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    Plenty of games have this TIPS as one liners in the loading screens. Would be nice to see them in game also. Given it is just an idea we all can build into it, no ? And see where it leads. So let's do very concise one liners that can also be nice tips for newcomers and vets alike, no matter how basic they are. I will post a few examples: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ "You can hide all the chat windows, while sailing, by pressing the T key" --- "Reinforcement Zones allow to call AI support when attacked by enemies. Not when they invade your battles." --- "Reinforcement AI are support for the players. They are not replacements of the players." _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 'Trade ships can enter enemy ports' --- 'The wind will periodically change direction, in battle.' --- 'A battle stays open for 3 minutes if it is out of the reinforcement zone. Beware any player can join within this period. ' --- 'Expect sailing in a sailing game' --- Double tapping a rudder order ( A and D keys ) will hold it hard over until cancelled. ---
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    It is exploit on RoE land circle blocking + PvE farm (safe from PvP) in PvP zone farming PvP marks. Same for farming bots next to friendly forts in PvP zone. Players can't be punished for this in Tribunal, but we need game mechanics fix. All of this ruins PvP Zone + adds safe PvP marks farming with PvE. Before wipe, old PvP zone for shallows was away from coast and ports, South of Shroud Cay. Although I like the addition of land in battles, everything else ruins it.
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    AIs try to board only if they have 1 crew more. That said. Determined Defender should be cancelled or totally reworked. Period. Even 2 ships that WANT to board each other are unable to... that's pretty weird. And it's a non-sense. Surely people needs to have an idea of what Boarding is (adding to tutorial would be good); everybody needs to know how to calc boarding melee/FP values... not learning only by try-fail-retry way. And this aside that boarding mini-game needs an overhaul. Determined Defender should simply make pulling timer longer giving more chances to defender to break the boarding before it starts.
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    Expect sailing in a sailing game
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    Nothing to point fingers at either nation that is in discussion here but to point out how this mechanic is in a way unbalanced to @Ink and @admin. Take the nations of Poland, Russia, and Prussia. How often does one see any of their fleets sailing around their ports? While in Poland I would only recall seeing one Polish fleet from time to time sailing around just one port and it tend to be a very small fleet, fifth rate being the largest. Now if this attacking ai ships to create hostility is still a proper mechanic that is suppose to remain in the game, that is fine but please have there be more generation of the three hardcore nation fleets around their ports so that they may not be excluded from this method of hostility production upon a port. Now this has nothing to do against the hardcore nations personally. There is just advantages to doing hostility if it is meant to be produced by attacking ai fleets rather than doing hostility missions mainly because of how the mission and ow battle mechanics differ and no nation if such mechanics still exist should be excluded from such methods.
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    I personally prefer when Hethwill talks about RvR, an activity he usually takes part in.
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    Idea: RE-write Partial Materials Wipe & Currency changes... @admin In Developer News and Announcements thread Would it be possible for you to re-write a new and updated POST of “The Partial Materials”? Would it be possible for you to re-write a new and updated POST of “The REAL Currency changes”? Now we have too many pages on each and several replies that seem confusing to their OPs. I know its extra work load but am sure others like myself are a tad confused. Me, I’m just a slow learner... Norfolk
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    Hethwill likes to prove "impossible is possible" and "casuals can beat pros" or casual stuff can be still good and win, but I must agree that his statements and proofs do not negate the NA issues players are trying to raise and his opinions are very subjective and one-sided.
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    I also think its a good idea, especially in NA where there is much to know. A similar post was created by Wyy:
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    Like @Banished Privateer says, this is a game mechanic issue, and it's repeatedly popped up as a problem before and pushed under the rug as somehow a skill, or unintended perk of the unorthodox tagging circles and ROE.
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    Supply and demand. There's less demand now for crafted ships, now that DLC ships are freely spawnable anywhere. That's a big undercutting to the existing player economy, a suicidal move in the long run if you ask me, as it will only get worse as the list of DLC ships gets longer.
