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    too much effort was spent on various farming issues. Crew minimums, recently killed timers, etc etc etc. right now we have a more pragmatic approach than old idealistic lets fix everything immediately view ui, localization, more variety in pve content is 10X more valuable for the game than fixing someone's farming options.
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    If You're not making progression, You're regressing. The time has come, that Commonwealth of Poland had to see some changes. Recent actions on Caribbean Sea, and the nation itself proven, that the nation has no future ahead with current way the PFK was working and operating. After a brainstorm within our ranks, we've decided to make a small step forward, with a lot of changes included. The situational common mobilisation, with absolute randomness in number of players and the ships they found out covered in dust down in the dockyard was absolutely unacceptable. One day, we could have had 25 players in our clan logged in when enemy was attacking one of our important ports, just to have just 5 the very next day if situation was steady. The leadership of PFK did not want to operate that way any longer. For quite a time, we're no longer interested in hunting single traders in OW for easy PvP marks (and luckily we got rid of all players who enjoyed that), we're no longer interested in some random actions here and there on Caribbean sea. Therefore, as of today, PFK as You know is ending it's long history and is going to retire. Some of players who did not commit to minimum level of cooperation, comittment etc may stay in the old clan, however we have no guarantees that the remnants will be able to keep up with the upkeep of our previous territory in Panama region. With all that said, we would like to present You the new organisation, which will be main (and most likely again the only one) force in Commonwealth of Poland: THE PRIVATEERS The new clan is an attempt to change the way Poland was represented on Caribbean. With most of "gankers" and "trader hunters" excluded, with most of "slackers" and random guys who logs in once per month gone as well, we want to create an organised group of players, able to participate in politics and wars withing Caribbean sea. We will relocate, and reorganize to the places where we are much more likely to defend ourselves, with a close support of our allies, beeing able to operate on different areas of Caribbean. As of it, that's what we promise: No trader will ever be attacked by [PRIV] unless we will be in active war against that nation. Even if we will tag Your fleet with number advantage, we'll be more than happy to let You choose the people You will fight, to have an equal and fair combat - we look for those! If You will communicate, willing to have such fair combat, the other vessels will just stay in the combat inactive, letting You, and few of us having fair and interesting battle. We're more the happy to get in touch with diplomats of other nations to discuss the current situation and relations, however we still remember the past, so don't expect miracles. We're here to hear. If You are interested, please visit our website - https://www.theprivateers.pl/ Our Discord: https://discord.gg/uCQK5ZW My Discord profile: Vaeth#0513 Below, I'm gonna post the current situation PRIVATEERS are going to start with
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    im all for, its actually to be expected, would give new players a chance to establish and old players to return without the feeling of being far behind. Dont think there are any MMO's that has let players continue with their xp gained from Test Phases. Yes all the grind until that day would have been for nothing, but I enjoyed it and it would for my case encourage me to do it again.
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    Until mast thickness and HP changes and ofc the addition of the Herc. Hercules is better now after tunings. Still she is making most 5th rates obsolete. Why? Turning in relation to bow-to-stern-length, firepower, sailing profile, base speed, chaser amount (compared to other 5th's). I hope we can soon bring out a Herc report based on multiple battles we used it on the OW - let me collect some screenies. Currently it is opinion vs opinion. Imo the Herc is the bigger problem currently than the Requin. This ofc also depends on the pov. Newbies and coast guards will tell a different tale as it is tremendously annoying (= very emotional) to be unable to catch such a ship, when hunters just pick (mostly) easy targets and disappear then. Yes this has always been a case and will always be a case, Xebec is the new fir/fir Surprise. Xebec is much easier to encounter/or to escape from now though imo. I still struggle heavily with the pirate rig refit adding only boni to this ship.
