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    Don't put the safe zones on clans, that's all for the benefit of you solo players. I went into this thread expecting some valid criticisms of the solo player experience. Because there are some things that are geared a little too steep towards solo players. And a lot of emphasis is put on clans - because this is a game that is better with friends. But if all you have to complain about is the combat aspect, then I fear it is user error, not the game's fault. I have plenty of clan members who interacts with the clan and trades with the clan, but who spend most of their time on the sea sailing solo and they manage perfectly fine. Yes, it is much harder, and so it should be. You have to know where to go and you have to run from a few gankers, but there are plenty of opportunities in these Caribbeans for the solo sailor. I'm not going to tell you to go to the PvE-server, but first of all, read the description of the War server on the server selection screen. It warns you that there is no free lunch. You have to earn your way. If you don't want to be in a clan and learn to survive beside and together with others, then I would still advise you to find other solo players that are willing to tell you how they do it. You can get far with just a few basic tips.
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    I came back from a six month break after the first gank patch, only to find the ganking is even worse. Why is it even possible for six times my BR to get into a battle against me in neutral waters? Who is even making these decisions? You make all these damn rules, save zones, cuddlebunny bullshit to cater to clans, but screw the solo player, am I right? No wonder the trend is downward, and has been for a while. You guys in charge need to pull your heads out of your asses and fix this game. This game used to be fantastic, it used to be thrilling, fair, and actually worth playing. Now it's just 5v1, 7v1, blah blah... why do you people hate solo players so much? I don't care what you do to me at this point. Ban me, silence me, I don't give a crap. I know this thread will just be deleted and swept under the rug like so many others calling you out on your bullshit. You have to be told what the real deal is. What you have done to this game is just abysmal beyond words. You have turned a gemstone into a piece of coal, a real opportunity to make a good game into just another "play on a team or be fodder" style of game. It's pathetic, and I'm done with it. Yeah, I know.. "bye Felicia, don't let the door hit you, u mad bro" blah blah. Don't bother, because I won't be coming back to this thread for replies. I'm not even mad, more than anything I am just very disappointed and very sad. It's like finding out your kid is a thief and is addicted to crack or something, someone you had so much hope in and you've realized they have turned into pure garbage. I guess at 1459 hours I've gotten my money's worth. Thanks for all the memories and good times. I'll probably try it one more time at release, but at this point, I don't have very high hopes for this game being able to entertain people that want to be solo players. Of the twenty or so fights I've gotten into since coming back, ONE has been a fair fight. The rest have been ganks. Pathetic and no excuse for it, you folks have had YEARS to figure it out, but I guess maybe you did, and you've chosen your direction. Consider me another positive review turned negative, another long time player lost probably for good. Thanks for all the great fights and great banter, fellow captains. I don't blame any of you for going the route you have, I guess my dedication and love for the game just isn't strong enough to give in to the gank mentality and I still have dreams of being a solo pirate. It saddens me to see it go down this way, but when something is no longer fun, only an idiot would keep playing it. I work VERY hard, and I expect my games to actually be fun when I get the time to play them. This is no longer the case, and so like so many others I am done at least until release, then I'll give it another half hearted shot with no real hopes of it having changed. No wonder I have 37 people on my friends list and haven't seen a single one of them online since I came back. Just so sad. Peace. Insert Salty, You mad bro, get gud, etc. comments here.
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    There is still the pve server that let us enjoy the ship, sailing and AI fights. War like on war server ain't fair this isn't moba matchmaking.
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    I have to ask.... Why does/should a solo player need/expect to sail 3 Indiamen in fleet safely? Maybe the answer is you're expecting "clan" results (money) trying to play as a solo? Maybe your results (expectations) are supposed to be scaled down when you play solo? Do you think that maybe a solo player should sail a T-Lynx with Pirate rig if he doesnt have another way to protect himself and his goods? The hard truth is solo players need to be very smart... And well,........
