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    A small guide to stay safe(ish) while fighting bots These topics pop up on occasion: I'm green text in-game (chat mod) so I sometimes get contacted by frustrated players: Some sandbox pundits think people need a bunch of shiny PvE content to engage in the game and distract them enough to not minding playing the victim over and over: I think this is truly idiotic but the dudes honestly believe this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ People either like or feel forced to hump bots. “Pros” like to jump people doing it or ambush them as they come out. I have no sympathy for people who engage in such weak-ass PvP. This guide will help you reduce your exposure to such inane sandbox heroes. If you go out into OW you will be at risk, this is fine, the slower the ship the more exposed you are. If you’re one of those who likes to be left alone with your L’Ocean I can only help a tiny bit. Before you go out into OW synchronise Felix’ map with OW, it may help you orientate when coming out of an instance. Always note your heading when going into a fight, you’ll have the same heading when you get out. If possible make it easy for yourself to run to safety when you get out, after you’re done with the bots you have about 15 minutes to plan where to zoom with accelerated invisibility when you click out into OW. The admiralty Kill missions are private and people can’t jump you when you enter those (?), before clicking in point your ship towards where you believe you’ll have the most safety (reinforcement zone, ports, forts…). When you tag a bot in the reinforcement zone (R zone) you won’t be able to call in bots to help you and the forts won’t shoot at your enemy [correction: @Banished Privateer confirms that forts will shoot at enemy players] but your countrymen will have 30 minutes to come join and help you. If you’re jumped in the R-zone make sure to bring up the nation chat and tell everyone where the fight is, remember you can bring up chat inside the instance. If it’s the typical gank group try to waste as much of their time as possible, both to allow help to arrive but also to bore them as much as possible. They’re griefing you so feel free to return the favour: Fire ship, run, surrender or whatever you think will annoy them the most. Do not rage in chat because they feed on that. How to tag an OW bot or fleet. You should always scan the horizon, but be extra vigilant right before and if possible while the tag timer counts down. The two minute timer is long enough for ships beyond visual range to join before your fight closes, this only applies to windward ships so keep the keenest eye upwind. Make it a habit to tag with optimal wind position as that gives you a favourable fighting position or the option to extend and escape should you get jumped. Let the timer run for two minutes while you “escape” before engaging. The instance jumpers will inherit the relative bot position when they join and will have a hard time catching up with you. A gank group may have a smaller upwind sailer and with the weather gauge you’ll be able to seriously put out hurt on the small ships separated from their cavalry. If you’re chased by gankers in OW you can proactively tag bots with favourable wind and draw out the chase or get lucky and escape with accelerated invisibility. Don’t grow up to become a ganker or instance jumper yourself. That stuff is for the weak minds. You need real fights and shit like that won’t sustain you but rather rot your brain. ____ Made a youtube pretty out of this to make life harder for you shitheads... Bite me!
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    We all have enough VM now. If we would have gotten a wipe it is a bottleneck though. ?? I'm not talking about your silly portbattle or the mechanic that BR can be freed up which is correct. I'm not pointing fingers at russia aswell. I just point out that, if devs want to create a bottleneck with victorymarks the way lord pretectors are given out has to be corrected to avoid potential abuse AT A LATER STAGE (just what I wrote before btw)
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    the original idea was to promote aggressive close range combat (if you remember many battles were just long range mast shootings) and give the chance to recover from damage evening out your experience over the course of the battle (if the enemy does not pursuit you aggressively) the 3 repairs system was ok and we just wanted to try to make it better - settling on the ability to take repairs with you (limited by your hold space)
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    I couldn't resist when I saw @Wyy sketch how RoE works in NA:
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    I don't wanna ruin jodgis efforts to make prey safe, but he missed 3 the most important things to keep you safe. 1. Attack stuff underneath forts, don't sail away from them 2. Put circles on land for enemy side (denies the option to join for attackers) 3. Be a good PvP player. To be honest, for the past year or so, I literally ignore 90% of tips of safety PvE rules and even sail up to Gustavia waters on SOLs to do my "Kill missions" solo. Whenever someone tries to gank me in PvE, I simply fend off or even kill them if they don't manage to run away. Conclusion? To be a successful PvE player, you must be a good PvP player 🤣
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    Probably the best guide ever made. I thougt jodgis fishing guide was the ultimate tutorial, but jodgis safety guide arises as a new standard of guide quality. Unique features: posted in the right subforum has tags written by jodgi, best author ever dank ASCII meme obligatory GIF meme great formatting very helpful visualization from the maker of "jodgis fishing guide" uncovers superior tactics used only by the best players such as "use wind", "use eyes" or "use memes" it just works Cant wait for jodgis next masterpiece.
