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    Just git gud. Accusing without a proof is banable.
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    Hey Mr Hornblower, I kneel infront of you and to show my gratitude for your generous offer I would like to gift you the Bucentaure of the dirty Russian Christendom. Just message me ingame and I will give it to you for free!
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    Or perhaps, we eliminate the incentive to alt farm by getting rid of the bass-ackwards PvP mark system in the first place? Keep marks if you like but only make rewards cosmetic/superficial. All content that affects your game play (modules/skillbooks/notes) shouldn't be tied to a system where winners keep winning. The fact that there is incentive (PvP marks are now worth 400k+ in some markets) means that there will always be people that work their way around it. Any solution that uses IP-based detection is meaningless in the end.
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    I didnt read the full thread due to lack of time TBH. BUT: You cant punish a enemy for not showing up. Why? Because Screening punishes the attacker 2 times then. For not showing up in the portbattle and for running into a screeningfleet. So worst cqse: they get ganked by screening + punished for not showing up
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    We had an arranged fight with the Brits at Misterio this evening. VCO came out in force and spanked them. Skmarsh commanding.
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    Sombrero Island PB Russian Commanders: Anolytic & Christendom
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    why don't you ask to do fleet practice vs other brits and not give the enemy marks? I don't care what you do and its a free world after all but there is a lobby now that will teach you pvp with no risk We have done 3 so far and its the most fun you can have
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    Can we implement the "officer" knowledge schema that is found in Legends instead of the current "grind and pray to the RNG gods for a book drop" schema we currently have? Player hires officers, assigns them to ships (so knowledge gained is ship-type specific). Ship XP can unlock officer slots, each ship can have up to 4: quartermaster, gunner, carpenter, boatswain. Carpenter "learns" to repair the ship more efficiently through repairing the ship (i.e. xp gained for damage repaired in battle), quartermaster learns to handle the ship better/store supplies better to improve handling (xp gained through sailing/time in combat), gunner learns to operate guns quicker/more accurately (xp gained for damage given in battle), boatswain learns to manage crew better (xp gained for boarding?). The idea is coupled with the shipbuilding post I made previously (http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24416-change-to-shipbuildingupgrades/)as a way to reduce "stacking" upgrades while also eliminating some of the boring as hell PvE grind for random drops or having the super-rare stuff (like some of the books and copper plating) only being the realm of those that can hit epic events (i.e. players in nations that can afford 1st rate fleets).
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    FRAN do not worry, VLTRA can lend you gold (whatever the amount), you'll pay us back when you got this fixed. PS: we'll apply a small credit interest of 40%, no big deal.
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    Well, that's not entirely true.. We had people farming their alts in the PvP event zones for chests/paints/etc. Just ask KoC about that. But the point still holds, if you tie any meaningful, game-changing content to PvP where winners make out better than losers, you'll have PvP alt-farming regardless of any "technical" solutions you try to put in place.
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    They are available for a certain price and you can buy unique upgrades in open ports: Northern Carpenters - 800k Bovenwinds - 1.1mil Cartagena - 4 mil Crooked hull - 800k Yes, they are limited, however this only changes the price. The only upgrade which you will have trouble getting is copper plating, since it's not produced. Upgrades are not that OP any more in PvP. They are an issue only in RvR, where stacked thickness upgrades (Cartagena+Navy Structure) decide about victory and failure. All the others I think are more or less balanced.
