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    Actually limited BR port battles are possible now because only clans can enter the port battle, and clans can control who enters them by adding or removing clans from the list. I will even like my post. I did not think of the possibilities that feature opens.
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    This PB reward is a hello kittying joke (1:45h battle):
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    25v25 first rates will actually not happen at all clans will have to carefully balance the fleet - scout enemy composition etc did they take 5 first rates only or did they only take fast frigates and mortars…. so many opportunities open up for the variety of ships in port battles.
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    yes, that was the first mistake if devs decide they are missing certain ships from certain nations, don't allow any other ships in the poll! in situations like these democracy will not ensure minorities get their share, it should be obvious...
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    I still hope they are working on it. In my opinion its good for the game health. The game needs a wide spectrum of players and i doubt that hardcore Nations will lead to a big player swap. To many current players are cautious and wont join a nation where they could lose everything (look at the current pve care zones). This new nations would appeal to new/old players and therefore make it more appealling for a wider spectrum. So instead of less player we will get more players.
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    After Crossroads comes River Crossing. Bumped politics again: And I had to increase the size of my Corps to 12 Brigades: Battle at River Crossing In River Crossing you must advance across a River and take 2 objectives. The obvious route of attack is to take the right objective (Crossroads Hill) first and then to flank the Confederates and take the other. This was probably my most fun battle to date on Legendary. It reminded me of Sun Tzu when he explained that an army is divided into 2 forces: the "ordinary" which attack his front and the "extraordinary" which attack his flank. Pretty simple, but he goes on to say that the combination of these forces are endless like interlocked rings. What he means here is that due to the situation in the battle, the roles of forces can change and for example your original ordinary and extraordinary forces swap roles. This is what happens at the Battle at River Crossing. Here is how I set-up my forces to begin the battle. I have 3 brigades which will serve as my left wing supported by 2 batteries. The first 3 brigades on the right will assume duties as my center and the next 3 brigades will assault the right most objective, crossroads hill. Once I start I immediately break off skirmishers from all regiments. Three go to my front where my medium to long range batteries will be placed and the rest will provide covering fire for my advance on the Crossroads Hill. I then began the advance and almost immediately enter into a skirmish battle on my left flank. I push these fellas back and he then attempts to attack me in my center... where he is outflanked and runs into my 6pdr guns. I push him back across the river, solidify my center and continue to advance moving well right of the Crossroads Hill so that I am not completely in the open for the assault. His forces are separated and I plug the hole with skirmishers to be able to attack him from all sides. Notice I now have 5 brigades in line and good order with artillery support at his front facing the River Hill. Under this pressure his units break and I take the Crossroads Hill. As he retreats I re-establish my right flank to the center and carry out a maneuver to swing into a flanking attack on the River Hill with my skirmishers in his rear. This maneuver causes his defensive forces at River Hill to change front. Once he changes front, my initial flanking attack has done its job. Now it is time for my forces to change roles. My center and right flank are now the normal forces and will attempt to keep his army faced in their direction. My left flank now becomes my extraordinary forces and will attack his flank. They push up the hill, flanking the forces there and take River Hill. Notice how my right flank has barely moved, but my left flank now firmly holds River Hill and the confederates are almost surrounded and facing defeat. Oddly enough, once the timer finishes the game immediately finishes. The game ends in victory though the casualty ratio isn't as high as I would have like. Still, attacking an enemy in good cover and coming out on top is a most satisfying result. Here are my forces after the battle: I must now prepare for the battle of Shiloh. With only 9,000 replacements I will only be able to fully reinforce 1 Corps and create 1 full division under 2nd Corps. So hope ya'll liked that AAR, it certainly was a really fun battle to play. I think, however, I might give this thread a rest though as it doesn't appear to be of much interest to the general community. Screenshots just really can't compete with videos nowadays. Cheers and enjoy the game... I certainly do.
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    Why no like this post month ago ? So much great stuff lost in this vast forum
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    Revolutionary war could be interesting, just reduce more things down to small brigade level only and a lot more skirmisher usage.
