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    The cost (tax) of placing a buy bid is a significant fraction of the purchase price (default 10%). I dunno about anyone else but I get pretty peeved by the +1 bidding that goes on. So if I bid 300 for 500 logs some cheapskate comes along and bids 301gold, and another 302 and another 303 and so on. For me to outbid I have to ditch 15,000 gold and bid again. This is nonsense. Let's have a coded rule that requires any new highest bid to be at least 10% higher than the existing highest bid price. So for example, in the case of an existing bid of 300 gold any buying bid would have to be at least (300+10%) 330 gold, any outbid of that (330+10%) 363 gold and so on. Conversely bidders will be able to bid at 299 and get in line. I hope that will discourage multiple bid snipes. I would also like to see any under-bid that is withdrawn, which has achieved no purchase quantity, have the bid money and tax refunded in total. I am not aware of any bid system where a bid tax is paid of 10% which is not returned, in full, if no sale is made due to a winning overbid by someone else; mind you the world is a bigger place than my back yard; It just seems wrong and pathetic. Buster (Fair Trade Committee)
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    I hereby accuse the player Sven Klenog of alt-farming. He killed two prussian players at Aves today before maintenance, delayed by nearly exactly one hour. Furthermore I have never heard of this player before (which of course is not evidence but a certain signal). Sven klenog seems to be a mediocre ranked swedish player in NWO clan. #cleannavalaction Regards, Pala
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    Fella from my nation sent me same alt farming screenshots of "Sven Klenog" 2 days ago with 4 kills, but it's pointless to report this. It's the same person and same clan (NWO) as here: Let me make it easy for all of you: 1. Under investigation 2. Investigation complete, appropriate actions were taken
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    you are in a rattlesnake have you tried to sail 180° or 175°?
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    While our 1st rate fleet is not numerous enough yet to fight BF on a even ground we are getting there and grow every day.
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    Basic Cutters need a nerf again. 2/3 Cutters were armed.
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    As the title says, I feel that in the current system mast thickness is nowhere as important as mast HP, so I propose that instead of increasing the thickness it increases HP or some combination of both.
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    You miss the point, my comments are made because the so called hard core PvP'ers keep trying to get the game mechanics changed so they can get access to the players that are PvE'ing in the 5% of the map that was setup for that. You can see many nations players queuing up outside the KPR safe zone all looking to get some PvE player that happens to attack an AI within the green zone. These so called hard core PvP'ers seldom seem to attack each other even though they are operating in the same area and claim they are looking for PvP. Since the green zones were introduced there has been a constant push from a group of players to get the rules of the green zones changed or to have them removed altogether and by the looks of it they have succeeded in changing the Devs minds regarding these zones and now these zones will become the hotspots for PvP. I agree that most players do both, but there are a small group that only want to PvP, which is not a problem, but they expect every other player to be the same as them
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    Can you explain how the so called PvP server has been severely damaged by players doing PvE? If those players were not on the server then the population would be a lot lower and the so called hardcore PvP'ers would have to fight each other. If that is the case why dont they just fight each other now and get their PvP fix, why do they have to keep looking for ways to fight against people who are not interested in fighting them? I think if you actually look at it more closely the PvE players probably do a lot to keep the server going as they are the ones that generate the gold, move the building materials round so ships can be built and farm the upgrades and books from AI fleets. Remove all PvE from the game and you would only be able to build ships from notes, there would not be enough gold in the game for the PvP'ers make money by selling PvP marks, the amount of upgrades and skill books would be even more limited than they are now. So when you look closely at it the pure PvP crowd need the PvE to take place while the pure PvE'er does not need the PvP player. Edit: BTW I have no problem with big sea battles and the old Trafalgar fights, but what you are getting now with the new green zone mechanics is large organised fleets facing disorganized PUG's and that can only carry on for so long before people get bored of it. You may say that the PUG's should get organised, but it is difficult when you cannot stop random players joining the battle in unsuitable ships and creating confusion among the defenders.
