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    With the recent buff of liveoak thickness meta is back with all the nice things like not penetrating on more than 50m away from eachother with 24 pounders. With 42 pounders you penetrate but yea ... Thicknessmeta is a pain together with multiple repairs. I liked the battles without it but now it gets fubar again.
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    I have a dream....that one day all ships will be created equal and all captains will be judged not by the mods on their ships, but by the skills of their captains. That over powered ship mods creating thickness metas, repair metas, speed metas and all metas .... will die away. I have a dream that the only mods on your ship are the ones that can be crafted in port....by any captain. Special trim types like strong hull or build strength will return and be the only limiting factor in terms of PVP or RVR. That ports and regions on the map will matter again and players will be rewarded with additional upgrade or mod slots in exchange for crafting outside of safe zones.....that PBs will matter again... I have a ....
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    Hello everyone Live oak: Live oak was not buffed. Angle: We slightly increased the influence of the angle on penetrations. So you are still penetrating better than before (when 1st rates had 80cm armor) at 90 degrees, but penetrate less at narrow angles 45 degrees or below. Grape and raking: Grape was not touched and we tested it after reports on ALL ships - it still works as intended, inflicting casualties on crew if crew is hit. The only thing that may affect it is angle influence. Aim at windows.
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    I posted in support, but I will post here again. I see so many times "we tested all, everything works..." or "it was fixed"... Niagara has still pink masts when fall. Here is grape video: Ship has no armour, no structure, stationary, almost full crew, close distance rake, I get 20+ hits and nothing. 1 grape = 1 kill while crew should be dying left and right on this barely floating ship. Same thing happened to me at least 20 more times in many battles. One battle vs @rediii pirate frigate (me and EliteDelta). I'm not playing this game until fix.
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    Raids should be instant, "flag-pull" affairs paid for by combat marks. The outcome of these raids should be economic (you take the ports taxes for the day). While I don't enjoy the PvE grind, port battles and their mechanics for flipping the port's nation, in my opinion, should stay the same. And while the hostility grind against PvE isn't ideal, it's a decent compromise that can generate PvP, especially if we magically conjure another 2000 players out of thin air on release. But raids, if implemented correctly, could actually trigger the port battle if done well and defended, and we should ask for that kind of instant action that @rediii originally proposed. I just don't think it should be port-flipping. But the biggest problem with the current mechanics is that we don't have the number of players necessary for creating PvP on demand. At any one point I'd guess we might have 20-30 players capable of popping out of port and only half of those in PvP-ready ships, and only maybe half of those who actually are willing and organized to PvP.... Therefore you can throw as many mechanic changes at the game as you want and you still have a problem: No players == No PvP.
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    As a person who's done some RVR, I'm not a big fan. I thought RVR is what I'd enjoy the most but it doesn't appeal to any sense of grand scale campaign. It's literally just sea trials 2.0. A PB could pass and I wouldn't notice because they're overwhelmingly irrelevant , there's no call to action, no "siege" moments, no blockades, nothing really new, interesting or entertaining. Maybe if there was some OW appeal, rewards, more than 1 battle, I'd be more compelled to participate. Otherwise they're just overrated battles for dawts on the map that are more chore than anything.
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    Floating battery should get a nerf to hp, LO to armor. It's ridiculous that you need eg. 4 point blank salvos from l'ocean to lower the side of another l'ocean to half. Soon none will sink in PB's again. Determined defender should be visible and have 10-15%, or should be gone. It's extremely op - especially since it's a surprise for a ship which plans to board you, and since grapes are sometimes ineffective again (despite Admin claiming they didn't change - the whole server can't be wrong)
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    Fix: Increase repair CD. Rebalance live oak to previous levels. Make impossible to stack thickness and hp mods. Increase penalty for floating battery. Make it -20% turnrate, make a ship almost inmobile, like a real floating battery.
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    I also have to say that determined defender is too much with 30%. Should be 10% max
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    I just did a calculation. You attacked them with 3440 BR against their 2050. It's a ratio of 1.67 to 1. When we joined, it was 4450 BR. It's a ratio of 1.29 to 1. I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying that your attack with 67% advantage was not a gank, but us joining a weaker side and giving them a 30% advantage was?
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    Please add a function where a clan officer can open the clan warehouse and craft a ship, instead of all the time wasting involved. I used to do crafting quite a bit, and enjoyed it. Now, I will gladly go through all the tedium to put things on a ship and play, searchbar point/slide/click to put things out of clan warehouse to my personal one. Some time later after treating carpal tunnel I build a ship for a clanmate. Being able to avoid all the useless searching in the clan warehouse for the mats and then putting it in my warehouse, building the ship, then putting the extras back in clan warehouse would help alleviate the tedium of crafting.
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    NAL was giving fair fights with all upgrades open to everyone. The online started falling down before cannon unlocks was added and before leeway was added to NA open world. I would even go further - if progression was not in NAL testing, participation would fall even earlier. See, previously I would stop and say " He has the point, and we need to think about it" But we tested it. Fair fights/No upgrade influence was not enough.
