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    1.Cant leave port with a warship in your fleet. 2.Can only use crew you leave port with (no magic teleporting in men)
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    @The Last Templar @Carlos_Condell @Gregory Rainsborough https://clips.twitch.tv/CautiousFamousDiamondCorgiDerp your response?
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    The initial numbers (for testing) to make a first rate were set as follows: 3 players should be able to build a 1st rate in 3 days (collecting resources from buildings and building a ship including all labor hours) This was enough for the testing to allow everyone experience all the content. Some time ago we also reduced the weight for resources to reduce number of trips for hauling. These numbers (3 players/3 days) indeed seem kinda low now, especially taking into account the lineships buffs in the final HP rebalance.
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    I remember in the old days fleet just wasn't used. Better times.
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    So Safe zones. We're in a bit of a pickle between the wolves of the game wanting the ability to hunt outside capitals and then on the flip side the game does need to offer some basic protections so newer players can start to turn into veteran players. Without safe zones, the population drops. In a perfect world this game would have 2000 players and capitals would be protected mainly by other captains of that nation. Also in that perfect world with 2000 players capitals would be far too busy to hunt and most ports on the map would be populated enough to be able to hunt them with frequency. But we're not in that 2000 player paradise and we're barely cracking 400-450 during a busy EU prime time and for some reason we still have 11 nations to dilute our base... anyway.. Introducing: The Pax Christendom Solution to all our Reinforcement Zone Issues Step 1 Introduce 2 zones around a nation's capital and it's protected ports. Note - obviously not to scale, just emphasized for this post. Rings would need to be smaller Red Zone - Capital Area. Zero PVP. Players cannot tag other players at all. Players can still tag AI and more importantly, lower level missions spawn in this zone. Let's say up until master & commander. Loot potential in this zone is greatly diminished. Similar to how crappy the loot is in hostility missions. Only the "basic" stuff drops for newer players. Blue Zone - Reinforcement Area. Players can tag and be tagged. Mid level missions spawn here. Something like Master & Commander - Captain. AI can also be tagged for a slightly higher increase in loot potential. Missions and AI battles close after a certain time period. Players that are tagged automatically call for PLAYER reinforcements. Player vs Player battles stay open for 30mins. If there is a way to increase the starting distance automatically I think that would also be a good idea. This way, despite a good tag there is still some hope for the player and give others an option to join. Another thought would be to immediately call for reinforcements, but delay the battle start 60 seconds. Step 2 Introduce a new feature called hot zones. When a player is tagged and hits the reinforcement button in the reinforcement zone (blue) a message from clerk goes out into nation chat "A Semaphore Tower has Signaled that a British Ship is in Distress and Needs Assistance". Then a red circle/zone/spot will appear on the map in the general location as to where it is. Something like this. Step 3 Protections against jumping missions. Let's be honest here, popping into missions and/or AI battles is highly weighted towards the attacker. It also ruins the gameplay for new players. While making battles inside the blue zone close after the standard amount of time will help, people will still get jumped. Any hostile players that join a mission or AI battle should automatically spawn AI reinforcements for the defender AND create a hot zone on the map. aka - preventing ganks and creating more "honest" pvp. People hate ganks, mission jumping is ganking. Most folks don't mind losing in honest fights. Step 4 Create 2 types of missions. Low risk - spawns in the blue zones. Decreased loot chances, mission XP and gold payout. Battles close after 3mins High Risk - spawns outside of any protection zones. Increased loot chances, mission XP and gold payout. Battles close after 30mins Players can pick their poison. Step 5 Getting players outside of the safe zones. - as above, increased payout and loot potential for missions and AI fleets - crafting inside player owned ports has an increased chance of creating gold/purple ships (safe zones/capitals should have a 0% chance) - increased PVP payout. Introduce a pvp mark "bonus" called "Open World PVP Bonus". Maybe an additional mark per person based on the ship class. ---- Thoughts and feedback would be appreciated. This actually took a little time to put together so @admin better read it or I'm gonna go weep in the shower and re-evaluate my life.
