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    Hi everybody, I've noticed, that people on the help chat almost ask the same questions like "How do i put cannons on my ship" "What is double shot and double charge" "What are combat marks for" "How do i capture ports" etc. In the tutorial the game teaches you the basic gameplay, but imo there should be something, which teaches you the other basics like putting cannons on your ship. My suggestion now is to add a "Help" or "Guide" button to the ESC menu. In this menu the player should be able to read about basic stuff of the game and maybe show it, when the player is playing for the very first time. In the help section the player should see pictures which explains them the basics (epic photoshop i know ) Or explain what you can to on all the single tabs. Not only this, there could also be some tips for combat ( @rediii has a nice sheet for that) The purpose of this is to make it easier for new players to get into this game, without asking every single detail on help chat. And make it also available in open world, so you can read through it while you're on a long sail. I know devs are busy with something else atm and i know a few things will change with the new UI, but i think new player experience should be something to consider. o7
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    I think they should do away with the Cannon Class and just go by pd. So same format left is cannons right is carros but it reads like [6pd-18pd] [12pd-42pd]. Just to remove another useless layer of confusion away from the game.
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    We have gone round and round this topic a 100 times. If you want to keep noobs in the game give them a safe place to run missions and hit ai fleets. If you want to keep old guys around that just love wooden ships give them the same safe space. Do not make them join a clan- do not make them pass a mandatory test. They will want to leave the safe zone eventually because they will want the challenge of fighting a human instead of AI. They will leave the safe zone when it's the only way to unlock the last slot or get an upgrade they want. They will leave th safe zone if there is an opportunity to trade and make lots of cash. If they only want to play one hour a week in the safe zone- Let Them! We don't need to feed the Vets- they can fight each other. Players will leave a safe zone when they are ready- let them play the way they want and more players will stay for longer. Please don't kill my game.
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    Short Version go straight to the bottom of the post... Problem: How do we turn the new player into a Junkie? What we don’t do is overload him with a massive shot straight in the arm forcing an immediate negative reaction. Whether he thinks he wants a large hit is immaterial but giving small doses at first allows for easy adoption. Just ask your Dealer. The ONE major complaint from BAD reviews on STEAM with the player having less than 250 hours Game Play is what he calls “Ganking”. In fact, what he actually is complaining about is “Seal Clubbing” which is different. Senior Players, in a group specifically go out to hunt down new players to get better kill numbers... You might want to grab a beer for this... The Learning Curve & the Naval Action-Ego... You’ve all got ego’s that are proud of this steep curve which we climb, me included. I remember @admin on the testbed setting up the basic mission cutter against Rattlesnakes Snows and Navy Brigs LMAO yeah, he has that same ego as well. How many Game Play Hours in NA-OW does a Newbie become a normal player? 50 hours maybe, to become competent 250 hours probably. That in its self is more input than most Games ever expect to deliver in content. If you take EvE Online [EvE] with a much steeper curve and World of Warships [WoWs] with much less of curve than NA-OW how do they turn Noobs into Junkies? Funny enough slowly. Let’s have a quick look at both, then what we in NA-OW do... [WoWs] takes the new player through a 15-level system, at each level it opens up another part of the game that was previously locked. You are not allowed to fight other players from the start, Co-Op at BEST. The 10 Ship Tier match making system breaks at Tier 5. So below T5 you’ll only encounter supposedly newer players in the smaller ships. This where Seal Clubbing starts for these guys. Even so to even start to fight ranked battles you need to have invested a few good months if you want to remain in them. The level system works because it stops overloading the new player with information. You get used to one part that then builds onto the next stage. Rather than getting it all in one hit. [EvE] sets you up in a PvE environment (High-Sec) with