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    Pro tipp: never show that it annoys you
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    3 days ago they missed rediii so i guess i solved that problem LUL Sweden lost 2 main commanders recently which hurts But on the positive, it triggered new incentives to improve ourselves which is always a good thing! And as long as my members keep an generally healthy attidue even when losing im fine with losing ports <3
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    Mate. 200 Miles. Not 200 Square Miles. In the Game you easily Spot any Ship within like 50 Miles In Reality. Even the HMS Victory with its over 60m High Mast would barely be able to See Ships at about 25 Miles And that was assuming 100% Clear and Calm Weather and a very Good Spotter which happens to actually Notice the Ship sticking out behind the Horizon and the Waves. Pair that with the Surreal Speed at which we move. And you notice. That a Raider is easily able to completely Lock Off entire Trade Routes without any Chance to go around him or make a Run for it. Now pair that with the now entirely Removed Protection. And you know for sure. That Traders are in essence Removed from the Game with this Update. Well not that I care anymore. Back when they Removed Safezones we had 1000 Players Average and I told you guys this removal Safezones will result in the Game losing most of its Population. A Year Later you got less than 500 Players Average left. You guys did not listen back then. You wont listen now. I already know that. All thats left to do. Is to wait for the Game to Die. The Joke is. In a few Months. When the Game is down to like 300 People and you are unable to find any Targets despite hunting for Hours. You will not say. Ok maybe that Change was Crab. Maybe we should try to give the New Players and PvE Players some Room to Play and not Chase them out of the Game because without them the Game dies. You will go ahead and say that the small Remaining Protection should be Removed as well. So you can Massacre and Drive off the last remaining Players as well. I have long given up on this Game anyways. The Devils Circle Never Ends. Its always the same Circle for these Games. PvP Players dont get enough Targets = PvPers Demand less Protection. Less Protection = Less Players staying in the Game. Less Players staying the Game. = Less Targets for PvP PvP Players dont get enough Targets = PvPers Demand less Protection. Less Protection = Less Players staying in the Game. Less Players staying the Game. = Less Targets for PvP PvP Players dont get enough Targets = PvPers Demand less Protection. Less Protection = Less Players staying in the Game. <------------------------------------------------------------------ Thats about where we are right now. Less Players staying the Game. = Less Targets for PvP PvP Players dont get enough Targets = PvPers Demand less Protection. Less Protection = Less Players staying in the Game. Less Players staying the Game. = Less Targets for PvP PvP Players dont get enough Targets = PvPers Demand less Protection. Less Protection = Less Players staying in the Game. Less Players staying the Game. = Less Targets for PvP And so on and so forth and so on and so forth. Till there is Nobody Left....
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    When I started playing this game I used to ponder why people were screaming at me in port battles and questioning what I was doing. But I could see through the strong language to see that these guys were trying to help me learn. I'm no wallflower and can take being called every name under the sun if I think I'm going to learn something. I am lucky to have sailed with some of the good players that GB nation has lost recently. I learned from them. Not enough yet because I am still a 'noob' in terms of knowing every skill available to me (a bit like using 10% of my brain capacity). It's a shame I won't get chance to sail with those guys now because people sometimes get passion to win mixed up with frustration with newer players. I've seen Hachi giving stuff to newer players on Nation chat and a couple of my clan can attest to getting PVP marks off the back of advice from Mr Pellew and members of Exile clan. Our clan SALTP was called trash once or twice but we just took it as a challenge to improve. I am sorry to see all the players go that have gone recently as it's a bit like throwing away our best chance to improve. Not to say that I agreed with everything that came out of their mouths or how it was delivered but hey I would rather have someone who recognises my failings and tell me than turn up and lose every time. If you sail with me, you have permission to rip in to me on TS (yes I'm always on TS) because the chance you might help make me a winner is more important to me. I know I will now meet these guys on opposite sides but if they choose to provide advice anyway I will listen because I'm not afraid to hear the truth.
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    All RVR improvements are delayed until tutorial patch and OW UI is added (in 2 separate patches). Lets hold on. Captains who are willing to help us - can gather forum proposals on RVR and port importance and create one structured mega thread with links they consider important and proposals they consider absolutely necessary for RVR to become more exciting.
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    Graffi, who are you to decide who gets respect on this forum or not, or to comment events in Prussia that you don't know anything about? As far as I know, you're not the best player - not often on leaderboard, and not spoken about. You're also not a leader or organizer. You're just a forum warrior - and vicious one - who just happened to knock himself and his nation out of significance due to bad politics. It seems that whenever you don't have arguments, you try to insult people - me, Lars, Staun and others. I'd advise you to do as I do, and have your source of respect outside of this forum. You won't find any here by trying to belittle others.
