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    in Eve there is a history tab where you can see what the captain has done in the past perhaps it would also be nice to have a historical record of our own in NA like : name change nation change clan change if would help al lot to determine if the captain is a trustable officer for the clan in the future for the clan to have war history with members and killboard( in clan only visible tab)
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    Ostras !! llevaba casi un mes con un bugg en mi perfil sin poder hacer ningun post en este foro !! Ya pudeo postear !!! Respeto a tus comentarios Juan, no se ha que vienen. Tu sabes y la mayoria de los jugadores Españoles (excluyendo a los novatos) saben que siempre se ha faltado numeros en nuestra faccion. A habido algun periodos de euforia con intentos de juntar jugadores bajo las mismas banderas de clanes, pero la falta de gente genero falta de ojetivos y perdida de motivacion. Los pocos veteranos que quedan aplican regla simple: divertirse e intentar atender a buenas batallas (sin olvidar que estemos en una fase de testing todavia). El RVR se puede organizar solo con grupos ACTIVOS, asi que frente a los numeros actual de la faccion, solo se puede reaccionar en la defensiva. Sin hablar de los nightflips... Respeto a la situacion "politica" de la faccion, es un lio tremendo entre clanes (y jugadores), no se puede hacer nada entre facciones, una anarchia diplomatica. No hay responsables por la situacion presente de la faccion solo hay un corriente que nos lleva a todos frente a nuevos obstaculos, segun nuestra capacidad de ramear en grupos o no. Hemos tenido la suerte de incluir clanes "estranjeros" recientemente, cosa que no se conseguia desde años pero que es vital en este juego, (no hay jugadores estranjeros en la Faccion Española ! solo hay jugadores Españoles que no entienden que esto es un juego intercultural !) y pa los que no hablan ingles pues es una ocasion de empezar de aprender un poco de idioma GRATIS !! Ahora, por mi parte, solo quiero añadir que los dichos veteranos (que tienen una paciencia tremenda y que pueden pasar tiempo pa NA mas que otros) se estan convertiendo en un club que practica el ELITISMOS, y eso es un problema que conlleva intolerancia, mosqueos, criticas y al final culpar siempre a los demas ... Mientras que la esencia de un clan tiene que apoyarse sobre amistad y abnegacion entre sus miembros. En fin, no hace falta preocuparse por la situacion presente, mejor valdria preparar ya nuestra comunidad para el juego que saldra en su version final. Habria que imaginar un sistema de clanes o de grupos de jugadores que pueda preservar a las diferencias y la independencia de cada uno sin quitar la habilidad de reaccionar juntos. El RAI a sido la mejor iniciativa y podria seguir funccionando con gente dedicada (un saludo respetuoso a Alonso!!). La confianza entre jugadores es el mayor problema a gestionar, asi que una idea podria consistir en la registracion de una multitud de clanes (de 2 tios, de 5 o de uno) cada unos sacando la ventaja del almazen, pero con un signo de pertenencias a un grupo global. por ejemplo [ES-1], [ES-2] o [RAI-1], [RAI-2] etc...El registro es oficial y controlado, cada nuevo que entre toma el numero siguiente dando de paso su antiguedad respetiva a cada clan. Buen viento a todos !
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    I voted 'yes', it's a circus anyway, what's another clown?
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    Spanish joined our Hostility mission on Cayo del Sal a neurtal port. Was a great full duration fight.
