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    I should have added tags like irony and sarcasm so silly dutch can understand, too.
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    This happens because you need a completly different configuration for a ship inside vs. outside the patrolzone. In addition, some players do not like to go inside the patrolzone because they will most likely be ganked with only a little to no chance of escaping. The RoE in the Zones should be changed to alter this.
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    It has become difficult getting into the PvP Zones due to large groups of gankers who sit right off the nearest free port and intercept ships as they leave the port. This is worst around the free ports with narrow access points (Tumbado & La Tortue) but it happens off Aves and La Mona as well. This discourages single players and small groups of players from participating. It might not be unreasonable to make the waters around free ports a reinforcement zone, under the assumption that free ports would jealously guard the freedom of their waters. This would give people a chance to get out of the port safely and allow the PvP zones to serve their original function. For the life of me I can't figure out why some players would rather attack outside a nearby zone than in it. With more marks to be had in the zone it seems like "eating your seed corn" to attack players this way, even more so when it discourages players from participating in this very enjoyable part of the game.
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    more reinforment zones...noooo please. What comes next in this game? Changing ammunition from balls to flowers?
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    Please, do not nightflip Great Britain. We want to sleep. Thanks
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    No sleep , war is war .
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    Come on, those flags (were they even used as naval ensign ?) are all out of NA timeframe. Maybe a better source for our period concerning naval ensigns in New-France and Martinique (in French with a summary in English), after cross-referencing it with other sources, can be found here. Moreover, where did you read that the flag below was used as a naval ensign during the Napoleon Empire ? (there are 2 questions here : about its naval use and about the period)
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    With 5 minor battles and 2 Grande Battles before 2nd Bull Run there should be no problem getting 9 AO. There are 2 more minor battles before Antietam, so once again no problem getting Medicine to 10. Funny... this is the way I was going in my first try at Legendary but then got sucked away to Politics. I think I am at 3 for Politics, Economy and Training and 4 for Medicine and AO after 1st Winchester. The proof will show itself at Antietam. If that goes fairly well, I will start posting the videos of my present campaign. Ever since my first try I have had this feeling I should have been pushing hard on economy and training (medicine goes without saying), but folks seemed to be pointing at Politics and even though I really wasn't convinced, I went for it anyway. Right now I am on the road to Gaines Mill and my brigade size is down to 1,300 men. As for the reinforcement bug, yes, I was aware there are times when I got extra brigades in some minor battles but was not aware of what caused it. Thanks for the explanation. BTW, when I played Ambush Convoy this last time around I had a full out battle. I have come to believe that just as when I was playing the Yankees on Legendary and relying so heavily on my artillery; as the Rebels, I must do everything possible to destroy as much of the Union artillery in the Confederate campaign as possible and keep them from getting masses of 3 star artillery brigades. At Ambush Convoy I crushed the forces reinforcing from the left side of the map (including 2 artillery units) and then called it a day. We'll see how this all works out.
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    Well, I prefer this more personal style than the always pleasant but unapproachable professional style. We're not really customers yet, we've been invited to a partly open development process. It can't be truly open if we demand to be treated like easily offended and entitled customers. Be careful what you ask for...