a story line to follow. By the end of the story you’ve a couple of small ships cash and a BASE knowledge of all the different concepts of the game. You’ll then spend time in High-Sec developing your Player Character (PC) on your own in PvE with Co-Op mission content as well. Going straight into PvP (Null-Sec) is very rare indeed. You wouldn’t survive... NA-OW the New Player Tutorial... You have a choice of two servers PvE or PvP. Then a tutorial to work through. Now giving @admin and the Dev’s some rope here its quite good. Gives the general Basic’s, but very quickly falls into the Naval Action-Ego Problem. It turns from an instructional tutorial to an exam system with a hard finish within four missions, just four missions. The Tutorial is not all encompassing either which is why it needs breaking up into different parts. I agree with the exam concept and the hard finish, but not as an introduction to NA-OW. This should be after the new PC as a grasp of the game first. The New Player needs to understand the Map, PORTs, Trading, Crafting, drone view and communicating with other Nation players and the rest of the Community. Co-Op and Nation Chat need to be part of the tutorial. The New PC must feel confident enough to ask for help of the Nation and learning to work with others to gain more from the universe (it’s an MMO remember). Currently they do feel alone, read the reviews... Just doing the tutorial then dropped into K/PR on [PvP Caribbean] is asking for trouble. Yes, you can do the tutorial multiple times but that’s not instinctive. A new player with no practice of handling a ship and daunted at the prospect of asking for HELP feeling like an idiot is a very real feeling they have. Safe Zones the answer... So, lets put up SAFE Zones or a Large Rookie area. On its own it seems like the perfect solution giving that ideal starter protection. Unfortunately, by itself its flawed. The New PC will not learn PvP and will still be Clubbed when he ventures outside. To learn how to fight you actually need to fight and get sunk... This is the state we are in NOW. The Rookie has no training or grasped of the Game essential before he is sunk learning nothing from the experience leaving a bad taste in his mouth leading to his STEAM review... Get another drink in, am sure you’ll need it... The Idea: Level Staging Every new player will go through this same process (including ALTS lmao). Norfolk nNoob is a brand-new player, after loading the game he can only enter the [PvE Caribbean Environment]. Here he will work through the game tutorial. He’ll be asked to complete a series of missions that come with rewards opening up all aspects of the game. This will be in Open World and not a locked environment. Trading, Crafting, Missions etc. Working up the Player Ranks and Craft ranks. At the later stages he’ll be asked to complete several Co-Op Missions with other players. Setting up PvE Chat, the how to group up as a team. In Team chat as well. The different missions will offer some form of strategy to use against the AI. Building team work with fellow players. The Last Co-Op Mission will be something along the lines of “Breaking the Seige...” in which Norfolk nNoob plus other players have to break out of the PORT Seige held in place by AI Pirates. Level Stage Break... At a certain Rank and Craft level plus Mission Success Medals, the level staging breaks. The Game will allow all players completing the tasks access to [PvP Carribbean]. The PC you currently have remains on PvE. PvE players just then continue on as before. The PvE PC can now take the exams and the final exam with bonuses if successful. Logging into [PvP Carribbean] offers the normal PC nation creation and spawn Capitals. When Norfolk nNoob now spawns in PvP he’ll be at a Fixed Rank and Craft Level with two basic ships a fighter and trader plus 10,000 currency. He doesn’t start from scratch... Also, the PvP PC can also take the exams and the bonuses on the PvP server now. The Final Stage... Hunting This idea is how I started to learn PvP in EvE. On a weekend these guys (link below) would take a group of noobs in BASIC ships in a fleet out into Null-Sec (PvP) and gank groups or a very big battleship. It seriously works, getting the Beginner into the fight as a large group with the smallest ships in the game sometimes sinking massive ships. (You don’t need the biggest guns to win) https://agony-unleashed.com/ https://forums.agony-unleashed.com/index.php?