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    Can the devs consider to add Portugal to the game in the south east corner ? Reasons: - The south east corner of the map is not Brazil but is close. - The south east corner of the map is the most boring part of the map in terms of pvp because the dutch/french alliance. - From a historical point of view the french, dutch and spanish are Portugal worse enemies so you can expect the Portugal faction to give life to the game in that corner. - Portuguese language is the 5th or 6th most natively spoken language in the world , with approximately 215 to 220 million native speakers and 260 million total speakers. Mostly Portuguese and Brazilians. So a portuguese faction would bring more players to the game. - Portugal it was one of the biggest empires of the time . The portuguese navy at that time it was the fourth or fifth most powerful of the world. In the links below you can read info ( in portuguese ) and see pictures, paints from ships used by the portuguese navy in late 18 century and beginning 19 century . http://marinhadeguerraportuguesa.blogspot.com/2013/04/navios-da-real-marinha-de-guerra.html ( ships of the line ) http://marinhadeguerraportuguesa.blogspot.com/2011/01/navios-da-real-marinha-portuguesa-ii.html ( frigates ) http://marinhadeguerraportuguesa.blogspot.com/2011/01/navios-da-real-marinha-de-guerra.html ( brigantine ) http://marinhadeguerraportuguesa.blogspot.com/2011/09/navios-da-real-da-marinha-de-guerra.html ( brigs) Consider the fact Prussia was added to the game. Prussia didn't have a navy in 18 century. Poland had a navy but was limited in actions to the Baltic sea. It is also in the game. Portugal it was one of the biggest empires the world saw, it was the country that start the Age of exploration. We invented the caravels. We made 2000 tons carracks to sail around the world in a time before the invention of the Galleon. We were the first to reach japan. It was because the envy the other nations had when looking to Portugal riches in the XVI century they started to sail, explore and colonize the world. How can Portugal not be in the game? If you agree please support this idea in the comments. Thank you.
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    I DEMAND survival is not a toggle because survival is a humans basic instinct that you cannot just turn on or off.
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    🤦 What comes to my mind when timer cost was increased 6x, same reaction here. So current P2W will get even stronger, more alts = more outposts.
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    Hey guys We all know the problem, you have a nice portbattle and want to have a nice fight and then one side joines with too many requins and has to play for points, boring right? Let's search for a solution and suggest it to @admin My suggestion: Don't allow 6th and 7th rates in deepwater portbattles. Easy as that. (exception mortar brigs) What do you think?
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    In front of KPR yesterday and earlier in the week, I saw requins attacking basic cutters. Some players can't resist... Just a shame. And as pseudo safe areas are now the maximum danger locations, new players go to being killed even more easily around capitals, the place were they are mostly because they spawn in game there. Around capitals is the most dangerous places in game. It is the place where hunters find new players and easy targets.
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    @Norfolk nChance When the game enters a phase of development to make it ready for more interaction with the community, we will organize a special forum and we will share more information at a constant base. Thank you for all the positive energy and interest. @HachiRoku Yes, it's me
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    You should put some more cannons into market. There are still less than 100k repairs in shop as well. Tax income went down to 483k yesterday. That's not good. VCO now has a maintenance bill of 1 million per day. And Spain is not willing to take back any of those ports. Work harder to avoid bancrupty, mates. And not to forget, Islamorada and Manataca are available to conquer as well. We removed timers to make it more convenient for you. 😄
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    He even sounded like a cartoon (child) when he announced it. Didn't take the internet long to make the connection. Even when Pence tried to follow that ridiculous announcement up with his best speech and political acting, still looked and sounded comical when he said Space Force.
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    Because Space Force is an 80's cartoon and Trump is a child.
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    Kemps Bay Portbattle - Priates vs Prussia
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    best is 5 outpost for national ports and every free port is directly an outpost
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    lol. we need more. more action around the map
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    circle of death + its hard to kite in equal ships. stop this constant flow of negativity please - where is your.. "LETS GO" attitude
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    conquest flag was active only for 1 hour. So you could not just take it and sail to another part of the map to capture the city. Hostility mission design can be changed so they only are provided on nearest ports - forcing nations to actually maintain and defend frontlines/bases.
