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    [BORK] is a dedicated small group of players from the original Swedish band who still love playing the game but we also want new blood! We are casual players and we don't expect you to be able to play everyday. Nothing is mandatory and everything is optional. We actively recruit players who join Sweden on the PvP Server in the US timezone who want to take part in group activities and enjoy sailing as a team. BORK is a clan focusing on casual gameplay in the hardcore game of Naval Action. We do not wish to take the game too seriously and want to encompass both a PvP and PvE playstyle. BORK is primarily focused on OW PvP both in and out of the Patrol Zones. We also encourage group PvE activities. While Sweden is certainly not the first choice of many players, there are many possible perks to being part of a “smaller” nation that are usually not clearly visible. 1. Sweden has a dedicated EU playerbase that are friendly and respectful. They actively support group activity in any timezone and enjoy any help that is offered whenever our time zones cross paths. Their willingness to fight and defend any port and attack any group has created a stable nation that helps everyone prosper. 2. Sweden’s ports and position on the map at first glance can seem like a negative, but the nation’s position in some ways deters incursions. This largely creates an environment around the capital of more calm waters with less conflicts and less battles that hinder trade and money making activities. 3. A smaller playerbase in Sweden has had the side effect of promoting a more cohesive unit between all timezones and clans. Players are more willing to help and also create a lasting and effective trade market that supports fair pricing through competition. BORK members also have expanded to a few other games. Most notably: Sea of Thieves. We like to play an array of different games and we are not an "only NA" clan. we don't worry about gaining or losing ports and if someone loses a ship or assets we support each other by replacing the loses. BORK Offers: as a Member of BORK you are granted the clan economy as your insurance for ship losses and other needs for possible interruptions that may hinder your gameplay. BORK is a group who enjoys helping each other whenever possible to make the NA experience a positive. We prefer our members to be doing activities they wish to do instead of being bogged down having to take time to replace assets. What BORK asks in return is voluntary donations to the clan warehouse, whether you donate all your resources or just a small portion it is always greatly appreciated. BORK Diplomacy: We following the rules, regulations, and diplomacy of the Swedish Council. If any direct issue arises we defer to the council's wishes. BORK Internals: BORK has a democratic view on decision making. Sometimes that means we don’t always agree, but it always means anyone has a voice and discussion is always encouraged. We have a Discord server, we do not require you to be on voice chat at all times when you are playing, but we do wish you to look in the chat channels for updates and upcoming events. If you wish to take part in group PvP, Port Battles, or other nonsense then you need to check on Discord if anything is coming up, otherwise you won't be informed. Come experience our best exports; the Swedish Chef and meatballs.
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    The Corn regrows after some time. ohh wait..
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    Farming corn vs farming noobs, whats the difference really?
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    Meme thread boys. Let's leave the timer whinging for the 17 other threads!
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    Similar issue with bottle loots; Most of them are so shitty it's barely worth the time to go out and retrieve them
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    He can not recommend, because the game got him addicted beyond any sanity... ?
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    Dude, you have no idea how bored I am atm. I cannot believe I am addicted to shite like this....
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    Silliness? Two nations co-operating defensively creates a richer storyline. Perhaps. Could be argued I suppose. But it creates alliances and opportunities. Although the nuances of war politics are beyond my expertise. But international trading is not silly. It's exciting to sail into the port of another nation to obtain wood from an enemy player. Opening up communication encourages trade between nations and it doesn't harm fighters, in fact it helps them. Fighters from my nation benefit from the resources I obtain, because those same resources are used for our fighter's ships. It's risky, but increases PvP chances. I'm a target when I sail in enemy waters with a trade ship, and my nation's player can afford more ships for our enemies to sink. I would appreciate more game mechanics to communicate and trade with "enemy players". New enemy players benifit from improved communication . It makes it easier for us to give them a start. It should be easier to help an enemy player. Currently one of the best ways to help a newbie is with the gift of a ship and some Reals. It creates good will in the community, and helps the newbie to become strong. This helps create PvP opponents for my nation. The best survival advice, that I have received, has been from enemy players. This knowledge has made me a more skilled opponent. Better for me and for an enemy that appreciates challenging gameplay. For a trader, all players are potential friends. Friends are not silly.
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    we created a drink game. every time you mention havoc: in stream we take a shot, forum post double shot, tribunal waterfall!! it's pretty effective. Joy of having someone traumatized
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    I have no idea what you're talking about. NAVOC attacked port de paix not HAVOC
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    hahaha you make me so happy sometimes. Keep going
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    As long as it is cosmetics only I could live with it.
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    I think several of us have suggested some sort of reputation system, hours played could tie into it. That combined with some in-game rewards for reaching a new reputation level would seem suitable.