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    Aye. Frigates are feeling. I currently sail Essex. She tacks awesome. Gunnery 12 pds and 18 pds medium. A dream of a reload. But she's a brawler not a hunter. Endy fights on distance and uses it's high calibre. The turn rate (esp. considering her length) is not as good as the Trincs' or most other frigs. Endy is and was always something completely different than the Surp. Every frigate has it's use. Well, had
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    I also love the concept of a lobby based game like we had in sea trials but that is not what we have. The devs decided to go in the sandbox direction and people know I don't like farming for things and pretty much get my money and mods from guys I ask in global. You would be surprised on how many people just give stuff away. Anyway that is besides the point because in choosing to make NA a sandbox, the ships and gameplay all need to follow the same rules. People say that the DLC ships should not enter port battles but that is really bad imo. Everything can be done properly if you see the problem. DLC ships should be redeemed as notes and there is nothing you can say that will make me see it otherwise. Crafting rules should apply to all ships. Make exceptions to those rules and you break the game. Logistics are one of the most important things in wars and this is a war game right? Make exceptions to DLC ships like not allowing them into port battles and you break the ship. Suicide for the DLC model and bad overall game design. The herc having 18s is not an issue like many think. The herc only makes the issue stand out more because she is such a "small" and a small ship "shouldn't" be able to dismast a 2nd rate like a herc can do. Masts and armour penetration are not where they should be in my opinion. If a 9 pounder can pen any ship at 100m then there will be no issues with 18s on the herc. Masts are a bit more complicated but thats where mast hp needs to be looked at again. I believe the herc still has a high thickness and hp but am not sure. Not the only ship where mast balance is an issue anyway. Ocean is completely overpowered too. Masts are way to strong compared to vic and armour and hp just make other 1st rates useless. Look at port battle meta. Santi suffers from having an old model and doesn't have the curves like the ocean. The santi will never be able to be competitive against the ocean if armour values stay like they are because the model is just wrong. Repair mods being overpowered is a product of multi repair mods. You cannot fix the problem without looking at the source. You stack repair mods on multi repairs and you get chaos. In very long 1v1 I have been worn down because opponents had a overall repair advantage of 2%. That is 10% over 5 repairs and can be 1 or 2 broadsides advantage. That is only 2% difference and the difference of a ship with repair mods vs a ship with none is an impossible battle only because of multi repairs. Speed mods don't have this issue because a speed mod takes up the room of a repair mods or some other good combat mod. A fast ship can sail but it will not really win unless its designed to be at the perfect sweet spot between speed and tankiness. You ever see moscalb liqy or other great pvpers using a speed setup ship to sealclub? No but they sure as hell have the best repair mods they can get their hands on. BTW this topic just went way off.
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    Yard angles changed. I did a comparison video of the xebec before and after hotfix. I asked why the yard angles are now different (especially downwind) response was that bow would otherwise be pressed to deep in the water. You will notice it by sailing 180° and when open the yards more ship slows down even it catches more wind."on manual downwind we limit the speed - due to the form of the hull if you place your sail into position like you shown on the screenshots - some power somewhat puts your bow into water (in the model not visually) and you are slower as a result.. as you dont have opposite force from the keel to get speed (wing effect)"
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    Totally +1 Add the Surprise. Belle Poule isn't much better either. What do they all have in common: weak masts. Everybody talks about Requin and Herc and mods. To me these two ships are performing well without good mods. Light frigates are only sailable competetively with elite mods or as 4/5+ versions. That's the big difference. Two lighter frigates are an exception from the general mesaage "the bigger the vessel, the higher the survivability". It's the P-Frig and the LGV Refit. Both are dedicated OW trader hunters (same goes for Prince perhaps? @z4ys), making them vessels in which one sails large distances, encounters only rarely enemies and usually wins these fights. What about Niagara, RSH, Mercury and Snow? Compared to Herc and Requin they're obviously NAFING! (Well let's wait for more hard data some days after the buff, I've seen more Snows again recently - hey @Fouchet welcome back) That's only concerning the p2w Nassau Patrol btw. @admin Please buff frigates, make OW an enjoyable and diverse place again. And above all please nerf (better: remove entirely) the pirate and spanish rig refits. These things are just disgusting and the reason for many (unneccesary) problems.
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    I would like to suggest 1.5 x PVP reward for returning ships to port and selling them to admiralty. This would be realistic and would increase PVP OW opertuninty.
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    Quand j'ai acheté le jeu en 2015 j'ai recu cet email de game-labs: Il n'y a aucune date , après ça tu peux toujours essayer de voir avec paypal les conditions de vente vu que les transactions se faisaient avec paypal a l’époque. Au final, je ne me sens pas grugé par les devs. Il y a des cas bien plus importants DayZ ou encore Star Citizen qui sont en développement depuis des années... Naval Action est tout a fait jouable dans l’état. Il lui manque bien évidemment encore quelques éléments pour en faire un jeu encore mieux, mais de mon cote je ne vais pas aller me plaindre après avoir joué plus de 3500 heures. Je me sentirais quelque peu hypocrite. Par contre essayer d'avoir des devs plus interactifs avec nous je suis pour.
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    Should be a map layer that you can activate. Show active regions in colors.
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    Another important thing that does not appear in ship data (speed, turn rate, HP, etc) is the low hull profile on water, making the xebec a difficult target to aim. For being efficient, you have to reduce the distance down to be in range of her carronades. You are not obliged to do so against a Surprise.
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    Maybe 1st 3 slots can be unlocked by doing anything, then the last two slots are unlocked by RvR/PvP only. That way you can grind it in PvE to be usable, but to be able to "master" the ship you need to use it for everything, not just use it for one purpose. That way if you want 5 slots you must do a bit of everything.
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    Please leave it as is, it is hard enough to find OW PvP. Furthermore, it is the only info we get about how PB's are going generally.
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    Combat News are supposed to point out where the PvP is happening. It's like a PvP compass.
