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    Not that I'm complaining mind you. It's one of the things that drew me to the game. From the Steam Store: I thought this was great, and imagined that it would be representative of the philosophy of the game. So you can imagine my surprise to discover that it was literally the only concession made to the situational awareness limitations of the 18th century, in an otherwise entirely 21st century information-age arcade. Where am I going?: It is called a compass in the game, but that is actually a misnomer. It is actually a heading indicator. Not even one of the gyros of the 20th century that you had to reset periodically due to precession, but a full on 21st century digital heading indicator that would look right at home on a G-1000. It comes complete with a wind indicator built into the heading indicator and a digital readout of your speed below. Part of the fun and challenge of 18th century seamanship is using an old fashioned compass set in a binnacle. The fickle thing with magnetic variation, deviation, and magnetic dip. The kind that you have to undershoot when turning from the north and overshoot when turning from the south. The kind that bounces around like the dickens, making it almost unreadable when the seas get rough. Which way does the wind blow?: If the spirit of the game is to reproduce the charms and challenges of the Age of Sail, it seems like reading the masthead fly, looking for how the other boats heel, searching the coast for signs of smoke or fluttering banners, would be a perfect challenge to bring in some of the flavor of the days before electronic wind meters. How fast am I going?: If the external visual indications of speeding up and slowing down are not enough, why not have the quartermaster yell the results from the chip log over the din of battle periodically? What is the exact percentage of enemy sails remaining?: This feature seems like it would be great in a futuristic space opera game. As far as I know, precise readouts of percentages of enemy vessels hull integrity, resources, and systems is a technology not even available yet today. I can see the holes I create in the enemy sail very well. Why isn't that gauge enough? Conclusion: I can understand the desire to cater to folks who want fast-paced, seat-of-the-pants, instant gratification, point-and-shoot gameplay. I imagine that a dynamic minimap that shows your position and the position of your enemies would greatly enhance the gaming experience for such people. If, on the other hand, your target audience is folks like myself who are looking for a sense of authenticity, away from the aforementioned handholding, and to get a glimpse at what the challenges of 18th century life at sea were like outside of our Patrick O'Brian and C.S. Forester books, I think the sleek 21st century glass-cockpit style HUD detracts from the experience, and removes much of the gameplay challenge that we were hoping to find.
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    @adminSimple sound signals is all we need. Realistic way to notify Captains of their surroundings. New Day - 2 Bell rings Enemy player is attacking - Drums (Call to Arms) You are attacking - Men shouting and whistling, drums and swords clanking. Port Spotted - Long bosun's whistle Land Spotted - Land Ho! with a bosun's whistle sound. (Disabled at night) Enemy Player Spotted - Sail Ho! with a bosun's whistle sound. (Disabled at Night) Leaving Safe Zone - Trumpet sound + Arms clanking and stomping sound. Entering Safe Zone - Harp instrument sound. Storm - 3 bell rings + 3 bell rings, repeated one more time after 1 minute (3+3+3) if you are entering the storm. *'Enemy spotted' does not indicate where the player is. All it does is just triggers spotting radius for the sound. Player then must be on alert and search for that player. One sound for multiple targets. *'Land Ho!' - charged only when there is no land in sight for over 1 minute in 360 radius. Once land is visible on the horizon it will get triggered. *'Port spotted' sound - only triggered when port name appears. A large invisible circle reaching out to the end of view distance on the horizon is a main sound trigger, but during storms such circle must be smaller. All spotting sounds are disabled during the night.
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    When people start asking and complaining about delays in the release date of the next patch
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    Juan, You can also walk around on deck and climb the rigging. Press Home twice, quickly to access a camera view. Use the W,S,D,A,X,Z keys to move. Your mouse wheel can adjust the speed. It is most unfortunately that a ship cannot be controlled from the camera view.
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    Sry but longer open timers are not realistic at all. On the open world travel speed is much faster than inside the battle. Instant closed battles is the most realistic we can get.