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    Like the old days where you could lay a blow to a nation by trapping there massed reserves in a port by capture.
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    "My weakness is fighting alone!"
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    Ah my post got deleted i expected it would've happened.🙈 I'll assume it's due to the photo, if not feel free to remove this one also.
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    Might be also a lot better if he listened to his peers who have tried to help him
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    While i agree, he has not been the kindest person to most people himself. What comes around, goes around.
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    I mean it's pretty sad this dude is streaming and helping to try and grow the community....and he just gets griefed for it. NA at it's finest.
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    Do we really need more afk sailing to replenish crew in port ?
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    well considering you quote me you care. You see I make 4 points on what I consider flaws in the combat system. I have pointed them out before this battle happend. You come spamming this topic with stuff that is irrelevant to battle results. This thread is about battles and how we won/lost them. @Hethwill can you please delete this trolls comments?
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    Example, - yesterday, sailing my pickle, come across a essex. Capture it. I had to use only the crew i left port with, in the pickle to crew both ships ? Meaning I had to return to port with the prize to fully furnish and crew it ? Hmmm I like it.
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    Jubsies opinions on Patrol zones are as such. They suck. Suggestion: Same ROE as OW fights. Same close timer as OW fights. No circle. Basically exactly the same thing as a OW fight which you can escape. The only difference being that damage done in the fights within the zone accumulate towards mission reward. Hell why isn't there more PVP missions that are global without zones? The incentive to fight should be the reward and the reward alone.
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    Using fleet escape command is not considered an exploit at this stage. But we aware of the feature consequences and are looking into it.
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    Simplest fix would be if you lose your main ship in a battle your spawned in your fleet ship as if it had escaped the battle. Same speed boost and invisibility. Its a start.
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    Since they brought back DD might as well bring back Press Gang. Though I always thought a better version of it that would be better for the game would be you get 20% of your crew back at the end of a battle. Not at the end of the board. Which made it kinda op in chain boarding fights. I actually like the concept of getting the marks when you return the ship back to friendly ports. Give Gold/XP for a battle, maybe keep CM's how they are since it's AI any way and you can get them for PvP too, but have actually PvP marks only rewarded when you return the ship to a friendly port (nation owned not freetown) and turn it into the admiralty.
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    I got list from API. But you must know that their API have outdated modules (for example Reinforced Masts). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vpKarDbZjkjvJm-LAlR-OwTwT1mbTLCehTNnT9j1hY8/edit?usp=sharing
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    "For everyone" Clearly not for solo players, be it master Doran himself in his trinc , or average joe player after work with an hour or two to play Battles being open for half an hour without any kind of balancer favor gank fleets massively. Dont even bother to go there solo in a frigate. Probability of your battles being seen in 30 min by a fleet of lineships is very high. So easily fixable, to make it enjoyable for everyone. Let big lineships fleets fight each other; BUT also let frigate captains fight each other in a smaller battle.
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    Sorry to burst it, but who piles into the zones with lineship dread fleets?
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    Not old day, more like previous tests And this is true, the way some campaigns were fought to defend such "naval bases" was really intense.
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    What I mean is if you leave port with 200 crew..you can only replenish 200 crew in OW. Not cap a Victory and teleport in an extra 800 men
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    How do you get ships out of captured ports then?
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    Truth. Whats the point of a "minimum crew" requirement if you can have sailors HALO jump in from a circling C-130?...
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    Great story! 😭😭😭😭 "i was better but still lose"
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    It's not like I can look at my masts and observe damage like I can the wings on a plane in a flight sim, the info needs to be there in some way, all your doing is blinding the player denying simple info like that, doesn't make for a great game! It'd be excusable if we have no spec'd info at all but we do for hull and structure which assumes your "crew" is taking note of this info to pass up to the player but apparently they weren't trained at looking for holes in the masts, what a blunder.
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    I love the word "meaningful". I bet meaningful for me can be the complete opposite for someone else.