/forum/2-enrollment/ https://www.youtube.com/c/AgonyUnleashedPVP Agony is no longer going, but win lose or draw they gave Norfolk nNoob confidence. If time seriously look through the forum especially PvP BASICs and Class Preparations. Bringing Agony into NA-OW... Every Saturday NA Moderators would run a BASIC gank squad made up of brand new players or players wanting to learn and try PvP. Different Capital each week or neutral ports as well to create a mix nations group. BASIC small ship entry no frills. They then purposefully go out to roam and find a fight. Use TS3 Discord or better still in game group chat. The idea is to get them fighting, sinking and having a laugh within a group. It would be an event that would draw in players both new and old. The Dev’s running the thing would build player moral and the sense of community. The Problem of Seal Clubbing from this view now looks like a positive... @Hethwill or @Iroquois Confederacy and @Ink or even @admin himself running the squad for a couple of hours on a Saturday night would be a fantastic draw... This is important as it gives the Players a chance to see and play with the GamesLabs team that’s outside the usual restrictive FORUM format... In Closing... Its very easy for me to say how to do it from my point of view, I’m no genius. In my defense I took a small PvE Clan across to PvP Global. We got ganked we got sunk but we turned the tables and made it work very quickly. I know how the new players feel and where they are coming from... Try asking a new player who’s just got clubbed what he learned? Probably nothing at all but blaming the game the gank squad and feeling fcuked off... Him and his five mates all in Pickles go out and actively find and engage the Gank Squad. They still got sunk and swam home. Ask him what did he learn...? He won’t stop talking for hours. You get the idea right... Naval Action is a wonderful game, made better by YOU its community playing it. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and please abuse it as much as wish below... Norfolk nChance [ELITE] The Short Version This is like watching Porn without the Storyline... Ron Jermey turning in his grave To keep the new player long term, he needs a better introduction system than we have at present. PvE ladder opens up [PvP Caribbean] access. Wider BASIC game knowledge in order to survive. Then GamesLabs running beginner fleet squads at regular intervals builds confidence in the player in both PvP-ing and the GamesLabs Dev Team... Now please go back and read the full post.
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    I think pretty much anyone will gladly cruise out looking for a battle if they actually have a posse to roll with, and a vibrant battle to look forward to.
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    Almost every MMO I've played has zones where players progress through until they get to the show or the sandbox. Albion has blue zones (NO PVP), Yellow (Flagged PVP no loot) and Red (Full PVP full loot). Technically there is a black zone too, but it's like Red+++. WoW has contested zones and uncontested. Eve has different sectors. High to Null. Even in Star Wars Galaxies you had to flag yourself for PVP in the major cities. Naval Action has nothing. ---- There needs to be an area for the carebears to do their thing without worrying about getting bullied out of the game. Most games limit what these players can craft or obtain in the newbie zones and the player hits sort of a wall if he wants to progress. If they want higher level mobs to kill, higher level crafting mats or dungeons...they have to progress to the next area. Eventually they get to the point where they venture out into the real part of the game, the sandbox. I see no reason why NA has to be any different. To do so they would need to streamline the game a bit more, cut back on nations and consolidate starting areas and unfortunately bend realism a bit to create solid game play. This game to needs create areas where each nation has a capital, couple crafting ports and limit what you can make. As the characters progress they go to a different zone on the map where only certain types of missions spawn and rank appropriate NPCs roam. For Example. Bahamas - Rookie Zone. Each nation has a capital and a port or 2. No PVP in the rookie zone. can only craft up 5th rates or lower. Resources here can't be used in higher level areas. Gulf - Mid Level Zone. Each Nation has a capital and a port or 2. Light PVP outside of protected waters. Rank appropriate NPCs and Missions. Current Regional Capitals - High Level Zone. Each nation has a capital and appropriate ports to craft basic ships. 3/5 standard green or blue ships. No special woods spawn inside capital area ports. Moderately sized safe zone. Player owned ports - Anything goes. Spawn valuable woods based on location. Crafting ships will give a random guaranteed trim and a change to get a purp or gold ship. NPCs and Missions killed or spawned outside of the zones grant higher XP, More money & better loot, Missions stay open longer. Risk vs Reward. ------ Naval Action solved.
