything below 3rd rate should be widely available.
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    The next ship constructor I want to present is one whom I don´t consider the 'best' - that title should go to either Slade, Chapman or Ollivier, in my opinion - but certainly is one of my favourites: Frantz C.H. Hohlenberg Short Biography Born in 1764, he enlisted in the danish navy in at the age of 12 and became second lieutenant in 1782. Higher mathematics and shipbuilding were a part of the curriculum at the danish naval academy and Hohlenberg´s talent in these fields were quickly recognised. He then began to study the finer points of naval architecture under the tutorship of fabrikmester* Hendrik Gerner. In 1788, Hohlenberg and another student, T. Jessen, were deemed experienced enough to go on the obligatory study trip through european shipyards. The Netherlands and England were first on the list, followed by France, Italy / Venice and finally Sweden. The stays in France (where he met J.-C. de Borda) and Sweden particularly impressed Hohlenberg and were to have a lasting impact on his future work, especially the three months he spent studying under Hendrik af Chapman. He returned to Denmark in 1794 and became a teacher at the naval academy, followed by the promotion to kaptajnløjtnant and interim fabrikmester in 1796. In the same year, he submitted his first design - that of a 12-pounder frigate - to the shipbuilding commission, featuring his own ideas and incorporating all the improvements he had seen during his study trip. After this design has been approved, he became fabrikmester in 1797. But his tenure was to last just six years, cut short by the heavy criticism he received for his radical design concepts (and his fleet program) from the naval establishment which ultimately led to his resignation in 1803. He died on St. Croix in 1804. All in all, Hohlenberg designed four ships of the line, thirteen frigates, three brigs and four schooners for the danish navy. Most of the bigger vessel were built after his death, though, from 1809 to 1817. After the Second Battle of Copenhagen in 1807, all surviving Hohlenberg ships were incorporated into the Royal Navy. Especially the 80-gun Christian VII, generally considered as his masterpiece, was very highly regarded in british service (with the exception of the very narrow stern). It also has the distinction of being the only non-french design the Royal Navy copied, with an 80-gun ship, several 74s and 50s built to her lines. Swift and very nimble for her size, she combined speed, sea keeping ability and a very robust construction and - unlike her captured french counterparts - stood up easily to the rigors of british sea service. The other Hohlenberg ships also seem to have left an impression on their captors: 'The Danish ship Christian the Seventh, when commanded by Sir Joseph Yorke, had the first character in the English Navy as a man of war; and the Danemark and Norge, ships of war - and Venus, Danish frigate, alike shew that a very small maritime power excelled the proud ruler of the main in ship-building.' British Chronicle, 1827 *a post similar to the british surveyor The Ships Christian VII, 90 guns (as designed: 180 fod, 30 36-pounders, 32 24-pounders, 6 12-pounders, 16 36-pound carronades, 6 12-pound carronades) Norge, 74 guns (as designed: 170 fod, 32 36-pounders, 34 18-pounders, 8 36-pound carronades) Perlen, 24-pounder frigate (as designed: 150 fod 6 tom, 26 24-pounders, 12-pounders, 8 24-pound carronades) Venus, 18-pounder frigate (as designed: 139 fod, 26 18-pounders, 4 6-pounders, 6 18-pound carronades) Najaden, 12-pounder frigate (as designed: 136 fod, 30 12-pounders, 8 24-pound carronades) Fylla, light frigate/corvette (as designed: 115 fod, 20 30-pound carronades, 4 8 pounders)
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    Upgrades you have to have to be competitive in pvp are bad for the game in my oppinion. It only supports the idea of "only pvp with the best equipment possible else you lose". I don't understand why we can't have lower accuracy so you have to use broadsides to demast or take longer to mastsnipe
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    When you want to build a line ship:
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    Dear @admin, please don't listen to these people who demand instant gratification when speaking of the rank grind, or the ship/port building grind. Honestly, anyone who needs the rank instantly will not play this game for more than a week. You must look at why people will continue to play this game after they have ranked up. What will make them come back the following week if everyone can build every ship instantly and limitlessly. The conquesting? Why would they come for that when the enemy can just rebuild all their ships endlessly and recapture it in 2 days. The PvP? Possibly, but they can get pvp in any game without any detriment of loss, because most other games are arena style. All I'm asking is please don't kowtow to those who need instant gratification. The grind for desirable things is what makes people continue playing a game...for a large part.
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    That would not be good for beginners. Try do it as simple as possible.
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    @Fluffy Fishy Great topic and agree with @Haratik hoping it takes off. My short answer is Sane like you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques-Noël_Sané The reasons will probably be different and I’ve got the history wrong somehow so please correct me. I’d like the link to the other thread, but of Sane’s three four major works this is the one reason why he stands out. The fact that his peers copied it reason enough. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Téméraire-class_ship_of_the_line The Temeraire design is the main reason for me. How it was adopted, copied and tweaked then by the Royal Navy, Spanish and the Dutch. The sheer volume of ships produced of this type against others is testament to the change in warfare at sea. Even though it was a very costly build. The ability to build massive line ships by most leading Nations wasn’t the issue with the likes of HMS Victory, L’Ocean or the Santisima Trinidad. The problem was bringing these massive gun platforms in a line to bear onto the enemy’s line to have a polite exchange. The Permeant Fighting Instruction laid down by the Royal Navy and then adopted elsewhere allowed the ability to control many line ships at one go from a single Flag ship. Unfortunately, a Captain or Admiral from either side could quickly work out and see which line would in all likeliness win. This then leading to an Ossification to the English tactic with neither side actually ever engaging... Fleet Tactics and Naval Operations by Hughes & Girrier https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1682473376/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Ch2 Tactical Development, Page 42 English Tactics Ossified The 74-Gun third-rate Temeraire-class balanced fire power and speed in perfect harmony. Ships of similar size built at the time leaned either too much toward fire power at the loss of speed or vis-a-versa. The French adopting a distance type of hit and run attack against the sails and rigging sat perfectly with this type of ship. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/28367-14th-february-1797-battle-cape-st-vicent/ If time have a look at the battle details and Collingwood in the HMS Excellent. He caught up to heavier built Spanish ships and yet was still able to deliver enough alpha once they became in range. Summary Naval Warfare needed to change from the mid-1700s. I think Sane’s design of just this one class of ship helped progress fleet tactical engagements. Humphreys and Slade yes also contributed in their designs I agree. I would like to mention the Swedish shipbuilder Fredrik Henrik af Chapman and his thinking about the parabola method as well. This for the time was incredible. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fredrik_Henrik_af_Chapman Would love to hear others views and thoughts. Great subject. Norfolk
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    Californication álbum. A jewel.
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    How many times did you jump in and out of port to get that one?
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