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    Case is dismissed. Every nation has a guaranteed path to raise hostility via hostility mission system, but, in case attackers find a large OW NPC Fleet in a suitable spot, they can attack it to generate hostility as well. It can be used by every nation in the game. To suggest changes regarding hostility please use suggestion sub forums
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    Case is closed. Please use in-game report function for chat abuse (right click on a player in chat, then choose "report").
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    Your allies can attack you but you can't attack them. What part you don't understand? 😄
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    Hello! My view on premium ship So lately these Le Requins have been appearing more and more in deep water pbs. They are quite useful for grabbing empty circles, killing mortar brigs and harassing players who guard/hold circles. Right now the Requin is extremely fast, rides low in the water so its hard to hit at a distance, not the easiest ship to demast imo and has very low BR. So bang for the buck it is awsome. You can shot down a Le Requin to under 50% internal structure and even take out one mast, but if your not in an upwind position or in a upwind capable ship, they are very hard to finish off. Those ships often just limp away upwind, repair and then it's the same story all very again. As long as they stay at long distance (3-400+ meters) they are basically unsinkable in my experience. It's much of the same for the Hercules, it is OP compared to the BR it requires to enter. Do you want a large frigate or 2 small fast super Shallow-Frigates? So they are starting to enter deep water pbs also, but at least they sink much easier than the Le Requin. Then consider that if your team are in control of a circle, you don't get points any points when an enemy is present in that circle or "riding the edge". The "Wack a mole" strategy Half a year ago I was part of an attack on a shallow water port, where our opponent used this "Whack a mole" strategy. 60 min into the PB we had destroyd the defenders main fleet, but they still had 3 Prince de Neufchatel and a fast Mercury. And they used those ships to harass our players who where holding circles and we could not gain points fast enough to win whne those shitty ships keept joining the circle at an upwind position. When ever we got them low, they just sailed upwind and repaired. In one circle when 1 ship left, another join at the opposite corner.. So it was basicly a 30 minutes of "whack a mole", and we lost. I fear we now are going to see more of this strategy. In a 2500BR port you can in theory fit 33x Le Requins.. Now you can't fit that but imagine fighting 25 Le Requins with a conventional pb fleet. It's not my idea of fun, and it is defenitly not why I joined grinding the pb! I'm not going to suggest fleet setups here, but it is easy to get room for 5-10 Le Requins and still have some high BR ships for kiting. And you may not kill all that much with such a fleet setup, because your defending you don't need to. All you need to do is run while you do all you can to deny the attackers points. 2-3 Le Requin can easily do drive by shoting at 15,5 kn while they sail in and out of the circles for 1,5 hour, most efficient way to counter Le Requins is by bringing Le Requins.. And to pull the wack a mole stratigy of you don't need mroe than 5-6 Le Requins, 350 - 420BR. So you still have 2080 - 2150BR to make a good running/kiting fleet for defending a port.. Latest pbs with premium ships (finger pointing) 11.06.18 we had 2 pbs. And I'm a gentleman, so I'm not going to name anyone, because I have pictures! So from my extremely partial view: the defenders where basically just avoiding combat with their main fleet, while they had several premium ships to harass the attackers players in the circles and there by denying attacker points in the process. As you all can see we also use the premium ships, but it is necessary now to be compatible in RvR. Little Cayman: 2. PB at Cayman Brac: They brought even more premium ships, but we came better prepared this time! SOLUTION Solution is pretty clear imo, this point blocking with lower BR in the circle must end! Entire reason for 3 circles was to force defender to stay and defend their port. And this was not an issue in the beginning of the 3 circle system.. So we need the older version of the 3 circle system back! The team with highest BR in the circle should capture it and as long as they have the highest BR in the circle or the circle is unchallenged it should generate points. Only way to block point generation from a circle should be by capturing it. This is simple and efficient because it forces teams into decisive battles in and around these circles.. Le Requins in Shallow water pbs As long as the Le Requin can enter shallow water port battles, I will try my best to avoid them.
