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    Just saw a guy log in this AM after not playing for a year.... look to do missions...saw they were a 1/2 hour sail away...used up his cancels as well. Logged off in disgust. Limiting missions loses the casual gamer. All day, every day.
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    This series will contain some educational film clips with hopefully useful information for a sea rover life.
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    One thing that has always bothered me in this game is that Oak has no use whatsoever - I have never built an Oak ship myself and I'm sure many others here haven't either, it's just no good as a woodtype - We see a lot of fir and teak ships around ingame, these woodtypes were commonly used historically but usually due to Oak shortages. I'd like to see more benefits to making oak ships, perhaps cheaper in maintenance? (repairs)
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    So it doesnt get lost in "spam". I think making safezones realy safe and providing a working, accessible pvp zone should be the way to go. Tl;dr version: Make safezone reqly safe. Game grows with pve players until pvp players have fun. pvp players then destroy pve player fun. game shrinks again with that. Close holes between safezones by making safezones double the size and reintroduce the bug again that safezones get cut from other port zones (example philippsburg) - Fix pvp event RoE with 1.5BR rule and decrease BR limits (for low pop) - Fix RvR (described suggestions in other post) Bonus would be default freeport outposts. Then the map realy shrinks Long post: that must come from someone who isnt going to pvp events. Because the RoE in these events is utter rubbish. Also tbey spawn all over the map so sometimes you dont have a outpost close. And then you lose a ship you towed and you dont have a ship anymore. What to do now? People wouldnt camp capitals anymore or less often withbmore fights elsewhere becquse at caps you just get ganked but getting ganked is often better than sailing around 4 hours without getting a fight. Last time I was online in NA we sailed to KPR because you cant expect anfight elsewhere. We sat at KPR for 2 hours while we played something else to fight 25 ppl and get killed. In my oppinion NA depends heavy on population. The bigger the pop the more the game is a pvp/rvr game. The smaller the pop the more it is a pve game. That is mostly because the map is so big. Right now NA is a pve game. When pop is bigger again it will be a pvp game. And that might be the problem of NA btw. The game grows with pve players to a certain point where pvp players are very attracted. Then pve players leave because they get "ganked" all the time. I think safezones should be realy safe. Make safezone AI hunt enemy players in that zone. All battles close instantly. When tagging a enemy player while you are in the safezone a message should appear "you are about to attack a enemy player. Are you sure?" to avoid mistakes by noobs thinking its AI. Make safezones pve only to avoid the playerleak with a certain population. Also the size of the safezones should be changed and the mechanic tweaked. Remember when safezones got cut away by other portzones? We need that back because right now philippsburg, Roseau and other towns are entirely reachable with the safezone. So in my oppinion: Make safezone 100% bigger to close gaps in between safe ports (double the size) AND introduce the bug again that safezones get cut by other portzones. Making the travel to philippsburg or other realy close capitalports/not safezone ports more dangerous. AND change pvp event RoE AND maybe even introduce default freeport outposts (you dont have to open outposts in freeports. Everyone suould have them as default) to avoid hours of basic cutter sailing)
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    @adminSimple sound signals is all we need. Realistic way to notify Captains of their surroundings. New Day - 2 Bell rings Enemy player is attacking - Drums (Call to Arms) You are attacking - Men shouting and whistling, drums and swords clanking. Port Spotted - Long bosun's whistle Land Spotted - Land Ho! with a bosun's whistle sound. (Disabled at night) Enemy Player Spotted - Sail Ho! with a bosun's whistle sound. (Disabled at Night) Leaving Safe Zone - Trumpet sound + Arms clanking and stomping sound. Entering Safe Zone - Harp instrument sound. Storm - 3 bell rings + 3 bell rings, repeated one more time after 1 minute (3+3+3) if you are entering the storm. *'Enemy spotted' does not indicate where the player is. All it does is just triggers spotting radius for the sound. Player then must be on alert and search for that player. One sound for multiple targets. *'Land Ho!' - charged only when there is no land in sight for over 1 minute in 360 radius. Once land is visible on the horizon it will get triggered. *'Port spotted' sound - only triggered when port name appears. A large invisible circle reaching out to the end of view distance on the horizon is a main sound trigger, but during storms such circle must be smaller. All spotting sounds are disabled during the night.
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    Its very unlike the internet to blow up over a tiny thing. Also #FuckBots
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    Внештатный сотрудник геймлабса уполномочен заявить?
