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    I should have added tags like irony and sarcasm so silly dutch can understand, too.
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    This happens because you need a completly different configuration for a ship inside vs. outside the patrolzone. In addition, some players do not like to go inside the patrolzone because they will most likely be ganked with only a little to no chance of escaping. The RoE in the Zones should be changed to alter this.
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    It has become difficult getting into the PvP Zones due to large groups of gankers who sit right off the nearest free port and intercept ships as they leave the port. This is worst around the free ports with narrow access points (Tumbado & La Tortue) but it happens off Aves and La Mona as well. This discourages single players and small groups of players from participating. It might not be unreasonable to make the waters around free ports a reinforcement zone, under the assumption that free ports would jealously guard the freedom of their waters. This would give people a chance to get out of the port safely and allow the PvP zones to serve their original function. For the life of me I can't figure out why some players would rather attack outside a nearby zone than in it. With more marks to be had in the zone it seems like "eating your seed corn" to attack players this way, even more so when it discourages players from participating in this very enjoyable part of the game.
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    more reinforment zones...noooo please. What comes next in this game? Changing ammunition from balls to flowers?
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    Please, do not nightflip Great Britain. We want to sleep. Thanks
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    No sleep , war is war .
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    Come on, those flags (were they even used as naval ensign ?) are all out of NA timeframe. Maybe a better source for our period concerning naval ensigns in New-France and Martinique (in French with a summary in English), after cross-referencing it with other sources, can be found here. Moreover, where did you read that the flag below was used as a naval ensign during the Napoleon Empire ? (there are 2 questions here : about its naval use and about the period)
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    With 5 minor battles and 2 Grande Battles before 2nd Bull Run there should be no problem getting 9 AO. There are 2 more minor battles before Antietam, so once again no problem getting Medicine to 10. Funny... this is the way I was going in my first try at Legendary but then got sucked away to Politics. I think I am at 3 for Politics, Economy and Training and 4 for Medicine and AO after 1st Winchester. The proof will show itself at Antietam. If that goes fairly well, I will start posting the videos of my present campaign. Ever since my first try I have had this feeling I should have been pushing hard on economy and training (medicine goes without saying), but folks seemed to be pointing at Politics and even though I really wasn't convinced, I went for it anyway. Right now I am on the road to Gaines Mill and my brigade size is down to 1,300 men. As for the reinforcement bug, yes, I was aware there are times when I got extra brigades in some minor battles but was not aware of what caused it. Thanks for the explanation. BTW, when I played Ambush Convoy this last time around I had a full out battle. I have come to believe that just as when I was playing the Yankees on Legendary and relying so heavily on my artillery; as the Rebels, I must do everything possible to destroy as much of the Union artillery in the Confederate campaign as possible and keep them from getting masses of 3 star artillery brigades. At Ambush Convoy I crushed the forces reinforcing from the left side of the map (including 2 artillery units) and then called it a day. We'll see how this all works out.
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    Well, I prefer this more personal style than the always pleasant but unapproachable professional style. We're not really customers yet, we've been invited to a partly open development process. It can't be truly open if we demand to be treated like easily offended and entitled customers. Be careful what you ask for...
