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    Title says it all. Particularly for the pirates, who were supposed to be hardcore mode, not carebear nation of the sissy seas.
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    I suspect these players as cheaters. - [VOLVO] Water MMT - [VOLVO] Yang Ty - [VVV] Zhou STX - [VOLVO] BengBeng Monster They must have cracked source codes of the game to modify the stats of their ships : During a battle near Fort Royal on saturday 03.17.18 at about 17.00 servertime, it was nearly impossible to penetrate hull, even with all the cannons of a Santissima, side to side. My Santi had cartagena caulking refit, navy structure refit , and bridgetown frame refit, and i took much more damages in this position. The french players who participated this battle are PVP experienced in this game. Moreover we have managed many rakes, killing no or few crew... This is my first post in the Tribunal, and i would never post if i were not pretty sure of these facts. I play this game since january 2016, and i have played many PVP battles. This is the first time that i note such an obvious cheat. We ask for the admin to investigate on that case. You can contact me for videos (bad quality...) These way of playing may kill this game. Many thanks.
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    I'd say if the enemy doesn't arrive in 15 minutes - battle is forfeit and won by whoever arrived. Also remove AI defenders from neutral ports and the need to increase hostility. A simply 'We want to take this port' button, a pvp circle for anyone interested in taking it for 2 hours, whoever gets the most points gets the port.
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    reinforcements zone s are primary for the rookies (even pirates) but indeed if you look at the true identity ,you can ask yourself : pirates and> pirates "NAVY" that was indeed never the case .. nations had navy's but pirates never did have them on that scale... they are given a nation identity as pirates ,but its not historically wright,with some exception of a single pirates nest somewhere perhaps they should be given a other name like portugees (new) and make the pirates a outlaw on his own...with some identity of his own , but vulnerable as a single unit as well..and , also some benefits (tax free), and restrictions ship wise (only the 3 rate as the biggest they can handle) pirate life is more about survival than carebear lifes the pirates we have now are a nation now, what seems to do them no good if you look at it historically they are wannabe pirates , but not real pirates. pirates are : scum on the seven seas murderers and thieves outlaws with no authority ,only pirate law A pirate is a captain with a bounty on his head, nothing more.
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    Reinforcement-Zones are realy a bit to large. Not the length of them a long the coasts more how much they are going in to the Sea. I have seen Players waiting in front of Habors starting attacking NPC's from there Spawn at the Habor in Reinforcement-Zones. So they are double Safe. I give a Poop on the Ports, i restartet with a few Ships, Gold, and some Upgrades in the Pirat Nation on the first Houre i saild to Shroud Cay and startet there to make a few Missions on B-Cutter. At the point i reached Scoundrel 120 Crew i took a Snow and Attacked Openworld Ships sometimes i attacked Players or they Attacked me. Now i am Plundere 200Crew and explore the World. To find some Players who sail not in Reinforcement-Zones to get some fights. Pirats shoud be more like a Hardcore-Nation give them Raids let them operate out of Freetowns like Shroud or Tumbardo give them there the access to the Pirat Den(Admirality). They shoud not have there own Ports. Pirats shoud not be a Nation.
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    Guys watch the video's of the cabal clan or of the portbattle at samana, use a shipcalculator and think of HP-upgrades that were not used by many players. It is possible with the ressources of the game.
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    Perhaps it would be valuable to the community, if the video was shared, and proper explanation was given as to why this happened. as if "the target was a x-y built, and as clearly the target timed angleing to perfection" ( or something like that)
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    The pirates for a long time have lacked a true identity to set them apart from the other, regular, nations of government of civilians not criminals. They're really just there for namesake, and their zone does take up a large piece of prime RVR territory.
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    It's a bug, people tag AI in their cutters and people join that battle. Although it isn't malicious, it's not fun and should be fixed.
