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    Regarding the the german sub forum: both ships could have been shit ships and people would still have bought them in order to support the game (they are even more happy about the dock expansion). I bet when gamelabs would place a donate dlc people would use that as well.
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    A system of rewards that could be thought of is that of Titles. A captain shall be awarded titles according to feats on his area of expertise and if meaningful to "King and Country!" Pertaining time and rewards being brought up by players this could be explored and developed further as an idea or scrapped So Navy and Maritime awards could be devised so to reward all playstyles, from trader/smuggler, ship architect and post navy officers / sea rovers. It would obey certain rules, as awards usually do in military and civilian instances. - Title shall be granted to the Captain and tied to the ship he/she would be using when achieving such honor. - Title shall be optionally displayed as extra information in the OW box and in overhead UI in battle. - Title also awards a special and easily identifiable Ensign to be hoisted atop the masts - Title is lost if durability of ship is lost. aka. Title perma-death - Titles cannot be captured. Examples: - "Hero of Pampatar" - As a ship in the line of battle in the Port conquest for the port. First to board an enemy vessel. Must board three enemy vessels and survive. - "Bay Area King" - Smuggler extraordinaire of mahogany from Honduras. Must smuggle out ( pertains use of smuggler flag ) said wood, consistently, from region at Honduras back to Capital region and sell in the shop ( no contracts ). ______________ captains versus ships ________________ My point regarding that is that ships had, in many point in history, more reputation than the captains. - Indefatigable - Revenge - Clarisse, Confiance - Constitution - etc But is is also captains can have several Awards to different ships now looking to a more game situation. It can be expanded to cover the captain too, something like Naval Architec Extraordinaire for a crafter. ________ unexpected / easter eggs _______________ They shouldn't be lists but dynamically awarded, unexpected, like a fantastic reward and "impossible" to pursure/farm given we can't known the titles there are ( if possible within the code )
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    This series will contain some educational film clips with hopefully useful information for a sea rover life.
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    https://naspies.com/ Current Tools: Battle Wind Battle Planner NA Sail A few things I'm working on: Ship lookup (3D models of the ships would be the ultimate goal, I'll start with images) Crafting Board (What people are crafting...) NA Bounty
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    It would be really great if there were a button under the Equipment tab called 'Unload Ship', everything that is loaded on the ship (maybe except repairs) will be transferred to the warehouse. Might save the traders a lot of the click & drag?
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    Well, first I was excited thinking you can buy premium ships. Excitement didn't last very long when I found out you pay once and then you have constant supply of that ship every 24 hours. You basicly killed it for me. I know alot of people have problem with loosing stuff, I LOVE it. That is why i always hunt in the best ship i got with the best upgrade I can afford, I never roll in basic crap. Always the best stuff on my ship and YES when I sink it does hurt!. And I like it. I liked pvp'ing in a ship (Hercules) that is RARE and hard/costly to obtain. Now who cares if i loose i just get new one. Some people mean that now we will see more people doing pvp. Yeah you are probably right, and for the most of the playerbase you did a favor I guess. But for me you killed it. Why not just let anyone have anyship they want at any given time with whatever upgrade they want?. Then nobody would be afraid to loose and would fight all the time. Very thrilling. Just needed to ventilate it here. Maybe I just need to get used to it but right now I just feel someone killed the game for me. I don't want shit for free, everything I have i have earned. I worked for it. Ah well, fair winds I have to digest this and maybe I will see more positively on it somehow.
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    It's very troublesome to have players who just joined Poland, Russia, or Prussia start off at Shroud Cay. It's a very active area and not a great starting point for new players who don't fully understand what they're doing. Without communication from their nation they likely won't know where to go or where to avoid, but the biggest problem is when the game gets an influx of new players because with so many cutters in the area some more experienced players decide to go there to get some easy kills. I understand how some people use cutters to transport light materials and thus they become a good target, but when these cutters happen to be new players who just started the game, it could make them want to quit the game and possibly get a refund. In a game with such a low population, driving players away on day 1 is the last thing we need. I think we should change the spawn point for players in each nation to a port that the nation actually owns so long as that nation still own any ports at all. One possible idea is to have the players of a nation vote on a port they own to be the "capital" where all joining players will spawn, and if that port gets captured, then the spawn point could default back to Shroud Cay until another port is selected. It may not be the best idea ever, but if this game is going to keep any sort of decent reputation, then we shouldn't allow new players to get ganked the moment they set sail from the docks for the first time.