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    And I guess that a lot of people here is tired of a minority of 50-100 players (on a population of some hundred of players) that think that they could dictate how the game shall be for everyone. So ... see ... everyone has its own reasons to be tired.
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    El problema del PVP es que hay 500 personas. Idem para el tradeo y RVR. Y discrepo de lo puesto por Sento; Los cambios en NA si han sido puestos por los jugadores. Desde las maderas fine al parche duro, todos fueron propuestos y apoyados por jugadores. El problema no es estar sordo frente a los jugadores, el problema es al tipo de jugador que los Dev's escuchan. Y en este nuevo cambio tenemos la respuesta. Lo vuelvo a poner, que pesado soy......, "Los jugadores casual, los que tienen 2 horas y no todos los dias, son los Ñú de este juego y de todos los juegos. Son los que forman la masa crítica que hace funcionar el multi. Si te quedas sin ellos, ya puedes poner barra libre de PVP que no te vas a comer un colín. A día de hoy estos jugadores tienen-tenían la impresión, acertada o no, cierta o no, que sus naves no son competitivas frente a las de los veteranos. Que no aprenden nada saliendo en naves inferiores contra enemigos mas experimentados con mejoras exclusivas." Y de este problemón son tan culpables los Dev's como los palmeros que aplaudieron el parche hard o el apilamiento de cartas mágicas que les permitió durante meses sobrevivir a casi cualquier batalla contra novatos. Hemos perdido 1 año entero en hacer el juego soñado para los devoradores de Ñu y ahora resulta que los Ñu emigran. Que sorpresa!!!..... 1 año entero que podrían haber dedicado a meter contenido, desperdiciado. Desde las maderas fine, pasando por las regiones y sus mejoras o los recursos estrategicos. No Sento, para mi el problema es que donde mandan 40, no manda nadie. Que estos han llegado al final de la escapada y que un juego lo hacen los Dev's y lo prueban los jugadores, y si no sabes a donde quieres llegar no haces mas que dar vueltas por mucho que escuches.
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    I hate what he is doing but when someone does this to me I wonder what the difference between griefing and screening?
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    Yo quitaría el server entero y a otra cosa mariposa. Este juego no va a ninguna parte. Coincido plenamente con lo que ha puesto Sento en el primer post. Todos estos cambios no han hecho más que hacer que la gente se vaya poco a poco y bueno, dado que es un juego de PVP y sin gente no rula....pues estamos como estamos, con poblaciones que nunca pasan de 500 tios en el mejor de los casos. Pero yo no creo que el problema sean los constantes cambios (que también), sino precisamente que esos cambios lo único que logran es cabrear a casi todo el mundo y no aportar absolutamente nada nuevo. Si lo pensais apenas ha cambiado nada ultimamente, más que detallitos idiotas para contentar a unos pocos. El juego esta condenado IMHO salvo que se le ponga contenido de calidad e importante, con cambios importantes a todos los niveles. LA GENTE SE ABURRE. Yo he dejado de jugar por puro aburrimiento. Si eres Jefe de Escuadra y estas hasta los cojones del tradeo, de hacer PVE y ya tienes todas las upgrades y barcos imaginables lo único que te queda es hacer RVR o PVP. El RVR se lo han cargado desde hace tiempo, que si Victory Marks, que si cambios constantes en los BRs, y por supuesto, lo mejor, nulo interes actual por ganar o perder puertos pues de hecho, para cualquier clan es casi mejor no poseer ninguno que tener puertos. El acceso a los materiales para hacer barcos es ahora sencillísimo. Alguien se acuerda cuando la facción española se quedó sin acceso a carbón? Puede que eso joda pero coño hace que las cosas se muevan! En definitiva, que lo único que te queda es hacer PVP. Bien, pues que lo disfruten los PVPers, yo paso.
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    You. But I guess you already know that aswell. Your demonic predictions didn't come true last time. They wont now. Read what's on and transfer it to the game: imagine a hunter catching a trader between Carlisle and KPR. 75% of the britisch players leaving KPR will pass this spot. Even if the hunter manages to really quickly kill the trader, in this time usually 10 players will have sailed past this spot. I guess some will join and then it's running time for the hunter.. All these deadly predictions of many enemies all joining the show. Let's see first before we salute the games' apocalypse once again.
