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    So it doesnt get lost in "spam". I think making safezones realy safe and providing a working, accessible pvp zone should be the way to go. Tl;dr version: Make safezone reqly safe. Game grows with pve players until pvp players have fun. pvp players then destroy pve player fun. game shrinks again with that. Close holes between safezones by making safezones double the size and reintroduce the bug again that safezones get cut from other port zones (example philippsburg) - Fix pvp event RoE with 1.5BR rule and decrease BR limits (for low pop) - Fix RvR (described suggestions in other post) Bonus would be default freeport outposts. Then the map realy shrinks Long post: that must come from someone who isnt going to pvp events. Because the RoE in these events is utter rubbish. Also tbey spawn all over the map so sometimes you dont have a outpost close. And then you lose a ship you towed and you dont have a ship anymore. What to do now? People wouldnt camp capitals anymore or less often withbmore fights elsewhere becquse at caps you just get ganked but getting ganked is often better than sailing around 4 hours without getting a fight. Last time I was online in NA we sailed to KPR because you cant expect anfight elsewhere. We sat at KPR for 2 hours while we played something else to fight 25 ppl and get killed. In my oppinion NA depends heavy on population. The bigger the pop the more the game is a pvp/rvr game. The smaller the pop the more it is a pve game. That is mostly because the map is so big. Right now NA is a pve game. When pop is bigger again it will be a pvp game. And that might be the problem of NA btw. The game grows with pve players to a certain point where pvp players are very attracted. Then pve players leave because they get "ganked" all the time. I think safezones should be realy safe. Make safezone AI hunt enemy players in that zone. All battles close instantly. When tagging a enemy player while you are in the safezone a message should appear "you are about to attack a enemy player. Are you sure?" to avoid mistakes by noobs thinking its AI. Make safezones pve only to avoid the playerleak with a certain population. Also the size of the safezones should be changed and the mechanic tweaked. Remember when safezones got cut away by other portzones? We need that back because right now philippsburg, Roseau and other towns are entirely reachable with the safezone. So in my oppinion: Make safezone 100% bigger to close gaps in between safe ports (double the size) AND introduce the bug again that safezones get cut by other portzones. Making the travel to philippsburg or other realy close capitalports/not safezone ports more dangerous. AND change pvp event RoE AND maybe even introduce default freeport outposts (you dont have to open outposts in freeports. Everyone suould have them as default) to avoid hours of basic cutter sailing)
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    Fix RvR Make safezones realy safe pve heaven and give a message leaving them. Close holes in between safeports fix pvp zone roe Thats the biggest issues with existing mechanics atm. Safezone hybrid is not working. RvR and pvp zone issues are known already
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    As Rax was sitting in our TS he was sinking US players on our coast. Do you not see a problem with this? Alls good though, you guys are gone and the US just got a nice influx of PVP marks. Enjoy life in france.
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    Cool videos! ...not sure how the CGI of million dollar TV- and movie-productions should work as a "guide" to those hobbyists and amateurs making Naval Action videos though. Or how these details should be copied into NA unless all the players were to get free supercomputers to run them.
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    We need more tools for navigation to make both camps happy, @Vernon Merrill. There is a bunch of tools used in Age of Sail that are not present in the game.
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    Short answer: 1/2 the people will complain and 1/2 the people will cheer. Like EVERYTHING else in this game. There are basically 2 very distinct camps after 3+ years of development.
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    Not that I'm complaining mind you. It's one of the things that drew me to the game. From the Steam Store: I thought this was great, and imagined that it would be representative of the philosophy of the game. So you can imagine my surprise to discover that it was literally the only concession made to the situational awareness limitations of the 18th century, in an otherwise entirely 21st century information-age arcade. Where am I going?: It is called a compass in the game, but that is actually a misnomer. It is actually a heading indicator. Not even one of the gyros of the 20th century that you had to reset periodically due to precession, but a full on 21st century digital heading indicator that would look right at home on a G-1000. It comes complete with a wind indicator built into the heading indicator and a digital readout of your speed below. Part of the fun and challenge of 18th century seamanship is using an old fashioned compass set in a binnacle. The fickle thing with magnetic variation, deviation, and magnetic dip. The kind that you have to undershoot when turning from the north and overshoot when turning from the south. The kind that bounces around like the dickens, making it almost unreadable when the seas get rough. Which way does the wind blow?: If the spirit of the game is to reproduce the charms and challenges of the Age of Sail, it seems like reading the masthead fly, looking for how the other boats heel, searching the coast for signs of smoke or fluttering banners, would be a perfect challenge to bring in some of the flavor of the days before electronic wind meters. How fast am I going?: If the external visual indications of speeding up and slowing down are not enough, why not have the quartermaster yell the results from the chip log over the din of battle periodically? What is the exact percentage of enemy sails remaining?: This feature seems like it would be great in a futuristic space opera game. As far as I know, precise readouts of percentages of enemy vessels hull integrity, resources, and systems is a technology not even available yet today. I can see the holes I create in the enemy sail very well. Why isn't that gauge enough? Conclusion: I can understand the desire to cater to folks who want fast-paced, seat-of-the-pants, instant gratification, point-and-shoot gameplay. I imagine that a dynamic minimap that shows your position and the position of your enemies would greatly enhance the gaming experience for such people. If, on the other hand, your target audience is folks like myself who are looking for a sense of authenticity, away from the aforementioned handholding, and to get a glimpse at what the challenges of 18th century life at sea were like outside of our Patrick O'Brian and C.S. Forester books, I think the sleek 21st century glass-cockpit style HUD detracts from the experience, and removes much of the gameplay challenge that we were hoping to find.