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    Babay is not a game for a long time. Reverse on vacation and was able to go to 10 fps and without communication. North - has a language barrier. Wait 2 weeks and you will be surprised
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    Disclaimer The mix of PvE and PvP in a game is such a weird thing for me, it is a matter of taste, for sure, but it causes me quite a bit of irritation, frustration and I constantly get in people’s face about terrible PvE and wonderful PvP around here. I’m writing this as a guide but I will follow my modus operandi of prodding and poking PvE, agitating and polarizing. Consider yourself warned. Introduction This game has always revolved around fighting ships. We have several modifications more of less available that changes or enhances the way our ships fight. The very best of these modifications are behind a PvE grindwall. A few rather good modifications are behind a PvP exclusive grindwall. A competitive PvP player will want to have all the best stuff eventually, but he is forced, directly or indirectly, to deal with the PvE aspect to get everything. Some argue that mods aren’t that important, but I don’t believe that even for a second. You can get normal stuff from bullying bots in the OW, second tier stuff from fishing bottles in OW and top tier stuff from epic missions. I simply can’t bear the thought of spending time fighting stupidly overpowered bots to get stuff so I had to come up with a plan to avoid that completely. AFK fishing I may wish away absolutely everything PvE but it won’t happen. I decided to make my computer deal with PvE while I sleep, work, eat, go on vacation or what have you. With the stuff you get from bottles you can trade to get rich, make the best mods, trade for PvP marks or, as was my focus in the beginning, trade for the rarest PvE books. It worked for me; I afk fished for months, traded with people and ended up with all the books. This may be the easiest way to do it: Some set up super-effective alt-fueled and sandboxie powered fishing: I decided to use a dedicated physical computer with an alt so my main computer’s resources were always free to play proper (PvP) or do whatever else I do on it. You may not have access to a dedicated afk fishing box or inclined to buy a second NA copy (You should, because if you close your eyes to the PvE stuff; NA is one of the best games ever and the guys more than deserves your patronage), but you can just use your main computer while you sleep and work or use whatever combination that suits you. I sail a basic cutter far away to a corner of some teleport zone to minimize being found by random players so I can sit there as long as I need or want. Since we still have F11 coords and teleport to port we’re able to save a bit of time, but even when those two features are taken away we can just point our ship in some direction, afk sail for some given amount of time and simply spend the time sailing the ship back when convenient. Don’t sail your ship outside the map as there is no fish nor bottles there. When you’re at the fishing spot you need some sort of keyboard/mouse automation to keep the client logged into the game. I’ve fallen back on basic cutters and a simple click routine that converts fish and then throws everything but bottles overboard. There are many tools available to automate clicking: SeeShell for some fancy image based clicking, clickermann for some advanced features or the super simple idiot friendly TinyTask just to start the list. Being an idiot I went for tinytask. You have to be careful that the click routine doesn’t make the split dialog pop up; It has to work whatever happens, and this is what I landed on: Right click the third slot to convert all fish - confirm - throw the second slot overboard - confirm - wait to avoid the “you can’t…” dialog - throw the top slot overboard - confirm - wait for the timeout for the next run. Notice I’ve selected “resources” to hide the bottles, it would be rather embarrassing to sit there throwing them overboard. I also sort the content with salt and meat on top. In some cases the routine might click “send to chat”, just make sure “global” isn’t selected and hide the chat window. This is how I record the routine in TinyTask: That’s basically it. I use the remote desktop thingy built into Chrome to access the fishing box after daily maintenance or updates to get it back up fishing. It works fine with little fuzz and I’ve even used my phone while on vacation to whip the box back into fishing. You have to spend 20 seconds every day to keep it going and that’s perfectly tolerable for me. I’ve lost three ships and a total of 5 bottles since I started. I don’t mind it as I’m not really losing anything. AFK fishing even provides content to guys who are willing to trawl around unused ports and remote spots at sea, that must be so boring I think they deserve the bottles that may or may not sit inside my carefree afk cutter. I’ve guesstimated the bottle drop rate at averaging super roughly one bottle each 160 days at sea or one bottle each 24 real hours. Is it ok to do this? I think it’s supercalifragalistically silly, but I get the best stuff for doing almost nothing. Also, nothing is more silly than doing PvE when PvP is available so afk fishing saves me from a greater evil, ergo it must be good. The best part is it gives me a feeling I’m using PvE against PvE, I’m sticking it to PvE man, if you will. It gives me great satisfaction.
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    There is one very illogical mechanic with changing sails that bothers me a lot. When I go for example from 100% to 40%, some of the sails are dropped and raised multiple times (just as templates of 60% and 80% represent them). That makes raising and dropping sails process much longer and less useful. Sails templates should go directly from 100% template to 40% template, skipping what's in between.