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    This has been planned for ages phillipsburg has been set as the new prime holiday spot in the carribean especially with the completion of the new trump tower complex, everybody is welcome even Russia . I must warn visitors though it’s very difficult to secure a sun lounger with so many Germans already in residence. be there or be square. Discount vouchers are available from the Cabal website.
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    This is not a great victory. But this is a good example of the fact that pleasure can be obtained absolutely everywhere and on any ships. #flipphilibsburg
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    I have to disagree with the OP here. I play solo all the time and have no trouble. I sail alone and if I get ganked in OW, it's because I made a mistake. Patrol zone is a different case, of course. I make my own supplies (or capture them) and I build my own ships. In fact, with the amount of doubloons you can generate, getting shipnotes from the Admiralty is almost as good as DLC. Solo play is easy and whenever I want to embark on multiplayer events, there always seem to be a friendly clan or group who will welcome you along. What I have learned in the past few months is that a lot of returning players are very unhappy with the changes that have taken place. They were comfortable with some aspects of the game in the past and resent the changes to their old ways. Embracing change can be very difficult. The fact is, this is not the same game that I played a year ago when I started. In some ways, I think a returning player is at a bigger disadvantage than a new player, because of his expectations. I can understand the OP's frustration, but I think it's really a case of finding it difficult to adapt to a new style. "I liked running around the green zone doing missions and I'm quitting because I cant do that any more", just doesn't cut it.
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    There are plenty of solo players out there that embraced the challenge. They know the dangers and they accept them as part of the War server opportunities. They also conduct their own logistics, be it their own production of necessary goods or actually more often than not, stealing what they need and living a spartan age of sail gameplay and playing a "adapt and do with what you steal" type of game. They accept that they will be playing a "history like" character. You look to Prince de Neufchatel in history... how many royal navy vessels were put in the water to hunt her down ? 17. 17v1. Game emulates those moments now and then and a player must be willing to accept the gameplay. The beauty of internet and internet based multiplayer gaming is the social part. Not unlike going to the tabletop club and having a good time.
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    Sad that we can't have this feature it would once and for all put to rest all the time compression/timer arguments that have been going on since 2016! It would in effect give us "Sailaway with guns" without the RT OW sailing @Vernon Merrill Although I am sure someone, sailing 3 minutes behind his friends, would complain that the join circle put him so far away that the battle was over before he got in range!
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    Traders are prey. Traders with an escort are challenging prey. Most of us trade. We need money too. Sometimes we get caught and then, if the hunter is good enough, we get killed. I try very hard to not get caught and usually (but not always) I succeed. It's fun to get my traders through safely and I consider it a win. If someone is getting caught all the time....They are doing something very wrong. I just don't see how this is a solo player/ clan player issue. I've killed plenty of traders who belong to a clan.
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    I still think the giant circle ( who's inside circle tag is pulled to battle, who's out stay out) was best option to get things better in this aspect.