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    The ships were proposed in Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions. Requirements were: Light frigates 32-36 guns (we have no ships in this range) Heavy frigates 50-60 guns (we only have trincomalee and constitution in this range) 3rd rates 70-80 guns (we only have 1.5 ships in this range) And those nations were preferred: Dutch Portuguese Venetian 11 ships have been selected from the initial poll (the 10th were ex aequo), and 1 more added per admin's request. Choose your preferred vessel. Friderichsværn (1784, Dano-Norwegian 36-gun frigate) Friderichsværn was one of the seven Bornholm-class 12-pounder frigates designed by Henrik Gerne, probably Denmarks most eminent shipwright in the 18th century. She was named after the naval base of Fredriksvern, which was to become in 1814 the main base for the Norwegian Royal Navy. In 1807, Friderichsværn was captured off Göteborg in an illegal single-ship action by HMS Comus. Two days before the Gunboat War was declared, the British sixth rate chased Friderichsværn, disabled her rigging and boarded her. NA Topic / 3-Decks / Wiki HMS Comus Nikolai (1790, Russian 34-gun frigate) Sviatoi Nikolai was one of the sixteen Alexander-class 18-pounder rowing frigates designed by Ivan Kutygin for the Baltic Fleet. She was built at the Kronstadt Shipyard during the Russo-Swedish War of 1790 to fight the Swedish coastal frigates. Nikolai participated in the battles of Kronstadt and Vyborg, and was sunk at the Battle of Svensksund, the biggest Swedish naval victory and the largest naval battle ever in the Baltic Sea. She was found in 1948 almost intact in the sea bottom. NA Topic / Finnish Site / English Site / 3-Decks / Wiki Venus (1783, Swedish 40-gun frigate) Venus was built following the Bellona design by Fredrik Chapman, the first frigates to carry 24-pounder guns. She was captured by the Russians in 1789. She retained the same name in Imperial Russian service and participated in the battle of Reval and in the battle of Vyborg Bay. She was sold to the Kingdom of Naples in 1807 to avoid capture by the British. Venus and her sister ships sailed exceptionally well, doing 13-14 knots with a good wind. NA Topic / 3-Decks / Wiki Princesa Real (1819, Portuguese 50-gun frigate) Princesa Real was a large frigate built at the Lisbon shipyard. Her spacious and sheltered natural harbor at the mouth of the Tage had helped Lisbon to become the center of the first global empire. Princesa Real participated in the Battle of Cape St Vincent during the Portuguese Civil War, where a naval squadron commanded by the British officer Charles Napier, on behalf of the Emperor of Brasil, defeated the navy of the proclaimed King of Portugal. Princesa Real was built for the open sea and probably carried 24-pounders. NA Post / 3-Decks HMS Leopard (1790, British 50-gun ship) Leopard was one of the ten Portland-class ships designed by John Williams, also the architect of the cutter Alert. HMS Leopard took several prizes during the French Revolutionary Wars and participated in the ending of Napoleon's Campaign of Egypt. In 1807 she attacked and boarded the USS Chesapeake off the coast of Virginia, looking for deserters from the Royal Navy - one of the incidents which preceded the War of 1812. Leopard grounded at the outlet of the Saint Lawrence River in 1814, but all hands on board survived. NA Topic / 3-Decks / Wiki Prinses Frederika Louise Wilhelmina (1779, Dutch 54-gun ship) Princes Wilhelmina was commissionned by the Admiralty of Friesland, one of the five autonomous admiralties of the Dutch Republic. She was built at the Harlingen Shipyard, home of the 17th century naval hero Tjerk Hiddes de Vries. Wilhelmina was named after the princess Louise of Orange-Nassau, daughter of the last stadtholder of the Dutch Republic. NA Post / 3-Decks Wenden (1706, Dano-Norwegian 70-gun ship) The Wenden was built by Olaus Judichær at the Holmen naval base. Founded in the late 17th century, the base has played a vital role in the history of Denmark as well as Copenhagen. For over 300 years, Holmen was the largest employer of the country. Aside from being one of Denmark’s largest battleships of her day, Wenden was also beautiful as attested by Judichær’s colored design plans of her stern galleries. NA Topic / 3-Decks Vrijheid class (1783, Dutch 