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    Captains, trade in-game items only with players you trust. Think twice before hitting accept button. Unfortunately there is no effective way to 100% prevent scamming by design and in the same time scamming is very hard to prove in general. The case is closed.
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    I look at the screenshots and it seems that the Danes are stoked everywhere and everywhere. Soon they will start to skip screenshots 25x1. It's time for me to add screenshots, here are some of them ... Port battle Encontrados: Port Battle Maracaibo: give rest, already tired, want to gank...: D
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    WTT this for a 4-5 5-5 Very fast trinco SOLD
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    Gregory Rainsborough sank British player at Santanillas Gregory Rainsborough sank British player at Santanillas Gregory Rainsborough sank British player at Santanillas Gregory Rainsborough sank British player at Santanillas
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    I'd like to report Lord Bomgordel for pretending that he would trade my ship back to me that was taken in a very unbalanced 10+ v 1, if I sailed to El Rancho and set up an outpost. Luckily I already had an outpost in El Rancho but when Lord Bogordel learned of that he suddenly wanted me to sail all the way to great corn to set up an outpost there. This is an obvious attempt at griefing and wasting my time.
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    I am happy when I have 1 million you capitalist fucks .
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    В буржуйском разделе форума промелькнула тема , где-то пару недель назад, о предстоящей деноминации, об изменениях голды, серебра и пр. А ру форум, особенно те у кого с англ проблемы и не в курсе. Господа разработчики, не забывайте пожалуйста дублировать.
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    Sooner mod stacking is removed and alts are banned every aspect of the game will be better for it. And that's not a criticism towards Hachi or anyone here, just the way it is for now unfortunately.
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    The details are funny. Like bomgordel shown as sunk etc.
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    well, finally someone that knows what a masterpiece is
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    Holy shit, hachi, that sig pic is glorious
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    В зеленой зоне бои открыты всегда. За зеленой закрываются через 3 минуты после начала Миссии в зеленой зоне закрываются моментально. За зеленой зоной миссии открыты 3 минуты
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    My advise: capture la navasse 😂
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    Слишком сложно... Я в игры деградировать прихожу, а вы со своими калькуляторами =((
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    To all the people trying to talk to me, I cannot because I was a naughty boy and ink and admin are punishing me for it
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    What would people think of outlaw ffa combat system in patrol area? I am currently trying to find battles around LA MONA and only find danish players. I wouldn't mind Sinking them Could we atleast consider FFA joining anyside no matter what side your nation is on.
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    Of course the fault is in a development that listens to such minority. But I made up my mind quite some time ago about the actual reasons why Devs are going this path. So basically I'm angry about the players that do not realize what's going on. But hey ... who cares. It's just a wasted occasion. Not the first not the last in gaming industry.
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    il serait temps de finir le jeu et le sortir.
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    Trade chat should list current sales/new listings the way combat news clerk reports boards/sinks. Something to gauge the traffic of a port and a good way to keep track on valuable items coming in and out of the market. Only for that port you're in.
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    You didnt have enough crew for 100% prep because you had a running repair. Picture doesnt look right though ^^.
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    Is this intentional? A mast blocking the Bow chaser aiming view?
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    О, ты наш спаситель, но я думаю Паша имел ввиду дублировать на русском
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    ahh should have figured.. hehe gg in that battle, can see you've been sailing the trinc for a bit
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    I stand corrected. You only asked for 1 min. But with one min, you just have killed of all possiblity to catch you. And you still haven.t told how to compensate the guy, that just missed the battle with 1 sec. But does that mean if the battle ends after like say 2 min, you only would like 60 sec buff/90 battletime*2 min real battle =1,33 sec buff
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    Yes there is problem with OW and Battle instance. Thats why they have put in invisibility, speed buff and sail against wind. You sugested it should be about 1-2 min. Lets say you attack a player just Nort of Christiansted. If we wanted to have a chance to get you, we would have a net from Frederiksted-Guiama-Amalienborg, the gab between Amalienborg. Players to close of area From Spanish to tip of Christiansted Island. Lets say you are 2 players and when they tag you, it should be a “Fair” fight. They need to players that would be close together. How many players do you think it will be needed. Your surgestion is just to get a free card out of jail. As it is now it is fine. As you your self have said, most time you get away, and if they have to get you, they have to do 3-5 battles and spend 4-5 hours. You havent either answered how the guy that was at the spot, But just mised the fight by one sec, how He should be compensated. But we could ofc just drop Ow speed at all. Then you have fixed your problem.
