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    He kills Prussian player near Aves every single hour. No one in Prussian nation reported him or admitted to dying. Never seen this player and:
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    I understand the reasons why the ship classes and names are hidden, however I think it could be done much better. Option where You completely turn off any chance to talk with surrounding ships is bad in the MMO's. It's why we are here. To have interaction - not only fighting each other, but also talking to each other. You want to keep the names anonymous? Not a problem - if someone choose "Private message" just mark him in the window as "Unknown Player" (or whatever You want to call them - British Ship #1, Pirate Ship #2) so they are still anonymous. But, when the messaged player will actually reply (his own choice) You reveal the name in the chat window, and allow us to speak freely, until one of them will hit the port or sail away for some distance. Situation, where You can only talk to each other either in Global Chat or already in the battle is wrong, wrong, wrong... Also, You might keep in mind, that hiding the ship name with still shown Battle Rating is pointless. I know all the BR by heart, so if I see a precise number, I know what ship is it, no matter are You gonna call it "4th class" in OW window or not. It's just stupid. Also #2, if You want the OW to be more mysterious and anonymous, give as a tool to "mark" ships. For example, if I know that this specific ship is a friend of mine from different nation, I can mark him with "green flag" (similar to Battle Group flag) above his ship, so I can have an easy track of him on the map. Other than that - removing an option to talk with other players in a MMO is totally stupid move.
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    The navy sructure i got was on the ship equipped before. the used slot was free after i got it. so i can choose now if i equip it again or not.
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    Prob suggested before but....) ability to signal to an enemy ship in the OW and challenge to a 1v1 duel. If they accept and one tags another then then battle starts and instantly closes.
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    I find it very telling that the guy who cried the hardest for days on these forums about how unfair it was to be 'multiflipped' (really it was only a duoflip) by half the server, all because he and his buddies acted like dicks, the same guy then goes to personally organize an 'octoflip' vs RSC because gregory acted like a dick. Ofcourse then he spends the next days bragging about it on the forums. Only goes to show how Christendom speaks with a forked tongue and will say or do anything to advance his agenda. Any professions about the good of the server are nothing but smokescreens. I hate PB-dodging timers as much as the next guy (we have Christy to thank for that too btw!) but jesus could you be any more hypocritical? As his buddy Graf loves to say: 'Do as he says, not as he does.'
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    1. Hidden names is OW - probably one of the best changes so far, make it all exciting again ! 2. Another great change is opening reinforcement zone battles for longer. This creates opportunity for big battles ! Yesterday we had people joining battle for over 30 mins ! Great fights yesterday, lost two ships although amount of fun was worth more than ships Thanks devs
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    Eventually I hope to see some kind of outlaw mechanic. Being good isn't fun all the time.
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    How about the attacker deciding whether he wants reinforcement or not? Can be solved with a pop-up window asking if you will accept support. Green-on-Green however should never be considered acceptable. Important: To avoid abuse in alt-farming, keep the defending side open like today, then we can still expose players doing PvP-mark farming.
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    EVERY crafted ship should receive SOME bonus, leave stock 3/5 ships to captured AI, at the very least a crafted ship should receive a refit bonus, if not an extra perm slot.
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    Hotfix March 9th Fixed bug caused the Battle circle of doom to spawn incorrectly. PVP Patrol missions are back.
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    Tall ships don't have consistent silhouettes. Sails and masts are constantly shifting position. Open rails can be replaced by barricades, quarter and stern galleries can be removed, and the topsides may be obscured by hammock nettings. In a given decade the proportions of masts and yards was standardized for naval vessels. Rig details could give hints about vessel nationality, just like the OW right now. History is replete with examples of officers mistaking frigates for ships of the line, sloops for frigates, and merchantmen for men of war.
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    And why is that? You think if this battle happened irl, the 2 ships would even have taken turns with boarding? As I said before, they would most likely have boarded at the same time 2 vs 1... I don't see any gameplay issues either. If anything is broken then it is the 1990 2D boarding minigame... pretty big disappointment with the epic combat in NA...
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    So you got to keep the ship with all mods on aswell as one random module? Seems exploitable.. modules should only drop for kills
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    Great patch once again except the quoted part. Premium ships are something for Free2Play games and not for a game for which I payed 40 euros already. Why not add ship paints and other cosmetic stuff as premium?
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    Here is a sound, which suits better to the storm in naval action Hier ist ein Sound, das passt besser zum Sturm in Naval Action ^-^
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    With private chat gone,next stage is to remove the global chat!
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    Cierto, siempre ha habido bugs, en este y en otros juegos, pero eso se arregla.... si se quiere. Barcos dorados, si, pero estaban al alcance de todo el mundo. A lo que voy, es que, antes el juego estaba igualado en cuanto a medios, cierto que siempre se favoreció a la facción más numerosa (más números=más palmeros, aunque aquí tuvimos y aún tenemos palmeros ilustres que por unas migajas vendieron a la facción), pero en una batalla equilibrada en números y barcos tenías las mismas posibilidades, incluso con inferioridad podías salir airoso; ahora eso es prácticamente imposible. Yo me niego a hacer pvp abusando de novatos o pobres comerciantes como hacen muchos, para salir en las noticias o para ganar cromitos, si, en eso consiste el juego desde hace muchos meses, abusar de los débiles para llegar bien preparado a batallas mayores. Ya lo he puesto otras veces, lo vuelvo a repetir, yo he sufrido ataques de tíos que no sabían hacer giros con velas, siempre van en automático, ataques de terceras más rápidos que una fragata, etc, qué contaros que no sepáis. Ahora da igual el conocimiento de los barcos, y la destreza, teniendo los cromitos adecuados te puedes sentir seguro en combate casi contra cualquiera que no los lleve. Esto ha pasado de ser un simulador a un arcade en toda regla y ya no hay vuelta atrás porque a los palmeros les gusta y a los que supuestamente "desarrollan" esto les gustan los pelotas. El problema mayor es que la gente con dos dedos de frente, abandona el juego sin protestar, ni hacer ruido en los foros, y los que lo hacen son silenciados o bien por los "moderadores" o por las pandillas de abusones a los que favorece la situación actual; mirad las estadísticas de jugadores de Steam.
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    pro tip: formations are 90% of the time bullshit you dont need which make you die the rest of the time is when you sail into a enemy and yhopefully stop doing them after it
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    except the bellona doesnt have it anymore then it would be fine it kinda makes permaupgrades not perma anymore though
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    How hidden is this feature? and does it feel like a bug?/ has it been f11ed before?
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    The white line thickness is too high and it should be a bit more transparent.
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    I dont get the issue with chainboarding. Makes no sense to me. If youre being chainboarded you got yourself into a situation you should never have gotten into imo.
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    Although it would be nice to experience different maps, we are struggling to fill the current servers and maps without introducing new maps and different time period servers. By the way a European map would have two main PvP areas, the English channel and the Straits of Gibraltar and I could imagine the Spanish would take Gibraltar at all costs.