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    Hello Captains War server (pvp) will be stopped tomorrow - Tuesday 11th of June somewhere after maintenance for the installation of the release patch and pre-release testing (additional infrastructure and instances added to support the release) Peace server (pve) will continue normally until the launch. Launch window is set for Thursday 13th of June to Friday 14th of June (but if we are able to test everything properly we might release on wednesday evening (kiev time). Other events that happened on the 13-14th of June Edict of Milan Munich was founded Battle of Naseby Raid on Medway Declaration of California republic Creation of the United states continental army Star and stripes flag adopted First Oxford Regatta Battle of Villers Bocage First monkey rides a V-2 rocket into space Some famous people were born on the 13-14th of June: including Skarsgard, Alzheimer, Che Guevara and Donald Trump Summary Launch between 13th or 14th War Server - will be down from 11th until 13th or 14th of June Peace Server - will be down on 13th of June for long maintenance
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    Hi Captains We are almost finished with the port UI and plan to deploy it soon. Here is some information on the mission system that will be updated over next 2-3 patches (probably starting with the port UI patch) Operations Operations is a set of objectives that must be fulfilled to receive a big reward Every player will have to start with the Welcome to the Caribbean operation that will unlock subsequent events and missions Conquest operations will be introduced giving nations specific timed goals (asking to capture a region, a city or an island) Combat missions More variety will be added to combat missions. Unnecessary mission ranks will be removed OW hunt missions will be added Some missions will require you to sail a specific ship looking for a specific target Some missions will require you to find a specific good in the holds of the enemies. Economy missions Delivery missions will return Ship crafting and cannon crafting missions will be added Port Agent system We will start with 3 agents per port Missions will depend on port size and maybe taxes Player can exhaust all tasks in the port and will have to move to a new one Challenges will return in the improved form First challenge will be an OW hunt weekly challenge Tournaments We will start with the duel tournament based on Naval Action Legends Duel Event Next patch you can definitely expect an improved variety of combat missions, combat challenges and a weekend duel tournament could also get in. As usual we are showing the preview from the new port UI - Here is a login screen draft Improved speed and quality of development can definitely be attributed to @sterner who is now helping to oversee the production before release.
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    Captains Mega patch with multiple changes will be deployed tomorrow 8th March! PVP/PVE Patrols PVP was made more affordable and rewarding with the introduction of Patrol missions More information can be found here Tiered rewards will be added to patrols in the next couple of weeks after this event is tested New content will be added to admiralty in the next couple of weeks Conquest Changes: Conquest for everyone Conquest no longer favors only leading nation Any player can get access to victory marks, by just being a lord protector at least one port on monday maintenance Victory marks distribution has changed. Lord protectors will now receive victory marks every week based on their port ownership on conquest round end (weekly). Victory mark distribution is tiered and has diminishing returns. You will get 1 mark extra mark for every 3 ports you control but the max number of marks that can be received is limited by 5. Example 1-3 ports: 1 victory mark 4-6 ports: 2 victory marks 7-9 ports: 3 victory marks 10-12 ports: 4 victory marks 13-15 ports: 5 victory marks 16-18 ports: 5 victory marks etc.. To promote more activity across all time zones, Port battle timer now costs 500,000 per day; old 100k price was ridiculously low and cost of the capture timer will continue to evolve Hostility missions improvements. NPC defence fleets in hostility missions now adapt to an attacker force. Responding with similar vessels both in rating and in numbers. If one player will come to generate hostility on the enemy force he will encounter 1 defender. If 10 players come to generate hostility they will encounter 10 npc defender ships. The problem of the inability for the port owner to provide an adequate defence force is solved by limitation of player ships in the hostility mission. Both defender and attacker can only bring 10 vessels into the hostility mission. Hostility missions now spawn 30% closer to the port Reinforcement zones rules of engagement change ability to pull the players to the battle using NPC attack - removed ability to pull the players into battle using player attack - removed if battle is created in the reinforcement zone only attacked player or battle group is pulled into battle all others will be able to join using positional reinforcement and can decline to do so. This will remove the potential for grief and abuse in the reinforcement areas. Add. Positional entry rules mean battles are open until they end, which greatly help defenders to punish the hostiles Battle groups reworked Battle group will act as a battle group only when there are 6 players or more in the group. The status of the battle group is shown in the group interface and will tell you if your group is a battle group. This is done to remove abuse of battle groups mechanics allowing creation of solo battle groups to avoid screening. Other changes and improvements Clicking on a ship in the open world will now show the circle around him, that can help understanding who will be pulled into the battle if he is attacked. This will be very helpful in station keeping when traveling