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    Pretty random battle outside Harbor Island, mixed up fleets of several nations showing up looking for a fight at a PB that never happened gg
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    Captains log, 28th of January 1765 port of Coquibacoa aboard the 118 gun "Skrien" The war with the russians are heating up. Word has come in that the russians are preparing a full scale invasion of the port of Coquibacoa and the surrounding areas. The Danish-Norwegian Privateers has been ordered to the port in order to disrupt and possibly prevent a landing of troops in the city and the Baltische-Flote has taken the responsibility of defending the port itself. The naval ressources in the area has for a long time been stretched thin, busy as the danish-norwegian navy has been to protect trade in and around the port of Christiansted after the russians captured Guyama only a few hours away from the danish-norwegian governors residence. The Danish-norwegian navy did however manage to field a larger squadron of first rates that took up positions a few nautical miles outside of Coquibacoa in a westernly direction. The lookout soon spotted sails in the horizon, a smaller dutch endymion class frigate, hardly anything to be concerned about. Not long after the lookout yelled "More sails, 1,2,3,7 - 23 sails! East - one point North!". This was a dutch battlefleet come presumably to support their russian allies. We convened on the "Skrien" for a quick warcouncil, should we engage the dutch fleet or wait for the promised swedish reinforcements that had left Santa Marta? We decided that the enemy was too strong to allow near the port of Coquibacoa, our battlefleet of seven 1st rates and a single 3rd rate was a lot smaller than the dutch contingent, the dutch however had fewer large vessels and by the looks of their handling was probably of sturdy but outdated designs. The decision to engage the enemy fleet was taken at combat ensued as the 2nd bell was sounded throughout the fleet. The dutch captains fought with all their bravery but immediately after the engagement started the dutch losses were climbing. Were it not for a fireship that we hadn't noticed we would've left the battle mostly unscathed such is the might of our first rates! Alas! the fireship demasted my "Skrien" and Captain McKnights "Jomfruen". The dutch wasn't long in taking advantage of the crippled "Jomfruen" and pounded her stern relentlessly, screams could be heard from her as her crew was being raked to pieces and not long after a dutch captain engaged her in bloody hand to hand fighting. The boarding was soon over, as the crew of the crippled first rate were demoralised, decimated and the entire ship was in a bloody state of chaos. I acted with all speed, managed to get the boarding ship sinking and after some quick manouvering, with limited sails, boarded the lost "Jomfruen". The boarding was quickly done as the dutch captain had little time to prepare a defence and my crew was veterans at taking over enemy prizes. We managed to free Captain McKnight and the rest of his crew from the holds in the ship, but after a brief discussion it was decided to sink the "Jomfruen" as she was probably unsalvable in her current state. Elsewhere the battle was raging strong, the smaller dutch ships were shooting remorselessly but in general with very little effect. Captains Mikkel "0TimeLefT", Staunberg, Denisik, Wiesewolfe, Sir.Sigurd and DarkJoker hammered the dutch fleet into submission and as I was clearing the sinking "Jomfruen" I heard the heavy thumps of the danish forty-two pounders and the splintering woods of masts, ships and bones all around me. The dutch fleet were trying to disengage and we were already mopping up the remaining ships. A relatively large contingent of smaller dutch ships managed to escape the battering but all in all we were extremely satisfied with the engagement. The dutch lost 15 ships ranging from the recently captured "Jomfruen" to several 2nd rates of the Bucentaure class to fourth and fifth rated vessels of varying sizes. The danish-norwegian losses amounted to a single first rate for which I will be put on court martial the day after the next to explain my actions. I do believe however that it will be a swift procedure since the demands of the battle dictated she be floundered rather than letting her fall as a prize to the dutch navy. The battle was portrayed by a painter in the port: https://imgur.com/a/FqZDC The Baltische-Flote managed to hold the port and now we're celebrating the battle. The crews are drinking their hearths out and the brave swedish squadron, sorely missed outside of Coquibacoa, arrived with a tale of fortune in battle. Apparently they had intercepted a russian fleet of one first rate, seven second rates and a smaller vessel, all either prizes or sunk in the ensuing battle. We are gratefull that these russian ships didn't make it to the port as they could've turned the tides against us. And. We're even more gratefull for the dominican prostitutes and cuban tobacco the swedes brought with them. All we need to be real cosy right now is basically some haitian rum! Captain Lars Kjaer, commander of the high sea fleet Port of Coquibacoa, aboard his majestys ship "Skrien", 118 guns, 1100 crew compliment 28th of January 1765
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    The Battle of Antietam... The Bloodiest Day in American history. Close to 70,000 casualties as I repulse Lee and end his first invasion of Maryland. A really tough fight which actually was beyond my abilities to control in real time. In so many parts of this battle I really could have used half time to make sure my artillery was well placed and firing on the folks I wanted. As it was, I was having a major struggle just to control my infantry. Having said that, I went into this battle knowing I had to beat on Lee's army. The only really good thing to come out of this battle, expect of course I won, is that my infantry almost to the brigade increased it's efficiency by a great margin and given 400,000+ in money, I am left with a smaller but an elite fighting force across the board. I will be sure to show the differences in my next battle, the Battle of Luka. Hope you enjoy the video.
