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    This is something that will only work if you hide enemy commands and only know them in the next round. Pick a command according to your knowledge of enemy ship and crew - and commit. This will remove ping dependence - and i think this is a way to go.
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    You missed all of the fun and excitement. There were cupcakes, and soda-pop and even a juggling clown
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    You're all off the edge of the map.
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    We all know current boarding game is not really fitting NA experience. It creates many problems, devs try to make temporary fixes like DD etc. I purpose slight changes to the boarding game to make it a bit better. I think not much of a work needed to implement these changes. 1. Grappling Phase Current instant grappling into boarding in a second is not good. Looks weird, happens weird. Purposal: Make grappling phase longer. Need 5 seconds to achieve successful grappling, in which maximum distance is maintained with boarding speed during 5 seconds. A ship can steer away, accelerate in that 5 seconds to get away from boarding. Pulling bigger ships requires more time like 7 seconds, pulling smaller ships require less time like 3 seconds. A boading prepared enemy can cut ropes with a long cool down. edit: Muskets starts firing when enemy ship within 50 yards, higher deck, more muskets having advantage. Few men dies with each volley. When hugging grenades starts. I feel like this will be introduced in future patches. 2. Boarding Mini Game Current game sometimes requires last milisecond commands, which is very unrealistic and silly, ping related. In real combat you order your man to attack, first you order them to get ready, than you give them the attack command. This can not happen in 0.1 seconds. But may be in 8 seconds. Order them to defend, may be 6 seconds? Fire muskets, aim, fire, needs 4 seconds? Brace needs 3 seconds? So what I mean, all these actions need some time. If you order “get ready to attack” and give “attack” order only 2 seconds later, it will be uncoordinated, not a good attack, ineffective one. Attack command requires preparation and 8 seconds to be executed effectively. Attack order given 3 seconds before round ends, very ineffecive and preparation is wasted. Attack command given exactly 8 seconds to round ends, a perfect attack. But if defender selects defend at 6 second before round ends, a perfect attack against a pefect defence. Now what matters is crew numbers and boarding setup, killed crew decided on the facts. So it is what it should be in real life. No one can attack in 0.2 seconds or fire muskets at 0.1 seconds. So we have selected musket fire at defending enemy 4 seconds before round ends and enemy braces 3 seconds before end, etc. What matters now is preparation and morale . Bad decisions cost preps. makes you lose morale. Morale system revision: %100 morale needed to execute commands at preset times. Every 20 morale lost adds 0.5 seconds to your base times. So a defend requires 6 seconds to be executed perfectly, now requires 6.5 seconds with 60-79 morale. 6+1=7 seconds with 40-59 morale etc. So when crew loses morale, actions are not executed perfectly anymore, gets worse with low morale. Your morale is low, you are defending as your enemy is attacking. Enemy selects muskets at 4 seconds before round ends and you brace, as you have 55 morale = +1,5 seconds, your brace time is 4,5 seconds. Your brace is not well executed, you lose more man to musket fire. So whoever has more crew, more boading stuff, used preparation well, did not make bad decisions, managed to keep morale high, will win the boading game. This can be further improved as this idea is just a sketch. But much better than last milisecond boarding game also using the current interface. Just add required seconds and prep next to commands like ATTACK (8 seconds/20 prep.) , 79 morale —> ATTACK (8.5 seconds / 20 prep] This revision to boarding may have problems, so let us discuss if it is positive, better than current mini game, how to improve or correct this idea. Main idea in this post is to make a better boarding game with little resources until the final boading game arrives.
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    I'd rather not have a mini-game but something that's completely integrated into the combat system, swivels, quarterdeck guns, muskets, melee weapons, blood etc etc. If it's not it will always suck no matter what, good ideas here though.
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    Personally, I'd rather greatly increase the chance of losing a mast on sail damage (can add a multiplier to any ball or chain that impacts sails/masts), and have a significant chance of a fire when firing your guns when you're not in battlesails. Full sails during a battle should be a gambit last ditch effort to escape, not a normal state of affairs.
