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    the real question is.....how did you lose a herc to basic cutters?
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    Guide: Norfolk nCook using a Map, Charts & Coal to get around the Caribbean Anybody wanting the PDF just shout and I’ll send it. I needed to clean up and reduce space on the forum This is another basic [ELITE] Guide to help you navigate around the Caribbean. Let me know what you think Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
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    @admin You state in this post: More specific: That econ will be adressed only after release. We've had a somewhat heated argument in TS tonight over wether or not this means after the game is released or not. I'm firmly of the belief that releasing a game with a broken economy where nothing really has any value is basically asking for trouble. Especially since the steam store page denotes the game as "Hardcore, realistic naval warfare set in the age of sails". It's ofc as I've stated before the hardcore and realistic part that is in question here. My question is basically: By release, do you mean: 1) The full release of the game? or 2) the release of the coming patch? Please settle the argument so I sleep at night
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    Alts trolling in enemy nation chat is a stated violation of rules. Fry him. Another reason alts should be banned, people will never control their alt behavior.
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    Lesser # of nations would not yeild more port battles. You would still have the same clans waging war on each other. The reasons there are not many port battles: 1) because there are too many ports in the game that are completely useless 2) many clans choose to ally and not attack each other. 3) the rest of the clans got beat so many times, they gave up. 4) people create alts to gain access to important ports We are living in a clan vs. clan game disguised as national warefare. The fact is that there are 1-3 clans per nation that participate in RvR and the rest of the nation (and alts) reap the benefits. When I was Prussian, little harbor was filled with alts who were bidding up the price of copper ingots, which was completely unfair since we were the only ones who owned it and protected it. Give clans complete control over ports (including the ability to shut out the rest of the nation/alts) combined with more desirable ports and you will see a lot more port battles. Port battles are designed to be "end game" content. If the end game content isn't being utilized, there there is something fundamentally wrong with the game.
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    the problem arises.basicly because nations / are to weak. to engage. based on playerbase. it should have remained a 4/5 nation game.
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    god, you are such a suck up. I think if the devs sold you dog shit you would give it a good review.
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    He is clearly alt that came to talk in nation chat just to troll his enemies:
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    I was against the server merger. I'm guessing the only reason they did it was to cure server numbers; well that worked, huh. Those issues you describe could never have been cured by adding a couple hundred players.....as is evident now. You are spot on.
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    Frankly if le rekts are allowed in, hercs should be.
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    Theres lots of pbs tomorrow..there's lots of ultra valuble ports to fight over but most of you allow select nations to hold them uncontested and simply keep an alt in in those nations to take advantage. All a wipe would do is cause a land grab for a weak but the valuable ports will fall into the hands of the usual power blocs. Little harbor is one of two copper ports in the game and it has a tiny br rating. Litterally any nation could fill that PB. But no one goes for it..
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    Thanks for the clarification, z4ys. Because of this, I will withdraw my Alt DLC suggestion and return to my original position of lobbying to ban alts.
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    Actually there should be no tradegoods and no crafting inside the reinforcementzones.. Both trading and crafting influence RvR and PvP, rather the reinforcementzones should be protection for new players/players that wish to lvl up their ships, this wouldn't affect other aspects of the game as much - especially if the rewards for sinking AI is reduced to roughly the expenses used in the battle(s).
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    Sorry don't agree, there are plenty of smaller ships out there to fight, if the devs want to make a difference make it impossible for a 1st rate to take on 4th rates and lower. its like a broadside from lets say a L'Ocean will take out the whole side of a 3rd rate if it fires at the optimum moment, 2 such broadsides and its bye bye 3rd rate. If I ever get in a battle with a mixed fleet any of the smaller ships get 1 broadside of chain and it usually dismasts them. I got fed up in pvp the cowards who just lurk about in fleets looking for 1 or 2 ships to attack, where its like 300 guns v 20, so its obvious what needs to be done to encourage people.
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    Ink told us that books would not be deleted. I don't care what you have to say about betas. I have gamed for 20 years now and something like that would be unacceptable. Games where ranks are wiped do not require you to regrind 500 hours of knowledge and books. 4th the time so far. I bought na during sea trials. I did not ask for open sea grind fest. My knowledge and books stay like ink told us or I'm done. End of conversation. NA grind is not fun. I have not sank an AI ship in a year and have no plans to ever do it again. Period.
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    Erm, ni. That's not how beta testing works when you purchase a game that CLEARLY states it's in beta, and subject to change and wipes. I agree with you it would SUCK to lose that knowledge, but I've seen admin say from day ONE "expect the worst". I don't know how much more plainly descriptive they can be. Your reward is the reduced price you got it at, and the hours of fun you've had. You also have a leg up on those who purchase at release through your experience. I've sailed against you a few times and you're one hell of a sailor.
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    Did you forget you are a beta tester and EVERYTHING is subject to change without notice?
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    If books aren’t nearly as important, then the “grind” becomes “no grind”....
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    Started with 5 years on an Optimist, sailed large range of Jolles (Askeladen, E-Jolle, 420, Lazer etc) and Catamarans in my youth up to now. Did three diplomas on Jolle (E-Jolle and 420) racing in the North Atlantic in Gothenborg Sweden (GKSS). Sailed multiweek turns with Yachts in Denmark, Greece and Florida & Keys, sizing from 18 to 36 foot. Normally sailing each year, but in the last 5 years it was hard due to financials.
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    Do the devs ever know what they actually want with this game? First I read you want to streamline crafting and 1 month later you say you can't because there are bigger priorities. Please just do what you have in vision for this game and stop getting distracted by people in the forums who think they know better.
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    I hope ship xp is safe. Its very boring to Level the ships