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    Coming to a shipyard near you soon! The Wasa, by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman. Look no further. Here is the leaked crafting receipt for the new Wasa. A ship that is coming to the game with Unity 5 and which can already be taken for a spin on the testbed server: (click and expand to fullscreen to see full size image) This announcement is sponsored by: To learn about how you can already test out this beautiful new ship devs are giving us - if you haven't already -, follow this link:
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    I know players who play pirate that feel pirates should not have the ability to craft ships or have structures and should only live off captured ships. I'd just like to see no RvR for pirates, let them live out of free towns, and have the hidden islands, Kidds etc, as their pirate coves that cannot be captured. Personally, I am for pirate on pirate battles. Before the wipe, I played pirate on EU all the way back to pre release (after ow but before Steam release). One clan I was in was on the pirate KOS list by other clans because some in our clan attacked pirate traders. It was exciting having to watch your back wherever you go. Unfortunately this mech gets exploited. Some play pirate for role play purposes. I just like pirates for the freedom.
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    I think there is a big problem into the reward system right now in pvp. When you are doing pvp in large group, the battle can be an 1.5hour battle and sometime things are going bad and you are nt sunking anyone or few ennemy althought you have fight like pig and then you get the famous: "Captain xxxx you make a battle and win nothing" What the hell? I make 500 shot in hull, dismate 3 ships use 200 repair and i got nothing? What is wrong with you? i could just have sunk 2 lynx in front of my capital and won more than making pvp 1.5 hour? And what is true in port battle is true in open sea pvp too. You make a 1v1, finnaly your enenmy flee because badly hurt and he succes to flee and you win nothing. Neither xp neither doublon. Nothing to reimburse back your reparation and your time. I really think reward in pvp has to be reworked because the systme we got now don't give you the wish to go in pvp.
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    PvPers only really hate being forced to PvE to progress or be competitive, or the use of PvE content to actively avoid PvP.
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    well after good consideration, and seeing a lot of battles i believe that the sail repairs should be only one 1 time in battle and not multiple times from what we have now also, the chain shot has a too much impact on the sails in one broad compared to the speed of the vessel after bin brought under the 80 % from 100-80 it does do nothing when under 80-60- the half of your speed is gone even in real time they did not repair in battle so i think,: remove the constant repair or just one time and that's it..... or reduce impact on damage to sails significant.. no ship has a chance to escape when outnumbered and everyone is shooting sail at you it's actually very lame let's make tactics and balls important again
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    In NA legends it's a good thing. It's a very fair implementation. In NA it can be abused. A player can enter battle with an alt both in first rates and strip off both sides on each player. Then exit battle with no loss and 100k richer. Exploitable is the problem in NA. Hard to exploit with a lobby system. And 1 dura is the way to go in NA or even POTBS. They never had an alliance system in POTBS. I don't recall a leader board. They definitely didn't have to actually aim to hit their targets. Ok I don't have much, but POTBS got it right in so many ways it would be crazy not to put their systems in this game.
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    Ahoy, Waka here. So far we still have power, just a bunch of wind and rain. I should be on a bit later if things continue as they are. So far everyone's having a hurricane party and all is well.
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    Does Wasa come with its own set of Allen Keys (Hex Keys) for ease of construction, if not will it fit a standard selection?
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    With the new clan war (ala EVE) direction, the flags will matter less and less. I doubt pirates will ever be unique. I do not think pirates should be a selectable option, you become a pirate in game. I personally would like the old Black flag (pirate republic)/Red flag (outlaw pirates) proposal with ability to earn forged papers by doing "good" deeds and becoming and outlaw by doing "bad" things to "good" people. Pirate republic would be a nation, and outlaws would be able to TP in out of free towns but could not own ports. Privateer system for Pirates would be nice, with earning reputation for tha nation who hired them, that could lead to letter of marque. Devs seem to be preoccupied with constant RVR and PVP changes. My big disappointment right now is simple lack of content. I have never played a MMO where players are expected to create the content. MOBA types games do that. MMO needs solid game content, storyline, career progression, guilds, missions, raids, etc etc. Then RVR and PVP gets incorporated into that. Pirate lore would be a part of the storyline. How did your character became a pirate? Everyone would have a story to tell.