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    Та я вже привыкши Да и админ-человек с ЧЮ. Демками отвечает, про корабли(линкоры)ходившие в 16-18 узлов рассказывает. Тем более этож "Трололо"-никто никого не оскорбляет. Да и я даже ничуть не обижаюсь за баны,когда кого-то уел. Да,идут к победе. Не спеша. Вернее, прокладывают маршрут. И мы должны их понять,ведь без сетки координат это оооой как трудно иногда. Особенно новичкам
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    Date : 1 June 1794 Result: British tactical victory French strategic victory 1200 British casualties 4000 French casualties What a happy day that was.. 😉
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    I thought the topic will be about this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children's_Day
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    La serie está bien, pero no deja de ser un show anglosajón. Cualquier detalle que ponga a los españoles como poderosos es para aumentar la épica de los protagonistas anglosajones y el mérito suyo, no el nuestro.
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    How about ships in PvP patrol zone only being eligible to take part if they were off-the-rack vessels (not player manufactured) bought from the nearest Freeport. these ships would be pre-fitted with cannons. To take part in the Patrol you buy a Patrol Zone permit for the day which allows you to replace each Freeport ship that gets sunk at no extra charge, but only one at a time and no selling. At reset all Unsunk Patrol Zone ships are recovered from players. This could be trialled for one Patrol Zone and would be a simple way for new players to learn PvP without the heavy cost and a negative feeling of loss. Might also offer a possibility for the developers to trial new ship designs which would be an added attraction. Buster (Sail-a-Bucket LTD.)
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    The glass half-full or half-empty.... The eternal question..... For some, there are still 300 players to kick out of the game.... So that a player stops being a beginner and can be a good player of pvp, first he has to spend a time of learning without despairing on the way and leaving the game ...... Here are people who want 2,000 experienced pvp players to appear from one day to the next ... With these approaches, this game will never have more than 300 players ....
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    I think that's a bad idea. You need more than the first few ranks to get acquainted with the game. Commodore perhaps? Plus sometimes it is just nice to carebear.
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    Дык а чего хотеть, когда игра в застое, а разрабы в запо...на каникулах?☺️ Патчей нетЬ,игроков новых нетЬ,старые на игру забили,ибо ... ну вы понимаете😉 Бургеры вона немножка пишут, а тут....тихо... Сбылась мечта админа 😁
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    New part of the series is up. "The art of tagging" or the art of predicting. A way to deny the enemy a route to escape.
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    No, raiding is for players that already know basics, leave the basics for tutorial.
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    beats me, but I just think there are probably more important things to look at than to "redo" currency.
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    Negatives: -Crafters will not be able too set too high prices Positives: + cheaper ships more people do PvP
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    I think with regard to fires aboard, fires would often start in the more combustible areas of the ship, canvass sails, tarred standing rigging, softer woods used in furnishings or the flammable stores area ect. They would, if left unchecked, not only spread very fast but quickly reach the flashpoint of Oak, a small fire could rapidly grow to engulf large areas of a ship, even today, fire aboard ships is feared more than flooding. Damage from balls did not necessarily have to penetrate to cause flooding, shock could often dislodge caulking in the seams for several feet from the point of impact adding to the natural seepage that occurs requiring the regular pumping out of the bilges, so where penetration did occur the crew gave priority to major leaks often by reducing water intake with plugs or canvass leaving a few men to shore up and re-caulk as and where they could. If the ship's flooding could be reduced long enough to disengage, or sink the enemy ship, then more permanent repairs would be carried out either in Port or beached in a quiet cove or bay by replacing damaged planking. Even today the basic methods are similar, anyone who has been through damage control training will tell you it is not something that you want to do for real! Even before the 18th/19th centuries damage control was regularly practiced and was why chippies (carpenters), caulkers, and rigging specialists were vital members of every nations sea going crews through out the existence of wooden hulled sailing ships. The more holes you punched into a ship, the more shock damage to caulking you could inflict was an influence on gunnery in the Royal Navy, whose policy was to reload faster than their opponents as the British doctrine was the more balls you had in the air meant possibly more hits and more hull damage caused leaving progressively fewer men to fight the ship, a policy that only ended after the demise of the battleship.
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    We accept the fact that this game is not for everyone, and embrace it. If someone tries to please everyone he usually ends up pleasing no-one. Naval Action lees to a realistic side. Players players who believe that shooting games should have ironsights ww2 plane games should not fly like flying saucers car games should have handbrakes and drift ship games should care about wind and its effects Will be happier. Players looking for clicker heroes experience or other casual experiences (huge market for some developers) will not be happy with naval action at all. You should not force yourself to eat thai food if you hate thai food. Maybe you are looking for a casual sailing experience which we never promised and there are such games on the subject. We will continue adding realistic mechanics that make game play better if they improve combat gameplay depth and add fun.
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    You are actually wrong, there were women on board warships. The admiralty frowned upon it however the majority of warships had women on board. Important members of the ship were allowed to bring their wives on board and many women actually participated in the heat of action. There may not have been any female officers however in terms of crew on board any decent historian author will include that multiple women were aboard. The current exhibit at Greenwich "Nelson, Navy, Nation" also elaborates on this.