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    "Why do you guys put an "x" in chat?" "What does o7 mean?" "Enemy players here please help!.. Why does nobody help?" - "It's AI!" "Man that sunset is beautiful!"
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    I remember my first pvp fight outside Fort Royal. It was a huge ship with lots of guns,even rear guns,can you belive that. After a good 30 min we manage to sink this monster of a ship. Today we call it a brig.
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    I want to clarify a couple of points on the Baltic Fleet clan. Very short. 1. We have no alliances with other clans and nations. 2. We try not to touch the port battle fleet, especially if we see that there will be a good fight. (except that it threatens our important cities) 3. We have some clans with whom we are on good terms. But we fight with them, if the fight is fair. 4. we do not attack the cities of certain nations. This does not mean that we are allied. 5. BF more pvp\gank clan, not RVR. 6. Wherever you see us - consider our fleet hostile. * I wrote this because I have the impression that I am with all the nations and clans in the union. And when I start attacking them, people start to be offended or take it easy to heart. * This is a game about the era of battles on sailing ships. And we play it for this. So relax and let's have fun together!
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    "Why am I a pirate ? I was a brit ?!... " "you naughty naughty .... you did attack a friendly didn't ya !?"
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    asked more experienced players where to find the enemy and how to kill them all
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    Those are unique log-ins over the last month. NOT total number of players.
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    One of my biggest concerns is that the strange path, which has partly always been there will become more frequent: it is the one where captains try to level up as quickly as possible to get to the biggest ships. When they reach it, they want to discover more, but they completely forgot to learn sailing on that way. It could get even worse because of the possible SOL meta. The last few month there were many new players (esp brits, pirates, french, russians and spanish) who roamed the shallows and had lots of PvP, they gathered experience from the scratch. Perfect in my eyes. PvP right from the start, so you know the basics when you get to bigger ships. Hopefully I will be wrong, but it really could evolve that players learn pvping in bigger ships, which is harder and especially more expensive/frustrating.
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    Gracias por el aporte y explicación, te has ganado mi like.
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    Can we go back to memes please before EU kills them?
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    Oh boy... Selected Brit and Kingston start port. Pressed M... nothing happened...thought to myself, well, need a map for the captain. Before community made some spectacular ones ( Siegfried's, Prater's, etc ) ... but was a good reason to explore. Sailed out and went to explore the land. Passed the Port Royal sand bar and turned East... ended up Circumventing Jamaica island and returned to Kingston. Did not engage anything, was just enjoying the open world sailing. ( was old land model, travel speed, etc, so a lot different from today ) It never stopped since then... still going...still strong.
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    Joe, stop leaking pictures of cabal private parties.
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    I'd settle for pirates being different than any old nation. But I can only dream...
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    Well I would highly doubt that shallow ships are the easiest, as this depends entirely on the player. Everything is faster, which means mistakes get payed off quicker. Ofc SOL combat is more of a fleet combat. The point I wanted to make is the following: shallow pvping is intersting but doesn't help you to quickly lvl up the last ranks. If the predicted meta will occur, people will spend less time in the shallows and rather more time grinding. If people spend less time in PvP and don't learn it slowly, they will have a harder time learning the difficulties of end game combat. Less basics = longer time for learning advanced stuff. It's my assumption, you don't have to agree to it.
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    You can always create clan discord channel as an alternative to a channel in nation TS. It has all basic tools to share info, screenshots, video's etc.
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    What will inevitably happen is one nation's bonus will be slightly better than another nation's bonus. This will be especially noticeable by limiting ships to certain nations. Every player in the game needs access to the same items for balancing purposes. Ideally nations would disappear and be replaced by clans creating more content for everyone.
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    IMHO "regular" ganking where you get overwhelmed in OW by a much greater force and a realistic 2-3 minute join timer is fine. However, getting "warp ganked", be it by having a large fleet join your ongoing battle 25 Minutes into it, or just getting revengefleeted after a battle, seems silly.