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    I had a patrol zone fight today (Antilles) where I joined a frigate against an indy. A bit later an endy joined the indy. That happened just because us two late joiners decided to help the low BR side instead of piling on the winning side. This is rather exceptional as the gankbox coerces most people to seek safety in numbers at the complete disregard of fun, anyone's fun, really. It was a fairly fun fight. If BR limits somehow forced that almost every patrol mission fight would be fairly fun instead of the insano lineship gank groups stomping the patrols. Now, I don't think this would suit Hachi (?) But it could be good for most of us. The gank groups have the entire caribbean to stomp, why not enable fair'ish fights in the patrol zones? As far as fun fights is concerned; Having sailed this shameless gankbox since it opened, my expectations for fun (=equal sides) is set rather low.
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    При всем уважении, не все хотят играть в симулятор парусного спорта, иногда нужна игра а не реализм. Пишу уже который раз об этом, надеюсь еще не всем надоел
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    A simple fix - make player loose all fleet ships if he sank due to friendly fire. It will already greatly limit this issue. Another option which would solve all issues - if your fleet escapes but you're sunk, make player spawn in his next fleet ship on the OW after battle ends.
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    Can't tell if gay joke or just incomprehensible analogy.
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    Switching off friendly fire may solve that specific problem, but it would create too many follow up issues. Imagine if you could just shoot chain through your friendly's sails at an enemy. Correct positioning in battle would lose a lot of it's worth. The same would happen with using an enemies hull to block off at least half a broadside. Most people wouldn't shoot in such a situation. Take away friendly fire and it becomes a freebie. Really like the idea of a reputation system, though. (Edited for spelling)
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    We lived fine for 2 years without knowing if you penetrated masts or not. When penetration was shown enemy was knowing more about the masts than you. And once we started to think about showing the mast HP to the player we decided that some blackboxes are better kept closed for the player. And state of the rig is one of them.
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    This will be fixed next patch Reinforcement zones will only be open forever for the owner of the zone We will also allow attack of enemies by enemies in the capital waters (so enemy hunters cannot hide from other hunters behind the protection of capital)
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    Im against any change that requires more hauling. I think the main reason people disliked regional bonuses wasnt their balance, but the time investment to bring crafted ships to the front line (hell, we had to sail our 1st rates from Orinoco to Port-au-Prince ffs!). If tow stays, regional bonuses might actually be good for the RvR game. I liked this idea when i saw it the first time. Its basically the solution to alt accounts buying your critical ressources. The problem i see is that you cant attack your own nations ports, without the implementation of civil wars this might lead to awkward situations where an alt clan controls a port and his own nation is not able to take it back.
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    Ship that fought USS Constitution. Looking for plans of French origin. Guerrière was a 38-gun frigate of the French Navy, designed by Forfait. The British captured her and recommissioned her as HMS Guerriere. She is most famous for her fight against USS Constitution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGc01rae3eE
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    whats the difference from now? Screeners get no marks right?
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    Chain is very effective from 0 to 500 meters Then damage falls off fast to less than 20% and goes down to 0 at 1km. If the target is far you can only gain on the target if you have a significant speed advantage (slowly but surely). If you do not have speed advantage it is almost impossible to stop a target that is already 750 m away.
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    I think to make a change like that we’d need much more dynamic animations of ship damage. Large holes in a ships side, cannons overturned, ports beaten together into large gaps etc. Right now it would just be too uncertain.
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    Total nonsense. 1. If enemy player turns, he will lose lots of speed, therefore you will catch him easily. Any good player is not stupid enough to turn while running away, especially to turn to evade broadside. You probably just fight newbies in your Lynx in Rookie Zone. 2. Rolling broadside can be easily set to get tons of hits, just need to get a proper aiming and sector focus. Unlocked, Locked, slightly turning your ship to manipulate where the balls will go as you see first of them going wrong. You cannot do that with random 3. Random fire mode is RANDOM. RNG. Any good captain does not depend on LUCK. If you depend on luck in your battles, then you're a bad player. Anyway, I would like an option to rebind random / 250m / 100m, because you will have to refund my V button. Every battle I need to push it 1000 times just to avoid the other 4 options I don't want to use at that moment.
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