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    "Why do you guys put an "x" in chat?" "What does o7 mean?" "Enemy players here please help!.. Why does nobody help?" - "It's AI!" "Man that sunset is beautiful!"
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    Joe, stop leaking pictures of cabal private parties.
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    I'd settle for pirates being different than any old nation. But I can only dream...
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    @Phaserburn, @EliteDelta, @Galt, @Barents, @Hethwill @Banished Privateer @rediii and all other fellow and respected players Since its NA meme collection here, please argue somewhere else or do it here but.....
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    pirate start. go through UI, take mission. fight the wind and try to find mission. find mission shoot fish shoot more fish sink repeat and kill that damn rookie brig watch some videos on youtube about na battle fast forward do another mission capture brig take another mission fight mission player join enemy and sink me salt much! later that day go to hostility in my brig to cayo romano with tons of pirates (at the time it looked massive to me 10-20 players) do hostility and think it is players spanish players kill every pirates after next days were quite interesting as well haha good fun thinking back!
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    Started in GB, took midshipman missions, won the first two, got sunk in the third... Next basic cutter, rinse and repeat First steamreview I wrote 35 hours into the game as M&C I think... Lot's of BC grinding back then^^
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    “What is the pig cloud”?
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    Just attacked all friendly cutters in pirates 😂😈
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    Fir/fir/shabby with crooked hull, cotton sails and lead sheathing?
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    Where do you get 10 members? I think you're underestimating the number of players/alts we have. But this only happens when there is an extreme skill gap. And that's what I really don't understand. Why would anyone want to narrow the ship gap when such an extreme skill gap will just exacerbate the outcomes experienced by the new and casual players? Can anyone explain that to me? I feel like everyone magically thinks that you put the less skilled player in a bigger ship and they'll fare better. (HINT: They won't when you're forcing the more skilled player to sail the same ship!) I hope you're right but his comments about how it's a big challenge to sink a snow in a cutter with the new model, and how much he loves that makes me worried.
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    If clan wars had become a thing, then pretty much every clan would have been it's own nation. Having more nations has been a good thing, less forcing many of us into the same nations as players we wouldn't want to be aligned to ( thats me being careful with my wording ) Some people advocated 3 great nations and the rest being Pirate clans who could fight amongst themselves or against the 3 larger Nations if they wished I'd have though having more choice would be good for the game, more chance of people wanting to switch nations , they can dlc if they wish or re roll if they don't. too many people here seem to think only of right now and the game as they are playing it. Some of us should look at the future and what could be good for release Forcing players into alliances is not sandbox enough for me. It's bad enough that i get joined every 30 days by a new spy I cannot do anything about or a nation wrecker only intent on causing disunity I'd have more choice , not less. I would however give serious thought to outlaw battles for Pirates and perhaps restrict their use of the largest ships and perhaps tinker with having more Port battles that need a lot more Line ships, people like those trafalgar type scenarios just my thoughts
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    Objective is to reduce long hours of sailing for players and populate the world with meaningful NPC fleets that transport goods which are needed. When in harbor, players should be able to assemble a fleet, equip the ships, add items to the hold and define a destination for the fleet. When launched, these ships appear in the open world and sail the specified route towards their destination. Once they arrive, the ships can be found again in the player's dock. In open world these fleets work exactly like current NPCs, they can be attacked, sunk or captured. Numbers of random AI NPCs could be reduced accordingly. Players could send their trade goods, resources or ships to a remote port without sailing themselves. They can choose to escort their fleet in open world or let it sail alone. There is a risk to it, but potential benefit is that no personal time in front of the computer is required to sail long distances. This mechanism could be used to boost economy somewhat. Trade hubs would emerge which in turn will be targeted by pirates. Tow function is not required anymore.
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    it is... but if we always think some sort of content and how ALT would destroy it, at the end we had nothing... i rather prefer to had content no matter is ALT would destroy it, that will happen anyway
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    wrote in STEAM, when is the game going on sale? then wrote in STEAM a thumbs down review with less than 5hours game time
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    You do not want additional clan warehouse, but many other want or need it. So you do not build, do not sacrifice any slot or whatever. That is your decision. But how do you decide this to be a developer's waste of time? We do not decide on developers man hour etc. This is a beta, we want better features for this great game, developers call it is to implement or not. Thx for the feedback.
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    Trying to understand that ugly blue UI ... Then I found SAIL button and there was big battle vs French right in front of port with ships like Constitution ect. Holy Moly. Ofc I thought it was French players, but it was just AI.
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    I try to understand your reasoning, but ...
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    i remember fight in arena mode before OW, the Brig was like a HUghe Ship to us back then.