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    So why do we have OW if you want to do it lobby based?
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    Those guys at Misteriosa had only a few players who had experienced a Port Battle. Hats off to the VCO clan who facilitated it and showed us the value of experience. Spanked? I prefer some guys who genuinely love the game, and want to learn and help keep it alive, giving it a go and falling short. The future of the game may be based around those players like SALTP wishing to put their ships at risk to learn. Maybe Christendom you could pop along to the next one so we can get at least 1 kill
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    @admin Thanks again for increasing the Wasa BR! Tonight at Hat Island we saw a very interesting mix of ships, where before literally everyone was in a Wasa. We even saw a heavy frigate in a port battle! Keep up the good work, we are all looking forward to the upcoming overall rebalance.
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    Why not try to play without marks... Just dont think about it and fight, if dont have any for a Wasa, try to find a Connie, Frig, Belle Poule, Cerb, Snow, Pickle... Personally, i dont need PvP/Victory mark for my PvP... Take marks as rewards, dont farm for it.
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    Incorrect. In fleet practice you can teach people strategy and tactics. In port battles if you go in and learn you will only learn how to react to enemies tactics and not counter them with better ones. If you go in to a port battle vs russians and try out brawl them you will fail. You learn a better tactic and there is no where better to teach that to fellow sailor than in fleet practice. You should be on our ts when we do it. We take it quite serous otherwise its a waste of time.
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    As a former Dutch player, I know these rumors of BF using hacks have been spreading around the Dutch nation for quite some time. I laughed about it then, and I laugh about it now. I have never experienced anything out of the ordinary (other than competent seamanship) when fighting against BF. The 4 examples you mentioned have other explanations besides hacking. Either show proof or stop tarnishing their names on the forums.
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    Smarthphone? You should be burnt at the stake for your witchcraft.
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    Hear ye! Hear ye! The russian empire launched a daring attack on the danish port of Coquibacoa. The Danish fleet sent to protect the habour managed through a valiant and sturdy defence to keep the port and the surrounding areas. The battles raged around the port for hours into the night as several squadrons of danish-norwegian and swedish ships clashed with russian and dutch fleets. The russian losses of their deployed naval forces were severe and it is believed that the dutch received a battering from the danish-norwegian navy. The port itself was never in real danger of falling to presumably drunken russian captains though one dutch captain refused - politely - to taste the brownie fleet admiral Lars Kjaer offered in a skirmish outside of the portbattle. Again the Danish-Norwegian captain DarkJoker went on an outright killing spree the like of which has seldom been seen in the carribean. This painting was made to commemorate the event by an unknown artist: https://imgur.com/a/FqZDC
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    Holy shit dude devs need to hire you ASAP. I honestly love this entire suggestion. It's awesome to see someone put in so much work to give us the visuals too. Where do I start.. The whole aiming mechanic is a MASSIVE change that I know a lot of people will not be fond of. My argument is this game is alpha and everything is subject to change, and if combat was to ever change, THIS is what I would want it to be from a "How good can we make this?" perspective. This aiming system in your suggestion is just so complete. It's like looking at the 1.2 release version of NA The swivels....by god man the swivels idea is so fudging good. I can just imagine if THAT was what boarding was instead of a menu, actual aiming and switching between postitions and maybe some minor RTS style for boarding would be so A1. You never really notice how good the game looks up close and how much it COULD work if we wanted that sort of thing. I'm just in love with this suggestion, if I could give you 100 likes I would. This is evolutionary stuff. I unofficially award you with the "Next Level Suggestion" Reward
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    i have won! time to put the game on the shelf for a while. Finished 4 grand campaigns, two for each side on BG and MG.
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    Its for the admiral himself, not his filthy peasants
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    I think that's 2nd or 3rd time the money cap was reached and broke the bank. Remember Bandy and the other guy (can't recall the name). btw, Fran pays 400k for PvP marks in Aves @Bearwall has more money, he was always the richest person on the server.
