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    The goal was to reduce the hugging by available means without programming time (just by tweaking speeds) but higher speed reduces tactical depth of combat. We want to increase the tactical depth and coordination, not decrease it. As a result we will reduce the max allowed speed back to 3.5 knots from 8, but will keep the lower speed difference. All other changes will remain. Hugging and stern camping will have to be solved by musket fire. This will require programming time and cannot be expected until localization is finished (or during localization). One option is to just add another slot to cannons and allow the players to aim them in combat (but adding another cannon slot will require full ship wipe thus can be done only before release of the game).
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    Boarding at higher speed on the parallel course should be possible - but it will only increase tactical depth if ships continue on their way if they started boarding at 8knots. If ships board each other on 8 knots - they must entangle and continue on their way at 8 knots in their direction. In addition to that - captain should be able to use [ ] (point blank fire) during boarding. If ships continue on their way - this will drastically increase depth and coordination required for others to help during boarding. And will completely remove the option (hey i boarded - now stern rake it for me) We cannot allocate the programming time to that because we want to finish kill, hunt, search and destroy mission improvements and deliver port UI to players. So it is better to revert until we can remove stoppage.
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    Despite my reservations yesterday, before sitting and playing, i will concur that - Too easy to board. Is a no brain, really. - vector to enemy ship, ram to reduce speed difference and lower both to required max, and board. - it supressed all need to work wind, get in position, defend distance from enemy ship, etc. While I can understand the need the counter the hugging plague this is, in my opinion, not the best way to do it. I can also understand the need to counter act the "meta anchoring" of ships upwind. For hugging I would definitely go with "constant contact damage" based on tonnage. So a lighter ship side hugging a heavier one will get continuous damage based on ton difference "delta". The higher the difference the more pronounced and fast the damage build up. For the "meta anchoring" I would review the forces on the sail groups. Ship with excess square force cannot be counteracted to a almost standstill by the jibs and stays - no matter how epic the auto skipper is - , so either tacks around or falls back to the previous tack, forced by lee, etc and bows back into beam.
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    In my humble opinion the test was successful, and the change was found a fail. Instaboarding is worse, ramboarding is still the same, the game is even more forced into this silly rock paper scisssors screen where all you do is click boxes instead of actual ship combat. It's was already very easy to board, now it's even easier and there's NO counter to getting grappled as it happens, you're still locked in. Although the change I think is in the right direction, it's missing the crucial counterbalances to make it work.
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    requin pulling a santi at 8 knots live footage The santi captain got executed afterwards for not using the determined defender perk
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    September 19th 2018 in Naval Action
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    @admin boarding needs many changes, but I know it all might come after big patches. What if... with current mechanics: 1. Two or more players can board 1 ship at the same time. A more realistic approach, no boarding swapping between ships (friend stopped next to the enemy and pulling after disengage) 2. Boarding grapples cooldown 2-3 minutes (immunity mechanic, not single player cooldown) - no boarding swapping again. After I disengage, NO ONE can pull me for 2-3 minutes. Also, I cannot board anyone as well during this time. 3. End last-second commands mechanics. This is just a weird system. Make musket/deck guns/grenades much stronger. All players choose the command on start. That will solve poker mind-games, ping related issues etc. This will make boarding much easier for new players! They all get confused by last second changes and havoc caused by it. 4. Nerf AI boarding mods (really) I think these 3 suggestions will improve boarding mechanics BEFORE we can get a proper 3D realistic boarding model in the game. All should be easy to implement maybe besides multi-player boarding window... But who knows, it's worth asking. Players die to boarding so often because it's too complicated and too complex. All the preparation numbers and seconds passed after clicking etc.
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    1 person in my clan has 5 rings. You guys talk and make suggestions based on extreme mods all the time. Normal players do not have these mods.
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    Repeatedly (and I am not the only one who has noticed him doing it) Hethwill has been unable to keep his emotions in check or remain unbiased when perfrom his duties as moderator on the forums. Recently he has become rather aggressive and rude in his replies, sometimes being outright argumentative just to be an arse. He often deletes or edits people's post if their opinions clash with his own. The worst thing about him editing those posts is that he can do it in a way that shows no "edited" tag meaning that he has at times deliberately adjusted posts to how he sees fit and in ways that do not reflect the opinion or sentiment that was originally intended but as far as anyone one the forum is concerned that is what you intended to say when it was in fact not. He has used the same methods to edit his own posts without giving it the "edited" tag so that if proven wrong he has been able to say "that's not what I said though is it" (I have to say admin has been guilty of this at least once that I have noticed a couple of months back) He has a habit of taking a thread off-topic (usually some tangent about coffee or some other crap) and then "verbally" warns others not to do the same. *Now I am fully aware that I am not the politest of people on here and never will be, HOWEVER I am not charged with being a community leader* All in all, @admin if this is what you consider to be a suitable "role model" (can't think of a the actual word I mean) then it is no wonder Naval Action has the playerbase that it does. Thanks
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    I think you should give us at least a week testing it properly tbh... and if its still to much move down to 6kn, then 5kn and so on. No need to revert after 1 day.