in the open world. Unrated vessels without the chasers now have the control perk too PVP Upgrade Drop. Player ships will now drop one of the installed upgrades into its hold if boarded or killed. You cannot enter or exit shallow water ports with deep water ships. Use tow ship function to move the deep water ships out of shallow water areas. Player names and ship names removed from ENEMY players in the open world identification. You will only know that it is a player and an approximate rank of the vessel/vessels. You will only be able to find out the name of the captain once you engage. Names of your nation's captains are not affected. Checkbox to only show online clan members added to clan interface Tow to port now creates a PB entry timer. Timer is the same as the PB timer created after normal battles. Attack circle is reduced. You will be able (theoretically) to lay fire immediately after attack. This is done to reduce counter tagging. Minimal speed in the open world is now 4knots, to provide better experience in long journeys. Ship sinking time is increased by 30% for destroyed ships to make picking up loot easier. Side force no longer affects speed indication Epic events no longer spawn very close to shallow waters Brace command is reassigned to F10 - to remove accidental clicking (40% of new player bug reports were about brace) Wasa, L Hermione, Santa Cecilia received a slight armor buff Wasa, Hamburg, Ingermanland, L Hermione, Santa Cecilia received a turn rate buff Leeway force from square sails, and staysails/jibs slightly increased NPC ships HP buffed slightly to compensate lack of repairs Barricades now have the attack penalty and are a pure defensive upgrade Angle importance on penetration slightly increased (need more testing) to provide more options to control incoming damage into hull Edinorog accuracy reduced to somewhere between carronades and medium guns. Vertical sector greatly reduced as it would be impossible to use edinorog howitzer firing through ports of the ship. All other upgrades increasing vertical gun sector drastically nerfed Rigging specialist perk nerfed as its bonuses were too high. Acceleration/Deceleration formulas improved based on the wetted area calculations; which in general reduces tacking effectiveness for wider deeper vessels. Ships created through admiralty notes can occasionally receive crafting bonuses and extra slots. Tutorial Tutorial button is temporarily removed for the final integration of rewards and final exams. Leveling and rank progression and crew assignment for ranks will change in the next couple of weeks. Plans for March/Early April Integration of the open world UI into the game Finalization of tutorial Premium ship pack containing 3 ships (2 of which could be acquired in game by other means) Hotfix March 8th Ship crafting bug fixed PVP Patrol button is temporarily removed to fix the Battle circle of doom sometimes spawning with an offset killing everyone in the instance Database is being reverted to today's maintenance state due to too many ships lost in events and crafted. Hotfix March 9th Fixed bug caused the Battle circle of doom to spawn incorrectly. PVP Patrol missions are back. Hotfix March 13th Fixed bug that prevented pvp patrol rules of engagement in Nassau order.
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    Captains.. Small patch has been deployed today 11th September 2019 Main changes All ships (with the exception of imported ships) will be allowed to capture by the Admiralty on the War server. Oak, Fir, Mahogany, Sabicu planking has been allowed for NPC captured ships NPC captured ships will have from 1 to 4 upgrade slots (compared to previous 3). Increased the probability to get a better ship from the admiralty notes and for premium ships crafted ships still have a 3x higher probability to get a better ship Added the following ships to NPC fleets compositions Niagara, Rattlesnake, Pirate Frigate, Trincomalee Removed the following ships from NPC fleets Bellona, Santisima Trinidad Other changes Fire shock bug fixed - it is now correctly showing when ship is in fire shock, and is not showing when ship is not in fire shock. Increased the amount of people required to fight the fire from 6 to 15 per square meter of fire Increased the size of the fire that causes ship to go into fire shock. Speed for all ships of the line with the exception of bellona, christian and santisima (rare lineships) slightly reduced
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    Hello Captains Here is the information on the trading update patch. Every region will provide trading opportunities in unique resources specific to the region. For example resources unique for the Hispaniola region will only be available in Hispaniola. Trading prices will depend on distance from the source. The further from the destination you take the resource the bigger profit will be (even on the basic goods) Local goods become important part of the economy. Trading hubs will provide more trading or crafting resources if supplied by local goods. For example - bringing livestock from the nearby ports to the trading hub will help the port to produce more white oak. Common European goods will be introduced and will provide modestly profitable trading opportunities based on distance (horses, porcelain etc.) Rare more expensive European goods will spawn as usual and will provide good profits at medium distances and great profits if you sell them at distance hubs. The main difference with the old system are: More immersion and realism in creation of the trade routes and triangular trades. You will be able to find a working trade route and exploit it for your advantage. Resources will not feel random anymore - if you want a particular crafting good you can increase its output by supplying the port. Want pearls? - they are always in San Juan. Distance based pricing. No more extremely profitable 5 min routes. More influence on conquest. Hubs will matter more for taxes and control over resources.