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    😶 I thought we might have a topic where those who have had extensive time sailing in real life might suggest some nautical goals the game developers might look at. Here are a few. 1. In Open world, the fact that all ships of whatever make can make headway even directly into the wind hits sailors as very artificial. Perhaps the game needs that, but I'd like to suggest that being forced to tack even while making long voyages would be a fun challenge. 2. Rankings only go as high as Rear Admiral. Thats a fine achievement but after a while the majority of your players will all be admirals, given time with no where to go but jostling perhaps to lead the largest clan. I think a lack of further non political goals such as Vice Admiral and Admiral might cause some of your veterans to leave the game after a while. So perhaps add those two very senior ranks to be achieved after not just a doubling but quadrupling of exp. points and perhaps Victory and PVP points as well. And once achieved perk points expanded to allow for extensive AI fleets. I think AI ships are coming along in ability and intelligence and that this could be done with some really amazing experiences for long time players. 3. I'd like to see more foul weather variety in that in world and in battle ships have to carry less canvas to avoid having rigging carried away or sails blown. Taking precautions for weather is a part of any sea captain's concerns. Also In world the wind is always the same velocity. Could a variety of wind strengths be added to go with the occasional rain squalls that are a part of the game now. I can see where utter calm would be a bad thing for game play, but between a light breeze and near gale force winds there could be a great deal of fun. 4. I've noticed that some of the ship classes can make headway closer to the wind that even modern sloops can today. In the days of fighting sail, ships commonly had to beat across the wind and made very little headway even tacking. This made lee shores all the more dangerous. Some of the smaller classes and of course the lateen sailed Raqs. are able to point up closer then is really realistic. 5. Last and perhaps least important, in Open World while sailing no matter the weather conditions all ships sail straight up as if incredibly ballasted and "stiff." There is no heel effect at all. Thats a pity for anyone who has sailed in real life.
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    15GB extra with the manual for noobs.
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    You can modify this script easy so it doesnt press the button every 15 minutes, but at random times between 1 and 29. How do you distinguish between a guy who legit sits infront of his PC and pressing a button every 20 mins or so while watching a show on another screen and this script? You cant, its impossible. Its not nice but its a very minor issue imo because farming bottles is very inefficient. We can be happy that there are no bots farming PvE missions. That would truly kill the economy.
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    Ping is not part of feedback here. Let’s get back on the topic of patch feedback please.
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    The wasa has a low cargo hold which makes it slow down a lot with repairs and guns. You are probably better off going with an ingermanland.
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    10 year olds don't necessarily have a good idea of what they want to be. How about cutting him off the games and replacing that with physical activity.
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    😜 The Good Side of the Force Strikes back (Pala is Chewi)
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    It is both sides of the coin, for "you" and "them" ( read averages ). Both know the system it weak. They decide NOT to play it. You decide to play it. Preaching the gospel won't work. They don't care. System is too weak despite "simulating" something. They rather shoot and achieve results with shooting, whatever ships they use. Even with the event of them using boarding system is only AFTER having the challenge of disabling the enemy, decreweing the enemy, forcing the enemy to be boarded and not the push pull kill or rage board option. Read: I am not supporting either, just stating a raw fact. And no matter how much you discuss it and even "offer advice"; they are vets and they don't care about a weak system.
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    thx @russians for that tense battle! was awesome and damn close!
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    Yay and nay. Everything matters when the fight is very close. But, granted 95% players are a) not fitted for boarding b) have no clues about it or c) both, ping in boarding will not matter. As a few percentage points less in attack neither. We were talking about the topic "how to raid and get some practice and PvP marks without selling your soul". And I pointed out: you can tag the "wrong one" (a mix of skill, experience, ship, fitting). In that case, nothing would save you.