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    With my limited english i try to explain my idea. Fighting in battlesails could maybe solve hull hugging, just slow down and board the little ship. So we need to be forced to use battlesails, evrything faster then that should be only good for running or chasing. here it comes Battlesails: Sailforce +10% (makes taking a bit easier) Fullsails: turn rate -50% (want to go fast, you have to make wider turn, but fast) heel +15% (danger of getting leaked) broadside canon reload +50% (its harder for the gunners to reload when there is more heel, chasers reload as normal) and maybe broadside canon dispersion +15% (harder to aim when ship heels more, but still possible to shoot sail or shoot leaks) marines should always provide some preparation , they are there for boarding action. I think we should test something like this, maybe lineships should be a little faster then 3,5 kn at 90 degree wind, whenn in battle sails.Dont know how much time it would need to ad this ,maybee some days. please discuss , we want the game to get better.
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    that's true.... with a good telescope you can see the hole that voyager 1 do.....
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    Other stars and planets are just holes in the skydome, jeez, somebody slept over creationist class, tsts...
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    Earth actually accelerates downwards with a speed of 9.8m/s, however turtle's gravitation pull makes every object on our disc world accelerate to the turtle with a speed of 19,6m/s. Both forces contradict each other, that's why we only feel 9.8 m/s. Fun fact is that whenever a turtle farts, a disc shifts slightly, creating wind in our atmosphere and tides in oceans (in case you were wondering where those come from)
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    Aye. Couldnt better to add a simple "height" value based on real height to all ships influencing boarding combat in place of using deck count that leads to an Hercules considered higher than a Trinco, or an LGV lower than a Prince?
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    Other option is to make last second commands less powerful. So a attack command issued the before 12left does 100% dmg while attack after 4 sec left only does 25%. So ontop that last sec commands cost more prep they will be less powerful as well.
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    This is the only truth I believe in
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    Can I start a petition to stop JPJChris from making more posts?
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    Greetings, all you wonderful members of this forum! My name is RadicalEnigma (most people call me Rad or Sean, I don't have a preference), and I'm here to present to you all a new kind of clan: The Honorless Order of Twinkies! While our clan tag is indeed [THOT], I assure you we are not here simply to troll or badger our opponents. We do, however, outsmart our opponents, dodging patrols, evading capture, and even dishing out punishment in an effort to keep the US nation's trade running strong. Originally started in the early days of September of 2018, it started as a small group of friends who wanted to do missions and boost other friends who were new and were scared to venture out because of the constant siege of the U.S. suffered. We run missions with the new players, helping them rise up in rank and acquiring new ships, as well as giving fresh combat advice. We are also one of the leading crafting guilds in the U.S., albeit with only two of our members doing the crafting. We supply Charleston and other ports with cannons, resources, upgrades, and soon we'll begin producing ships in a much higher percentile. If you want to join the U.S. side and become part of our order, shoot me a mail, and I'll be sure to read it! We always love to have people around. (We'll be primarily using Discord instead of TS, primarily due to complications we've had with TS in the past. Discord will be required once the server is developed, and this topic will be edited with the link soon!) Nation: US Clan / Clan-Tag: [THOT] The Honorless Order of Twinkies IGN: RadicalEnigma Forum-name: RadicalEnigma http://forum.game-labs.net/profile/28666-radicalenigma/ Second Language: (If Applicable) I do speak basic German, however this will increase through time as I will be attending college beginning in January. Membership: 3 (will increase to 6 by the end of the month due to other friends joining us)
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    Most ships were boarded and not sunk. especially traders.. What we need is some way to have crew quality increase as you keep them alive then their is an incentive to surrender. Let's say you've gotten your crew to an elite status giving X amount of bonuses. If you loose half of your 1400 crew in a battle the average quality would maybe go down do a good crew. But if you surrender those crew members are actually saved so you keep an elite status (if you pay the ransom amount... see last paragraph). I'm talking in general terms here the math and mechanics would have to be figured out. Also a captured merchantman is MUCH more valuable as a prize than this game makes it out. So the capturer should still probably get some PvP for its surrender and sold at port. If it is sunk after a surrender no PvP should be received What do you guys think....?. My point is that crew members are much more valuable than this game makes them. And a crew that survives grow with experience making them much better at doing all things... you guys get my point.... there would be a vested interest in improving and keeping your crew alive.... Also a mechanism to the surrendered crew would be that the money that normally is used to purchase a new crew is now paid in ransom to the capturing