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    @admin Please let Players place contracts in Ports to buy Ships like we already can do with Ressoruces and other Goods. I craft Ships whenever i can. And Currently i have to announce the Ship in Global Chat or hope taht anyine stumbles over it i the Freeport Shop. If the Players can Place a Contract with the Ship they want, including Woods, Upgrades, Guns and the Prize they are willing to pay in Reals or even Doubloons (Or even PVP and Victory Marks) it woud allow crafters to build exactly taht Ship. Right now i might build a Ship nobody cares about. And since some Ships need Permits, it a hughe waste of time to build a Indefatigable with the Wrong type of Woods. Wich is alway a matter of Opinion. This woud skyrocket PvP and Crafting, because Players woud be able to Pay , for example, in PvP Marks and Reals, allow Crafter to get PvP Marks without spending too much with PvP (If they dont want to)
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    Hello all Today I mean to humbly present a few pictures i have taken aboard Niagara this past week (and those I will take in the coming week) for any who might enjoy them. I found Niagara on this forum thanks to a post from someone who had completed the same program I am now taking part in - I therefore hope to inspire more people to take to the sea as I was inspired. I will attempt to keep my descriptions as brief as possible... Also, after watching Surcouf's splendid Hermione thread for so long, I couldn't help myself 😀 If anyone finds these pictures useful, just shoot me a message and I'll send you a higher-res copy - I'm fine with anyone using these, just let me know - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BUFFALO - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pride of Baltimore, docked astern of Niagara for the Buffalo tallships festival - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JULY 10 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - At anchor off Buffalo, early the morning of the 10th From the fore crosstrees, around 5 bells in the forenoon, en route to Cleveland Becalmed en route to Cleveland OH late in the afternoon of July 10th (ran into some technical difficulties uploading these ones, they may be a bit green now ) Late that day, Pride of Baltimore (our 'prize') hull-down from just beneath the fore crosstrees - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JULY 11 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Calm weather led to extraordinarily clear stargazing - I had the middle watch the morning of the 11th Wind returned back before I regained the deck in the afternoon Taken at the same time as the previous image, Pride (our 'prize') was now hull-down from the deck, but flying away to windward The day progresses and the storm foretold by our barometer and the day's calm approaches... Wonderful views of Pride as we approach the storm Almost upon us... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JULY 12 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The morning of the 12th brought experiences I will never forget... I made my first passage around the futtock shrouds (as opposed to passing through the lubber's hole) with lightning flashing off both beams and seas rapidly increasing... climbing to take in the main topgallant to ride out the storm None of my pictures of this incredible experience came out, so I will keep them private until I try to coax something out using photoshop back at home. Niagara flying along during the Cleveland parade of sail, some hours after the storm had passed to the north - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CLEVELAND - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pride in the foreground - then Empire Sandy, Fair Jeanne, Picton Castle, Bluenose, and Niagara. HMCS Oriole is just behind the buildings. Tomorrow in the am we will leave Cleveland and begin racing towards Bay City (actually racing the other tall ships part of the way,) having tuned the royal masts and the flying jibboom in preparation these past few days. In any case, I hope some have enjoyed my pictures from the last week aboard Niagara thanks for scrolling through
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    Captains. Patch will be deployed next week with Elite NPCs fleets that players will be able to find and hunt in the open world that will not only give interesting challenges in combat but also will give options for active PVE players to get (not often) ships with bonuses similar to clan based RVR bonuses XP calculations update Income rebalance (where combat will return to be main money making activity) Port points updates - top ports will have to specialize - the maximum number of maxed bonuses (lvl4 bonuses) will be reduced already made investments will remain until the next map wipe. Important: We are aware that buildings prices are high, but high level manufacturing should be expensive to set up - We will improve sources to make money for those who are not interested in trading and long distance trading only and want to make money by fighting (players or NPCs). We could not deploy it this week unfortunately
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    Please..PLEASE make them craftable DLCs, not ship notes... Make them "Imported ship" so we cannot trade them or capture them, but make it so that the crafting permit is redeemable from the DLC, not the actual ship-note like Hercules/Le Requin. A 24/48 hour redeemable live/white teak/white 4th rate is going to bring all the problems of the Hercules in the past x10. Please.
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    yes. Thank you for the suggestion - we will give an option for a 2d back paint instead of the 3d port. we will start working on it in 2 weeks - so hold on.
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    So not even book and ship knowledge will be retained? What a kick in the nuts to your testers after all the original promises....
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    Nope Some explanation is needed We called it a partial wipe, because only intermediate materials will be affected. For example barrels or frame parts or rudder parts - those are just fake clicks. And we want to remove them by just using the raw materials in all blueprints. Because of significant reduction of prices and denomination rounding errors will give you more resources or less resources as a result. Thus we recommend to use all intermediate materials and make something of them. Example using lynx Lynx BP will have 1 load of oak logs 1 load of stone blocks 1 load of fir logs 1 load of hemp 1 load of lignum log 1 load of provisions 1 load of compass wood 1 load of iron ore 1 load of coal + planking and frame specific logs of 1 each In the similar way, Santisima BP will need from 20 to 30 loads of individual resources. Its cost (at base prices) after denomination will be somewhere around 35,000 or 65000 pieces of eight (8 real coins) . Now more details on resources and materials conversions. No action needed. Raw materials will be converted as is with no loss or gain (for example Oak logs). If you have 1000 oak logs in the warehouse and the conversion rate is 100 to 1 - you will get 1 oak log (load) (number used is for information purposes only) Money will be converted as is with no loss or gain. For example 1,000,000 gold will convert to 1000 Pieces of Eight (number is for illustration purposes only). Building productions and costs will also reduce according to conversion rates. Repairs, upgrades, ships are not going to be affected. Action recommended but not really required (the effects of loss or gain will be minor) Intermediate materials will be converted into raw materials. For example frame parts will convert into logs. Barrels might convert to logs or logs and ore. Carriages will convert to logs or logs and hemp. Et cetera. As a result Crafting BPs will be cleaner and more easy to understand. There will be less unnecessary clicks there will be less unnecessary materials to craft and hold There will be less zeroes.