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    🤗 this game makes only fun with a good enemy🤗
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    We often see posts complaining about how hard this game is, and how difficult it is to play - on analysis, each time it seems to come down to people sailing solo, not joining up with someone, and not coordinating with faction or clan. And so, as someone who does sail solo routinely, I thought I might do a quick guide. And so, I present: The Free Tribes Guide to Solo Sailing The first thing I can suggest is simply this: Don't. You might think that's me being cheeky. It's not. Sailing solo is its own play style and its own reward. However, maybe you want some insight into it. Maybe you want to learn my tricks so you can counter them. So, if you suck at following directions, and insist on reading on, I continue: 1. Be patient. Most players tend to clump up into groups. That might be around Capital Zones, it might be around major trade hubs, but other players tend to clump up. Clumps of players make for fast action, but they also make for a press of numbers and a variety of ships that you cannot counter. You can try sailing fast, and this often works, but the more people there are, the more likely there are those laying in wait for you afterwards. Remember, the more often you get away, the more badly people want you. In other words: The faster you are to meet combat, the faster combat is going to meet you. 2. Plan your trips ahead of time. The goal of a solo player is to catch someone else alone and unaware. Alone is good. Unaware is better. The way to get someone alone is to get someone who has "a quiet spot." Someone who just so happens to be doing some PvE or some trading out in the middle of the Gulf, or down by South America, or someone similarly out in the middle of nowhere. The more people there are online, the further out you need to get to find someone alone. Unaware is good too. If you know that a certain spot is frequented, just like one would a deer, you can stake out their position from the lee of an island. Most players think they are safe once they hit their "main tack" and focus on other things. That is, of course, the perfect time to strike. Unaware players mean you get to choose the engagement, and you already have half the fight won. The way you do this is you examine trade patterns. You can see a lot of it in taxes earned in various ports. You can try to determine what ports are main "crafting hubs" for nations with tools like the online Naval Action map. Where are clans investing? Those are probably important trade hubs, which probably means players to and from. The map of the Caribbean is big. You should know it well. If a patrol turns up empty - that's not a waste - it was merely a reconnaissance that tells you where (and when) people are not. 3. You are going to be poor. Get used to it. You are not going to run around with millions of reals playing solo. For a long time, I kept only about 100K on hand - before the currency deflation. AI captures are your friend. You can throw it away and not feel the loss. You can earn money selling cannons and rum if you wish to do econ. I cannot speak to selling trade goods en masse, as I just hock whatever I take off of other merchants. The reward is intrinsic to hunting other players. Again - you will have to be patient. 4. You are not going to have a lot of fair fights. You will lose those. You are going to get called a ganker. That's OK. You are working hard for those ganks. 5. Have an escape plan. People are going to want to sink you. You will need to refit your vessel with repairs. Be well aware of shallows - they can stop you, or stop a chaser if well used. Be prepared to jettison cargo, or any prizes taken along the way. Always be ready to lose your ship. In a fight, be ready to break off the engagement if they start getting the upper hand. Typically, advantages in this game compound over the course of a battle, which should drive your in-battle actions. That really sums it up. Be patient. Think out your sails - why you are sailing somewhere, what you expect to find when you get there. Have an egress plan in mind. Don't be afraid to lose, but always be ready to hop in an AI vessel to keep going. Lower your expectations. The path of a solo sailor, especially one of middling skill such as myself (and probably yourself too, if you're reading this) is a quiet one. But the quiet allows for deeper reflection in and on action.
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    Sorry if there is already a topic about it have not find any. I was reading the wiki article about the battle of Rappahannock river, and learned that Lynx was in fact a 6 x 12lb gun baltimore clipper then renamed Mosquidobit and equiped with 8x 18lb carronades and 2x 6lb guns In game the lynx is closer to the tall ship Lynx replica armament with the 8x 12lb carronades (Replica have 8x 6lb carro with 4 swivel guns.) I suggest to keep the trader-lynx as it is now. but allow Lynx to get: -8x 12lb guns / 18lb carro + 2x 2lb guns (swivel) or -6x12lb guns / 18lb carro + 2x 6lb guns / 18lb carro on the same level. This would give the non-trader Lynx version some love, originality and punch.
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    Los timers fueron el problema cuando aún había gente, pero no hicieron nada.......Y lo intentaron arreglar cuando ya era tarde separando los servers........ Lo que ha ocurrido desde entonces ha sido ir agonizando como un pez fuera del agua.... De victoria en victoria hasta la derrota final... Puede que tengan una oportunidad si en el lanzamiento hay dos servers como al principio, con horarios diferenciados. Si no es así, los 1500 que haya, durarán dos meses.
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    I'm actually okay with the timer just cutting you off. In RL, when a battle occurred, nobody knew it was going on unless they were there. Most battles (even Trafalgar) were fought to conclusion in isolation. The issue for me is what happens after the battle. You should not spawn in exactly the same spot as you went into battle and be welcomed by a crowd of bloodthirsty revenge gankers. Either spawn away from your start point or have more invisibility (or both). I know the timer is against realism, but it simulates the fact that it's a big world and you cant magically enter battles every time. Another option is to close battles very quickly and only allow ships that were in sight of the battle's beginning to join it.