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    Suggestion: Radial chat menu with pre-set phrases during the battle instance. Details: It could look like or this But ofc more nautical like ... Would be used for teamchat only. Commands I could imagine: engage more closely reduce sails hoist more sails prepare tack retreat concentrate fire get into formation break formation everyone for himself Need assistance Attack A,B,C Defend A,B,C Pros: less typing in battle clear and easy to understand (especially with localization in mind - english speaking player uses "engage more closely" and the german player will read "näher ran an den Feind") reduces impact of voice chat helps deaf people Cons: Battle chat spam
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    It is already common for anyone who has encountered a battle against AI near the coast that most or if not all are stuck in the sand because they will shoot at any fort within a 2km radius, they simply forget the player and go straight to the forts, there are anyone who takes advantage of that and kills an entire fleet without major problems, I think there is no use for AI to shoot at strong since the strong ones also do not fire at them. What's so good about killing stranded boats? Hopefully they have this opinion as a better operation of the game. Picture a player attacking a fleet of 25 large ships next to one or more forts and kills one by one because everything was stranded in the sand. Thank you
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    That confused the hell out of me when I started
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    Make the safe zones safe, so the new people can learn and establish themselves with wealth and experience. Being attacked and losing all you have multiple times puts people off so they leave the game. Maybe if PvPerrs had a little bit of self-control, newbies wouldn't be attacked and safe zones wouldn't be necessary And before it's flung at me, I am already playing on the PvE server.
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    It always cracks me up when folks say stuff like that. Uh where you think the Inca's, Maya's, Aztecs and other great nations got all there lands from in the first place? Every great culture that has been destroyed by another got there lands from some one else. It's part of the cycle of life. If your not the big dog you become it's scraps. This goes for all over the globe. Many of the Native American tribes in North America got to there height of power by wiping out other Native American tribes before white man ever showed up. So how exactly far back do we go? Who was the rightful owners of those lands in the first place? I don't think any one can actually track that far back lol 17 billion is a lot of money, would be nice if it was put back into a group that works for saving, preserving historical sites and items. Some group not tied to any nation, but we all know that some one will have to get there grubby little fingers into that wealth.
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    "The tactical result of an engagement forms the base for new strategic decisions because victory or defeat in a battle changes the situation to such a degree that no human acumen is able to see beyond the first battle. In this sense one should understand Napoleon's saying: "I have never had a plan of operations." Therefore no plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force." Helmuth von Moltke - Chief of Staff of Prussian General Staff He's pretty much the one that started the saying that many use where, "No battle plan last past the first shot fired." That is why I never make big battle plans just basic set up according to where the other team might enter. US Nation has a Deaf player in it and well there are just some players that refuse to use team speak. In those few cases we just type added orders into the game, other wise pretty much every one is in TS. We have a Coastal Gaurd area for a reason in our TS. I"m sure it's like this with just about every nation, but a few simple commands in game would be nice. Nothing fancy just so folks can respond without filling up TS with voice commands. I'm low tone deaf in one ear and about 50% hear lost. I do battle coms at times (did take a big break mainly cause burned out) but if there is a lot of clutter in TS a I can't hear what folks might say. It would be nice if some one just has to say, "Affirmative" in game and I can see that isntead of having half a dozen folks say it in TS. Are if folks see "Target z4ys" instead of me saying it or a battle group leader saying it. Though even than most folks newish to big battles are so lost and don't use the mini map. There been times I asked some one, "Hay can you focus on that guy to your right he's almost dead and alone." They will be, "WHAT GUY?" When it's the only red dot (or blue for color blind mode) on the Mini map right next to them. Plan as day it's an enemy ship on the mini map they are coming up to. Most us experience players use the M map a lot in battle to see how things go, but a lot of players can't even use the mini map cause they get so tunnel vision in fights.
