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    Current DLC model is fine. They are premium ships that are significantly better than anything closely resembling counterparts and quite frankly they should be. I think the requin needs to become more fragile and as in IRL, it should suffer cruelly under heavy cannon fire (especially crew loss). I think the timer needs to be more than 24 hours also and NO premium ships in fleet. I'd also draw the line at allowing them to enter PBs. NO DLC SHIPS IN PBs EVER!
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    Update 9th July 2018 Fixed the fonts in ship auction, store interface and contract interface that hid zeroes from the price (they were present in confirmation screens but people still made mistakes)
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    What amazes me about this community is that there are some guys that - after the poor results we had, in terms of game population, for making this game more and more difficult and boring (while it keeps being an empty box with so little content in it) - still think that it would be a good thing adding features that make this game even more boring, difficult, not rewarding and - at the end - not funny. The tax on the warehouse would be just the next step in making this game even more unappealing for some players: it will make just quit the last (few) dedicated traders/crafters that are in the game.
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    Another addition could be that if a fort is destroyed during a port battle it must be repaired (gold, oak, iron, stone etc) in order to function in the next port battle.
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    Adopted Regulation of Middelburg of 1760 AD. Determined Cannon fire regulation. Of the Admiralty of the West Indian Company (GWC)** Which states that any foreign power that uses its weapons (GUNS) against Dutch ships in conjunction with the Determined Defender violates the adopted regulation, Which stipulates that as countermeasures of the Eastern region foreign government (the naval action regulation of 2018. A.D) the denial of boarding by the determined defender to denied boarding another ship with the determined defender, As countermeasure, ( The regulation ) Determined Cannon Fire (regulation of Middelburg) asserts. Every violation will be seen as a war statement against the Admiralty of the company GWC and will be publicly nailed to all public places in the country, and in the capitals of every befriended country and cities. Anyone who uses the NA regulation of 2018 A.D in conjunction with Cannon fire .. is in violation . And every captain is granted the letter of marque* anyone who will let the captain hang, or come down ,let him walk the plank , or sinks will be rewarded with 100 guilders of gold. This debt will be paid at every (GWC) Company office. with the proof of execution *^* . *lettre de marque; lettre de course) is a government license in the Age of Sail that authorized a person, known as a privateer or corsair, to attack and capture enemy vessels. Once captured, the privateer could then bring the case of that prize before their own admiralty court for condemnation and transfer of ownership to the privateer. A letter of marque and reprisal would include permission to cross an international border to effect a reprisal (take some action against an attack or injury) and was authorized by an issuing jurisdiction to conduct reprisal operations outside its borders. The admiralty wants to counteract these harmful actions by rewarding the captains (as a counteract of disgraceful traitors of the high seas, who are backed up ...by rulers of foreign countries and shameless pirates) when using the determined defender, the admiralty sees this phenomenon as being deprived of the rights that apply at sea to eliminate an enemy, to prevent further bloodshed among its own crew and the loss of trade by means of sinking of the fleet with man and mouse. disc. *^*: Everyone is entitled to join this decree. Anyone who is against it is excluded from the reward. * *The (GWC) has its own legal status as a navy power, the same as the State Council of the nation, where Sea decrees can be independently issued by the Admiralty of the provinces.
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    It is well known that we have 2 kind of taxes: 100k for owning a port and 500k for setting a timer. A total of 600k. The result is a costly fee that very few clans can afford or are willing to make the requested daily grind. As a consequence, more and more ports turn into neutral (and some keep this status for weeks now (despite its strategical location)), people care less about ports, more empty PBs and RVR dies miserably. My proposal is something in between devs´s idea of taxes and the situation we had before (no taxes): Make taxes related to the BR of ports. Deep Water ports: _Low BR ports (2500-3000). Ports thought for small clans. A tax of 200k (instead of 600k). _Medium BR ports (5000). Ports thought for medium size clans. A tax of 400k (instead of 600k). _High BR ports (8000-12000). Ports thought for big clans. The current tax of 600k. Shallow water ports: _1100 BR ports. A tax of 300k (instead of 600k). _2500 BR ports. the curent tax of 600k. This way we can standardize almost everything aroud the BR of the ports: required hostility, taxes and logical owners. Discuss. Important note: RvR still need tweaks in other important areas to be fully appealing. IMO, this is a step forward to revive conquest.
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    If you would think before you write such a suspicion in forums, you could easily recognize, that alt farming isn't possible on the basis of the game timers. You should know how long the timer prevents a player to open a new battle after he left port.
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    If a huge fleet of DLC ships screens a PB fleet is it considered RvR ? If squadrons of DLC ships raids traders transporting resources to build PB ship, is it considered RvR ?
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    They hate determined defender ;)
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    Its not the model that bothers me. It is the way dlc ships limit combat. The more dlc ships added the bigger this issue is... Let's say I'm ganked and I am almost sinking, now I have the chance to pull a dlc ship and cap it with some luck. I'm still fucked because that ship is game breaking. Just imagine a dlc port battle ship fleet vs non dlc. Even if the ships were 100% balanced, one side would have the huge advantage of having unusable ships... How often has swapping ships saved you a pb? For me at least a dozen times. That is a MAJOR flaw in the combat system that only I can see for some reason....Honestly infinite ships for 12 euro is a joke imo.... I mean no matter the cost its still game breaking....