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    You all can argue about the mechanics of time dilation and why it is what it is, but at the core of everything should be your consideration of whether the current join timer creates good game play. I argue that two minute timers do not, primarily because the server population and PvP opportunities are too few and too far between. Therefore, you compromise not on the basis of all the pseudo-intellectualization of the role that time dilation plays, etc. (if we're talking about disconnects in time and space scales, please explain to me why ship size, topography, and port models are so screwed up in their relative scales?!) Instead you should set join timers on the basis of whether it makes a good game or not. Three to five minute join timers seem completely legitimate and creates opportunities for larger and more varied engagements than two minute timers do with server populations as crap as they are. It also makes territory control more important because sailing in someone else's home waters where help could still get there if scrambled out of an Outpost is a very real threat. Will there be a few more ganks of poor, AI farming players? Sure.. but they're just going to get ganked after the battle ends under two minute timers anyway.
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    You travelled, during those 2 minutes at 75x more speed than the ships inside the battle. Basically the "umpire" is telling you that your ship may travel that distance but it will arrive, in battle timescale, too late and the battle is resolved. If it was 1:1 scale you wouldn't even know the battle had started, you'd be 75 minutes sailing away.
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    Reverse there is a change you actually win a pb against cabal dont be shy. cya tonight and stop this bs zerg meme its getting boring.
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    What I will do? Not abandon my nation, nor clan like a traitor. Even if I lose all my ships, I can always use the Requin to defend the last ports
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    I don't understand where you get "Punished". Solo play is different from clan play. If you want to play solo, you have to adapt to a certain style of play. No one should ever sail unescorted traders around. If that's what you think is reasonable solo play, then you're very mistaken. Solo players need a fast strong ship so that you can fight on your own terms and avoid ganks. When trading, escort your trade ships and chose routes wisely. Make sure the wind is good for a run into the capitol (if you go there). If you're sailing solo in the patrol zone, then you cant have a reasonable expectation of surviving. Have fun and die gloriously.
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    If a Russian port is flipped, BF will NOT be happy accept screening assistance from other Nations and would prefer a fair port battle. ………………………………………………… @Reverse Sign on dotted line . With love and admiration for such a noble declaration. (Terms and Conditions apply). Buster ( Blue Cross marks the spot)
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    I have to ask.... Why does/should a solo player need/expect to sail 3 Indiamen in fleet safely? I sob a little bit in sympathy when I tag these guys....and listen to the begging and bribery attempts....then kill them. There are one or two players who can do this though...but they prepare for it.
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    Yeah... suggested somewhere for everything to be accessible in the Admiralty via doubloons.
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    Guidance seems to be the biggest lack in this game, from what I've seen. New players are constantly asking the most basic of questions and its just their luck if they get an answer or get ignored. I understand that Devs cant go ahead and publish a "rule" book, but the "Welcome to the Caribbean" tutorial can't come soon enough. Even returning players are getting frustrated.
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    dlc ships are the "all play no work" for the game also "work" is a question of pov, i don't judge buying stuff somewhere and selling it elsewhere with profit "work", last saturday i was lazy and made the mistake sailing too close to guaya in a gros ventre and got caught by an Hercules, i tried to fight and defend my cargo and sunk, that was not that bad and is part of the game for me, i know some would have ragequit. I apply the rule: sail what you can afford to loose, if you just grind from the start to get a perfect fitted trinco or lineship with top upgrade and sail on OW with it for the first time expecting to rule the OW, you got it wrong, you didn't get experience, neither fun, and will have to start from zero as you had loose everything at your first defeat, making it super frustrating => ragequit
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    No. It won't work that easily. 13kn LO/WO Connie = ~17kn Fir/Fir Connie tricked out with all speed mods. 11kn WO/WO Victory = 15kn fir/fir Victory with sail force mods. What was better, IMO, was when we had a smaller gap between wood types. Live Oak was -2% speed, + 4% HP, and fir was +2% speed, -4% HP, or something along those lines. But those times have long passed, RIP.