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    The assumption that every player is or should be a crafter for himself and a PvPer (or just consumes ships regularly) is wrong and should be wrong. The hardcore player may be able to achieve that but it shouldn't be the rule. Crafters and PvP/ combat player should be distinct classes in the game. That way, decay of goods makes sense. Plus the warehouse shouldn't be a bottomless pit and the stacks should be smaller.
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    In my view, for players who choose not to cheat take an unfair advantage with alts spend a higher percentage of time for their character to gain assets. Same for solo players not creating assets as a role player for clan. If you have only a few hours a week, instead of a few hours a day, to play the game, your progress is also much slower. Decay will affect you more. If you choose to log in once a month, do you then have to use all your assets in one playing session? If you play 30 hours a week you can gather it, craft it, fit it, sail it, lose it, and recycle the process several times before any decay sets in. So just in my view, it affects the solo or casual much more.
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    Forget Mr.Dorans duel guide, jodgis fishing guide is the new meta!
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    Almost like mining crypto-currencies.
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    Ink is investigating and will reply to you in private. But clan code is very stable and impossible to hack - someone you have trusted the officer role promoted them. Or they were officers, changed names and decided to leave and take all with them. Right now the only mechanic to kick is to find the founder. Clan issues can only be addressed after localization, we added the logs recently (that help a lot) and plan to continue improving the clan functionality. BUT. Having played EVE we know the only way to not lose resources is to keep them in your warehouse because even the trusted online friend can betray. pill sweetener. remember the wipe will come on release so you have not really lost much and they have not really gained anything.
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    If this is the wrong location for this topic, mods please relocate it. It's off-topic, per section description. My son spends way too much time on the computer, mostly PC gaming. But he has expressed interest in becoming a game developer. I had him download Unity and start there, doing tutorials and creative stuff. He is 10 years old. I am interested if any of the community, especially programmers, have any advice for him to get him going in a sensible direction. Any advice is welcome, other than don't bother.
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    Ok, I don't know it. All I have is a vague memory from a long time ago where admin made a comment to one of the many topics concerning alt outrage. I'm sorry but I can't be assed to dig up a post that's probably 18 months old. I don't know the legaleze that separates PvP mark farming from eco/crafting, spy and fishing alts. I do enjoy the "PvP is holy and must be defended" implication, though. The pve alt problem is neither here nor there to me. That is what I meant by "I'm out...". I'm not going to join the crusade when there's no fire in my heart.
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    Eso se llama Night Flips, atacan de madrugada sabiendo que no habrá nadie defendiendo el puerto a las 4, 5 de la mañana. Los daneses (ORCA) también nos lo hacen, y los piratas (XXXX y VCO). Así que no es tanto un problema de que nos hacemos muchos enemigos, sino que ellos ya vienen solos a ver que sacan como buenos buitres que son. Esa queja al admin, que yo ya le dije en privi más que a un perro, pero chico hay gente que tiene una piel de rinoceronte...
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    You misinterpret me. I will repeat again - a lot of players, a LOT of veterans dislike the boarding option a lot. That's all You, me, or whomever coming and trying to preach to them is void. They been here for years now. Anyway, sorry for the off topic. Boarding values are back to acceptable values as we always had them.
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    With my limited english i try to explain my idea. Fighting in battlesails could maybe solve hull hugging, just slow down and board the little ship. So we need to be forced to use battlesails, evrything faster then that should be only good for running or chasing. here it comes Battlesails: Sailforce +10% (makes taking a bit easier) Fullsails: turn rate -50% (want to go fast, you have to make wider turn, but fast) heel +15% (danger of getting leaked) broadside canon reload +50% (its harder for the gunners to reload when there is more heel, chasers reload as normal) and maybe broadside canon dispersion +15% (harder to aim when ship heels more, but still possible to shoot sail or shoot leaks) marines should always provide some preparation , they are there for boarding action. I think we should test something like this, maybe lineships should be a little faster then 3,5 kn at 90 degree wind, whenn in battle sails.Dont know how much time it would need to ad this ,maybee some days. please discuss , we want the game to get better.
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    Nice Photoshop. Where are gone the names for basic cutters players or NPCs? Wait a minute , I don't understand...
