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    At the same time another battle vs Prussia was happening in the zone: Very nice battle o7 PS: To everyone complaining about mods, my Pavel had 3 basic upgrades and no slots.
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    the perk is not overpowered if you can rake - if you cant rake you should not board the perk is logically historical - HMS victory could not board a ship with much smaller crew and never actually boarded it - it started sinking and surrendered after a leaking broadside from two other first rates. but it was never boarded due to determined defenders (who also managed to kill nelson) Once we add Redoutable - it will have a huge built in defensive bonus to commemorate french defenders who are usually underappreciated. Topic locked.
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    As Title says lol Seriously. I take a Patrol Mission. Want to go to the Patrol. And its Half the Map away. Its going to take me like an Hour or something just to get there assuming I wont be Intercepted. This aint going to Work. How am I supposed to get any Reward out of PvP if I first have to Drive an Hour to the Patrol Area which I will likely never even Reach lol
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    First battle around Patrol Area: Here French fleet getting rekt (before pirates joined): Then we decided to wreck the pirates for ganking us and interupting our battle:
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    What was a pleasant 1v1 Quick;y tuned into a dreadful gank Battles need to either be FFA or have some kind of balancing to them, these kind of fights are not fun for both sides
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    Today while participating in events I had fights with French, Pirates, Brits and Swedish. I saw US and Russians. For now it works great - every battle is interesting. I got less marks from those battles than when fighting outnumbered next to capital, however much more fun. There's no need to nerf rewards. The only long-term issue I see is people tend to join a side with larger BR, which promotes gank fights. It could be nice to balance this somehow.
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    So much trash talk in this trash topic
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    Initially it was the two pirates vs me, then the rest of CABAL joined. Pirates were nearly killed and my sails completely gone by the time the prussians joined. For some reason my kill of one of the pirates didn't register in the battle, but it did show up in combat news, some kind of bug...
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    Now with battles always open you can gank the carezone gankers. much more profit less risk
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    I doubt that when you go alone you will see any reward. You might have to go there 5 times before you actual finish the mission. And in that case the 10pvp marks are not worth the effort.
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    generally I like it BUT Why are the battles open for that long? 3 minutes is plenty. Just promotes the gank. Circle of death seems overdone... Found myself a bellona duel; battle was a little weird, had to reposition and chase a lot; eventually we got to the end of the circle - just then it started to shrink. No way any of us could get back in the circle due to wind; shrinks way too quick. I was lucky he was already low on Structure which slowed him down; eventually I had to board - With 15 seconds left on the clock I managed to capture him. Please increase circle size, reduce shrinking speed
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    Captains Mega patch with multiple changes will be deployed tomorrow 8th March! PVP/PVE Patrols PVP was made more affordable and rewarding with the introduction of Patrol missions More information can be found here Tiered rewards will be added to patrols in the next couple of weeks after this event is tested New content will be added to admiralty in the next couple of weeks Conquest Changes: Conquest for everyone Conquest no longer favors only leading nation Any player can get access to victory marks, by just being a lord protector at least one port on monday maintenance Victory marks distribution has changed. Lord protectors will now receive victory marks every week based on their port ownership on conquest round end (weekly). Victory mark distribution is tiered and has diminishing returns. You will get 1 mark extra mark for every 3 ports you control but the max number of marks that can be received is limited by 5. Example 1-3 ports: 1 victory mark 4-6 ports: 2 victory marks 7-9 ports: 3 victory marks 10-12 ports: 4 victory marks 13-15 ports: 5 victory marks 16-18 ports: 5 victory marks etc.. To promote more activity across all time zones, Port battle timer now costs 500,000 per day; old 100k price was ridiculously low and cost of the capture timer will continue to evolve Hostility missions improvements. NPC defence fleets in hostility missions now adapt to an attacker force. Responding with similar vessels both in rating and in numbers. If one player will come to generate hostility on the enemy force he will encounter 1 defender. If 10 players come to generate hostility they will encounter 10 npc defender ships. The problem of the inability for the port owner to provide an adequate defence force is solved by limitation of player ships in the hostility mission. Both defender and attacker can only bring 10 vessels into the hostility mission. Hostility missions now spawn 30% closer to the port Reinforcement zones rules of engagement change ability to pull the players to the battle using NPC attack - removed ability to pull the players into battle using player attack - removed if battle is created in the reinforcement zone only attacked player or battle group is pulled into battle all others will be able to join using positional reinforcement and can decline to do so. This will remove the potential for grief and abuse in the reinforcement areas. Add. Positional entry rules mean battles are open until they end, which greatly help defenders to punish the hostiles Battle