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    Please make note that clan KIWI and I want Little Harbour, Nassau and Puerto Plata.
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    You claim these ports are useless yet you want them back, it doesnt add up. Also if the owning clans think that they are useless they could just drop them. If you want ports back you should offer something for it.
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    total defeat, good battle))) but you do not relax, this is only the first battle. winter is comming
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    Investigation complete, appropriate actions were taken
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    I'm not sure if this topic will not backfire with trolling but let's give it a shot. 1. Other pirate clans do want some ports. RDMP kept saying they want to own some, BLACK clan wants Deadman, maybe the new FENIX clan wants something as well. Every day this war prolongs, it probably gets worse for the casual pirate players. 2. Mayaguana was sold as replacement for Salina Point. You guys desperately wanted one live oak port. You clearly said that once you get one live oak port, you and your clan will focus on PvP and hunting. Following Mayaguana deal, Salina Point was under attack numerous times and XXXXX pirates (including Privateer) did assist. As long as we sell a port, we do not promise we will never take it back. That's not our intention, but during intense war we need to make certain steps to advance in the war. Hence we are willing to return Mayaguana to the pirates. Lorimers is up to HANSA. 3. It's important to mention timestamps, Lorimers and Mayaguana were pirate ports for months, they've been taken without any resistance as we agreed to. Jobe remains untouched as pirates did not use it for any offensive actions. 4. About Grand Turk, I will just mention it was dealt in rush by 3 players that were in charge at the time (not me) and the goal was to deny port from Russia. Port was sold against the will of owners (TALER) and without agreement of other Prussian clans. It was acknowledged as misunderstanding and mistake, hence our goal to take it back. 5. ALOHA wants to keep Ragged Cay. We are willing to open it for everyone, as well as Salina Point to allow free trade and building production for pirates. Watching all these peace offers makes us feel like losers with the current situation, where we are supposed to return 8-11 ports in order to get 1 back. We gave up William's Bay as a good will, but if pirates want to demand that much, we will also ask William's Bay to be returned into rightful Prussian hands. 6. Last point, but important. You speak on behalf of XXXXX/VCO. Invite all other pirate clans into the discussion, because if a big group of pirates will resume and continue the war, are Prussians supposed to sit still and watch incoming attacks from left and right? Make RDMP, FENIX, WTF, BLACK etc. make their own statements.
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    Appropriate actions were taken
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    winter is coming indeed, 250 russians and 500 french against 15 swedes. Lets see what this brings, little bit sad about this multiflip i dont think you guys need it to get good fights. Or is french scared to fight a actual pb against the swedish pb fleet? Des moines in a nutshell : swede got more players its a gank. french have more players its well plannend swedes win fight: better ships/better communication. french win its skill pb for french lets take ports when main swedish fleet is engaged in other fight. naathing changed
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    Please simplify the port UI, having to open several windows to put the cannons or repairs to the boat makes the new system complicated. Make everything more simple and intuitive. I like the configuration of the current UI, the only thing that would do is decorate it with funds of naval themes etc. The UI of the testbed seems complicated.
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    Two thoughts: a) You want to lead here in the forum serious peace negotiations? b) And in the current situation, pirates offer to swap Grand Turk for the Prussian-occupied cities of Mayaguana, Lorrimers, Parrot Cay, Watling, Ragged Cay, Deadmen's Cay, George's Town, Port Howe, Arthurs Town, Portillo and Puerto Nippe , Are the pirates sure that this should be peace negotiations and not an offer to accept a Prussian capitulation? I am curious which Prussian leader will accept such a peace.
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    Prussia has contacted the evening clans of XXXXX and VCO suing for peace. Since we're online in different time zones and Banished and Capt Cid keep missing me, I'll move the discussion here. First Item: I don't mind holding just a few useful ports with timers rather than a gaining a bunch of useless ports. That being said, I think other pirates (who don't pay for timers) want some ports back. Second Item: Lorimers and Mayaguana were bought from Prussia (specifically Banished) and then taken back. Because of this fact we would like this deal out in the open. Third Item: The Pirates need to receive their part of any future deals in advance of Prussia receiving their end of the deal. Evening pirate clans will cease offensive operations against Prussia (neutralizing night flips). Prussia will cease operations against pirate ports. Prussia understands that the daytime pirates are not covered by these deals and operative outside of them. VCO/XXXXX will not assist the daytime pirates offensively against Prussia. As far as the agreement, we would accept the map below. Also you can have Ragged if we get Saint-Nicolas.