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    Last no-cannon case was related to farming with other players. When NPC sinks you no-one is getting marks, which is fine if you do it yourself for yourself. But if you clearly interfere with the port battle activities of the other players of your own nation (where your purpose should be to help them) then you are breaking the rules of the game. In this particular case the explanation will be requested from the players and warnings will be issued. If these players will be noticed in similar activities again they will be transferred to the nation they are trying to help and could lose rank as well.
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    Captains. Let's discuss the number of nations for the release state of the game. Should we keep current 11 nations at war with each other, where smaller nations have less chance to compete in RVR Should we enforce alliances from Europe by game rules. Current populations Pirates 14.52% Spain 8.83% France 10.21% Great Britain 26.86% Dutch 4.88% Sverige 8.76% Denmark 2.87% United States 9.15% Russian Empire 9.33% Prussia 3.61% Polish Commonwealth 0.97% Proposed coalitions Northern Coalition 17% (based on historical agreements during napoleonic wars Dutch Sweden Denmark Poland British Empire 27% Western Coalition 28% (based on historical agreements during napoleonic wars) USA Spain France Holy Alliance 13% (based on the historical holy alliance against france) Prussia Russia Pirates 14% Proposed coalitions will have separate starting capitals but will act as allies allowing clan alliances between nations and port usage rights. Coalitions will increase minimal size of the nation from 43 average daily players for the smallest nation to 600 average daily players for the smallest coalition, greatly increasing the potential and ability to have effect on the map.
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    We dont disagree.. - need a bit of tuning. i am thinking slightly reducing penenetrations for all guns. increasing thickness (also slightly) and buffing 4th rates so they can stay in line at list for a bit. and reducing carrons accuracy
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    yes. we are working on the patch that will include updated battle UI, first versions of official localizations, new trading, postal missions (passengers and letters) and 1v1 patrol. If this patch will get longer than expected we will hot fix the muskets before it.
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    I hate being so jaded but can I ask the obvious question: Why spend time adding multiple currencies with all the complexities of managing them and using them for economic activities rather than spending time on content aimed at keeping people interested in the game (proper pirate mechanics, PvE missions e.g. exploration, player-generated PvP missions e.g. raids, blockades, escorts, etc. etc.)?
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    I vote coalitions because more player per nation is better with the new system, wish you had not introduced unrealistic nations ! Only Problem is Western Coalition will be very powerful, we can keep them as seperate nations. British having %28 has no meaning as after wipe it can be %15 percent while western coalition becomes %35. What about introducing dynamical coalitions according to balance of power by developers. There is no king of Spain and Queen of Britian at our waters, what they have decided we have to obey. ( Queen = Admin , King = Ink may be) -----------------------------------------------> But my dream; British Nation Spanish Nation French Nation Dutch Nation Privateers (remaining nations with flag of their nation but under privateer faction, where clans able to get letter of marque from nations) Pirates (not a nation but clans, end game for best players, only level 1 shipyard, fame board, can retire from pirate with forge papers and join a nation (very expansive), but very profitable during pirate life if you are good)
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    Hot fix was deployed today - 3rd of April New upgrades are added to Admiralty for Combat medals Admiralty permit prices rebalanced and generally increased Patrol rewards updated (and slightly increased) Navy mast bands and Navy structure additional bonuses added Removed an option to dismiss a fleet ship at Open world (can only be done in port or in battle now) Fixed the missing messages for sinking in instance chat L'Hermione is now an imported ship Re-classed permanent upgrades slots for Wasa, United states, Constitution to 1-3rd rates. Fixed bugs with crew damage on Pandora Additional night lights added on decks of some popular ships. Gun tunes for ships (increased guns or allowed carronades on some decks) Agamemnon Ingermanland Wapen von Hamburg
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    I have people in SLRN, who can spend an hour or two in Naval Action every evening. If they now will have to grind AI to be able to teleport to La Mona or Aves for some hunting/pvp, they will just quit the game.
