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    So grow some balls and take those ports back.
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    Форум это место для высказывания мнений мнения могут вам нравится а могут вам не нравится действия могут вам нравится и могут не нравится Комьюнити вдруг решило, что они могут указывать другим что делать и куда идти - что не подходит под определение "форум". Если так будет продолжаться темы в которых комьюнити будет забывать что такое форум будут одна за другой закрываться Игроки которые будут это забывать и переходить границы будут наказываться выданы предупреждения всем участникам перепалок Просьба в дальнейшем использовать тему только для вопросов и ответов
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    I think it would be a good idea that the clan that owns a port should be able to stop certain accounts from buying items such as Woods , Gold etc, if they feel that These accounts are dominating the contract System. When this happens the Price of These goods is inflated, in one way good for the owning clan, as they get more tax, but when the same account deliberately overbids every time a new contract is made, it means nobody else has a Chance to get These items even the owning clan has to pay the inflated Prices. The owning clan, with a daily payment, should be able to set, to whom, and how many of an item may be sold on contract, eg Cartagena Tar... Maximum bought on a contract 20, Players A, B and C are restricted for 5 days from buying this item
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    20000dmgs in the shallow is somewhat a different challenge than in deep water, maybe the goal could be scaled a bit.
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    @admin Patrol Missions are really fun and a good idea but 2 things: 1. Joining the winning side / ganks should be discouraged more. Give the lower BR side reward and damage for mission multiplier, please. 2. Shallow patrol mission should be only 10k damage since 6-7th rates have alot lower broadside weight and hp.
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    I put this in support section, since this is a serious problem. Basically to be able to see anything during night, I have to close all windows (in room) and best to turn off light for better view on screen at night + for some mysterious reason we don't have a moon at night. I can understand the strategic point behind it (?) aka sailing at night, but playing in total darkness is not good for eyes health and we are forced to do it to have any visuality during "game night". I suggest following fix: 1. Moon 2. Brightness settings 3. Turn off/on lights on ship for strategic reasons (will be also very great during rainy and stormy weather)
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    Hey! I would like to be able to make resource buildings in nation ports with out having to make an outpost there. Then I could just sail there in a trading ship, craft the resources from the building and then sail it back to the port where I do my crafting. Because we can not store stuff in ports where we do not have outpost I would only craft what I could fit in my ship. If I crafted to much I would sell it in the shop. This would free up the need for dedicated crafting outposts and we would sail more in OW As it is now I dedicate 1 outpost (2 in ruff times) for resource crafting. I make 3-5 buildings and farm 1 that resource until I have enough. Then I move over to the next resource. Only use 3 indiamans and I don't bother sailing to collect my resources until I can fill all 3 to the brim. I have always struggled with balancing ports I need to have for PvP (free ports and I want them all!!), RvR (1-3 ports we need to be ready at for defending against hostility or gather for attack), clan warehouse (1 port), crafting(1-5) and then a port for trading and 1 free so I can open a outpost where ever I end up and TP back home. 8 ports have never been near to cover this..
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    All Dutch traders ships, rank below Indianman, are allowed safe trade in the Maracaibo Bay. If someone from the BF drowns you, show me the screen and I'll cover all your losses. Thank you for attention
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    I see a huge issue. Attacker is limited to 10 players and defender can bring 15 players and has 10 AI? Sounds very unfair and unbalanced - @admin.
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    I havnt tested it yet. Cause well too far away lol But this is actualy what I tought as well. I think the PvP Patrols are not so much to cause Duels. But to Create a PvP Hotspot. Where People gather and do PvP. PvE Players can get PvP Marks by being in that Hotspot and have a way to get Rewards even if they never Win a Single PvP Fight. PvPers got an Area where they have a higher Chance of Finding Fights and Targets. At the same time as other PvPers will be there they will also find more actual PvP Targets In General its an attempt to recreate the Situation we had back in the Day. When every National Port would have Reinforcement NPC Fleets. Back then due to all Nation Ports being sort of Safezones. The Freeports were a PvP Hotspot. I think what they are trying. Is To Bring back this PvP hotspot by simply designating an Area as such an PvP Hotspot and giving Players Rewards for Playing there. Their other mentioned reason. To Teach Players that losing a Ship is not really a Problem. Is of course also included. But I think the Primary Target really is to get a PvP Hotspot Area where PvP happens. This is in fact also a Good Idea. Because in a PvP Hotspot you will always have more PvPers around. So forming a Ganking Group thats outside the Power level of what Random PvPers can Unite to Deal with is much harder. Current Problem is a Ganking Group cant be Beaten by the like 3 guys which do PvP in the port Attacked. And it would take an Hour to get People from other Ports. But with the PvP Hotspot. You can assume to always find enough PvPers in a short Distance around it. To go and Kill a Ganker Group. I really hope this Works. But Seriously. We need 3-4 of these Zones Spread on the Map. Nobody is going to Travel 1-2 Hours every Day to Follow these Zones....