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    cant you just do a message with 6 ppl in it? More practical to find a serious solution
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    can a mod remove this toxic and unserious answer while we try to figure out a solution, before it goes WAAAAAY off topic?
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    Well, he has to learn basics before he starts tagging other players in a Pickle, lol. Maybe find him a remote spot where he can hunt AI. Killing AI traders with a 7th rate gives good XP for a starter. Don't let him learn in a "Reinforcement Zone"!
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    Well, speaking for BLACK, we don't want any ports. Don't need them. We will continue to hunt all over the map regardless of any 'pirate nation' deal. We are pirates, tis what we do. Any private cease fire deals we enter into as a clan, will remain....private.
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    Sooo.. Prussians approac Pirates, looking for peace. And all Pirates do is asking for a couple of useless ports? Is this the situation atm or did I miss something?
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    Geschiedvervalsing is ook geen fantasie maar fake news het valt dus onder fake news. maar het kan geen kwaad om de waarheid boven tafel te krijgen idd History falsification is also not fantasy but fake news it, therefore, falls under fake news. but it does not hurt to get the truth over the table La falsification de l'histoire n'est pas non plus une fantaisie, mais une fausse nouvelle il tombe donc sous de fausses nouvelles. mais ça ne fait pas mal de faire la vérité sur la table
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    Ports returned are useless with the exception of Live oak from Mayaguana. It will however please the mort rats. It is worth mentioning that Grand Turk was purchased by XXXXX for 30 mil and they will be returning it as part of this deal. VCO will agree to the map listed by Privateer with or without the addition of Ragged/Saint Nic (we don't want them). I would like the following stipulations to the deal that was discussed between @Captain Cid and myself. Evening pirate clans will cease offensive operations against Prussia (neutralizing night flips). Prussia will cease operations against pirate ports. Prussia understands that the daytime pirates are not covered by these deals and operative outside of them. VCO/XXXXX will not assist the daytime pirates offensively against Prussia. Evening pirates and Prussia are at a bit of a stalemate and losing millions on timers for ports that don't matter. I'd prefer to just end this bullshit and move on to other things. We can't take their ports during their times and they can't beat us during our times.
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    He attacked me... I was trying to PVE.... I only have 150k gold as a new player, not even enough for mods... BTW, how do you have triple planking? Hacks?
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    Investigation complete, appropriate actions were taken
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    I also play games with my mouse inverted. I have adapted to NA by using the key board as much as possible and avoiding gameplay requiring the mouse. Trading and port activity is still possible without needing the inversion. NA is an exciting beautiful game that can provide a rewarding experience without using the mouse very much. The development team is only 3 and a half people and respond to very limited requests. Please encourage your crew to try the parts of the game that are less dependant on mouse use. Currently the development is focusing on the user interface and the Game Labs crew are very pleased with it. Perhaps someday the option for mouse configuration will be added. Until then more players are wanted to make the game a success.
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    @Miaowi Got what you mean. I know BR have been adjusted manually. Problem with a ELO is that after a undefined amount of time everything will be the same value. You know, like a victory/defeat ratio tends to orbitate towards 50% I like to look to age of sail as a period where designs served a purpose. A frigate couldn't do what a snow would, nor a schooner could do what a lugger would. A frigate could be transformed into a "indiaman" but would never be a Indiaman ( see the below deck cargo hold space and how deep the keel goes compared to a frigate ). That is what we miss Combat is outstanding but where's the rest of the age of sail even in conquest ? Where's the supplies being delivered to occupation troops ? Where's the transports taking out the plunder from a newly conquered town ? Where's the dedicated mass fishing ships ? We have a do-it-all in all ships