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    not quite an honest fight, but I'm glad to be back. And yes, I am surprised how the biggest and strongest Zerg help another very strong and big Zerg. Well, okay, times are changing)))
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    Aaarrrggghhh! I be's here to make me report to ye! 'Greetings Lord Christendom, Knight of the Nightflip, Admiral of the Fleet, Vanquisher of Clans, etc. Since me last report to ye: I've heard rumors of you sacking the clan warehouse of a prominent Spanish (formerly British) clan. Is there any gold safe from the hands of VCO? *hearty laugh* Also I recall countless reports of you terrorizing almost the entirety of the active United States Navy whilst alone in your Le Requin. The mere mention of your name seems to strike fear into the hearts of the American sailors. However, it seems a few battle hardened American veterans are convinced that we, the mighty VCO Pirates, have no skill whatsoever and can only gank, yet they never attempt to engage us in equal fights....they only run from us or attempt to fight with massive advantage (and even then, sometimes get sunk). Very peculiar. Rumors of Spanish attempts to pay for use of a VCO port. Rumors of dissent in the Prussian nation, offers for peace shot down by a heartless commander with an image to uphold and a point to prove... Rumors of a large fleet destroyed by nightflips.... The usual accusations of hacks, exploits, farming, and secret alliances to roll the server with black dots. Various and sundry other rumors, I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I remain, your officer and trusted disposer of Surprises (via loss to LGVs), the dread pirate, fearsome hunter, and master duelist, William Death.' To everyone else: Please forward any further theories and rumors to me, and to global chat and someone will be along to notice and respond.
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    Pirates being pirated !?... waaaaaaaaat.....!?
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    You must be from the US barbaric states, because civilized countries put a day first, then month and year in the end.
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    After a Shoppingtour in Gustavia, sverige coastguards tried to hunt us down... but too slow or not enough skill to catch us, same like in the good old days, when island harbor or hat island was a freetown.
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    Is subject to case by case, really. Let me ask you this - you are in a trader convoy and you counter-tag. You have absolutely no desire to fight. Is it griefing ? You make a bad tag ( ow translation can sometimes place you in the wrong spot ). Is it griefing ? You are an advance scout frigate for the "home fleet". You manage to tag the slower rear-guard of the enemy fleet with the intentions of keeping them in combat until the bulk of the fleet arrives ( and hope the enemy fleet turns back to engage ). Is it griefing ? Take a good look to your gameplay after you logoff, what went wrong, what you did good, where did you "subvert" the intended gameplay to suit you ? What did the enemy do to suit them ? What makes it different ?
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    Salt was a very very important goods in old China and I found it is still important enough in NA now .
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    Unfortunately this is the way it is, have light ship hold a heavy until reinforcement can arrive. Unrealistic yes due to time differential in battle vs OW. This has been going on since ow existed and it's a very hard problem to fix
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    I’ve never seen any but legend has it you hear them before you see them, old sea dogs in taverns have often said it sounds like weee uuuu weee uuuu, and it comes with the fog.
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    I dislike the players who insist upon RP’n as “yarr real pyrates” but then complain about all their shallow ports being gone. I ask, well did you show up and help defend them? They say why of course not, we’re real “yarr pyrates”, we don’t do RVR. There’s your answer To quote a favorite show of mine, “Decisions are made by those who show up”.
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    Always complaining, what you want the devs to do? Shut the server down when you want to sleep?
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    Some news Warehouses and holds will move back to sortable grid view. List looks great (like the old goods journal) but is sometimes inconvenient (especially on small screens).
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    @melarky This behavior is very similar when some program sets the focus on the desktop.
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    ofcourse me and @Banished Privateer were over there i think last week killing some swedes in frigates before we baited 4-5 swedish 1st/2nd rates down to aves where we got 2 more to help us kill them with our sols, it was fun.
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    4 hours of sailing, I am yet to find a fight (beside forum PvP)
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    not sure what youre on about but good luck m8 RUM all around
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    Kiting with no intention to fight is defined as griefing and illegal in NA. That's breaking the game rules, glad that Gregory has reported that.
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    This two mast xebec ( kaik ) crossed the entire Atlantic to bring the news of the defeat of Napoleon to the Portuguese Court exiled in Brazil. It evaded french corsairs, pirates and storms. It is of note that, indeed, the kaik was meant for coastal waters and not ocean going. Still it did it. ( exact replica of the kaik xebec "Bom Sucesso" which brought the news of Napoleon defeat to the exiled Portuguese Court) - same could be said about ships of the line, they were built to fight in the fleet, not roam like frigates and acting pirates but we can do it, sail them however we want
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    I honestly would hope to see some clan docks space before something like this. It's a pain crafting ships for clan mates and than having to store them until you can get with that player and give them the ship. Would be an easy fix is to have a means to craft ships into notes that you can store in your clan warehouse maybe? Or redeem at the Admiralty store.