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    How hard can it be to enter new combatants a reasonable distance from play long after a battle has been going on?? I was trapped by a ship landing within cannon shot directly in my path of escape. It really takes the fun out of combat if one has to be worried about ships falling from the sky!
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    Ко мне многие подходят и спрашивают: "Мамба, я хочу сидеть дома на диване, а дублоны чтобы сами валились с потолка. Как мне быть?". Некоторые легендарные сообщества крабят ботов днями напролет, другие торгуют, третьи крафтят... но вот что делаю я: Я думаю, что после просмотра, уже все поняли о чем это видео и все плюсы такого фарма. Минус, наверное, только один - вы не получаете опыта. Еще тут важно понимать, что на видео не тупая инструкция к действию, а простой наглядный пример. Если вы правильно разовьете мысль, ответите на вопросы: где? как тагать? кого тагать? сколько человек взять? какие корабли выбрать? и вообще зачем я потратил свое бесценное время на чтение и просмотр всего этого? То у вас все обязательно получится. По результативности 2 часа такого фарма сопоставимо с 3 вечерами потного крабства флотов в правом верхнем углу карты с клешнями, заточенным на +15, в памперсах и с матюками. Скоро ждите еще больше интересных идей о том, как стать успешным в этой игре, если меня не забанят. PS: Лайкосы можете не ставить, я итак знаю, что вы все меня любите. 😃
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    They need to buff the reinforcements (put it back to what is used to be) not make the zones bigger.
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    u asked us to defend carteghena, we did u asked for support in the council as they were stroppy on taxes. you asked for support in the gulf at apalachicola and so on. am i missing something? did i ask for support at bluefields, did i ask ahoy to help with anything? no. cabal was doing pvp in bluefields and canalete against BIG yes. they lost as much as we did and both clans learned in pvp as result. i wouldnt say we did more damage to them nor would i say they did more to us it was a good experience regardless. you dont learn by fighting newbies so cabal was a good opportunity for us. yes i hunt US players now who some would deem newbs if rear admiral is newb then yes im guilty of that but when a nation does not want to learn they are not newbs they are noobs and yes i enjoy hunting those till the sun goes down because its interesting to watch how many times they make the same mistakes. it is also good to farm them in order for the less experienced players in my clan to learn. i am blamed and laid to global trolls daily for doing the same stuff you yourself do banished as do so many others. i think the difference between us is i am honest and i am willing to turn a newb into a pro something many people have serious issues with understanding. i succeed i fail regardless i try which is more than i can say for the US nation. secondly banished do not point at me for making remarks at AHOY wasnt i defending AHOY when we were in GB? something changed in you when you went pirate and magically forgot who helped you along the way. the difference between us is i have a larger memory nothing else.
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    I like the changes to chain tbh. Also, the speed meta is nothing like it used to be. I never build fast ships (except for my LGVR) and have no troubles. Keep sending fir ships with elite spanish my way 😎 Otherwise, I can agree with the rest. Admin did say it best:
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    Determined defender, endy sail profile and speed meta has made the game boring as hell. Can't even slow down ships at distance with chain changes. Changes to rienforcements in capital area's was a big mistake i think also. Seeing Big ships flying around at 15knts is also a joke, max speed should be linked to ship rating; higher ship rating lower max speed attainable. Shallow PB's are a joke with super herc fleets, which means we don't even flip ports now - is pointless. But as Admin has said a few times they know what they want from game, leave them to it.
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    Which makes you wonder what they were smoking to change reinforcements from first rates to one useless 5th rate that spends most of it's time stuck in irons or sailing away.
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    Its debatable whether it involves "skill" However, If the developers added romulan cloaking that might involve skill too, but it would still be ridiculous. Ships warping into position a few hundred meters from each other, cannons instantly blazing does not match the high standards of realism present in the rest of the game, even if it involves skill.