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    I found in a French in French book (MRB April 1994) the drawings and description of a gun boat, used as a preparation of Napoleonic landing in Great Britain. These ships actually fought and won a battle against Admiral Nelson, off Boulogne. They got no name, only numbers. I’ll call the model “Boulogne” in the following text. First of all, a photograph of the model: Some historical reminders In 1797, the French government “le Directoire” had a project to create a landing flotilla, with mission to transport and land 80,000 men in England. This first version of the ships (170 units) was variation of some gun boats used by Spain. This first attempt was abandoned in 1798. In 1801, the idea raised again. A new flotilla is built again. Attacked by Nelson on August 17th, 1801, they defeated the British fleet with support of coastal batteries, causing heavy losses to the enemy. The Treaty of Amiens, favorable to France, was signed soon after. And the flotilla was abandoned again. On May 18th, 1803, the hostilities resumed and so, another flotilla was built in Boulogne, aiming to land 100,000 soldiers in England. This was built in 6 months and became a very serious threat for Britain, which counter attacked by a continental coalition against France. The results were the French army victory in Austerlitz and the French naval defeat in Trafalgar. Another fleet was built in 1811, but this one was just a diversionary show, considered a serious threat in London, officially aiming to land two 40,000 forces in South England or even in Ireland, where some local help could be easily found. All that was abandoned when the French “Grande Armée” started the Russian Campaign. Description of the “Boulogne” This second version of these gun boats was smaller than the first one. 350 units were built. It was sailed by 5 to 10 sailors and could carry half a company of soldiers (During the 1st French Empire, a company was composed of 140 men, and so the Boulogne could transport 70 soldiers). This was rigged as lugers, the sail plan and surfaces given in the drawing: The armament was a 24-pound gun at the bow (seem to be a medium one on the photograph, and an 8-pound army gun (to be landed with the soldiers) at the bow. The weight of this 8-pound gun, without carriage, was 580 kg. Experts of the French maritime museum think that it would have been impossible to use this gun on board without destroying the carriage (army carriage was much lighter than naval one). If this model is implemented in a naval game: It can be discussed if the stern 8pd gun could be implemented anyway. It can be discussed the opportunity to add some swivels on the broadsides, to simulate the soldier fire power, which was real and effective. Precise blue print in attachment.
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    Fun engagement in the Georgetown Reinforcement Zone (North of Charleston). Masts fell by the board and ships were leaked. We even managed to escape the revenge gank fleet afterward. o7 and GF USA 68pdrs for the win!
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    Hey Guys, Great Job on the mod. Lots of great features and improvements. Really appreciate all the time and attention being put into it. Took a great game and made it better. I was playing the vanilla game on Legendary so I took your advice and started on MG. Finished the Stones River battle today and am finding MG to be far too easy. With the artillery changes you can just use your best guns to counter battery the AI into oblivion and then take out the infantry unmolested. So I restarted a campaign on Legendary, the CSA opening battle is much easier than the vanilla on legendary. I think it's about right for an opening battle. The vanilla always felt a little too hard. Like a small version of Antietam. Unfortunately, I had forced one of the batteries to surrender and after finishing the battle I was met with the 'defeat' screen. I know I annihilated two of the three batteries (one had been split). However, the victory conditions showed that neither battery A or B had been taken out. I saw another post describing this issue, so I guess the latest version of the mod is still having an issue. Although I like the changes to leaders, It does create a couple of issues that would be nice to address if possible. We now get Thomas Jackson as a Colonel after 1st Bull Run, which is close to historically accurate (I believe he was a Major while commanding the Stonewall brigade and promoted to Colonel shortly after 1st Manassas). However, it was not long after that when he received his promotion to Brigadier General after a successful campaign with his division in western Virginia. In the mod it takes far too long to get him to Brigadier General. Having had him wounded twice, He is still only about 90% of the way to BG after the Stones River/Murfreesboro battle. I'd really like to be able to make Jackson a Corps commander much earlier in the campaign than the mod is allowing. Also, Longstreet also comes in as a Colonel and is still one after Stones River as well. Personally, I'd like to see Jackson come in as a Colonel about 90% of the way to Brigadier General and Longstreet should definitely arrive as a BG in my opinion. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work, thanks again for all the time and effort.