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    first of all, you can always go to a other port but... Freeport (outpost slots) is not free and cost a outpost port slot.... (sometimes, and i think it is more always than mostly, there are no choices to go to other ports) i believe a Freeport should be taken literally, and should not cost a outpost port slot in that case, we have the ability to move around more often than we do now most people are limited by the total ofoutpost ports they can own most players have their outpost port slots more or less concentrated at their home base whats limiting the ability to move around faster in other territories or we get more port outpost slots per player available ... or the freeports get really free for the use of a port slot and costs nothing if nothing is going to happen we all stay limited in our ability to do what we want to do in various ways and i even believe the lack of opportunity to do so, cost even casuals to play the game by the feeling of being restricted in this game ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so i would propose or a dlc for this ...(more outpost slots) or give every player the opportunity to pay(in game) for 10 more outpost ports ... more outpost ports slots give you the ability to move around for the kind of waters you seek... a rebellion is needed to release the FREEPORT of the restrictions of the game free the FREEPORT of the outpost portslot....(counting) also clan own outpost ports should also be free from outpost port counting let the rebellion start
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    Freedom tree came about in the 20th century I think... but it was certainly an image of freedom from the first days of the flag Also, seeing that the US has the fewest flags at the moment, can we add the US "Don't Give Up The Ship" flag? Immortalized last words of James Lawrence, aboard the USS Chesapeake. Used by Commodore Perry in 1813 aboard USS Niagara during the Battle of Lake Erie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oliver_Hazard_Perry#Hero_of_Lake_Erie Edit: Seems to have flown at the main masthead... Would still like to see it, particularly at the masthead but it would be nearly as great to fly it as a typical ensign anyway! Sorry if it was suggested already... worth bringing back up again anyway for when more flags are added
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    I grew up cruising and racing a Catalina 25, my father still owns a newer model. Also have match raced Lasers in the local lake with the local sailing club. Past that, have sailed a Frosty and a Sabot, and a small collection of Hobie Catamarans in the neighborhood of 21ft or so. The largest private sailboat I've been on was a Tartan 44 owned by a friend of the family. Here was an outing from a while back in the Laser. It was really gusty that day, I ended up walking the side a couple of times when my sheet became fouled.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I pray this thread will stand as a place for all true lovers of the most glorious mode of transport to check in. What has everyone sailed? My love has laid with small craft catamarans, also known as the motorcycles of the high seas. I've got my eye on the following in order to follow in the footsteps of Captain John Smith, upon the Chesapeake.... https://www.hobie.com/sail/wave/ https://www.nps.gov/cajo/index.htm
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    The French East India Company (1664-1794) Between 1720 and 1770, the Company gained a great prosperity and built more than 300 ships, a third of them being two-deck ships from 600 to 1500 ton. Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_East_India_Company La Paix, 1764 : http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66472.html Le Boullongne 600-ton French fluyt, 1759 20 guns (6-pdrs) Source : http://gerard.delacroix.pagesperso-orange.fr/boullon/bou_2.htm Built in Lorient by G. Cambry on behalf of the French East India Company. Design (especially the interior) is a bit different from ships built by and for the French Royal Navy, such as Le Gros Ventre, to serve as a freight transport ship. Named after Jean de Boullongne, French magistrate and politician. Captured by the British in 1762. Length (gundeck) : 126' Breadth : 30' Depth in hold : 11'8" Monograph and plans : http://ancre.fr/en/monographies-en/63-monographie-du-boullongne-v-cie-des-indes-1759.html?search_query=boullongne&results=2 Shipmodels : http://gerard.delacroix.pagesperso-orange.fr/boullon/bou_index.htm http://www.amarsenal.be/05_MM_19_SDB01.htm http://enguerrand.gourong.free.fr/oceanindien/p19oceanindien.htm Source : http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=16503
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    By the author of papers please: https://store.steampowered.com/app/653530/Return_of_the_Obra_Dinn/ In 1802, the merchant ship Obra Dinn set out from London for the Orient with over 200 tons of trade goods. Six months later it hadn't met its rendezvous point at the Cape of Good Hope and was declared lost at sea. Early this morning of October 14th, 1807, the Obra Dinn drifted into port at Falmouth with damaged sails and no visible crew. As insurance investigator for the East India Company's London Office, dispatch immediately to Falmouth, find means to board the ship, and prepare an assessment of damages. Return of the Obra Dinn is a first-person mystery adventure based on exploration and logical deduction. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/10/18/return-of-the-obra-dinn-released/
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    Not customers yet? I have personally spent over $60 on the game. I wasn’t invited to play, I payed for it. Like the Admiralty connection that I will not be able to fully utilize when the update hits the PvP server. I am their customer and I fully expect to be treated as such.