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    Yet only around 500 players find it fun including me, out of 130-150k sold copies. UI, tutorial is not enough to keep players, though they are musts. We need meaningful content, more security for newbies, high risk high reward system. There is no need to discover anything, the wheel has already been invented long time ago. For me ships are not content, and OP DLC ships definitly not. We have enough ships, we need content first, when we have players base DEVS can release more ships.
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    I'd like to see some option where a clan can add more forts that members have to supply materials for. 1 Square fort = 50k stone or something like that. Clan has to contribute it and then pay extra maintenance.
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    I think it would be interesting if port BR was based off the amount of tax the port made. So more important ports will naturally have larger battles then less important ports.
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    One dura dlc's is what the sandbox guys want too. I would never buy a one off thing, but I'll empty my pockets for permanent things... Maybe that is an answer?
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    Crafting ships should simply be easier, the loss of NPC production and the time sink of gathering resources in the current state of the game just requires too much of a commitment for a lot of people. The best times in the game were the times where ships were fairly disposable and could be replaced without too much of an issue. Restricting the supply of ships or making certain materials only available in specific ports only damages the game and its PVP either through upping the risk to the point people dont bother to play or by creating a culture of alts, both sadly leave us with a worse game. More ship availability for more players is the answer, the reletively disposable nature of the Herc and Requin have been so refreshing, its just a shame they are ships that are given stats that have thrown the balance right off.
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    I’m sure you dev’s are working on a nice new port interface but for the meantime I suggest… Our own local “Instance” of the “Open World” for the background and ship/view selecting, station right in front of the harbour/port we've entered and maybe the camera station at the same open world entry point. That is, our port will be an new instance of the open world with no other players, (local/private). You already have all the data or harbours/ports of the entire map to create every single harbour scene, you just need to create stand alone instance when the player enters port and overlay the UI. No camera adjustments since the camera is already lock onto the ships and with the current camera players will have a 360 view (with no ship, camera lock onto the world entry point). The ship to be stationary, like no forward or backwards movement/sailing but all other controls working, raising/lowing sails and canon firing so the players can inspect there ships, keep claim water, ship wave bobbing and rocking though. And maybe alittle size adjustment of the UI, like reducing buttons and fonts by 30% to create more client area.
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    Thinking more on this, I would support this more if clans had the ability to tax their members. In games like Warcraft and Albion, clan banks have the ability to tax all incoming gold received by members of the clan. This funds the clan bank. I agree there needs to be money sinks in the game, but owning the port and paying taxes on that is already a sink. If you're paying to own the port, you shouldn't have to pay to store shit there too.
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    I have 51 first rates, resources to build 50 more, probably 80 cartagena tars, 100 copper platings and even more other upgrades. Probably 900 millions worth of goods including PvP marks. I don't see why it should be bad, I got those resources just like anyone else could. I want to dispose them like I want to. Being wealthy doesn't prevent people from participating in RvR or economy. Blocking or taxing it won't work, there are always walk-arounds. If you want people to do RvR, make it fun and remove obstacles. Don't force people to do it.
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    Maybe it’s time to simply get rid of hostility missions all together. They exceedingly rarely generate any content and they’re boring even at the best of times, in addition to being gamey and exploitable in more than just the way the OP describes. I propose making port battles scheduled by buying a flag for the following day at 1000 times the BR of the port battle. If the attackers win they get the port. If the defenders win they get the money the attackers put up split among the ships in the defending fleet. Only one port battle per defending nation per time slot. Make port battles and screening great again by removing the barriers to scheduling them.
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    I agree that the 'determaned defender'should be more a ships knowledge then a perk. As it is a knowledge for Merchants then for Navy forces (Privateers). In addition traders are less defended by gunnary /armor then navy crew. Marines are not supposed to be part of a commercial crew or ship. Defending a vessel is a moral obligation, however paying ranson (prize law) to retreave ship and cargo used to be a practical approach that is not possible in game. The privateers themselves were often simply pirates who would take advantage of wars between nations to gain semi-legal status for their enterprises. A privateer is similar to a mercenary except that, whereas a mercenary group receives a set fee for services and generally has a formal reporting structure within the entity that hires them, a privateer acts independently with generally no compensation unless the enemy's property is captured. A reward should only be given once captured vessel and cargo are in friendly waters. "Nations often granted letters of marque that would entitle private parties to capture enemy property, usually ships. Once the ship was secured on friendly territory, she would be made the subject of a prize case, an in rem proceeding in which the court determined the status of the condemned property and the manner in which the property was to be disposed of. Best regards, R.Hamelink officer VWIC
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    And there are no restrictions on collectors planes in il2, they can do anything that other planes do
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    unlocked makes your guns converge to a spot, whereas locked fires them all at a 90° angle to the ship locked is good when the ship isn't turning and you got a clear shot unlocked cna be handy when the ship is turning, to get more shots in
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    Fucking pieces of shit those guys are. Never do they consider that it might be the 2000 hours that is making them sick of the game. Some people expect a magic patch but at the end of the day it will always be ships shooting a ships and the wind.
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    The John Paul Jones flag given to him by the Dutch after he captured the Serapis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Paul_Jones