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    Community Suggestions cycle
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    Every time this game does something to make the PVE players lives more difficult to satisfy the safe zone gankers, the overall game pop drops. Every. Single. Time. When will folks get it through their heads that games of this type, OW MMO variety, need PVE/Casual/Part Time players for the hardcore guys to hunt. No sheep. No wolves. It seems that even when the pop drops the wolves would rather quit than fight other wolves. If you make it harder and harder for the sheep to enjoy the game, they'll just move on to greener pastures. Limiting missions, nerfing safe zone AI, restricting how many missions you can cancel.......all this does is piss off an ever diminishing crowd of players that eventually decide that the lack of quality of life features found in most games of this type just is no longer worth putting up with. To put it very simply, if you don't create a safe environment for players to level up to max rank and do their basic crafting they're gonna fucking quit. And quit they have. Stop trying to tailor this game to suit your hunting habits so you can gank and maybe put forth ideas that will encourage PVE players to stick around or even come back. Going to the PVE server if they don't like it? Stupid suggestion. RVR toxicity caused people to leave this game in droves? Even more idiotic.
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    This suggestion is an attempt to offer solutions to the problems of integrating new players, map size versus population and more localised content. 1. Character creation & tutorial area Midshipman missions only. Midshipman AI only. No rare spawns. PvP disabled. Buildings disabled. Sealed bottle disabled. 2. Stretching your legs Ensign, Second Lieutenant and First Lieutenant missions only. Ensign, Second Lieutenant and First Lieutenant AI only. No Rare spawns. PvP disabled. Shipyards, Workshops disabled. Sealed bottle disabled. 3. Into the fray Lieutenant Commander and Master and Commander missions only. Lieutenant Commander and Master and Commander AI only. Level 1 rare spawns. Nation PvP. Level 1 shipyard only. 4. Proving grounds Post Captain and Flag Captain missions only. Master and Commander, Post Captain and Flag Captain AI only. Level 2 rare spawns. Nation PvP. 5. Raise your flag Commodore and Rear Admiral missions only. Flag Captain, Commodore and Rear Admiral AI only. Level 3 rare spawns. Nation PvP. 6. Events Server event area (Sunken fleet. Holiday specific?) Commodore and Rear Admiral AI only. Level 4 rare spawns. Free for all clan PvP Comments on areas Areas 1 and 2 offer a safe place for new players to learn the ropes and restrict the map to areas 3+ for veteran players who want to progress, craft and PvP. Area 3+ is where the game begins properly. Some content restrictions to area 3 shifts the bulk of experienced players to base out of areas 4 and 5. This creates a space for new and middling experienced players to get to grips with PvP and crafting, particuarly along the border of areas 2 and 3. Majority of content is therefore in areas 4+ to incentivise veteran players to spend the majority of their time competing in these areas. Veteran players can venture in to area 3 for pvp, but leave their valuable area 4 and 5 assets vulnerable to attack. Each area would require at least one free town for players to operate from in the event that their nation cannot hold ports. The above can be replaced by having 1 permanent port for each nation in each area. Area capitals could function as the guide for players to move on. "We have no more missions for you here. Travel to X." If areas 4 and 5 ever become too small as player count increases, area 3 could become "enhanced" losing its restrictions. Comments on economy An areas impact on economy should scale linearly. Areas 1 and 2 should have little to no impact on the economy, with area 5 containing the most valuable resources (Spices!). To encourage trading/traders, area capitals could demand resources, offering a higher price for specific goods. This could vary daily. Comments on rare spawn content Ships of the appropriate level spawn and despawn within their respective areas. A small percentage of the time a rare ship type can spawn. This rare ship has enhanced stats increasing its difficulty, but if defeated draws loot from a unique loot table. Items from this loot table are only available via this method. Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 rare loot tables should offer items of increasing value, 4 being the highest. For those that venture in to the free for all clan PvP area 6 is the chance of finding the best lootable items in the game. Comments on trader AI Trader AI are unrestricted by area. Comments on nations Nations would need to be redistributed. Area nation capitals would be one solution.
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    Why is this called a multiflip? Dutch attack a port, French attack a port. If all, it's a multflip for the Swedes. @Liq show @NameTBA that picture of you-know-which-day.
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    Just saw a guy log in this AM after not playing for a year.... look to do missions...saw they were a 1/2 hour sail away...used up his cancels as well. Logged off in disgust. Limiting missions loses the casual gamer. All day, every day.
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    Game "dead" again? Lol Was reading over a year ago, and before, such post in forum, and we are still here. Chill and be patient.