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    Most likey this is post #200 about this, but here goes. A casual look back over the "Great Battles" thread will pretty much tell a common tale of how typically the side with more DLC ships, wins. The DLC ships are OP for their battle rating and in the case of the requin, the sail profile with pirate rig refit just makes them stupid easy to act as circle cappers and point deniers. I'm ok with DLC ships being OP on the open water. I'm not OK with them affecting the outcome of port battles. Pre - DLC we would have multiple shallow battles a week. Last week there was 1. Tonight at Jobe the pirates took 5 DLC ships into the Port battle to deny and contest circles. It worked, rather easily. Myself and Wraith occupied the southern circle with 2 requins and the french, with 2 bellonas, a herc and a MB in the circle with us, were not able to even close to sinking or demasting us. It's stupid and unfortunately bringing these ships is now necessary. The battles are boring and no longer dynamic. And this is coming from the guy who won the battle. I'm sure the french are even more frustrated. Granted they made a laundry list of mistakes in there, but they had no counter to double requins in the circles (other than bring more requins..). @admin @Ink, it's time to fix this shit before RVR dies out even more.
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    @Ink @admin Some fellow clan mates and I discovered an interesting exploit being used by some un-named Spanish and U.S. players tonight (we'll give them the benefit of the doubt). By exiting Nassau, moving forward slightly off the dock, and tagging AI fleets as they come in, you can safely put the AI join circle in land thereby allowing for unlimited damage farming of AI without any danger of enemies joining on the opposing side and allowing for instant access to port without chance of being tagged: I humbly suggest that either the patrol zone be moved to make this more difficult/impossible or, preferably, change the join circle to a single, outlaw style, free-for-all with no sides and outlaw-style mechanics.
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    So after I saw Hethwill constantly replying to topics concerning the Requin on the Forum I took his advice and opinions into consideration. Yes Hethwill, let´s make a case with evidence Let us start with the initial statement: Aha! So you´re telling me a ganking Squadron of 3/5 Shop Ships can Archieve the same result as a Ganking Squad of Requins. Interesting statement but could you clarify what exactly a Shop Ship is? Ah very nice thank you for clarifying that. And could you define again what a Ganking Squad can do and how big it needs to be ? Ok so it takes 5 Guys in Shop Ships to gank ANY single player in ANY ship. Very interesting statement. But can you provide any proof? Oh Yes Youtube Proof I love it. (I still regret watching those videos) So I sat down and watched the videos of Hethwill. There are 107 Naval Action related Videos of them 94 of which are pre-Wipe and thus i didn´t bother with them the Game has changed too much since then. That leaves me with 13 Videos (all 5 months old). Unfortunately you are only in 5 videos on a potential "Shop Ship" (I am not able to prove if it is one or not). Each Video is a single battle. Lets take a look at the overall ships of each battle and the results. (Top Listing of ships are Hethwill and crew) None of these battles were fought by shop ships only. There isn´t even proof that Hethwill himself is using a Shop Ship. It could be a 5/5 because we never get to see it in the videos. Conclusion: Hethwills statement concerning Shop Ship Ganking Squads can not be supported. PS: Please stop talking about things you cannot actually support with evidence and thus making knowingly false claims. Sources In case you want to watch them for yourself. ( I am not promoting to watch his videos) 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdGcw7OKuP0 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJe-9gcGemw 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zmzqzecj3vY 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yW9pEr7cNec 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72sJQktC5Z8
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    Last night the most esteemed VCO fleet was ganked outside tumbabo by a group of American and Spanish sailors from the clans of CSA & SANTI with a numerically superior and higher BR force immediately after the most honorable fleet of VCO let members of the same fleet escape from a battle minutes beforehand where they would of easily been sunk. This aggression and betrayal will not stand. Thus, Pope Christendom...the first of his name, declares a Holy War against the clans of CSA (US), SANTI (Spain) and LOCO (Spain). This will be a contest lasting 2 weeks from today. SANTI & LOCO Clans can be found outside Vera Cruz for their econ and primarily hunt in the tumbado to belize corridor CSA in and around Marsh Harbor, East Coast and