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    I fought two fights, vs the first enemy ships I saw outside Fort-Royal. I sunk two times. I felt ashamed of the show and restarted the account... For the same result of course. New reset. Then I got to look out for videos showing what to do. rambj saved me.
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    My first hour? Can't really remember wether it was my first hour or so.. but it was close to.. We got the reno for buying into the game and dumb as I was I fell in love with her looks and set out, 60 men on a reno.. It must've been a bit into the game because for a while I just looked at her just outside of the port, too afraid to set sails.. I remember I left and sailed past vieques, which was a freetown back then, and right into my first gank, I was on the receiving end of a pirate ganking squadron and I don't know why - I prob made so many mistakes that they thought to themselves "he's too much of a noob", cuz they let me leave.. when I reentered OW there were a giant danish fleet, half of them from the old RUS clan and the rest from the DANVE clan.. and quite honestly I helped keep the pirates tagged in the battle so the danish revenge fleet could kill them all.. Didn't even occur to me that they actually had just done me a favor - If I had lost the reno to a gank on my very first trip I might've stopped playing all together and yet I wasn't too shy to keep them in battle once I figured out what the danes ment by "keep them tagged!"..
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    It's obvious the more populated nation has more players that play less. I just find it funny that no one calls gb a ZERG when they camp kpr....
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    Y en grandes batallas cortar en T sera tan peligroso como efectivo. Tanquear con proa y popa ya no es una tactica valida. Durante el abordaje se pueden disparar los cañones de las bandas. Los repairs es que simplemente con tanto daño por todos los lados se hace muy complicado volver al combate despues de reparar. En general es mas realista pero tambien limita mas las posibilidades en los enfrentamientos, lo que afecta al gameplay.
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    i found out that from the temeraire class is also build in the vp and there are variants as well the Dutch build temeraire class (petit modele) Small Variant (Pluton group – 24 ships launched)[edit] Rivoli, fitted with the camels that allowed her to cross the shallow banks before Venice harbour. Starting with the prototypes Pluton and Borée in 1803, a smaller version of the Téméraire class, officially named petit modèle, was designed by Jacques-Noël Sané to be produced in shipyards having a lesser depth of water than the principal French shipyards, primarily those in neighbouring states under French control and in foreign ports which had been absorbed into the French Empire such as Antwerp. The revised design measured 177 feet 7 inches on the waterline, 180 feet 1 inch on the deck, and 46 feet 11 inches moulded breadth. The depth of hull was 9 inches less than that in the "regular" Téméraire design. Polyphème Builder: Amsterdam shipyard Ordered: Launched: July 1817 Fate: Abandoned in 1813, completed by the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. General characteristics [2] Class and type: Téméraire-class ship of the line Displacement: 2,966 tonnes 5,260 tonnes fully loaded Length: 55.87 metres (183.3 ft) (172 pied) Beam: 14.90 metres (48 ft 11 in) Draught: 7.26 metres (23.8 ft) (22 pied) Propulsion: Up to 2,485 m2 (26,750 sq ft) of sails Armament: 74 guns: Lower gundeck: 28 × 36-pounder long guns Upper gundeck: 30 × 18-pounder long guns Forecastle and Quarter deck: 6 × 8-pounder long guns 10 × 36-pounder carronades Couronne Builder: Amsterdam shipyard Ordered: Launched: 1817 Fate: Abandoned in 1813, completed by the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. Piet Hein Builder: Rotterdam shipyard Ordered: Launched: 1817 Fate: Abandoned in 1813, completed by the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. the normal temeraire class was General characteristics Class and type: Téméraire-class ship of the line Displacement: 1966 tonnes 3260 tonnes fully loaded Length: 55.87 metres (183.3 ft) (172 pied) Beam: 14.90 metres (48 ft 11 in) Draught: 7.26 metres (23.8 ft) (22 pied) Propulsion: Up to 2,485 m2 (26,750 sq ft) of sails Armament: 74 guns: Lower gundeck: 28 × 36-pounder long guns Upper gundeck: 30 × 18-pounder long guns Forecastle and Quarter deck: 16 × 8-pounder long guns 4 × 36-pounder carronades
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    Are you sure of that? Think over the last 6 month, there have been numbers of demands to change mechanic, imo that would favor the elite players. Often the reason is not based on the belive that it gives a better gameplay, but because it is not fair and make the game unresonable.