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    Yah they came back and said doing cross nation would be to much a trouble with the code how Nations are set up. So it's only clans in your own nation that you can add.
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    Уважаемые разработчики, пара вопросов: 1. Будет ли возможность улучшать города, строить форты, склады и пр.? т.е. элементы улучшающие экономику и защиту города? 2. "уменьшено время на перевозки" Это как? Скорость торгашам или расположение ресурсов? 3. Почему вы к этим разумным нововведениям так долго шли? Года 2-3 назад еще многое из этого проскакивало. 4. " Редкие корабли будут убраны из миссий и переведены в открытый мир для поощрения охоты за ними". Это какие такие корабли? Нормальную же непись выше 5 лвл захватывать нельзя? Что-то изменится?
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    This is my version of "HMS Seaflower" by Geoff Hunt, used for the cover of the novel Seaflower by Julian Sockwin.
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    Я хочу напомнить, что тема обсуждение нового будущего патча! Как обычно все срачи и стороннее обсуждение в другие темы. Есть что сказать/предложить по теме? Пиши. Пришел поплакать или пофлудить, в другую тему...например в "трололо". Хватит плодить собственные домыслы. Не понятна задумка? Задай вопрос.
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    How do we make RVR fun? Engaging? and inclusive? Here's my proposal to fixing the current state of RVR ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Remove what we know as the Port Battle Instance There's no need for a single PB instance to decide a port. Its limited by numbers, tactics, and time. It only ever allows 25 people to be involved and the time window is extremely narrow. It has no place in NA. A solution: Tonnage War. Once hostilities is set for a port, the area around the port is deemed contested. A meter is displayed that will show the progress of each nation head to head. The goal of Tonnage War is to sink more BR than the enemy. The attacker must achieve 60% total tonnage in order to take the port, and the defenders must keep them from reaching 60%. These tonnage wars can last 3 days to a week depending on the importance of the port. In order to prevent defenders from not showing to deny tonnage to the attackers, AI ships in the area will count to a fraction of the normal BR tonnage, forcing defenders to show up or lose valuable tonnage. This system takes off the chains from normal PBs. Allowing any ship, of any size and any clan of a nation to be directly involved with the taking or defending of a port. The clan with the most % tonnage sunk for their nation will earn the rights to the port. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Another problem with RVR is that the progression of conquest is very chaotic. Any nation can sail across the map and take the capital port of their enemy with ease which isn't realistic or pleasing to see. A solution: Fronts Hostility and hostility missions can ONLY be taken and raised at the 3 nearest ports from your friendly port. What does this mean? An enemy port can ONLY be captured if its close enough to a friendly port. By limiting how far away you can take a port, natural fronts are established where players will funnel for war and conquest. This front system is much more sensible in its limitation of distance from closest logistics, but sill gives a nation options to which direction they want to head in terms of conquest, and different ways to approach a conquest of an area while staying realistic. To prevent long range jumping like how can be done with teleport to nearest port. A maximum range of 75-100km can be set, which will mean some areas will be natural choke points due to their geography which adds to the strategy of RVR. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The PB instance isn't useless. Its just too small scale to be a decider for a port. There is a use for the current 25v25 PB we have now. Raids For RVR to be completely fixed, we need to get the pirates the f#!$ out of it. The pirate nation should be the quintessential PVP oriented faction. The embodiment of clan v clan action. Without taxes from ports, the ability to craft and sell a large variety of ships, and the extra danger that comes from trading. Pirates need a way to get money and ships being the hardcore faction, but still be fun and have exclusive content. Here's how it would work. Pirates get 3-4 single port islands on each corners of the map. These islands are permanently pirate and will serve as their homes. There are plenty of tiny non occupied islands to give every nation equal threat of pirates. Raids will use a universal flag method with no indication of where the flag is going. The only information that is given is where the flag was pulled from. These flags can have a combat mark cost of say, 1000. The flag can then be transported to ANY national port (besides capital). Once the flag reaches the port, a port battle, now a raid will immediately open with a 5-10 minute join timer. It will be exactly how PBs are now. There are a few rewards for a successful raid. 1.Each pirate gets a sum of gold depending on the size of the port, along with some port specific trade/crafting goods. 2.A ship pool of 10-15 of random build ships is unlocked, where the pirates can pick from freely. 3.The raided port unlocks a basic outpost for each pirate involved in the PB. This will act as a den from where pirates can use their newly acquired ships to hunt in the area. This den function will only last 3-5 days depending on the port. No building can be built, admirality can't be accessed, but basic crafting is allowed. Only ships in your fleet will be stowed there (No dock spaces) At the end of the 3-5 days the pirates can either sell off everything with 1 free teleport back to their real port, as long as they don't leave the den after the time is up, or they can sail all the acquired ships and goods back. This is challenging and exclusive content to pirates that will make them more than just a reskinned nation. They get the utmost freedom with what they do, and with this raid system a clan of elite Pirates can still be a pain in the f#@#$&% ass to nations.....without vastly affecting the RVR balance something I think we can all enjoy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Those are all the main point, this section will be dedicated to addressing comments/criticisms and I will be editing frequently. Please keep it on topic, whether you like the idea or not and whether this will work for NA. If you have feedback/criticism, please state your reasons. Don't just give me an "oh no this will never work" Air out the problems so solutions can be made. I'll be happy to answer any questions and of course if there is anything that I missed let me know.