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    wrong module category French Rig Refit Elite French Rig Refit (Bridgetown Frame Refit ) all are speed instead survival
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    Napoleon's Naval ensign during his exil at the island of Elba (1814-1815) Source (Museum of the Army, The Invalides) : here. Ensign used by the emperor in exil and his small fleet (only five ships) as he kept his status of sovereign. For information only here and, a priori, it should not be implemented in game as during this exil, the real French government was a monarchy, the Bourbon Restauration. This Ensign is that of the Principality of Elba. But I thought it was interesting (and historical). NB : the color is amaranthine (reddish pink). Flag from Cosimo de Medici's coat of Arms. For a complete description of it (in French) : click the link.
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    Love them! Buying this DLC asap In case that visual is in the game, though: I think "Pine Tree Flag" or "An Appeal to Heaven" would do better than US The Tree Flag
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    I would bet because most of that topic was irrational complaints. To continue the discussion... You make two assumptions: That doubloons will not be abundant That all new players need to teleport Admin has stated that the returns for missions are not what they will be, that doubloons will be found even on npc ships and player ships (since they need to take them back to port to put them in their chest) will be carrying them as well. I think its clear getting doubloons won't be an issue. Why are new players teleporting? When they start out they have nothing therefore must build up their rank and their supply anyway. @admin Will the tutorial rewards include doubloons? Have these devs made some bad changes in the past? Yes but this doesn't even come close. TP charges remind me of the name/chat changes, we don't love them but it ended up working out just fine possibly reduced trolling.
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    most likely you have a corrupt item hold on.. maybe it can be fixed but worst case you will have to wait for monday.
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    maybe it (hre flag for sweden) should be done for the german speaking community as there was no prussia when most german players went sweden. Maybe on a blue Bavaria background
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    I see, so you are putting a big emphasis on AO so as to bring as many brigades to Grande Battles as possible. Correct?
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    Please don't mention ratings and this community..... The fact that you can rate this game is beyond me. I am waiting for release until I give an unbiased fair oppinion of the game.
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    Minority of players is actively using the forums. You may have several 10.000 or even 100.000 accounts registered, but it's the same 20, 30, maybe 50 people discussing things here every day. So you hear same shit from same people, but don't tell me that 100.000 players (numbers of sold NA copies) are actively taking part in forum discussions and suggestions.
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    Not sure how necessary most of these changes were, but I suppose they're easy enough to adapt to. All except for that last one you mentioned, #4 Further limiting lineships is a horrible strategy, already tried and failed so many times in the past. Every time we make big ships more expensive, population drops. I know a lot of players want 4th and 5th rates to be the most populous in OW. But majority of players want to at least be able to own and sail (without massive difficulty) larger ships. Lets look at the past attempts and why they did or did not work: No restrictions: WORKED FINE. Remember when you just needed materials and high grade notes (craftable) to make lineships? Nobody was afraid to lose lineships. Entire PB Fleets would engage 25 v 25 and end with most ships on one side sunk. And nobody was terribly upset (well, upset at losing maybe, but not at losing a ship that just takes crafting hours to replace) because you go craft another and try again the next day. RvR happened often and player population was at its highest. Fine woods: EPIC FAIL. Lost more than half the server population and never truly recovered. Rare resources for first rates: FAIL. Big clans run a monopoly on the market, making it extremely difficult/impossible for smaller clans or players without alts to get the resources to make the ship. Conquest marks: FAIL. Encouraged players to flip empty PBs to get their alts in so they could grab marks. Victory marks: PASS. We finally found a workable system. But it doesn't really limit anything....just forces you to participate in RvR if you want the most direct method to get a lineship (a reasonable requirement, IMO). But it also only works because it doesn't really limit anything. Get in a PB and collect a vic mark every week. As long as you don't lose more than one first rate per week, you're golden. I don't know why we want to keep trying