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    Problem : Battle initiations can be abused very easily and result in many ganging battles. You can keep half of the fleet in distance while baiting with single ship. Ships not visible in horizon appears (teleports) in your battle in no time. 2 minute timer is a long one comparing ow speed. Baiting was used since beginning to drag enemies into traps. That creates lost of frustration which diverts players out of the game. Sailing alone is becoming rarer and rarer. You never know when some enemy will drop from the sky right behind you. 20 minute timer based on BR adds some interesting options but yet it is far away of being immersive. If you are in a higher BR like constitution and attacking Agamemnon, you should always be ready for a Bellona dropping from the sky in next 20 minutes. The position you entered the battle keeps changing in another parallel realm called open world. when you were engaging the enemy, empty sea turns to a death trap after the battle, full with revenge seekers. Everything above, forces you to sail in a group. Adding you as another ganging squad. Solo playing style is important and should have place if you want the game to succeed. Best gang win mentality has no future. Solution : JOINING BATTLE: Keep the battles open till the end. Inside battle, mark the enemy and ally join directions on mini map. People should join the battle based on time they are entering. Place the ship away from center of the battle as following: Keep the center of battle as reference point. Coordinate (o,o), OW speed multiplier = 4 (whatever it is) If 1 minute passed in battle : Ship speed 13 kn (6,69 m/s), (60x4) x 6,69 = 1.605m.(OW distance when battle started). 1605 - (60x 6.69) = spawns 1.203m away from start point (we assume ship sailed for 1 min in battle instance). If 1 minute passed in battle: Ships sped is 10.5 kn (= 5,40 m/s), (60x4) x 5,40 = 1.269m (OW distance when battle started). 1269-(60x5,40) = spawns 945m away from start point (for ships outside, slower ships should be closer to able to join in same time with faster ships) If 10 minutes passed in battle : Ship speed 13kn (6,69m/s), (10x60x4) x 6,69 = 16.056m (OW distance when battle started). 16.056-(10x60x6,69) = spawns 12.042m away from start point if 10 minutes passed in battle: Sip speed 10.5kn (5,40m/s), (10x60x4) x 5,40 = 12.960m (OW distance when battle started). 12.960 - (10x60x5,40) = spawns 9.720m away from start point Briefly we are putting them in their respective places when battle started + assuming them sailed same time inside battle. Condition 1 - Battle is very close to land or distance calculation considering join directions are on land: Move the ship to closest sea tile, with closest direction for calculated distance. Condition 2 - Somebody sails out of the port and joins or the battle is right in front of port: Join him as above, keep the distance and move him to corresponding sea tile, far away from his actual position. We are simulating arrival time (which is important) not starting position. Put a timer on battle screen outside in OW, people should know if it is worth joining or not. As a captain in instance if you wish to run, hoping for help go to your ally join direction. That way you will get closer to friendly late joiners. EDIT: Possible exploit, people joining battles to escape enemy. OW threat has higher priority, hence we can introduce 10 sec stationary joining time to allow anyone outside to able to attack you. Your timer resets as soon as someone start targeting you (if BR check of attacker fail after 10 sec, you join). e.g : You clicked, enemy start attacking you at 9th sec. Your time reset but server keeps checking for BR difference, informing player with a message. If BR fail at your 19th sec, you join and battle start loading. your spawning distance will be calculated according to time you click to join (your arrival time). BR difference, battle group rules for tagging still apply to avoid exploits. EXITING BATTLE: Give two options on exit screen. Stay where you are in OW : You pop up outside ready to be attacked and attack. No invisibility timer. Sail away: Depending on the time spend in battle you gain invisibility and you can not see other players meanwhile.(to avoid exploit) (Formula : 10√x+x/2, you can find the better one) 5 min in battle: 10√5 +5/2 = 22,3 +2,5 = 24,8 sec invisibility (no speed boost) 10 min in battle: 10√10 =31,6 + 5 = 37, 1 sec invisibility (no speed boost) 45 min in battle: 10√45 +45/2= 67 + 22,5 = 89,5 sec invisibility (no speed boost) 90 min in battle: 10√90 + 90/2=94,8 + 45 = 139.8 sec invisibility (no speed boost) If player attacks AI: Only one option will be available to leave battle : Stay where you are in OW (to avoid exploits) IF any enemy joins during the battle, regardless if he stays, sinks, leave; the second option to "sail away" become available. BENEFITS: Total immersion and simulation. No magical beamed ships appearing on water. What you see is what you fight Sailing closer in OW become important = better immersion and predictibility No more Ganging traps More enjoyable fights! FINALLY SOLO OPTION FOR THE GAME, which is crucial.
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    Updated version June 18 2019 An attentive player in pve chat pointed me to the fact that it has to be + 0.xx with splinterresist !
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    How many of these can enter shallows?
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    It's a sandbox they can all join Sweden Tutorial/UI/Localization will bring more British and Pirates. ps. National gameplay was not mentioned anywhere in the sales pitch and not a single nation was named. You are all playing an early access game and everything might change.
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    Once steam page opens. but here is a small teaser
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    Can you change name to King of Clowns to make it 100% accurate?