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    Hello captains. Here is a small update on the development plans for the next 6 months. Dates are not final and might move around August: While we are are still working on the UI patch - we will deliver 1-2 balancing patches in august based on feedback on ship combat performance, (especially performance of the imported vessels vs alternatives) Ship rebalance (specifically focused on the underperforming ship) We might also add a new vessel in August. September Patch UI patch needs a lot more time due to the complexity of the Port UI rework and some additional content we have to deploy. The patch will contain Economy rebalance and partial resource wipe Port UI update Flags update (ability to change main battle flag will be added) Mission Content New port dependent mission system OW Hunt missions Traditional Destroy missions but with multiple variations of difficulty and rewards One new challenge Kill challenge 7 types: 1 for each class Current fleet missions will be removed, all missions will turn into fleet missions if more players join - and AI will send more ships as well. Patrol missions will remain in game, but rewards will be adjusted based on the economy patch October - November UI polish and fixes based on feedback Small AI improvements Economy missions crafting missions for ships and items delivery missions Additional combat missions and conquest missions National hunts PVP missions Operations Welcome to the Caribbean - mandatory operation for new players unlocking 3 more tutorial operations Trials by fire - operation giving the combat oriented player clear objectives Columbus - operation helping the player to establish bases around the area Nervos Belli - operation helping the player to get around basic crafting Conquest operations E.G. Operation Isla Pinos giving large gold coin rewards for capture of the whole island. New Events and Challenges PvP duels Conquest mission rework. Frontlines might get back (but not in form of flags but in form of port dependent hostility and conquest missions, which will only give hostility missions to nearby towns) Start of localization work Localization system will provide players with option to replace language files by the file of his choice giving the option for the community to help localize the game into additional languages. November - December? Localization continued Additional work on the content improvements
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    Hey! Suggestion: Have the Port battle instance open for entry an entire hour before the port battle starts. Then the attacking fleet have a much larger window of opportunity to enter the PB. This would make it more difficult for defenders screening fleet to predict when they will arrive at the enemy port, and therefor making a bit more difficult to screen them out. We now have an 4 minute waiting period in the port battle instance, after it is scheduled to start. I'm suggesting that the port battle instance is open for entry 1 hour before the scheduled start, and that we have a 1 hour waiting period. The PB will not start 1 hour earlier or when the attackers join, the port battle instance is just opened 1 hour before the PB is scheduled to start. So if you enter 60 minutes before it is supposed to start, then you have to sit there and wait for 60 minutes. This suggestion is inspired by the "hide in battle strategy". This was widely used by most RvR nations and it was proven extremely effective for increasing the chance for attackers to enter the port battle. I have tried to base this suggestion on mechanics that are already in game mostly because I'm not creative, but also because there is no need to "reinvent the wheel". Reasoning: Now the attackers and defenders can only enter the port battle after it officially set to start. This time is available for all to see, so screening fleets for defending nation and defending nation allies knows where the attacking PB will be and they have a very accurate estimation of when they will be there. If they check the wind they can also figure out where it is most likely that the attacking fleet would want to enter and place screeners there. If the attacking PB fleet are late to join the port battle, their chance at winning will decrease. If they are more than 10 minutes late then they have a huge disadvantage because of the defenders by then have control of multiple circles and are gaining points. We now have smaller BR ports in game to give smaller nations and clans a chance to do RvR (I belive). But because the screening is so OP, smaller player groups/clans have no chance against a nation with more players or with more allies because they just get screened out of the port battle. So this would lower the "thresh hold"/need for player numbers for smaller groups of players/ clans, increasing the chance that they try out and join RvR. More RvR players = more RvR content = more quality content for all. If the attacking fleets are more successful in getting in to port battles then RvR outcome will become more skill based and not so depended on who has the biggest screening force at any given time. Issues: If attackers and defenders can enter an entire hour before the PB starts, then the defenders have 1 extra hour to look at the attackers fleet setup and adapt/change their own fleet setup to counter it. That is not fair imo so the early entry option should only be for attacking fleet, or the specific ships the players have in the battle should be hidden in the TAB battle screen until the PB starts. Also during this 1 hour wait the disconnection feature of inactive players/afk players should be disabled, or the game needs to active something to counter it because most will go afk for this long time period. This suggestion would make it easier in generell for all attacking fleets to enter pbs, because the screeners are highly motivated by the precise when and where aspect of attacking RvR fleets. If they have to sit some where for an hour it is not so tempting anymore.
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    I can help you rig the scheme and have the interest rate climb with each successful payout in case of loss at high seas.
