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    guys I wanna thank you all for the love & support you all giving me on my channel it means the world to me. I hope some day that I can repay you back with some nice giveaways during one of my streams. wish you all the best:) www.twitch.tv/mighty_mo Ps: I'll be reading comments when ever I can^^
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    Thanks for calling @HachiRoku little bitch on stream for 5 mil gold, it was worth it !
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    Dear @admin, in the current state of the game it's slowly becoming impossible to find a somewhat fair fight when sailing alone or in a small group (eg. up to 4 players). By somehow fair I mean a battle of up to 1 vs 4, where there's at least some chance of sinking one of the enemies. Battles in reinforcement zones most often are eg. 6-8 vs 1. During patrols small group is usually obliterated by a larger group warping in on 1st rates. There's no chance to find an even fight outside of the zone and patrol events, and RvR is too time consuming (boring AI fights) to get a fight, which is not certain you'll get. You also need a group of 7-10 players to efficeintly grind hostility. I think it's critical now to fix a patrol zone for it to be what it ment to be - a chance to fight, where both sides agree they want to fight. Without fixing ganks, this goal is not met. The best and most comprehensive fix would be a BR limit, so that everyone can be reinforced up to 1.5 BR of an enemy (this parameter can be also tuned with time). It means that reinforcements still matter and put you in a disadvantage, but we would avoid a situation where you don't have a chance to sink any of the enemies due to his reinforcements.
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    To mimic catastrophic change of authority upon a colony, I suggest that a Port goes under the following when it is conquered. 1. all ships being sold in the port are removed from the lists. They are not "stolen", they simply removed. Original owner can retrieve them. Kind of a "ship impounded" situation. 2. all Contracts are automatically removed from the lists with correspondent partial item quantities being "fulfilled". Example, a contract for 1000 Bananas that is yet at 300 out of 1000 will be removed from the lists and the contractor will be informed his contract has been partially fulfilled with the 300 units. These must be claimed, same as a fulfilled contract. Pros - new owners of the port hostile trade "take over" - more fierce defence of clan holdings Cons - ship business away from Safe Zones and Free Ports
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    What I like from mo is that he is more like the average playerbase, a guy that plays also other games and he is slowly learning to play the game. I hope @admin see also some of his streams instead of our gods of pvp like reverse and moscalb to make the game fun for everyone, and not for a small crowd that will leave the game as soon as they realize they are bored of always winning.
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    Good luck fellows. Knowing some of you from other instances I must say all the requisites put up make 100% sense. Best of luck and see you out there. No mercy given, none asked as always.
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    The day they put the ability to cover a ship and sails with skulls will be my last day in the game.... Warcraft with ships. Ugh.
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    Oh... I can't join 🙁
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    In principle I would agree with this. The nationality of contract and ship sales should be restricted unless a clan chooses to open a port. Seems consistent with the mercantilism of the period. But it might put a ship seller in a bit of a fix. Would the impounded ships count against dock slots? If it did you might find your self on the other side of the map with highly restricted movement. It appears to be possible to craft one more ship than I have dock space for which seems to turn off the teleport. Only happened once and I haven't tried replicating that. Incidentally I would also support outright seizure. Provided it were accompanied by some sort of national alliance / peace / state of war mechanic. Otherwise the risk for a merchant skyrockets. You might find your stuff gone courtesy of an incompetent clan.
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    Maybe you should add "meaningful" to sell it
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    Sure. We've seen it. And raiding was good that day ! And it is not about making the port more valuable. It is about making the port important and not simply a depot for contracts and tax inflation, as one of the subsidiary factors of the mechanic.
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    Yes, pennants at mast-heads. No to designs on sails. IMHO.
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    There is a portion of the players who would have the ships looking like "Von Richtofen's Flying Circus" if allowed. Have to be careful here.
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    Yes but please lets keep it realistic and not all kinds of fantasy stuff like is being suggested
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    [CABAL] is a clan which focuses on PvP and RvR in the Swedish nation. We are looking for experienced and inexperienced players, age 30+ (Exceptions possible) CABAL is an international guild communicating in English. It is a well-established guild in which many of us sail together for a long time. We sail to battle during weekdays in the afternoons (CET) and on the weekends. If you want to rise up the challenge and want more in a relaxing and mature environment CABAL is the right place for you. Pm Tac in game and join [CABAL] now! You can check some of the battles in Tac's YouTube channel. Guild Target: To create a working structured fleet, capable of dealing with any challenge. To have a relaxed environment, based on maturity and professionalism paid with fun and victory. To create a fleet where you belong, not to feed or entertain some... Language = English Nation = Sverige Requirements: Maturity Patience Desire to learn Teamspeak (able to listen) An ability to hold your rum and laugh at your own miserable failures is essential.
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    @admin Fleet ships should not get away with free teleports after escaping from battle..... @Otto Kohl and myself "exploited" the game to get ottos endy and my victory back to port without facing the consequences for our actions... We knew the pirates had a 2nd revenge fleet outside after killing the 1st one and we managed to get our 2 ships safely back to port for 30 pvp marks in total we gained. As you can see we captured a santi in battle 1. In battle 2 we captured a victory. I swapped ships and Otto kohl and myself sank each others ships in battle over and basically denied the pirates any chance to take their ships back. THIS IS EXPLOITING at its finest in my oppinion. We did it because we could and IT NEEDS TO be FIXED!!!! As you can see my vic is safe and sound back in great corn after teleport
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    sadly most ppl here do not know this film or the message behind....
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    A beats B, B beats C, C beats A. I'd rather have that then "B wins, don't use A or C." Balance can get repetative and sometimes very boring, but when you don't have balance, there is no diversity. The best balance I have seen to date in the game is the shallow water ships BEFORE the hercules. Niagara, prince, and heavy rattlesnake all are fairly equal and each port battle has a high diversity of them. The rattlesnake is light but also seen....heck the snow is a favorite for some too. I think the 4th rate ship class is also balanced well when you only factor other 4ths...
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    Seeing as the HMS Victory is the only surviving ship and the others were defeated and/or captured, the HMS Victory should be treated as the superior ship of the three.
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    I think Victory in general should be looked at. She neither has the firepower of the Santi or the tankyness of the L'Ocean. She sails and turns somewhat better, but it hardly makes up for it.
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