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    That is all fine and the great thing about this game is no one is stopping some one from playing that type of Pirate or Privateer in any of the nations. So if that is one person play style why force every one else to play the same. You seen my post you know I'm not a big fan of pirates being part of the normal conquest and even being able to craft SOL's, but I want a check and balanced system. If pirates have to give up some things and are still included in the RvR conquest system than Nationals need to give up things too. This is my biggest argument with folks that say pirates should have this or that, well neither should most nationals. SOL's should be rare and Naval officers didn't keep every ship they captured. In fact they only commanded one at a time (other than private owned ships). Captured ships should be a pirate only thing. To be fair lets say every one can captured 5th rates below but anything 4th rate and above can only be captured by Pirates. All nationals have to return to port with the ship and turn it into the Admiralty. They get paid good for it, but they can't keep it. So if we can't have certain things so neither should Nationals. If a national wants to keep said ships they will be turned Pirates (cause it's an act of piracy). The same if they are caught in such ships as the Pirate Frigate which should be a pirate only ship (funny I see more nationals in them than pirates these days). Pirates are limited to only crafting level 1 and 2 shipyards (this is a game after all lets keep it some what fun). The only way for them to gain a SOL is by captured from a National (or other means). POTBS did this by making these ships PvP ships even when not in PvP zones. This isn't a problem on our game so any one can attack and take them back if found. One way to limit SOL on both sides is make them so they can only dock in SOL ports (ports should be split shallow, normal and deep water harbors and you can't dock any ship above the port level in that port). So that way they can only have their captured SOL's keeped in certain ports. Kidd's Habour should be the only Pirate owned DEEP water harbor any others should have to be captured. They can't have all the cake and eat it too. Most Privateers where seen as pirates by one or another nation that they didn't have a LoM with. Most pirates in history tend to turn to Piracy when there was no war and they weren't sanctioned Privateers. As soon as a war broke out they get pardons and LoM and some times not even from there own parent nation and they return to proper legal (well in some eyes) Privateering. This is why I think Pirates Nation should be changed to a Privateer Faction. Work more like Merc Units in Mech Warrior Online that can be hired out to Nations (other house factions) through Letters of Marque's. This should be a clan base function where the clan picks a nation to work for a set time (a week or month would work best as things change). If it's a low pop nation they get bonus to xp/credits. Here is clip of the contract page for Merc Units in MWO. The population of a House decides the bonus you get for working for that house/Nation. IF the population is to high as you see with the first listing you got -20 to your rewards as that house is the most populated one. Though you can get up to 30% rewards for the lowest population house if you took contracts from them. My unit use to pick the lowest houses that where part of the alliance with House Kurita our parent faction backer. When we weren't fighting for one of the lesser houses with an alliance with House Kurita we would work under them, but gain a slight penalty to our credits earned cause they where one of the more popular houses in game. I think in example below at the time they where the Population 10 house so in the middle so gave no pen or perk to contracting with them. Than you have your solo players and or clans that don't want to act as privateers. Those are your Pirates and Outlaws since they don't have a LoM. Make it so that Privateer/Pirates have only none capture ports. These will be Freetowns and Pirate Havens. Kidd's and Mort would be main ones but pick the ports that where known to have pirates work out of them and those are what they can set up shop and use. While a clan is under a LoM for a nation they can use that nations ports and set up out post, but they can not build in any of them. They can only build in pirate haven ports. They are there to fight wars not set up a home after all. Pirate/Privateer faction can not be picked at the start of the game, you must become one in game by going pirate. The game needs a reputation system and you can only return to your parent nation once you get enough reputation back or going another nation through your in game actions. This will give an in game means to change nations. Though it takes time and can't be done over night, but still can be done. The reputation system will be based off your in game kills. If you sink ships from one nation more than others you will loose reputation from that nation. If another nation is at war with that nation it can actually gain you favor by sinking ships of the nation it's at war with. So that way you can still keep your national identity. A Spanish Privateer can sink only British ships and keep favor with Spain, but also gain favor with France that is at war with Brit also. As long as he doesn't sink any french ships that is. While a clan is under a LoM they will have a tag and carry that nation flag. Like I would have Cursed Pirate [BLACK] Sir Texas Sir while I'm not under a LoM shown in OW so you know I'm a Pirate/Outlaw, but as soon as my clan falls under a LoM for lets say Spain, it will change to Cursed Spain [BLACK] Sir Texas Sir. Keeping my rank as the pirate rank letting folks know I"m a Privateer for that nation and in battle my ship would have the Spanish flag.