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    Roblox.com Basically a free game engine for kids, supports everything from basic lego-block construction to fairly advanced scripting and modeling. I've been a member since I was 11, if you're son is interested in game development, he'll have all the tools in front of him to jump right in, plenty of open source stuff too so he can get a look at and pick apart some advanced projects. I've played many people's games from this website, and the quality of work these kids are doing is phenomenal. You'll find everything from accurate recreation of AAA games (and I mean accurate) to completely original groundbreaking concepts that have made waves in the community. There are teams of young people starting their own dev teams to create awesome games there, it has a very social aspect as well so everyone is trying to "make it big" as you'd say, so a good competitive element to push him further. If you want a good game development platform, Roblox is it. New games get promoted every week/month from talented young people, you can visit their blog for more info. There's also a title on Steam that started originally as a project on Roblox called "Unturned" which I remember was revolutionary for it's FPS view models, developed by one kid and he's done very well on that game. Best regards! -Slim
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    Precisely. In fact, I never recommended he (or any other person who considers themselves 'casual') pay for Elite Spanish or any other elite mod. At least, not till they get some skills built up and have the proper books to make the ship shine with that mod. I was merely pointing out that Elite Spanish and other elite mods are available to all players to buy, they just cost a fair bit. That part is overlooked by many who complain about elite mods. I don't like mod-dependent system either, but its the books that are *almost* out of reach for the casuals (because they're entirely RNG or a very very high price), not the mods (which are indeed very expensive, but not to the point of impossibility). That was the reason I brought up the cost of elite mods. Not to recommend or imply that they are needed to PvP with. They are nice to have, but if you don't know how to make best use of it (proper ship, proper books equipped, proper playstyle), then you'll lose that 3-5mil upgrade long before it pays for itself. Then you have to go back to grinding gold to bail yourself out of debt because it didn't pay for itself. On the other hand, I've happily paid 3-5 mil for a single mod, or upward of 50 PvP marks (I bought a naval clock for 70 PvP marks last night). But only because I plan for the ship I put that mod on to net me more marks than it cost me to outfit the ship. Self-sustaining, as it were. But certainly, (and I said this in both posts about new players getting into PvP) go with cheaper mods and ships (like the builds I recommended). You can outfit a ship for PvP for less than 1 mil. Assuming you have a tiny bit of luck and sail her carefully, you'll easily earn more than 1 mil in PvP marks (its only 10 marks = 1 mil at some freeports). Then, when it does sink, you outfit another. Again, self-sustaining. Once you reach a level that you can take your ship out, and earn multiple times its cost in PvP marks, then you can start to consider investing in the top of the line elite mods. Till then, it will be a sad waste of your gold and marks when they sink before they pay for themselves.