PVP'n down by Belize Prizes will be given out for the following achievements after the 2 week period - Most ship tonnage (BR) sunk Number of Captains Sunk in total Most valuable trade convoy sunk Prizes - 1 DLC of your choosing paid by yours truly. Current or Future DLCs. (provided tonnage of ship kills is impressive) 1 Naval Clock 1 HERC NOTE + 1 RATTLER NOTE This Pirate Frigate https://gyazo.com/365b1361731e2b0df20c7ebc5a25d588 DISCLAIMER - Safe Zone kills count double. Shallow Patrol Zone kills do not qualify. No Green on Green. Spanish players wishing to hunt these scoundrels with alts MAY submit screenshots privately. any evidence of farming or faking screen shots will be DISQUALIFIED and all evidence turned to admin for due punishment Most tonnage winner will have the choice of any of the prizes, the other 2 categories will choose from the in-game items. VCO will also be having an internal clan contest for most CSA/SANTI/LOCO scalps collected. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE MADE ON HERE VIA SCREENSHOT AND WILL BE TRACKED IN A SPREADSHEET. PM FOR MORE DETAILS. SUBMISSIONS WILL BE THE FOLLOWING FORMAT: NAME LOCATION & AND IF IN SAFE ZONE SCREENSHOT CARGO (IF APPLICABLE) The Following Players are worth double points [SANTI]Lucius Cincinnatus [SANTI]Jose Maarredo Salazar [CSA]Barnabus [CSA]Stilicho [SANTI]Capt Jack Aubrey - CONTEST ENTRIES - (I should of reserved page 2...oh well) Warriorz 1 Endy sunk [SANTI] William Death 1 Wasa sunk [SANTI] + CSA Rattlesnake Heavy + CSA Privateer + SANTI Herc Current #2 Tarikan 1 Pirate Frigate sunk [SANTI] Massimo Sud 1 Herc sunk [SANTI] Elite Delta 1 Santi sunk [SANTI] + LOCO Herc + Indiamen Cargo Current top dog Christendom 1 LOCO Santi + 1 HERC + Naval Clock Cargo (Current Cargo Winner) Basteyy 1 Cerb [SANTI] + 1 Inger [SANTI]
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    Question: Is a PCs in-game statistics worth a look? All Captains and @admin and staff... Do you think the ability to look at your PCs in game statistics and complete NA Life History would help retain New Players and Junkie alike? https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/554819715-NorfolknChance_UK/!/pvp/overview/ this example, I’ve used in another thread. Play around with it, drill down into the details. Now apply it to NA-OW [PvP Caribbean] & [PvE Enviroment] PCs. So, PORTs Clans PBs Kills etc. This old data could be put to some really good uses or ideas... How deep should it go? Is it too expensive to implement old API data? Original thread was this. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26423-idea-norfolk-compares-apples-to-oranges-to-avoid-a-lemon/ Or Historical data is just that, His-Story... just not worth it thanks for reading Norfolk.
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    So, I understand the thought process behind trying to take more money from the limited player base. Since there are so few, you need to rape the ones you do have for all they are worth. Although many of us paid full pop for this game in an alpha stage (40 freaking dollars), now you've gone and removed my forged papers and replaced them with $20 DLC? Wth? I work a lot,.. I mean A LOT.. sometimes, like recently, I need to work 14-16 hrs a day 6-7 days a week for months on end. This restricts my ability to jump into a game as complex as Naval Action. When I do have a chance to pop in, it sure would be nice to take advantage of the expensive game I've paid for. I recently discovered that my redeemable forged papers have been removed. I returned hoping to get some fun and sink some ships, but it turns out my clan is a ghost town and the nation is filled with Russian speakers that I cannot effectively communicate with. Now I would like to move along, as my clan mates have done, but I am unable without paying an additional $20 in DLC to move nations. That's insane. This game is holding me in an ineffective position and has ruined my trust. It's sad to see something so cool be pounded into the ground by stupid decisions. I'm sure I'm not alone in needing to take extended gaps of play, but to punish me for not being able to log-on is total garbage. Here's my suggestion, return my papers, and allow alternative options for earning more papers, other than paying you more cash. I've already paid enough. -Gagarin
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    Alright generals, here is perhaps the best known bloody battle of the Civil War. Gettysburg! As i mentioned earlier, i opted for the strategy that i saw on the channel of History Guy. Lovely guy that is! His option is maybe the best option i have seen so far. Taking the Little Round Top and holding it just did not work out as planned, i am happy with the result. I lost 10.000 men but killed way more Union troops. I preserved my army, my army even grew past the numbers i had before Gettysburg. I got extra recruits because i captured a lot of men. I can spend reputation on troops and guns. I cut the video, since half of the time i had to wait for the timer to end.