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    Even better. The Admiralty (which is an AI) gives out some sort of redeemable every turn of the way. In the first book in the series Master & Commander the Admiralty plays a great role in Jack Aubrey's life (mostly for having him left ship-less in port for a while). If people were given a ship to complete a mission ("Take this ol' Navy Brig and complete 3 PvP fights"). Complete meaning either sink or be sunk. At least those would be some scenarios, keeping game-play fresh an setting a narrative. Much more fun for casual players.
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    Yes player A is an a-hat and I doubt any game will reset that reality. But what about players c-z who don't have alts and who don't farm gold? Why do they have to deal with carebear ROE and game mechanics that only exist because there are a handful of player As who have an extra 39.99 and dream of mountains of pixel gold?
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    I'm gonna explain this for some reason to someone who should know this because he's been here since April 4th, 2016 and this happened during that time, but here is exactly why Alt account damage farming never worked in this game: Player A joined battle with Player B, both under his control Player A damaged Player B close to sinking, then left the battle again and collected damage rewards. Player A and B repeated the process and made a lot of money No one reported them Then Admin had a monitoring alert that Player A had made a lot of PVP gold from damage but no sinking. 99% of his income was PVP damage, and 0% of his income was a kill or an assist in PVP. Admin investigated and saw the the damage farmed over and over on Player B. Admin reset them both. No reports were needed, simple log monitoring caught them. That happened with a few accounts at once, and after that no one damage farmed alt accounts anymore. Because simple log monitoring catches this. don't make me bloody dig out the admin announcments from last year about this precise thing happening. You should have paid attention back then.
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    Another option would be to create buyable Port Invasion flags. Port Invasion flags would have a lifespan of 24 hours from their time of creation until they were required to reach the port specifically designated for the invasion. Once the flag reached the target a 10k zone of control would be activated around the port for a period of two hours. During this time the attacker must transport and land a number of Infantry units into this zone of control. Infantry units would be craftable and specifically created ,for and only during, the lifespan of the Port Invasion flag. These Infantry would delivered (or landed) to a designated circle within the zone of control and would only be landable within the zone of control if the attacking fleet had a BR of 2:1 or better over the defending ships within the zone. Once a favorable BR ratio has been established within the zone, each ship transporting infantry would be required to come to a full stop for 3 minutes in order to land their infantry units. Only one infantry unit could be landed at a time from each ship (this would simulate the required landing time for an amphibious assault). Infantry units would have a weight of 510 allowing them to be carried by most 5th rates and up, but trade ships could also be given a role due to their ability to carrying more cargo. Each port in the OW would be given a defending infantry garrison size based on the importance of the port. Any attacking infantry would need to be perhaps four times larger than this number in order to assume a successful attack and the conquest of the port. An attack against a standard port might require 20 of these Infantry units, while an attack against a regional capital would require 40. If during the 2 hour Port Invasion Window the required number of infantry units is not landed then the port is successfully defended and the invasion fails. In order to counter the Invasion the defender would need to preventing the embarked infantry from landing by either sinking the ships transporting them, by disrupting the attacking fleet so that only a partial landing is made or by preventing any landing at all by maintaining a favorable BR ratio against the attacking fleet within the port invasion zone of control. Within the zone of control it would be the attacking fleet's function to either sink the enemies ships or force them to withdraw thereby allowing a favorable BR ratio, which would then enable the landing of the infantry and the conquest of the port.
