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    Devs never called it safezones - but reinforcment zones Aka. they're supposed to allow reinforcments (with forever open battles and AI support) - and not supposed to be a safe spot
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    Captains, trade in-game items only with players you trust. Think twice before hitting accept button. Unfortunately there is no effective way to 100% prevent scamming by design and in the same time scamming is very hard to prove in general. The case is closed.
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    I look at the screenshots and it seems that the Danes are stoked everywhere and everywhere. Soon they will start to skip screenshots 25x1. It's time for me to add screenshots, here are some of them ... Port battle Encontrados: Port Battle Maracaibo: give rest, already tired, want to gank...: D
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    WTT this for a 4-5 5-5 Very fast trinco SOLD
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    PB at haulover Hercules stronk. (1 more rattle died after that screenshot)
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    Gregory Rainsborough sank British player at Santanillas Gregory Rainsborough sank British player at Santanillas Gregory Rainsborough sank British player at Santanillas Gregory Rainsborough sank British player at Santanillas
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    I'd like to report Lord Bomgordel for pretending that he would trade my ship back to me that was taken in a very unbalanced 10+ v 1, if I sailed to El Rancho and set up an outpost. Luckily I already had an outpost in El Rancho but when Lord Bogordel learned of that he suddenly wanted me to sail all the way to great corn to set up an outpost there. This is an obvious attempt at griefing and wasting my time.
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    I am happy when I have 1 million you capitalist fucks .
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    15 seconds boost should be minimum base and it's ok when the battle ends after like 3-4 minutes. What's the current base? Because of loading to OW, everyone says different values. Also big ships should get a turn rate boost too, because speed boost is useless for them if they cannot turn... I mentioned it many times.
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    В буржуйском разделе форума промелькнула тема , где-то пару недель назад, о предстоящей деноминации, об изменениях голды, серебра и пр. А ру форум, особенно те у кого с англ проблемы и не в курсе. Господа разработчики, не забывайте пожалуйста дублировать.
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    Sooner mod stacking is removed and alts are banned every aspect of the game will be better for it. And that's not a criticism towards Hachi or anyone here, just the way it is for now unfortunately.
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    The details are funny. Like bomgordel shown as sunk etc.
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    well, finally someone that knows what a masterpiece is
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    Holy shit, hachi, that sig pic is glorious
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    В зеленой зоне бои открыты всегда. За зеленой закрываются через 3 минуты после начала Миссии в зеленой зоне закрываются моментально. За зеленой зоной миссии открыты 3 минуты
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    My advise: capture la navasse 😂
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    Слишком сложно... Я в игры деградировать прихожу, а вы со своими калькуляторами =((
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    My main ship died, my fleet ship escaped. The stupid game mechanic has it that it sends fleet ships that escaped to the closest friendly port. My deep water ship was sent to the shallow port, that shows how broken the mechanic is.
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    Semi joking but NA is LONG and if you get engaged you cant get out of fights and with enw reps fights can take ages too.... Now logging off can obviously be abused as a tactic, but some people NEED to go to bed after a fight and cannot then just then re-engage the next round of combat from a friend or after having escaped from an encounter etc. Having to go to bed doesnt mean I want to throw away my ship! Perhaps a "go to bed logout" that can be used in an instance after battle is over or while invisible after having escaped a battle, that will allow a safe logout BUT NOT ALLOW relogging in for 8 hours? Just an idea?
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    Ah, that could have saved you. Maybe it should be implemented.
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    il serait temps de finir le jeu et le sortir.
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    Trade chat should list current sales/new listings the way combat news clerk reports boards/sinks. Something to gauge the traffic of a port and a good way to keep track on valuable items coming in and out of the market. Only for that port you're in.
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    Is this intentional? A mast blocking the Bow chaser aiming view?
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    О, ты наш спаситель, но я думаю Паша имел ввиду дублировать на русском
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    I tried to find a topic about national voices on the crew , but maybe there isn't or maybe I'm blind. but how cool wouldn't it be if the crew of danish Norwegian ships shoutet in there mothertounge? Spanish ships- Spanish etc . like in world of tanks for an example . i bet sever people are willing to volunteer to be voices is in this game ? Peace out
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    Grand Anse, 2 days ago... Late one, but remember always, don`t sail wrong direction, otherwise you are the only one who gets killed at the winning side
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    I stand corrected. You only asked for 1 min. But with one min, you just have killed of all possiblity to catch you. And you still haven.t told how to compensate the guy, that just missed the battle with 1 sec. But does that mean if the battle ends after like say 2 min, you only would like 60 sec buff/90 battletime*2 min real battle =1,33 sec buff
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    Yes there is problem with OW and Battle instance. Thats why they have put in invisibility, speed buff and sail against wind. You sugested it should be about 1-2 min. Lets say you attack a player just Nort of Christiansted. If we wanted to have a chance to get you, we would have a net from Frederiksted-Guiama-Amalienborg, the gab between Amalienborg. Players to close of area From Spanish to tip of Christiansted Island. Lets say you are 2 players and when they tag you, it should be a “Fair” fight. They need to players that would be close together. How many players do you think it will be needed. Your surgestion is just to get a free card out of jail. As it is now it is fine. As you your self have said, most time you get away, and if they have to get you, they have to do 3-5 battles and spend 4-5 hours. You havent either answered how the guy that was at the spot, But just mised the fight by one sec, how He should be compensated. But we could ofc just drop Ow speed at all. Then you have fixed your problem.