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    *gets slapped in the face by an invisible hand of free market*
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    Great idea. The sounds would have to be on a toggle so they could be turned off. I disagree it would be unfair to hunters. I dont sail afk but like to busy myself with navigating and writing in a ship's log in the OW. I imagine that i am on board but hunkered over the books and charts. It would be fabulous if one of my crew would shout out, or sound off, when something important is sighted. It's disappointing that I'm am required to maintain a constant 360 degree vigilance and can never take my eyes off of the horizon for the sole reason of giving a hunter a greater chance of catching me unaware as he rockets towards me in a speedboat. I would enjoy sailing much more if I were able to occupy myself with more interesting tasks rather than always scanning from high on the mast. If sailing was more interesting I would do it more often and provide more opportunities to hunters. Sailing more increases the chances I will be attacked.
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    It is (High-Sec) a sort of huge safe zone but it’s so large its more comparable to our PvE server it’s not small in size or comparison to Null-Sec either maybe a 25% of Null-Sec. Don’t quote me on that. The Map below the central Dark area is High-Sec(PvE). The rest surrounding colored zones are null-sec (PvP). You are correct also there is Seal Clubbers, mission gankers etc within High-Sec preying on new players. Just look at the PvE total size it is massive. NA-OW... I still feel strongly that the New Player start should be always in PvE and after reaching a rank and craft level access is allowed onto the PvP server. So, a wider training introduction. This in its self won’t help directly with PvP but will start him on the right track with familiarity and Co-Op game play. The AGONY introduction helps so now the new player can survive without convoluted mechanic overlays to get the safe zones to actually work... http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/25951-idea-norfolk-nnoob-goes-gank-ing/?tab=comments#comment-553556
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    Alonso, los de siempre nunca van a querer un realismo que no les beneficie. El otro dia abrí un post en el que sugería la limitación de maderas según la clase de barcos. Primeras sólo podrían construirse con live/White, segundas live/caguairán/White/sabicu, de modo que un primera jamás pueda ser más rápido que un segunda y así sucesivamente. Te puedes imaginar las respuestas. El único que respondió con algo de sentido constructivo fue Redii, que me comentó: no lo veo mal, pero a los gankers no les iba a gustar. AMÉN. Hablas de mayor protagonismo en el comercio, ellos hablan de acabar con el comercio. Así, tal cual. Lo de los barcos navegando solos tampoco, porque ellos no hacen PvE, te quieren trincar, machacarte, quedarse tu barco, quedarse las PvP y encima que te marches jodido, porque esa es otra de las "recompensas" y no de las menos importantes para alguno de ellos. En este juego hay muy mala leche. Y mucho troll. También frog abrió un post el otro dia sobre mejorar el naval porque está muerto, y volver a las características del juego de 2016. Respuestas otra vez negativas. Hay mucho capitancillo en el foro sentando cátedra. Recoleccionan PvP Marks en el juego y likes aqui. Ya sabemos quienes son. Y ya sabemos a quienes van a escuchar y a quienes no, aunque estos últimos realmente aportan ideas nuevas, buenas o no, con la esperanza de ayudar a mantener con vida el juego. En todo caso, ánimo y a seguir luchando por el Naval.
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    Calling all HAVOC members for PB. The beacon has been lit. @rediii,no more hiatus, HAVOC is your GF tomorrow.
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    As the mastermind of the glorious multiflip i call all HAVOC member and the dutch nation to arms, to make our waters safe for trading again Warning: This post may contain sarcasm!
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    The game as it is already can be labeled 'hardcore', we should be grateful for the amount of casual-play-denying features it has. As much as I like accuracy, historical feeling, immersion myself (yeah, let me use a sextant, too), I understand the economic interests of the studio, having to make compromises towards the gamer audience, as much as possible and excusable, in order to stay profitable. A real age of sail simulation of how to operate a ship of decent size would be too hard for many gamers and I can already anticipate complaints about what they could not cope with... Plus, there is this sportsman type of gamer who goes all for achievements and 'marks', he does not like sailing ships per se, he does operate tanks, planes, or triangles and squares, no matter what, for making points and leading charts, publishing videos of his performances. Those players also don't give a damn about historical content. Sad thing. But the market has to reckon with them, too.
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    Nonsense. Have you ever been at sea? There is nothing around you until a dot appears on the horizon. Ships of the day ALWAYS had a lookout in the cross trees during wartime. Even today, warships have lookouts cause radar might not pick up wood or fibreglass. The only gameplay that would be ruined is jumping some poor sod who is afk. A loud "SAIL HO!" would be perfect immersion.