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    Captains log, September 9th, 1766 The fortunes of war has for some time gone against the Danish-Norwegian kingdom. After a string of losses attrition has forced the admirality to abandon holdings in the western part of the carribean and focus the forces on the defence of the core danish area. I myself has been hospitalized in the navys hospital at Fredericksted on grounds of rampant alcoholism. Trumped up charges ofcourse I have never been sober a day in my life so why is this a problem now? We've started to slowly rebuild our fleets, in my absence alliances has been made that I wouldn't have been too fond of myself. The Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth has for some reason been accepted as lodgers in the Vieques, Pasaje and Guyama area. We don't see them much so we can't really say they are interrupting our movements and their trade is always welcome since they are paying the kings tax. It may not have been the worst decision, I do however have some reservations about their presence. The danish-norwegian decline in power has meant that more and more raiders are coming into danish capital waters. This very night I was called into battle with first a british contingent of one third rate, Bellona class 74', a heavy frigate of the constitution class and two minor ships, a 38-gun trincomalee class light frigate and an indefatigable of 44 guns. The battle became a bit confused since the raiders scattered as the danish coast guard moved out in superior numbers and after a long chase and a hard battle that lastet for 2 days in and around the virgin islands we managed to bring matters to a successfull conclusion. The trincomalee was sunk along with all hands, the same fate begot the constitution and the indefatigable. The 74' Ship of the line however turned out to be a very good build so we towed her back to Christiansted for repairs and refits. No sooner had the battle been concluded before a russian battlefleet started bearing down on our position, the battlefleet consisted of a couple of third rates 74's, a heavy constitution class frigate, and two smaller frigates. We quickly demasted the smaller frigates and after a heavy pounding from the lower decks of our third rates they were sent to davy jones. The constitution quickly met the same fate and in the end the two 74's were hammered into submission. These were after a hard fight sent to davy jones to join the rest of the russian contingent. https://imgur.com/a/azCL4FG After this a single russian Pirate Frigate was spotted and a small danish squadron was sent to intercept and sink her. Captain Assassin managed this just a few leagues north of the Island of The Settlement. Since no danish ships were lost in the battles around Christiansted the admiralty has deemed the evening a solid success for the danish defence. All hail the two kingdoms! Now back to the rum.. Christiansted, 9th of September, 1766 Captain Lars Kjaer, aboard the newly instated 74' Ship of the line "Tonen"
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    When you make a game and you try to fix issues that people have been complaining about for ages, but all you get are complaints that your fix introduces many new problems, so you say f* it, and introduce something radical.
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    I avoided playng this game solo with larger ships for months. Now I see opportunity to deal with smaller ships. I can imagine that players don´t like to adapt, change play-style. Devs pls don´t revert so quick just because of whining on forums. Lets test the game and tune values for some time.
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    Reading this topic, i think we need musket/swivels mechanics to deal with the hugging meta. To fix the hugging meta with a feature (boarding minigame) which is subpar to the rest of the game opens just more issues then it covers. This musket/swivel mechanic could be a simple as 10% crew killed per minute when within 20 metres of a higher rate ship, dont need new animations for that, maybe sounds so you know...
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    I agree, may as well just go to boarding screen and stop wasting time. While I'm pretty good at boarding, I actually like ship combat and consider boarding in this game to be too cheesy to subject myself or my opponent to. If I wanted to play chess, I'd go play chess. This new change took even more action out of naval action.
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    It's just 330 crew now, I dropped hammocks. 360 with hammocks. Seems normal and balanced, ay? Devs imho hello kittyed up the crew changes... Here is story line: 1. Ships crews get nerfed after the wipe (all hammocks) 2. Devs add "Light Ship Hammocks" for 6-7 rates (shallow ships become overcrowded boats due to crew spam to counter DD) 3. Everyone complains about high crew Requins 4. Devs nerf all crew mods for ALL RATES + making cramped/very cramped/crew space USELESS. Their logic of nerf includes 15% of "lightship hammocks" that applies only for shallow ships! TL;DR revert crew changes and remove lightships hammocks from the game. Devs create a problem by adding more mods and due to stacking they start to nerf ALL mods... No logic behind it. Second possible solution for "variety lovers" fix stacking mods. Apparently Devs will work on it, but will they revert all nerfs on mods due to stacking them?
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    Not really sure what was wrong with the old boarding methods. All that really needed to be fixed was a DD nerf and bumping the requin to a 5th rate. GG shallow battles again. Why is it that we keep getting changes no one wants instead of changes everyone has been requesting for months? Patrol zone ROE, new pirate mechanics, RVR fixes, more PVE content. Nope.