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    Over the past few weeks i've been slowly working on this little project. I am aiming to properly collect and show the different weightings of guns used by some of the major navies of the 18th century. I'd also like to start out by saying thank you to the people who helped me collect some of the data and the advise they have given me while I have started the undertaking of the project, so to all those who helped me I very much appreciate it thank you. I started this project mainly to look at the various weapons we have in NA, and what we could potentially add to the mix to make a slightly more diverse game, with more load out options and more opportunities for sailing the ship set up you want to sail. Its also a pretty good insight into whether ships should or shouldn't have specific armaments available to them to be used, with some additional ideas from history that could be used. To get to this point I have spent quite a long time consulting my various books and also online resources and the communities here and elsewhere and while I have done my best to collect the most accurate data I can. I'm sure there are things I have missed or got wrong so please do correct me if that is the case, it would be great to see this grow into a wider community project where we can get specialists in their area to offer the best. Some notes that I took while researching this are as follows; I haven't included the USA, not because their navy isn't important but for all the data I could see, their guns and weightings are identical to those used by the British, so please take British values provided and don't get upset that I've not included the USA, the only real differences I have seen between the two are British guns were ever so slightly better quality, and they used a slightly different set of windage ratios, something I don't consider important for what I want to set out here. I've also found some evidence to Portuguese using carronades, but I am unsure whether they are British or Portuguese weightings, so haven't included them in my tables because I can't accurately say one way or the other. Something else I discovered, whilst doing this project was not only that British guns coming in short, medium and long differentiations but also that Britain subdivided their carronades too, carronades coming in a long or short version. The first table directly below shows the comparative weightings of what these nations local weight would be when considering the current NA gun lineup. I've done this so we can see an easy comparison between what say a Danish ship's guns would weigh compared to say a Spanish, so as to show for example the distinction between a Danish 24lb and a Spanish 24lb, it also means you can look at how a Portuguese 18lb gun is more similar to the power of a British 42lb, which seems crazy. Now lets get into the data itself, I have included because I think its important the localisation of the weights used, it not only makes it easier to discuss the particular guns involved but also creates a nice little additional flavour to the chart. Something I do find fascinating as it shows below is the complete range of weightings of the old imperial systems used by their respective nations, the difference between the lightest, the Venetian Libra Sotti and heaviest, the Turkish Okka being almost an entire kilogram at 981g in difference, not that it makes as big of a difference in the field as the 2nd table I have built shows. Its also staggering how different the weights can be between geographically close nations with Portugal using guns of almost double the weight of Spain. Typical Guns British (453g) French Livre (489g) Russian Funt (494g) Spanish Libre (459g) Turkish Okka (1282g) Dutch Pond (494g) Venetian Libbre Sottili (301g) Portugese Libra (459g) Swedish Skålpund (425g) Danish-Norwegian Pund (499g) 6 2.718 2.934 2.97 2.754 7.692 2.964 1.806 2.754 2.55 2.994 9 4.077 4.401 4.455 4.131 11.538 4.446 2.709 4.131 3.825 4.491 12 5.436 5.868 5.94 5.508 15.384 5.928 3.612 5.508 5.1 5.988 18 8.154 8.802 8.91 8.262 23.076 8.892 5.418 8.262 7.65 8.982 24 10.872 11.736 11.88 11.016 30.768 11.856 7.224 11.016 10.2 11.976 32 14.496 15.648 15.84 14.688 41.024 15.808 9.632 14.688 13.6 15.968 36 16.308 17.604 17.82 16.524 46.152 17.784 10.836 16.524 15.3 17.964 42 19.026 20.538 20.79 19.278 53.844 20.748 12.642 19.278 17.85 20.958 68 30.804 33.252 33.66 31.212 87.176 33.592 20.468 31.212 28.9 33.932 The second table, shows a list of the typical guns I have found used by each of the nations I have looked at is they most often use the same numbers, something that