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    Captains Patch is being deployed to live servers Patch notes: Combat Tutorial Updated combat tutorial has been deployed. All tutorials have been improved and updated based on feedback pursuit and capture tutorial reset button does not work properly - if you want to retry exit it and start again Final Exam added Important. Final exam grants 2 rare items on completion: Hercules Frigate (ship note) and Naval Clock permanent upgrade. Use them wisely. Hercules frigate. (also known as Fragata Hercules or Fragata Negra) Patrols Frigate ONLY patrols added to the rotation Clan logs added Money log – showing money and pvp/combat/victory mark deposits and withdrawals Resource log – showing everything else Reinforcement update Reinforcement zones support is updated. Local waters will now provide support appropriate to the strength of the attacker (instead of 2 1strates per attacker). Chain update. Chain shot are now limited by 2 shots per gun. This will not require a perk or acquisition of ammo. Chain damage greatly increased. Chain damage drop from distance increased. OW enemy indications updated. Ship rank indication removed, players will have to rely on the visual recognition. Fleet composition now only shows size of the ship (S – small, M – medium, L – Large), as you can only see top sails from 20-30miles PvE missions cancellations are now limited by 3 per day Towns set Free for All by clans now provide teleport option for all nations Standard hull and sail repair time has increased to 2 minutes Resource production bonuses in clan owned cities slightly increased Sinking ship will have less cargo damaged by salt water intake. Minimal OW speed against the wind has slightly increased. It will still depend on ship but will be generally 1kn higher. Сrew on sails numbers updated and generally reduced (based on final sail area recalculations) Сrew per ranks updated on higher ranks (rear admiral rank can now support 1400 crew) PVE missions enemy composition improved (especially on lower level missions which sometimes sent too many strong opponents) Boarding upgrades informational panel slightly improved (it will be more obvious what bonuses do) Contract cancellation texts slightly improved. Max stack for bow figures has increased Ports can now buy more books without dropping the price Ship capsizing bug will now happen less. Fixed the bug that caused slower loading of port stores Improved the visualization of heavy packetloss causing loss of ship control. Player will now see the special message on the client if this happens; After showing this message for some time client will automatically drop the player to login screen if game cannot reconnect to the server to speed up the reconnect chance. Fix bug that did not show the repairs after reconnect to the battle Fixed bug that some resources did not show in contract interface Contraband goods Madagascar Jewels Spanish gold coins French Gold Livres Stolen goods Fixed bug that Trading NPCs cannot exit the battle after battle over message Fixed bug caused incorrect item tooltips if antialiasing is on. Fixed bug causing incorrect name of the ship in boarding interface Fixed bug that still shown the instance entry button if the limit has already been reached Fixed the bug that did not show the Sail to outpost button in some cases Fixed the bug that sometimes gave you a message that «you can become a pirate» in rare cases Teaser from the new UI. This is work in progress and visuals might change during implementation
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    Players active in the forum hear about game changes. But it's my observation that most players I talk to in game rarely (or never) come here. The game should not be dependent on visiting a separate website in order to learn of new or changed mechanics. I hope the new UI shows the most recent patch notes on login as well as a link to past notes.
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    I am really disappointed in the development after the release (was it a release) We have lots of changes going on yet we do not receive any proper patch information, the developers do not give any information at all about server side changes. "THIS GAME IS RELEASED". Please post the "PATCH NOTES" so we can know what is going on. I have seen lots of development teams in games, first time I see a "released game" where this game is MMO or Sandbox with thousand of players owning the game, yet we do not recieve information. What is going on ? For example let's say missions with gold chests are removed, but no patch information. What was the reason, why did you remove them. I do not want you to put them back or etc. Just some few sentences, we found them bla bla so for balance bla bla bla we removed them. (EDIT: they are not removed may be, but take it as an example) I want patch notes ! Please...
