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    Christmas is near.. so I've been working on a little wishlist regarding changes / features I'd like to see in Naval Action.. Just a little brainstorm - I've stolen some suggestions I liked Feel free to discuss Dear Santa I have tried to be a good boy this year and sank as many pira... emm... BANDITS as possible =) In return I would like to present you my wishlist for this years christmas Buy-Contracts for ships, pretty much self-explaining Nerf or remove current PvP reward modules, add paints instead (even if they are only 1 dura; I'm sure it would be a much appreciated feature - I know for a fact there have been some 1 dura paints given out for "testing") Leave the safezone's size untouched BUT make it so only players up to and including Flag Captain (650 Crew rank) get to enjoy it - IMHO a more experienced player should not experience a safezone in a pvp mmo game - That way a player can still try out a ship of the line, 3rd rate or bellona, while being completely safe Allow clans to "hire" up to a certain amount (e.g. 5) of players from different nations and invite them to battle groups, and join their Port Battles ... Nerf the Wasa "Disguised Perk" which hides your name for enemy nations until you are in battle - Players of your nation can still see your name though Remove most of the speed modules - Before the big wipe we only had Copper Plating and Speed Trim (-10% HP), and it worked out perfectly fine. Let wood be the deciding factor. Introduce an exponential reward curve for PvP - a 10v1 should not be nearly as rewarding as a 1v1 - Limit it to 200% rewards (maybe for 1v3) to avoid exploits Slightly buff Carronades Limit chain shot Introduce Control Perk as a default mechanic for every battle Make the santa cecilia more accessible Let players vote for a Commander at the beginning of a battle - The commander can then draw stuff on the map (M), e.g. the general direction, focussed target, or whatever - Useful for bigger battles (especially port battles)
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    Frankly the BR and clan mechanics are the best things that have happened to the PB system. Clan X pays for the port, they should decide who gets in. Smaller clans can compete with the larger ones. It's good all around.
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    Nassau - 2500 BR Pirates Successfully Defend vs USA Good day all, It was my pleasure and duty to command the Nassau port battle on Dec 2, 2017 00:00 server time. This was a relatively short action (~42min), wherein the Pirates won on circle capture points and enemies sunk. Screening actions outside tied up large numbers of the American fleet; 2-3 USA were sunk, and many more were greatly delayed in their entrance to the port battle. The wind was blowing towards the South. USA joined their main fleet near circle B north of the fort, with a few ships to the east of Nassau who were attempting to capture C. The Pirate main fleet joined as close to circle B as possible, south of the fort and USA fleet. A small squad led by Willis was dispatched to confront the Americans at circle C, and a few ships were left to capture circle A. The Americans had excellent wind advantage at the beginning, so I commanded the pirate fleet to begin tacking upwind towards the fort. The Americans beelined for circle B, with their mortar brig set up to bombard the fort. Once the Pirates gained a similar wind position to the American fleet, I ordered the Pirate fleet to engage the rearmost of their line, successfully cutting off 3 ships. One of these was sunk fairly quickly, and the American fleet turned back to respond. However, two more Americans were eventually sunk with no Pirate losses, breaking the morale of the USA fleet. They began to retreat away as rapidly as possible, hoping for the battle to conclude before their ships were sunk or captured. Several ships of the American fleet were also caught outside the battle as they attempted to flee, although I do not have a casualty report.
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    RvR affects an entire nation. I've taken the liberty to underline the only reason needed why clanless players should not be able to partake in PBs.. If a player want to be part of a PB - by all means, either flip a port or join a clan that is involved with RvR. In all MMOs there are end-game content that no player - after just two days - can or should experience.. It's a team effort in a PB and no new player has the right to ruin a PB for everyone else through inexperience and stupidity. If a player want to participate in the end game content there are more than enough active clans that would jump at a chance to recruit that someone and even help with advice, lvl'ing, ships and ressources.