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    Port battle for San Aug. USA vs France. Good fights everyone that showed, not sure why they had first rates grinding hostility during the battle.
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    I agree that new players must have a chance to gain some gold to buy first ships and learn sail and combat, but PvE Rear Admirals (and we have many ingame) don't deserve any room. This is a PvP server, if those PvE Rear Admirals and Commodores fear any risk, they are on the wrong server.
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    you miss most people .. shoot better
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    Muy buenas. Ya sabeis que las zonas de refuerzo se van a volver en atracción para gankers, sobre todo en las capitales. Pusieron estas zonas seguras para que los nuevos jugadores pudiesen levear con seguridad sin que ningún desaprensivo se les pudiese colar en los combates y hundirles o robarles el barco. También viene bien para poder llevar recursos al almacén del clan (ellos mismos cambiaron el juego para pasar a ser más de clanes que de naciones), sin los cuales pues no hay barcos. El tradeo, pues viene bien para comprar upgrades como el copper plating, el bovenwinds, el Cartagena caulking y demás. O Marks. O pagar lo que cuestan diariamente los puertos. Creo que esta medida hará que más jugadores abandonen el juego, no ya porque consideren injusta la medida, sino porque los cambios en las mecánicas del juego son constantes, tanto si funcionan (como es el caso que nos ocupa) como si todavía están por pulir. Adquieres una estratégia en el juego, te montas el barco en cuestión y en unos pocos días no vale para nada, porque lo han cambiado. Y así llevamos años. Pero hay algo que me molesta sobremanera, y es que da la impresión que usan este foro no para sondear las opiniones de sus CLIENTES, sino meramente informativo. El admin dice: "NA es un proyecto creado por jugadores para jugadores. Todo, excepto para el combate, fue propuesto por los jugadores. Y muchos mecánicas de combate fueron propuestos por los jugadores también". (topic Reinforcement updates). Han hecho caso alguna vez de vuestras sugerencias?. Yo no conozco a nadie al menos de España. El admin dice: "Está hecho y es ley ahora. Solo queríamos informarles por adelantado. (topic Reinforcement updates). Esta es la respuesta que da cuando mayoritariamente la gente le dicen que no les gusta el cambio en la zona de refuerzos. Soy consciente, y aquí rompo una lanza en favor de los devs. que contentar a todo el mundo es imposible. Lo sabemos, somos gente adulta, pero.. no se dan cuenta que estos constantes cambios hacen que la comunidad del NA cada vez sea más pequeña? y si cada vez es más pequeña, que cojones de combates PVP van a haber en el futuro? Me lo puede explicar alguien? Porqué crean una zona segura para volverla insegura y encima te dicen que sigue siendo segura? Si han creado las Patrol zones para que la gente se anime a hacer PVP (lo cual me parece de perlas) porque convierten las zonas seguras en atracción para gankers? Hace un año, ibas de Habana a Cayman Brac, o a Coquibacoa y por el camino te encontrabas ingleses y holandeses. Anteayer salí de Little Cayman, llegué a Fort Zoutman, Sinamaica, vuelta por Pedro Cay, Savannah y de nuevo Little Cayman. No ví un solo jugador. RoqueCent bajó al mismo tiempo por Tantun Cuzamil hacia la zona de Panamá. Tampoco vió a nadie. La noche anterior Ucero y yo salimos de Xpu Ha hacia Bensalem, Turneffe, Ruatán, Útila, Triunfo de la Cruz, Omoa, Placentia, Belize y vuelta a casa. NADIE. Ustedes verán que hacen.
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    He tagged me, we were defenders : - ( BF sunk all of our battle ships yesterday and we left only with basic cutters : - (
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    A different point to the one I was making (about buying bids). However, in auction houses it is not unusual that both buyer and seller pay a commission/tax. But nothing is paid by either if nothing is bought or sold when a bid fails. So in that case I agree. Buster (Rule 21 para 54b)
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    Btw 6-1 on Otto can’t be called gank. Sound like a fair fight.