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    The upcoming patch with tax system might be a good time to make the smuggler tag mean more. Nations should be able to police their waters. 1. Port owning clans should be able to attack smugglers of even their own nation if they are in the owned port's waters. 2. Smugglers don't pay taxes or at least try to avoid them. What would be really cool if a port owner could stop a smuggler and demand payment of taxes and a fine. If paid, the smuggler flag is removed and the former smuggler can then not be attacked by his countrymen. Or reverse the order of 1 and 2. Clan owners first must offer the chance to pay tax and fine, or forfeiture of goods, or the smuggler is sunk.
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    My scientists and spies inform me that is Chronprins Gustav Adolph.
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    Another contribution from our arts and crafts department:
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    I agree on your first point. The game needs more PVE content and goals to go along with RvR we have. I don't think your second point is what is really happening. Players are not afraid to lose expensive ships. They are simply unwilling to lose period. That's not something the Devs can fix. We can grab free 5th rates off the OS right now. We can build Connies and Aggies with a lvl2 yard and reasonable materials. Skills are carried from boat to boat and don't require expensive mods. The standard speed mod, Gazelle, is available to everyone that can sink x4 NPCs. One trade goods run can net a million gold. A level 1 character can build the biggest cannons day one. Getting PvP ships is as cheap or cheaper than ever. So why aren't players out there right now blasting cannon balls at each other? They don't want to lose. Why do people gank? Because it's an assured win. The problem has never been economics. It's attitude and risk vs rewards. Currently players are adverse to the shame, disappointment or whatever it is they view negative about losing. Maybe we need PvP participation trophies. Equally as obvious is that the rewards of PvP simply are not enough, for whatever reason, to convince players to risk losing. Is there an expected release date for this patch?
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    Again you try to be witty by bringing your misconception as a joke to counter a premise. You are trying to hide your insulting behind the argument of "freedom of speech". There is no freedom to insult without facing the consequences. So now you stand with "An incomplete fix to RVR" which nobody bothers to look at anymore or even can see anymore. May I advice is toning down your words and restructuring your proposal into smaller pieces based on true premises and facts. Maybe then others will see you again as a positive contributor and ultimately the "rats" won't ignore you anymore.
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    Arrr! Back from the depths!
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    Mola, sobre todo la parte en la que cuenta como nos dejaron entrar en la bahía de La Habana hasta la cocina persiguiendo a los Ingleses. Bravo por los gallardos Españoles que no huyen como cobardes como los Daneses, sino que "superan el bloqueo de La Habana" son super valientes pero.. EN DIFERIDO.
