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    Christmas is near.. so I've been working on a little wishlist regarding changes / features I'd like to see in Naval Action.. Just a little brainstorm - I've stolen some suggestions I liked Feel free to discuss Dear Santa I have tried to be a good boy this year and sank as many pira... emm... BANDITS as possible =) In return I would like to present you my wishlist for this years christmas Buy-Contracts for ships, pretty much self-explaining Nerf or remove current PvP reward modules, add paints instead (even if they are only 1 dura; I'm sure it would be a much appreciated feature - I know for a fact there have been some 1 dura paints given out for "testing") Leave the safezone's size untouched BUT make it so only players up to and including Flag Captain (650 Crew rank) get to enjoy it - IMHO a more experienced player should not experience a safezone in a pvp mmo game - That way a player can still try out a ship of the line, 3rd rate or bellona, while being completely safe Allow clans to "hire" up to a certain amount (e.g. 5) of players from different nations and invite them to battle groups, and join their Port Battles ... Nerf the Wasa "Disguised Perk" which hides your name for enemy nations until you are in battle - Players of your nation can still see your name though Remove most of the speed modules - Before the big wipe we only had Copper Plating and Speed Trim (-10% HP), and it worked out perfectly fine. Let wood be the deciding factor. Introduce an exponential reward curve for PvP - a 10v1 should not be nearly as rewarding as a 1v1 - Limit it to 200% rewards (maybe for 1v3) to avoid exploits Slightly buff Carronades Limit chain shot Introduce Control Perk as a default mechanic for every battle Make the santa cecilia more accessible Let players vote for a Commander at the beginning of a battle - The commander can then draw stuff on the map (M), e.g. the general direction, focussed target, or whatever - Useful for bigger battles (especially port battles)
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    My wish would be that devs change their mind about game content and give us an OW full of varied things to do. PVE content (the grass of the sheeps) is severely lacking for a long time now.
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    I've also been playing MMOs since the late 90s and used my dial up connection to first log into Ultima Online way back when. Sounds like you haven't been playing very successful MMOs. All the good ones have decent PVE systems that keep players in the game for the PVP people to hunt. UO, EVE, Everquest, WoW.....all had/have good PVE systems, whether it be crafting/raiding/farming...whatever, that keeps folks coming back to the game. More importantly, they had variety. The very best ones combine PVE with mundane tasks and make folks forget you're not out killing people. The problem with folks like you is you think that anything that isn't PVP oriented is carebear and anathema to how MMOs should be played. The best games offer multiple different play styles and doesn't force folks to play how they don't want. NA has yet to achieve that. Perhaps your friends are special, I dunno. PVP in naval action is still at it's core fundamentally the same. ROE changes, safe zones, wind profiles...whatever.. all have changed a couple of times, but the OW in this game still livesand breaths by it's population. It's a simple meta really, keep the sheep occupied so the wolves can hunt em. I've seen admin echo these sentiments multiple times now on the forum, but in practice the changes he keeps implementing seem to continually ruin the PVE experience in the game. I personally dislike most PVE aspects of MMOs, I like to either solo hunt or in small groups and spend hours being bored just for that occasional chance of a good gank. In NA I think I only have the aggie fully unlocked with slots. I hate grinding, I hate hostility missions, I hate hunting AI. Most of my skill books came from spares the clan had. BUT I do comprehend well enough how good MMOs function and it all revolves around fun and easy casual content. The rest takes care of itself.
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    I don't know how we have kept arguing then because i have, in several comments, mentioned that Accuracy on its own would not fix the issue. That the solution would include things like Mast Thickness and Hitpoints. Nonetheless i'm glad you suddenly agree to what i've been saying all along That said, while i can deal with inaccurate cannons (I've used Carronades enough to overcome the inaccuracy of the guns), i doubt the majority of the playerbase can. I'd propose that the Devs simply reactivate the old feature where "Waves" mattered alot more. (Right now, when you click "Fire" all cannons will fire at the point you were aiming at when clicking. However this feature made it so that your cannons were "Fixed" to the ship, so if you clicked "Fire" and your ship is rolling, then your broadside will follow the ships roll.) The feature was taken out for a reason, but if we want guns to be less accurate do it this way, rather than implementing the ridicoulus "RNG". "RNG" removes skill where as this old feature actually promotes skill by making it so that you have to be aware of the waves etc. So a good captain who has "become one with the waves" will be able to keep a much higher hit-ratio than someone who cannot read the waves so to speak. (Thinking of the average player, i think nerfing accuracy is the wrong way to go. There is a reason why we've ended up with accuracy we have today.)