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    Hi Recently started playing Ultimate General Civil War and I am completely addicted to the game. I'm a huge fan of historical wargaming - is there any possibility that the engine used in UGCW will be applied to other periods of conflict? I'd love to see one game dedicated to the Napoleonic Era. Thanks
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    Ur boycotting becouse you cant afford to upkeep your own ass !
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    I'm grabbing the popcorn. Almost feel like this one should be a Tribunal.
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    The problem with overloading a ship via OW trade option will be fixed within next patch
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    @Oberon74 what will the guys in small ships, or even 5th rates will do, against 360 crewed Le Requin which bypasses DD. DD is bullshit and it should be removed, give us Musket/Swivel fire instead of DD. Which will discourage small ships as they will lose lots of crew before boarding, it should also prevent hugging exploit etc.
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    Boarding in this game is ridiculous. When a 6th rate can stern camp a 1st and knock down the crew till it can be taken, we've stepped through the looking glass. This is ludicrous. At least DD put a stop to some of this nonsense. The game is supposed to be based at least loosely on historic Naval Action. Until this is sorted, lets keep DD as is
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    All boarding mechanics have to be reforged. 🧐
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    Great idea. Marines, Muskets, Swords and other boarding upgrades should be the only items that have an affect on the outcome. One would think that any and all efforts at defending in order to avoid capture would be a 'determined' one. No upgrade needed. Developers have stated that the boarding game will be high on their priority list once 'localization' is completed.
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    I mean you redeem note and have to craft it with mats etc. Notes cannot be traded or put into ship holds. This way a shipyard is needed. It's punishing but free ships is bollocks for only 12 euro. That's 2 packs of fags...
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    Like banished pointed out its a mechanic issue that applies to all nations. Pvp patrol ist supposed to be hostile environment. Allowing tricks like that destroys the intention of the zone and even allows exploting by tagging a friendly so that nobody can join while both players can farm dmg on each other and we will never noticed. One thing that makes patrol battles almost immune against alt/farming is the almost never closing battle. Exposing farmers to a huge risk.
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    sid meiers pirates have a fancy looking leaderboard, where it says ships sunk/captured etc.. etc.. Couldnt find it while writing here
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    The main difference between what E.V.E does with PLEX and what NA does with DLC ships, the point I'm trying to highlight, is that in E.V.E even if you transfer your PLEX to ISK and buy ships that way, you're still paying into the player economy. You aren't bypassing and making it weaker, you're actually feeding heavily into other players wallets, making it stronger, distributing more wealth. In NA with these DLC ships you're bypassing the player ship market. You are self sufficient therefore you don't demand as many ships. That hurts crafters which in turn hurts the entire economy. Can you see how this is not a congruent path? If I rely on people buying my ships to fund myself, and everyone is using their DLC ships instead, what does that mean for the crafter? His job gets slowly taken from him, and the economy shrinks. I don't want this, especially with the so called realistic economy changes coming up which is really suppose the remedy all the problems a universal wallet has caused.
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    It's a critical data if you want to use EBM. It's a very effective and objective way of defining parameters which your product - in this case Naval Action - has to have in order for it's users - in this case us - to be happy (in example it measures software development, but could and should be used for the product itself as well). I don't think NA uses this. I think GL probably didn't even define their KVA's. I think they should, but probably they won't Just your data is His-Story and not worth it - it's just a nice feature. Only with a correct model of EBM, data of all users finally gains a huge value. Eg. it shouldn't be the case that on forum we shout about nerfing Hercules or La Requin. A system should automatically tell developers whether a ship is OP or not. This way they also listen to data from the whole community, not only from the loudest people.
