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    Of course we failed. Without you we are nafing, can't manual sail, don't know when to tarn, load charjed or chain instantly. We went ruffly 180 to the bottom line of our dignity. Please let us come back to your caring arms 😭.
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    you can read it on game login screen so everyone who plays the game knows it (unlike you).
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    Ленин против 5 БФов
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    I find this ironic that so many of you is trying to force Sweden to disband. As soon as they do, half the server will stop playing as there wont be any challenge to overcome. It's just people not seeing the consequences of their deeds again. How about, you guys just play the game the best you can and try to get better instead of forcing someone to quit so you can actually get the "server best" award? Btw, I have seen plent of "best" players, clans, nations during my time in game and looks like Sweden is the one that is the least of them all trying to exploit game mechanic (sniping masts with low caliber guns, logging in front of PB, zerging opponent with huge numbers before he gets into PB, jumping with cerb alt into PB, you name it). If anything, I prefer them to kick my ass repeatedly than some no life who thinks that the rest of the server is only addition to his fun.
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    create a PB and show sweden and denmark how bad they are at 1:1 BR ratio
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    Guys im not attacking your beloved PvP playstyle. This does not mean that PvP isnt important... But meaningful PvP and a lively OW are the result of meaningful trading and RvR. Both rely on a meaningful economy. This is the concept that has to work. You cant just fix PvP, its basically the result of everything else working. Trying to fix PvP in any other way is messing up the game by definition. As coaster said, pure rewards just lead to an artificial environment and promote dumb tactics like ganking and sealclubbing. Without objectives people also run from everything. And rewards are only going to motivate until people are saturated. All you see is "Oh it increased PvP over night its great" (We havent seen evidence yet btw). What you dont see is that its going to drop after a week again and that the population continues to shrink. Extreme PvPler still enjoying meaningless PvP might be happy with the current game, 80% of potential players are not. That youre still playing this game only proves that your expectations are pretty low. If you dont agree, tell us how NA is supposed to work in your opinion. @jodgi I asked you multiple times already and got no answer. Guys please stop the PvP vs PvE BS in every topic. Thank you...
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    (some) in-game nations will get Clans from all zones. Other in-game nations will keep as they are. Unified by language and timezone. Restricting themselves. There's some that understand that the clan is the community, not the nation. Others make the nation their club. Time to move on and develop nations as in: - common international english to attract as many round-earth earthlings as possible - the Nation belongs to no one, but to all communities playing under its flag.
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    Look to the past, the old eu servers history tells the newcomers alot about the future. GB- mostly a pve nation but has slowly started taking part in pvp/rvr since attacked (tends to attack weak nations first) At war with the russian empire and Spain. Friendly with the French and Sverige nations. Main clans:...(need names) (HUGE population/war shy/pve nation/large internal Conflict) Spain- openly (at war) aggressive to gb. Friendly with the usa and russian empire. Main clans: VLTRA, (need names) (small population/war happy/pvp nation) Sverige- openly aggressive once attacked. The number one nation on the server. Aggressive (at war) towards the Russain empire, French and Dutch. Main clans HRE, CABAL (big rvr population/pvp nation/war happy) Dutch - pve nation, aggressive (at war) towards Sverige nation (low population/war shy) Danes- openly aggressive, will attack anyone, anywhere. Currently fighting wars with the Polish. Main clans: (need name) (medium population/war happy/pvp nation) French- defensive nation, aggressive towards the sweeds (memories of being one ported are still raw) half the nation is allied with GB, half the nation is aggressive (at war) to the Sverige nation.maon clans:..(need names) (small population/pvp nation/war happy nation/internal state of civil war) USA- pve nation (abandons ports instead of fighting- abandoned 6 ports the moment GB attacked) Friendly with Spain. not sure if gb and usa are at war?! Main clans: ARM, RAM (tiny population/very war shy/pve nation) Polish- small but fiesty. Currently fighting wars with both pirates and Danes. Main clans: PFK (small population/war happy/pvp nation) Pirates- pvp nation... Will attack anyone, anywhere. Main clans: WTF, RUBLI, SMOKE (medium population/pvp nation/war happy) Prussian- small but fiesty. (not much information on these guys. I need information) Main clans: , (small population/war shy/pvp nation) Russian empire- small but fiesty, keeps attacking nations that are triple it's size. Friendly towards Spanish. At war with Gb and Sverige nations. Main clans: RUS, REDS, USSR (small population/very war happy/pvp nation) All nation's speak all languages. All nation's already have players from all timezones across the world.. if iv missed anything please update me...!