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    This topic has nothing to do with the Requin. Before it was released there were Princes on each side whos only purpose was to cap a circle and then block it for the rest of the battle. No other ship could match its upwind capabilities. There was a time when 6th rates could not enter deep water PBs, then we could have a frigate duel in a circle, or one team added in 2 Bellonas as support or a Cerberus to make it hunt for the Mortar Brig... there were different tactics on how to set up the secondary group. Shallow ships favour passive and evasive gameplay. Why send a Trinco with 230BR to a circle when an 80BR ship can just kite forever? Congratz, you just lost 150BR for nothing.
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    its convenient this post is made after the russians losing port de paix
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    When Prussia is busy with a port battle US Nation (and Pirates) be like:
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    If you're setting up an Amway structure can I join? If it's early enough, I might get something out of this!
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    I'd like to know how much the chairman is paying you haha I have to call him the chairman now I suppose, as he's changed his name so many times...
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    Nice idea, nice service, and excellent webpage. Sounds like a potential scam though. Scams have been performed many times in NA past unfortunately. Too easy to recreate characters, transfer to alts, and disappear without trace, or even with just a condescending laugh. There is no tribunal basis to recover the funds either, should the transaction(s) go awry. I'd like to believe in the upright business practices of players, but lack of recovery mechanics along with no transparency and past stunts, I must remain a skeptic. What would you do with the couple hundred thousand sugars, etc, I have? Do you also deal in tangible assets and holdings?
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    'Adding cargo to your ship will increase its weight and slow it down significantly, so only sail with what you need.' 'Carronades are lighter than medium and long guns, so arming your ship with them can increase its speed.'
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    During King George III's 'mad' phases he was never allowed anywhere near running the country, that was and still is the province of Parliament (for example Queen Elizabeth never said " "Cheeky Argentinians, they've swiped my Falklands Islands, launch Operation Corporate", Constitutional Monarchies do not work that way, the Government decides then they advise her) indeed the American Revolution/ War of Independence was solely a British Government decision with little or no input from His Majesty or the Prince Regent who represented the King during his mad phases. People tend to forget that after the English Civil War and post execution of Charles I, no British Monarch has ruled by divine right, but, by the tolerance of Parliament, even Queen Victoria had to defer to Parliament! It is true of every European Nation that still has a Monarchy that the King or Queen is a figurehead, with no real powers to run their countries, Parliaments who run Constitutional Monarchies do so in the name of their Sovereign, and when they get things wrong, naturally, it's not their fault, but their Sovereign's, in whose name they exercise power (Republics like the USA and France can actually blame their politicians for their actions since they don't have a Royal fall-guy! The best argument for becoming a Republic ever devised). Of course since everything is done in the name of the King, then it is technically an order from the King, even if he was incapable of stringing two sentences together, in that respect then it would actually work in game, especially if you consider that the King says he wants Bermuda, then, the clans, as fleets of His Britannic Majesties navy are they guys who figure out how to get Bermuda and hold it in his name, Nation wise, the only role it plays is that the King says I wish this, and the clans fight under his colours, How and what they do to achieve it is in the hands of the clans. The role players among us have it pretty much right, The actions of the Swedes, the British, the Spanish and up to a point in the timeline the French, the King rules O.K. Even though in reality he does not! Imagine the French Day crew as Royalist and the Night crew as Republican, there we have their difference of opinion, then again, perhaps not.....
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    No me salen las cuentas, y eso que uso todos los dedos...... De mitad de Agosto a Diciembre son planes para 6 meses?........ O ya esperan pasarse ?.....
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    Good to know it's not just me that has trouble with them. They seem to be a pain in the neck. Great images, though. And great posts. I've been reading a few of your posts in this thread; they're very well made.
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    Right now, RVR is done by clans. Each nation is just a locked alliance of clans and individual players. The game does not foresee any such thing as war and peace. Yet, players do declare war, negotiate peace and forge alliances. Not in game, but on Teamspeak and in the forum. So, the concept of war and peace is well known and it is applied. Consequently, it should be part of the game. Just because the previous attempts if implementation failed does not prove the concept wrong.