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    Main reason it was changed to this way was because we had an overwhelming amount of complaints from groups who would "lose" a spot to a known "alt" from the other side. Essentially sealing the deal of who won the PB due to not being able to have a fair fight. the best solution was to have clans control who is allowed to join their PBs which in my opinion is still currently the better option. I mean it got so bad that in some Port Battles, the attack was able to shove in 3-4 of their "alt" accounts into the defender's side (and vice versa) so it essentially became a 25 v 21 battle. Granted this is before Br limits, but you get the idea. It could potentially be worse now, imagine the enemy getting an alt into your defensive (or offensive) PB on a 2,400 BR port with a 1st rate - potentially knocking 2-3 players that you wanted in now unable to join. You find the solution for allowing players in and making sure Alts don't get in and you then will have cracked the core of the problem.
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    Unless the game is pretty much an arena based game and even some of them have PvE content to do when your not attacking other players, but you look at most REAL MMO"s not arena games they have pretty much 99% PVE content. The PvP content is the players them selves attacking each other. Most of the good gear you have to do elite content to get against Elite Bosses with the help of other players. Other wise they have missions that you do in the PvP content (Kill so many players, get so many head shots, etc etc) that you have to do to get like wise PvP only gear. Most of them lock that gear to that player and only use in the PvP ares. I get the dog fight arena parts is pretty much all PvP but don't you have ground and sea targets that aren't run by players? That would be PvE content I hate to tell you. You can't put a contract up with the smuggler flag, you can only put contracts up in an enemy port if it's open to all. Though with the smuggler flag since it's kinda abused by some to force pirates to only be able to join one side (national tagging anther nation). They should be treated as pirates while they have that flag on and can be attacked by any one, even there own nation and other pirates. One thing about the crafting is they should tie crafting perks to your crafting rank. Fine we have combat perks right, 10 points you get for every other level until you max out at 5 and can put them towards combat sills. Well why do I have to reset it ever time i want to craft. My ranks and crafting level aren't part of the same system. Combat perks and crafting perks should be seperated. That way a guy that never crafts and is a Rear Admiral has his 10 perks for combat. A guy that never fights and all he does is craft/trade can have his 10 crafting perks points. Than you have the guys like me that are maxed out in both. That way I can do combat and crafting and not have to continue to reset my perks. Cause of the reseting I have a dedicated crafting alt that has all the crafting perks and never leaves the docs. Though it shouldn't be like this for the guy that has only one char, they should be able to do both without a reset if they have level up both there ranks and crafting level. It's easy give them one crafting point for ever 5 levels they game until they reach level 50 crafting. While this is a sandbox game and you can do what every you want, it still gives folks two careers paths they can go down or they can go down both if they want. As for Nations I wish they had national perks for being part of that nation. Think of the refits per-wipe. Yes I know folks will be like why do they have special powers, no think of it more like national focus in training of there navy. British - Reload bouns French - Accuracy bonus Pirates - Maybe upwind or boarding Prep or my pref more crew? Dutch/Swede/Danes - repair bonus US - Strong Hull (more HP not thickness) Spanish - Not sure as the hunter was turn/speed Three new nations are hard core mode so they don't get anything special but some one could think of something for them. You know something like that. Now what I would do so they aren't magic perks of the player is make it tied to crafting the ships in those nations. You want that special pirate refited ship you need to trade for one or capture one. You want the french fine ship that is designed to have a better fire line with it's cannons than you have to trade for one or capture it. This would give each nation a little perk as to why to play them instead of others. Now you can make it a player only skill so that it's not tied to the ship, but I think makeing national crafted ships would been better. I liked the concept of the crafted refits when you made a ship, but I just didn't like them being tied to a region not a nation cause the first thing strong nations did was captured all the good refit ports. That and we need population incentive to play certain nations. Do like other games, you have a small pop nation on a server give them an xp/credit boost over the high pop nations. Though the trick is picking how to pick if it's a small pop weak nations. Do you go by active player numbers (inactive won't work) or do you go by who owns the most ports. I would honestly go by who owns the most ports. The three new nations though would be exempt from this since they don't have a home capital. It's part of playing hard core mode.