captain... Also lets say your captured crew is elite then the ransom paid is 5 time that of buying a new green crew. Obviously the numbers I throw out are for example purposes so you can see my point. It would change the game so you have two main goals in battle save the ship and your crew... Kind of like real life. Lastly to avoid massive easy surrenders if the surrendering player has PvP some of his personal PvP would go to the capturing captain in addition to normal PvP he would get. Another incentive for the capturer to take the prize. The victorious captain wins all the way around. The loosing captain looses yet has an incentive to live. Comments please... Q& A 1. What happens if a captain cannot afford the ransom for all his lost crew? He would receive that portion that he can afford. If he chooses not pay the ransom he would be buying new crew members as new inexperience crew. 2. Can a surrendering ship escape Historically yes. If the winning captain travels away from the surrendering ship. This should be time and distance dependent. But the ship can only escape and not re-enter the battle nor continue to fight. 3. Shooting into a ship being boarded should effect both crews since they are in a melee status regardless which side the ships are on. 4. How do crews accrue experience? Both by time at sea and by battles survived. 5.I Giving the problem on coding some thought. Crew experience would work on average crew as a whole. No individual member would be elite or any level but some sort of numerical average. Much simpler to code. Your available crew with( time at sea experience # + battle survival #) would give you a threshold for your crew so on average your crew would be a good crew.... something along those lines. 6. One more thing the rum. I do believe that about 10% of your crew losses should not be able to return regardless of the rum. Someone generally gets hit with a cannon ball in the head.
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    Repeatedly (and I am not the only one who has noticed him doing it) Hethwill has been unable to keep his emotions in check or remain unbiased when perfrom his duties as moderator on the forums. Recently he has become rather aggressive and rude in his replies, sometimes being outright argumentative just to be an arse. He often deletes or edits people's post if their opinions clash with his own. The worst thing about him editing those posts is that he can do it in a way that shows no "edited" tag meaning that he has at times deliberately adjusted posts to how he sees fit and in ways that do not reflect the opinion or sentiment that was originally intended but as far as anyone one the forum is concerned that is what you intended to say when it was in fact not. He has used the same methods to edit his own posts without giving it the "edited" tag so that if proven wrong he has been able to say "that's not what I said though is it" (I have to say admin has been guilty of this at least once that I have noticed a couple of months back) He has a habit of taking a thread off-topic (usually some tangent about coffee or some other crap) and then "verbally" warns others not to do the same. *Now I am fully aware that I am not the politest of people on here and never will be, HOWEVER I am not charged with being a community leader* All in all, @admin if this is what you consider to be a suitable "role model" (can't think of a the actual word I mean) then it is no wonder Naval Action has the playerbase that it does. Thanks
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    Of course, we must always learn. This is the kind of constructive conversation that mods should promote .... 😌
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    Put enough fire into an area and chances are you going to hit something. That's all. True in slings and bows, true in musketry, true in modern fire squads. Specific tactics and adapted weaponry have been used for maritime warfare though, especially during the buccaneer age, but the intent was mostly and foremost the capture of the enemy, or to fend off those that wanted to capture your ship. All tactics of harassing enemy shipping and denying supplies, even at the end of NA timeframe was based on the objective of capture. Land troops had the present and level with fire hardly ever used. while maritime squads would do everything in their own tempo, having pre designated tasks - supress/kill vital personnel, like helmsmen, rigging masters, officers. Others just unleashing volleys into amassing boarding groups. We do not have ANYTHING to mess up enemy ship trim. All we have is chain and ram/push. Auto Skipper is untouchable.
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    I don't like the idea of weaker last second commands, just remove changing. Players must commit to action. I think already about last second attacks with 25% and defend last second with 25% power, it will make just the boarding last much, much longer.
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    I enjoy the boarding mini game and don't think it can get much better unless they find a way to make it fully immersive with animation. Unless the developers plan to do something like that, then I don't think they should waste their time on this.
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    Theres this stupid theory that since they sold the requin and specified the stats in the steam store they cant change the stats without breaching steam policies...probably bullshit.
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    Well new ore old players, basic cutters have nothing to do in PvP. He attacked a Ai. And the guys in basic cutters used bad codeing to attack a player. Worst part is that it is rear admirals in the BC.
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    When you get ganked, but they're all noobs: https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aExr8BM_460svvp9.webm