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    first of all, you can always go to a other port but... Freeport (outpost slots) is not free and cost a outpost port slot.... (sometimes, and i think it is more always than mostly, there are no choices to go to other ports) i believe a Freeport should be taken literally, and should not cost a outpost port slot in that case, we have the ability to move around more often than we do now most people are limited by the total ofoutpost ports they can own most players have their outpost port slots more or less concentrated at their home base whats limiting the ability to move around faster in other territories or we get more port outpost slots per player available ... or the freeports get really free for the use of a port slot and costs nothing if nothing is going to happen we all stay limited in our ability to do what we want to do in various ways and i even believe the lack of opportunity to do so, cost even casuals to play the game by the feeling of being restricted in this game ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so i would propose or a dlc for this ...(more outpost slots) or give every player the opportunity to pay(in game) for 10 more outpost ports ... more outpost ports slots give you the ability to move around for the kind of waters you seek... a rebellion is needed to release the FREEPORT of the restrictions of the game free the FREEPORT of the outpost portslot....(counting) also clan own outpost ports should also be free from outpost port counting let the rebellion start
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    Freedom tree came about in the 20th century I think... but it was certainly an image of freedom from the first days of the flag Also, seeing that the US has the fewest flags at the moment, can we add the US "Don't Give Up The Ship" flag? Immortalized last words of James Lawrence, aboard the USS Chesapeake. Used by Commodore Perry in 1813 aboard USS Niagara during the Battle of Lake Erie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oliver_Hazard_Perry#Hero_of_Lake_Erie Edit: Seems to have flown at the main masthead... Would still like to see it, particularly at the masthead but it would be nearly as great to fly it as a typical ensign anyway! Sorry if it was suggested already... worth bringing back up again anyway for when more flags are added
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    I grew up cruising and racing a Catalina 25, my father still owns a newer model. Also have match raced Lasers in the local lake with the local sailing club. Past that, have sailed a Frosty and a Sabot, and a small collection of Hobie Catamarans in the neighborhood of 21ft or so. The largest private sailboat I've been on was a Tartan 44 owned by a friend of the family. Here was an outing from a while back in the Laser. It was really gusty that day, I ended up walking the side a couple of times when my sheet became fouled.
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    Allow us to take hostility missions right from the map. Skip the nation choosing and annoying scrolling through dozens of ports like this: _____________________________________________ It took me also a while how to check the details of the ship being sold. I tried to put my mouse over the ship name "Surprise" and nothing. I tried to click on it and nothing happened. These are the first natural actions of players trying to find more details about the ship. Knowing they are somewhere out there, I figured I need to put my mouse pointing at the square box with the number... Also, I don't really like the new card info compared to the old one. It looks better with the skin, but it's hard to access the most important information: I marked the most important information, it's spread all over the card box and takes a few seconds to process, unlike the current card box. Some of these are small font or placed somewhere in the corner, which is not very handy: ___________________________________________ Last note, the repair warning looks ugly in port, reminds me of "Reinforcement Zone" marker which is identical and that's what I thought it is before I checked it: ^^^^^^^^^ Which on the side note covers the "R" marker and compass, while more logical would be putting the card box at the top in the empty space:
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    The French East India Company (1664-1794) Between 1720 and 1770, the Company gained a great prosperity and built more than 300 ships, a third of them being two-deck ships from 600 to 1500 ton. Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_East_India_Company La Paix, 1764 : http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66472.html Le Boullongne 600-ton French fluyt, 1759 20 guns (6-pdrs) Source : http://gerard.delacroix.pagesperso-orange.fr/boullon/bou_2.htm Built in Lorient by G. Cambry on behalf of the French East India Company. Design (especially the interior) is a bit different from ships built by and for the French Royal Navy, such as Le Gros Ventre, to serve as a freight transport ship. Named after Jean de Boullongne, French magistrate and politician. Captured by the British in 1762. Length (gundeck) : 126' Breadth : 30' Depth in hold : 11'8" Monograph and plans : http://ancre.fr/en/monographies-en/63-monographie-du-boullongne-v-cie-des-indes-1759.html?search_query=boullongne&results=2 Shipmodels : http://gerard.delacroix.pagesperso-orange.fr/boullon/bou_index.htm http://www.amarsenal.be/05_MM_19_SDB01.htm http://enguerrand.gourong.free.fr/oceanindien/p19oceanindien.htm Source : http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=16503
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    By the author of papers please: https://store.steampowered.com/app/653530/Return_of_the_Obra_Dinn/ In 1802, the merchant ship Obra Dinn set out from London for the Orient with over 200 tons of trade goods. Six months later it hadn't met its rendezvous point at the Cape of Good Hope and was declared lost at sea. Early this morning of October 14th, 1807, the Obra Dinn drifted into port at Falmouth with damaged sails and no visible crew. As insurance investigator for the East India Company's London Office, dispatch immediately to Falmouth, find means to board the ship, and prepare an assessment of damages. Return of the Obra Dinn is a first-person mystery adventure based on exploration and logical deduction. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/10/18/return-of-the-obra-dinn-released/
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    Not customers yet? I have personally spent over $60 on the game. I wasn’t invited to play, I payed for it. Like the Admiralty connection that I will not be able to fully utilize when the update hits the PvP server. I am their customer and I fully expect to be treated as such.