staggered me is the amount of different guns Russia uses, almost double the standard armaments I found for typical British ships. I also find it quite interesting to see that to combat the British carronade, the French supplied the Spanish with their own French made obusiers, which adds a slightly interesting relation in that they were supplied with french ball sizes, something that must have caused quite some chaos if not properly organised within Spanish vessels. I also found some pretty interesting and unusual armaments used by a few of the less typical nations, for example the giant turkish kantar guns, I will leave a drawing of these in a spoiler at the bottom. Overall I hope I have the entire collection, I've not included smaller guns like swivels here just because I don't want to fiddle around with largely incomplete and difficult data beyond a few nations. Britain (453g) France (489g) Russia (494g) Spain (459g) Turkey (1282g) Netherlands (494g) Venice (301g) Portugal (1012g) Sweden (425g) Denmark-Norway (499g) 42lb 36lb 68lb 36lb 14 okka 40lb 50lb 36lb 36lb 36lb 32lb 30lb 60lb 24lb 9 okka 36lb 40lb 24lb 30lb 24lb 24lb 24lb 48lb 18lb 5 okka 30lb 30lb 18lb 24lb 18lb 18lb 18lb 36lb 12lb 3 okka 24lb 20lb 12lb 18lb 12lb 12lb 12lb 30lb 8lb 1.5 okka 18lb 16lb 9lb 12lb 8lb 9lb 8lb 24lb 6lb 3 Kantar (169.5kg) 12lb 14lb 6lb 8lb 6lb 6lb 6lb 18lb 4lb 1 Kantar (56.5kg) 9lb 12lb 6lb 4lb 4lb 12lb 48lb Obusier (French lb) 1/2 Kantar (28.3kg) 6lb 9lb 4lb 3lb 48lb Obusier 8lb 36lb Obusier (French lb) 6lb 3lb 68lb Carronade 36lb Obusier 6lb 30lb Obusier (French lb) 200lb Tirar Bombe (30lb) 2lb 32lb Carronade 30lb Obusier 3lb 24lb Obusier (French lb) 120lb Tirar Bombe (20lb) 24lb Carronade 24lb Obusier 96lb Carronade 18lb Obusier (French lb) 18lb Carronade 18lb Obusier 68lb Carronade 12lb Obusier (French lb) 12lb Obusier 48lb Carronade 36lb Carronade 30lb Carronade 24lb Carronade 18lb Carronade 12lb Carronade 8lb Carronade 6lb Carronade 1 Pood Edinorog (63lb) 1/2 Pood Edinorog (29lb) 1/4 Pood Edinorog (9lb) I'd also like to post this picture of a reference I found in relation to the weightings of Bronze and Iron guns, with bronze being a fantastic ordinance metal, although not very typical outside of prestigious ships or ships that are in some of the less researched navies such as the Ottomans. The use of Bronze guns over iron creates some distinct advantages in that the guns can be recast almost indefinitely, they are less dangerous to their operators, they can also take more powder and offer less friction naturally whilst also not rusting so offering better range, damage and penetration. The other benefit to bronze weapons is they can maintain a longer sustained fire as the metal cools much quicker than iron does, with heat in general having a less of an affect on their performance. Their main drawbacks is they are massively more expensive, with bronze costing about 5-12x the price of iron depending on the time period involved making it hugely expensive to equip a navy, with their massive need for huge quantities of guns and also that bronze guns require slightly more maintenance due to the barrel tending to wear slightly faster, although the main cost of recasting the gun is the time and equipment, with the material being so easily recycled, but also being harder and more dense, taking longer to drill. Finally I'd like to talk about how this could change the game itself, I'd personally like to see more choice available I'd like to see the addition of short cut cannons, obusiers and bronze guns, I'd also like to see the division of carronades into short and long cuts each with their own advantages and disadvantages, for example bronze being much more expensive to craft and purchase but offer a minor bonus to combat statistics, with long carronades having a little more weight, but slightly more stopping power, whilst short ones taking less time to reload and being lighter. It would also be great to see the French obusiers make an appearance, being a middle ground between a short cannon and carronade offering its own perspective and use in combat. This all allowing for more historical accuracy and diversity within the game. Thank you for reading, please let me know any corrections of questions you might have, I am always up for a good discussion and hope you have enjoyed the data I have collected with the help of a few firends, sadly I haven't kept a list of sources so may struggle to find them again but if you want to know where I got any information I will do my best to relocate it for anyone who asks. Thank you again, I will leaves some pictures of some of the more unique guns in the spoiler below.