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    The more PvP the better the game.
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    Hello Captains! Let me introduce bot Mishka. His mainly task is watch conquest information on PVP EU and make tweets about changes. This project still in development state. Probably several horrible horrible bugs introduced © admin I made special hashtags. #PBCaribbean - information about port battles. #PBCaribbeanHaulover -information about port battles for specified port (Haulover). #HOCaribbeanHaulover - information about hostility for specified port (Haulover). Hostility reported only if it changes more than 5%. I think often report is useless Hashtags can not work because twitter sometimes block Mishka update 05.01.2018 rename hashtags #PBpvpeu -> #PBCaribbean #PBpvpeuHaulover -> #PBCaribbeanHaulover #HOCaribbeanHaulover -> #HOCaribbeanHaulover
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    Instead of just dooming players to almost certain failure for the required amount of games to obtain decent cannon to stand a chance against anything other than the most incompetent of opponents why not just allow us access to all gun poundage from the get go and increase the grind proportionally in the amount of total xp required to advance to the next ship. The cannon grind does not scale well; it makes little sense why when you get the next ship in the line you should have comically smaller cannons than what previously came. Advancing and then not being able to do anything in terms of damage does not make for enthralling game play. It is especially a hellish situation when a stock poundage team gets matched against a team made up of almost exclusively fully upgraded ships.
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    Correction, dutch took one port (and mysteryously sank dozens of prussians outside that port the day before to create the PB :thinking:) Wonder why those damage logs were not checked, probably because there was a forum mod involved #PrussianBias
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    There were these two Priests fighting and ... so much blood, it was ruthless! Buster (on Vicar watch)
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    Battle chat disappears too quickly and cannot be traced. So often I do not read chat immediately, and cannot react to tactical orders. -> Chat should have a "log".
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    I am Britains leader. Don't forget you also answer to me as my vassal state so I demand a little more respect or I will stop protecting you from reds.
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    King of Crowns... your tone and attitude to other players that don't kiss your ass is not needed nor wanted in this game. You should really consider dealing with your problems instead of seeking vengeance over what happened in a VIDEO GAME. All you show is a will to attack others that have somehow "harmed" you in a digital world. It's amazing your captains tolerate your behavior just to get that win.
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    dejavu???? Time to kill the game again??
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    If you find @Ink rude then I can't help you. Other than say you must have given him really good reason. Remember it is a game in Alpha. Crashes and bugs are to be expected. It says so right there on the steam page when you buy the game. Maybe you should indeed play something else for a while and come back after release. The alpha game testing experience is not for everybody, and that's okay.
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    The game is PvP. That is its main content... PvP with ships. Even trading involves PvP, because without the risk of losing your cargo to pirates there is no real point in trading... you could accumulate endless amounts of gold but it would mean nothing ( just like in the current ingame eco, coming to think about it ). People with above average IQ can enjoy blasting away some bots only for so long, before it starts to get boring. PvP is what ( should ) make OW alive and what provides endless content. Look at the PvE server, barely anyone wants to play there, not even most PvE players as they flock to the PvP server too, for whatever reason...
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    the game belongs to the devs, but my time is mine and I spend it on what I want, and I suspect it will not be in NA.
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    With the merge coming up, are there any other interesting European negotiating customs I should be aware of? =D
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    The split solution hasn't been successful, and the single-server brainstorm hadn't brought a perfect solution. Now I can see 2 ways with the current conquest system (very quick sum up, not fully brainstormed): adjust the RvR system to decrease the drawbacks as much as possible small tunings only (IRL-language nation chat + English nation chat, allow PBs within a few hours from the window but with less players, and so on...) decrease the importance of conquest to run an economy force the spread of the off-hour population by limiting the % of ports which can be given off-hour windows eliminate nations or replace them by historical factions (French Empire, French Republic) and/or independencies (Haiti, Texas) inter-nation clan alliances, or mercenaries make a community effort to balance the server The main remaining problem is in my opinion the lack of a possibility to gather help from a foreign clan or nation. Currently, if one nation has an off-hour fleet, all the other nations have to have that fleet as well if they wish to compete (in the past, this was needed but for the whole alliance). Also the problem isn't off-hour flips, but ports being difficult to attack or re-take for nations which don't have the corresponding timezone population.
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    I very strongly believe in rewards for PvP but I think that these rewards should be cosmetic (Ship paints, emblems etc..) and not high end upgrades.
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    It dont work that way mate. Being hostage of another communities is not my way to enjoy a game. My fun and the fun of many others will end as soon as this change gets added. Im not going to take this game like a full time job.