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    What kills frigates: Essex - base speed, low bowsprit destroyed by little touch from everything, no chasers (that's the biggest ship killer in NA), turn rate. (Only good sides are HP, big guns, crew) Frigate - inferior to pirate frigate, no stern guns Cerberus - lack of chasers & small guns compared to Hercules Trincomalee - still powerful frigate, but used less and less by players because of no stern chasers. Surprise - very weak masts (they are thick and low HP/thickness, while Hercules masts are same HP/thickness but very tiny. It is much easier to hit larger masts) Santa Cecilia - almost no one uses them, because these ships are avarage/balanced and not outstanding in any way while their value (because they are rare) is very high. Most players NEVER sail the ship, just keep it in port as a collection trophy. Overal, combat is extremely flawed by lack of chasers and weak bowsprits lost due to ramming/blocking on purpose and size of guns that allow demasting from safe range (Endymion/Indefatigable can easily demast any 5th rate from safe range).
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    Given the model we have is actually one ordered by la Marine Royale... I...can't....even... Wait... what !?... pirates !?... 🙄
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    There is no way to encourage pvp. There are wolves and there are sheep. Sheep will always be sheep no matter how much you try to train them.
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    This is incorrect. Although I do think the ships sailing curve is still to strong it will not kill all 5th rates. 2 captains of equal skill is how you measure a ships performance and I challenge the best captain you have in a requin to fight me in a trinco without mods or perks on both ships to make it interesting. I would even do it with a suprise because i'm thinking the smaller the 5th rate the easier the requin is to kill because of the turn rate difference. I am not defending the ship however because it is still to strong like many other small ships are.
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    1v1, a 6th rate xebec would kill all 7th and 6th rate ships: they just place a rigging shock and board. I think I handle nicely the small ships, I know that I can resist a while, but not 90 minutes. And I know that there is no escape way from a Requin, unless you are far, downwind, and not in a cutter, a Lynx or a Privateer. If the hunting team is composed of a Requin plus a Hercules, as we see it more and more, there is no escape way, even for a Bermuda / Bermuda / cotton sails / Art of ship handling Pickle. 1v1, a 6th rate xebec would kill all 5th rate frigates. 1v1, a 6th rate xebec can kill all 4th rate frigates (by out-turning, decrewing and boarding), but this needs some skill in manuallay handling the Requin's sails. Without skill, 1v1, the xebec can easily escape all 4th rate frigates. Even bigger ships are at risk, because the Requin can stick to the big ship hull, being sure not to be hit by canon fire (her hull is too low on sea), and scrapping the big ship with 32pd carronades. No trader has a chance to escape a Requin, unless being empty and downwind at the beginning of the fight (but Requins never tag that way). @Licinio Chiavari, @Casanova Moderne you are a specialists. Do you confirm?
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    I am not really telling him to behave. I am saying what the facts are. You know I am a man that likes to keep to facts because that is how to be objective. The facts say that I get away with alot in game and on forums. Sure I am currently banned in game for the 15th or more time but I don't blame things on the devs or mods. You know it yourself how bomgordel and I try and find the limit on how much we can insult you in global chat without the warning
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    Didn't Russia just cancel all treaties?? Also, "appearing in the scene with a much larger fleet" and then complaining enemy is running? Really?
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    The only way to promote trading (if this what we want) is to making sure, wealth comes from trading and gold is not given away for combat. This would then cause endless grief for solo PVP oriented players with no solid clan economy backing. The system we have now is a sort of middle ground trying to accommodate everyone but satisfies no-one in particular as people on both end of the scale seek more radical solutions. We have the option to trade and amassing huge fortunes is easy with trading but doing only PVP is absolutely possible and sustainable in the game setting we have now. Nothing is forced upon the players. To have a trade based economy would mean to figure out a way to only make money with trading or manufacturing (bar raiding traders for capture). Force trading players into guilds and have some sort of hard set rules how to operate them. PVP would then follow to provide protection. guilds would hire escorting groups and pay hefty fee. We would end up with WW2 style convoy warfare soon enough. For PVP the idea can be developed into Nations having a career choice for players to join the official Navy and would be provided with ships and victuals to wage war, escort or raid according to the admiralty needs like traders needing escort. Tempting...
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    I'd like to see the useless fake trade goods disappear, and instead have players (traders) transport things between players that have actual value and utility such as necessary crafting resources and crafted goods. You also require that controlled ports receive a weekly supply of food, fuel, money, building supplies, etc to maintain port control and health. A real economy, which I'm sure has been discussed many times over the years. Maybe you could also hire needed AI trader ships/fleets and escort them yourself rather than "fleeting" trade ships with your warship. Unfortunately it seems very late in the development process to force a fundamental economy change.
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    A bit old and a recruitment vid but still good and a labour of love, which all of these vids are. Buster (in awe)