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    OH! Aaand just as important, remember to make sure the hello kittyer isn't going to trick you by letting you push him so he can tack faster and get away (Nothing more satisfying than pulling off that maneuver when the enemy is 100% sure they got you now. And i imagine this trick is only getting more powerful for certain ships because of the new sailing mechanics.) *Aaaand apparently i got myself clicked into an old Topic. Welp, you can just call me Tommy "The Necromancer" Shelby from now on
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    The BR limitations makes it even more important that the PB commander is aware of how many players wants to join, their capability and what ship they can actually play..
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    I've also been playing MMOs since the late 90s and used my dial up connection to first log into Ultima Online way back when. Sounds like you haven't been playing very successful MMOs. All the good ones have decent PVE systems that keep players in the game for the PVP people to hunt. UO, EVE, Everquest, WoW.....all had/have good PVE systems, whether it be crafting/raiding/farming...whatever, that keeps folks coming back to the game. More importantly, they had variety. The very best ones combine PVE with mundane tasks and make folks forget you're not out killing people. The problem with folks like you is you think that anything that isn't PVP oriented is carebear and anathema to how MMOs should be played. The best games offer multiple different play styles and doesn't force folks to play how they don't want. NA has yet to achieve that. Perhaps your friends are special, I dunno. PVP in naval action is still at it's core fundamentally the same. ROE changes, safe zones, wind profiles...whatever.. all have changed a couple of times, but the OW in this game still livesand breaths by it's population. It's a simple meta really, keep the sheep occupied so the wolves can hunt em. I've seen admin echo these sentiments multiple times now on the forum, but in practice the changes he keeps implementing seem to continually ruin the PVE experience in the game. I personally dislike most PVE aspects of MMOs, I like to either solo hunt or in small groups and spend hours being bored just for that occasional chance of a good gank. In NA I think I only have the aggie fully unlocked with slots. I hate grinding, I hate hostility missions, I hate hunting AI. Most of my skill books came from spares the clan had. BUT I do comprehend well enough how good MMOs function and it all revolves around fun and easy casual content. The rest takes care of itself.
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    I don't know how we have kept arguing then because i have, in several comments, mentioned that Accuracy on its own would not fix the issue. That the solution would include things like Mast Thickness and Hitpoints. Nonetheless i'm glad you suddenly agree to what i've been saying all along That said, while i can deal with inaccurate cannons (I've used Carronades enough to overcome the inaccuracy of the guns), i doubt the majority of the playerbase can. I'd propose that the Devs simply reactivate the old feature where "Waves" mattered alot more. (Right now, when you click "Fire" all cannons will fire at the point you were aiming at when clicking. However this feature made it so that your cannons were "Fixed" to the ship, so if you clicked "Fire" and your ship is rolling, then your broadside will follow the ships roll.) The feature was taken out for a reason, but if we want guns to be less accurate do it this way, rather than implementing the ridicoulus "RNG". "RNG" removes skill where as this old feature actually promotes skill by making it so that you have to be aware of the waves etc. So a good captain who has "become one with the waves" will be able to keep a much higher hit-ratio than someone who cannot read the waves so to speak. (Thinking of the average player, i think nerfing accuracy is the wrong way to go. There is a reason why we've ended up with accuracy we have today.)
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    The real problem is that other than grinding missions there really isn't any enjoyable or enthralling PVE content. This is an MMO, PVE content keeps the fans in the seats. No raids, no exploration missions, no delivery missions....just the same old boring sinking of AI. They kinda are getting the idea with increased loot and difficulty in epic events, but too little too late. Stale content = a stale game. People stop showing up. New ships is not content and that mindset is exactly why this game is not doing well. Happy PVE players make happy PVP players. It's all about that casual content
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    Game needs more curated PVP. Preferably of course initiated by players.
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    Hear ye! Hear ye! Call to Arms This is a call to arms to enfold anyone we can reach. Your King and Country need you! Enlist in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Navy and sail for a glory! Both clans PFK and GIB are looking for new captains who want to join their ranks! Fancy a challenge? Join Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth today! You can find us on TS: deadecho.pl:9988 United we stand!