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    Bottom line is that none of the old 6th rates are any use at all now. That is an issue
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    Agree Xebec should stay 5th rate, allow both in shallow but not in PB's and your fine wiht the balance and the 5-4th rate perks will tone them down form the other 6-7th rates in shallows. I like the Blueprint thing cause I like ships like the LVG Refit, but i don't want a stupid note I want the BP to build them where and how I want and when I want. I think your onto something about doing a redeem of a permit to build them but make the rest of them craftable and you get the BP from the redeemable the first time or any time you delete and make a new char. One of the biggest issues right now is they where saying they where going to balance out the other older in game ships and have yet to do so, so why would I use a H Rattler or Prince when I can use these ships in OW?
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    Its normal for all games that Devs nerf things that are OP. Look at the WoT or WoWs. Requin at this moment is broken and need nerf.
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    Thank you for your kind words. I wrote this in history not in suggestions for that reason, Its mostly something I have researched and written for my own interest, but I thought I'd construct a proper post about it and share what I have learnt over the last few weeks with the community here just in case anyone was interested. While I have presented it as potentially having some opportunities for the development of the game I won't feel hard done by if the devs take no notice, I was mainly just drawing parallels between what the game uses because it made me a convenient start for the project. Thank you kindly. I ripped the information for edinorog poundage straight out of Russian Warships in the Age of Sail 1694-1860, you are right they did use trade pounds over artillery pounds, I used the pounds given in the book, which as I read it the calculations have already been done and they quote numbers that have already been converted to artillery pounds. However if I have misread it and got it wrong I will have to modify it slightly. Here is a link for the section of the book I took the information from: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=70KyBgAAQBAJ&pg=PA42&lpg=PA42&dq#v=onepage&q&f=false I quite like the obusiers, they have quite a pleasing design even if they lack the quality of the carronade, I also find them pretty fascinating how they spread into Spanish use. The gun was tested with round balls as well as the ovoid its original designer intended, the ovoid shots performed significantly better than the typical round shot because they can't lose force on so many vectors so provides a straighter movement down the barrel which improves general accuracy, its a similar thought process to the sabot of the Paixhans. I'm not entirely sure how the mechanics of the system worked, I just know it had one, its built on a very light carriage and balanced in a way that made it easy to keep it aiming at its target, it also had a fairly complex range sighting mechanism, especially for its time but its important to remember the live aiming system was built for medium to long range combat. It fell out of use in the 1740s, mainly because it was fairly expensive to provide ammunition for when compared to standard guns firing round shot and this was a time that Venice wasn't fighting any major nations, only frequent action against pirates. Most of what I know about these weapons is written in these two essays: https://www.academia.edu/14823890/_The_race_to_the_big_calibres_during_the_first_war_of_Morea_and_Sigismondo_Alberghettis_guns_of_new_invention https://www.academia.edu/15084546/The_Russian_Unicorn_and_the_Venetian_cannone_di_nuova_inventione_ The testers were recruited for a variety of reasons I was given the position because of my research and postings on Venetian ships which I was lucky enough to receive praise from the dev team for, others were given the title for their work on improving gameplay or knowledge of sailing. There aren't any special perks for testers, they are just a core of specialists that just have access to a largely unused private subforum. I just provide some advice here and there on specific niche information that's not commonly available on the internet. If you are unhappy about what is happening to the game what are you doing to make it better? Please don't just attack other forum users for sharing work, especially as this has nothing to do with me being a tester or not.
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    Can I get a massive "hell no" on the OP please. When I pay real cash for pixels (which I have done), I expect them to be top-notch pixels and always available. No shenanigans.
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    It would be nice if new prussia players could start in LT in the middle of prussia rather than 300km away in shroud.
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    Would also help if they could see the map before they choose
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    To be honest, harcore nation new player should be able to choose ANY free town as starting point. Any free town is a dangerous place, so why not?
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    paints and ship notes occasionally a BP. Was a good system to create a market for the items you didn't need. I made a lot of cash off paints. There is just no incentive to do RVR now other than to get a PVP fight and unfortunately it usually revolves around 1 team getting slaughtered by a well coordinated group of PVPers that are allied up with all the other well coordinated PVPers.