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    Better ranking system. It takes what, 2 months to get to rear admiral? Beyond that there's no recognition of skills, renown, or influence. Poor ranking makes everyone appear the same. Not saying just because you have 4k hours means you've done anything, but for people who have there should be some kind of reward.
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    yeah where's sir texas's reward for leaving the game on over night / afk sails But maybe some ingame achievements; one could be total time spent on the game E.g. an additional display rank possibility à la War Thunder tier 1, 100h, title rank "(filthy) casual" tier 2, 250h, ttile rank "apprentice" tier xxx tier 10, 10'000 hours, title rank "Blackbeard himself" Or just unlockable paints.
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    Lo que se me está diciendo mayormente es que lo estoy haciendo bien. Lo dicen las visitas y los 'Me gusta'. Aún así, a partir de este episodio hay un índice para quien quiera ir directamente al tema que le interesa. Pero resumir a un formato de 10 minutos lo veo muy difícil... Y no me gustaría tanto. A pesar del formato, que ronda la hora de duración, estoy intentando hacerlo lo más directo y rápido posible. Siempre se puede mejorar y en eso estoy. Un abrazo a todos y gracias por escucharme. Y sobretodo gracias por criticar, a buenas o malas, es parte importante.
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    Nothing surprizing here, Clan set Naval Action = Outlaw server player base So far away from historical captains code of honor... Nation flags are just cosmetics within a "Pirate war server". Wellcome to Naval Action Jungle !
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    I know of captains in the Naval Action who have played 6000 hours or more to the game. Many do not reach as much but are over 4000 hours or more. I think these captains deserve some prize from the DEVS, for their great loyalty to the game. These captains, due to their great experience, contribute many ideas and help as the most to the development of the game. Greetings and have a good weekend.
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    I think such reward should only be available after playing a certain time like 4070 hours. Eyy thats exactly my playtime, gimme free stuff pls
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    "Fish drop is sheit, 1/10, would not recommend"
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    BTT than: Not to mention that during yesterdays storm wreck event we got a rain storm in the area, making it very hard to even spot a wreck.....
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    RNG is clear, but it should be from the same category. (craftable vs. non-craftable ship) and paint chest is completely missing. Before it was the case that Deadmans Chests always have included RNG-items from the same category.
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    Since joining Sweden I have had an improved experience with Naval Action. No nonsense via players like idiot politics or overly vocal egos. I can just finally focus on PvP and PvE without worrying about RvR since the EU players have that covered which is such a relief having to deal with RvR multiple times a week back in the United States. I absolutely recommend anyone from a US timezone to join us or even bring your own clan. The more the merrier.
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    Can someone explain what happened? I dont speak carebear...
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    No. Were going brits. On peace server. We talked about this. No more PvP for us.
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    no thank you i rather fight in my own nation uniform ... and another thing what were you thinking when you saw all the small ships in your big first rate ships.... let's have some shooting practice ourselves how honorable especially for the small captains..............are you the size of a pinky
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    This I agree. I propose no amount of speed upgrades should make a higher rate ship faster than 2 rates below it. i.e. Speed and wood combos can make 1st rates as fast as 2nd rates, but not as fast as 3rd rates and below. Close but not. Same for all other rates, 4th rate can be as fast as 5th rate, but not 6th rate. I also feel this is how hull durability should work but inversed: Wood and upgrades should be able to make a 4th rate stand up to a 3rd rate, but not a 2nd rate. Same for all other rates. Of course there would be a couple ships that would bleed through...Notably the Victory could be as fast as a couple 3rd rates, but not faster. The Bellona could be as fast as some 5th rates like the Indefatigable, but not all. And roughly the same would happen with ship durability against higher rates....some might bleed through like maybe the Constitution could be almost as durable as a 2nd rate...or the Indefatigable almost as durable as a 3rd rate...but never better than, no matter the upgrades and builds. As it is on the live server...ships mods are making lesser ships way too strong. On the testbed it is making them way too weak. But this response was mostly about speed and durability with included mods and trying to balance them out better between rates. EDIT: Perhaps include Agility with Speed...as a Vic with upgrades should never be more agile than a majority of the 4th and 3rd rates.
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    Which honestly isn't a bad decision for full-loot PvP games. If the balance of grind to random luck to skill in PvP success skews to 30:50:20 or so, where players of equal books/knowledge/ship build but unequal skill might result in the unskilled player winning 30% of the time? That's probably pretty good for retaining new and casual players. The problem is that this new combat model doesn't accomplish this at all. It just pushes everyone to sail the same ships and gun-heavy meta, where skill still results in winning 90+% of the time, only it happens in under 10 minutes (balanced against hours and hours of searching for a fight) and the cost to losing is outrageously heavy for the new and casual player who can barely afford one line ship, etc.