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    I have been toying around with this thread recently, adding little bits and adjusting what is on it and I thought I might add some of the Artwork I've come across over time which includes the Fama class ships, mainly Fama, Gloria Veneta, Beyrand and Stengel. There are some nice bits I've stumbled by over the years of constant coming back to this ship so I thought I may as well throw them all up on this thread. Thank you to everyone who still keeps an eye out in the shipyard, I hope you enjoy these pictures by the fantastic artist Sandro Ferlugio: This is a rough sketch watercolour of Fama at the Bombardment of La Goletta, while not a particularly accurate piece looking at Fama herself, the watercolour shows a nice interpretation of some of the activities going on supporting the destruction of the port town so often used as a base for Barbary pirates. This is a picture showing the main expedition fleet on its way to the Tunisian Coastline in 1784, with Fama proudly presented in the foreground of the picture, the painting also shows some of the other ships present in the fleet, most easily seen are the Venetian first rate ships Forza and Vittoria also included are the bombard sloop Distruzione, the Frigate Palma and a Galiot and a Xebec. In the spoiler below I will leave two close up shots, looking more closely at some of the details shown in the painting. This picture is a rough sketch that would later inspire the painting above, note the slightly different ship placement and absence of Palma and Distruzione, while the first rates also end up in slightly different positioning, This picture shows the construction of the floating gun platforms used in the Bombardment of Sfax, it also again shows the large Venetian first rates Forza and Vittoria, and the bombard ship Distruzione, a Galiot and a few ship's boats. Fama is the ship on the immediate right of the painting unloading a long gun onto the gun platform. This is actually a picture I really like of the ship, partly because it gives a nice show of detail to how the ship would have looked from an angle unusual for ship paintings. This image is one of the Bombardment of Sfax itself, with the full listing of ships shown in the writing at the bottom. The majority of the numbers show the floating bombardment platforms but it also lists the ships with convenient numbers, and going left to right it lists the ships; Concordia, Vittoria, Palma, Fama, Eolo, Distruzione, Polonia, Cupido and Exploritore. The bombardment of Sfax was one of the most significantly destroyed towns in the campaign. While not as clear as the one above, this picture is a similar kind of piece again from around the time of the event. It shows the blockade of Ancona by the Russo-Turkish fleet, the ships Beyrand, Stengel and La Harpe are the large ships blocking the harbour mouth, although details are somewhat difficult to see it shows a nice perspective of what the desperation of the siege might encounter, with the Venetian ships serving under France, who were fighting the Russians and Turks at sea and also the Austrians on land during this battle. I hope you enjoyed the sharing of these images, hopefully I will stumble across some more over time and share them with you all as I go. Thanks as always for reading.
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    So we have to give up another valuable perk slot, just to get a chance to disengage from these 337 crew, marine boarding modded Requins? No, thanks
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    Portugal should have been a Nation in game before Poland and Prussia. In the future I would love to see the Ottomans in game and different areas like the Baltic, North Sea, Mediterranean, and Indian Ocean.
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    It was never meant to hit fighters, it was meant for the un-escorted Badgers, Backfires and Bears at long ranges before they got into missile firing range, part of a multi layered fleet defence system. Defensive maneuvering was equally effective against Sparrows and Sidewinders for the same reasons you put forward for defeating the Phoenix. Unlike the Vulcan none of those air-frames could behave like a fighter, so the chances were a bit better of hitting them. Even so the Tomcats and Hornets would still have to close and engage supersonic bombers like the Blackjack with Sparrows or less likely Sidewinders, a stern chase they probably would not win due to fuel considerations once the missiles were released, the Badgers and Bears were easier to get at, so Blackjacks were invariably the primary targets for the Tomcats if they could catch them.
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    Nope it's the RL work to pay the electricity bill. Joke aside, the question is do we want skill based duels or gear based duels.
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    Couldn't cut out the mentions from the quote, anyway: The states don't need any space force in the near future. There is no relevant imminent military threat justifying such a thing, and emerging competition in space capabilities would be better dealt with by investing ever more and more in NASA rather than by investing disproportionate amounts of money into something unnecessary. For realistic threats that already do exist, it would be much more efficient and less costly to reinforce the services already dealing with those already existing threats than to create a new branch. Cash is not infinite, and there are many other priorities, be it NASA, the army/navy/air, intel and diplomacy to avoid those threats, or simply internal development. Private biz and competition has always been the motto of the oh ever so capitalist united states, hell even the army is going full mercenary ( sorry, it's a taboo word, military contractors ), with pretty much every part being privatized to various degrees, and NASA commercial ventures, which have never been its goal, are not gonna do better with cash that could go to it going into a space force instead. Hell, when the day does come where a space military is necessary, i won't be surprised to see the states have space contractors for everything. If a space force is created i am certain it will spend its money on those companies you mention, furthering the gap between nasa and those. But since we mention nasa, let me link here a report about science https://www.ucsusa.org/center-science-and-democracy/promoting-scientific-integrity/scientist-survey-2018#.W3LlNthKjUo
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    Has it been considered that the sailing profile of the Requin makes it the perfect griefing ship against new players? For example, prior to its appearance a Basic Cutter had an excellent chance of escaping upwind. The Requin is so much better at all points of sail (no point sailing at 15 degrees ofc) that there is no escape direction for the new player (see speed chart below). To be able to build a ship big enough to resist the Requin and its masses of crew takes too long and new players will need either to buy a Requin themselves or become disheartened and leave the game. This will change the nature of the game introduction and stifle light ship trading (Trader's Lynx is buggered too) like a poison weed in a garden of flowers. Buster (One prominent green finger to the Requin profile)
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    What's with this area? Anything significant happening there?