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    At the same time another battle vs Prussia was happening in the zone: Very nice battle o7 PS: To everyone complaining about mods, my Pavel had 3 basic upgrades and no slots.
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    generally I like it BUT Why are the battles open for that long? 3 minutes is plenty. Just promotes the gank. Circle of death seems overdone... Found myself a bellona duel; battle was a little weird, had to reposition and chase a lot; eventually we got to the end of the circle - just then it started to shrink. No way any of us could get back in the circle due to wind; shrinks way too quick. I was lucky he was already low on Structure which slowed him down; eventually I had to board - With 15 seconds left on the clock I managed to capture him. Please increase circle size, reduce shrinking speed
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    to 1: That chain and mast sniping are to easy especially while fighting a large grp. You can be skilled and rake 30%sail hp in one volley but the grp with 5 guys can just spam chain and have the same effect. Chain boarding in groups is an easy way to win boarding. to 2: While in boarding with someone grape of a 3rd guy would even kill crew of both players engaged in boarding. to 3: court martial for leaving equal battles and special admiralty reward for bravery [even when just tried]. (reputation system?) - make access to mods easier. Its not the ship that hurts to lose. The mods are the problem. to 4: Finally a reward system that scales with grp ratio and BR ratio. Means currently BR makes the potsize of all rewards. These rewards are divided through all peoples that did something. This pot is static. The potsize should scale with difficult. That means 5 guys fighting 1 shouldnt get the full reward potsize especially when BR favours the 5 guys. Admiralty would rate such an event as nice but not give away any medal.
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    English Civil War. Around 1643 so you have pike and musket. The current skirmisher would work well with the musket component of regiments. The weapons would be clubs/pitchforks for peasant levies, pikes, matchlock muskets, firelocks, rare flintlocks, wheel-lock pistols. Armor; nothing, buff coats, breastplate and helmet, and the rare cuirrassiers (Haselrig's Lobsters) Regiments can be raised by leaders (parliamentarians or nobility) and supply was important. Smaller scale than the US civil war, but lots of scope for color and period atmosphere.
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    Kinda off what @Jake Newport said it might be nice if clans can have some tabs to click for what type of clan they are: RvR, PvP, PvE, Merchant/Trade Clan. New Player friendly. Open for recruitment Stuff like that that new players can look at search. Clans will also need a recruitment role. Like officers but only power would be to add folks to clan nothing else. Oh and we really need freaking clan logs of the warehouse.
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    I believe those should be the important factors of ship crafting, not only RNG. Heck I'd pop 50 more levels into crafting, keep everything EXACTLY the way it is with the only difference between 50-100 is each level is 1% more chance to get a bonus. Put it on a runescape level of progression and you have an easy 2-3 years of crafting content, with results that show/
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    How about this ? Could we buy a multiplier for our RNG crafted ship by choosing to spend, say double, the amount of LH or materials? For example, say I choose to spend twice the LH to craft one ship that I have all the mats for, then my chances of certain upgrades are multiplied by 1.2 or something like that? Or conversely, I spend the same number of LH but it costs me twice the number of mats to craft that same ship, and then I get the 1.2 multiplier? At least we might have more control over crafting something special. Thoughts?