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    Meanwhile in Game-Labs office:
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    Ship structure is a parameter that shows overall hull integrity and at lower hull integrity ship begins to feel unwell and slowly disintegrate,. Masts connect to keel and have a lot of supporting elements inside the hull and rely not only on rig but also on ship structure integrity As a result if you shoot at structure you lower the integrity of all supporting elements inside the hull, and at very low numbers more and more damage will be passed onto masts, but its not random - you need 1000 damage to be passed onto masts to destroy the 1000 hp lower section. Thus to your comment - should multi deck ship be able to hold the mast in place with no rigging damage. No. It can lose masts if they are damaged elsewhere, or when their support has disintegrated. Multi deck ship can lose a mast even at very strong winds if they dont take top sails in time (no rigging damage - just wind pressure) This updated system works incredibly well in annoying cases when you see the enemy has low structure but still zooms off into the horizon. In the new damage model captain should be very careful and start repairing structure early if he does not want to be demasted
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    Where do you get this info? Demasting is NOT tied to HP percent (planking) its not related at all. Low structure hits can send damage to masts when its low. Because overall structure of the ship no longer holds rig together well. But its still mast HP and you need to get in a good volume of damage if masts are thick.
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    v8.3 2019-02-10 improved: ship compare with upgrades (perks, trims, permanent and knowledge) some bugfixes
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    Noone is requesting fair Fights only, if you get ganked regularly in OW by sailing by a much larger force, so be it, deal with it However if you got a battle, say 2v3, noone else joins, manage to win / Escape just to then outside in the OW meet a force of ~15 ships (which were not able to join the battle for a reason), thats bs.
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    we are working on the admiralty checklist available for new players that will briefly explain what needs to be done to achieve things they want. Giving exactly what you described - some pointers giving general directions to fun.
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    Pirates shouldn't even have a capital, they should be following the same rules the three nations that shouldn't be in game. Though what they could do is make that zone a neutral that all nations can use but have the Pirates, Poland, Prussia, Russians all start there. You know this is going to kill what little casual players you have left...... Taking away safe zones is not going to encourage folks to play and come out and PvE. Folks like to have zones they can grind up without having to look over there backs every two seconds for gank squads. I'm going to predict this is going to kill what numbers we have left. You would be better off killing the PvE server and making the Golf of Mexican a PvE zones. that would get more players on one server insetaed of them being spread out all over the place. We keep talking about how to keep the new players and casuals and than you do this crap which will just run them off. You can't force folks to play a play style they don't want to play. By taking away the three largest nations safe zones it's just going to make more players leave and not log in. Oh look now we will have even more empty ports folks will own and no one will fight over........
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    one thing i would like to say is Werewolf you are definetly a pro, have been for a long time in the game, he has been solo alot, but the thing about a player coming back is they don't yet know this game is based on upgrades and skillbooks as well as ships, the devs made it this way so a player can take on six at once, used to happen on the east coast on a daily basis, i have seen ram dinark take out that many in one battle, three in a row just because they didn't know how to tack into the wind. he just boarded them one after another,, my point is a well geared player can take on six at once, if the other six are beginners and not as good. that is whats giving returning ppl a hard time. they have no idea how much ship knowledge matters and don't even know about some of the good books. or how to get them. so they come back. thinking they are still superman. get into a ship with normal equipment and get ganked because half the other side had art of ship handling and all the good stuff.
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    Gatekeeping, much? Sarcasm aside, it was never stated that the so called "hardcore" nations shall not be able to trade profitably without having to enter enemy reinforcement zones. Even those factions will need some balanced trade opportunities or they will just die out or rather be dependend on alts. And the discussion about whether or not these nation should be in the game is for another thread. Neither @Released Privateer nor @rediii asked for any capitols to be added to any nation, be it "hardcore" or not. I think the point Released (weird... I called you "Banished" before...) is trying to make is that a nation without a capital port should still be able to find capturable trade ports that at least consume some decent amount of goods. As it stands currently ports of this kind are few and far between. Even County Capitals with high BR-ratings often consume one or two goods. @admin stated that prices are based on difference. He did not state that they are based on distance alone. Which is probably why Released (still fells weird to call you that...) is asking about whether capitals will still be the main consuming ports.