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    The real problem is that other than grinding missions there really isn't any enjoyable or enthralling PVE content. This is an MMO, PVE content keeps the fans in the seats. No raids, no exploration missions, no delivery missions....just the same old boring sinking of AI. They kinda are getting the idea with increased loot and difficulty in epic events, but too little too late. Stale content = a stale game. People stop showing up. New ships is not content and that mindset is exactly why this game is not doing well. Happy PVE players make happy PVP players. It's all about that casual content
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    In my opinion, resetting the perks should not cost combat marks, you could then change them more often and match to the current situation.
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    History-log of the Ship Ability to improve defenses against more upkeep A proper Dutch ship, preferably the Fluit, Prince Maurits-class or the Wreker-class 80/90 gun. A new UI Storm battles back again
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    I guess it can be hard to be one of the most notorious players on the server. This was the first thing I felt was missing after the introduction of single durabilities and I've suggested it myself a couple of times. I think (hope) they are working on it with the rebalancing of ships. The speed/stability should be decreased and the BR should be increased in relation to the other 4th rates. Or just simply cross-nation clan alliances would be great. +1 I don't see the need. I like that there is no "official" commanders in-game and also that communication is valuable. I think making it too technical and complicated, or with too many aids just make the battles more mechanical, generic and boring. Total War-games have naval battles now, so if I want to order AI ships around on a map I play Empire Total War.
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    Уберите зависимость скилла . Что бы кораблики по прямой ходили и у кого фиты круче , тот и победил.
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    Нерфите фрегаты!! а стоп.. не то. Апните рейты!!! так... опять не в тему. Дайте спокойно крабить!!! тьфу блин, снова не подходит... Мда, ни одна отмазка не прокатит. чувствую реально забанят.
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    очередной эпик, но уже против испов клана вультра и после часа боя пошло поехало, это шутка, этого не может быть, короче братан ты юзаешь читы и аим бот и бла бла бла
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    Yea, there is no need for AI, it worked fine in sea trials withou them. There is no way to test teambalancing with AI in the mix.
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    I guess that makes it not happen. Oh, that is such a complete lie. When you had the choice to reinforce a french hostility fight at port de paix, you reinforced the side that was already at 24 ships vs 15 swedes. You literally were the player #25 to join a battle against 15. You did not reinforce the weaker side of that battle, you joined the stronger side along with your PODW pirate buddies.
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    Why not limit all types of shot? Simply make ammo something you have to carry (adding weight to your ship), perhaps with a max amount in total based on your ship size, and you'd be able to fill it up with whatever types you want. Perhaps even powder as an item you have to carry could be introduced, and you'd be able to freely choose to lower or increase your charge at the cost of more/less powder (but giving you the option to potentially penetrate better) - of course using extra powder charge for too long should have a risk of losing cannons (or perhaps just increase reload time to simulate the need to let the cannons cool), and conversely using too little powder will lower penetration (but perhaps increase crew casualties the closer you match velocity to the point of penetration?).
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    you forgot the most important of all.....#servermerge. +1 on the removal of speed mods.
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    I agree on all your points, very nice list. Except perhaps: It seems like that would upset the balance between using chain vs. using ball (demasting) to cripple ships - even further one might say. I do agree, however, that carronade penetration is horrendous on hull (the same applies to 12-pounder longs/mediums and below when targetting larger ships); however, I wouldn't solve it by buffing carronades. Instead I would lower thickness slightly across the board, both for masts and hull, while at the same time increasing HP. Furthermore, I would make it a little bit harder to hit masts: I think masts should have areas where balls would bounce off, or alternatively (easier to implement I suppose) make the hitboxes slightly smaller. The reason for this is simple: think of it like hitting a hull from an angle and the ball bouncing off, the same would apply to hitting a mast (due to its round shape); to get a clean, damaging hit, you'd have to hit it almost centre on. (If someone knows of any tests or physics that say the contrary, feel free to correct me).