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    Ok as soon as possible i will contact you in game. Buc is coming with cannons and repairs i suppose. 😎
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    are you telling us you had 2119 millions?
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    impossible (no vid or screenshot) you can not, do that . i believe it has everything to do with upgrades and balance (it makes you mad i know) the availability of printable books (book win ,fire ecc) and pvp marks for the average player is the problem after 5000 hours of battle no fire book availability is just stupid...and unrealistic as well (rng) but that has nothing to do with the bf clan on it self they just make good use of the mechanic provided to them ...(whatever you may think of that ) -[balance or rebalance is the key] -[availability is the key] -[access is the key]
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    I think you should rather encourage people to show up for a pb, than to punish them for not showing up! That could be done like the following (a blend of recently proposed ideas by @vazco, @Slim Jimmerson and myself in another thread - sorry if I forgot anyone!): - grant VMs to people participating in pbs and screening actions, not (just) to the top three nations / REWARD RvR activity rather than the pure possession of ports AND to make exploits as complicated and time consuming as it could get, you should imo grant VMs only if ... - battles have actually been fought (pb or screening battle - the latter would be a battle close to the concerned pb; close in both, time and space) - a certain number of ships has, or fleets with a certain BR have been engaged in these battles - ships / fleets engaged have been from the attacking and defending nations (too) - a certain amount of damage has been dealt in these battles @admin and @Ink: What do you think about such a system!? Wouldn‘t it be more fair to the smaller nations too!? And would it be possible to realize it?
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    Fleet practice cannot simulate a PB, there’s value in actual first hand experience for the players and commanders. Feel free to come again
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    He's got a point, one of the things that made BLACK great on GLOBAL wasn't just the fact we showed up with the best we can bring. We showed up expecting to fight to the last ships and have back up. If you come to fight and win and not run you tend to win more. When you win more you get more marks. When you get more marks you get better ships. If you show up expecting to loose your ship so you bring crap you will get crap. That is part of the problem is a lot of players are so worried about loosing pixel ships they avoid fights. Well don't bring what you can't afford to loose. There is nothing wrong with a fleet of 5tth rates, just got to pick and choose your battles is all. If you get into enough fights and gain enough PvP Marks those VM's really don't mean crap. That is why we stop going for the number one spot on Global, we didn't have the man power to hold a billion ports just for one VM a week. It's like Russia now it got it's spot for a week or two and than back out cause it couldn't afford to keep taking ports and trying to defend them to keep the spot so we handed ports off to a friendly nation that could hold them better. By what I'm told most the guys make tons of PvP marks so the VM's don't really mean much right now cause they are still out there fighting and fighting in the OW is where you gain the marks at.
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    PATCH ⑭ ✍ Caros Capitães Um novo conteúdo está a ser trabalhado para ser adicionado no jogo Fleet Practice Room " Sala de pratica de armada" As batalhas começam quando houver 10 jogadores na sala. O tamanho máximo do grupo está definido em 6. Os jogadores totais na sala de testes é 50 no máximo. Madeiras como Caguarian e Live Oak vão sofrer alterações. ✐ As madeiras Live Oak e Caguarian receberam uma alteração de -5% na espessura do mastro. ( Mast Thickness ). ✐ A madeira Live Oak foi ampliada em HP e Espessura. ✐ A madeira Caguarian foi ampliada em HP. Thickness irá ser enfraquecido pelo dano recebido nas construções de navios mais leves. Isso significa que, se você estiver navegando em navios de Fir/Cedar, você terá que começar a reparar mais cedo para manter a espessura. As Zonas de Protecção ( Reinforcement Zones ) já não fornecem algumas madeiras raras (em particular Teak e White Oak) que serão transferidas para regiões próximas de portos de capturação. Os vendedores de mercado (BOT/NPC) de reparações (consumíveis) agora os fornecem um preço de venda com alguma margem (em vez do custo) para dar algumas oportunidades para que os outros vendedores compitam nos preços de venda. As Victory Marks de Rank requerido irá ser reduzido em 1 posição para o nível de Master & Commander (classificação 5). Anteriormente era a classificação 6. Os NPC's agora compram canhões saqueados a preços ligeiramente mais altos. Outras afinações: O Battle Rating (BR) do Wasa foi aumentado para 380. Modificações em Upgrades Todos os Upgrades que tenham desempenho de Velocidade e Rotação e Reparação ( speed/turning/repairs ) foram balanceados. Em termos práticos, a maioria de bónus de Speed, Turning, e Repair foram reduzidos. Upgrades que tenham desempenho em Abordagem ( Boarding ) foram alterados. ✐ Barricades ✐ Ladders Os novos valores estabelecidos para Upgrades que foram alterados podem ser inspeccionados neste documento (List of changed upgrades and books).☜ Clica na caixa para leres o Tópico do Forum original.