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    I played PotBS myself, and I don't recall experiencing ammo as a bad thing. I mean, if that's an issue, why not just leave out the commodity part and have a setup that you can alter in port. For example (slightly arbitrary numbers): you can have 1000 ammo at most, and you choose to bring 800 ball, 100 chain, and 100 grape, or you can customise that however you want within the max limit. Obviously this may be detrimental to longer journeys where you can't go into friendly ports and auto-resupply. I don't know, it's a complicated thing to alter since it will affect so many variables. The possibility of running out of ammo reminded me of an anecdote about Tordenskjold (Danish naval hero): In July 1714, Peder Wessel (later sired "Tordenskjold") was sailing the frigate Løvendals Galley (18 guns) in Skagerak (using the Dutch flag to deceive potential prizes), and he met another frigate flying the British flag, but after passing by Wessel's ship, it fired two shots and let fly the Swedish flag; it was in fact the Swedish frigate De Olbing Galley (28 guns) under a Captain Bactman. Then Wessel hoisted the Danish flag and they commenced fighting. They fought for more than three hours before Bactman retired; but Wessel pursued, after repairing some of the damage. They fought again for about two hours, until midnight, both ships now being very much damaged, and Bactman crippled so he couldn't run. After another pause during the night, they commenced fighting again the following morning, for about three hours, and once again they separated to repair in order to stay afloat. Then, for a fourth time, they engaged and after an hour, when Bactman was apparently almost about to surrender, Wessel realised he had run out of powder. He was unable to board due to rather heavy weather, so he had no other option than to let the Swede go. He did not want the Swedes to think he was running, so he lowered a boat with a trumpeter that sailed across to the Swedish frigate to offer Bactman a glass of wine on board Wessel's ship, but he refused. The trumpeter saw the carnage on board the frigate, and reported it to Wessel when coming back. Wessel then took the speaking-trumpet and asked Bactman whether he could borrow some powder so they could continue fighting, but Bactman answered that he only just had enough for himself. Then the ships approached one another and the two captains brought out a toast to each other, asking to give their best to friends in Copenhagen and Gothenburg respectively, whereafter they threw their glasses overboard; the crews then giving three cheers, and the ships separating. Wessel was later court martialed (but acquitted) for endangering the King's ship by fighting against a much stronger enemy, and also revealing that he was out of ammunition, which could be considered important military information, etc. Among other things, he defended himself by saying, "I did ask my opponent whether he would lend me some powder - that he wouldn't - so that was it, until God desires that we find each other again". A romanticised depiction of the event by Otto Mølsted (1862-1930):
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    A clan of half a dozen buddies can participate. A clan of 1 can participate. ( 1 mission, 100k, make clan ) Just need the clan tag and be on the clan friends. Simple. Effective.
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    There's great interest in PvE content, that is good. How does that translate into the wargame pvp in the OW ? If you look to the string of changes done neither is to the satisfaction of crafters or mission runners. For one the economy is semi player run, so prices are our own doing. Exception being the production ports. Special woods and resources remain special and due to contracts with rampant values - as everyone puts more and more cash into making sure they get their contract filled first. It is odd to say so but it is our doing. Second, PvE zones. There's absolutely nothing a player that doesn't feel comfortable with PvP cannot do. The zones deliver everything, from trade deliveries, to crafting materials to mission running. Third, money is really easy to get. Any mission, at appropriate rank equal to the player rank, gives enough cash to buy appropriate ship for that rank at NPC shop price plus medium cannons. One...single... mission. One. Big fleets are assembled by clans of a dozen in a week. That's nation pride capital ships. In no other game can you build the best in that time frame. Sometimes I think we have it really accessible but still it is not accessible enough for most. So what is really the issue ? Game provides a really streamlined way of doing everything in 7 days as a single player, playing everyday for 2 hours. Trade, mission, craft ships. All without having to deal with PvP. No put PvP in the mix. Without the need to trade outside the zone, there's no trade wars. No player made content with trade convoys as we saw so many times. In truth, if players do not want something, they will not use that something. Why make money by deliveries if you can make twice with a mission ? Why make a mission when one cann attack a OW npc and get as much and still have the chance of "rare loot drop" ? Why even PvP at all if there's no direct consequence from the action other than ego screeshots ? I wish the game to become more "career based" and less "do it all" based. Also wish for more balanced nation populations enforced by mechanics ( shortage/abundance of resources ). Also wish that no "smugglers" can place contracts and must act as real smugglers.