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    Most Brits ingame are lazy af. I stopped counting how often I tried to convince more poeple to sail to ports like El Toco or Cano Araguao. "Why do we have ports in French waters?" "The port is so far away" "Why does nobody protect KPR?". Oh but now that GBs good players either left or stopped playing, GB "finally starts to work as a nation again" (council meetings incoming, yeah!) and they are very proud they manage to capture a neutral port like Manzanilla or gank @Otto Kohl 6v1
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    Because most of the players that would have used this months ago have left, given up on the game and moved on. They don't log in. They don't read the forums. Heck, look how dead the forums are now. I am sorry, small incremental fixes to a couple areas won't fix this game. You will not get a critical mass of old players to fill and balance out the game play on the server at this point. You need to build a game that can attract and keep new players and start from scratch. If that works, you might get some old players back. Right now this game is down to the 1% who can't live without it. I consider myself the 5% who would love the game if it was playable. But it is not. So I join the 99% and play something else that has balance and >shock< FUN.
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    I would just like to see players having to protect their own nation's capital instead of AI. Only let low ranks have AI reinforcements as they are new and need the crutch. Create defensive PVP patrol missions. Keep the green zone battles open still for coast guards to enter the battles. Create more PVE content to get players numbers up. Think about content for those who only have 20 minutes to play. Bring in exploration missions as was proposed waaay long ago. Although personally I'd also like to revert repairs back to how they were long ago so maybe my ideas are bad :/
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    Got further info by a source (he wants to stay anonymous) regarding this player: According to the informatuion given to me, there is more alts involved. The player Earl of Halifax as well as Klabauter Ogon (maincharacter).
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    That's IT!!! the last straw, WHY do you listen to gankers? and have obviously no idea how to steer this game towards fleet battle, which is where the game historically started. Loners preying on new guys fits perfectly the accusations against gameplay in March 2018 and how it influences "young" people. Please stop listening to the devotee 12 hour a day, I can sail anywhere, and slaughter anything guy. The interface is looking great you HAD a great product, but I cant make ships any more without spending days amassing marks and will probably have to change clans continuously to get near a victory mark to make a decent ship. You have a potentially a big product, but letting the solo players dictate while they eat new players or just put people off the game after a couple of days? I have made some good online friends here but I cannot give this time anymore, there are much more interesting, if less beautiful games out there. o7 Rickard does not even know developers took the exploration of the map out of the game, all the intriguing interesting stuff is gone because a bunch of guys shout loudest.
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    If he has a faster ship that you cannot catch. He can keep you in battle till the end. This shit has happened to me and it is unbelievably annoying. Regardless of your personal issues with Banished he is right. When he keeps you in battle with no intention of killing you and then re tags you after the battle time has expired to do it all again. He is griefing.
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    Ganking is one issue, griefing is another and it's not same shit. If I want to, I can keep you in a fight for 10h and you can't do shit to me. Do you want this? I will do it to you next time I see you.
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    Ganking/griefing.. same shit. Part of game. Get over it.
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    I played both on the Caribean server and I now play on the PvE server. Why you may ask? The last time I played on the Caribean server, as a Rear Admiral, I was setting out from KPR with three Indiamen loaded doing a run to the Old providence area taking some supplies to a clan I know in that area who were prepping for a PB. They were sending an escort up to meet me about half way. I left KPR and headed towards Port Morant and turned SW'ish to miss the shallows near Pedro Cay. It's a run I have done many times before.. theres some risk but it's generally an OK route when you know it, especially the first part of the run at night. I've lost a couple of ships on it but made more than I have lost. As I turned SW, I saw in global chat the following... "British Three Indiaman fleet setting out from Port Morant heading SW.. another f^&*ing trader player.. anyone wants him.. take him cause I can't". That was from a British captain sailing a 5th rate as a rear admiral. I logged off and went to the PvE server leaving my fleet in the ocean somewhere and never went back to the Caribean server. BTW I just checked.. on the Caribean server theres 210 people on and 0 yes 0 battles taking place. On the PvE server theres 120 on and 45 battles taking place. Have fun all. M
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    Well shitty way to pvp but not sure against the rules.:P
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    Когда в былые времена Шведам устроили черную пятницу, оставив 2 порта только, и у франков забрали 70% портов, две нации не ливнули из игры а пришли договариваться о не нападении и распределении портов, раньше игра способствовала игроков идти на определенные компромиссы между нациями, и это было интересно в своем роде постоянно о чем то договаривались, дипломатия работала, сейчас с сейф зонами все нации чувствуют себя в неприкосновенности один фиг что то останется можно и не напргяраться ( кроме конечно РИ Поляков и Прусаков)
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    If I ever make a new clan, this will be it's name.