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    I have noticed, after playing through the campaign several times, that a lot of maps for one battle are re-used in another battle. Sometimes this makes perfect sense - namely if in real life the two battles happened at the same place (example - 1st Bull Run is almost entirely contained within 2nd Bull Run, and the southern part of Cold Harbor overlaps entirely with Gaines' Mill). But for several other battles the only reason would be that the developers did not want to waste effort making new maps when their old ones are perfectly reusable. I don't mind at all - it means that you can learn strategies in one scenario and apply them to another scenario, plus the simple fact of approaching an objective from a different direction leads to new tactical challenges. That said, I think it would be helpful if we had a List, in one place, of what battles (Grand and Minor) are fought on the same terrain. My post will include every battle that I can remember, but Please Feel Free to update and add any more battles that you think of (and attach the right names to some of the minor battles). ------ In order of Grand Battles: 1st Bull Run is roughly the eastern half of 2nd Bull Run (extending a bit east of the Stone Bridge), but there are at least two occurrences beyond that. The southwestern region of 2nd Bull Run, at the town of Groveton, is re-purposed as Newport News (Confederate minor Battle in 1st Bull Run campaign) - you defend from the south as Union attacks from North, NW, and East. The western edge of the map, crossing over the creek, overlaps with the Confederate minor battle of Weapons Factory (Harper's Ferry) in the Antietam Campaign. Shiloh gets re-used once confirmed. It's southeast portion, from the river to the southeastern 2 objectives (Camps), is also the second-to-last minor battle of the entire Union Campaign - forgot the name (something-Bluff) - where as the Union you attack west and north from the river into Confederate Entrenchments. I *think*, but have not confirmed, that the northeastern area around Pittsburgh Landing (final objective) is also the first of 2 minor battles in the Union Chancellorsville campaign, where you attack Longstreet and try to destroy 3 heavy batteries in a fort along the river bank. Gaines' Mill, besides overlapping Cold Harbor, also has its western portion re-used (the lake by the dam). It is the Union minor battle River Crossing (Shiloh Campaign), where the Union attacks from the west, across the first stream, to take 2 hills. [Cold Harbor has a bunch of its own overlaps; see further down this list]. Malvern Hill has its map show up in at least four minor battles. The northern portion, where the stream is crossed by 2 bridges and 2 fords, becomes the Confederate minor battle of Cross Keys (Gaines' Mill Campaign), where you defend the woods west of the stream against Union attacks from the east. The far southeast part of the battlefield (East Malvern Hill Objective) is used Twice. Once is the immediate next Confederate minor battle - Port Republic: you attack into the woods from the northwest, and then defend against Union reinforcements arriving from the northeast across the stream. That same area also becomes a Union minor battle - the 1st of 2 in the Antietam Campaign (forgot the name - one of the 2 Gaps) - where you attack from the southeast uphill into the woods to take the little house at the corner where the field begins. Finally, the West Malvern Hill objective is the stage for the Union minor battle of Bayou Forche [sic?] in the Chickamauga campaign - you can flank the position to the north by the upper bridge, or by the part of your force arriving from the southeast. A set of minor battles use exactly the same maps - the very first Union minor battle (Distress Call) and a Confederate minor battle in the 2nd Bull Run campaign (Manassas Depot) use the same map - the one with 2 supply depots in the western portion of a big field surrounded by woods, that you have to hold/attack. For a second set: the Confederate minor battle of Corinth (Fredericksburg campaign) is the area around the south-central objective marker of the Union minor battle of Jonesboro/Georgia Railroad (Richmond campaign). The town of Sharpsburg (from Antietam) is apparently also the town of Winchester, as it and the woods to its west and northwest is the focal point of 2 minor battles (1st Winchester, Confederate minor battle in Gaines' Mill campaign, and 2nd Winchester, Union minor battle in Gettysburg campaign). Additionally, the far northwest corner of the map overlaps with the Union minor battle of (Siege of) Suffolk from the Chancellorsville Campaign. (I have not yet found any Re-uses for Fredericksburg). Stone's River shows up again a few times. The area around the final objective markers was seen once before by the Confederates as Stay Alert, a minor battle in the Shiloh Campaign, where you defend the area against Union attacks from the western half of the compass. The area around the middle objective markers (phase 2) becomes Hardin Pike, one of the last Confederate minor battles in the Washington campaign, except the Union now has Fortifications up the Wazoo. The southwestern portion of the map (the open area west of the initial objective markers) is used in another Confederate