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    New players are punished enough because there is no proper tutorial in the game. And i mean tutorial about basic trading, crafting, wood characteristics, buildings etc., not the sailing one. A new player starts in a capital port, has no clue what to do, and if he gets wrong answers by asking in NATION chat what he should do, he will ALWAYS stay in the reinforcement zone, hiding from everything, with the attitude " omg i could lose a ship, i am not going to leave reinforcement zone". Where basically, everything is available in the Caribbean, you just need to grab your balls and leave the f...ng reinforcement area.
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    The point is worth discussing, First [clan]: NA is based on Nation yet Clans are the only diplomacy rules to create "inter-clan" cooperations, it is legitimate to be able to check which clan you going to fight or not. Ex. Spanish clans cooperate with Pirate clans, how can you make sure not to waste your time to tagg a "friendly" clan ? (in case of no comunication). Second [rank]: (I did suggest it before) to help newcomers, would be nice for them to check the level of his potential opponant before engaging or escaping.
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    Now the Title is already telling alot about what Direction this Game will be going in. So lets get Started. The Reason why this Game will never Succeed is Super Simple and Completely Obvious. So Obvious that it might be Hard to grasp I guess. The Reason this Game cannot possibly Succeed is that the Devs cannot Decide on what they want this Game to be and try to Cover all Angles a little thus driving away the majority of the Players because hardly anyone really fits into the Game. You See. For a Good Open World Game the First Decision you make. Is if you want it Player Based or Content Based. Or to use other Terms. Do you want your Game to be PvP Based with the main Content being by Players. Or do you want the Game to be PvE Based with the main Content being in the Game for the Players. And here Naval Action unfortunately Fails. Because Naval Action tries to Run the Main Content in PvP. There is little to no Protection from being Attacked everywhere. And there is not much to do aside from Fighting each other. Meaning that the Main Focus is Players Fighting other Players. However while the Content is clearly the PvP Aspect. The Remaining Game is completely PvE Based. You need to Grind through an Incredible Boring amount of Repeating the same thing to get into anything that even allows you to have any Chance in PvP. And you need further Grinding to actually Sustain PvP because Ships and Upgrades as well as Materials etc etc etc. All come from PvE. And here is a Fatal Flaw. Because you see. Players which will Put up with Grinding and Building up Stuff. HATE to be Attacked at all times by other Players. They will NOT PLAY AND NOT GRIND unless you Give them a Large Safezone where they can actually work without constantly being Bothered. They might like a small Risk Challenge of getting a Single High Profit Transport by Crossing from one Safezone into Another. But in General unless you allow them to go about their Business without being in constant Danger of PvP THEY WILL NOT PLAY PERIOD. Meanwhile the PvP Players are of course the other Side. Because PvP Players will usually be the Type to Crave Action. They want to Fight. And they dont want to Fight 1 Hour a Week and then go Grinding for 20 Hours. THEY WANT TO FIGHT 9 OUT OF 10 HOURS THEY PLAY. And they wont be Putting up with Grinding all the Time just to Sustain being Able to PvP. Now Take a Guess what this Game does. Right. It Requires both. Tremendous Grind AND Constant PvP Danger. In Short. The 2 Largest Player Groups WILL NOT PLAY. Thanks to that we only have left the small Group of Old Players. Which could Build up Tremendously in Older Times with Large Safezones thanks to which they had lots of PvE Players and thus now got Large Reserves and Storages to Maintain PvP. But no New Players are coming. And the Old Players are leaving one by one over time. As long as this Continues this Game will NEVER Succeed. The Devs Need to Decide. Either they Say. Ok this Game should be about PvP. Then they Need to Completely Remove the Grind. They need to Start Players so that they can Fight others Right Away and with Minimal Effort to Sustain Fighting others. If its Takes 2 Weeks just to get a Proper PvP Ship with which you aint just instantly Raped 999 out o 1k Players will not Play. Needless to say they also need to make Reward Mechanics for Fair Fights and Penalty Mechanics for Ganking and for Fighting Enemies that are vastly below your Level. Or they Say. Ok this Game should be more PvE based. Then they Need to Implement Large Safezones or Simply Turn things around and instead of having Safezones. Have Combat Zones. So that the smaller PvP Community can Fight in Combat Zones about Special Rewards etc. While the Large PvE Community Works on the Remaining Map in PvE to Supply the PvP Community with Ships, Upgrades etc etc. I dont care which one. But Seriously Decide on One Thing. Otherwise this Game will Forever be Stuck on having a few Hundred Players Tops.
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    Oh, I have no shortage of tasks. But it's time to get rid of some of them. Having to make and sail repairs all over the place is one you can toss. And you can't do useful PvP or Port Battles without them. As said above you can deploy a clan to a far corner but someone has to sail the repairs. Ditto for a player. I can set up a port and tow ships into it, but without repairs, it's of limited value.
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