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    Holy shite it's barely even a change. Instead of getting 1st rates you get a even match of ships. You still have the forts and player reinforcements you chicken littles.
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    RP has nothing to do with it. Actually and somehow this entire scenario is always about the SP vs the MP, unless we want to lie and convince ourselves that is "for the great common good!"... Funny that it reminds me of this
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    IMO it is ok to chain a player to catch him or slow him down if you are going to engage at some point. 40 min into the battles Colada still had not engaged although he shot sails at a distance for 40 minutes. This is a waste of time and IMO done purely to annoy the other player. We are all here to enjoy playing the game and should not have to endure this. Can you imagine how gameplay would be if the majority of players started to chain at a distance just to keep the battle going with no intent of engaging. Read what I wrote in chat as well as Pina Colada's response. His intent is clear. Also, seems like this is standard practise for him. Something has to be done about this.
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    This does not work. Defensive patrol missions are a waste of time unless you are guaranteed action, people do not want to take missions that entail them sailing round hoping for opposition to turn up. You may say that there is always plenty of opposition around places like KPR, once you get an organised defence fleet the opposition runs, they only stay and fight if they have a good chance of winning. Keeping green zone battles open for coast guards was what I thought they were implementing when they recently changed the RoE for green zones, but what they actually implemented was that battles stay open for all, so you get somebody getting jumped by 2 or 3 players so a small coast guard force joins, but then they suddenly find more attackers join and it was a trap. It again comes down to an organised attacking force facing a random pick up group of defenders. Just look at British nation chat every day recently and the arguments that go on about how to handle the attacks around KPR, some people are happy to just go out and have a laugh in throw away ships, which just feeds the attackers PvP marks, others try to get organised and get the defence force onto TS and into correct ships only to be told by others to stop ordering them round and that they do not have to be in TS and they will fight in any ships they want then they blame the more experienced PvP'ers for not defending home waters. I agree they need more PvE content outside green zones and other ways to get people to leave the zones, but their current strategy of making the green zones unsafe will only serve to drive players out of the game. In an ideal world you could have players defend their own capital waters, but for that you would need a proper naval command structure where people had to follow orders and you would have to allow people be able to drop what they were doing anywhere else on the map at a moments notice so they could mobilise to defend home waters. In practice this is just not possible.
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    Вот только пираты не умерли от натиска Шведов , Дания тоже , поляки играют после нашествия всех подряд и РИ ещё вспоминает мамок бывших пиратов после фактического захвата столицы на продолжительное время
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    I dont like it at all yes. But we shoud look how we get more players to the game. And dont shoud scare them away. If more players gets to the game and stay, then the numbers of players will over time rise up in the OW. Some will start to go Exploring and try to hunt in the OW. So but in the moment many players are scared of losing there ships the have fought or collectet the Ressources to get those Ships. Cause no rewards for them. Where many of the Elite-players startet with 5 dura ships and learnd how to sail and act in PvP, new players lose there Ships instant now. I think many forget about this. The time to build a ship is like in the old days. And now you need Repairs and Rum too. So to all others stop complaining.
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    So people taking captured throw away 1st rates, throwing them away for screening, than jumping into PB from outpost? rediii really that sounds fun as shit. Every PB starting with a massive clash of SOLS? I know you rvr players don't like to have your PBs messed with, I understand that it sucks to get screened out of a PB, but just think, screening is almost nonexistent, large 1st rate battles are almost nonexistent. Instead of having 25v25 1st rate battles inside port where that's the meta, have them outside. Anyone could capture a 1st rate so anyone could come, people would actually want to screen and have these stupidly gigantic battles. That's why you hardly get any good rvr anymore. Getting a 1st rate is such a pain in the ass, no one wants to take theirs into battle (unless you're very confident in your production and skill) which not many nations are. This could be exactly what RVR needs to pick up again.
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