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    Admirality would have to choose the name so we dont see HMS Dickbutt and L’Fagot sailing around
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    Why should clans not allowed to change nation? This goes 2 ways. A lot of ppl left sweden too when it was too strong for example. I don't see a reason to force people into playing only 1 nation. If they have no chance to work with others there they would just quit the game instead of playing in another nation. What of both is better for the game?
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    Not even close. Many of us would love to see some form of experience bonus to our crews and the loss that that represents when a ship sinks. It's been discussed a lot. I wont do the search, but you'll find many opinions on this subject.
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    Brig is too big because it was one of the first they made and they have gotten better at it since then. Topography is exaggerated for visual pop. Port models haven't been prioritised on the same level as ships. So, what of it? Yes! That's why they're at 2 min. The R zone isn't big enough for you? We've tested long timers thoroughly; outpost scrambles to join already existing instances lead to far more problems than it "solves".
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    This would work. If you are in sight of the swords when they appear, you can join. Otherwise, you don't ever see them. Not sure if that's codable, of course.
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    It's still unclear why this couldn't be implemented. I feel like the arguments made basically just boiled down to the dev's being unwilling to spend the time to try it. I feel like the growing circle battle join was always the best solution, and why land should represent some magical problem to this RoE seems derpy. If you can see and click the swords while being outside the growing circle then you should be able to join the battle. Simple, easy, straightforward. If you're behind the island when you do it then what's the problem? Ships sailed out from behind islands to surprise engaged foes all the time...
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    Laughing at Slim for liking a post that admittedly increases ganking after bitching about ganking for 2 months straight. Identity foruming at its best.
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    Yes. Keep knowledge slots as is, earned on a specific ship model and make all ships potentially 5 upgrade slots but the last two unlock with XP earned on that exact ship, those exact pixels. You’d simulate more, reward risking the good ship you’re “working” on. It’s extra value is to the captain developing its potential, but does not become a rarity that skews the market price for ships.
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    Just because people don't want other people joining their battles from the other side of the world or even from a port nearby, the timer is set to 2 minutes( after a lot of tests to find the optimal amount of time).The tagger invested time and effort to make a good tag. Why should his battle be ruined by a bunch of dudes teleporting between ports waiting for these kind of situations? If you really cared about saving your friend in need the you should have sailed with him. Simple as that.
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    For long time I played solo. And I hated (and I hate) farming and trading (damn too boring). So usually pretty low on cash/shiny stuff. And still now in an enjoyable group, I am one of the most often sailing alone. The reason because usually even most veterans dont sail around alone on big slow ships, is because they cant pick the fight but have to accept what they meet. Also a group faster and with more firepower. Again: NA is a MMO with OW. Not a MOBA arena. And like in warfare there's nothing like fairness. So you have to trade firepower and sturdiness for speed. People trade speed for sturdiness where there's a different RoE, like in PZ. If someone pretends to have a decent life espectancy alone on a lo/wo Indefetigable he's a fool. As it is suicidical sailing with 4 indiamans (already shouting the world you have no perks) as it is sailing on overloaded traders... Not being ready to dump cargo if intercepted (I have still to understand why 99% traders overload and do not dump if being chased). In NA, bad or good (and I think it is a refreshing experience from majority of MMOs) what matters is smartness, then experience... Pure 'skill' (reaction speed and aiming) comes last and it's needed only to become the best of best.
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    RKY, Denying the enemy their objective is fun in wargames. ( no way those smelly frenchies going to get La Haye Sainte just to make it more "fun"... ) But... you might be right onto something...Maybe we have too much information about when and where and how the enemy plans will happen to even care about the wargame anymore and all that's left is really denying the enemy whatever they want, by a show of force... Because... why not ? National News though
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    This has nothing to do with being "punished".... It has everything to do with the ability to "keep" only what you are able to "protect"... It's a war game. The same goes for Nations... The same goes for clans... The same goes for solos.... That's not "punishment". That's life. One person has NEVER been as efficient as a team. Its pretty ridiculous to think one person should obtain the same outcome as multiple people.