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    Its become clear there is a bit of kickback surrounding Rättvisan and its status as and announced DLC ship. While I'm not interested in going into the debate over whether its going to be positive or negative as a game design choice to include a large ship as part of the DLC roster its probably worth clearing a few things up and help people understand what the ship is, her role and where she stands in the general sense of herself historically. Here is a piece i wrote about 8 months ago as part of a general comparison taken from a picture in the book Das Erbe Der Serenissima by Dr Karl Klaus Korner during my general research for the Fama thread I have built up over my years playing NA. It offers some fairly basic information about the ship and a good starting point for people to understand her. Lets start talking about her role and rating. Sweden has a long and impressive naval history when it comes to ship design and general projective ability for their sea power, they relied on quality design work so as to be able to defend from their main military threat, Russia. What Sweden wasn't however was a first rate naval power, which arguably Russia was, they are clearly a second rate nation when it comes to their navy, and as such had to behave in a way that was fitting, clearly not having such significant resources as the largest European navies. They did however make up for this with some pretty impressive innovations, such as the original 24lb frigate. The designs of Swedish ships were well regarded by other nations upon capture and Chapman, the designer of Rättvisan, is one of the period's most celebrated naval architects. Rättvisan is within the Swedish Navy rated as a 3rd rate, and as such she was part of the main battleship role, even as a 62 as Sweden had less resources to build and maintain the typical 74s of the Period, we also need to remember that the naval rating system of the period was simply a tool of rough role definition and funding administration, which defined how many men the ships were to be crewed by, what support and what jobs the ship was best suited for, which varied significantly from nation to nation. NA takes their rough guide of the rating system from a fairly late rendition of the British Royal navy, which from 1760 onwards classes 64s as 3rd rates, and 1817 onwards 70+ as 3rds, which on paper at least leaves Rättvisan as a solid 4th rate. There is however the classic issue with gamelabs design choices is that when modelling ships for the game they tend to up-gun them fairly significantly and skew things up a little, classic examples of this include Rättvisan's half sister Wasa, who bizarrely appears as a 64 rather than a 60 and Bucentaure who has squeezed in 88 guns. I'm also fairly sure I saw it mentioned that Rättvisan would be a 70 gunner which would push her into the 3rd rates, despite her typical service being as a 62 and 64 gun ship. Her general performance was well known as a good sailor which can be easily cross referenced as it was agreed by each of the nations who commissioned her. her hull is very similar to Agamemnon and the Ardent class built by Britain but she was also more lightly constructed so as to be significantly faster and a little more than the similar Ardent class 64s, it also meant she could carry a significantly heavier armament including a main deck of Swedish and even Russian 36s which gave her a broadside of 352kg under Swedish wartime service and a staggering 400kg during her time with the Russians, which was far greater than the typical British 64 firing around 270kg, again arguably pushing her into NA 3rd rate territory especially as she should really be able to load 36s, which don't really have any distinction against loading 42s in the current game state. However she also took a much lighter peacetime load out to make the most of her sailing qualities, a point that brings some impressive versatility to her design as realistically its incredibly difficult to build a ship to behave how you want it with two very different set ups. As a ship if balanced to her historical build she should be a light-medium hull strength and thickness with a nasty broadside behind her. She should sail well but with obvious significant drawbacks in agility when armed with her heaviest 36lb armaments and realistically she should behave depending on that armament she is given, which is what she was designed and built to do. Part of what makes this discussion so blurry is the fact as a ship she was specifically supposed to bridge the gap between Line ship and Heavy Cruiser. Armed with her wartime armament she is most realistically a 3rd rate Ship of the Line but during peacetime she sits solidly in the Cruising heavy 4th rate. She's an impressive design and a real credit to the ability of Chapman I hope this helps shed a bit more light on the ship and hopefully smooth over discussions a little in what seems like a fairly heated environment right now. As ever thank you for reading .
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    was looking for a profile pic and found this. I cannot resist.
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    Boarding at higher speed on the parallel course should be possible - but it will only increase tactical depth if ships continue on their way if they started boarding at 8knots. If ships board each other on 8 knots - they must entangle and continue on their way at 8 knots in their direction. In addition to that - captain should be able to use [ ] (point blank fire) during boarding. If ships continue on their way - this will drastically increase depth and coordination required for others to help during boarding. And will completely remove the option (hey i boarded - now stern rake it for me) We cannot allocate the programming time to that because we want to finish kill, hunt, search and destroy mission improvements and deliver port UI to players. So it is better to revert until we can remove stoppage.
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    I've seen alot talk during my time here that I see on every mmo game that I have tried. Always the same blaming devs for everything, every player that decides to leave the game it's the devs fault. Lack of content, game not be newbie friendly enough bla bla. But what about you?, yes you?. You who play the game every single day, you the veteran, you the pro. You who make global channels a place where a new player might spend 5 minutes then realise this community ain't for him/her.?. You who check pvp leaderboard every 5 minutes and after every kill, get your team of other vets ready and hit the usual farming area (u.s coast, Port Royal, MT) sink some noobs and then be toxic over global again when they come in numbers. You who needs to broadcast every single pvp experience that makes you frustated by hanging your opponent out in global, usually along with some screen shots to really show the rest of the community how awsome you are, or how bad your opponent is. You who make global chat pvp battleground because you fail in the open sea. What are You doing to keep the player population we got?. The ones who are most toxic to the game are not seldom the ones that play it the most, which is abit odd. Not asking people to hold noob's hand and guide them through the game Not asking people to be kind and let opponent ship go because opponent crying I never do I can name 2 people who quit the game because of the community, and if I can name 2 then someone else can probably name 20. How many quit because of community?, who knows. Not sure I want to know. Keep blaming the devs for everything or look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what you are doing to keep this game going.
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    about time, getting chained to death will finally end.
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    The battle is always open in the green zone! you can always ask for help from your nation.
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    the limbo state will be very short. There will be 1-2 more patches before the release; one will finalize the localization, another one will be focused on overdue maintenance things like fixing bots sailing through land.