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    NA is a simulation sandbox and one of the best things, after the fighting mechanics, is the open world, something that makes it almost unique! For this reason I like NA, for the "freedom" it offers to the players and for the chance to play with different approaches: TRADER: once the economy is better defined, I believe that even traders can be decisive in the game, especially in clans that do a lot of RvR. At the moment perhaps this aspect of the game is not really the best, but I hope that the developers will want to improve it. More traders, more open world, more PvP (this is ultimately a PvP server!). Devs please try to invent some escorting mission to the traders, it could be useful and fun. CRAFTER: I am not particularly favorable to the RNG, but I must confess that this has a little revitalized crafting. Perhaps you could balance the RNG with the xp of crafting, so that the more experience you accumulatein crafting, the more likely you are to make a better ship. Perhaps some ports could give a greater possibility to craft ships with particular refits (as in the past with the regional refits, but with the RNG component). PRIVATEERS: many clans and players, including myself, are more like privateers than captains of the national navy. For them the open world is fundamental, and having a ship that is the right balance between speed, agility and fire / boarding power is a difficult thing to achieve. These players have little or no interest in having the Patrol missions, because they are free spirits and know where to find action thanks to their experience (trading routes, port battles, free cities ...). But a populated open world is needed, otherwise they are destined to extinction. RvR CAPTAIN: the major clans are mainly interested in RvR, they do trading and crafting for the need of the game (finding resources and gold to support the war). Even here I think it would be appropriate to make more useful ports, diversifying the distribution of resources better and across the map. Perhaps it would also be appropriate to reinsert the possibility that in some ports the ships are crafted with special refits (nothing of OP) but simply to make sense and a utility to several ports in the map. These clans are those that keep the game alive, perhaps a more detailed clan management would be necessary. My dream is that we move from a logic of Nation vs Nation to a logic of Clans vs Clans, but perhaps the effort of programming is not possible to sustain (precisely it is and will remain a dream of many). NEW PLAYER: this is the "category" to be protected better, as if it were a protected "species"! Too many players leave the game after a few hours because they find it frustrating and too challenging, generating bad reviews that produce the effect of having less and less new players. With the tutorial and the next UI, I think we will have some improvements. The protected zones are ok, but they are too big, some are really excessive! The capital and a couple of nearby ports are more than enough as protected areas where to do missions and where to find the "basic" resources for crafting. For the rest you have to venture into the open world and be aware that you are in a PvP server, but only after having gained a minimum of experience and knowledge of the game mechanics. CASUAL PLAYERS: NA is a game that requires at least a couple of hours of time (if you want to be a PvP player), if the time is less you can do some mission or a bit of trading. However, devs are developing NAL which will certainly satisfy the PvPers category with less time available. So what do I think of the patrol missions? Frankly they do not respect my concept of freedom I want in a simulative sandbox game. Waiting for NAL and for those players with less time available I would suggest rather a modality like that of the FLEET PRACTICE with some differences. Waiting list where the server decides, based on the battle rating, where the single player can join, keeping the BR balanced. Do you want to join in a group? The server only makes you join when there is another group or a series of single players who balance the BR. The battle remains always open and all join in the same point (one on each side) adding to the battle from time to time up to the limit allowed by the server that handle it. The battle takes place within the well-known circle of death but must give the possibility of short excursions outside (as in the old PBs). It would be nice to be able to offer rooms with passwords in order to organize agreed challenges. All of this interests me very little but it would offer more "fair" fights as many seem to have been asking for some time (or maybe it's just a fake request?). Today, however, you must arrive in the patrol area organized in groups, otherwise it always ends up in unbalanced battles from which you can not even escape! And all the brave captains joining from the side with major BR (in the face of all fair fighters!). So for the "solo" players there is no space! I really hope that these patrol missions or these game modes per instance will be eliminated in the release of the game and include in NAL where it is right that they are, in a sandbox game do not really make sense (it's my personal opinion). Good job developers!
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    Самое главное что игра не стоит на месте и развивается! Введение новых механик и изменение БРа приводит к разнообразию геймплея и созданию нового кластера пвп игроков, это выводит пвп совершенно на новый уровень многочасовых увлекательных боев! Спасибо!
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    Upgrade storage has one goal - to have enough upgrades to quickly fit your ship for fighting in any place of the world. It is one of the features that does not look good on paper (how could you have them everywhere), but works great in reality. Removing it will be hated by many.
