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    I am thinking about this idea for a very long time and since I see that the complaints about demasting are on the rise again and that many mostly blame the accuracy of our cannons for this, I decided to present this Idea in a hopefully fashionable manner. Keep in mind these are just some ideas I have and want to share. I don’t insist that these should be implemented nor would I be frustrated if they won’t (I will just write a bad steam review ). I too think that our cannons are far too accurate and thus enable players to snipe for specific parts of an hostile ship. Especially at longer ranges. Also the speed of changing your point of aim, acquiring a new target and the feeling of disconnection of the cannons from the ship, bothers me. Our cannons act like they are mounted on modern turrets. You can single shoot masts and if you miss you can instantly adjust your point of aim (horizontal and vertical) and shoot again with almost no delay whatsoever. Also, the up and down motion of the ship doesn’t influence the aiming at all. Sure, heel does influence your max and min elevation, but doesn’t pose a real problem. So the main subject of my idea is, that the cannons and their point of aim really get fixed to the deck and are affected by roll, pitch and heel. So our aim bar constantly moves with the ship. The roll in the game right now is moderate to almost nonexistent because the sea in the instances is very calm. Maybe that should change too (variation). Heel can be significant but everybody should know by now how to minimize it. I don’t know if pitch plays a role, since aiming at the moment is not very much affected by the movement of the ship. Furthermore, the change of horizontal orientation and elevation of cannons should be a bit slower. Cannons were manhandled with handspikes to change these parameters. This took time and to instantly fire a cannon during this (like we can do now) wasn’t possible. So cannons in game should not be able to fire while being traversed or elevated. A simple example of how it could be shown to the player that his cannons aren't ready to fire during adjustments What will be the effects of this? Changing horizontal traverse and elevation isn’t almost instantly anymore. Adjusting your aim to snipe enemy masts in a fast manner isn’t an option anymore. To have a further option of balance. carronades could receive a buff in horizontal traverse speeds due to their carriages. Changing elevation fast to quickly aim at the waterline and right after that back at the hull or masts won’t be possible anymore. You must pre-plan your broadside. You must calculate how and where you want to aim and how to position your ship to get the best result. In fact you will mostly don’t touch the elevation setting of your cannons and aim with the ship now and keep your guns leveled to the deck and use roll to either shoot high or low. You don't wan't an arched flight path of your balls and want to keep it as flat as possible. Elevation then comes into place if you want to compensate for heel or are very close to your opponent but still want to shoot high. Also there would be a use for battle sails and people wouldn’t sail around with all sails set all the time. Full sails let the ship heel but also stabilize it against roll (although I somewhere read that higher speed makes the roll more unpredictable, sailing experts?). No sails on the other hand won’t let your ship heel as much but let your ship roll too unpredictable. Battle sails could be the middle ground between both extremes. A moderate heel and a moderate more predictable roll. I also read somewhere on the forum that the current battles sails layout isn’t exactly correct with set topgallants and royals but again, I think our sailing experts can prove me wrong on this or give better explanations. A downside with current firing mechanics in combination with my proposed idea above is that many shots of a broadside probably won’t hit due to the ship movement. Well at least if you are not right next to the enemy ship. Right now we can single shot with space bar or release a whole broadside with a mouse click, where many shots will miss and be wasted. I believe that no gun captain would fire his cannon if the target isn’t in sight (I assume he has a clear picture and is not hindered by smoke). Therefor I would like an additional way of releasing a broadside. This was an idea of @Hethwill some time ago. He suggested that, while you hold down spacebar your ship will fire a rolling broadside (front, back, random). If you release spacebar it will instantly stop and will continue at the next cannon if you hold spacebar down again. Maybe a general gimmick could be to let the player choose between 2 or 3 different rates of firing intervals. With one where almost all guns fire at the same time. This could increase the probability of a reload shock of your enemy. A downside could be that it also has a small negative effect on your structure. But that's just an extra and honestly not really needed. Until now I just made it harder to actually hit a target. I would also propose something more positive for the gunplay. As far as I know, the transparent fire sector roughly shows where the shots will land. I don’t know exactly where the aim bar is pointing but I assume it is somehow an elongation of the bore axis (of course somehow the average of all decks). I would like to keep it that way with a few adjustments. I will explain these things with a few pictures too. At first, all decks should be independent from each other. This means different point of aim and also different cannon loads per deck. You will basically see an aim bar for every deck (aiming all decks at once should still be possible). If you go into aim mode of a deck, the correspondent bar will be highlighted and a vertical axis for elevation and horizontal axis for traverse will appear. There would be middle markers (where the cannon is leveled/perpendicular to the deck) and min and max markers. This way you could load chain on the top deck and aim it a bit higher, while the two other decks are loaded with double shot. Or you are up close and preparing for a boarding action. So load your small top cannons with grape, while still pounding the gun deck and waterline with ball. Since it is a bit more complicated, I think UI