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    guys I wanna thank you all for the love & support you all giving me on my channel it means the world to me. I hope some day that I can repay you back with some nice giveaways during one of my streams. wish you all the best:) www.twitch.tv/mighty_mo Ps: I'll be reading comments when ever I can^^
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    10 PvP marks and 1 victory mark on Wariorz [ALOHA] for sinking mighty mo during friendly no sink duel.
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    The Truman Show in Naval Action Christendon and 'Truman' ( poor fucking Lucky L) .... Location : Bahamas Actors [VCO] Christendon [SNOW] Lucky L / LZT1209 [US] Raxius and all lovely US in game mates, ... XDDDDDDDDDD Just for funny and please no salty at here, thx all ,
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    Well if we did cause it, it was the brits leaving, and if it was the brits then no one has any right to bitch because they never bothered to defend anything after georgetown and turneffe were taken. Not our fault if people dont wanna lose ports and quit when they do but at the same time make no effort whatsoever to play the game and defend them. I get that they weren't the best but thats no excuse to not even try. You guys ended up taking most of those ports back towards the end and with the exception of one or two it was done by guys that were trying to learn seemingly without any help from vet players.
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    I will add one million gold for that.
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    Dude, EVERY nation in this game has done some shitty things since the OW was launched. Stop being a turd. Its one thing to role-play and play the loveable foil. It’s another thing to just be an ass. Be one. Not the other.
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    The suggestion: Admiralty offers every player for the duration of a week 3 event vessels of 2 different rates ( rates and vessels are RNG but for all players the same) for free To Devs: Some time ago a rework of the Redeem function was announced, implementation could be achieved through a new tab like "Weekly Event redeem" Details: Every player receives 3 ships out of 2 different rates. The ships are equal for all players Wood,build-ins are determined by admiralty perma mods cant be equiped only certain books are allowed claimed or unclaimed ships get deleted after their event week to make room for the next 3 ships Those ships are called for example "Event Cerberus" (they cannot enter pbs, but have normal RoE and can be used in OW) They cannot be captured or used as fleet can not be traded Event ships have reduced pve reward in order to guide players towards pvp *edit* How outfitting with determined books could work: Pros: reducing fear of loss guide players to all kind of different ships they normally wouldnt use reducing fear of loss give access to ships even for casuals all players become competitive by giving them "equal equipment" skill matters Cons: Could be used to troll people because free ship - but kind of same like ow captured AI ships and quantity is limited to 3 each week for every account. /discuss
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    Los Corsarios del Rey (LOCO) is looking for PCT players to join the Spanish Armada. Why Espana? It has probably the best sarting set up for new players that have not yet mastered naval action. LOCOs is just that. A clan for new beginning players looking to learn to play the PvP world in a more casual setting. Primarily English speaking but being able to speak Spanish is always a plus. What to expect: A patient and casual atmosphere to learn the different aspects of the game not covered in a simple tutorial on how to move your ship. We will work together making gold, collecting up skill books, constructing and configuring ships for various purposes. We will do missions, open world NPC fleets, light patrol PvP and RvR. The goal is to help players get into the game easier and hopefully spring board out into whatever aspect if the game they enjoy most when they feel like it. What LOCOs expects from you: Support to the other clans of Espana in nationwide endeavors. This is not flexible. You need to be 100% loyal to Espania and its clans. Participation in clan and nation events with in reason. Help others whenever you can. Remember it's just a game with pixels. Have fun even if you lose a ship or two along the way. Occassional suicide missions. It's not named LOCOs for nothing. Part of learning to play the game well is experiencing loss and recovery from it. Don't be suprised when LOCOs go on a suicide mission for fun and we lose whatever we bring. We'll rebuild and do it again another day. When you can do this without shedding a salty tear you will be ready for anything NA has to offer. If interested contact Estaban De le Vega either here or in game.