74-gun ship) Prins Maurits and Zeven Provinciën were built along the lines of the Vrijheid, "Freedom". She fought as flagship of the admiraal Jan de Winter at the Battle of Camperdown, the major engagement of the Dutch naval forces in the 18th century. During the battle only the Dutch flagship remained in combat and De Winter was the only officer who remained uninjured, standing on his wrecked quarterdeck and still refusing to lower his colours. When British sailors boarded the drifting flagship, Vrijheid had lost almost half of her crew. NA Topic / 3-Decks / Wiki Téméraire class (1782, French 74-gun ship) The Téméraire class was a series of 120 ships designed by Jacques-Noël Sané. Along with the 80-gun Tonnant class and the 118-gun Océan class, the Téméraire class was to become one of the three French standard types of battleships. The Téméraire type was and remains the most numerous class of capital ship ever built. Their qualities at sea and in combat quickly made them the reference for all the European fleets. The Redoutable is famous for having duelled the HMS Victory at Trafalgar, killing Lord Nelson. NA Topic / 3-Decks / Wiki Montañés class (1794, Spanish 74-gun ship) The Montañés was the first of four ships designed by Julián Martín de Retamosa, who refined the lines of the San Ildefonso class. He sharpened the ends and lowered the center of gravity, creating a faster and more seaworthy vessel. Copper plated, she could reach 14 knots downwind and 10 knots upwind. The four ships of the class fought at Trafalgar and only the Montañés survived the following storm. In 1808, she participated in the capture of the Rosily squadron during the Peninsular War against the Napoleonic invaders. NA Topic / 3-Decks / Wiki / Spanish Wiki Wreker class (1798, Dutch 80-gun ship) The Wreker, "Avenger" was designed by Pieter Glavimans and built at the Amsterdam Shipyard. The Dutch Admiralty, impressed by the Wreker's overall performance, would order six other ships. Some of those would be named after famous Dutch admiraals: De Ruyter, Zoutman and Evertsen. The hull form of the Wreker class is the usual Dutch type, shallow draught, flat bottom, square profile necessary for operations in Dutch shallow waters. NA Topic / Model / 3-Decks / Wiki HMS Foudroyant (1798, British 80-gun ship) Foudroyant was designed by John Henslow and built at the Plymouth Shipyard. She had a long and successful career and served as Nelson's flagship during the French Revolutionary Wars. In 1800, Foudroyant participated in the capture of the two French ships Guillaume Tell and Généreux which had escaped the Battle of the Nile. During the Napoleonic Wars she captured several prizes in the Atlantic. She was serving as a training vessel until 1897 when she went ashore during a storm. NA Topic / 3-Decks / Wiki
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    Como decía Intrépido en el hilo de la otra votación, hemos conseguido pasar a la final. Ánimo y votad, que esta vez es mas difícil. Votad en el siguiente enlace. Volved a avisar a todo el mundo para votar al Montañés.
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    Port Battles are quite repetitive and I can here on the TeamSpeak more and more players telling that they do not want to do RvR anymore because it is “always the same”. Always 25 x 1st rates (some obliged to use Oceans or preferring her, some using Victories if their nation allows it, battle marks obliged) or 25 x 4th rates (most Wasa’s by now, awaiting remaining Agamemnon’s to be sunk or burnt) Or 25 Heavy-Rattlesnakes or Mercuries (also depending on Nations CM’s) for shallow waters. I would suggest a BR limit for Port Battle, this limit being a consequence of the tax recoveries during the last 2 weeks. So that important ports would have a BR limit of 16,250 (25 Santi’s), less important could decrease to 500 (25 Lynx, yes!) if no tax came from. This would create a lot of variety in Port Battles: Would I prefer 25 Bellona’s or 16 Ocean’s when the PB limit is 100,000? Or a mixture including some 1t rates, some 2nd and 3rd rates and some frigates?... What will be my strategy? What’s about enemy choices? Hoping that would help…
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    Any chance of opening it up to more people to test out the combat changes? Pretty much nobody in the queue at the moment.