wise it would be probably better to use the mouse for everything instead of smashing long button combinations (like 1 - 1 - 2 for example). no deck selected all decks selected and in aiming mode (chain loaded only on the top deck) all decks selected and traversed to the right example to show what I mean: only the lowest deck is selected and all decks are aimed differently In addition to that, captains should be able to mark up to three individual set settings on the elevation bar. You can experiment against AI or whatever you like and find some good settings that will help you in future battles. For example, you roughly know how far 200 meters are. With simple trial and error you can set the cannons of all decks to an elevation, where they will hit the target at 200 meters and roughly the same spot and mark it on the elevation bar. Doesn’t matter if the top deck consists of carronades while the other deck mounts longs. Or you keep your top deck always loaded with chain and aimed higher, because the low caliber won’t penetrate the hull of the enemy ship. example of premarked elevation settings. Deck 2 and 3 set to almost the same elevation, while deck one is elevated higher (the colors are just to make them more distinguishable) Since gunnery would be less accurate with those ideas, other things could also be adjusted. Like the thickness of hulls back to normal values. Leaks can be more dangerous (although I think they are fine as they are right now). Performance of cannons and carronades could be adjusted. Maybe introduce different firing mechanisms for cannons like flint lock and fuse ignition, which affects the delay between the command to fire and actual release of the round. So a rough overview of what these ideas can change Pros: no more easy mast-sniping (especially at long ranges) no more easy waterline sniping long range chaining very difficult - easier to escape a purpose for battle sails positioning and maneuvers are even more important more difficult to get the perfect rake (also affecting long range rakes) individual loadouts and aiming of every deck possible reintrodution of reasonable hull thickness because it is harder to hit consistently also adjustments of cannon damage possible to make up for worse accuracy (a really good broadside should have a big impact) Cons: too complex and over-complicating mechanics too difficult can be frustrating no real difference with current calm and invariable sea states/ship movements many others I bet.... Swivels. Since we introduced swivels with the new pirate refitted LGV I thought about a way to implement them to all ships. Every ship should have some places where you can install swivels if you want. An example is shown in the picture below. To fit swivels to your ship you have to select in port where you want them on your ship. Maybe limit the number of swivels so not every point can be equipped with them. The player could also be allowed to switch the positions during the battle. This should take some time of course. To man the swivels in the battle instance with crew, there should be a second option in the boarding menu (like press 9 and then 2 for “man swivels”) to fire the swivels you can switch between them and aim them personally at your target. I made some example pictures with a swivel aft and one at the fighting top. This can be a nuisance to smaller ships who like to stern camp your SoL. Those swivels can also be used in the new boarding mechanics if the devs are still on it. So, this was it. Remember, these are just some ideas I had.If everything stays as it is, fair enough
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    Or perhaps, we eliminate the incentive to alt farm by getting rid of the bass-ackwards PvP mark system in the first place? Keep marks if you like but only make rewards cosmetic/superficial. All content that affects your game play (modules/skillbooks/notes) shouldn't be tied to a system where winners keep winning. The fact that there is incentive (PvP marks are now worth 400k+ in some markets) means that there will always be people that work their way around it. Any solution that uses IP-based detection is meaningless in the end.
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    As long as there is any sort of marks system that provides special god like pvp powers....people will abuse the system to get those items. Prior to the mark system we had no alt farming.
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    someone had to pay for the wall, right?
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    Yeah, I agree with everyone here saying to get rid of PvP marks altogether. They do nothing but cause problems. Give reason to alt farm. (we didn't have that before) Gives big incentive to make sure you are always ganking to ensure the victory to get PvP marks, less inclined to take a even battle. Makes more experienced players/groups go after low level new players whereas they would of ignored them before (most of the time)
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    So lets see if I have got you right, you really think that a personal disagreement gives you the right to dishonour men who's actions have gone way beyond the call of duty, many of whom never lived to receive this award, men who died so that you are free to state your opinion, no matter how vile? I have seen much disagreement with your posts, some even as bad as your own, many of whom I disagree with personally, who like all of us depend on the military to defend their right to their opinion, I do not know Gregory, I do not know what heinous crime he has committed in your mind, to be honest, I don't care, but of this I am certain, the holders of the VC and GC were awarded those medals for valour, courage in battle way above what is expected of Great Britain's military, they are men who earned national respect through their actions and not playthings for your personal vendettas. The medals, which were originally forged from the cannons that the Light Brigade rode into at Balaklava, some of whom received the first VC's awarded to British servicemen, defined meaning of courage, and if you are in any doubt as to what is required to earn a VC look up Boy Seaman Jack Cornwall, Wing Commander Guy Gibson, Col. H. Jones, then tell me that your posts are worthy of their actions and what that medal represents.