to limit lineships. Many casuals want to sail lineships. They provide easy PvP marks to us when we hunt them, it doesn't break RvR or OW PvP for casuals to have a first rate or two lying about. Most of us agree, finding an inexperienced captain sailing alone in a first rate is like winning the PvP mark lottery. So why punish them? We already know what will happen if lineships are prohibitively expensive: big clans remain unaffected because we have large scale production, alts, etc. Big clans will not suffer much. They'll have their lineships and steamroll the weaker nations that try to defend the port with lighter ships. Its what I'd recommend any strong nation do: get the biggest fleet, roll the small fleets of other nations, and destroy those weaker nations one at a time and see how much farther NA population has to plummet before we stop trying to force people to sail certain ships or do certain activities they don't want to do. Its sad to say, but looking back at the history of NA's patches, the surest way to get something changed is to break the game using that mechanic. Again, Limiting lineships limits RvR. Limited RvR means the players who play for PBs will not play as often (player population goes down). Limiting lineships limits PvP opportunities around PBs. No matter how much I hate trolling screening outside PBs, it does provide PvP opportunities for players if they actually go there in a group to fight. Players who enjoy PvP now have one less option to find PvP: fewer PBs to screen, gotta go somewhere else to collect marks. Player doesn't bother logging in because most targets are inside broken reinforcement zones and not out grinding PBs (player population goes down). Stop the madness. Worry about fixing broken RoE in patrol zones. Continue improving PvE content. (This is something I was really happy to see on the testbed, some new PvE content with good rewards) Fix reinforcement zones so they actually protect new players but don't provide safe waters to trade and craft for max rank players. Balance BR in a way that makes sense. Give RvR meaning again. Fix useless ports issue (related to RvR having little meaning these days, aside from a handful of ports). ...etc... There is plenty of broken stuff in NA that is much easier to fix and more deserving of development attention than screwing up the availability of lineships yet again. But, if doubloons prove plentiful, and the availability of lineships stays roughly the same as it is now (basically unrestricted/participate in RvR even a little and you'll gain enough rewards to build one)...then I suppose it'll be alright. But something tells me thats not the case...and RvR is about to become even more ruined than it already is.
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    Guys, word of advice, stop rationalising marks into currency Marks will cease to be. End of. Only currency rewards. Money. Coin. Only V. Marks will remain on their own for a bit.
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    Not a negative, just leave me out. There's plenty of casuals that did build many of the nations in the past, when there were no teleports, when there were no buildings and only contracts and you had to sail to pick up what you needed. When crafters were worth gold and "revered" and people were happy giving them, GIVING them the hours! Casuals are not brainless.
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    Patch notes for Port UI update 12th October. It is now possible to install an upgrade by clicking on a free permanent (upgrade) slot in the ship interface. The list will open that will show available upgrades based on Captain's chest, ship hold and warehouse. It is now possible to install an ordnance by clicking on a deck slot in the ship interface. The list will open that will show ordnance based on deck's requirements and availability of ordnance in ship hold or warehouse Requirements for ordnance are now based on calibers instead of classes In the port shop ordnance is now also sorted by various tabs: Medium Guns, Long Guns, Carronades, Mortars Ship hold, warehouse, Money and Upgrade chests were moved back to grid Mission log has been added in Open Word interface Switching between outposts now requires doubloons, amount of doubloons is based on player's rank: 1 doubloon for intitial rank, 10 doubloons for the highest rank. Please keep in mind that the numbers are not final and might be tuned in future. Multi-selection icon has been added - once multiple items are selected it will show quantity of items and total weight during transfer. Rewards from claiming completed mission are now stored in warehouse (in case warehouse is full, rewards are stored in ship hold instead) The option to move items by clicking Alt - Click is now working as well for fleet/docked ships and ordnance equipment in the ship interface The Academy building now opens related blueprints to craft when clicking craft button. An icon representing overloading state is added in Open World interface Various economy tunings Multiple bugs has been fixed, and include a lot of interface windows improvements
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    As promised by peachynoob. Good battle.