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    Well we also have a system now that makes it that much easier for folks with certain op upgrades to get more great upgrades - and for those that don’t to keep losing. It’s one thing to lose to someone that played better than you - but upgrades are not a matter of skill - and thus blemishes the pvp system a bit.
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    Tactics which make people lose time are destroying this game and should be discouraged. It's not fault of players to use them, it's fault of designers to not go penalize them. A good way to do this is to get rid of VM's for map win and instead give VM's to nations or clans for fair play and activity which produces content for others. If someone creates an empty PB, or some other content - preventing tactic, just penalize his VM acquisition to the point that it hurts.
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    So why you involve 70 people to defend, you need 15-20 at max jus to hop into PB.
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    are just make it more clear that dismiss means you plan to scuttle the ship. I think the problem is more user not understanding where the ship goes when you dismiss it.
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    do they still have the euro traders? The reason the player driven economy isnt working is because it was never setup right to begin with and there isnt enough players around to work the system created, they need to work on an economy system like POTBS if they have a hope of creating a player driven economy and making it easier to do create and supply around the OW
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    I'd like to suggest that LVG refit be equal to how a pirate frigate is made. LVG mats plus permit costing combat marks. The ship isn't worth the 25pvp marks but it is an interesting gaming option. 5 slots as well.
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    Buying a ship in a store is no fun. Capturing a ship is fun. It teaches you important skills and earns you rewards. Crafters have been totally worthless for months now, because we have PvP mark ships. Until that's changed, it's pointless ever even remembering that crafters exist.
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    Low expectations. I´m bored of asking all day the same.
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    It is almost like the races in Eve... the risk of PVP is part of the challenge. But if you are good you will know how to avoid it and still be fastest. A good smuggler or cargo runner knows these tricks, a better privateer/pirate knows how to catch them. What day was this supposed to take place on?
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    The icp clan has created its new online presentation page, included all the help needed to support naval action players, join our wiki page, movies, the greatest warships of the time and many tools. Come to know our page www.icp-navalaction.pt
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    careful. if you place the burden on the rammer this can easily be exploited by getting in your way to force you to ram (or force you into a bad position). there's no practical way to assert intent in a ram. albeit unrealistic, for gameplay reasons damage should ideally be negligible, at least be similar for both parties to discourage exactly what you are describing. regarding other comments. yes, rudders seem to be made of glass, but it's more an annoyance than anything thanks to repairs. also, bots seem to be able to blow your rudder from almost any angle and distance. yes, bow tanking is a bit op. not sure that's a bad thing. stern rakes are quite effective to destroy cannons, though. about the progression ... i don't think it's too tough although i do see many complaints in the chat. more xp for damage and less for kills would probably make it easier, and also a bit more fair. i do find upgrades and officers are a bit too powerful, but maybe that's just me (actually i'd prefer everyone in the same vanilla ships, or at least very subtle upgrades with compromises, but i know this isn't a popular idea ). what i don't really see the point of is the limited cannon choice. you get a new ship which you probably have never sailed, with no upgrades and on top of that have to use peashooters ... why?
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    This guide is aimed at new players who are done with the small ships missions. When you get good at capturing bot Le Gros Ventres it is one of the most time-efficient ways of getting xp, money and combat marks. Ventres are everywhere and you don't need expensive ships, friends, fleet ships or other elaborate schemes to get going. Buy the cheapest square rigger in port, medium guns, crew and nothing else to start.
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