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    Fanboys take a breath, what I wrote was not a whine or a moan, it is simply an observation. I didn't recommend any changes because I do not know what can effectively be changed to improve the game. NA has good combat mechanics and beautiful graphics, the cannon balls fly and ships get sunk, but that is where it ends for me. I am at max crafting and xp rank, have lvl 3 shipyard, workshop, multiple 1st rates and millions in gold. I can lose a 1st rate and shrug it off, buy victory marks on a whim and lose three indiaman with all their cargo and replace them in a few moments. So what is left for me to do? RvR? I have tried pushing my nation into war by attempting to organize players to generate hostility on enemy ports, no interest. I have even tried raising hostility on enemy ports alone to generate a port battle, again no interest. Wheres the patch to fix this? So because RvR in my nation is dead what do I do? PvP? While in a Santi, I recently watched three friendly third rates and a second rate run past me going in the opposite direction while I was trying to get upwind to join a battle that they had declined to join because the odds were to even. By the time I reached the battle it was closed and the three friendly ships inside were lost. I have seen this scenario in one form or another repeated over and over again. But lets say I accept that my fellow countrymen won't fight and I take my 5th rate alone to MT looking for a battle, in NA players consistently shy away from 1 v 1 or even 2 v 1 in order to fight 5 v 1, meaning I would just be spending an hour to have the privilege of dying. What patch could be employed to fix this? I have seen L'Oceans broadside modded Bellonas with no effect, fleet ships disappear in patrol zones, Surprises overtake Lynxes going to windward, ships with one hull bar almost fully repair while in battle, Ingermans doing 15 knots, multiple Indiaman sunk by a single player in a snow and much, much more, but no patches are needed because these are desired game mechanics. Fans of NA in the form it is now have a right to like it as it is and the developers have the right to continue to move it in that direction but I just don't see myself going along for that ride.
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    Dear Developers, why don't you create the same mechanisms with ship experience for crafting as for battle. For each type of ship crafting XPs enable book based knowledge of advanced crafting abilities (for example trim types). So the 20th Bellona will be better than the first because of the gained experience. This would lead to a specialisation of the crafters on 'their' types of ship (as in reality, noone built trader brigs and first rates at the same level) If you use the same mechanisms as for battling (knowledge, books) you could reuse code structures. In a second step built-in upgrdes coud be integrated via special books in this mechansims also.
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    A new video of my series: The art of chasing or again the art of predicting. A way to run down your enemies.
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    I would like to see whalers ( whale oil was a very expensive resource in those times ). Whaling ships could catch whales only in certain areas of the map, at high sea away from land, to give some chance of catching whales and elude raiders. The whales could be fished aleatory like the bottles. USS Essex hunted many british whalers on the Pacific before getting captured by british frigates. This would give more content for players that like to do only trade, and would open more windows for pvp.
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    New part of the series is up. "The art of tagging" or the art of predicting. A way to deny the enemy a route to escape.
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    Yes, it's just for France. In Germany, Spain, England, America, etc. it's different. The names and the number of vessels are not the same, but it gives a good idea of the differences. I add that if a squadron or division is composed only of frigates, we speak of "light" squadron and "light" division. Same names if they are lower vessels than 74-gun ships. There is also a color code (as in other nations). A naval army with three squadrons: The 1st: white 2nd: white and blue 3rd: blue It takes three divisions to make one squadron, each division has the same color as its squadron, but on different masts for the admirers. Example: The 1st squadron: white mark - The 1st division: white mark on the mainmast - The 2nd division: white mark on the foremast - The 3rd division: white mark on the mizzen mast
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    I'm NOT fine with that, and I've been saying from the start all the NPC ships (non mission) in the open world should produce massive rewards upon capture via the "Send to Admiralty" mechanic - so they don't ruin the ship crafter market. Historically a captain received 3/8 of the total cost of a ship, the guns and stores, and any money seized. We're getting barely 1/20th right now. P.S. I love how the Trade Hub suggestion conveniently places one right next to Denmark, Sweden and French territories while being a long trip away from the Dutch. If you want to add trader hubs, you need to create some imaginary islands in more balanced locations.