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    The sentence "save the game" says it all. If a game isnt good, players leave. I have stated this 117 times and what to do and when the game was fun but to no avail at all. Some of the users wanted realism before gameplay. Hence players leave as realism isnt always fun if out of balance. The whole idea of an OW was good, but it just doesnt work, as very few have the time or pleasure to see a ship sail around in waters for hours on end. Some has, however, and those guys took control over forums and game development. Naval Action Legends was the recykle bin, players that liked pvp-battles was thrown into. But something went totally wrong in this approach. OW became a weird place without action and too much grind for the single player. Clans is fine to any game, but to build a game around a few dedicated souls doesnt provide any long lasting backbone. Clans are toxic and they split and live and dies as players leave, find other games, have kids, get married etc. The player base for this game are players who have some basic knowledge of navies, age of sail, napoleonic wars and to some extend piracy in the carribean. Mature players with some knowlegde about the historical period. Mature players also have less sparetime than medium grade school kids. Hence they simply cant throw hours and hours after a game that provide little or no action at all. The game was fun until around april 2016. Until then it was relative easy to advance, buy ships with miltiple durability so a loss wasnt bad. Battles stayed open so that most players could sail out, find a fight and make the best of it right away. If 200 battles where ongoing and open - the action wasnt hard to find. Open battles had this unexpected experience in them. You never knew what happened. Did reinforcements arrive in time? Could the outnumbered fleet make it out in time? Or was it possible to help a friend in need? The system wasnt perfect and had room of exploits - but the basic idea with a world with a lot of ACCESIBLE BATTLES in it was second to none. Unrealistic in terms of time versus space and with the help of modern communications as it was, it was actually a fun day to day experience. I have never been sitting so much on the edge of my chair as I did back then. The gameplay was GREAT. If you lost a ship, you had more duras so a loss wasnt crippling. Kind of a respawn you could say. The nations was full of players that rapported on enemy positions, asked for help etc. So much life! In open-ended battles like this, you had the risk of getting outnumbered and loose, however, which not was in everyones taste. Espicially the gankers or the players who liked to be certain of a win (the control-freak-types) argued for a cut down in timers, supported to those who didnt like the idea that their small nation might be outnumbered and loose map-territories. Hence they could control the single battles they thought. All this was combined with the complaining traders that saw little use as their role as merchants wasnt that important. The single-player was more or less self-sustaining (which was a great feature imho) and they didnt feel the market was done properly. As the game saw less and less action for the single player, they left in numbers and those who still played the game was the hard-cores (in terms of time aviable-not nescessary combat skills) hence the development focused on their needs with dedicated clan-system where the port battles where in foucus. Before the port battles where open for all, but clans hated the idea of random players joining in so they where left "to screen" etc. Well, what the game actually did was to exclude the biggest player-base more or less down the road by making a good, promising product too narrow and grindy for a few players out of a niche market. I dont play the game as its not working anymore. The fun - factor has gone and what could be a great age of sail title has turned into a Arma-series-equivalence on the water. Its far from in everyones taste. Most players loved the great battle-mechanisms but in a world where you struggle to make things work, it seems more forgiving to play other games like RO2 or Warthunder maybe, where access to somewhat realistic action is much easier to get. I myself look forward to Hell let Loose that looks like they have the balances right between realism and gameplay.... That was my 2 cents - feel free to discuss... :-)
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    Ye as far as i recall it was because huge inaccuracy (RNG) did not prove fun for the majority of players. And huge inaccuracy, in my point of view, only encourages 1 type of play; Brawling. Nonetheless, lets say we nerf Cannons and give them the current dispersion of Carronades. It will still take only 1 broadside to take down Top Masts at 300 Meters. Mid Mast's will be 1-2 Broadside at 200-250 Meters or so. Main Mast will be 2-3 broadsides at 100-150 Meters. Even if you eliminate "mast sniping" you will still see the Masts fall in about the same amount of time. Why you may ask? Well, let me explain it to you; Demasting right now is all about being able to Penetrate the Mast. If you can penetrate the Mast it will not take more than a few broadsides to take down several masts. (Depends on your aim ofcourse, but if you know what your doing :p) So you will still be here complaining about demasting because "OP". And i will still be here complaining about demasting not being properly balanced.