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    Although I am mainly a "solo" player myself I see no problem with the clan based PB system. In any major naval action there must be an organised fleet with a chain of command, this is difficult to achieve if too many lone wolves start joining in & possibly not following the agreed plan of action. I have occasionally taken part in PBs by clan invitation so they are not exactly barred to non clan players, maybe we solo players just have to accept that we need to prove our capabilities & experience in other ways in order to get the invites.
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    I think we could have it both ways by allowing clans to set "Anyone" to the friendly list, if they are so inclined.
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    exactly. I believe the problem here is something the EU server doesn't see normally. Where on Global, your nation has so few players, that even with all of them you never "fill" the BR limit. We have a good majority of nations on global with this problem where they are barely able to even cover 2,400 BR ports. So I think it's more difficult for players to understand why it happened when we have a split community. Although the three nations on Global who benefited greatly from "clan control" are the Pirates, US, and Brits because they already had the population to fill PBs 25v25 against each other. There were multiple complaints and reports of both sides throwing Alts into the opposing sides PBs and a lot of mud slinging. Personally we are better off with the current way things work BUT that doesn't mean I or others are satisfied. I wish there was a way to temporarily allow players to join your PBs without ruining the clan control aspect.
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    In my opinion, resetting the perks should not cost combat marks, you could then change them more often and match to the current situation.
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    History-log of the Ship Ability to improve defenses against more upkeep A proper Dutch ship, preferably the Fluit, Prince Maurits-class or the Wreker-class 80/90 gun. A new UI Storm battles back again
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    I guess it can be hard to be one of the most notorious players on the server. This was the first thing I felt was missing after the introduction of single durabilities and I've suggested it myself a couple of times. I think (hope) they are working on it with the rebalancing of ships. The speed/stability should be decreased and the BR should be increased in relation to the other 4th rates. Or just simply cross-nation clan alliances would be great. +1 I don't see the need. I like that there is no "official" commanders in-game and also that communication is valuable. I think making it too technical and complicated, or with too many aids just make the battles more mechanical, generic and boring. Total War-games have naval battles now, so if I want to order AI ships around on a map I play Empire Total War.
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    Уберите зависимость скилла . Что бы кораблики по прямой ходили и у кого фиты круче , тот и победил.
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    Нерфите фрегаты!! а стоп.. не то. Апните рейты!!! так... опять не в тему. Дайте спокойно крабить!!! тьфу блин, снова не подходит... Мда, ни одна отмазка не прокатит. чувствую реально забанят.
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    очередной эпик, но уже против испов клана вультра и после часа боя пошло поехало, это шутка, этого не может быть, короче братан ты юзаешь читы и аим бот и бла бла бла
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    It's not much of a battle if all you got is 16 hits to sails
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    LOL. Anyways, organizational mistake on your end: could have just invited them to the clan. We do that all the time. You're also confused alts in the same nation (else they couldn't be in the same clan) with crossteaming alts here.
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    I think ships outside a BR range of 200 do not get matched with each other (Except when in a group), that's why I am kind of bored at the moment - Want to play frigates, but there are not many other frigate players, so it's PvE for the most part. I think it would be worth testing to get ALL ships in queue together in a battle, and let the BR balancer try to, you know.. balance it. Result might be terrible but worth a try
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    None of that matters. What matters is you posting this hypocrisy thread here, in which you claim to reinforce weaker sides to make for good battles when in fact you are more than happy to pile on with the stronger side. Yes, the battle was a giant mess due to the way reinforcing missions work, but that doesn't change the fact that when we joined, most of the AI first rates had already been sunk but were of course still blocking the spots in the battle. You even dare to use that specific fight as an example where you allegedly reinforced the underdog, when in fact you joined the side that already was up in BR by 50%. That is a career politician's level of dishonesty right there.
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    Imho current PB system is one of the best things devs have ever done.