minor battle - Prairie Grove - in the Fredericksburg campaign, where you defend against Union attacks coming from the north. The heavy woods at Chancellorsville lend themselves well to a few minor battles. A rectangle formed from the Chancellor House (main objective) and going southeast becomes the Union minor battle of Iuka (Fredericksburg Campaign) where you attack from the south and enjoy overrunning outnumbered ill-equipped Rebels. Starting from the same corner and make the rectangle a lot larger, and you get Brock Road, a Union minor battle in the Cold Harbor campaign. The far south-western region of the map (not usually in play unless something *wild* happens on May 2nd) meanwhile is the Confederate minor battle of Saunder's Field that also happens in the Wilderness (Cold Harbor campaign). [While both of these battles *could* be made to overlap as they did in real life, here the game developers messed up. The Union minor battle should be where the Confederate one is, and the Confederate one should be about half-way up the left side of the map rather than at the corner.] Meanwhile, the northwest quadrant (over which the Confederates attack on Day 2) overlaps with the southern half of the Confederate minor battle of [Siege of] Jackson from the Chickamauga campaign, with the main east-west road from Chancellorsville being the southern border of the latter's map. Gettysburg's iconic map still manages to show up in a few other places. The western part of Day 3's map, from the very fringe of Cemetery Hill and Ridge down to in line with the Peach Orchard, and heading west, overlaps as the "eastern" [really northern, the map is rotated] half of the Confederates' minor battle of Laurel Hill from the Cold Harbor campaign. Meanwhile Culp's Hill is the same objective as the West Redoubt objective from Hall's Ferry Road (Vicksburg), a Confederate minor battle in the Washington campaign. Going south from there, sticking just east of the main objective markers (in what was IRL the Union behind-the-lines area), you then reach the 1st Franklin battlefield (Confederate minor battle from Chancellorsville Campaign). Chickamauga shows up in at least 2 other places. First, the area from the middle 2 objective markers and heading west into the wooded ridge, is the *other* Union minor battle in the Antietam Campaign (the -other- Gap), where you attack from the east across the small stream to seize the heights. Second, the bridge crossing almost forgotten on Day 1 (since it uses Wilder's brigade, which is not your own), happened as another Confederate minor battle, Blackwater Heights, from the Chancellorsville campaign. Cold Harbor is a huge map that shares terrain with a record *6* (at least) other engagements (besides, of course, Gaines' Mill, overlapping from real life as previously mentioned). The far northeastern portion of the map (comes into play on Day 2 as the Confederate Left Flank objective) is right on top of Salem Church, the "minor battle" (in quotes because it is a mandatory one) that is a part of the Grand Battle of Chancellorsville. Proceeding southwest from there, the open area northwest of the next objective marker (Bethesda Church) is the map for the Confederate minor battle of Ambush Convoy from the Shiloh Campaign. From there, going due south and stretching to the eastern edge of the map gives us a bunch more minor battles where the stream comes in from the east. North to South, the first is Thoroughfare Gap, Union minor battle from 2nd Bull Run, where you hold a wooded area northeast of the stream and the Confederates attack from the Southwest. Extending this map a bit south gives you the a Confederate minor battle Cedar Mountain (also from the 2nd Bull Run campaign), with exactly the same position [but not actually the same position in real life] so now you (Confederate) are the attacker. Then this map in turn overlaps as the northern part of a later Confederate minor battle (Chantilly, from the Antietam campaign), where you defend 2 wooded areas against Union assault from the south. Taking us to the south-central area of the Cold Harbor map, at the Old Cold Harbor objective (basically the 1st Day 1 Map), gives almost the exact boundaries of Seven Pines, a Union minor battle from the Gaines' Mill campaign. Fort Stevens' (the Union mandatory minor battle immediately after Cold Harbor) map is, of course, contained in the map for the Confederate Grand Battle of Washington. But so is the infamous Rio Hill, Confederate minor battle in the Chancellorsville campaign, in about the same place (northwest area of the big map), just sans fortifications. Meanwhile, the battle of Mansfield (Confederate minor battle in the Cold Harbor campaign) overlaps with the south-central region of the 1st map of the 1st day of the Union Grand Battle of Richmond.
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    Is this true could someone point out the verification? If so I have been wasting my first perk for all my Arty units! Thanks, Joe
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    Ultimate General: Civil War 2 With more freedom in battles and more customization for units (Uniforms for example)
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    I'd love to see something early in the days of linear tactics, like the War of Spanish Succession.