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    During patrol missions, ships spawn in shops. As soon as they are spawned, they are all bought by players, to immediatly sell again with huge profits. There is nothing to prevent this, but it hurts th patrol missions. Like I can buy Snows from shop during Nassau Patrol, immediatly sell them on contract giving me a good profit. Bought for 53k, sold for 150k. For example below from the Tumbado Patrol Event. As you can see Renomees, Frigates and also Cerberus all bought from shop and currently being sold by the same players. I never blame the players, they can do this. But game should prevent you from doing this. My Suggestion 1: When ever there is patrol event, the shops around the patrol events sell the ships with same price but as shop stock is depleted it will be resupplied in a short amount of time to number of 3. So every 3-5 minutes there always be 3 ships of Frig, Cerberus, Reno at the ship shop, for Nassau 3 Snows, 3 Navy B, 3 Mercury etc. So it will be meaningless to buy them all and sell for profit, if npc stock is zero, it will be supplied in a very short time. This way people will be more willing to participate in event, as they can buy a mediorce ship with the normal price. My suggestion 2: When it is patrol event, supply shops with heavy wood ships like from oak, wo, lo instead of bermuda, fir etc. For example you can not compete with rich enemy players who can fight in heavy expensive ships like Heavy Rattlesnake. None of the ships in shop are a match for Rattle, but at least they will be stronger. Same goes with frigate class, as light wood frigs are useless in patrol events. My Suggestion 3: When ever repairs and rum supplied by npc in certain ports, it is immediatly bought and like above sold with profit. Let the shop supply small but continous amounts of repairs at a higher price, example: 500 hull for 1500 gold / 500 rig for 1300 gold / 1000 rum for 250 gold. So that nobody can manipulate the market like buying all repairs and selling them for 3000/3000/1000. But if this guy is producing he can sell 1499/1299/ 249 and still profit. So the NPC shops spawn prices and spawn rates can control the market manipulations. @admin please consider when you have time. Let's keep more players in the events.
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    Leave nation Leave TS I honestly don't understand why so many people get upset as though it's a personal slight.
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    Going to pre-order - What will come first NA patch with new UI or next opening of PS test server?
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    I'm not a fan of magical stuff like weather-changing ghost-ships or "the Kraken". The time of the extreme clipper was the 2nd half of the 19th century, so quite outside the timeframe. Although imagine being able to sail something like the "Great Republic", "Cutty Sark" or "Thermophylae"... I don't really get this calling for more content. Coming from flight-sims, main content there (for me) is to bring down the guys with the other country-code. Sure, there's stuff like escorting, patrolling, recon-flights, bombing-runs, but most of this is possible to do in NA too. Maybe for a beginning with the current player numbers some nations could think about not to make alliances with everyone and his parrot. Imagine the possible PvP you could have right on your doorstep instead of moaning about having to sail for an hour and a half only to find out, that the expected enemy won't come out to play? I love this game in spite of it's current flaws and I really hope, that the devs will find the right mix, tuning/changing this and that (like reason for pbs, harbour-costs, pirates, safe-zones, connie-love )
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    If the patch is not good and fix the big issues, I think all the server will go play the privateer life (in other games).
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    Should Drax do the same to VCO as u guys don't wish to be apart of the Senate, which is the only reason anyones allowd on the TS? while i agree rax and his new found frenchman shouldnt be on and applaud u with the tag removal pls give Drax a reason not to delete the VCO lobby
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    Nope Some explanation is needed We called it a partial wipe, because only intermediate materials will be affected. For example barrels or frame parts or rudder parts - those are just fake clicks. And we want to remove them by just using the raw materials in all blueprints. Because of significant reduction of prices and denomination rounding errors will give you more resources or less resources as a result. Thus we recommend to use all intermediate materials and make something of them. Example using lynx Lynx BP will have 1 load of oak logs 1 load of stone blocks 1 load of fir logs 1 load of hemp 1 load of lignum log 1 load of provisions 1 load of compass wood 1 load of iron ore 1 load of coal + planking and frame specific logs of 1 each In the similar way, Santisima BP will need from 20 to 30 loads of individual resources. Its cost (at base prices) after denomination will be somewhere around 35,000 or 65000 pieces of eight (8 real coins) . Now more details on resources and materials conversions. No action needed. Raw materials will be converted as is with no loss or gain (for example Oak logs). If you have 1000 oak logs in the warehouse and the conversion rate is 100 to 1 - you will get 1 oak log (load) (number used is for information purposes only) Money will be converted as is with no loss or gain. For example 1,000,000 gold will convert to 1000 Pieces of Eight (number is for illustration purposes only). Building productions and costs will also reduce according to conversion rates. Repairs, upgrades, ships are not going to be affected. Action recommended but not really required (the effects of loss or gain will be minor) Intermediate materials will be converted into raw materials. For example frame parts will convert into logs. Barrels might convert to logs or logs and ore. Carriages will convert to logs or logs and hemp. Et cetera. As a result Crafting BPs will be cleaner and more easy to understand. There will be less unnecessary clicks there will be less unnecessary materials to craft and hold There will be less zeroes.
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    Поддерживаю. Начиная с 600-700м стрелять (и попадать!) книпелями стало бесполезно.