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    Form a clan of loose affiliates, a clan that has no internal economy or warehouse, just a pooling clan for those loners, like me, that would like to get involved in PB's but don't want to be in a full-blown clan.
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    Good Fight to WTF and Koder. Koder is really nasty in that Buc. Best part is we sent Koder a message to gather a fleet and come fight us, all he said was "Ok" And cane back 5 minutes later with the rest. That was awesome. We engaged in a battle outside MT, DPL was in a Fir Renomeee, Fir Bellona, Fir Victory and Teak/Teak Agamemnon. Battle lasted almost the whole two hours, however we were able to prevail, though not without losses. Tigertex was able to hop off his sinking renomee onto a prince, which was sank by a L'Ocean, and Draconis was able to do the same with the santisma, when his Agamemnon was about to sink. After a long duel, I finally captured and sank Koder's Bucentuare... that ship was very impressive, I had a devil of a time getting behind him and paid heavily. I used over 70 hull repairs and half my sail repairs that fight! Our opponents fought very hard and were well coordinated. Many props for them organizing a fleet to oppose us at such a late hour. This is the kind of fight that keeps me coming back to NA!
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    Black piet festivity is near.. so I've been working on a little wishlist regarding features I'd like to see in Naval Action. black piet is looking for his goodies for the children in the warehouse ;( he cant find them so i believe the goodies will be a little late unless we get - LOG files( history file) in the warehouse Sint Nicolas and black piet love to see this,..... to make the children of naval action very happy -
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    / Signed, but nerf the accuracy on the cannons and limit all ammunitions.
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    Well, if I were told to think of three ways to encourage players to return, I would do the following... First: Introduce PvP 'hotzones'. Regardless of how they emerge (placed by server every couple of hours, or built off of where battles are taking place), what I would do with them is have them increase in size as more battles take place, and rewards begin to increase. The more battles that are going on the bigger the zone, which in turn means higher rewards, so more and more people can get in on it and feel rewarded for fighting. Also some minor rewards for input, not just for winning. Second: Ditch permanent upgrades (maybe retain ship knowledge, but in the guise of officers*). The game is supposed to be about skill, not farming for stuff to get a statistical advantage that can nullify an opponent's skill. So I'd throw them away. However! Anyone crafting a ship would be able to boost an (one, singular) aspect of a ship in a small way, dependant upon crafting level. Except speed. Leave speed out of it. To take a current 'upgrade', a level 10 crafter building a Lynx would be able to craft it with a reload speed increase of 1%. A level 50 crafter would craft the Lynx with a 5% reload speed increase. The only downside, I suppose, is that people would only buy the level 50 craftsmen ships, but at least it would make being a high level craftsman worth it. Frankly, though, I'd rather see the ship crafting system redone, along with 'crafting level', but within the confines of current systems, the above is what I'd do. Third: Already mentioned in this thread but worth it for the repetition, insurance for ships! *An idea I've had for a rather long time, and one I am rather partial to, is that you employ officers to serve on your ship to give you a minor boost that might be dependent on the officer's experience, depending on their role. The number you would have depends on the ship's Rate. If you have a 1st Rate, you have space for 5 officers, for a 7th Rate, 1 officer. Anyway, that is by-the-by.
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    Dont chat ban hachi as much If you limit chain I expect repairs to be limited Duel rooms Small battle rooms
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    @admin Я думаю надо немного поправить ситуацию: Выигран ПБ, корабль Вика (санта, океан). В бою захватил ещё одну Вику. Если я зашёл в захваченный город починиться - я не смогу оттуда выйти. Минимальный экипаж на каждом корабле 595 человек - в море не выпустит. Поставить аутпост нельзя. Сделать ТП нельзя. Передать корабль нельзя. Так что надо ждать обновления, чтобы иметь шанс выйти из города.