groups reworked Battle group will act as a battle group only when there are 6 players or more in the group. The status of the battle group is shown in the group interface and will tell you if your group is a battle group. This is done to remove abuse of battle groups mechanics allowing creation of solo battle groups to avoid screening. Other changes and improvements Clicking on a ship in the open world will now show the circle around him, that can help understanding who will be pulled into the battle if he is attacked. This will be very helpful in station keeping when traveling in the open world. Unrated vessels without the chasers now have the control perk too PVP Upgrade Drop. Player ships will now drop one of the installed upgrades into its hold if boarded or killed. You cannot enter or exit shallow water ports with deep water ships. Use tow ship function to move the deep water ships out of shallow water areas. Player names and ship names removed from ENEMY players in the open world identification. You will only know that it is a player and an approximate rank of the vessel/vessels. You will only be able to find out the name of the captain once you engage. Names of your nation's captains are not affected. Checkbox to only show online clan members added to clan interface Tow to port now creates a PB entry timer. Timer is the same as the PB timer created after normal battles. Attack circle is reduced. You will be able (theoretically) to lay fire immediately after attack. This is done to reduce counter tagging. Minimal speed in the open world is now 4knots, to provide better experience in long journeys. Ship sinking time is increased by 30% for destroyed ships to make picking up loot easier. Side force no longer affects speed indication Epic events no longer spawn very close to shallow waters Brace command is reassigned to F10 - to remove accidental clicking (40% of new player bug reports were about brace) Wasa, L Hermione, Santa Cecilia received a slight armor buff Wasa, Hamburg, Ingermanland, L Hermione, Santa Cecilia received a turn rate buff Leeway force from square sails, and staysails/jibs slightly increased NPC ships HP buffed slightly to compensate lack of repairs Barricades now have the attack penalty and are a pure defensive upgrade Angle importance on penetration slightly increased (need more testing) to provide more options to control incoming damage into hull Edinorog accuracy reduced to somewhere between carronades and medium guns. Vertical sector greatly reduced as it would be impossible to use edinorog howitzer firing through ports of the ship. All other upgrades increasing vertical gun sector drastically nerfed Rigging specialist perk nerfed as its bonuses were too high. Acceleration/Deceleration formulas improved based on the wetted area calculations; which in general reduces tacking effectiveness for wider deeper vessels. Ships created through admiralty notes can occasionally receive crafting bonuses and extra slots. Tutorial Tutorial button is temporarily removed for the final integration of rewards and final exams. Leveling and rank progression and crew assignment for ranks will change in the next couple of weeks. Plans for March/Early April Integration of the open world UI into the game Finalization of tutorial Premium ship pack containing 3 ships (2 of which could be acquired in game by other means) Hotfix March 8th Ship crafting bug fixed PVP Patrol button is temporarily removed to fix the Battle circle of doom sometimes spawning with an offset killing everyone in the instance Database is being reverted to today's maintenance state due to too many ships lost in events and crafted. Hotfix March 9th Fixed bug caused the Battle circle of doom to spawn incorrectly. PVP Patrol missions are back. Hotfix March 13th Fixed bug that prevented pvp patrol rules of engagement in Nassau order.
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    круга не было с начало боя начал бой схватил непись потом зашли фрегаты возможно ли это в связи с тем что когда я убил непись я выполнил миску по набивке урона? З.Ы. потерян Ваппен фое гамбург с модулями раттлеснейк, нортен карпентер, френч риг рефит, тик вайт оак (обидно да я ведь игроков прикончил)
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    There is a big difference in that. The Players at the Mission Zone decided to go there for doing pvp. The Players in safezone mostly wanna do pve.
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    Есть некое оЧуЧение , что ажиотаж вокруг новых пвп миссий через пару месяцев превратится в глухое затишье по всему серверу , как это было с пвп ивентами . Искусственное ПвП долго не живет . Имхо
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    P.S. Belle Poule left before battle started
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    What is missing mate? All promises are delivered and more was done. Now tutorial, ui and localization are under way and you can help fund more content by buying premium ship packs and other goods
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    Что вы так на curt'a87 наехали? Полезно иногда узнать мнение нового человека, не старого морского волка. Так сказать, оценка текущего состояния игры и разработки со стороны. Ведь в чем-то он прав. А игра давно скатилась, как и форум скатился в болтовню одной компашки.
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    Wanted to share a WIP image of a 1900 British Armored Cruiser.Hope you like it.
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    Wait... these trim bonuses are random?!?! What happened to regional bonuses? Talk about a wasted opportunity to bring meaning to RvR...
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    gg, we have random trim speeds. Just like old "stiffness" and "speed" RNG. Welcome back to 2016
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    With respect to the fact that people who played NA for more than 4k hours gave the game bad critics on steam because they fear that this game is going nowhere.. I would agree. People who spend thousands of hours in a game and write bad comments about it are not players who hate the game, but who love it and are concerned or angry about wrong changes made. Greetings,