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    Hostility changes Hostility currently is based on old system (line ship ports, 4th rate ports and shallow ports) has the following main problems Number of NPC ships in hostility is not related to the port, force of the attacker and it does not allow means to counter it effectively. For example if 25 first rates are gaining hostility defenders basically have no means to counter it because they are always disadvantaged in a battle due to bots presence. The following changes will be applied Hostility missions will spawn ships ships similar to the ships of the attacker. If attacker comes in first rates - NPC will spawn with first rates. If attackers come in cutters - NPC will spawn in cutters. Hostility missions will spawn number of ships similar to number of ships of the attacker if you want to grind hostility solo you will encounter solo defenders. if you want to grind hostility in a group you will see grouped NPCs against you. Number of player ships allowed in a hostility mission will be set at 10 for both sides. Only ten player ship can enter a hostility mission from one of the sides. player ships: total 20 for both sides - 10 attacking players/10 defending players npc ships: total up to 10 on the defending side (20 in total - up to 10 npc defenders and up to 10 player defenders) This will make hostility missions more predictable, will balance them depending on the number of attackers, give defenders better chances, and give the options to counter the hostility. Lets discuss searching for potential loopholes and unforeseen problems. loopholes fall under exploits and when abused its considered cheating no one has made a point that NPC fleets still raise hostility by the old system by the 25 ship nation fleets that roam on the coasts. after hours of searching no report that this mechanic was still viable or was still functioning thru patch notes and hotfixes, thru support or bug reports there is no post made that this was still possible, as a result it was a exploit that was not shared with the general player base and was kept to themselves and used as an unfair advantage against other players to raise hostilities on ports
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    Poor little boy
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    REPUBLIC is not a troll in French nation. We sent to Reaperpt the French diplomat and he insulted him on discord. Republic tried to talk to him ingame and Reaperpt insulted him ("vai à merda"...). He wants to play outlaw ? Right, we gave him a good advice, change your nation, turn pirate....
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    So you keep posting hostility mission parameters, nothing about tagging AI in the open world, which works both ways, and has since I started playing this game. This has been commonly demonstrated when PVP zones first opened and to this day, when sinking AI to get your marks around open ports of the same nation.Rogue hostility even that isnt from pvp pops all the time. Still waiting to see where you cant tag AI ships as per the rules of the game?
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    HEY HEY HEY Can we get back to the fact that apparently it is cheating to tag AI ships?
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    Yes Chris you can still attack AI ships, and just so happened a "super" fleet sailed by so we attacked it and raised hostility. The best part is the fact that these guys dont remember when this was the way to raise hostility in the past, and when they rolled out the hosility missions it was stated that you can still attack AI. Glad my first tribunal was for something so spectacular though.
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    Not sure if t his is an exploit or not, but the battle being able to close (AI battle) heavily favors the attackers in this situation and should be looked at in the future. I didn't know you could still do this to be honest.
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    I don't know if this is tribunal worthy but you don't have to listen to anyone. If you want to follow diplomacy, go ahead, if you don't want to and want to sink everyone, go ahead and do so. You can also right click their name and then press ignore so that you never have to listen to them again.
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    This would break the piracy, if we can send by SMS our goods. I prefer an option of navigate automatically a ship in OW and send it from one outpost to another, with the risk of be seen by the enemies.
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    Ugh don't do that to them, most of that is a waste of their time. @admin http://agilemanifesto.org/principles.html
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    I have earned (a fair amount of) gold and marks in this game in the legitimate way, so - please - just wipe the gold and marks of the ones that have used that exploit, not mine!
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    I'd be interested to know how many of the ships I have crafted, and sold, are still floating.
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    Missions like this can generate heavy hot spots in the map. Less time invested at looking for players.
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