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    Aye, there's the rub. My mindset is for a level playing field so that the main difference in two players is their skill. The fact that some players have all the best books and mods and others do not, goes against this wish of mine. After a year of playing, I am still nowhere near the Book of 5 Rings or Gunnery Encyclopaedia. If we want everyone to have a 5/5, then everyone should have easier access to all the books and mods. Money is fairly easy, so lets make it all available for purchase.
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    Que bueno!!!. Sir Alatriste, el juego no tiene fecha de lanzamiento y en el ultimo post del admin, hablan de 6 meses (SEIS) para meter la traducción, algo de contenido, pizca de RvR y mejora de las IA...... vamos que hasta las navidades de este año ni nos planteamos el lanzamiento. El tratado de indias tiene su sentido en el RvR y ahora no es que este muerto, que lo está, es que no tiene ningún sentido el RvR de la facción si cualquier puerto que capturemos nos lo pueden quitar mediante night flips y ponerle en un horario en que no podamos recuperarlo. Y por favor, no me hableis de temporizadores. Y si el RvR al final consiste en: "oestasatodashorasolopierdes" pues que jueguen los niños rata y punto.
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    Disagree with the OP. What a load of hyperbolic waff. In my opinion Solo play on PvP is a tense experience that I much enjoy. I don't subscribe to the notion that all we get is gank fights. That is just not my experience. Fight types are varied and dependent on a myriad of factors.
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    It was fun as i've crossed another player, the same run in an empty world would not have been the same ofc, but you never know and the profit helped me in buying quite a good amount of doubloons the same day. And that was quite easy to do and not "painfull", just a little bit time consuming as i played normally the rest of the day after that. Setting cap and sail from A to B is not real work, i know some arena game where try-hard grind exist for real (i play quite a lot at warthunder where pvp grind can become painfull when objectives for seasonal events are too high and remove the fun every single battle is supposed to give) I do both but i don't expect the same from those games and i would not have been interested in NA-legend, i play NA more like roleplay. But for players just looking to connect everyday and jump into battle, just open outposts in a freetown near patrol zone and buy a dlc ship: there you are !
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    Gold ships, gold marines, fine woods, it's never worked as intended. Everyone ends up sailing to gold ship making the whole system redundant. You're only making it harder for new players to compete and giving veterans a combat advantage that they already do not need. RNG should stay in lootboxes and minor activities, like navigation or sealed bottles. RNG in combat is outdated, and irresponsible.
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    Nun dieses sich "Selbstbeweihräuchern", diese oft persönlichen Auseinandersetzungen zwischen zwei und mehr Spielern gehören einfach zum Alltag eines Spieles, wo gekämpft wird, wo man dem anderen etwas "kaputt macht", wo Reiche aufsteigen und auch wieder vergehen. Ich denke, dem sollte man nicht zu viel Bedeutung beimessen, sondern es als zusätzlichen Unterhaltungsfaktor betrachten. Es wird nicht so heiß gegessen wie es gekocht wird, Ich denke es ist viel zu früh, dass Spiel Zu Grabe zu tragen.
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    Little River Part Deux - Our 1 loss was due to the fireship explosion below. Poor iceberg then tried to board my 115 crew third rate and failed. Lionshaft then bailed on the fight and we chased him for a bit. zzzzzzzzz
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    I don't remember how battle started. I found myself very close to that big ship. He unleashed 2 broadsides on me when I was still loading my cannons. Started running in despair and panic. Somehow managed to shoot 2 of the stern cannons, miraculously they caused 2 leaks (as you see in the screenshot) and enemy ship sink like a rock. Still scared and trembling returned back slowly to take a selfie.
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    Do the tutorial and you will get at good gift to start.
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    The art of the troll cannot be taught. Either you got it...or you don't. I can teach you how to multi flip though.
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    For those who are afraid of PvP there is a PvE server
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