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    Hate to bust your bubble but folks been doing all those things since I started on this game and I started on day one of OW.
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    You eliminate all farming by destroying all the seeds to begin with. Get rid of pvp marks, the solution is so simple I can't see how it's missed. Further, if alt farmers quit who really cares? Is it a genuine loss to eliminate dishonest players? The large majority of players are honest and only wish for the game's success. If you buy a 10-lb sack of potatoes and throw out 2 rotten ones, you can still have a healthy bowl of mashed potatoes for your feast.
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    I actually like the current diversity of ship knowledges, but I'd like all books to be available for everyone through combat marks.. I hate winning against someone and have the feeling that I won because I simply had better knowledge/upgrades..
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    Now its crystal clear that we need a full asset wipe before release
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    Battle for Mortimer Town. We failed to take circles and as a result we didn't take the port. We did inflict some losses on the enemy though:
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    FRAN do not worry, VLTRA can lend you gold (whatever the amount), you'll pay us back when you got this fixed. PS: we'll apply a small credit interest of 40%, no big deal.
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    A couple of days ago, I saw the same messages and threats towards the BF. But what did we see in Coquibacoa? again the guts of the Russian Empire ...
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    #lvstyle You can't lose when you only test.
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    May I ask you why you are displaying a Victoria Cross with a George Cross ribbon? Don't you think that is just a little insulting to Holders of the both the highest and second highest award holders in the United Kingdoms military?
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    Demoting alts doesn't help, alts that are abused must be banned permanently, otherwise they will be used again and again.
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    Do you know what happens when you show IP address public? People can DDOS easily and also access private information about them. Much better solution: Ban main accounts of alt farmers instead of demoting their low level alt account. First offense 1 week ban. Second offense 1 month ban. Third offense perma ban. Suddenly almost noone will altfarm anymore.
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    I think we have found the one true carebear. Truly a momentous occasion. Some real masochist shit trading that much.
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    I remember once in a while someone would mention the idea of port raids. It was always an idea that I loved and would have liked to have seen come through to some point. Below is my concept of a port raid: Port raids are set up much like hostility missions, although they tend to be set up slightly faster. Once at 100% a raid port battle will appear the following day. The battle itself will allow ships 5th rate and below at either half or similar port battle rating limit currently is. Now I had an idea for it either being a last man standing before the time goes out. Good ole' classic deathmatch. The other idea I thought about but needs fine tuning is an objective based alternative much like actual port battles and the circles. Instead there are three circles. One for the attackers and two for the defenders. Now the attackers could go to these circles and at a steady pace have their ship cargo hold fill up with an "objective points." Once their hold is filled up they have to race back to their own circle where they will at a steady pace have their cargo hold emptied and earn points. An idea for the defenders to counter this apart from sinking the ships collecting the objective points is if doing hull damage it slows down the collection of the objective points into their targets ship. To win the attackers would either have to sink all the defenders or collect enough points before the battle timer runs out. Defenders win if they sink all the attackers or the attackers fail to earn enough objective points. The reward for the attackers if they win is a percentage of the ports taxes for that day goes to the clan warehouse and/or that ports rare resource such as special woods or material like cartagena tar. The port stays in the defenders hands, the respawning of the rare resource slows very slightly and of course they lose a percentage of their tax earnings for that day. It is a very rough concept I know but I feel like there is something there that can be built upon.
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    This guy is the Rothschild of the NA. He stands behind every war and conflict, behind every affair and he is funding all of the warships.
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    And for you...the best trolling medal...
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    Well, that's not entirely true.. We had people farming their alts in the PvP event zones for chests/paints/etc. Just ask KoC about that. But the point still holds, if you tie any meaningful, game-changing content to PvP where winners make out better than losers, you'll have PvP alt-farming regardless of any "technical" solutions you try to put in place.
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