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    Here's a little suggestion that I think would work well. PvP heat zones that pop up in areas where lots of pvp has taken place that day. These aren't zones or missions, just a simple representation of what's been going on and where the action is at on the map. Basically a visual representation of combat news. Yes or Yes?
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    Twice... We tagged you twice... and we ended up catching you so it wasn't exactly griefing. If you had other responsibilities you can always yield the ship.
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    I would rather see the binary nature of boarding addressed than have triggering boarding easier. Going from sailing along next to each other to sails dropped full stop instantly isn't a realistic solution. The crew don't wait till both ships are completely lashed together to start fighting. Perhaps have ships in close proximity to each other up a small window to the right of the screen that allows some boarding commands while the two ships are still manouvering and sailing. For instance musket fire and fire deck guns (swivels) can be used any time the enemy is near, if crew are in boarding and enough prep is available. Grenades is possible at extremely close range, and attack requires the two to be lashed together. Some boarding commands can be tweaked, for instance "musket volley" can consume prep and damage crew constantly while active. Same with grenades, while "fire deck guns" would depend on the actual deck gun reload state.
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    If this is going to be looked into please look into my battle earlier in the day Im so upset about it aswell Was chased around for 2 hours, to then get a clan member to join me and had a great battle in a 2v5 while losing my ship. It was unfair that they had more ships then us. Please find a way to even this out
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    Guilty for doing what, seeing a player and getting together to sink him, if thats the case we have some many guilty parties in the game. Stop crying about it and bring another ship over
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    We really need more incentives for folks to actually fight at battle sails like they did in RL. That is why I keep suggestion a fix to the repairs. You can't do any repairs unless your going battle sails or slower. As soon as you kick it into full sails it stops repairs. This would make folks choose wisely when to repair and have to disengage to do them instead of going full sails in a running chase while constantly repairing sails every 12 mins so you can't slow them down. RL been really busy for me this past month with the passing of my mom and helping dad get every thing worked out, but hay I been trying to get my two cents still in there when I can. Some one got to try to get paints back after all.....lol I still want to test the musket thing out with say a range of 50m or something too. That and we should be able to fire our guns while in boarding to give even more risk of a small ship and big ship in boarding.
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    Dearest devs, We would love cosmetic things such as ship paints, bow figures, and custom flags. Unlike other DLC, cosmetic items would be of very little consequence to game mechanics. Cosmetics also provide a source of steady revenue....what's there to lose? 😃 Kind Regards, JPJChris
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    should not hunt deep in enemy waters.... its not called griefing. its called. being dumb enough to expect no revenge around. in a enemy zone if i go to danish waters and sink one. i pray they are too late grouping up a revange fleet. but i expect them todo so.
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    Honestly. Let's wait some days worth of battle post hotfix. - Let's see the speed difference would be needed to start the boarding (too high? too low?) - let's see boarding pull timing (same, longer, shorter?) - let's see if any speed limit to boarding pull start (well reasonable IMO) - let's see the reworked DD + new barricade (I hope not super buffed: it already makes another same sized ship simply impossible to beat in boarding. Even more buffed it'll risk to keep the small sterncampers able to withstanding a big fat ship boarding with limited risks) - let's look too new rewards too. Then, only then, we'll be able to add any meaningful suggestion/feedback.
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    He tends to exaggerate.
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    Well get a heavier ship, you don get to go to enemy capitals and get to ask what kind of PvP you want.
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    You offered a 1v1 to a (38) Pirate frigate in your (50) Trincomalee, but refused to 1v1 a (44) Indefatigable
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    Got this from Twitter, I think this has its place here... Link here: https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/5573/page/1 (thanks to Game-Labs )
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    Please tell me where the 3 locations "OUR" tags where? Yeah you wanted a 1v1 and we offered one to you... Trinc v Indef. You said no
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    So...Here is the math as it stands. You tagged an AI fleet about 11k NE of La Mona in hopes of evading the danes chasing you. You promptly left that battle and got tagged by Seraphis in a pirate frigate. That battle ended with you outrunning all of us, and leaving the battle. After which, you sailed NW by W to Macao and got tagged before you could reach the port and in that battle you were killed. I was on TS with the fleet the whole time, so if I'm missing anything please illuminate me.
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    @Sir Malachy Karrde I hope the salt helps with that cold dinner... It was 2 tags. You tagged an AI fleet to run away and for some reason you left that battle... Your mistake Then we tagged you on your way to la mona. 1st Tag You escaped that battle and ran to Macao where the final tag happened. 2nd Tag Our endless drive to catch you was fueled by your comments in chat. We sunk ya deal with it, your ship wasn't even good.
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    When you get ganked, but they're all noobs: https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aExr8BM_460svvp9.webm
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    Crowd control NA style, who the hell needs this? @admin you laid out a plan, why do you bite yourself in the foot by deviating from it? Finish what you decided you were going to finish instead of adding something that will take you months to balance/get right again.
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    LMAO a direct line from Aves to KPR.... What line are you using that put the Danish capital between them?
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    You lost because you had no crew, juan still had chain he just stopped using it. Learn from your mistakes. If you hunt alone in capitals you will likely be attacked Outnumbered you are an easy target, even more of a target because of "you're never going to catch me" comments... Remember its a game... how much time are you wasting raging out on the forums about a gank?
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    What does it matter? You lost 1v1 to a requin... 203x crew damage. \ You had the balls to call out juan in the battle but he had complete control over you, no chance buddy. He didn't even have repairs.
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    Who tagged you at Dane capital, because it wasnt any of us, we first see you at Fredericksted
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    Go ahead and tribunal it, you got tagged twice and lost a ship. Same thing happened to me today with the dutch, i killed one of there players, they chased me for i'd say around 2 hours i would say. Tagged me two times, and then by the time i got out of the 2nd battle i managed to get a clan member over so at least we could fight them. The 3rd tag ended up as a 2v5 and we both got sunk, they lost two ships but we all had fun. You went hunting, got in over your head got tagged a couple times, and got sunk. Sorry to say its part of the game