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    v5 2018-05-23 new colour scheme, layout improved simple wood comparison tool added game server is chosen by a setting (cookie), not in a modal any more, new "about" modal after a good is selected, "show per port" is set to "off" automatically showing dropping/producing and consuming ports in different colours cache management improved (new data should be always used after maintenance)
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    Thanks for advices but i finished it with rage boarding first one then i loot it.I had brief broadside firefight with second one then i ran and repaired and returned and rage board it as well. Final exam was alot easier i completed it in 4th try.
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    I think this is a great idea. Well thought out and well explained.
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    The defense of little harbour was full herc fleet. Unless you match that it's a lost battle. Before herc shallows were great variety of mercs hrats niagars and princes
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    I look at this issue from another point of view : If it cost money to own something you don't use or need, why would you keep it? In my mind the solution is to make all ports profitable to own. Only when you chose to use defence timer or/and open for all nations, should it become costly to own a port.
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    So, do you deny that Spain exploited and enslaved the indigenous peoples of the Americas? Or does it not count if it's part of "encomienda"? I'm an American and make no mistake we have a blood stained history too, my comments are not meant to demean Spain. But to outright deny any wrongdoing by Spain is revisionism.
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    Just imagine 15 randoms playing with this commands.
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    I believe the radial chat has to be simple (not a hole summery of all english words), easy to understand (so no numbers) and only grp orders (no personal orders)
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    Finally got the time to try the tutorial, haven't done the exams yet, it was a hoot. Learning to use manual sails was great, never did that before, I've been wanting to practice it on the PVE server but never got around to it. VERY important skill for everyone. on the Pursuit and Capture, I've always been the prey not the attacker. I've always been fleeing not chasing. What an absolute bit of fun. Put the dog out of your room, they can smell and sense the excitement and won't leave you alone. He's about 36 kilos stands 3/4th of a meter tall and when excited won't leave you alone. Gotten me sunk more than once. I hope it will let me pick up where I left off because I have to take a break. I've a couple of ideas for improvement but need to hash it around in my mind first. Fair winds and off to the real world
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    Except Prussia doesn’t get new players or at the very least it doesn’t get new players on the scale most nations do, in particular the US and GB. You also don’t get players who are strictly PVE minded at proportionate amounts the other nations do. Your simple comparison to Prussia does not apply here, it’s not apples to apples. Admin even said it himself at some point. When you get rid of the safe zones and creature comforts people leave. It’s common sense. I don’t want safe zones. I don’t need them. I don’t mission or craft or farm books. I want to roll out everyday and sink brits until I find the ever elusive Capt Hardy alone on the water. One day maybe....But that’s my style of play and forcing others how I want to play is not good business. I’m also intelligent enough to realize that if I had it my way and myself and others could club seals to our hearts delight we would eventually run out of seals. I just wish others were smart enough to realize that too. The focus of future development should be figuring out how to get folks out of the safe zones and into those nice juicy unrestricted waters. Not trying to put more players, enemy or friendly, back into the zones.
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    The best way to retain new players is to ensure they turn into old members. Being ganked quite literally 20seconds outside KPR is not the way to do it. With the most recent change to safe zones the player population has been down significantly. I don't think this is a coincidence. Newer and the more casual type of PVE players need areas where they can do their thing or they just piss off to other games, which is pretty much what keeps happening with Naval Action. All these hardcore pvpers always come out of the woodwork to save their seal clubbing territory, but never do seem to find the time to fight each other. Odd that. This clan changes won't bring players back to the game or sell more copies. The changes they're talking back are pretty much basic quality of life stuff most MMOs already have. Unfortunately our near sighted players can't see the forest for the trees and only want to improve their style of playing rather than the overall game. Instead of working on ways to move players out of the safe zones and into the OW for PVP opportunities we just keep nerfing the safe zones for short term gratification.