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    thing is they dont abandon ship but still load cannons and are prepared to defend vs a attack.
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    Gets to call it his idea, exactly! Bone spurs wants his name to have a legacy in the military other than as a five times draft dodger. Military doesn't need another branch that will do nothing but waste time,thinking and money. Economic recovery? Obviously you're not watching the debt and bond markets. "Fake News will get him into trouble soon enough." He does that every day all by himself, even long before he became POTUS.
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    This morning I wanted to tow my Bucentare to Little River. Somehow I towed it to Sandy Point. My mistake but why does the game allow me to tow a deep water ship to a shallow water port???? If I go to sail without rum it warns me. If I go to sail without repairs it warns me. If I go to sail without cannons it warns us. WHY DO I NOT GET A WARNING THAT I AM GOING TO TOW A DEEP WATER SHIP TO A SHALLOW WATER PORT. This is seriously wasting my game time on a weekend when I have the most time to play.
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    Wait what... this aint a solution! That means i can enjoy even less content
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    It will also affect the other captains placement, a lot of room for griefing example, Captain A gets to fight Captain B in a duel match; he knows he will probably lose and does not want to give him (Captain B ) a decent kill time - AKA. he runs away to intentionally grief and worsen up his placements I don't really agree that a ship MUST be lost if lost, in case of a tournament. This is not Open World. Maybe a fee to enter the tournament instead. But if you think so, then disabling upgrades and limiting repairs will probably have to be added. My general opinion on upgrades is that the regular mods you don't need any super rare pve-drop books for, are fine (e.g. Northern carpenter, French rig, ...). However, the Elite Versions, especially when combined with the regular ones, really make the difference. A 5/5 ship with elite french rig and Kirimati masts, in a duel, versus one without these, basically has an easy free win.
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    How did you get to the conlcusion that this is a good idea? Ship loss, using own ships with perhaps insane modded ships (elite upgrades, gold ships, ...), and big prizes Will lead to a lot of kiting, to not lose that one deluxe ship. Duel with pre set ships, same mods and equipment --> Based on skill, no excuses possible ("You only won because of better upgrades / because you had poods / ...), no kiting, pure fighting.
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    And yet what we got is some bastardized form of half nation, half clan based RvR mechanic that simply does not work.
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    Look, I will be direct as suggested by a fellow in another thread. ALL SHIPS including the XEBEC: - Remove the godamn permanent winkie pinkies mods and encyclopedias and whatnot from all ships and enjoy the ships as their architects planned them. - have the chance to hire marines, etc, we have that already. - select build woods Simple. Simple. Simple. Yet we go round and round blaming the ship for what the mods and encyclopedias and books do to her. Yet you want to massacre one ship is sake of keeping your precious little mods in all other ships. I call it bulshit when you say the mods make the ship OP and you want to nerf the ship. Have a good weekend. Hope a Barbary Coast horde of red sails invades every single stretch of the caribbean.
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    Port de Paix Portbattle We didnt have a full PB squad, but joined anyway. Won the Brawl but lost due to circles captured by requins. GG Prussians P.S.: Can we please remove shallow ships from Deep Water Portbattles?
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    I only did it for a couple of nights and didnt keep track of it But I would usually end up with 1 bottle on each char. after 8 hours. Sometimes only 5 out of 7, sometimes I got two on one char.
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    There is to be honest no requirement for space based weapons systems, the fastest way to win a modern technological war is to destroy the Command and Communications structure, once that is gone, cohesion is gone, no centralised strategy can be established or transmitted, all actions would be at a tactical level. Once all electronic signalling is gone, what is left? Line of sight communications? Carrier pidgeons? The pony express? Develop satellite killer missiles, launched from aircraft in the stratosphere, combined with cyberspace technology and it is all over, no communications = no warfare ability, this is why technology is warfare's greatest liability, it's too complex, and the military and political sectors are overdependent on it.
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