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    Naval Action at its current state is a very peculiar creation. It is like a Frankenstein’s monster. Made out of a lot of different body parts that don’t really work together, look unnatural and have to be changed from time to time.The brain, which is the only healthy part(combat) is desperately trying to keep the rest alive.At the same time it’s by far the part with the biggest size. It’s a creation without an homogenous body. It s a hydrocephalus body. RvR, trading, ow PvP, veterans and newcomers and all other aspects all are connected but in a way where the hole body can’t function properly. Why will NA legends be a success? If we break down to bits both of the games we get the following: People expect legends to be a game about combat and sailing ships.The healthy part of the Frankenstein’s creation will become the core of the new game’s body. NA is the same but with an open world and nothing else. So the difference is huge playground populated with (in good times) 2500 player on 2.754.000 km². While players and AI are the only content besides ships NA can offer to the customer, the other parts are obviously underdeveloped. Therefore he is quickly “satisfied” with the content on his hands. Because of the above and the current state of the gaming industry, a switch of focus on NA Legends makes sense but what will happen to the oddly patched up NA body? Have Game Labs shifted interest? Is it too challenging to keep the body alive(keep designing the game)? The latest content we have seen has been directly connected to NA Legends and the mechanics keep bouncing back and forth, still trying to find a sweet spot but it’s still about the head(combat). Countless of ideas have been proposed regarding other parts of the game’s body. Some not so good,others, brilliant. Most of them, not even tested or considered because “they wouldn’t work in the current environment of a multiplayer game since they are single player aspects” or of whatever reasons. NA can’t be just a game about combat. It is actually in dire need of these single player aspects. It's the adventure that has driven captains and seamen into the seven seas and there is no real adventure ingame. It is possible to experience the whole game within a few days. It’s the respect to history that appeals to many captains and not the Jack Sparrow imagery, Nations with the same capabilities and infrastructure of a global empire. The way Game labs picked up a niche product and started to form a body is admirable but it shouldn’t be distorted from the original idea just to appeal more. It shouldn’t become a game full of Jack Sparrows or Hornblowers or whatever. Game Labs shouldn’t do what companies like Ubisoft or EA do with their games.Game Labs should focus on the reason why they picked up such a project and why they have chosen to introduce OW. Was it the adventure of the unknown? Was it curiosity? Those are strong feelings that the game fails to deliver but are important aspects of the human nature. Far is never far enough. Do what developers like CD Projekt Red do. It will be done when it’s done, but it will be done right Respectfully, Sella I will link a few of those in hope that they will be re-considered. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/1534-exploration-gameplay/?tab=comments#comment-32219 http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/16866-ideas-for-the-pacific-coast/ http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/6805-pacific-coast-whats-the-plan/?do=findComment&comment=218998 http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/7143-honour-system/ http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/7717-career-paths/ http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/3608-notoriety-infamy-heat-and-bounties/ http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/6921-player-roles-discussions/ http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/6644-and-idea-for-give-pirates-a-fun-role-in-the-nations-fight-for-ports-ownership/ http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/6664-pirate-havens-port-security-and-trade-regulations/ http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/6364-morale-and-mutiny/ http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/6179-national-traits-faction-differences/ http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/5957-letters-of-marque-privateering-and-prize-taking/ http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/5503-skills-specializations-and-how-the-player-plays/ http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/5322-professions-businesses/
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    I'm still here, gonna play some Fallout for a bit incase the power goes. Got the black flag flying and a tankard of rum in the air.
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    We have already played out these tactics. KPR standing orders will change to still be "never undock", only the low-tier doesn't want to believe this. Now lets assume we are further in the game (and skip the everything is neutral and at peace start) and take a real example. The Horde sets up at Brangman's Bluff (because we got bored of Truxillo). The French come to Great Corn (Georgetown is too far), score 1 Victory and run into the Horde. Poof. Then the tactic you describe above was used against you. Have these points not be proven on Global? Horde Fleet to Gulf & Dread Fleet to Georgia / Savannah, poof goes US Horde Fleet + Mercantile Fleet to Central Antilles & Dread Fleet to Cornwall / Savanna la Mar, poof goes GB and FR French come to Christiansted, which is a shielded Capital, so the standing orders change to "never undock", except for some "national" who did not get the message. And then the game is over. We now wait until we can do a proper game. Would we have "revert to neutral", the winning strategy on both sides would be: do nothing and the map goes back to neutral as it started. So lets look at the starting state, all neutral. We know the end state, "one-ported" resulting into do nothing. Thus, "revert to neutral" ensures we have no conflict, Eternal Peace. And we are getting to realize what Eternal Peace looks like. The thing you would want to prevent would be used against you. And thus it seems that everybody wants to forget that a coin has a tail and a head. The coin might not flip in the way you have foreseen (/ wished for).
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    @admin clan "friends list" is it limited to nations? For example GB clan only befriend another GB clan or is it open?
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    You could always just buy the marks. Many players that for some reason like to do missions will often sell them.
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    Not true. My mother says I'm important and I still sail the empty seas of all the servers. Hell, I even started to play the testbed today but wasn't sure if the population of one included me or not. No one answered my "aaaaloooooo" on Global Chat.