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    wrong module category French Rig Refit Elite French Rig Refit (Bridgetown Frame Refit ) all are speed instead survival
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    When this update will come to the game ?
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    HRE and HREKK have to buy forger DLC and go prussia I guess
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    That's not the way, you need to steal it like a proper privateer or pyrate... I mean acquire it through unconventional means.
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    You call me fool yet dismiss the points I presented. OK lol. That post went off the rails for a few reasons but too much emotion was the main, and lets be honest I really wonder how intoxicated some people are when they post. Plenty have done it. Your making an assumption right there. They play the game and get doubloons. By the time they need to teleport around you don't think they will have enough? A new player will be more concerned with leveling up. You can have concerns about the change but you base your concerns on assuming one will have a hard time. I started a completely fresh character on test bed. I didn't receive the handouts everyone else did because I jumped onto the testbed before it officially was announced. So far it hasn't been a problem and from what admin says it will only become easier. Like paying for crew. Adding costs to teleports doesn't stop someone from advancing, should ships be free since its a struggle to build and collect all that is needed? The burden of proof is in your hands, you go try. I'll ask again, why is a new player teleporting so much? A poor little midshipman that should be focused on the tutorials, basic crafting and missions.
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    I think we’ve influence changes already, like scaling fee’s throughout the ranks and probably Dev’s are rushing to minimize the fee impact, now that’s assumptions boyo! Wanta know more, original post wasn’t assumptions, “concern”, see! you saw how quickly and big the thread got, not alone either, even @admin tried to step in and sway punters but to no avail, eventually ultimately forced to lock it down. You on the other hand, hmm… you know it’s very easy to forget the struggle early game… why don’t you delete all your characters and spend the next two months testing advancement without teleporting, I’ll be waiting to read your report. In @admin view, “Naysayers have posted” but still alot haven’t, obviously they all waiting to see it live and to see how the economy will be balance, but if still un-liked then backbenchers will be forthcoming. @admin and @Inkprobably underestimated how significant and important teleporting is to everyone and now they’re stuck with un-popularising an “easy of life" mechanic.
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    The hunt and battle are the reward!
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    Love them! Buying this DLC asap In case that visual is in the game, though: I think "Pine Tree Flag" or "An Appeal to Heaven" would do better than US The Tree Flag
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    I admit im a little concerned over the removal of PVP marks. If we get doubloons for PVP and PVE, where is the tangible reward for PVP? I'm not a fan of a leaderboard (because i'm rarely on it??), but I do like to get a specific reward for killing another player.
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    Mr @admin I personnaly feel that you treated us all unfair closing this thread: and keeping this one open for posts. In both you have stated that we dont have enough information about all future changes to make accurate comments, yet the only one closed is teleport thread. Why is that? Is that because overwhelming numbers of people didnt like that change? Now, me and few others have posted here defending economy changes you propose because we feel that they are good. Will you let us keep posting even if we dont have enough information to defend theese changes? If you want to be fair here, please close both threads or open both, otherwise I (we) feel that our feedback is only needed when and how it suits you.
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    The atom unit is now the ton or 100 tons (instead of the approximate load which was used previously)
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    What did i do ? Again this talk.... I give up. "My dude", i played all types of styles along the thousands of hours across a lot of nations, from being a noob, to sailing big ships and doing a decent amount of conquest, to operating nice ow defense frigate guard to being a raider. I do not need to present you my CV since i started testing NA. You think you know but you have little idea. But let me tell you this: - 1 account - no handouts - i wipe my account every single major update Now, please leave me out of your personal concerns.