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    Being fast has never ruined game play. My ships are mostly above average speed wise but I am having no issues killing, raking and catching fast ships. The tank meta, no way to grape, rum and repairs are just insane atm. I'm sailing Bellonas a lot atm and all I can hurt in zones are 3rd rates. Santis are OK, victories are glorified 2nd rates but oceans just a joke. You say 50m no pen. I have had issues with 24s vs oceans at 10-20m.
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    "Real" PvP for me is OW pvp that is not arena-based, lobby-wanna-be gankfests in b.s. ships.
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    I'm not sure about one thing. In your point 1 you mention the problem is PvE. This can be fixed I think easily. Later you mention it's the fact you have to reserve two nights in a row. Which one is the issue? First one can be easily fixed by announcing hostility before it happens. We could eg. require a deposit for a hostility mission (eg. 5 mil. gold), which would be returned once a battlegroup which took hostility joins the mission. In the same time it could be announced that X BR just created a hostility for your port. You have more time to gather a counter fleet this way. When people do hostility missions one by one, usually enemy shows up at the last mission. If they know sooner, they show up earlier. Second issue doesn't have a good counter. I'm not sure if it's present. If it is, having an option to buy a PB could be some solution. I can see a potential for fake PB's here though, as well as for an economic warfare which creates additional snowballing effect. Another solution could be clan's reputation points - you could get points by fighting in eg. Patrol-like publicly announced events which you start around eg. enemy's capital, and then use those points to buy PB's. This way you decouple times of hostility grinding with PB, which in theory should make it easier to organize.
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    No it's because this game doesn't capture the idea of campaign right. What's the difference between a 25v25 OW battle and a 25v25 PBs? Circles. So now explain that to someone you're trying to get into the game. They'll look at you stupid. That's not a campaign, that's just a battle with BR and time limits. Case and point screening. What a great way to bait people into thinking they're doing something. "Hey sit outside this port for an hour for an enemy you're not suppose to fight but drag into battle and keep in for an hour while the PB fleet sits in the port and soaks up the protectorate rewards" No new player is going to stand for this "gameplay" It's lazy, underwhelming and unreasonable to think that people who buy the game expecting HUGE HOLY SHIT BATTLES WITH HUNDREDS OF SHIPS AND BLOCKADES AND TONS OF FIGHTING AND ACTION AND THINGS FOR EVERYONE TO DO AND ACCOMPLISH" "Nah bro it's a 2500br deepwater port that you can only you and maybe 7 other people can attack between 3 and 6 am" "oh"
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    What can I say, the entirety of conquest is just bad. There are ways of creating player initiative, to get people hyped. But there needs to be objectives and mechanics behind those or else you'll get what we have now, the same people doing the same thing over and over and over again. Remember when we had that big youtuber on the US side who brought his whole twitch audience to the game with their own clan? They did one....ONE port battle where half of them couldn't even join because limits, and they destroyed by the usual guys. Little to say they didn't stick around. RVR needs change.
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    Nah, I think it would mean double of what the base is. Wouldn't be bad if @Ink could tell us please.
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    I count to 100 Crew Damage Received Decrees Percent Iron Knees - 15% Reinforced Stern / Reinforced Bow - 15% The Ground Book - 20% Service Historique de la Marine - 15% Book of Five Rings - 20% Mahogany Planking - 15% Total - 100% I would like to see how this setup will work
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    balance is nice and all until yoh realise everyone will just go there in 1st rates atm I think there should be a max BR that is possible which should be equal of 3 or 5 3rd rates and not more. Its bullshit many times right now. You can pretty much sail a lone 1st rate with 24 other 1sts waiting in port and once he is tagged you start sailing and kill everyone in that battle whatever they sail
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    "How the world works for dummies" written by Graf Bernadotte
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    the issue is that some metas are fun and some aren't right now it's stupid
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    Ever since pvp marks were introduced we see more and more larger ships in open sea and less small frigates like surprises, renommes etc I was in a battle with shallow water ships yesterday and got 1 kill and 5 assists. I got 5 pvp marks for that battle. This is a joke imo and the last time I will pvp in a shallow ship because its a waste of time. I suggest a system that gives you marks based on how big the ship is compared to your ship. An example would be if it were a 1v1. 50BR vs 50BR = 7pvp marks 100BR vs 100BR = 10pvp marks 250BR vs 250BR = 15pvp marks 500BR vs 500BR = 20 pvp marks 500BR kills 100BR= 5pvp marks 100BR kills 500BR=30 pvp marks I think people get what I'm getting at here. Another good system is an overall battle bonus mark multiplier to punish gankers and encourage fair fights. 5000BR vs 5000BR = pvp marks x1 5000BR kills 10000BR = pvp mark x1.5 10000BR kills 5000BR=pvp mark x0.5 I get at the end of the day it is cheaper to farm alts but for the majority of players better overall. It also gives new players more rewards for pvp in small ships and doesn't force people to sail wasas and bellonas around all the time.
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    Yea because admin caters to the outspoken minority who have slowly but surely started turning this game into a lobby based battle simulator. One that has strayed very far from most aspects of realism that used to make this game unique with endless repairs in battle, magical thickness and speed boots and OP ship perks. Soon we'll have premium ships..for the low low price for $19.99.....whats next? Gold ammo?
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    Lets be real if your a trade ship and you knowingly sail into a pvp area that is marked on the map with loads of people dying in that area, instead of taking a 15 min detour you deserve to be sunk.