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    Anyone else noticed the horses galloping and nickering during boarding?
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    No, reinforcement zone could prevent all attacks (what 1st rate reinforcements did, but just complicated things further) After PvP zones are fixed though.
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    Capt Norfolk, That's why I told Seadog Wade to stand steady before I put in the Mutual Consent clause. I didn't think of the word dueling. It is after midnight here and I'm not at my best. HAHAHAHA, Just try thinking coherently when you have a 3 yo 36 kilo yellow lab/golden retriever nose bumping you to play. The reason I'm replying is if someone else misses that their'e going to think I want to turn the PVE server into Dante's Inferno. You have a great and wonderful day and fair sailing.
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    Like all of your ideas. And ... I would send ships to other ports. I would still command my favorite ships but have bought a few decent traders for pretty cheap and would love to send them between outposts. I would like storms and damage, but the Devs have said that they are not feasible.
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    Admin said a couple a month ago it was ok to arrange fights, even against a friends alt, as long as it was real fights and not to many. As an example he said 1-2 fight a day. So think what he i writing is actually inside the game rulesettings. So they can basicly fight each other and after the fight give the PvP marks to who need it. So 5 fights would be done in 3 days, to stay on the right side.
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    We find plenty of battles in the OW... there are people all over the place. Certain players prefer to sail in large groups of pimped out 3rd rates and then wonder why they can’t find “meaningful PvP”. Sailing in front of KPR or Mortimer and waiting there for a coast guard fleet to assemble is just lazy gameplay.
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    That's the wet dream of AFK players, if you are watching a movie while sailing you must accept the risks. I don't agree with this suggestion, the others are ok, but this one brings too many questions.
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    The way I see it: If the port is not worth the cost, either (A) don't set a timer and be ready to defend at any time or (B) don't own the port in the first place. A lot of people are complaining the costs are too much. But they are talking about ports that are worthless to begin with. Wich leads me to think that the problem lies with port value (not port costs). If more value were brought to worthless ports, then timer costs could be justified.
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    Naval Action development cycle
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    That’s a little disappointing, could you guys give us a bit more interaction and keep us up to date, and update us a little more please. I as well as others know a reasonable amount of players hanging out for this patch but are playing other games.
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    The changes I suggested would affect fighting though. Combat right now seems to privilege marksmanship over seamanship. Staying out of irons is a simple matter of glancing down at the left hand corner periodically. Skills like reading the wind and keeping your bearings, which would have been essential to captains of the time, are rendered useless by the handholding interface. Meanwhile, marksmanship, which would have been less useful to captains who weren't manning each canon themselves, seems to be the essential skill to have in NA, so that you can snipe a headshot on those enemy masts.
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    Lets be realistic here. There is a small percentage who would enjoy this level of immersion (including myself) but not the majority. You almost need a realism tab in an options menu for the players of this game.
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    agreed. I'm fine with not having a dot or something show your exact location, but the tools we have currently to try and navigate are laughable at best.
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    We need more tools for navigation to make both camps happy, @Vernon Merrill. There is a bunch of tools used in Age of Sail that are not present in the game.
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    Short answer: 1/2 the people will complain and 1/2 the people will cheer. Like EVERYTHING else in this game. There are basically 2 very distinct camps after 3+ years of development.
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    is that even a problem? I know people that were better with low ranks than others being highest rank right now. Its just the problem of pve ranks and the lack of pvp ranks
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    Hi Thanatos, thank you for your post. Sorry that I don't go into your suggestions in detail, because I think that instead of further micro-managing PVP, the game could use some content in other areas like trading, exploration and story.
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    I think they should do away with the Cannon Class and just go by pd. So same format left is cannons right is carros but it reads like [6pd-18pd] [12pd-42pd]. Just to remove another useless layer of confusion away from the game.
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    Don't join fights near forts or such? You also cause hostility while in them too, should that be removed? Funny thing the last time Brits flips Harbor Island we are pretty sure most of the hostility was from folks jumping into the missions and getting killed thinking it was Patrol Zone battle. They do not look the same by the way and just to let folks know Hostility Missions don't count towards Patrol Zone points.
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    Demasting exam commented: Demasting exam with no comments:
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    Maybe you should be less "nail" and learn to be a "hammer".
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    When you sail inside the safezone for too long and the "home defense fleet" shows up
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