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    Sorry about that. It was not planned from the best of my knowledge to be and no one showed up for a pretty idiotic reason. There were people there to contest the port battle but were not able to enter.
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    Paintings are an excellent reference, unless you're too lazy to be a historian and interrogate your sources. Many visual depictions of ships and battles were executed by seasoned seamen or even eyewitnesses. The work of ignorant hacks was not appreciated by an informed public; the best nautical artists did their research and had access to people who were on the scene. At the end of the day it's art: different creators have different aims. Sometimes it's Picasso, sometimes it's socialist realism, sometimes it's photorealism. Maritime art involved a lot of the latter. Topgallantmasts and even topmasts could be replaced in a few hours. Spare lower masts were not carried on board.
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    Having basic cutters allowed into these pvp patrols brings back griefing in the Nassau area. For the deep water battles it's less of a problem but in the shallow water they are a HK nuisance. They are such an easy grief that I am thinking of doing it. Anyone one beat four bc in one battle? Buster (no shame)
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    Graf - You're an idiot. Normally I just ignore you since the saying goes true - "Never argue with an idiot since he'll drag you down to his level and beat you on experience". I don't care wether ppl heed my advice or not - I make millions whenever I want/need it. Easy gold.
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    Actually it was another player who found this out, he didn't have the mission left Nassau not knowing what was up and couldn't run from the battle when he was tagged. Why The F do we need a new ROE? Without the new ROE it would have been business as usual for the trader using skill to escape, now too bad may as well surrender. Sorry Patrol mission ROE sucks And if that deathmatch arena patrol mission was changed to serve a purpose .. aka screening battle for example it would be just fine
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    I’m a “newbie to Ultimate General. But I will get there too ! So far just played First Bull Run and. Radom battle. Getting used to the game mechanics. But enjoying it. Can’t wait to play more.
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    Only because you're under fire. As to the original proposal, I don't think the answer is that we need better rewards for individual port battles. Instead I'd advocate for a much more nuanced and dynamic system of rewards for port ownership. What I'd propose is that owned ports generate goods and services for their owners, and that ports can be managed with a system of NPC trade routes. If port owners could build NPC traders, build them into networks of trade routes that then generated taxes and income to help support the clans and their management costs, then owning ports would start to matter. Furthermore, NPC trader hunting would start to matter as well and would be a way for PvE'ers to participate in the larger game world/meta that's occurring. You could lay in on top of that port raid/flag pull mechanics for day-of player-generated PvP content, which could impact taxes for that port etc. Successful port raiding over a period of a week could then remove a timer for a port, etc. I'll say it again, make clans the primary engine of the game for RvR, with clan alliances, inter-nation clan alliances, etc. allowing for much more in-depth diplomatic options, intrigues, and potential for player-generated PvP. Players wouldn't be forced to be in a clan to participate in nationally important war efforts (PvE opportunities, screening, raiding, etc. would all be available to non-clanned battle groups) but this would improve things considerably. In short, we don't need better rewards. We shouldn't need rewards to motivate us to play the game. Instead, we need a more interesting game.
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    Pretty much all that needs to be said here... alot of mechanics in NA are already pretty much a waste of time but currently I would say it is acceptable. The more time consuming / grindy / tedious you make the game the less players you'll get because the average joe has a life outside of NA.
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    I quoted the stuff I personally liked, but some of the other stuff I left out, is devastating for the game imo..
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    And I really hope the new UI will also come very soon. Some people were hoping it would happen at the same time as the redeemable clearance.
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    - Other nations: hi RSC, change timers in bahamas so we can have a proper shallow PB -RSC: no -Other nations: fine -RSC: stop raising hostility pls -Other nations:
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    But if 80% of the players are staying in the safe zone that means that 80% of the players are not at that time interested in PvP and if you force them to PvP then they may just not play at all. I have said it before and will say it again, forcing people to PvP is not the solution, you have to encourage them to leave the safe zones. Make the safe zones less attractive, restrict the amount of money that can be made there, restrict the availability of better crafting goods and reduce the good PvE drops in the safe zone, but do not stop people playing in the safe zone if that is what they want to do no matter what rank they are.