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    I've seen this in ohter Games before. Just a simple Forum. Officirrs can creat different TAB's, Members can creat Thread and Post's. It woud make Clan coordination much easier. I know most Clans use Discord or TS, but this woud help in Coordinationg PB, handling Recruitment etc. And tbh, we hall have enough time Post in Forums wihle Sailing 🙂
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    @Phaserburn, @EliteDelta, @Galt, @Barents, @Hethwill @Banished Privateer @rediii and all other fellow and respected players Since its NA meme collection here, please argue somewhere else or do it here but.....
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    this is the final story link Norfolk
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    pirate start. go through UI, take mission. fight the wind and try to find mission. find mission shoot fish shoot more fish sink repeat and kill that damn rookie brig watch some videos on youtube about na battle fast forward do another mission capture brig take another mission fight mission player join enemy and sink me salt much! later that day go to hostility in my brig to cayo romano with tons of pirates (at the time it looked massive to me 10-20 players) do hostility and think it is players spanish players kill every pirates after next days were quite interesting as well haha good fun thinking back!
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    Started in GB, took midshipman missions, won the first two, got sunk in the third... Next basic cutter, rinse and repeat First steamreview I wrote 35 hours into the game as M&C I think... Lot's of BC grinding back then^^
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    “What is the pig cloud”?
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    Just attacked all friendly cutters in pirates 😂😈
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    Then have more single NPC ships sailing around for those to learn against. I see more fleets or +2 NPC ships than I do of lone frigate, Surprise, Connie, etc sailing around. Provide more single NPC 4-5th rates so everyone can practice and get better.
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    😄 dead on right. Funny how things work different in every game... cc
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    It’s a great question. Not quite my first hour but here goes... Getting over asking more experienced players what to do. Trying not to waste their time, or embarrassed to ask was does “o7” mean...? Look on STEAM at some of the hour’s players have under their respective belts. It is astounding for an EA game. I’m 4k but many have more. What defines a newbie, not the first hour... below 200hours maybe? That’s more hours content probably than you have given to the majority of your steam games... take a look. Major game memories usually come from major changes in the gameplay. This before your time was hilarious, but does reflect current arguments regarding final release dates. Rose tinted glasses... https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/20652-the-junkie-his-dealer…/ When I took part of my clan from PvE to PvP was my most memorable time. I had to re-think an awful lot of things. Also, to understand we actually had advantages over pure PvP clans. The game quite literally doubled in size of me. Sail out into the Unknown... First time I sailed to the pacific years ago. Then built a guide to show others a few months back. That was a real unknown sail and took hours... Learning how to sink... “GF, and what did I do wrong...” the most important phrase I ever learned in NA-OW Norfolk
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    @LeBoiteux That’s brilliant thank-you. I’ve worked this out this way as a rough idea near as. From my link above I knew the ship length was about 70m, its Beam 17m. From your link, at the bottom the model dimensions (L x W x H) at a 1:48 scale. Model length 1.6m x 48 = 76.8m, Wiki length 69m Model Width 0.36m x 48 = 17.28m, Wiki Beam 16.24m Model Height 0.43m x 48 = 20.64m this the total hull height. Wiki draught 8.12m, Model Height 20.64 less 8.12m wiki draught = 12.52m this would be the visible height of the hull on the water... I think I’ll look at this book and tweak the scaling better. Writing a book or fiction thread ? @LeBoiteux said I’ve completely re-written the “PuLp-Fiction” story I did in the Tavern forum section. This little side hobby is now 30k in words and could be used as a Campaign idea for PvP or PvE if @adminwas interested. It’s still quite away from completing, a few months. Let’s see if it works or not who knows right? Norfolk
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    Bin beeindruck! Wenn ihr HachiRoku aufnehmt, spende ich ne Fir/Fir Tincomalee mit basic upgrades😉
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    To a degree, perhaps, but it is amazing how fast they find it when the enemy delivers a few thousand pounds of scrap iron and remodels their nice ships!