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    While beautifully intricate Venetian viola plays sad songs, today is not the day for the republic. I'm actually pretty stumped who to vote for, I'm not particularly keen on any of the ships here, a lot of them are kind of ugly, although it would be good to finally get some Dutch representation. Leopard and Téméraire should both be in the game by now and we probably shouldn't even be voting for them... Montañés is famous for running away, and arguably her most important part is her copper sheathing, not her design, Wenden is a bit ugly and there are far better examples to pick from for a 70 gun ship, Friderichsværn and Nikolai are kind of ugly, we don't desperately need any more 24lb frigates, we have 3 and potentially still "Kepler" is in the works so that kind of counts Venus out, Princess Real is pretty ugly and modern for my liking, HMS Foudroyant is a nice ship but the 80 gunner of the game should really be Bucentaure even if she currently sits at 88, by that I am left with the Dutch ships Prinses Frederika Louise Wilhelmina, Vrijheid class and the Wreker class, visually I prefer the Vrijheid and Prinses Frederika, although Wreker is probably a more appropriate choice, overall I am leaning towards Vrijheid but it doesn't feel right. I'd like to be properly remindeded of why each ship should make it into the game by someone passionate about it. Please persuade me and others to why vote for a ship
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    I'd like to see ALL wood bonuses reduced by 50%. The variation is too wild being able to make any ships extremely fast or extremely tanky. The speed gap between fir and oak, and fir and live oak is so massive, as any medium wood build even if you got a good tag you'll still be out paced by a fir ship by almost 2KNTS after upgrades and skills It forces a speed meta that doesn't give any room for anything else, and raises the PVP to bar to having to have all rare speed buff skills or else you'll get outran every single time. The same on the other end with PB ships with large thickness buffs from woods stacking pen and thickness mods for HUGE bonuses making any newer player without these mods and skills at severe disadvantage as apposed to a marginal one.
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    that's of course possible in every faction but Spain, since in our faction it will be like that - hey guys, I'm setting up a port battle! Are you coming? - filthy traitor! - what? - one year ago your team mate entered a port battle in a ship that was not live oak/white oak and screwed up the entire war: we lost two hundred ports and a gozillion ships because of such a crime! - well, I do not remember. - I do and I will never ever play with you! - nor I, since you clearly have an alt char in the swiss faction! - there is no swiss faction in this game! - do not try to elude my accusations! - ok, then hello kitty off! - you too! - no battle for this evening, mates! - ok, que viva Espana!
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    indeed. The beauty of clan's pb is that clan has FULL control - complete control on what is the fleet composition. And this gives us the option to establish the limit (or (dreaming aloud) allow the clans to lower the state induced limit (just like with the tax).
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    I'm in heaven. although I do wish to see possible variation in BR limits for Port Battles! with BR variation you could make all ports "all different" so some deep water ports hold more 1st rates or some are more 4th/5th rate focused. omg, please let it be so.
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    Can it be, 3rd rates getting a use again?
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    Exactly: -small clans can have more choices now. -all ships, without distintions, will be useful for RvR. -all player ranks could play RvR without limits.
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    Before you introduce this system (that sounds nice), you need to balance BR of all ships.
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    indeed Lineship PB = 6500 BR (so you can either take 10 first rates or a mixed fleet) 4th rate PB = 3500 BR (so you can take 5 first rates or a mixed fleet)
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    It's been suggested a number of times in the patch thread and suggestion forum area on subjects of "how to make more port ownership options and perks." I know that most, if not all of us would like more customization and abilities to make our ports be more of our "home." I believe one though was to be able to upgrade forts and towers, it would increase the maintenance cost, but you would have better defense and all that jazz.