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    We need a reputation system in game so that you can have good and bad reputation with each nation. If you have good trade reputation with another nation you don't need a smuggler flag to get into port with a trader (still can't use a war ship though) and do trade. If you have a medium rang trade rep than you have to use the smuggler flag that should make you able to be attacked by all and the battle should be treated just as if your a pirate. These battles should have no Green on Green rules too. It's simple just make all battle positional join and have the rule that only green on green against the rule is same nation and only if you want to report it (exclude pirates). Bring back the old way to become a pirate too but tie it into the reputation system. You can't make a pirate char you have to become one in game. If you dont' want to be a pirate any more you gain good reputation (a privateer system would work great for getting that with a nation) and than once you hit a level of high enough reputation you get the option to join that nation perm. We need PvE content. Simple actual missions to get folks to do things. I would love a semi fog of war on the map too. It shows capitals of regions and that is it. You have to actually travel to that region to find the other ports and map them. Than if you travel to all regions in game you get an achievement/tittle. Again this could be tied into a reputation system too. Some one that been all over the map could have a high Exploration skills which might boost there Trade skills too for the reputation of other nations since you have info and knowledge from your travels to trade. Missions that reward you stuff instead of the random drops. Kill 100 AI you get a mod drop. Kill 100 Players you get something else. Make these items that can drop in any battle but it gives folks a goal to get an extra copy by doing said missions and turning them in. Leader boards and I hate them when they become a compittion, but what I would love is to be able to look at my stats. How many players have I sunk, how many AI, how many of those where done in boarding? Stuff like that. How bad am I? Do I get sunk more than I sink others. Just basic info about my char in his life and action in game. This could be public to make a semi leader board. I been told a lot of this info is in the api files so it wouldn't be to hard to collect it. Though I would prefer it more just to look at my own stats, but a leader board would be interesting. You can also list the last 5-10 kills or been kill from which would help curve folks grinding alts and cheating to pad stats. If that info is very clearly shown than folks would be less likely to do it.
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    Aquí no lo van a leer, mejor lo pones en la parte de suggestion...
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    If a better player manages to get on your stern in the first few minutes you will feel the same way. Whether you choose to stop showing up, or if you choose to try to get better, that is a personal choice. But no matter what there will always be a huge skill gap between the "veterans with thousand of hours" and the "New player" and "Average players". You can't avoid it, this is how it is in all games with Player vs Player combat. The difference mostly lies in the fact that everyone is used to some kind of matchmaker holding their hand making sure they only face opponents of the same skill level, whereas in NA there is no matchmaking and 90% of the people ingame have played the game for hundreds of hours. So most often a new player will be decimated because there is barely anyone around his skill level left in NA at this point. I see, i misunderstood what you meant! My mistake My personal view on realism; I'm glad history gives us inspiration to make games like Naval Action. However i think gameplay is a thousand times more important than realism because realism almost never makes for a fun game.
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    Those going on about #JustNerfCannonAccuracy That's great and all, but just nerfing accuracy is not going to make a difference here. Your top and middle sections will still go down extremely fast, and even if you make Cannons as "Inaccurate" as Carronades you will still be able to snipe bottom sections at 150-200 meters and have a hit rate above 75%. Repairs, Cannon Values, Ship Values, Mast Values, etc will all have to be tweaked (Small tweaks everywhere). That is how we will achieve proper balance between all the different tactics in-game. (Atleast that is the only solution i see.)
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    Why? I mean honestly... The French that was their primary tactic. Brits and Americans it was Captains choice really... But most of the time it was as much blind luck as it is in game when you volley fire... I have found last week or so.. Same class ships or bigger it is tough.. even 1 class lower then you not so tough.. which also feels right.. a 4th rate does bad bad things to a 5th rate in a 1 v 1 or it should.... What issue? Be glad the Devs haven't coded the lines that hold the mast up for damage... If they did a couple good chain volleys and 1 good Ball and you would likely be shot a mast.. Also be VERY happy the mast falls away and vanishes and doesn't lay across the ship or half in the water half out blocking a broadside and acting as a drag anchor. Boy imagine the crying then....
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    Dear Srupl, don't play dumb, it is clearly understood that there are 10 players in total, not only Aloha .... But hey, clinging to the subject, if you win you are fine but if they ganking you it is a shit ... As always .
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    No offense, but as more topics u open as more i think u should only playing NA Legends.
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    It is also numerically possible that SORRY stands behind 9/11 .
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