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    This idea have been purposed many times but it is a logical, solid idea which in my opinion should be in the game already. In any port where clan has a warehouse (see additional warehouse for clans post), there should be dockspaces for the clan. I do not need to tell what are the benefits of this feature, it is obvious, a great quality of life feature and realistic approach. A clan/tribe/guild in this game, is a rich estabishment, holding ports around the map, crafting SOLs, capturing towns. So why a clan does not have a DOCKSPACE for crafted ships ? Works just like the warehouse of the clan, officers can take ships and give to others, or anybody can put a ship in. How does it work ? At the certain port, any clan member donates some of his dock spaces to the clan dock, and a clan dock is formed. It can be 2 slots for 1 clan dock slots or different, I do not care. Clan can have dockspaces where clan has clan warehouses. What happens, a clan will have 5-7 dock space at warehouse, speeding up ship crafting and distribution. I do not see any negative sides but only benefits. Please share your ideas...
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    New damage model is designed so the Ram Dinarks of the world who sail a lone 1st rate into enemy waters can devastate even more lower class ships that flock out and attack him. It'll make good streaming I guess, but probably won't be fun for folks who aren't in big ships.
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    Prussia is more powerful than some, but active PVPers does not always make a RVR superpower. If you can counter hostility with 50 captains of even middling ability, you can reduce any threat to your nation. GB can do this. That said, I like having a powerful GB. It's more targets and it annoys the Spanish, which pleases me greatly. I do get a bit annoyed when the usual shitbirds who flock to the zerg nation and get carried talk shit in global. GB has their share of those.
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    Nice idea. It would be p2w via alts on another level though. Which is sad.
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    I often see people being told .... it's a multiplayer game ... join a clan .... but when the solo hunters complain when the rest go hunting them or god forbid get organized before the hunt starts all hell breaks loose. Suffice to say, there are those only interested in their own playstyle and seem to think everything should revolve around what they want to do. I'm firmly with the group, who upon getting attacked, start to learn what's needed to even the odds and chase the lion up the tree. if you want to hunt, prepare to be hunted and harassed yourself in return. Not all of us play the game for 1v1 equal Br only no chance of payback ganks a gank to me is a clear mismatch, not one brought about by some strange algorithm which doesn't make much sense to anybody unless it involves their favourite ship being looked upon favourably. less rules will be more helpful in the long term, less chance of people finding loopholes in them. Whiners always whine about not finding enough prey to splatter , truth is they often cannot find enough disorganized weak ones
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    Staun forgot to add sarcasm. But then again he thought people would see through the joke...
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    If clan wars had become a thing, then pretty much every clan would have been it's own nation. Having more nations has been a good thing, less forcing many of us into the same nations as players we wouldn't want to be aligned to ( thats me being careful with my wording ) Some people advocated 3 great nations and the rest being Pirate clans who could fight amongst themselves or against the 3 larger Nations if they wished I'd have though having more choice would be good for the game, more chance of people wanting to switch nations , they can dlc if they wish or re roll if they don't. too many people here seem to think only of right now and the game as they are playing it. Some of us should look at the future and what could be good for release Forcing players into alliances is not sandbox enough for me. It's bad enough that i get joined every 30 days by a new spy I cannot do anything about or a nation wrecker only intent on causing disunity I'd have more choice , not less. I would however give serious thought to outlaw battles for Pirates and perhaps restrict their use of the largest ships and perhaps tinker with having more Port battles that need a lot more Line ships, people like those trafalgar type scenarios just my thoughts
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    Lasst den Bekloppten bloß nicht rein, der bringt euch ins Armenhaus.
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    My response to people who constantly complaining about a game in Alpha they are playing 4000 hours:
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    I will gratis schiffe and I joining you? Bitte bitte.
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    The ironic part is what happens to lions after they have a few good months. Everyone gets smashed sooner or later.
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    3-6 months ago the swedes were a swerg nation along with the demoralized brits.. Now the largest pop nations are britain and most likely the russians. The ebb and flow continues as the noobs flock to whichever banner promises the easiest AI battles. Just remove the cartoon nations i.e. pirates, prussia, russia and poland-lithuania and make pirates a distinct faction ingame rather than the nation it basically is today.
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