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    No it does not. I'd be happy to explain why, but it would probably be the 5th time i'd be doing it just in this topic alone. Go back and read comments in case your wondering why it doesn't fix the issue.
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    Those going on about #JustNerfCannonAccuracy That's great and all, but just nerfing accuracy is not going to make a difference here. Your top and middle sections will still go down extremely fast, and even if you make Cannons as "Inaccurate" as Carronades you will still be able to snipe bottom sections at 150-200 meters and have a hit rate above 75%. Repairs, Cannon Values, Ship Values, Mast Values, etc will all have to be tweaked (Small tweaks everywhere). That is how we will achieve proper balance between all the different tactics in-game. (Atleast that is the only solution i see.)
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    I'm sorry but what do you mean? That i didn't test and give feedback? And it is a fact Thonys, Devs have not been good at tweaking. They have gone from one extreme to the other so many times its hard to count on 7 Hands. - Testing both extremes to see the effect is reasonable for sure, but when that is done you have to take small steps till you find the proper compromise between the extremes. This have been tough for the Developers and i truly hope they have learned from those mistakes. (PS, If Devs read this, please dont take it as criticism but as what it is meant to be taken as; Constructive Feedback. We all make mistakes and if no one tells us then we might never realize.)
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    Judging by the whispers in the Dutch taverns I believe they are already asking for a ceasefire, maybe the voice of Mr Scipio would like to enlighten? It seems declaring war and fighting in one are poles apart,kudos the recent Dutch captains Cabal has fought recently bravery of the common captain should be appluaded.
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    @Christendom v @Peter Goldman be like
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    Captains Patch is being deployed today Epic events reworked. Epic events now allow only 6 ships to enter (spawning 9 enemies) Epic events now spawn epic (strong) enemies. If you sink or board a ship in an epic event you can pick up a chest from a destroyed ship. Players will have to show strong coordination to be able to destroy those stronger enemies. For first stage of testing we will run the Lineship event (that spawn in unprotected waters around the caribbean). After this initial test we will add a frigate event as well. Port battle changes Port battles now allow limited battle rating based on the city size. We used historical city sizes initially. Please comment on the port battles sizes in the comments and propose changes if any changes needed Open world loot Open world bots and hostility missions now drop better loot depending on ship size. Mission bots drop less rare loot on average. If you are searching for a particular rare book - you have a better chance to get it by hunting NPCs in the open world. Other changes PvP marks have returned. PvP rewards added to the admiralty store. pvp kills now grant both pvp marks and combat marks 2lb gun has been added to game for use on the ships with swivels. First ship with swivels will be added to game in one of the next hotfixes Timers have been tuned slightly. Invisibility timer is now 30 seconds, cannot attack and be attacked is now 45 seconds Reinforcement bot stats slightly changed Speed cap has been increased to 15.5 knots All % caps have been increased by 5% to provide more variability in fitouts Turn rates have been improved for Endymion, Constitution, Agamemnon, Trincomalee, Indefatigable Damage from fire slightly increased (for testing) Explosions now affect ship structure Shot logger has been switched off Fixed the bug that some contested ports are not shown in the list of the contested ports Fixed the bug that did not auto-repair the rudder on the Indefatigable and several other ships In the next hotfixes Ship stats and BR rebalance (more on this later) Le Gros Ventre Refit Epic event tuning and frigate epic pve event Port battle BR limits tuning based on feedback Next large patch Tutorial Le Gros Ventre Refit pictures Hotfix 1 November 1 Significant changes New ship - Le Gros Ventre Refit, with swivels. The ship is available for pvp marks in the admiralty. Outlaw battles have been removed - they were a cause of multiple exploits that unfortunately could not be fixed in a reasonable time. Fixes Minor changes for loot tables (some upgrades were dropping too much) Fixed the bot distribution (some regions did not have enough bots) Minor tunings for some upgrades (for example fixed bug for trim by the stern providing incorrect bonuses Fixes of several bugs with ship trade that were not clearing the knowledge slots for the traded ships (creating confusion as they did not work if you did not have the skill yourself)