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    Recently, the mindset of "Make Safezones Safe again!" has gained a lot of supporters. Requins are sniping noobs all over the place. In this thread I would like to have a formal discussion about safezones, if they should be a thing, and if so, under what circumstances. I think the game (-devs) have to finally make the decision whether or not newbs should get absolute protection in a certain area or not. In their current state, the reinforcment zones are not fullfulling their role of protecting noobs. Those often don't even know how to call for help in nation chat. It's rather the more experienced captains that are gaining from it, so they can craft / trade in peace. The game is getting closer to a release state, Port UI should attract quite a few new players and perhaps we will also see some returning players. However, it will most likely not take them long to say *eff this* after getting sniped @ the capital and put the game away again. There was an attempt to fill the spot of PvP for those that want it, with the Patrol Zones. However, with a pretty bad execution. Personally I don't even dare anymore to attack certain nation players in the zones, because I know the probability of more of them spawning in half an hour later is pretty high. Thus, I think having a 100% safe zone (nation owning the zone is not attackable) is the right way to go, given... 1 Zone per nation Smaller zone than the ones we currently got Chooseable "High-Sec missions", which ONLY spawn in the green zone, granting significantly less rewards than... "Low Sec" missions, which spawn in an area outside the first, green zone, grant more rewards by @Christendom: Ships crafted in the zone are only basic (green or blue) Cannot tow a ship to / from ports within the safe zone The idea of a 100% sec zone should be to give new players a place to get into the game; not give vets a secret cave to hite at to produce all their stuff they need. *Ermagerd, where do I now go to kill stuff??* For there to be a safe zone; I think there needs to be a reliable alternative for players to find PvP. *You scrub, we got Patrol zones for that*... yeah sure, we do. However, with a pretty bad execution. 30 min open battles @ a place where both sides on their own will, to get PvP, is not a solution. A while ago, I posted a suggestion, how the ideal PvP zone (in my opinion, of course) would look like. As far as I know, the patrol zone IS on the devs to do list, however only after the Port UI (and localization?) is done. I fear that will be too late, though. The two zones explained: "High Sec" - Players of the nation owning the zone CANNOT be attacked, at all. "Low Sec" - Players of the nation owning the zone CAN be attacked, Only extra rule is battles stay open for a little longer than the rest of OW - perhaps 10 minutes Zones visualized (Just an example, not too sure about the zones size), just for you to get the idea: Pro's Noobs are safe. Better player retention rate Less salt. Con's Less sandboxy. PvP zones are more Arena-ish.
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    This whole comment just shows that you have no idea what you're talking about. We go where ever there are people. If combat indicates any sort of activity we go there too. Otherwise we do a circuit, Belize, Guatamala, MT, LT, Nav, KRP, etc. Anything and everything is fair game. It's easy for you to assume whatever you like, because you don't have a tight knit group of guys who've played this game since release who can and will fight anything in front of them. You just want salt for the tears but have no clue what goes into an average day of playing this game.
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    Full combat potential of the ship should only be available at battle sails. The more sails are set, the worse handling and combat capabilities should become.
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    Yes. Its true. It's amazing how many people can't get over their fear and/or not wanting to sail in a "sailing game". And as far as: How do expect to have an "economy" if there is only "supply" but no "demand"??
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    It was very interesting to read how other players earn bottles.
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    You are not thinking it through. If officers could demote - then a rogue officer can just kick everyone (especially in the case of missing founder) and take over the clan. Now. Officer could only invite alts to clan, promote and steal everything ONLY in once case. You were far sighted enough to hire such officer. Do not promote people you don't trust with you FULL WAREHOUSE. if you trusted them - you should be ok with them taking it all out.
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    This. Ban top 3 ranks buying and sailing BCs.
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    Tentant, non ? Sortie le 26 septembre.
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    requin pulling a santi at 8 knots live footage The santi captain got executed afterwards for not using the determined defender perk
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    You are correct, it will decrease the bad PvP that we have today. It will also help new players on their way. It will increase player numbers and PvP numbers will rise again.. Also remember that closing the reinforcement zone for PvP will not affect the current OW PvP, neither will it affect the PvP-Zones or RvR. The only ones that a closed safe zone will affect negatively are the capital campers. Perhaps some of us OW hunters will finally get to meet the Requin Heroes and learn their names apart from "Clerk:"X boarded british player near Carlisle". As previously stated, there are so many ways to make OW more attractive; could be with increased income, special books, notes, trades... But first and foremost we need to stop players from leaving the game. If I can keep 100 PVE'ers in-game by losing 20 capital gankers, then that is my preferred choice. The real PvP'ers and hunters will always go to where the most PvP is, they will adapt.
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    In many games localization is one of the easiest and fastest things, as long as you provide all text from game in single file more or less. There are specialized companies that translate texts to xx languages proffesionally and fast but even player communities do that sometimes officially, sometimes via modding.
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    We should be able to control all sails on the ship , more realistic wind on sails !
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    You guys have not fought the real forts yet.
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