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    If repairs wasn't unlimited limited chain wouldn't be so bad. If cannons couldn't snipe mast as they could with super precision, chain wouldn't be so bad.
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    lol Abandon ship , woman and children first .....☺️
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    Not even close to say that. But must patents do actually from time to time sleep with there children, those bastards have there way to get in to the bed and steal both space sn pillow.
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    TFW the 4th rate "lineship" is faster than your brig ;-; This is why we can't have nice things
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    Dude, these threads are gold Comedy everywhere if you know where to look XD BATTLETECH is awesome. Glad I backed it on KS
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    Nice prove that BF is the new zerg of the server. Anyway I dont care about losses against a team that is playing together for a long time now. We keep coming until you keep losing and wont stop until dutch interests are met. However triggered you are, I'm happy about all the battles and the instant action we can get when we want it at maracaibo. Looking foward to more battles.
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    The funny thing is your ally, the mighty russians, the ones behind this multiflip against you. Open your eyes, is about time you realize of your mistakes picking friends. And the russians are allied with the spanish. The spanish... which kind of friends do you have that allow this kind of bullshit to happen? Your carebbear alliance is a joke.
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    добавим давно пора процент секций мачт показывать (хотя бы трех нижних)
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    Two things. - indirect RvR by engaging enemy merchant shipping ferrying woods and parts and resources and whatsoever, including currency IS a good move. We had it once, before insta ships with marks. Not that I mind it but too much is too much. It is not the sinking of the enemy resources. It is actually the stealing them. Like a underdog nation, with little support platform of resources will get them somewhere else. Mostly through raiding the enemy and bringing the goods home to put to good use. - to test something like this, I am affraid to say, ALL captains must kickoff with ZERO assets or else the foundations are clay. Unsure if I totally like the proposal of keeping Admiralty currency to be used as a exchange of ships - meaning no resources have to be moved nor Labor Hours spent to build it.
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    As I remember, only RUBLI could capture the North Inlet without the help of other nations.
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    Haha me too on that one....
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    Funny you mention us being part of multiflip in bahamas as we didnt't flip a single port there against brits and nowhere else under that multiflip. nation doing that was USA, Spanish and wait for it............. No other then France. also nice to know we are behind something i haven't even hard of. Didnt't know that the great Admiral Horatio Hornblower was scared of the french, think you even promised to crush them if they didnt't fight us.
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    I've been playing this game for around six months. Let me try to give you my perspective. The game looks to have a fixed player base which is hardcore and quite pvp-centric. Names which can easily be recognized in the global chat and became reference of great pvp players to the community. The other part of the player base looks to be casual, with great rotation in the users. Like a pipe with some people coming in in one side, other people going out in the other side, and a good few people kind of lost in between. The amount of players during the day at peak is around 600 players, never seen reaching 700, even in the weekends. Removing the magic wallet looks a good idea to balance pvp outside the patrol zones, by adding risk to the attackers. I do support this change. Right now the game can be fun for pvp and port battles, but no other roles are significant or viable, like trading. Ask yourself, how many traders do you know? Crafting has improved a little due to the random features one can get in the ships, but they are so hard to get and it's only in the ships, nothing else. If the player base dies, the game dies, and keeping possibilities in terms of player role is key to keep the player base health IMHO. Cheers Captains and good winds!
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    I stopped NAL because I wanted PVP fights and all the battles were full of AI. My problem was not lack of players, but rather too many AI ruing the fun I wanted to have with real players. I would still be banging away happily in NAL if it were not for the AI, and unfun grind (especially the crazy cannon grind setup.)
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    If they made them craftable the balance would be retained.. but... everyone would go poop.. srry.. pood style.. For a russian gun to appear in the carribean I think we can agree that historical realism has long since gone out the drain.. Russia, Poland-Lithuania and Prussia.. None of them had navies before the 17th century and neither Poland-Lithuania nor Prussia got a navy at all.. And none of them had a presence in the carribean.. so let's just drop the historical arguments and make them craftable..
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