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    tbh it's not usually new players who gank, it's the veterans from large clans. It's usually the new players that suffer by getting ganked by 10-15 experienced players. Must be great fun torturing players like that, but anyways. I never had problems with a gank that was earned by enemy, because you would of got yourself into that position. However, the problem I have is getting ganked by a massive fleet that warped to your battle location to gank you after a long battle. You may have just spent an hour or more to pull of a victory or escape to only have yourself put in a position to be griefed or absolutely massacred by a revenge fleet that had done nothing to earn it.. Revenge fleets are not reasonable in any way, they make this game a living hell to play, unless you have all the time in the world. In the end you will end up with these problems Big clan does a massive gank and get off easily because revenge fleets are removed. Even BR battle, revenge fleets are still in game, the side with more boats can grief or easily destroy anyone who makes it out of the battle alive I'd love to test even BR and no revenge fleets to see how it would work. Things always seem to get shot down without us even testing it and I don't know why. It's not like this game has a high population and everything is great. If this can improve the game and make more people play it then great.
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    beside everything... i hate beeing ganked, but i understand is a part of the game... what i really hate most is the revenge fleet waiting outside when u are griefed by the guy inside who want to make time to Gank you... that's piss me off, and happen because we have F11 GPS. if you are sailing with a group is fine, and i count as content, but grief in battle to make time for the gank/revenge fleet, is not content at all. some people dont fight solo when they are cought and OW unless they have numbers... that behavior is killing the game, solo raiding is not fun anymore, most of the time you do 1 way trip, and sail for hours to die in vain... F11 must be removed, and add Coordinates in MAP GAME, so if you are in battle you are screw and the attacker/defender can escape safety, if you encounter the revenge fleet afterwards is other thing, but at least you have the chance. this will stop Griefing in battle to make time for the revenge gank outside, and make the battles more even, no matter if you have numbers or not.
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    Jesus christ could not win a port battle with them. Don't ever forget that rediii never built a port battle fleet in Gb. He took a clan to GB. There is a huge difference. There is no snowball chance in hell those guys will ever become competitive. They need 5-10 good night time pvpers to carry them.
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    Again, got a source for that? I’ve seen turn rates mentioned. Not speeds.
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    alliances were removed for 2 reasons they reduced number of targets they remove the political component (complex political discussions, agreements, betrayals were replaced by a button) We do not see how alliances can come back
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    No, no, no. Ganking must continue. Since I stopped sailing solo and sail around with 5-10 guys in my fleet from my clan or nation, I love clubbing seals and noobs to death 10v1, that's a beautiful end-game design, hear them cry that it's their last ship and they will quit the game. You know, ganking is beautiful. I can be a brain-dead zombie, make 1000 mistakes and play like a retard and still win. Ganking must continue, all seals and noobs must be clubbed to death and all pros shall die 10v1. I love visiting Polish and Danish waters, so many newbies to club there, that's a great place to sail a lot. You know, there is no "Danish" or "Polish" defence fleet like at KPR or Fort Royal, so you just go there, club a few lonely players and there will be no revenge fleet. So ganking the smallest and weakest nations in NA is the best activity, I love it!
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    Different crafting hub for clan sounds interresting. Avoids tow usage and allow more use of the map. craft in bahamas, in antilla, in florida etc...Sounds good. also means canons and consumable in more places and port are more important.
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    So not only did the Swedes get a bunch of gulible newbs to fight them, They made them sail the distance, And they even had them sail in slow frigates that can't outrun first rates. And to top it all off, they made them think they weren't at war. 10/10 would do it myself
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    i've been reading it again and again.. but i think he is serious
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    I looked at the missions that get you chests, read the forums and decided to not do a single one. Chests need to be worth the effort, otherwise they are not rewards, but punishments.
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    Since I joined Danish nation the virgin islands are simply known as The Islands.
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    please take them all. bovenwinds is still mainly swedish. it should be dutch. your time has come.
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    That sounds like content @van Veen, you know we can't have that! Might as well just recreate the wheel with a new damage model instead. 🙄
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    Think it's this strange mixture of cheap techno beats in addition to the constantly reappearing primates which made him the retard he is now.
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    3-4 main nations - have them be starter/PVE nations that do not RVR, but still do everything else. Create a "catch all" faction that is clan based and can fly various nation flags. This faction fights itself in clan based wars over the 200 or so other ports in the game. Problem solved. I thought this game had too many nations when we only had 8. Now we added 3 more to sell copies of the game. The player pop is too diluted if you aren't in GB.
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    Я вчера на пб на антигуа Пайгелду встретил,правда он утоп.
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    As we said before they won't change between similar class ships time to destroy the oak/oak broadside planking is 3.7 full broadside shots with current hp and damage for Ocean. Time to destroy the broadside planking is becoming 3.5 full broadside shots This difference is negligible to support your statement.
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    repost, but fits here. Original animation: Birdbox studios. captions and fucked up timing: me.
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    Russian tall ship SHTANDART
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