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    TFW the 4th rate "lineship" is faster than your brig ;-; This is why we can't have nice things
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    Disinformation and deceit while lamentable, are part of the game and not tribunal worthy IMO. I think admin has said to never believe what you read in nation or global The “10 inches deep in my rear” is an interesting comment though... not a good look for any potential newer players or kids.
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    Oh, I did. Once I'd finished being angry at myself (he got me fair and square, no-one to blame but myself), I saw the humour in the situation and laughed it off. If I'm honest, I didn't quite like how it felt in that one combat, so maybe I didn't lose out.
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    как можно думать о наживе марками на своих друзьях....😝
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    Dude, these threads are gold Comedy everywhere if you know where to look XD BATTLETECH is awesome. Glad I backed it on KS
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    im suprised your attention span lasts a whole sentence
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    Siege of Suffolk - a bit dicey at first but I wipe the Confederates out and take 1 brigade prisoner:
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    добавим давно пора процент секций мачт показывать (хотя бы трех нижних)
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    If you get 3 missions on the other side of an island you can spend 20-45mins getting there. Think South side of Cuba for the Spanish, other side of the island for Brits, Danes, Swedes, French. So I can fully understand the issue, specially if you just wanted an hour of fun and not an hour of sailing some useless distance.
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    As I remember, only RUBLI could capture the North Inlet without the help of other nations.
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    It's easy sailing with the captains I trained, isn't it. Wp
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    It bores me too, honestly. I know there's nothing I can do about it, so there's no point in forum politics on that issue. I even tried to avoid it, but everytime I follow the breadcrumb trail of issues in NA I end up at loss mechanic and then I don't know what to do. That's a hard sell to me given the relative universal popularity difference between the sandbox and moba genre games. If you were to defend that statement quantitively, what theory would you base your method on and what statistics would support your assumption? I can be my own devil's advocate and say that even if McD food is easier to sell in higher quantities over time that shouldn't and won't deter people from making more nutritious and tasty food at a higher price point. Fancy food places don't care about all the customers McD attracts. This makes perfect sense to me and it most likely fixable without breaking everything else.
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    I've been playing this game for around six months. Let me try to give you my perspective. The game looks to have a fixed player base which is hardcore and quite pvp-centric. Names which can easily be recognized in the global chat and became reference of great pvp players to the community. The other part of the player base looks to be casual, with great rotation in the users. Like a pipe with some people coming in in one side, other people going out in the other side, and a good few people kind of lost in between. The amount of players during the day at peak is around 600 players, never seen reaching 700, even in the weekends. Removing the magic wallet looks a good idea to balance pvp outside the patrol zones, by adding risk to the attackers. I do support this change. Right now the game can be fun for pvp and port battles, but no other roles are significant or viable, like trading. Ask yourself, how many traders do you know? Crafting has improved a little due to the random features one can get in the ships, but they are so hard to get and it's only in the ships, nothing else. If the player base dies, the game dies, and keeping possibilities in terms of player role is key to keep the player base health IMHO. Cheers Captains and good winds!
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    Yeah I know but i'm doing my duty as a BETA tester. I tihnk a well presented & informative tutorial is a MASSIVE help in this kind of open game. A good one sucks the player in, and a bad / frustrating one turns them off before they even begin....
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