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    The battle of Shipwreck Beach. Battle was Sweden vs a coalition of Russian, Prussian, France, Piratesand English The battle took 9 Swedish ships against the 17 Coalition ships lost, the battle took 11 ships on or near the beach,
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    There does not seem to be a dedicated thread for the latest hot-fix (boarding mod) to be discussed. So I created this one if its not in the right place please move Background/qualifications I am cowardly Ganking Pirate and so is Ned (wanted Pirate), although he is a bit more bizarre because he hangs heads from his ship......both been playing 2 1/2 years and have over 5000 hours between us. We went out hunting with same setup we always use. (we are despicable cut throats). To be honest we had similar results as we had before but this time it felt more realistic and less gamey. What we did do however was adapt and changed how we attacked and what we carried and what mods we used. He was in a Herc and I was in Le Sexy. (I said we were are despicable .....) Our findings: 1. The Nerf to hammocks, light hammocks, cramped etc seems an over reaction and is unfair on everyone. These mods are pretty useless now for all ships, especially 6/7th rates and that's a shame. 2. I like the new DD rule. You have more crew or you dont. That is fine, most people work a crew down prior to boarding anyway. 3. The new boarding mechanic is deadly against light attackers (6/7th rates) as intended. It stops hugging and stern camping of larger ships (3rd/1st rates) for fear of being boarded. 4. The new boarding speed feels right and seems more realistic, no more silly pushing into wind etc. Thoughts/predictions 1. I do not believe many captains who like shooting, will fit board mods for defense, they are to greedy to balance their ships properly. Consequently they will cry on forum for change/nerf etc because their super shooting stack ship is boarded and killed. 2. Smaller ship captains who liked to hug big ships will cry on forum for change/nerf after big ships board and sink them while they were hugging. 3. Captains who do not like boarding at all, will cry on forum for change/nerf etc and blame Requin and boarding for all evils in the game. 4. Real winners will be Ballona speed fit ships who with careful mod choices should dominate the OW. Consequntly all other captains will cry on forum for change/nerf etc...... 5. Outlandish super plans will be proposed and polls will be published proving that this view or that view is right. 6. Some captains will rage quit for up to 6 hours and others will tell of the 'old days' when NA had 370000 players.
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    so to sum it up. DD is nerved to equal or not equal numbers = boarding allowed or not allowed to board my impression is that the boarding speed for ships 8 knots (first rates) is a bit on the high side (but lets test, what speed is decisive ) the normal battle speed (for what i always try to produce ) is around the 5.6- 6 knots battle sails (100% sails) in the normal situation, the speed had to be 3.5 knots to board what was for me always an almost dead slow speed achievement for boarding in the new situation, what does this mean in battle,? when doing battle, and there is some sail shooting at ships going around the sailing speed will drop severely( 65%-85%), what means at some point that every ship can be boarded because of all the ships loose speed at some point. to 7.5 knots what is below the boarding capability of ships (in the new test face ) so, in my opinion, the boarding speed has to be around the high end of the speed of a battling ship not caught in the board window of a particular ship( in a straight line whit the wind) remember that ships who turn loose speed too. so the crucial speed, (and critical speed)for a ship (if you look at the boarding window) should be around the 6. 0 - 6.5 knots. where a decisive speed for losing speed or just speeding up with the wind is a crucial aspect. to be boarded or not we can test the new situation at 8 knots, but i would recommend 6.0 knots for boarding all the ships(where there be an escape speed from 6.0 knots to 7.5 knots ) also what i would appreciate is a boarding alert indicator somewhere on the screen (perhaps a perk option ?)
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    Once upon a time there were only about 5 ports that produced Gold Ore and it was a big deal to hoard a bunch for lineship production, but then they added a bunch of new ones all over the map and nobody cares anymore.
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    it's good, don't get me wrong with my other post. But you have to balance it! You can't just tilt the scale massively in one direction and expect things to work. A few things devs could probably add in the next few days to achieve this: Add a 10 second delay to grapple connect time, to simulate throw and tie down of ropes. Remove the lockdown caused from boarding, allowing sailing to continue until physically unable to do so. Add a damage counter along with the grapple connect time, so if you pump a broadside into a ship trying to board, you effectively counter/delay boarding. Requires good timing and prep. If this can be achieved soon enough then the problems will diminish, but you have to make the decision to either act fast and accomplish this or rollback the change, because alone it is not a good change to have ships boarding at 8 knts.
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    I like EU trader for nice tax filling ports with money. Buildings give 0 tax atm and that should change imho
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    Against 6th rates. That has been the complaint. I was just learning a Prince again to try and counter the Le Requin but now I have to be even more worried about being boarded. The Crew difference is huge with the stock LeRequin against any other 6th rate.