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    In my opinion this is greatly exaggerated. Skill slots are very minor bonuses and feel more like flavor to me. About 95% of my PvP has been done in ships with 0-3 slots. The problem I see are gamers who think they need top tier everything before they are ready to PvP. Even if it's just another 1% bonus to some niche ability, they feel like they can't fight at all if they don't have that. Maybe we have to bow to the flawed psychology of the average gamer but it really is fine the way it is. Being an expert at a ship gives you a few bonuses that are very unlikely to swing any given battle. It's like people in other games spending 20 hours getting 1 last point of Vitality even though it's diminishing returns and that last point is hardly a perceptible improvement. But nope, they gotta have it. Not ready to PvP without that last point!
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    Random thought of the day: All current "free ports" become permanent pirate ports. They cannot be captured. Pirates get free outposts in all of them and can teleport between them (captain only -- no ships, as usual). Pirates cannot capture ports. This turns Pirates into, well, pirates. Points of threat all over the map, free outposts, but OW PvP-only. Any current pirates who want RvR would simply join a nation. (Conversely, anyone who does not care about RvR would probably join pirates.) Yeah, that's exactly how I think it should work, though. Most port captures in this game are literally meant to be "dick moves". They don't really want or care about the port. They aren't going to base out of it or do anything there. It hurts newbies and people who don't want to buy a second account but that's all it does. The way it SHOULD work is we see, for example, Brits operating out of Belize and KPR and we say "Georgetown would be a great base to take over to raid those two places from. This is worth our time and money to take that port and live there." We take the port because we care about it and want it for a specific purpose. We do not go take every port in the entire Gulf coast. Those are useless to us. They stay neutral. If we get tired of raiding, then we'll let Georgetown expire too but the Brits might decide to hasten us out of there with a port battle. I think we still need counties though. If the Brits want to secure Belize, they will still want to own every port within at least a 15 minute sail of there and that's a lot of damn ports. They care about them because they want them to be British-owned and not enemy-occupied but they can't afford to maintain dozens of ports. Keeping counties will make it feasible to claim reasonable swathes of land. Most territory will still be neutral but there will be concentrated pockets of "we care about this stuff".
  37. 1 point
    George Town 4th Rate Port Battle - 17 Pirates vs 11 Brits. Even with the numbers off the ELITE guys did a little fun brawling in circle B. Miss those guys always will fight even when out number. Me and three guys went to C so it help make the numbers more equal and every one that joined after me pretty much came in after the start. Until next time guys.
  38. 1 point
  39. 1 point
    repairs were a player requested feature
  40. 1 point
    I really would like the idea that I can set up a bounty for sinking a certain enemy player, lets say I play 500k if someone sinks the *man who did send me three times in a row to the ground of the ocean*. The Tavern should be a place in every town where we can meet and make plans whom to attack or what to defend ... and so on. Tavern could be the place for the PVP Leaderboard together with famous stories of glorious ships. Yes, bring individual ship names and then let everyone look up the journey of the ship. Why not let people take a look where a certain ship is located at the moment? We need more atmosphere in towns.
  41. 1 point
    Внимание! Самый честный отзыв! Хватит изобретать велосипед! Сделайте уже то, о чём вас давно просят! 1) Просто поставьте свой новый движок 2) Добавьте локализацию 3) Добавьте донат (который добавит новых ленивых игроков) 4) Оставьте однопрочковые корабли, но верните нормальную торговлю и поднимите вознаграждение за миссии, чтобы корабли было легче покупать, а не задротить 24 часа на сюрприз! У вас(у нас) реально скучная сейчас игра! В ней делать абсолютно нечего(можно конечно крабить миссии, но через неделю и прокачку 2-3 кораблей надоедает неимоверно), раньше можно было подурковать в любом краю карты, сейчас это дорого! Ваше нововведение может оживит сервер опять на месяц-два, как мегапатч 10,0 и всё!