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    I have people in SLRN, who can spend an hour or two in Naval Action every evening. If they now will have to grind AI to be able to teleport to La Mona or Aves for some hunting/pvp, they will just quit the game.
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    Updated beta version at https://na-map-test.netlify.com/: journey duration calculates based on distance, current wind direction and ship speed (assumptions: minimal speed of 4 knots, open world speed is twice the regular speed) @Wraith list of cannons added range for x and z coordinates are -819k to 819k @Norfolk nChance minor improvements May I ask you to test the beta again, especially the journey duration: @jodgi check setting 'double click to plot a course' is selected set current wind and ship under menu item 'Make journey' double click twice on map for each segment to construct a journey
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    If it was late and you planned on going to bed why would you sail a L'Ocean into dutch waters and taunt them?
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    Seriously? I’m consider myself fair and and usually able to see all sides to an argument but this specific situation doesn’t seem to have anything to do with sportsmanship or the lack thereof. I guess sportsmanlike would be if you only engaged a single first rate in your first rate but no one is advocating such “sportsmanship” in NA. We have a problem with mechanics in battle. Is there a problem with post battle spawn locations being exactly known? Yes. It’s also a problem that an artificial timer determines if forces can join a battle or not. But the idea of a lighter ship slowing and shadowing with a goal of bringing heavier ships to bear is a valid tactic. That is what happened. You raided Dutch waters in a lone L’Ocean for much of yesterday. The idea that we would not respond because it was your bed time and you wanted to get your first rate back to home waters is preposterous. I was in the last squadron headed out to attempt to get you. Ultimately we decided to turn back. We made several mistakes in our responses to your incursion. You made the mistake of getting stuck deep in enemy territory in a slow but powerful ship. You ultimately fought your way out gaining — as you said on Global — the top spot on the PVP board. Griefing without the intention of combat is bad. But that’s not what happened here. The Dutch were looking to fight and since you were in our waters in a 1st Rate, I assume you were too. We just weren’t headed to bed yet. Fair sails.
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    Historical stern of Christian
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    Just a little note about the new website of the 'Museum of the French India Company' at Lorient, Brittany (France) about all the French trading Companies of the 17-18th centuries in America, India, Far East... Exhibitions of period nautical charts, ship models, drawings, furniture, China porcelain... Website (in French) here. Some of the ship models discussed above are shown in this museum (Le Massiac, Le Comte d'Artois...). The new website of this museum with a dot bzh (for Brittany and not .fr anymore !) explains some of the dead links of this thread.
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    Started with 5 years on an Optimist, sailed large range of Jolles (Askeladen, E-Jolle, 420, Lazer etc) and Catamarans in my youth up to now. Did three diplomas on Jolle (E-Jolle and 420) racing in the North Atlantic in Gothenborg Sweden (GKSS). Sailed multiweek turns with Yachts in Denmark, Greece and Florida & Keys, sizing from 18 to 36 foot. Normally sailing each year, but in the last 5 years it was hard due to financials.
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    My theory is that this is a result of a fix of occasional capsizes (which happened rarely when ship colliders moved into each other due to packet loss on the player side). Instead of capsizing they are slightly repositioned. Which i think is much better than losing a ship to a random capsize. But its just a theory. We will look into it if more cases arise..
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    Yes, we actually show up for PB's.
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    I'm always a bit worried about ships that make the Victory and Santisima inferior so the Ohio looks like a great option. What guns would she carry on each deck?
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    Hardlimit doenst mean its an 100% quarantee. we we dont want to over stretch it. personaly i would go for USS America 74 and the upgunned USS ohio wich would be on equal therm of the Victory. ofcourse the stern could ne some artistic freedom love
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