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    Think this explains quite well how the tagging circle works
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    Good little scrap up at Little River tonight. Lionshaft commanding for the US fleet and myself for the Pirates. We had a little mishap with a dude getting tagged in his third rate and then had to scramble a replacement a couple mins in. Good MB duel there at the fort. Unfortunately they let us have the wind the entire time and we just herded them in and sunk one by one. Not really sure what their plan was, seems like they didn't have one.
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    Since we have a thread on this already. I also smell a possible exploit at a later stage. The lord protector status is given out to everyone who was in the portbattle. Actually this takes also the escaped guys into consideration. (I already tried it by escaping before battle ended and I got the message that im lord protector now) What is the exploit then? If victorymarks are important you can take a neutral port, meet up with 100 people and join/leave instantly after joining so the next guy can join. By theory that is possible up to 25 players but since BR is freed up I would expect it to be possible to gain 100 lord protectors on a port.
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    yes. we are working on the patch that will include updated battle UI, first versions of official localizations, new trading, postal missions (passengers and letters) and 1v1 patrol. If this patch will get longer than expected we will hot fix the muskets before it.
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    Having “tested” the mechanic several times, players can join and leave the battle for the first 10mins of the fight and the BR can be replaced. All joiners in the fight, even if they leave, will get lord protector status. This has been in effect for the better part of a year and reported many times. Just goes to show how absurdly sad the current PB/RVR system is. On the bright side, It’s good to see Graf back on the forums defending Russia again. Sup buddy!
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    Most important thing to retain: - there's absolutely no certainty of safety in war server
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    ^This is pretty much it @Pirate78. I always get long winded and insert forum politics: I hope you approve @Havelock...
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    <Gasp!> You guys! You don't like the treasure hunt grind to make truly special ships?! I'm hurt and offended!
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    After your question some weeks ago about your first hostility mission ingame I can't take stuff serious from you anymore, sorry. And the fact that you hold on old mechanics still and want the gamedevs to go back going in circles in development doesnt make it better. What the game doesn't need atm is changes to the actualy mechanics in battles. What the game lacks is love of other stuff
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    Thats weird. I usually come home with more reps than when I left. Although it seems strange that someone may actually have a different gaming experience than you. I mean, how could that possibly be the case? (Stop assuming you know whats best for the game and for everyone, please.)
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    I think one of the major problems in the game today is that every involuntary fight is considered a gank - even a Surprise vs Victory. Unfair tactics such as waiting on top of a battle is certainly a hindrance to fun, but so is tagging an AI fleet to escape, sitting under the forts or calling for a revenge fleet. In the end the game allows it, so I'd always direct my critism at the game rather than the individuals playing it.
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    Even BR in a straight brawl, circles and points irrelevant. All brawling ships, nobody was fir/fir (at least hopefully not...); 24 hours to assemble a fleet for us, more for them because they were the attackers and had all the time they wanted to plan what and who to bring. The only reason you can call it 'lopsided' is because we played smarter and our guys who got beat up could fall back; we denied them that ability, keeping constant pressure on them till they sunk or got boarded (boarding Pavel FTW). US has been asking for an even battle with the Pirates for a while now (they usually insinuate that we have low skill and can't win without some sort of advantage...despite many examples to the opposite).....they got one and this is the result. Was fun, enjoyed it, hopefully they'll consider our offer to do more arranged fights in agreed-upon ship classes.
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    This is so true! I had a 2. rate kill order where I could bring one 2. rate to kill 3x 2. rates, and I would get a mission chest and a silver chest for it. Now if I bring one more player along on this mission, when we join it will adapt to a 6x AI 2. rates vs 2x player 2. rates. The fact that it does this is awesome, but totally let down by the fact that only the player with the kill mission gets the chest rewards for completing the kill mission. Fighting 6 AI vs 2 players is imo a lot more difficult than just doing it solo 1 vs 3 AI. Challenge is fun, but it needs to be rewarding. So both players should get the reward for completion. No point increasing the risk if the reward is not increased as well. So kill missions has the potential to be awesome. And these kill missions with silver/gold chest rewards I have only gotten around free ports, or on rare occasion distant nation ports. So it is not like we will be back to farming huge AI fleets in front of our capital and getting all the best loot possible again. This is still missions, the loot in the ships are shit 9 out of 10 times and the reward for completion is as far as I know only desirable when the kill mission is far outside the reinforcement zones/near free towns.
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    Alt exploitation only really ended through clan mechanics.
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    When you look at warehouses of players that are around for a while then you will find out that they are cramped with stuff. So making gold ship just an expensive choice is fake. Because what is expensive when players can have unlimited stacks of everything? RNG is the only solution that is fair to everyone. It's the same for the guy who just got into crafting and has just a handful of mats and the one who has almost unlimited mats.
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    If ships escape the PB then the BR is freed up in the first (I think) 10 minutes. You make the mistake in counting the bellona
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