  42. 1 point
    Количество путешествий слишком сильно увеличивает риск Шведы тоже будут платить налоги (как и другие нации производящие что- либо) Налоги за вчера и ставка будут показываться в инфопанели порта Автоплатеж не надо галочку- платится будет автоматом - можно отказаться от города нажав кнопку (не надо снимать деньги) Сумма динамическая- если налог 10 и произведено операций на 100 то налог будет 10 500к платеж цифра пока примерная - для примера
  43. 1 point
    The last episode in the series. The disposable Surprise rides again, The Long Cannon de-masting meta, m m m my La Mona, Indefatigability, Burning Victory, The 6th Rate Blob and Sailing off the edge of the World. I continue to be a hopeless noob https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvwCnfx1OIA&feature=youtu.be
  44. 1 point
    Game Labs has 2 games fully released that were pretty good already and high grade taking from the proper professional reviews. Considering the complexity of NA compared to Ultimate General series we might want to review the "fail" assessment. NA is ground breaking, and we expect so so so much from it, from being a Pirates! successor to being a emulator of our own Aubrey chronicles or being the next dose of competition combat game due to being a never before made context. Whatever Legends becomes doesn't affect, I hope, the consideration that the majority of players of Open World search for - a story, an adventure, a reason to be a captain of a tall ship int he age of sail. We can practice combat to the limits of it. We can play as many PBs as we want. But the shades of grey must be filled with color A driving motive behind each player that plays for 100 hours and then makes those into 300 hours. Not everyone finds their niche in NA at the moment. The extremes, competitive combat addicts, and story weavers, do have thousands of hours. The rest counts average hundred ? Again, looking at OP list ( bloody hell, some of them are maybe from the 1st iteration of OW time ! ) it shows the eagerness of the players to build a captain character worth of sailing in the OW, whatever comes and make great gameplay, whatever playstyle and path of action they undertake, day after day.
  45. 1 point
    There is an easy fix. Increase BR and change it to a 3rd rate. That is what it was in real life anyway.
  46. 1 point
    I like the idea of paints being some sort of redeemable/reward for active game play but also reasonably easily obtainable for players who aren't focused on PVP. Paints were a very nice touch. My wife was going through treatment for Breast cancer last year and loved that I had most of my ships with pink paints. In NZ, pink ribbons are a symbol for Breast Cancer society. This also helped to excuse all the time I was playing as I was "hunting for more pink paints for my ships dear" :-)
  47. 1 point
    why don't pvp players pvp each other? We tell them where they are exactly for that. But they group up for some reason and gank missions. Asking to move them out of green zone
  48. 1 point
    We already made a good 3d ship builder. You will design YOUR own 3d ships and will even have some control over the hull form.
  49. 1 point
    Make all battle like Pirate battles. With no support from AI in mission battle you get this shit A Surprise or a Pickle can take out a 1st rate stupid easy by just shooting sails and let AI kill the boat. Make everyone joining a battle red to everyone even NPCs. People will actually have to learn how to fight Stops the Asshats that come in just to steal loot also. Will completely destroy the way Atls are being Used right now. People have friends that are not in same nation this is a Fact. Great example here I was with 3 other US players helping them run up Hostility. The brits pulled out an US alt and tagged me in the middle of my US friends. Basically they could not beat all 4 of us(1 pirate and 3 US players) with 8 (Brit Players) But a 9 ver 1 is/was a way safer act if you could keep the US players OUT. They, The US players were stuck out side watching porn as they could not join the battle to help me. THIS is one the many ways how alts are being used and to be denied good PVP. That battle would have prob ended the same 4v8 but they(BRITS) were not taken any chances on losing a Ship. It also why your are now starting to lose vet player. With a New tripe A Alpha coming out very soon. They will not come back They rather play candy crush than this Shit of a grind, lack of any content, game.
  50. 1 point
    I just want pirates to be real outlaws. No perfectly safe havens, no direct threat to soverign powers territory but a real threat to their commerce and anti-piracy forces. I would love to see them have unique light craft and 'sixth' rates and the lower fifth rates. Characters like Pagan Pete are ones that made me smile even when they where being very annoying to others in U.S. nation chat because he played the role so well. But since 'pirates' were treated like any other nation it became a nation with some tools to enforce unity such as being able to attack each other. What was labeled as 'hardcore' was actually the easiest because the Coalition enforced unity (at the time) and you could game the mechanics to teleport your ships anywhere by attacking each other (which everyone can do now, provided smuggle tag is set). Ultimately pirates need a complete rewrite to make them a truly unique and different way to play the game. And it needs to be done without silly perks that give a 1 kt magical speed boost on all ships just because pirate (I'm against all these even the ship type speed boosts.)
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