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    @admin Honestly are you smoking something? 1-10 Doubloons to teleport ports? What is some one doesn't have any and all there ships are at another port they have to sale across the map to get to them cause they don't have 10 Doubloons? Not every one does missions and PvP's to get them. You will effectively once again kill the casual/econ players cause of this. AI doesn't drop CM any more and the only in game way I seen to get Doubloons is certain missions and PvP. This isn't an issue for your hard core guys that PvP all the time but you need to think of the casuals that might not get any PvP or win ever, with not safe zones they can't even go out and do missions without getting jump half the time so that isn't a safe way to get Doubloons just to jump to a port and check there econ and do some crafting/trading if they want. I'm honestly about to test this as a zero level char as since Sir Texas Sir account was logged on the Test servers before you open it to all I got zero redeemable (other than DLC). So I have a zero level char. Loooks like I'm heading to the shallows to kill some 6th ships just so I can telport and do my econ so I can craft.
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    Updated beta version at https://na-map-test.netlify.com/: journey: every leg is movable and scales proper when being zoomed in and out 'Select port' now shows port with large white circle and trading partners (ports where to buy [green] or sell goods [red] or both [blue]), port info windows contains the details removed 'Go to port', use 'Select port' instead 'Select goods' now also contains craftable goods
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    Hello Captains Thanks for the beautiful pictures in this topic Thanks @z4ys and @Wind (long time ago) for interesting historical references on flag visuals during naval multinational parades. Need your opinion which picture you like more Grey Blue reply in comments
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    As promised by peachynoob. Good battle.
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    I have people in SLRN, who can spend an hour or two in Naval Action every evening. If they now will have to grind AI to be able to teleport to La Mona or Aves for some hunting/pvp, they will just quit the game.
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    I'm not sure that this is a valid case, Gregory. You yourself say that the battles were challenging. That means that the enemies intent was to engage you.
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    Historical stern of Christian
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    Started with 5 years on an Optimist, sailed large range of Jolles (Askeladen, E-Jolle, 420, Lazer etc) and Catamarans in my youth up to now. Did three diplomas on Jolle (E-Jolle and 420) racing in the North Atlantic in Gothenborg Sweden (GKSS). Sailed multiweek turns with Yachts in Denmark, Greece and Florida & Keys, sizing from 18 to 36 foot. Normally sailing each year, but in the last 5 years it was hard due to financials.
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    Warum Spielen Leute die Logitsik Section in PS? Hauptaufgabe wenn richtig gespielt ist Support der eigentlichen Kampftruppen und weniger das pew pew. Ich denke es gibt einige Spieler hier in NA die verstehen unter "Händler" nicht nur den Spieler der tradinggoods von Port A nach Port B schifft. Denn das kann man sicherlich wie du angemerkt hast auf dem PVE Server genauso gut machen. Nein ein "Händler" auf dem PvP Server könnte so viel mehr sein. Ich sage könnte weil hier kann ich @Hellmuth von Mücke verstehen, wurde doch die Logistik Komponente zugunsten des non stop pew pews total eingestampft. Händler sind nurnoch Goldesel für die Port fixkosten und Roboter die trading goods von A nach B fahren. Vorbei ist die Zeit wo Schiffebauen für die Nation/Clan Sinn machte. Vorbei ist das Schmuggeln von Gütern weil Ressourcen nicht verfügbar waren. Vorbei ist die Zeit der Verzahnung zwischen Händler, RvR und PvP. Manche sagen das Spiel hat keine Tiefe. Es hat keine Tiefe weil wir die nicht wollen. Als PvP, RvR Spieler ist Logistik ein Hinderniss und wir wollen nicht angewiesen sein auf andere. Darum gibt es jetzt Schiffe die nix mehr mit der Eco zutun haben (Schiffe für PvP marks, dlc Schiffe). Sicherheitszonen die uns 80% aller Ressourcen zu Verfügung stellen. Eco/Logistik ist nurnoch eine Randbemerkung ein Ärgernis. Ein letztes verbelibendes Relikt aus der Zeit des Handels (10.x) sind die Hull und Sail repairs. Aber seinen wir PvPler doch mal ehrlich die sind voll nervig!
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    I'm always a bit worried about ships that make the Victory and Santisima inferior so the Ohio looks like a great option. What guns would she carry on each deck?
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    Hardlimit doenst mean its an 100% quarantee. we we dont want to over stretch it. personaly i would go for USS America 74 and the upgunned USS ohio wich would be on equal therm of the Victory. ofcourse the stern could ne some artistic freedom love
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