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    Frankly it seems like the server activity dropped without the continued content creation that was the Russian empire. We generated a metric tonne of battles in multiple regions of the map, in particular the carta area which has since been dead. Just like it was dead before we attacked down there. Like em or hate em, the largest spike of players since the early days of the EU/Global split and wipe was during the 100+ players involved in the actions in and around Carta and the 700+ player peaks we would see regularly in those days. This weekend I barely saw it crack 400+. This notion that we killed the belize population or any population of players is bullshit. Prior to our taking of carta we launched the Belize campaign and conquered most of it and yet we still had 700+ player pop spikes while fighting down at carta for a month or 2 later. This notion we killed off large populations of players is a lie. No other nation since has had the balls to take on the swedes since, unless you call what KoC is doing at night balls. It got so boring over there after Russia died that rediii (and multi other long time swedes) changed nations for more content. Meanwhile shirt birds like Banished on here who offer the population nothing but criticism like to pop bottles over the demise of Russia while they are too busy allying up with any nation that scares them and just club seals over and over while calling it content. Russia might be dead but he still lost to them a week or 2 ago. Laugh. The game overall has seemed to suffer from a lack of RVR content and the killing of a nation that was perhaps the largest content creator for a couple months definitely has stifled a large portion of the activity on the server and our population has seemed to suffer significantly from a lack of things to do (and other reasons). A large portion of players going dormant through whatever means will have a detrimental effect on a game that has so few players regardless whether or not you like them. So by all means applaud the demise of the Russian Empire while shooting yourselves in the foot. Russia took it's shot and it was fun as hell, but when you fly a little too close to the sun you come down crashing. It was a scenic ride. Personally I enjoyed my time there and probably would still be over there if we had more things to do. The flurry of activity from late Nov - mid Feb was perhaps one of the most enjoyable periods of time in the game for myself. I can't say we've seen very many full 25 on 25 1st rate battles anywhere on the map since, we used to have them multiple times a week down there by Carta. Maybe one day someone will grow a pair of cojones the size of Russia's and attack some real ports. Maybe.. until then we'll just enjoy the drama here. Not much else to do.
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    Just to add some new dimensions to port battles. Add a small circle or two along the beaches outside the gun range of the forts/towers. If a cargo class vessel carrying sufficient Warsupplies/troops makes it into this circle for a certain amount of time it is considered to have landed ground troops. This results in silencing the nearby fort(s). Could be interesting to see a use for Indiamen in port battles and a cooresponding use of 5th rate interceptor ships. Make it challenging by putting the landing zones far from the point circles where the main fleets are at. Might add some frigate actions skirmishes to port battles that are normally just all hvy weights.
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    instead of stream lining the crafting, why not have a crafting queue? The crafting queue can show how much of the crafting would take away from the crafting hours. once you confirm the queue, you can go off sailing. While sailing, your "employees" craft the items within the queue. After all, when you sail, your time is measured "days at sea".
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    sadly most ppl here do not know this film or the message behind....
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    Are they helping you against King of Crowns? Well, pretty useless they are if I look at the current map. And dude... Oceans wtf?... I sail the HMS Victory. The best ship of her time.
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    I love the idea of the hidden pirate island and would like to see more of it but in smaller size. Credit to @Banished Privateer and many others before him who suggested this and I would like to bring it to general attention again. These hidden mini treasure islands would be a great place to start raids from and should have limited dock aswell as warehouse space. Those hideouts could also be on islands and coasts already in game but hidden from sight in some bay, so only people who have been there or know about it can tell where it is... There could also be a black market for smugglers and more. Here are small islands that are already in game but there is nothing to be discovered and it would make ideal spots for those hidden mini ports. @admin This would give more content and life to the beautiful OW, driving more captains out to discover.
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    This certainly caters for the absolute casual that just wants to emulate a couple battles, Master and Commander cinematic style, with no interest whatsoever in the Caribbean open world life. Sounds reasonable.
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    to OP Yeah hidden islands, pirate dens, hideouts is what pirates need. One thing to note, on your example pics you are showing islands surrounded by shallow waters. The dens needs to be deep water if you hunt in deep water areas. Example. I'm a pirate and come to deep water area to hunt for some larger fish it will make no sense for me to bring shallow water ships. I would want to be in at least 5th rate to hunt an India right? So I would make my den somewhere where my 5th rate can have access to. So if devs will create those hideouts they needs to be relevant to the hunted territory. Otherwise kudos to you sir
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    How to obtain Rare Books and Upgrades / Attacking AI Fleets guide has been added. http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/thread/58/obtain-books-upgrades-attacking-fleets
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    What is a "Russian Nation"? I think I saw it in a movie once.
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    and here I was hoping for a little new breath of life :P
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    Me too. I just dont have enough evidence (anecdotal or video) that will prove that loot pick up is impossible. I personally do not have problems with loot pick up. I also dont see this as a problem on live streams. But if is a problem for a majority and the problem exists for everyone we can increase the time to sink for vessels. (which was increased twice over the last year) and can be increased again if necessary (range).
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    I would turn the name of Naval Action into a franchise. This way: Naval Action: Age of sail. Naval Action: Age of steel