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    in Eve there is a history tab where you can see what the captain has done in the past perhaps it would also be nice to have a historical record of our own in NA like : name change nation change clan change if would help al lot to determine if the captain is a trustable officer for the clan in the future for the clan to have war history with members and killboard( in clan only visible tab)
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    Another duelroom topic. Why? Because it is important. What does a duelroom do? It provides you the ability to teach someone The one getting teached will lose fear when it comes to real pvp Duels for people that want it in a fair manner
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    no. but make players have a 1 fleet ability by default, not as a perk.
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    After playing Poland and observing the progress and declines of Prussia and Russia as well, I started to formulate a review of sorts of these nations. Let me state though that as Poland I am having a great deal of fun and that this post should not be taken as a means to complain or whine about the "impossible" state of these three nations but rather an observation to which potentially build upon. First being that with the right amount of people they can be successful. With a very few however it lives beyond the difficulty impossible. Now a very small nation population such as Prussia at the start of the merger and Poland could be successful if that population is willing to forget RvR and nation building and be more focused on PvP and more pirate tendencies. But for a population wanting to be much like the original factions and be able to control and maintain a nation lifestyle it is very difficult unless they have the population to support such an endeavor. Many of these qualities of the three impossible nations just based on my observation seem to be more suited for a Pirate themed nation. Focused on more living from free port to free port and creating pockets of ports that are under their control. So this is my suggestion. First remove the three "impossible" nations. Make Mortimer Town a free town where rather than Shroud Cay, Pirates would start out from. Although you could have Pirates choose which port they wish to start from first choosing from a selection of Free Towns. This would create rather than a nation building Pirate faction a faction actually being more like Pirates, bands for fleet tending to work separately. Now for those people that would rather build a nation as an impossible nation add a nation like Portugal to the South American coast with a single non-capture capital. I know that is not historically accurate but Portugal is a better option for a nation say Prussia, Poland, and Russia when concerned with the Caribbean. Adding another nation with a permanent capital in the south close to the Dutch creating less of a vast Dutch PvE coastline and a place with far more content than what it currently has.
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    I wanted to take a moment to publicly recognize a player that, consistently, day in and day out, helps new players in the help channel. Captain @SKurj is hereby Mentioned in Dispatches by me, for whatever little it may be worth. I truly appreciate all the effort he puts into this community, and wish we had a dozen more like him. I would further encourage others to keep an eye out for new players, help them out, and build them up. If you see someone doing it consistently - give them credit and make it known!
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    Or perhaps, we eliminate the incentive to alt farm by getting rid of the bass-ackwards PvP mark system in the first place? Keep marks if you like but only make rewards cosmetic/superficial. All content that affects your game play (modules/skillbooks/notes) shouldn't be tied to a system where winners keep winning. The fact that there is incentive (PvP marks are now worth 400k+ in some markets) means that there will always be people that work their way around it. Any solution that uses IP-based detection is meaningless in the end.
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    Simple QoL solution that can't ruin the game for anyone, not even "immersive roleplayers". Let everyone in battle know: How long the battle will stay open (example: Battle will remain open for 00:15:20) What is the real BR for both sides, so we get to know which side can be reinforced. From my observations, fleet ships, undercrewed ships (less BR), sank/escaped etc. are malfunctioning with current RoE. The BR calculation is inconsistent with RoE mechanics and how it is displayed in battle and in OW. Pop up information when the battle closes. Just like the other information that we receive on the middle of screen Let everyone outside battle: See the real BR inside battle. Many times you join a battle that shows 1300 BR vs 1000 BR, but the 1000 BR side has only 1 ship alive with 100 BR, the other 900 BR are already sank. See if there are actual players in battle on both sides. How many times did you join on player side vs AI? How many times you see your national ship attacked by "friendly" nation and you jump in only to realize that the "national ship" that got attacked is just AI? See the timer countdown when battle will close. How many times you were inside the circle, just trying to get better position and battle closes when you try to click join a second later? "3 INSIDE, 3 OUTSIDE" - my Quality of Life project/campaign.
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    Hi! Is there a chance to code in the economy reform an option to use resources directly from Clan Warehouse? Maybe with just a "tickbox" do You want to craft it from Your own warehouse, or the clan warehouse? Would be a huge improvement
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    Regarding port battle influence - issue will be fixed first (and will have a real working solution) BR should be a reflection of power Depth should allow or deny entry If rattlesnake heavy is 80 BR and le requin is 160-180 BR (with adjustments of other ships as well) then captains will actually have a proper choice for port battles, and might pick 2 rattlesnakes instead.
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    Boarding advisory 2/2/2018 Captains Number of marines books have increased and if you are unprepared you might lose your ship in melee combat because marines are very well trained in attack. (basically you can now equip 2 marine books or 1 depending on options increasing number of marines up to 30% on frigates for example) It will be adjusted soon, but before that please equip marines yourself if you are sailing through hostile waters. And improve your defensive capacity by equipping barricades. Keep your ship speed above 4 knots at all times and if you hearing boarding whistles switch to grape (crew damage is increased if your enemy is on the boarding focus.
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